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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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to be there. >> find our houston he got there. >> we'll make america great again, america. make america great again. >> the fight for florida votes and a clash of words between trump supporters and protesters. >> before you hit the polls tomorrow we have the voting dos and don'ts in the high-stakes primaries. >> you're watching fox 13, the 11:00 news starts now. >> the night at the bar didn't end women for this man the sheriff's office says joshua noble ended up maked{ in somebody else's shower. teenaged girl in that home is the one who called 9-1-1. crystal clark is in the control room with more on whan sounds crazy and also very scary. how did he get in there. >> the range thing is he didn't have to force his way in. the family left two doors unlocked overnight. deputies say noble may have been too drunk to realize he was
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>> he didn't harm anybody or even talk to anybody. he just went in and got in the shower. >> stripped down to his birthday suit. 35-year-old joshua noble, sat naked in this home in spring hill sunday morning. he was crying out for his babe. the person who heard him was not his wife. wait the 13-year-old girl whose bathroom he was occupying. >> she got scared and went ahead and climbed out here bedroom window and ran to a neighbor's house for help. >> she called 9-1-1, saying her mom and younger sisters were sleeping on the other side of the house. once the deputy arrived, the mother woke up to answer the door. together she and the deputy unlocked the bathroom, finding a naked noble staring back at them from the tub. >> she took a?x&ook at him and said i have no used who hoe is. >> noble said he had no idea where he was or how he got there. he only remembered leaving a bar with his wife. >> they were walking home and they became involved in an argument, and they got
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and he said he thought the was in his own home. >> noble didn't have to force his way into the house. both the garage and back door were left unlocked. a mistake the sheriff's office says other homeowners should learn from. >> always keep the doors locked, always. even if you're inside the house, if you leave, lock the doors and windows. never a bad thing to have the doors locked. >> thankfully no one was hurt. once he put his clothes on he was arrested and now facing a charge of trespassing, back to you. >> crazy story. but lock your doors. that's the moral of the story. [chanting] >> trump's rally had it all from protesters to people protesting the protesters, to some big name politicians. the g.o.p. front-runner is making his final push before florida president primary.
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tampa. >> donald trump holding a strong lead in the polls here in florida, and his very presence near tampa today enough to fire up his base and the folks who just cannot stand him. >> check out the line of people before trump's rally began, not inside. a lot had to be turned airplane once the room reached capacity. inside trump hit his usual high notes, talked of build agua, took shots at his g.o.p. rivals, including florida senator marco rubio, and also repeated his tag line, saying he'll make america great again. he was joined on stage by the likes of sarah palin, chris christie, and are florida attorney general pambondy. outside, clashes on his stance on immigration and previous business ventures there was a lot of back and forth on both sides. hires trump, followed by what we saw outside the rally. >> we're going to have strong
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going to be built, and, and, who is going day for the wall? >> mexico! >> 100%. you understand that. >> his rhetoric is very offensive, very inflammatory and does not have the kind of presidential personality that i believe is what we need for actual international diplomacy. >> i'm from new york. i think he has been very self-controlled. i think these people need to be spoken to. i have no problem with it. don't think he said anything bad. >> the good news, outside again we didn't see anything getting physical, just a lot of yelling on both sides. >> thank live in it was far from what we saw in chicago, just the other day. in tampa tonight, fox 13 news. >> this was the scene at the trump rally in chicago on friday. similar scenes played out in st. louis and kansas city, at
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critic says his rallies have been increasingly violent and calling on trump to take some responsibility. actually investigators in north carolina have now decided not charge the front-runner for a fight that broke out in his rally in tampa last week. there was talk he could be charged with inciting a riot but they decide toed not to do that. that inden shows a trump supporter punching a protester.{ deputies were looking at possibly applying the state's riot law but said today his actions do not fit the statute. then there's the breitbart news recorder who resigned after she says she was roughed up by trump's campaign manager. deal knives the allegations space new video shows he barely jostled her. the reporter, michelle field, says breitbart has not been supportive. >> i think the facts show this happened and it's a shame that my bosses have decided to come out against the facts. >> and earlier today two more
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>> trump was the only one trying to win over florida voters. rubio was in melbourne at the same restaurant where he launched his senate campaign. florida is a winner-take-all state. expert says if rubio doesn't win his home state, that could mean the end of his campaign. on the democratic side, former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife today. this rally what at rollins college in winter park where he focused on the plan to restructure student loan dead and a stronger gun safety bill. republican candidate john kashich and democratic candidate bernie sanders spent{ their day in ohio, another winner-take-all state. ted cruz held rallies in illinois, in the city of rockford. imis one of five states vowing tomorrow along with missouri, north carolina, and of course, florida. polling locations across the state will open for the presidential primary. here's tips on how to make sure
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>> it's clear this presidential election has brought out the pacific in voters. in fact in florida it's encouraged thousandses of new voters to register ands to switch parties. if you're heating tout a polling like cakings first, make sure you're in the right place. you can only vote at one location close toast where you live. look that up on your supervisor of elections webs and make sure you bring a valid photo i.d. with a signature. otherwise you can't vote. almost 90,000 people in hillsborough county have voted by mail. your among the thousands who still have they're vote by mail bot ballot in any county, don't drop them in the mail box and don't them to your polling sites. muss be dropped off at an elections office before 7:00 p.m. this goes without saying, the huge turningdown expected and make sure{ you give yourself plenty of time to vote. >> we have a lot of people that will cast their vote on election day so we're looking forward to a robust turnout and have been watching around the country at
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and i think that everybody is really getting engaged. awareness. >> tomorrow's primary is a closed election you. can only vote if you are a democrat. as of tonight, just over two million people in florida have voted early or by mail. that leaves about 10 million registered voters to go. fox 13 news. >> and for information about polling locations in your county, we did put links within the story go to fox 13 >> in other news, a polk county woman behind bars for the death of her boyfriend, is now charged with his murder. starr is from winter haven. deputies it should and killed clark in february and say the asked her brother to help her bury his body but he refused. it was actually her 19-year-old daughter who found clark's body the next day and called police. in initially she was charged as an accessory. now on top of a first degree
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charges with{ tampering with evidence. >> new tonight, several charges have been filed against this sarasota couple after deputies found more than 200-pound offered marijuana in their apartment. they are charged. deputies i went to the couple's apartment to arrest the man and found bags of marijuana believed to be worth $400,000. look at that. thousands of dollars in cash and handgun. the couple is also charged with trafficking and child neglect because they found a two-year-old and -- actually two three-year-old children living in the apartment there what a discovery. >> coming up, two officers who died protecting others. >> first in madd an officer ended up dead during an ambush. >> this community needs to know that this was callously recorded. and could have been prevented. >> how this four year veteran
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the suspect's brothers who watched it all happen. >> this hillsborough county deputy swerved into the path of a wrongway driver{ to protect others. we'll hear from the woman he saved. >> another warm day to come as we head into tuesday and wednesday and thursday. but beyond that we could be
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at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. john made us better. he made this program better. makes the sheriff's office better and will be missed. >> hillsborough county dep the john kotfila, jr. will be laid to rest on friday. the died in the line of duty. it's believed he intentionally drove his cruiser into the path of a wrongway driver. no one believes that more than the woman he{ saved. sarah geren was driving with her boyfriend saturday morning in tampta back win she noticed a pair of head legislates coming at her the wrong way.
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the vehicle but it kept coming. moments away from impact a deputy's cruiser came out of nowhere and swerved in front of her. the collision killed the deputy. today sarah and her father did their best to let everyone know what a hero he is. >> just like the brothers in the military. they look out for each other and they have to stand up for each other, he saved my daughter. >> i was a random person on a random road at a random time. him. for saving me. >> the driver of the wrongway crash. highway patrol is investigating to determine if alcohol was a factor and figure out how he got his car on to the expressway. time. the deputy's funeral will be hell this friday. visitation begins at 11:00 a.m. the funeral starts at 1:00.
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massachusetts{ where his family lives. his father is a member of the massachusetts state police. >> the maryland police officer was shot during an ambush yesterday died of his injuries today. three brothers of hand arrested for the death of officer jacai colson. investigator says michael ford wanted to die so he opened fire outside the police station, and during the guckfight it was actually friendly fire that struck and killed officer colson. investigators say it have been prestretches ford's brothers hadn't just sat and watch from the car. >> that image is of one of the ford brothers standing by, take nothing action, on a video recording device, attaching this, his brother, shooting at police officers. they knew in advance, they had every opportunity to call 9-1-1. they had every opportunity to seek medical help.
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>> ford and his brothers face more than 20 charges. colson was a four-year veteran on the department. >> new at 11:00, the st. pete city council is putting together an ordinance that would{ let you washing through parts of downtown with a cup of booze. sip and stroll. the ordinance we be limited to the edge district. so here's hough it works. drinkers would buy a cup with a district logo on it which they could then carry outside and have refilled at participating bars and restaurants. this would only be allowed during preapproved special event. before council members can finish drafting the ordinance they say they need to talk with police so we'll let you know how that comes out. >> be interesting to hear what they think about it. not quite sure. sounds interesting. speak offering things interesting -- >> thought you were going to say, speaking of booze. >> in that case, mike go right ahead.
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a booze story like that. beautiful day out there today. especially once we got through the showers this morning. saw a little bit more sun this afternoon, beaches once again, enjoying a nice day out there. got a good stretch going. a little bit of everything from the river view time lapse. rainbow there, showers and heavier downpours, a couple rumbles of thunder and then the sun and clouds. a breeze -- i mean really was everything in{ one day. here's a look at the almanac for today. 81 the high. 70 the low this morning. so, 70. 12 degrees above where we should be for morning low. here's march. we're running four degrees above average. remember, february was slightly below average, but you go back to january, december, november, october, all those months well above average, and seems we're picking right back up there. temperatures have been in the 80s for six of the last seven days and that should foreign the
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opportunity temperatures, 74 in tampa. 72 sarasota. 75, key west. 76, miami. to the north, 67 in tallahassee. 69 in pence coalla. in the country, good amount of warmth. not just talking a little bit warmer than average. many areas running 20 to 30 degrees above average. 64 in ohama. 61 in kansas city. 71 dallas. many folks in texas today getting above that 90-degree mark which may be possible for us. some of us, at least, heading into the day on tuesday. here's the satellite and radar works. not a whole lots of activity. taking up a little bit. looks like ecenter low clouds{ or potentially some sea fog just offshore here. we'll follow that into the morning house but don't expect a lot of seaing for in the day or morning on tuesday. just water temperatures a little bit too warm for sea fog. shower activity moving through
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northeast, snow showers across maine and then to the west continuing to get showers, snow showers across the higher elevations as well to welcome news for them to get out of the drought. futurecast shows fog developing, patchy fog over land especially the farther north you are. warm and muggy on tuesday. more fog wednesday morning. but afternoon sunshine out there. mix of sun and clouds on wednesday. thursday, notice this batch of showers lining up. at this point, it looks like the showers will be just to the north. so, best chance for showers thursday, would be along the coast but close enough that we'll have to watch it. also we head through the next couple of days, if it goes south, we have to bump at the rain chances up. thursday, and then get things going inside, saturday, and on into sunday. here's your jet stream forecast. notice{ this big dip in the jet stream, kind of moving east.
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east coast and we get a piece of week. this time of the year, though, you get kole front to move through, maybe briefly cooler for a day, but it doesn't really last too long. usually warms right back up to seasonal levels. your recap tonight. 69, years of low clouds and fog. mild and muggy, for the day tomorrow, temperatures back into the low 80s, inland, much warmer than that. seven-day forecast, shows temperatures into the low to mid-80s. 30% rain chance on friday. we'll call thursday 10% rain chances and 50% rain chances on saturday, stormy, 40% oregon sunday, and cooler as we start off next week. >> st. patti's day, 82 and sun. >> fewer leaf clover. >> coming up, sale like no other >> a devilish destination that can be yours.
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we'll tell you where rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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a little unnerving. >> did the production crew get that off your table? >> that only leaves you and scott. scott saying no. >> it isn't a question you hear every day but a guy in michigan wants to know if you can see yourself in hell. >> that's right. hell, michigan.
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somebody to go there, he is looking for somebody to buy it. hannah saunders explains. >> hell is for sale, and it's going for a hot deal. >> welcome to hell. how the hell how today? where the hell you from? >> hell, michigan, is a five ache keir tourism spot near pinckney but wasn't always this devilish destination. >> see what happens the next time you do that. >> john had a vision to build into it what it is today, when he bought it 14 years ago. now he wants to retire. >> just at the point where i'm 70 years old, and there's a lot of other things i'd like to do in my life. >> the price has dropped from the original asking price of $1.3 million when it was listed a year ago. now for 900,000, you get screams, putin golf{ course, souvenir shop, the hell hole bar and more, including the rights to merchandize and events. maybe you're not sure if you
11:25 pm
special deal going where you can be the mayor of hell for a day for $100 and look at everything. a t-shirt, mug, and the horns of course. >> it's endless. the different jokes and the different things. >> he hopes whoever buys hell can keep up with the humor and the times. he has had a successful start to a fundraiser for ft., selling t-shirts that say beer in hell is safer than water in ft.. >> it's all about family. >> the job could tie you down for eternity. >> something wants to be busy, special kind of person that prefers humor in life thanking necessary. >> what he will miss most is making the kid laugh. >> come to hell because there's a lot of getting out and exploring to do and adventuring. >> reporting in hell, hannah saunders, fox news. >> there's no fire or brimstone in hell. it's surrounds by 66 miles of
11:26 pm
>> which i consider hell. i mean, it's{ hard work hiking. i try to shy away. >> i wonder if is froze over this winter. >> in michigan? probably did. i. >> what do you income. >> wonder how the taxes are in hell use, i don't know. >> look like they don't have much of a tax base. >> we have run out of our little clever quips now. >> whoever just turned in the middle of she story is citiesing there with his jaw on the floor. it is selection monday and a reason to celebrate for the us sf women's back peopley. the ncaa tourney well take them next. and the new quarterback made his first appearance. may be a vet but why age doesn't af the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun.
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today the bucs signed quarterback josh robson. he was a third round forecast pick in 202012 and then they signed chris come at cork comp at the and then cupid up brent grimes who was introduced today. kevin has the story. >> the buc passed on brent grimes in 2013. but dirk cutter learned while in atlanta that you just don't can't to pass on grimes. >> i haven't seen matt ryan back down from too many corners but he says we account throw this route on that side because what? we can go against that guy. i think he had 15 picks that first spring i was there. >> the bucs learn that lesson back then as women. grimes tormented the buc with three interceptions while


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