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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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going to keep drinking those things. >> did you, gwyneth! -- thank you, gwyneth. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]3 3 ((walter rubio's run is over. after a sad showing in florida - he drops his bid for president. on the flip side - donald trump and hillary clinton win big. 3 ((vanessa another morning where *fog may be the story on the roads.. we're keeping an eye on the skyway - as the fog rolls in. 3 and... airfest doesn't start until this weekend.. but we may start seeing a lot of cool planes in the sky - starting *today. 3 3 good morning.. 3 and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm vannessa ruffes in for jennifer epstein. those stories in a
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here comes the fog.. 3 3
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3 3 "donald trump" and "hillary clinton" are the big winners when it comes to florida's primary election. 3 it was a big night for "donald trump" in a state that he calls his second home. he picked up major win in florida's primary with more than 45-percent of the vote. during his victory speech, he thanked voters in florida, calling the state amazing... he also thanked voters across the country, and noted how this election has sparked a new passion for people to get out to the polls.
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3 on the democratic side, "hillary clinton" won the state of florida. she won by a comfortable margin, holding off vermont senator "bernie sanders" by 30-percent. at her victory party in west palm beach she was looking towards the future. 3 3 3 3 nothing more told them there trump... and also congratulated in defeat and he was gracious campaign. suspended his state... he pick up his home after failing to rubio".senator "marco night
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not a good 3 night for florida senator "marco rubio". after failing to pick up his home state... he suspended his campaign. he was gracious in defeat and congratulated trump... and also thanked his supporters and told them there was nothing more they could have done. 3 the other big state up for grabs last night was ohio. it was the other "winner takes all" state.. on the republican side of thing... ohio governor "john kasich" was able to win his home state. for the democrats,
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top. she'll get 75 of the state's 143 delegates. 3 in north carolina, "donald trump" wins again. he'll end up with 29 of the states delegates. whle, "ted cruz" gets 26 delegates. and "john kasich" ends the night with 9. and "hillary clinton" comes out with 54-percent of the vote in north carolina. "bernie sanders" ends the night with 40-percent of the state's vote. 3 in illinois, on the republican side, "donald trump" wins the presidential primary. just days after he was forced to cancel a rally in chicago because of security concerns. on the democratic side, "hillary clinton" won her native state... scoring another victory over "bernie sanders". 3 and it is too close to call in missouri. it appears "donald trump" and "ted cruz" are in a dead heat there... each with about 40- percent of the vote. on the democratic side, it's also too close to call. "hillary clinton" and "bernie sanders" each share 49-percent of the vote. both of these with 98-point-8-percent of precint reporting. 3 and we told you it was a big night for ohio governor "john kasich". he won his home state... it's the first primary he's won this election
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speech he told supporters how overwhelmed he was by the decision. 3 3 despite not winning a state, "ted cruz" took to the stage to rally his supporters. he still has a chance.. remember missouri is too close to call. he has won primaries in 9 states so far... and he's asking rubio's
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3 3 the night didn't go how "bernie sanders" had hoped either. he failed to win a state, but again.... we are still waiting for results from missouri. in phoenix, sanders rallied arizona voters for its primary next week.
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3 so here's where the delegate counts stand. on the republican side... donald trump has 621 delegates. ted cruz has 396 delegates. and john kasich has 138 delegates. 3 on the democratic side. lead on bernie sanders. she has one-thousand-561 delegates. to sanders' 800. 3 3 as dave mentioned.. another foggy morning out on the tampa roadways. the skyway was shut down for more than eight hours yesterday.. fox 13's ken suarez is there - keeping an eye on the bridge this morning.. hey ken. 3 roll vo : "conditions are so
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3 roll sot: "the skyway to get to work" 3 ((wipe to sot))trt:08 oc:waiting here ever since4am sot: tina smith - driver 3 at :17 in pkg"i just woke up, getting ready for work i heard the bridge was closed but i decided to come up here anyway and i've been waiting here
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3 3 thank you ken. 3 3 3 new this morning: police arrest a man trying to
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restaurant. it happened at miguel's on kennedy boulevard. workers were cleaning up after work when the man tried to break in. they called the cops and the man was arrested.. police say he tried to kick out a window of the cruiser.. we're waiting to hear exactly what he's charged with. 3 shephard's beach resort agreed to pay millions of dollars to the families of a couple who were hit and killed by one its employees. the settlement was confidential... but now that the families may not see all of that money-- it's become public. 3 in 20-13... "rob lemon" and his girlfriend "hilary michalak" were riding a tandem bicycle on the clearwater memorial causeway... when shephard's employee "christopher weed" hit and killed them. according to records... coworkers encouraged "weed" to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. last december... the resort agreed to pay the families 7-million-dollars. but now... shephard's has sued its insurance company wells fargo. they say they don't have coverage to pay the remaining amount of money. it's not clear how much money the families have received so far. 3
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around the area over the week... don't worry. pilots are gearing up for this year's tampa bay airfest. 3 the 2-day event kicks off this weekend at macdill air force base. they'll be rehearsing until then... so it will be noisy from 11 a-m to 6 p-m. this year's event will feature the air force thunderbirds... and recognize the base's 75-year history. the airfest is extra special... because last year's event was canceled because of budget cuts. the airfest runs this saturday and sunday... gates open at 8 a-m. aerial performances start at 11-15. the event is free. 3 3 happening today: tampa mayor "bob buckhorn" and the department of the interior is expected to make an announcement about a major youth initiative in the bay area. it's related to first lady michelle obama's "let's move outside" campaign. the campaign encourages kids to play and learn outdoors. that announcement is expected to
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3 still ahead: an amazing "story" of survival. 3 a car falls four stories from a parking garage... and the driver walks away *un- injured! 3 plus this morning's commute is going to be even more of a headache for people in washington, d.c. why the city's subway system will be shutdown all day.
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3 across america: people in washington, d.c. are expecting a huge headache this morning. the city was given less than 8 hours notice the entire subway system is shutting down for more than a day. 3 officials announced washington d.c.'s entire 119-mile "metro" subway system will shut down for twenty-nine hours... an emergency investigation prompted the move. it's all so rail equipment can undergo an emergency safety inspection. this after a cable fire caused major delays monday. d-c metro will still provide bus service wednesday and will increase the number of buses. meantime, congress will be providing reimbursement to its employees for their commuting expenses wednesday. 3 in maryland..... brothers linked to a shooting that killed a police officer
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year-old "elijah ford" are facing multiple charges and first degree assault. investigators say the brothers sat in a car and recorded opened fire outside a police colson" was accidentally shot and killed by friendly-fire during that attack. 3 staying in maryland, police get quite a shock when an s-u-v falls from a parking garage and onto the ground below. it happened in the city of towson. the vehicle crashed off the fourth floor of a parking garage and landed upside down on the sidewalk. the driver ... a woman in her 20s ... was taken to a hospital for treatment... but was not seriously injured. 3 it's a full nest in minnesota... after some new baby eaglets hatched. the first eaglet hatching two weeks ago! the three of them can now been seen huddled in the center of the nest, with their parent watching over close by. so far,
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healthy. it will be about another ten weeks before they try to leave the nest. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 still ahead: it's time to talk sports. not a good outing for the tampa bay lightning. 3 plus: the rays get a step closer to finalizing its regular season roster... and announce their starter for that big game in cuba! stay with us. 3 3
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3 in sports this morning: the lightning have been outstanding on the road for the most part, winning 7 of the last 8... last night, they faced off against the leafs in toronto... keep in mind the leafs have the
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3 but the leafs were in control for much of the game. into the scoreless 2nd period... "peter holland" around the back of the net... he shoots... no good. but "connor carrick" from the right circle... his *first goal in a maple leafs uniform. to the third... "anton strallman" to "brian boyle"... the equalizer... with 13:27 remaining in the game. minutes later.. off the rebound..." ben smith" goes 5- 3 hole on "andrei vasylevskiy"... 3 4-1 after two empty netters. 3 the rays made its first round of roster cuts... 9 players were reassigned to minor league camp. and 5 others were *optioned... a
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pitching prospect "blake snell". 3 the rays hosting the phillies in port charlotte... "kevin cash" waving hello 3rd inning - "cedric hunter" solo home run to right field, 1-1 5th inning - "drew smyly" strikes out "cedric hunter". "smyly" pitched 4 and 2/3 innings, gave up 3 hits, one run, 1 walk, and had 4 strikeouts. he threw 66 pitches, 45 for strikes 5th inning - "kevin kiermaier" solo home run to right field. rays win 2-1. 3 the rays also released its travel roster to cuba... 34 players will go, 28 will be active... no "jake odorizzi" or "erasmo ramirez". outfielder and cuban-born, "dayron varona" is the only one going who is *not on the 40 man roster. "matt moore" is getting the start in that game... and he's looking forward to the historic opportunity.
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not sure you can classify the bucs as big spenders this offseason, but they certainly didn't sit idly by watching free agency go by... they made calculated moves.. re-signing key guys... while adding to the o-line, pass rush, and defensive backfield... g-m "jason licht" hopes the approach to free agency, frees them up in next months draft...
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3 another look at your morning forecast. and it looks like it's another foggy morning... vanessa will take a roads. 3 plus, one of the most famous nuns of modern-times is set to be canonized. we'll tell you when "mother teresa"
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3 3 "mother teresa" of calcutta will be made a saint on september 4. "pope francis" has set the canonization date. the move paves the way for the most famous nun of modern times to become saint teresa of calcutta. fox news correspondent "lauren green" has more from new york. 3 ((take pkg))runs: 1:35out: std chyrons:0:37-0:47 sunita kumar / spokesperson, missionaries of charity1:12-1:22 thomas d'souza / archbishop of calcutta1:23-1:35 lauren green / new york, ny / fox news chief religion correspondent (on cam fox news tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------


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