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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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hanging out with a donkey! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 a stolen car plows into a home... after fleeing a traffic stop. who police have under arrest this morning. 3 ((walter plus... a home invasion has a tenant so scared.... he's decided to move. why he thinks his attackers were targeting the home... not him. 3 and... a new marijuana ordinance heads to city council for a vote. how offenders would have to pay up bars. 3 ((walter)) 3 welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look
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3 3 3 3 ((walter)) 3 we begin with a news alert.. the tampa police investigating a police shooting.. it happened in the 33-hundred block of cherokee.. the tampa
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ready to give us some details.. that's expected around four-fifteen.. we will bring you much more then.. 3 3 developing this morning ... crews are searching for a man who disappeared after jumping into lake thonotosassa. it happened around seven last night .. the man was on a pontoon boat with a group of people. he jumped in the water, started panicking, and went under... witnesses say he didn't know how to swim very well ... we will keep you updated as the search continues. 3 3 new this morning... tampa police are investigating after a stolen car plowed into a house. it happened off mulberry street early this morning. police say they tried to pull over a 2009 ford edge... but the driver took off.. they only made it one block before crashing through a fence and into a home. police arrested the 2 teenagers inside the stolen car. no one is hurt... and the home is okay to stay in. 3 3 the search is on for a *serial arsonist in st. pete... police say he's been setting fires since january. 3 since then... police say he's set about a dozen fires. most have been in the crescent lake neighborhood...
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this is surveillance video from one of those earlier cases. a man carrying a long skateboard is caught running away after setting a car's gas tank on fire. more recently, police say he set fires to dumpsters sitting close to homes. those fires spread to cars and fences... causing damage and fear for neighbors who worry someone could get hurt. 3 take another good look at the surveillance video. police say the skateboard the suspect is carrying may be homemade with square edges. anyone with information should call police. 3 3 a terrifying home invasion...caught on video by surveillance cameras. and we're now hearing from one of the victims. 3 they live on west yukon street in tampa... the incident happened earlier this
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for leads. 3 surveillance cameras caught 2 men bursting into his home... one armed with a gun. "lucas ribeiro" says the men yelled "police"... but he knew they weren't officers. the men ziptied him and his girlfriend... then demanded drugs and money. the criminals ended up stealing electronics...jewelr a handgun. ribeiro says he feels lucky he's alive. 3 ribeiro says this isn't the first time this house has been targeted... someone set fire to a car in the driveway...and the home nearly went up in flames. he thinks whoever is resposible is going after the people who used to live there. tampa police are investigating... but ribeiro say's he moving out of the house now. 3 3 still no i-d on the motorcyclist killed in an accident in riverview. the motorcycle collided with an 18-
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ended up pinned underneath. it happened around 1:30 yesterday in the southbound lanes of u.s. 301 at park creek boulevard in riverview. troopers tell us they're not yet sure who caused it... they're still investigating. 3 3 12 horses are dead... after a fire ripped through a barn at an equestrian center in palm beach county. 3 it happened on tuesday night. the fire spread rapidly... collapsing the roof of the barn. fire rescue says a malfunctioning electric meter sparked it. fortunately... 11 other horses survived the fire. they're now being treated for burns and damage to their lungs in loxahatchee. 2 of them remain in intensive care. vets say the horses may never be able to race again. 2 firefighters were also taken to the hospital. their condition has not been released. 3 3 a 24-year old woman got busted for breaking the rules.. and ended up in handcuffs in the courtroom.. because of a facebook photo. 3 karen juarez is facing d-u-i manslaughter charges after detectives say she drove drunk, lost control of her car
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barrier killing her passenger. juarez was allowed out on bond.. with the condition that she would stay away from bars and drinking. thats when the prosecutor dropped the bombshell in court--a facebook picture showing her drinking at a bar in ybor. the judge revoked bond and threw her in jail. attorney anthony rickman says that photo could continue to haunt her: 3 juarez will likey stay in jail now.. until her case is resolved. 3 3 the mayor of orlando is calling for an investigation in response to a story we brought you on monday. 3 our fox 13 investigation found that an orlando police officer who runs the body camera program -- and helped the chief ask city council for two million dollars for technology --- had a paid gig with a body camera company. the mayor says he's directed
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administrator -- to review all the circumstances surrounding the city's bid for body cameras. o-p-d's police chief will be part of the review, too. if you it on our website - fox 13 news dot com. 3 tampa city council is expected to vote on morning. 3 right now... anyone caught with pot could face up to a year in prison... a lose their license. if passed... people carrying 20 grams or less would be issued a citation-- leading to a fine. tampa police made nearly 2-thousand marijuana related arrests last year. city council will vote a 9-30 this morning. if councilmembers pass it... along with the mayor.. it would take effect immediately. 3 3 there was some exciting action at raymond james stadium yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't on the field. that's smoke rising from the jumbotron. somehow, it caught fire. there was construction going on at the time, but tampa fire rescue hasn't said what sparked the fire. they used one of the large ladder trucks to spray water on it and quickly put it
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3 southeastern pasco county may not be the first place you think of... when you think "tourist destination". but as new housing developments and shopping centers have sprang up around wesley chapel... so has the demand for hotel rooms. 3 and those hotel rooms are almost always full... which is music to developers' ears! pasco county has become a destination for the business class... mostly because the tampa area is full... and pasco is an easier drive to the airport. developers are rushing to meet a demand for more hotels along -- the booming state roads 54-56 corridor. 5 new projects are currentlyunder construction. this year... pasco county is on pace to break the one-million-dollar mark in hotel tax collections... for the first time in county history. 3 the homeless -- it's a subject many stray away from.. but a bradenton man has a different outlook on the matter. 3 ben love is an artist.. and over the years he has painted hundreds of portraits
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to give them a voice and a way to be remembered forever. for him.. it also hits him on a personal level... he and his wife lived on the streets on-and-off for 5 years. 3 ben's paintings have been on display at art center manatee.. and he and his wife have donated some to "turning points." that's the organization that helped them get off the streets and straighten up their lives. 3 we are waiting on a news conference from tampa police about a police shooting in south tampa.. we'll bring it to you live.. as soon as it happens.. 3 but first we'll take a look at the historic flooding happening in texas and lousiana... that's led to a disaster declaration.
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 people are evacuating their homes in southeast texas as rivers continue to rise from days of heavy rain. the sabine river, which serves as a long border between texas and louisiana... is seeing a record amount of flooding... and texas gov. greg abbott has issued a disaster declaration across much of the region. fox news correspondent, patricia stark, has more from new york. 3 washed out communities in the southwest... still haven't seen the flood waters recede... 3 3 news.patricia stark, fox in new york, the weekend. in new
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3 3 (map) 3 ((walter/vanessa)) 3 3 3 3 ((walter)) 3 we are following a news alert out of south tampa... there has been a police shooting.. on cherokee avenue.. the police are getting ready to give us details..
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 welcome back... the time is 4:xx. the last time the bucs had a player with double digit sacks in a season - was
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ago. but... the bucs newest addition feels like he could be the next. defensive end robert ayers had a career year with the giants last season... with 9.5 sacks. in a conference call introduction... ayers talked about *why he thinks he'll produce for the bucs.
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3 spring football kicked off last night at florida state... without starting quarterback sean maguire, who's out all spring with an ankle injury. but jimbo fisher says he will open up the competition to the 3 q-b's behind him... and give them all equal reps... third-year sophomore j.j. cosentino, redshirt freshman deondre francois and true freshman malik henry. 3 but i'm not sure it mattered who was under center yesterday... because day 1 of spring was apparently a disaster according to the head coach... fisher went off on just how horrible his team practiced and how complacent they looked... i mean it's not like it's bowl week or anything... but apparently it doesn't matter to jimbo...
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3 the cocktail party continues... yesterday it was announced that the florida- georgia football rivalry will continue in jacksonville for another 5 years. new renovations to everbank field helped to secure the deal...
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3 3 3 it's a game that will go
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tuesday, the tampa bay rays will play in cuba. they're the first major league team to do so in *17 years. despite the one-week notice and 35-hundred-dollar cost... this is a trip fans say they couldn't miss. fox 13's crystal clark caught up with a group of people who say this trip is so much bigger than baseball. 3 "i can hardly talk about it without getting a little emotional. i know that it's been 70 years since my pop has set foot on the island."the trip of a lifetime for mario nunez and his father, felipe.. "my father was cuban, and i had family there. we've lost complete contact with them, because its been so many years."it's a country few americans have ventured..but this sunday, through the downtown st pete partnership, 50 tampa bay residents will make the historic their team, the tampa bay rays, takes the field in cuba.. "to know that i'm going to be able to sit there with my dad, in the baseball stadium, watching the game, i'm so looking forward to this."the rays are the first major league team to play on the island since the baltimore orioles in 1999..nunez hopes baseball is something that can unite our nations.."it's our way to reach across, you know, we've got to show our humanity."president obama will be in attendance with his family..the first sitting president to visit the country in 88 years.on tuesday, he announced plans to loosen travel restrictions..allowing americans to take "people-to- people" trips on their own..instead of costly tour step closer, nunez says, to rebuilding a bridge that's been broken for so long.."there's something happening serendipitously that i think all of these points of light are coming together. i think baseball is a wonderful means by which the two


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