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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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pgood night, @coupon katie all on "good day" @tomorrow. @>> yes, there was a second @plane, but i don't know the @extent or even if it was @involved at all. @>> haley: right now at 6:00, @for the first time authorities @acknowledge a second plane near @tje davis island crash. @what it could mean for the @investigation. @>> sadly some other issues have @come up, but it's still going @on, so that's great. @>> aaron: rainy, stormy @weather didn't keep fans away @from macdill airfest. @why you may want to get there @early if you're planning on @seeing the airshow tomorrow. @>> they were trying to get him @to relax. @>> haley: and a violent @confrontation turns deadly for @the man who broke into a mass @cocounty home. @hear what the sheriff is saying @about what happened.
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@news station, this is the fox @136:00 news. @>> aaron: good evening. @i'm aaron mesmer. @lloyd has the night off. @>> haley: and i'm haley hinds. @thanks for joining us. @developing tonight, we're @learning more about the fiery @plane crash that killed a pilot @and his passenger yesterday @morning on davis island. @investigators from the national @transportation safety board are @on the ground working to @determine the cause of that @crash. @and as fox 13's evan lambert @explains, they're now confirming @that the plane that crashed took @off at the same time as another @plane. @>> investigators say it is still @too early to say if one plane @caused the other to crash. @that is one of the scenarios @that they are{ looking into as @they examine the wreckage on the @
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@police say a @time. @today investigators confirm @those witness accounts. @>> there's evidence that there @are two airplanes taking off at @approximately the same time, @however, whether the accident @here to start gathering @information. @>> reporter: an airport @spokeswoman says the airport @will be closed until further @notice. @i'm also learning more about the @two men who died in the crawsh. @i'll have more on that tonight @at 10:00. @evan lambert, fox 13 news. @>> haley: visitors showed up @hours in advance of the kickoff @of airfest at{ macdill air @force base today. @cars were parked outside the @gate. @many more spent hours waiting to
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@their cars because of lightning @and heavy rain. @>> aaron: fox news was there @to get a glimpse of airfest. @>> reporter: he's been flying @these 1940's prewarplanes for @more than three decades. @jim record's excitement about @these former air force training @planes have never waned. @>> every allied pilot who @learned how the fly in the war @all flew t-6s or smjs. @that was the standard advanced @trainer for all the service and @allies, so any military pilots @have a soft spot in their heart @for this airplane. @>> reporter: and it's the @aircraft of choice for jim's @team. @the geico sky pipers, a group of @retired military pilots with @passion for these vintage @flyers. @>> there's no way in the @civilian world you can fly in @the military formation we all @did. @this is the only way we did it. @i think we went after it for the @formation aspect. @the airshows are in formation. @you're flying an old military, @ex-military airplane like, this @it's just a treat.
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@them around. @>> reporter: but with rain @rolling in, jim and the geico @sky pipers were forced to stay @grounded today. @a thunderstorm suspended all @flights and demonstrations until @the early afternoon. @and the thunderstorm kept people @in their cars for nearly three @hours today, but those who @waited it out were rewarded with @much thinner crowds and a @officials say they're expecting @lot @one's near washout. @for now reporting at macdill @air force base, kellie cowan, @fox 13 news. @>> aaron: klie,hanks. @tickets and parking are free and @gates open tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. @they are expecting big crowds. @so you may want to leave early @to get there. @the question now: @tonight? @>> haley: mike bennett joins @us now. @hey, mike. @>> mike: the weather looks @murky, but it doesn't look as
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@tomorrow we're looking at more @scattered shower activity. @certainly on the cooler end of @things @13mph. @other temps around the area, @it's basically right around 70 @from north to south. @the one exception actually, this @is kind of strange here, to the @north, crystal river right now @77. @but pretty much everyone else in @the upper{ 60s and low 70s. @that's because of all that rain @that went through the area. @we're still seeing scattered @showers across the southern half @of our viewing area. @more rain off shore here. @this should start to pour into @sarasota and manatee counties @over the next hour or some we'll @continue to watch that. @but notice not looking at a @whole lot of lightning. @earlier today we had storms @strikes. @showers and take a @>> haley: all right, mike. @thanks. @new at 6:00, the suspect in a @new port richey home invasion @and burglary is dead after @investigators say he fought with
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@deputies and first responders. @pasco county deputies tell us @tory lamar robinson broke into @the home on dresden lane. @he apparently smashed through a @window to get in and was cut up @badly. @he started fighting with one of @the people inside the home and @went on until deputies arrived. @the sheriff says the deputies @tased him because he wouldn't @stop fighting, e @cuts @episode at the house. @they kept trying to calm him @down, and so it was not a rapid @succession of deployment of the @taser.5 @the other thing is going back to @hancock, from what the deputies @have said during the @investigation, they were trying @to get them just to relax. @ > haley: officials tell us @robinson was knocked out by the @taser. @he died at the hospital. @the investigation remains under @way. @>> aaron: an accused @hit-and-run driver in st. @petersburg is in jail after @police say he hit a pedestrian @and drove away. @officers say the man was behind
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@man walking near central avenue @and 3rd street at 5r7b:00 a.m. @the victim was thrown over the @windshield of the vehicle. @investigators say he just kept @going and parked close to the @scene. @officers tracked down his car, @which had evidence of the @accident on it. @the victim is in the hospital @with life-threatening injuries. @>> haley: still ahead on the @fox 136:00 news, spring breakers @are swarming on our @police on the east coast say
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x 13 early evening and @late newscasts. @>> haley: on the other side of @our state, spring breakers have @already made their mark on @daytona beach, and not @necessarily in a good way. @>> aaron: police have arrested
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@couple weeks, including two @fox news explains how @authorities are working to @control the crowd. @>> reporter: volusia county @beach patrol is working hard to control the crowds and curb the @crime. @just yesterday two spring @breakers stole beach patrol's @jet-ski. @>> it's spring break, it's not @check my common sense at the @front door and destroy my life @and future short time after @it was stolen. @the jet-ski was having @mechanical issues, so beach @patrol says its jet-ski
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@lloyd is off tonight. @>> haley: and i'm haley hinds. @we got everything fixed but we @wanted to start at the top of @the show. @developing tonight, we're @learning more about the fiery @plane crash that killed a pilot @and his passenger yesterday @morning on davis island.
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@on{ the ground working to @determine what caused that @crash. @as fox 13's evan lambert @explains, they're now confirming @the plane that crashed took off @at the same time as another @plane. @>> reporter: investigators say @it is still too early to say if @one plane caused the other to @crash. @that is one of the scenarios @that they are looking into as @they examine the wreckage on the @tarmac. @today the n.t.s.b. says it will @document the accident scene, @take measurements and begin to @put together a preliminary cause @of the crash. @fire officials reported the @incident yesterday around 11:30 @a.m. @they responded to a fiery scene @at peter o. knight on davis @island. @police say a cessna 340 crashed @shortly after take-off, killing @the two people on board. @they were headed to pensacola. @witnesses reported hearing two @planes take off around the same @time. @today investigators confirmed @those witness accounts. @>> there's evidence that there
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@approximately the same time. @however, whether the accident @occurred coincidental or as a @cause of, i don't know yet. @that's one of the reasons why @we're here, to start gathering @all the information.{ @>> reporter: an airport @spokeswoman says the airport @will be closed until further @notice. @i'm also learning more about the @two men who died in the crash. @i'll have that tonight at 10:00. @reporting on davis island, evan @lambert, fox 13 news. @>> haley: visitors showed up @hours in advance for the kickoff @of airfest at macdill air @force base today. @cars were parked outside the @gates and many more spent hours @getting in today all to be @turned back to their cars by @lightning and heavy rain. @>> aaron: fox 13's kellie @cowan was there to get a glimpse @before the rain began. @>> the best part is the nose of @it. @>> @>> reporter: he's been flying @these 1940's pre-warplanes for @three decades, but jim's @excitement about these planes
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@>> every allied pilot who @learned how to fly in the war @all through t-6s of smjs. @that was the standard advanced @trainer for all the services and @allies, so any military pilots @have a soft spot in their heart @for this airplane. @>> reporter: and it's the @aircraft of choice for jim's @team, the geico sky pipers, a @group of retired military pilots @with passion for these{ vintage @flyers. @>> there's no way in the @civilian word you can fly in the @military formation we all did. @this is the only way to do it. @i think we went after it for the @formation aspect. @the air shows are in formation. @you're flying an old, military, @ex-military airplane like this, @it's just a treat. @there's just not that many of @them around. @>> reporter: but with rain @rolling in, jim and the geico @sky pipers were forced to stay @grounded today. @a thunderstorm suspended all @flights and demonstrations until @the early afternoon. @and the thunderstorm kept people @in their cars for nearly three @hours today, but those who
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@much thinner crowds and a full @afternoon of aerial shows. @officials say they're expecting @a whole lineup on sunday and a @lot more people considering day @one's near washout. @for now reporting at macdill @air force base, kellie cowan, @fox 13 news. @>> aaron: kellie, thanks. @gates open back up tomorrow at @8:00 a.m. @tickets and parking are free. @they're expecting big crowds, so @you may want the leave early to @get there, but that was some @nasty weather. @of course, the question now is: @are people going back tomorrow @going to face the same kind of @weather problems? @>> haley: meteorologist mike{ @bennett joins us now with a look @ahead. @hey, mike. @>> mike: hey, guys. @i don't see those big storms we @saw earlier today, just more in @activity. @some of that is sitting off @shore right now. @this is going to try to work in @as we head through the evening @hours. @this is our sky tower radar @view. @most of it is in the @light-to-moderate range. @not a whole lot of lightning @scwusmtion under 20 strokes of @lightning under the last 20 @minutes or some has the starts @to work on shore, we'll keep @that scattered shower threat in
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@into the day tomorrow, notice @best chance of showers earlier @in the morning, but a cooler day @out there, as well. @temperatures topping out in the @low to mid-70s. @breezy during the afternoon, and @staying cooler as we head into @the start of the work week. @details on that in your full @forecast coming up later on. @>> andy:>> haley: mike, thanks. @new at 6:00, the suspect in a @new port richey investigation is @dead. @tory lamar robinson broke into a @home on dresden lane friday @night. @he apparently smashed through a @window to get in and was cut up @pretty badly. @he started fighting with one of @the people inside the home. @that went on until deputies @arrived.{ @the sheriff says the deputies @then tased him because he @wouldn't stop fighting, even for @the first responders to treat @his cuts. @>> this is over 11-minute @episode at the house. @they kept trying to calm him @down, and so it was not a rapid @succession of deployment of the @taser.
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@to the hand cuffs, why would we @handcuff him, from what deputies @have said during the @investigation, they were trying @to get him to relax. @>> haley: officials tell us @taser. @paramedics tried to revive him @but he died at the hospital. @way. @>> aaron: an accused @hit-and-run driver in st. @petersburg is in jail after @police say he hit a pedestrian @and drove away. @officers say the man was behind @the wheel when he crashed into @man walking near central avenue @and 3rd street around 5:00 @a.m. @the victim was thrown over the @windshield of the vehicle. @the investigators say the man @the scene. @officers tracked down his car, @which we're told had evidence of @the accident on it. @the victim is in the hospital @with life-threatening injuries. @>> haley: the spring season @officially starts tomorrow, and @some people across the state are @ushering in the warmer weather @with new water toys like boats @and surf boards. @>> aaron: but these come with @a pretty hefty price tag. @beach. @>> reporter: the palm beach @international boat show well
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@$1.5 billion in boats for sale @and on display. @you see that? @no hands. @door wide open. @that's because that's what $40 @million will get you. @this is the sea lion, a 203-foot @super yacht. @gorgeous view, gorgeous @amenities all around, and the @other 9400 boats that are on @display this weekend, but as @we've learned, it's not @necessarily about how big and @how bad your boat is. @it's about the toys. @>> on a ten scale,'d say 12. @>> 50mph on top of the @water. @>> full 360 barrel rolls. @>> reporter: from feeling like @a dolphin to feeling like you're @flying, these hot marine toys @are some of the coolest. @>> throttle and the trigger @right here. @>> reporter: the sea breezier @is parted fighter plane, part @submarine. @it zips across the water and can @go six feet deep, giving you @this fish-eye view. @then you shoot up out of your
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@price tag starts at $80,000. @>> do a couple 360s. @>> reporter: feeling like @james bond?{ @the renegade hovercraft scims @across the water. @i was doing 360s in no time. @price tag about $30,000. @>> stay away from any obstacles. @>> reporter: ex-jut pack has @the blade which blasts water @from your boots. @i learned, you will be body @slammed, but it doesn't take too @long to get it, and it is @thrilling, like flying on a @skateboard. @>> you're on your yacht, the @point. @what do you use in the water? @what are you going to play with? @>> reporter: and if you really @hate the hassling of having to @stand up and move your lounge @chair to line up with the sun, @well, how about a rotating sun @bed? @it's the wave of the future. @in palm beach, phil keating, fox @news. @>> reporter: the rays are @getting ready the make some @history. @the game in cuba is just days @away.
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@afternoon, a deluge. @the gold glover says, i got it,
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@we have editionon of @"money, power and politics" @sunday night at 11:30. @>> reporter: well, you know @it's the weekend of st. @patrick's day when this happens: @the hillsboro river turns a @bright shade of kelly green. @this is video from jazzmond @thurmond. @the city of tampa held the @mayor's river of green festival. @a little rain didn't stop the @mayor from dyeing the water. @afterward children got to enjoy @irish tune,{ game, treats. @and this is the fifth straight @year the city has hosted this @awesome event. @>> haley: the mayor tweeted @some pictures of the event, @saying we even brought some @authentic irish weather. @>> aaron: exactly. @it was kind of nasty out there, @but not that bad if you wanted
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@>> mike: the thing that's @interesting, we were talking @about a three, four-hour rain @event. @it happened to be solid in the @middle of the day unfortunately. @>> haley: everybody was doing @everything. @>> mike: we'll start to dry @things out the second half of @the weekend. @tomorrow we'll keep the rain @chances at 40%. @but we're in the looking at big @storm, severe weather, just more @lingering showers out there. @so let's get to it. @check out this time lapse view @from today. @hilton clear water beach cam @started with some sun today if @you were up early enough for it. @then the clouds rolled in. @the showers and storms rolled @in. @they were nasty. @saw some rotation off shore. @luckily nothing really formed as @it worked on shore. @here's the current view. @not a whole lot of people on the @beach there. @there is a nice little @volleyball game going on. @72 degrees. @winds out of the southwest at @17mph. @and here's a look at the sky @tower radar view. @and you can see the showers, @it's a batch of showers sitting @off shore. @starting to work its way now @into sarasota and on into @manatee county. @most{ of this that's falling, @close to the lighter side of @things, though occasionally more
6:27 pm
@and this is going to continue @over the next few hours, pouring @into that area. @it may start to extend a little @bit further north. @it may start to extend further @inland. @but for you in sarasota county, @you're kind of stuck in this for @at least the next few hours. @highs today, we actually hit @most of these highs around 9:00 @or 10:00 a.m. @76 in tampa. @but we have not been above 70 or @71 for the last several hours. @77 in brandon. @78 in arcadia, 79 in lake @placid. @there it is. @an 80-degree reading in sebring. @earlier this wee sebring was at @big change. @there 71 up in birke storm. @77 in crystal river. @a few lingering showers tonight. @into the day on sunday, cool, @dry, and breezy. @tomorrow afternoon. @and then another warm and @unsettled ending to the week, @meaning, yeah, the forecast @uncertain as we head toward next @weekend unfortunately, too. @72 the current temperature. @dew point at 64. @other temperature around the @area right now, upper 60s to
6:28 pm
@and dew points in the mid to @upper 60s, as well. @so still feeling somewhat humid. @that does started to change by @tomorrow afternoon. @so here's$ e satellite and @radar view. @got one impulse moving through @right now. @another one back to the west. @that may start to swing through @a little bit later on tonight. @so here's the future cast @bringing on some more showers, @especially south of tampa as we @head through the evening and @overnight period. @scattered showers into tomorrow @morning. @then that front pushes through. @and any remaining rain chances @basically out the door by 4:00, @5:00, 6:00 tomorrow. @here's your recap for tonight. @some scattered showers, maybe a @few rumbles of thunder. @mild and muggy. @68 degrees. @for the day tomorrow, 74. @so a cooler day out there. @turning breezy in the afternoon, @and a few lingering showers. @here's your seven-day forecast. @temperatures into the mid to @upper 60s on monday. @could even be a few low 60s @out there. @low 70s on tuesday. @look at the overnight lows. @only in the 40s. @then we warm right back up into @the low 80s. @unsettled to start off next
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@hey, jeff. @>> jeff: hello, mike. @thank you. @the tampa bay rays are just days @away from one of the biggest @games in club history, and it @won't even count in the @standings, but from an @historical, political and @cultural viewpoint, the rays @playing the cuban national team @in havana is huge. @the spring work continues here @at home. @orioles. @chris archer facing nolan @reimold gets the strikeout. @looks at the umpire. @the rain is coming. @the rain washes out the game in @just six pitches thrown today. @archer did get his work in @indoors the stay on schedule for @the season opener. @kevin @kiermaier tries to head out the @grounds crew. @sometimes you win, sometimes you @lose, sometimes it rains. @a very good friend told me that @once. @the rays will leave for their @historic trip to cuba on sunday @evening. @the team will play the cuban @national team on tuesday. @this is the first time a major @league team has traveled to the
6:30 pm
@president obama will also be in @havana attending the game and @fox 13 will be there. @the team is loading up what @they'll need for the trip, @including game balls and items @for the cuban players, as well, @moving from the spring training @home in port charlotte to the @airport and getting everything @on and off a plane is something @that takes a great deal of @effort and planning. @the rays have one of the best @logistics planners in chris @westmoreland. @matt moore's game items are @among those being loaded. @the ray's left-hander will be @the starting pitcher for @tuesday's game at the{ historic @estadio latino americano. @>> i think it's really cool. @some guys will get to go and in @the play, which will still be @awesome to be part of the game, @and for me to get to compete and @go in there and this that, i @think it's something that i'll @definitely appreciate from here @on out. @>> jeff: now fox 13 is making
6:31 pm
@sports director scott smith and @sports reporter marissa lynn @will join craig patricks to @cover everything from the @lead-up to the game to the @president's visit. @coverage from cuba begins on @monday. @the ncaa tournament continues @into the second round. @the round of 32. @brackets across the country are @being thrown away as teams like @michigan state fall away. @early action today, the duke @blue devils avoid being among @those upsets, beating yale to @advance to the sweet 16. @and miami beats wichita state. @the hurricanes are the @number-three seed in the south @region. @they will advance to the @regional semis in louisville. @friday night, notre dame held on @to beat michigan as the @wolverines joined michigan state @in the group of early @departures. @the fighting irish shot better{ @than 50% from the floor, from @three-point range. @and they will face steven f. @austin on sunday in the round of @32. @the u.s.f. women's basketball @team has a trust draw again in
6:32 pm
@the bulls ncaa path features a @region that also has number-one @connecticut. @but there is a lot of work to do @before that. @colorado state is first on the @agenda. @9:00 tonight in los angeles. @>> they're a veteran team. @they're a veteran team. @i think they know what's at @stake. @you know, your next game could @be your last. @so we've got to go a lot further @than colorado state does to @l.a., that's for sure. @>> jeff: one more score from the @women's ncaa, florida state @advance, winners over middle @tennessee state. @the tampa bay lightning's path @to the playoffs has taken some @strange turns this season. @struggles early and an @incredible run in january and @february now a shaky march. @this team plays in phoenix @tonight, needing a win. @it's that simple. @the bolts face the coyotes @tonight after a stinging loss to @the stars on thursday. @steven{ stamp coast had two
6:33 pm
@couldn't hold the lead. @stamkos later said the team has @to be able to close those games @out and not be, in his words, @"fragile." @>> i don't... i'm not... i @wouldn't call us fragile. @we've been in this position @before. @it was just, like i said, the @word is "disappointing." @to play as hard as we did for @two periods, we were on our @heels for some reason, and @that's a tough way to come out @to win a game on the road. @>> jeff: so they're still in @third place in the division, and @there's ten games to play, so @they're in good shape, but they @really need the start playing @that hockey, playoff hockey @mentality that we've seen. @stretch. @>> jeff: they did. @>> aaron: they just have to @get back to that. @>> jeff: they do. @>> aaron: thanks, jeff. @new information on the deadly @plane crash in russia that @killed everyone on board.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. @ @>> aaron: developing tonight, @newly released video out of @russia shows the plane crash @that killed everyone on board @saturday. @closed circuit telings have @footage shows the the flydubai @airline missing the runway as it @attempted to land. @we have the story.{ @[sobbing]. @>> reporter: tears mixed with @snowflakes as unbearable grief @takes hold. @an american-made jetliner @crashes in southern russia. @the plane was carrying 62 @people. @it was being operated by the @middle eastern airline flydubai. @rough weather may have been the @contributing factor. @"in spite of harsh weather @condition, the examination of @the accident site continues. @during this process, the remains @of bodies are being taken to be
6:37 pm
@forensic and genetic tests." @>> reporter: it's not known if @any americans were arbored the @doomed flight, but ukrainians @are among the dead. @>> all 62 people on board were @killed, and among those 62 @people, we have eight @ukrainians. @>> reporter: this is first @crash for the budget airline @which started operating in 2009. @the age of the plane is not @likely tom brady a factor since @the fleet is relatively new. @this particular aircraft was @only five years old. @investigators already have a lot @of information. @>> two flight recorders have @been discovered, a voice @recorder and a paraoe(i% @recorder. @they have been forwarded to @specialists for deciphering. @>> reporter: the 737 was @traveling to russia from dubai. @all flights have been under @exscream scrutiny after a plane @crash in the sinai peninsula @last year that.
6:38 pm
@brought down by a bomb. @>> aaron: we have an update on @the capture of the final @suspects and one of the @masterminds of last year's @security was tight for salah @abdeslam as he was transferred @out of the hospital in brussels. @authorities are not saying where @he will be held. @he was being treated for a leg @round after being captured @during a shootout on friday. @in the paris terror attacks in @2015, 130 people were killed. @well, despite pressure from @president obama, the senate @majority leader is refusing to @schedule a vote on the @appointment of supreme court @nominee merrick garland. @>> haley: garland met with @handful of senators friday @before they skipped town for a @two-week recess. @fox news has more. @>> reporter: the white house @isn't taking no for an answer, @and all week the administration @has been laying out its strategy @for getting merrick garland a @confirmation hearing. @that's going to be quite a tall @order. @republican leadership has said @all along{ any nomination from @president obama is essentially @dead on arrival, and that the @next president should fill the
6:39 pm
@democrats argue that republicans @are abdicating their @constitutional duties by @refusing to even give garland a @hearing and a vote. @and in various way, both sides @are using d.c.'s go-to strategy @of accusing the other one of @playing politics. @this time with the supreme court @vacancy. @we saw that again today to the @weekly addresses from both the @white house and the republican @party. @>> this is precisely the time we @should treat the appointment of @a supreme court justice with the @seriousness it deserves, because @our supreme court is supposed to @be above politics, not an @extension of politics. @>> the question now is: what @choice the president and the @democratic leaders will make. @will they join us in doing their @jobs on behalf of the american @people, or will they instead @seek to further divide our @nation by turning the supreme @court process into a blatantly @partisan back-and-forth. @>> you can get used to hearing @these kinds of argument, because
6:40 pm
@on all the way through the @election. @after that handfulbjt @republicans have hinted they @could change their opinion, @particularly if hillary clinton @or bernie sanders wins the @election. @>> we ought to look at this @nomination in a limb duck @session in november. @i would rather have a @less-liberal nominee like @merrick garland than a nominee @that hillary clinton, if she @were president, would put @forward. @>> reporter: a small number of @republicans now say they're @willing to at least meet with @garland after the senate's @two-week break, but they point @out quickly that that will be @only as a courtesy. @in washington, i'm garrett @tenney, fox news. @>> aaron: switching gears, @tomorrow night a special @two-hour live event is happening @right here on fox. @>> haley: it starts with a @live musical presentation of the @passion, our talking about the @premier. @the epic event will unfold live @at some of new orleans most @iconic locations. @"the passion" is a contemporary @retelling of jesus christ's last @hours with modern pop songs sung @by the cast.
6:41 pm
@plenty of challenges from @dealing with the weather to @hitting all their stops along @the route on time, but they're @excited to put on the show for a @new audience. @>> i'm so excited for the @country to be able to have an @opportunity to see this show, to @see the passion, p see @something so positive, so @incredibly moving, something @that is the polar opposite of @all the negativity that is on @air most of the time. @so i'm just excited about it. @>> haley: along with tyler @perry, chris daughtery, seal and @tricia yearwood will be in the @cast. @thousands are expected to turn @out to watch a 20-foot @illuminated cross carried across @the city. @you can watch the big two-hour @musical event, "the passion," @right here on fox sunday night @at 8:00 p.m. @>> aaron: that's going to be @cooling. @all right. @well, when we come back, a @little warrior takes to the ice @to make his dream come true. @the inspiring wish behind his @story to be a hockey player and @the person who helped make that @wish come true. @>> with the florida primary
6:42 pm
@the candidates we've left @behind. @>> the fruit salad of their life @is what i would look at. @[buzzer sounds] @>> he knows exactly -- @>> there it is. @the 25-second memorized speech. @there it is, everybody. @[buzzer sounds] @>> this weekend, "money, power @and politics" will be different. @we'll focus on parody and sat @tire.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
@ @>> haley: a dream come true @for a little boy in ohik{ with @passion for the game of hockey. @all four-year-old robert imibson @wants is to be a real hockey @player. @>> aaron: this week that dream @came true, and as fox's melissa
6:45 pm
@proven he'd make a tough member @of any team. @>> shin guards, check. @elbow pads, steady. @hockey socks up. @>> all right. @>> this is it, bud ditch. @>> reporter: number one is @ready. @>> number one. @>> reporter: standing at three @feet two inches tall and @weighing 38 pounds, the lake @erie monster's newest player @couldn't wait to take the ice. @>> i like to go on the mohawk. @>> reporter: and then @four-year-old robert gibson's @wish to become a hockey player @far day came true. @as he skated through the tunnel @and on to center ice for player @introductions. @>> i don't think i have words to @explain that feeling. @it was amazing. @it has been so great. @i am just... i was teary eyed @the whole time. @it was just awesome. @>> reporter: he even got to @drop the puck before the @monsters took on the manitoba
6:46 pm
@>> all he talks about running{ @through the tunnel. @we do it at home all the time. @we pretend he's a hockey player @at home. @it's one of his favorite things @to do to be introduced on the @ice. @that's a great thing to happen. @>> that a boy. @>> reporter: robert got the @play with the monitors thanks to @a special wish foundation based @in cleveland. @robert's parents say he was born @with kidney disease and has had @to undergo 14 surgeries. @earlier in the day, robert got @to practice with the players and @even signed a one-day contract @with the team. @>> because. @>> because why? @>> reporter: no doubt robert @is one of the toughest players @on the monster's roster friday @night. @a little guy with a lot of @courage with passion for life, @laughter and the ice. @>> once-in-a-lifetime experience @for all of us i think. @so that was great. @>> that was fox news' melissa @reed reporting.
6:47 pm
@understatement when you have a @little kid that's had 14 @surgeries. @>> haley: how cute is he? @you can tell the players were @having just as much fun. @he will never ever forget. @>> aaron: absolutely.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
@well, mike's forecast@ @>> now your sky tower radar @forecast with fox 13 @meteorologist mike bennett.
6:50 pm
@start to the day, but we @actually started off with @sunshine briefly. @then the clouds rolled in, the @showers rolled in, the storms @rolled in, and this is the @result, a whole lot of cloud @cover over the area, not a lot @of sunshine. @take a look at the visible @satellite picture, now into some @of the camera views. @east toward u.s.s. marine @science building, pretty much @soft clouds. @a few breaks way off shore, but @for the most part, the beaches @were not too crowded today. @the camera ending a day on a @cloudier note. @here's the sky tower radar view. @still watching these showers, @kind of rolling through @sarasota. @pretty steady rain across @sarasota, longboat key, siesta @well. @more to come. @over the last 20 minutes or so, @this is starting to break up a @bit. @so we may start to see this come @to an end over the next, say, @hour or two. @we'll continue the watch those @trends. @but{ more scattered showers @likely as we head through the @overnight period. @for today, 76 the high.
6:51 pm
@so we break our streak. @below average, only the second @day that we've had high @temperatures below average so @far this month. @of course, the low temperatures @still 10 degrees above average. @so all in all the day will go in @the record books as an @above-average day. @72 the current temperature. @64 the dew point. @relative humidity at 76%. @and barometer at 29.84 inches @and falling. @that will start to rise a little @bit later on tomorrow night as @we start to finally clear out of @this messy pattern. @temperature-wise, 86 down in @miami. @severe weather situation across @southeast florida. @but the rest of the state is @pretty much stabilized. @71 in panama city. @71 in brooksville. @72 in st. pete. @a lot of cold air across the @northern half of the country. @that starts to sink southward as @we head into the day on sunday. @so here's a will be at your @recap for tonight. @temperatures into the mid to @upper 60s. @scattered showers, a few rumbles @of thunder, mild and muggy. @for the day tomorrow, 74, that's
6:52 pm
@turning breezy in the afternoon, @as well. @best chance for a shower @tomorrow would be early on. @cool, dry the start the work{ @week, plenty of sun and then we @get unsettled once again just in @time for next weekend. @guys? @>> mike, thanks. @the support for a local woman @and her pet alligator continues @to grow. @we met mary and rambo earlier @this week. @and mary has had rambo for ten @years, but now he is just @getting too big. @florida fish and wildlife @commission says she doesn't own @enough land to keep him, but she @is fighting back saying rambo is @her beloved threat and isn't a @threat to anyone. @there is now a facebook page to @support her. @it's called support rambo the @alligator. @there is also a @petition. @once it has 1,000 signatures, it @will be presented to the @executive director of the @florida fish and wildlife @commission asking the @organization to make an @exception for rambo. @mary believes if rambo is @removed, he will die because @their bond is so tight.
6:53 pm
@>> haley: yes. @>> drew: still to come, a new @play that brings the movie @"avatar" to life. @>> haley: it's playing this
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
@there's still time to catch the @ @>> aaron: your next craft beer @could be made by monks.
6:56 pm
@in italy. @they're brewing beer the raise @money but also as a bridge to @the community. @that's tonight on the fox 13 @10:00 news. @and finally tonight, it was @20089 when james cameron's @avatar hit the big screen. @now a special cirque du soleil @show brings the 3-d characters @into real life. @>> fox 13's photo journalist @john wright takes us behind the @scene. @>> this is a brand-new arena @touring show presented by cirque @du soleil. @it's actually a prequel to james @cameron's avatar, taking place @thousands of years before the @events in the film. @it's a coming of age story use @progress general elections like @you've never seen before, a @large-scale puppets. @this is the giant flying @creature that's seen in the film @avatar. @in the film jake sully's @character is the sixth person to @ever fly it. @in our show, we'll follow the @very first navi to ever ride the
6:57 pm
@it takes six years to bring the @life and it's definitely the @fiercest and{ most extraordinary @creature that lived in the film. @ @ @it's a officially stunning show @unlike anything cirque du soleil @has presented before. @we're really excited to bring it @here to the arena in tampa. @it's a great show for family and @children of all ages. @>> haley: this weekend is your @last chance to catch the show. @tickets are still available @online. @and just fascinating. @always wonder how they come up @with those creative ideas. @>> aaron: i know. @so cool.
6:58 pm
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