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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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*that story.3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 we continue to follow a news alert out of brussells, belgium. the airport is closed and flights are being diverted... after a series of
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injured. two explosions went off while hundreds of passengers were trying to check in. a belgian broadcaster quotes a witness saying the explosion was close to the "american airlines" check-in area. the belgian interior minister has increased the country's terror tevel to *maximum. and another explosion has been reported at the a metro station near the european union buildings elsewhere in the city. this blast also comes just days after a suspect in the paris terror attacks was arrested in belgium. 3
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3 3 3 a developing story this morning in st. pete. police are investigating the death of a 91-year old man.. who died one week after being injured on a p-s-t-a bus. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from st. pete police department. 3 3 3
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3 3 new this morning: a popular show at the animal kingdom came to a scary end... after a *float caught on fire. 3 and the scary scene was
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was at the "festival of the lion king show." the actors were in the middle of a performance when smoke started billowing from the side of the set. it was coming from a giant elephant float. an announcer told the crowd the show was canceled... and everyone rushed out the doors. there were no injuries . early reports are that it was an electrical fire in the float mechanics. it's still not clear *when the show will resume. the "lion king" show has been running at animal kingdom for 18 years. 3 a lot more *magic is coming to orlando. but this time, it's not from disney. a huge new resort complex is about to break ground this summer... called "magic place." it will eventually feature five towers, along with shops, restaurants and other resort ammenities. the first tower will go up this year... and the entire project could take more than twenty years to finish. the resort site is just outside disney's "animal kingdom". it's also not far from *another new resort in the works... jimmy buffet's "margarita village". 3 3
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a launch today... of an atlas five rocket. it's carrying supplies to the international space station. and one of those supplies... a new 3-d printer. astronauts can actually now *print out... any tools or gadgets they might need. the rocket will also be part of a *fiery science experiment. researchers will start a *fire inside the capsule to study how it spreads in micro-gravity. of course, this will happen *after the astronauts unload the capsule and it travels a safe distance away from the station. it's expected to be the *second-biggest space fire ever. the launch is set for tonight at 11:05. 3 3 the tampa bay lightning have been making a lot of headlines the past few months. but last night... the players took a backseat, to their *better halves. 3 all the wives and girlfriends of the lightning players put on a fashion show for a cause. it took place at the firestick grill at amalie arena. there was a cocktail reception and dinner.. followed by the fashion show. it all benefitted "the spring of tampa bay".. a women's domestic violence shelter. the shelter says the show... was a huge help for their
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3 the spring has served more than 60-thousand women and children in hillsborough county. 3 3 toss to dave... 3 ((dave))
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3 3 3
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developing this morning: a hot air balloon... crashes to the ground. not once, but *twice. up next... what happened to the people inside. 3 plus: a mascot... and his *missing chainsaw. the mystery out west... that just might get solved, thanks to facebook. 3 ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... no winner in the mega millions last night, so that jackpot rolls over to 30 million for friday. and tomorrow's powerball jackpot is up to 90 million. good luck, and good day is back in less than two minutes.
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3 in the headlines this half hour: a deadly crash in mexico... after a hot air balloon bursts into flames. 3 it happened on monday in a rural area, north of mexico city. police say twelve people were aboard the balloon when it came crashing down. at first, the balloon hit the ground and four people fell out. it then floated up and crashed down *again, causing a fire. at least two people were killed and another two were injured. the rest of the passengers are okay.
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in portland, oregon... someone stole a chainsaw and suspenders. but they didn't take them from a lumberjack... they took them from a *mascot. joey webber is better known as "timber joey"... the mascot from the city's pro soccer team... the portland timbers. he posted on facebook over the weekend that someone broke into his car, and stole his gear. that included his uniform, his helmet and even that saw. and within a day of that, *some of his belongings actually turned up: 3 webber says he 3 is still missing his chainsaw
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3 3 3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3
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3 the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today first up, a sweet moment caught on camera for a florida teen battling cancer. he took a break from his treatments, for one romantic surprise. 3 tashawn manning-- a 17-year-old from orange county-- has leukemia... but he announced that his girlfriend was diagnosed with "prom-eye-tuss-ism." he says it's a rare condition caused when you don't have a date to prom. fortunately-- this teen found a cure. while at the hospital for his chemo-therapy treatments... tashawn dressed up like a doctor to ask his
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3 despite manning's illness... he is a star football player at his high school. he's also committed to play at auburn university next year. 3 and now... to a very cool video... of a hockey puck. but it's not getting shot into a goal. it's getting *crushed by a hydrolic press. 3 and we know what you're thinking... why? the answer... why not. there's actually an entire youtube
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when you put certain items under that press. and yesterday... they tried a puck. but check out what happens to it... not only does it get squeezed like a balloon... it even *explodes! this youtube user actually takes *requests for items you'd like to see *crushed. he's also done phones, a camera, and even a barbie doll. 3 and now... to a dog agility contest, where the *loser was the biggest winner. and when you see his performance... you'll know why: 3 this basset hound is faced 3 with an agility course... but doesn't exactly follow the rules. he goes at his own pace... which is *very very slow. he also ignored most of the obstacles as well. but despite all the delays... the dog actually finished the *whole course. we're guessing he probably had to
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3 3 still ahead: where you can have lunch today... with some of your *favorite baseball players. plus: i'll have another check on the xxxx forecast, when good day continues. 3
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3 today in tampa: a dream come true for yankees fans... you can have *lunch with the entire team! it won't come cheap though. tickets *start at three hundred dollars a person. and an autographed baseball will cost five hundred. but it's all for charity. the yankees hold the lunch every year, to benefit the "boys and girls" club of tampa bay. it's taking place at the tampa convention center at 11-30 this morning. 3 ((//2shot)) toss to dave...
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3 3 3 3 ((vanessa toss to shayla.... 3 3 3 3
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3 and we are also following this news alert out of brussels... 3 explosions reported at an airport... and a metro station. at least one person has died at 3 the airport. several people are injured at the airport and the metro station. brussels has now closed the airport and *all it's subway stations. they have also raised their terror alert to it's *highest level. much more on this story... after the break.
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@"h"h3 after a day spent with the *leaders... today, president obama takes his message to the cuban *people... and today, the tampa bay *rays step up to the plate...
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historic day ahead... in cuba. 3 ((laura wow... at wawa... what caused a scary overnight fire... this looks bad, but it could have been so much worse. 3 ((walter and... danger at disney... the scary show that sent people running out into the park. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((laura)) and i'm laura moody, in for jen epstein. we'll get to all that, and the weather and traffic in a moment... but first, we're following a developing story out of *belgium. 3 (laura two explosions ripped through the brussels airport during the morning rush hour... the blasts went off in the departure hall... hundreds of passengers were trying to check-in at the time... and several people were injured when they went running for cover. they were taken-out to the tarmac, to receive first aid... we can also confirm, that one person has died. and officials are


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