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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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(laura p>>laura: we begin with this news palert this morning. psome frightening new pdevelopments this morning in pbrussels. pthe city is locked down after a pseries much explosions this pmorning. pwe know at least 13 people are pdead and the witnesses say that pceilings at the airport pcollapsed and there is blood peverywhere. pexplosions struck at the busiest ptime of the day, too. pofficials are calling it a pterror attack and it's days pafter the prime suspect in the pbrussels. pwe're monitoring the situation pand we'll bring you updates as pwe come in. pget over to dave and a look at pthe forecast. p>>dave: do you know what? pgrab your jackets this morning. pwe have a big range in pthere. pbartow is now dropped to 39 pdegrees here at 6:00. pbrooksville, 37. pcrystal river, 36. ptampa still holding at 50 pdegrees but again, they're pcloser to where the waters are. pso if you're inland, you're
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p40s if not the 30s. pfrost advisory out for inland ortions of citrus and hernando pas well until 9:00 this morning. pthis say one morning deal. pafter that we'll warm up back to pthe lower 70s this afternoon. pby tomorrow afternoon, we're pgoing to be flirting with 80 pdegrees again. pcourtney? p>> you know i'm looking for a pbeach day. pall right. pwe do have a photo of pinellas pcounty this morning. pit's something i'm going to premind drivers of this morning. pit will cost you a few extra pminutes. pwestbound i-80 is closed in pbetween mcmullen booth and plandry drive. pyour pasco county roadways right pnow in good shape. paccident and delay-free i-75 and pno problems along state road 52. p>>laura: the tampa bay rays are pready to hit the field and what pcould be the biggest audience
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pand the most important game in pfranchise history. p>>russell: they're facing off pagainst the cuban national team pthis afternoon and the world is pgoing to be watching. pwalter is in the studio now with pthis history defining event. pgood morning. p>>walter: today's game isn't pabout who wins and loses. pthe united states and cuba hope pto bring cultures together. pthe game will mark the first ptime major league baseball team phas visited sub a since the porioles did it 17 years ago. pthe mlb sent a delegation to pcuba hoping to have a team ptravel there in march for an pexhibition game. pthe rays were chosen through a plottery. phere -- they're not taking their proll as ambassadors lightly. p>> i knew it was going to mean a plot to the people here but to pactually see, you know, fully punderstand so it's nice. pi'm really happy that the rays pwere selected and that i could
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psuch joy to the people of this pcountry. p>> you know, when we get back, pyou'll probably be able to sit pdown and catch a breath and prealize what you were part of. pat this point, the whole agenda pis pretty phenomenal. pwhat it could lead to and what pit's bringing for the game is retty significant and it's preally an honor to be part of pall of that. p>>walter: we all know today's pgame won't erase animosity but pthe players hope at least for a pfew hours the two countries can ut their differences aside and pthe game time is 1:50. pfirst pitch honors goes to laza, pa long time standout for the pcuban national team. prussell? p>>russell: thanks. pit's 6:04. resident obama will be in pattendance for that game but pit's not the only event on his pitinerary. p>>laura: he's scheduled to meet pwith cuban dissidents this pmorning before participating in pa civil society event at the pu.s. embassy and then this
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pand head to argentina. p>>russell: two hours of pdiplomacy talk ended monday in pan awkward way. pit was supposed to be a phandshake and ended up being a phigh five, handshake, wrist grap pthing. pan odd ending for intense talks pbetween the two. pour coverage will continue all pmorning on "good day." plater this hour, craig patrick ptakes us on a tour of old havana pand also look for more reports pfrom our sports director scott psmith tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 pand if you're way from your tv, pyou can find their stories on p>>laura: the zika virus is about pto be a bigger problem in the pu.s. and even worse, the tampa pbay area is one of nine expected pto be hit the hardest. pnew findings suggest that the ptype of mosquito that carries pthe virus could be in our area pby july. pthe areas along the gulf coast pand atlantic seaboard are most pat risk.
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pnecessarily expect an outbreak. pmosquito control and repellant pshould keep most people safe. p>>russell: an investigation is punderway in gainesville after a pnumber of deputies and police p16-year-old who was carrying a ptoy gun. pthis is cell phone video shot as pthe police and sheriff's pdeputies had the teen surrounded poutside of an apartment complex. pthe teenager had called 911 pearlier to report that he had a phimself. pwhen he would not drop the pweapon, officers opened fire. pfdle is investigating. p>>laura: in pinellas county, pauthorities are dealing with a pspike in deaths from a recent pxanax. pthey are actually a mixture of pxanax and fentanol. psheriff says that people are pbuying what they think is xanax pon the street only to take it
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p>> it's only one. pit's so strong, you you just pdead. pthat's a big deal. p>>laura: the sheriff says he's pnot sure where the drugs are pcoming from, whether they're pmade locally or shipped in but phe'll pursue murder charges pagainst dealers if they can rove that's the product that pkilled someone. p>>russell: toxicology confirms pthat the hit driver who killed the psheriff's deputy was drunk. phis blood alcohol level was more pthan three times the legal plevel. pdeputy cotfila was a deputy. phis body was sent to pmassachusetts for the burial. pthis is a picture of the honor pguard traveling to massachusetts pto join the honor of the team
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pkotfila's remains. p>>laura: sad story. pa 91-year-old man is dead, pkilled from an apparent injury pthat he received on a city bus. pfox 13 shayla reaves is live for pus in st. pete with a strange pseries of events that led up to phis death. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwe're talking about a yellow plight, a turn, a tipped over pscooter and a man hurt on his pway to the hospital. pthat's what st. pete police tell pus happened on march 4 just pafter 10:00 in the morning and i pwant to take you right to this pmap of the area that we're ptalking about. pthis happened reportedly there pnear the intersection of 77th pstreet and 22nd avenue north. pinvestigators say a pinellas psuncoast authority bus papproached as the light was
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pthe passenger's mobility scooter ptipped over. pit had security measures in lace, including some prestraints. pwe heard he suffered injuries to phis arm and chest. pthe bus driver reportedly pstopped but did not call for phelp or alert a dispatcher. pother passengers actually pstepped in to help secure henry pto his scooter again. phe continued the ride on the way pto his original destination pwhich was the bay pines v.a. pmedical center for a doctor's pappointment. ponce he arrived there, he headed pto the emergency room and peventually he was transported to pthe trauma area of the center pand we're told he remained there pfor seven days and ultimately pdied from his injuries in this pcrash. pso at this point, st. pete olice, they're asking anyone pwho might have been a passenger pon that bus when this accident poccurred to please contact olice. pinvestigators are still working pthis case and they want to speak pwith anyone who might have any
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pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: it's almost 6:10 and pdonald trump and hillary clinton phave overwhelming support from pvoters but that does not mean pthem. paccording to a new "new york ptimes," cbs poll, just 24% of pthose surveyed hold a favorable pview of donald trump. pbetter. pjust 31% in her favor. pthose are the lowest numbers psince they began asking voters pthis question in 1984. pmore states. pbiggest will be arizona. pit's winner take all. pfor republicans, 58 delegates pare on the line. pidaho it holding the democratic pcaucus with 27 delegates on the pline. putah, it's a high tech first. prepublicans there can actually pvote online. pit's one of the first major ptests of an online vote. p>>laura: the u.s. women played
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ptheir hearts out but just came pshy of winning. plieu in -- bruins had an advantage. pu.s. fell within one point pseveral times. pturnovers were the difference pmakers here. pbulls lost the ball several ptimes in the final minutes of pthe game and ucla took advantage pof that. pbut a good run. pcould the bucs be headed to pchina? pthe nfl is considering playing a pregular season game there as pearly as 2018. pthe league announced monday pseveral franchises have pexpressed interest, although pit's not said when teams they pare. pthe league has been focussing on pinternational expansion since pthe 2007 launch of the series layed in london. p>>russell: keeping the power on pwith poop. pflorida electric company is pturning waste into usable penergy. p>>laura: and an unwanted psurprise at disney when a fire pbreaks out in the middle of a erformance. p>>dave: almost 6:12.
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pespecialal way from the pcoastline. pwe have lower 40s in polk pcounty. pupper 30s in hernando and citrus pcounty. pwe have the frost advisory out pfor inland hernando and citrus pas well. pwatch the clouds exit to the psouth which means we're pbasically a beautiful sunshine ptoday and a good news is the pfast warmup, back to 73 degrees ptoday and 80 right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv
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p>>russell: latest a.p. news palert out of brussels, pauthorities have locked down pbrussels after explosions rocked pthe brussels airport and the psubway system. pwe know at least 13 people have pdied. pmany more have been injured. pbelgium has raised the terror palert to the highest level. pthey've averted planes, trains, pordering people to stay where pthey are. pairports across europe have ptightened security. pit's called a terrorist attack pfollowing the arrest of the pmastermind of the person who
6:16 am
pthat's where we are right now pwith all of this. pwe'll stay with it throughout pthe morning and bring you the platest as we get it. pdave? p>>dave: thank you, russell. pit is almost 6:16 and you've got p30s and 40s out there, quite psome time since we've seen this. psun city center, bundle up this pmorning. pyou're at 39 degrees. pit's warmer as you go back out ptowards the water like st. etersburg at 58. ptampa, still quite chilly at 50, pbut it's warmer than the psurrounding areas as you get paway from the gulf. pwe're in the mid 40s west chase, pnew tampa and then you get up in pthe frost advisory areas, inland phernando, inland citrus, levy pcounty where we have mid to pupper 30s this morning. pnot to be outdone, sglefr shilz pat 37. pmaybe some frost in eastern ortions of pasco county as pwell. oint is, i know a lot of people phave done a lot of planting so pfar and i hope you were able to pat least cover that up to take pcare of this frost. pit's a one night thing. pi do want to point out this is
6:17 am
pfor the next several days. pit's a one time deal. pwe have mid to upper 40s, psarasota and bradenton, down pthrough englewood and while psebring has had 50 degrees, pbartow is at 39 so obviously pit's quite cool inland. pwe have a lot of dry air in lace. pthe air is bone dry. pwe also have clear skies and pthat will combine to help us pwarm up pretty quickly as well pso chilly. pfrost advisory for the two pinland counties, inland plocations of the counties until p9:00 this morning. pcitrus and hernando, once we get ast the 9:00 hour, all the pclouds have been pushed south. pit's beautiful. pnot only do we have dry air at pthe surface, but we have a ton pof drier air at the mid levels pof the atmosphere. pit's going to be one of those pbeautiful, blue sky days and pwith that, we're going to warm pup very quickly so while you're psitting here this morning and pyou're like, my gosh, i've got p30s and 40s, we should easily
6:18 am
phigh temperatures today. p73 is a fantastic, pleasant pafternoon. pbut do you know what? pit's also a below normal pafternoon. pupper 70s for this time of year. ptonight grab your jackets. pnow, it's not going to be quite pas cold tomorrow morning but pit's still going to be chilly. pyou can't go from like 38 all pthe way up to 61. pthat's not going to happen. p40s and 50s tomorrow but not pquite as cold overall. plots of sunshine tomorrow. pit will be nice, it will be pwarm. pwe'll do our best to touch the p80-degree mark and that's where pour high temperatures stay going pin through the weekend. pnotice we do have an unsettled peaster weekend to deal with. plots of clouds and a few showers phere and there, especially on psaturday. p>> we are seeing slow traffic pnow in pinellas county but the pinterstates are still in good pshape right now. plive look at 275 heading psouthbound out of the i-4 pinterchange from this point all pthe way to the tampa side of the phoward frankland bridge.
6:19 am
pyou there. inellas county drivers, fire prescue is on scene of a wreck. pnow it's southbound along u.s. p14 just along east bay, reports pit's on the frontage road here pwith a right lane blocked. pyou'll see the slowdowns as you pmake your way toward the pintersection of east bay. palso this accident in sarasota, peastbound university parkway at pi-75, also reports of an peastbound lane of university arkway blocked. p>>russell: 6:19. pduke energy is expanding the ru pkneeable energy sources to pinclud poop power. pthe company is working to build pa new plant in north carolina to pconnect methane from chicken and ig waste, refine the gas and phave enough energy to help p10,000 homes a year.
6:20 am
pwe're continuing to follow this pdeveloping story out of europe. pexplosions and chaos across the pcity of brussels. p>>russell: this is video from pone of the scenes of that pexplosion. pwalter allen is monitoring peverything right now.
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pit p>>laura: time to take a break. ptime to see what's clicking on pthe web. p>>russell: taylor, it's your job pto make us smile this morning. pthere's a lot of bad going on. p>>taylor: i'm going to do my pvery best. plet's talk about millennials. eople have quite a bit to say pabout them. psome say they're not willing to pwork for the things they want, pthat they have that sense of pentitlement. pothers say that chill has taken pover. pin our first hot click, we have psomeone who just might put all pthose rumors to rest. pit's this 14-year-old boy who pyou see outside mowing the lawn. paccording to a man named ryan pcox, the teen stopped by his phouse asking if he could mow ptheir lawn for $5. pcox said he had to ask why this pkid was mowing lawns and his panswer was simply wonderful. phe said he wanted to take his
6:24 am
pand didn't have enough money to pdo so. pwell, cox loved that so he got pall the neighbor to let the teen pmow his lawns and he worked very phard and in the end was able to pearn enough money to not only ptake his girlfriend to lunch but palso buy her flowers. paccording to cox, it has prestored his faith in pmillennials. phe said i'm impressed by whoever pis raising this boy. pgreat job. p>>laura: yeah. pit's all the parents. p>>taylor: tons of shares on psocial media. eople are loving that. pthat's nice. pnext up, speaking of having a plittle faith, the trust fall. pwe've all seen it. pi don't know if we've ever seen pit quite like this. pjust wait for it. pall right, you guys. pthat was a quick one.
6:25 am
pyou with this one. p>>russell: is that real? p>>taylor: this is real life. pa cat who happens to be a pgroomer. pmaybe just rethink your process pa little bit. p>>laura: earmuffs? p>>taylor: the perfect little pgentle spray nozzle, a donut pinflatable and a rubber ducky pand i think that's the recipe pfor how a cat might just enjoy a pbath. p>>russell: we may break the pcurse this week and have a cat pwinner. p>>taylor: we might, right? pit's too much. pso i hope it made you smile. p>>russell: spoiled rotten. p>>taylor: that's right. pbye, you guys. p>>laura: no room to talk. pyou know exactly what i mean. p>>russell: good point. pour coverage of the president's phistoric trip continues this pmorning. p>>laura: fox 13 craig patrick is
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3 we're p>>russell: we are continuing to pfollow this developing situation pin brussels. pexplosions have rocked the pcity's transportation system and pauthorities are referring to pthese explosions as terror pattacks. p>>laura: and at this hour, the pentire city is locked down. pwalter allen is in the net pcenter right now monitoring this phorrific situation. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning. pright now we know of two pseparate attacks. pone at the airport and one at a psubway station, at least 13 eople are confirmed dead. pwe do expect that number to prise. pmany more are injured. ptwo explosions ripped through pthe brussels airport tuesday pmorning during the morning rush phour. pthat's where the majority of the pdeaths occurred. pinjured passengers have been led ponto the tarmac and the first paid teams are attending to them. pcrisis center is urging family pmembers not to come to the pairport. pgovernment is telling everyone
6:30 am
puse the city's transportation psystem. pnow, a short time after the pairport attacks, another pexplosion happened on the psubway. pmany people are also injured in pthat attack. pbrussels terror alert system is pnow at severe level which saz phigh as it can go. pthose explosions happened just pdays after the prime suspect, psalah abdeslam, of the paris pterrorist attack was arrested in pbrussels and the rest of the pcountry is reacting to the pattacks. pbritish airports are increasing psecurity. rime minister david cameron is pconvening with the government's pemergency committee. pbritain's terror threat level is pas severe, meaning an attack is phighly likely. pin france, french president is pholding the emergency meeting. pfrance is reinforcing security pat airports, train stations and pmetros with 1600 additional pofficers. prussian transport minister says pit's reevaluating security in plight of attacks at brussels and pwe know that delta tweeted this
6:31 am
pthat a flight from atlanta to pbrussels has landed safely and pthey're working to safely pdeplane everybody off at this ptime. pthat flight has landed safely. pwe'll continue to follow this pbreaking news and bring you the pdave? p>>dave: walter, 6:31 and grab pjuror jackets this morning. pi'm going to show you the 50 pdegrees we have at tampa pinternational but that is one of pthe warmer spots because if you pgo inland, low to mid 40s. pas you go further north, we pactually go back to the 30s owe pkal arcs brooksville, inverness pso those areas dealing with pfrost. pit's a pretty cool morning by plate march standards but after pthis morning, we're going to pstart what i call the psignificant warmup. pso for today, quite chilly to pstart. pyou'll be shedding the jackets pduring the afternoon hours. phigh temperatures head back into pthe lower 70s. ptime to check the morning pcommute. phere is courtney. p>> we have some slow traffic now
6:32 am
psouthbound from fowler avenue as pyou make your way towards i-4. pheavy traffic there. psouthbound headlights, about 12 pminutes from the stretch of pbearss avenue all the way to pi-4. inellas county drivers, an paccident along southbound u.s. p19. pthis is on the frontage road papproaching east bay drive and pthat's actually where sky fox is pthis morning. pyou can see here a live look at pthe southbound lanes, right lane pis blocked on the frontage road papproaching east bay drive. pnot much in the way of traffic. pthat left lane is still able to ass. p>>russell: thanks. p6:32 right now and some local pheadlines and it's another day phogan. pjury on monday awarded the pex-wrestler another $25 million. pthese are the punitive damages pover the sex tape that a gossip pwebsite posted online. pthat's on top of the $115 pfriday. pappeal. prear learn -- we're learning more pabout a car accident that killed pthree young people.
6:33 am
phome from celebrating a birthday pwhen they crashed on university arkway. pofficers say there were several punanswered questions but one pthing is certain, the driver was pindeed speeding. pthe medical center will conduct ptoxicology tests to see if drugs pand alcohol were also a factor pin the crash. pnew ordinance that lessens the unishment if you're caught with pa small amount of marijuana. pit's official in tampa. pmayor buckhorn signed off on pmonday. ptampa police officers now have pthe option of imposing a civil pfine instead of arresting poffenders caught with up to 20 pgrams of pot. pthat's 3/4 of an ounce. pfines start at $75 and go up pwith each offense. pthe program could start next pmonth. p>>laura: there are scary, new pconcerns about the zika virus pthis morning apparently. pour area has the perfect setup pfor an outbreak. pken is on the story for us of pthe ken, what makes us so pvulnerable? p>>reporter: you're calling it a erfect setup. pi'm calling it the perfect
6:34 am
pin the summer here, it is wet. pit's very, very hot and we have plots and lots of species mosquitos, pincluding the species that pcarries the zika virus. pthe population is so big, the preport says the mosquito can fly pas far north as new york and hilly but the areas with the pgreatest risk of the spread are pin the gulf coast like tampa bay pand on the atlantic coast, miami pto charleston. pso far florida has seen 71 cases pof zika, three here in phillsborough county. pall three cases are -- actually pall the cases are in people who phave travelled outside of the pcountry into places like south pamerica and central america pwhere zika is widespread. psome really interesting research pgoing on. pbritish company has come up with pa kind of genetically engineered pmosquito. pwhen he breeds with the female pmosquito, regular mosquito, then
6:35 am
pthey'll try that. pthey've not been okayed to do pthat yet but they're getting pcloser and closer to doing that. pyou hear every year health pofficials and folks on ptelevision saying you have to puse deet, long sleeves, you have pto use common sense. pthat's especially important this pyear because part of the revention of the spread of zika por any disease is just doing pthose kinds of things. peven though the conditions are pright for the spread of zika, it pdoesn't have to happen or can pcertainly be controlled not only pby research like we're talking pabout in the keys but also by pcommon sense stuff we should all pdo. plaura? p>>laura: thank you, ken. pcuba has long been one of the pleast connected countries in the pworld because of this more than p50-year embargo. pby lifting the restrictions, all pthat is expected to change but pit will not happen overnight. pfor anyone who has plans to pvisit the country, it is pdefinitely a visit to the past. p>>russell: craig patrick takes
6:36 am
pcuba. pwhen they get here, they take a pstep back in time. pyou'll watch the surf pound the pstreets of havana. pyou see the water splash across pthe cars and yet you don't see pdifferent. pwe made the cars around 60 years pago. pthey've gone through six decades pof wear and salt water showers pand many still look pristine. p>> culture of havana is so rich. pthe people are so full of pride. p>>reporter: you see the food pstands, dogs lounging around the pcurb, stretching in the streets. pwhen you look doors and windows, pmany people are busy at work. pthere appears to be free pdevelopment, fuelled in part by ptourist money. pwe asked this man what he's pdoing in this darkroom. phe laughed and said he's fixing pthe lights.
6:37 am
pyou look at their infrastructure pand they are doing their best. p>>reporter: to put that another pway, the buildings are not pholding up nearly as well as a plot of cars. pwhen you go beyond the tourist pzone, you find a lot of blight. pwe will show you how the changes phere in havana can also bring pvery big changes to tampa bay. p>>laura: craig patrick is likely palready up and at it this pmorning in cuba. pit is going to be a busy day and pyou can catch more of his p13 at 5:00. p>>russell: 6:37 right now and pnew this morning, a popular show pat the animal kingdom came to a pscary end after a float catches pfire. pthe scary scene caught on camera pat the festival of lion king pshow. pactors did a performance when psmoke started billowing from the pside of the set. pall coming from the giant pelephant float. pthe crowd, show was cancelled.
6:38 am
pearly reports are it was an pelectrical fire in the float pmechanics. pstill not clear when the show pwill be resumed. pthe lion king show has been pshowing for 18 years. p>>laura: mayor buckhorn will cut pthe ribbon in seminole heights ptoday. pyou can tell the building was poriginally a warehouse but it's pbeen restored in 54 loft style punits. pthe building also has a zen pgarden and rooftop terrace. p>>russell: i love that. p>>laura: it's the first major pnew development in seminole pheights which is significant. pthe ribbon cutting is at 10:00 pthis morning. p>>russell: when you're reading pought loud, you run upon things pthat you're not thinking. pit takes a couple of times to plook at it. p>>laura: here is what i'll say pabout that story.
6:39 am
pheights come back. p>>russell: it's good for pseminole heights. pyeah. p>>laura: things you'd rather do pthan pay your taxes. pthe crazy things that millions pof americans say they would be pup for if they didn't know uncle psam. phow do you think i would look pwith an i.r.s. tattoo?
6:40 am
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p>>dave: it's almost 6:42 and oh, plook at these temperatures, huh? pthat's not late march, no. pit's not. pthat's cold. p37 degrees in brooksville. p36 in crystal river. pwe have 30s going all the way to pbartow this morning and those of pyou in the 30s, there may be psome frost to deal with first pthing this morning. pthat's where the frost advisory pis set up in inland portions of pcitrus and hernando county. pthe closest you get to the pcoast, a little warmer but pstill, all the numbers are below pnormal. pthere's a big difference pbetween, say, tallahassee's 36 pand the 60 you get down toward pthe keys. pit's cold statewide but short plived. pwe talked about 36 hours of cool pair and then we're going to warm pthings up. pby this afternoon, you'll forget pabout the fact it was in the 40s pthis morning.
6:43 am
pneed jackets this morning. pwe're about 13, 14 degrees pcolder in many areas than we pwere yesterday at this time. pso a noticeable difference. pwe don't have as much wind that pwill help. pwe have a lot of dry air, clear pskies so it's not going to take plong after the sun comes up at p7:31 to warm things up. pheads up again for the next pcouple of hours. robably too late now but we do phave the frost in the eastern pcitrus and hernando counties to pdeal with. pby about 9:00, you'll be well pback above the 40-degree mark pand you won't have to worry pabout that anymore. pindeed with the winds shifting pto the east today, we get back ptemperatures. pit's going to be below normal pbut it's going to be a nice, pnice afternoon. pwe only hit mid 60s yesterday. pi thought that was a nice day. ptoday should be nicer. pit will be pleasant as we take pthese temperatures which are way pbelow normal and bring them back
6:44 am
pthat is just beginning what i pthink is going to be a lovely pwarming trend by tomorrow and preally, after today our high ptemperatures should get back in pthe lower 80s right through the pweekend. pgorgeous sunshine today. pthat's one thing. pyou're just going to notice that pit's wall to wall with that psunshine. pcold start, mild finish. pbest way to describe it. pall those jackets that you need pnow, you're not going to need pthem at 2:00, 3:00 this pafternoon. pback in the lower 70s. pclear and cool tonight. pnow, we're not going to just pjump and bring the lows back in pthe 60s in one night. pwe're going to stop in the pmiddle somewhere. pi think we'll keep 30s out of pthe forecast so you probably pneed a light jacket for tomorrow pmorning but then we bump it up peven further for your wednesday pafternoon with sunshine, ptemperatures up to around 80 pdegrees. pyesterday. pseas running two to three feet. pi have a moderate chop for you.
6:45 am
pour next tide is a low tide at p8:32. pnow, don't look at the seven-day pwith all the easter egg hunts pand stuff this weekend. pwe're just looking at a couple pof rounds of rain coming through pand we'll be fine tuning that as pwe get closer to the easter pweekend. p>> good morning. pwe're seeing slow traffic pbuilding along the interstates. pwestbound i-4 expect the usual pdelays heading toward the 275 pinterchange this morning, this pis what you'll find. pabout a nine minute trip from pdr. king all the way to the 275 pinterchange. inellas county drivers, roblems for you, one southbound pu.s. 19 approaching east bay pdrive. pthere's an accident on the pfrontage road and that is pblocking a right lane. pluckily it doesn't look like we phave much traffic ut out there pand a left lane is still able to ass by. panother problem spot all week plong westbound 580. pyou'll find the westbound lanes pclosed for construction so pcurlew road to the north or
6:46 am
pthose will be the two best palternates. p>>laura: all right. ptime to check in now with pcharley belcher. phe's at chiller's salvage in ptampa. p>>charley: "good day" to you pguys. panother rough morning. p>>russell: sure is. p>>charley: my goodness gracious. pdid you see william shatner is p85 today? p>>russell: no. preally? p>>charley: yeah. pand you think about the icon i pcan shows that he's been a part pof, the go-to is captain kirk pand star trek. premember t.j. hooker? pi used to love t.j. hooker in pthe 1980s. pmainly because it had heather plocklear. p>>russell: and then denny crane. p>>charley: yeah. pyou know, i never watched much p-- that was a spinoff from -- pwhat was the -- private ractice. pit was a spinoff of private
6:47 am
pcharacter and then boston legal pand i only watched it a couple pof times to know that shatner pwas brilliant. phe would end every episode phaving a cigar and summing up pthe episode or whatever and i pmust have watched whatever came pon or something. pi would see that little scene pand just -- i could just watch pwilliam shatner do anything. pi just think he's fascinating pand the way he's been able to arlay his career and he's pwritten books, comic books. phe had the couch with two pchairs. pand he would sit and interview pand it was -- what was the name pof that? pi don't remember. p>>russell: i don't, either. erson. phe was very close. pthat was the one thing. pthey were so close to each pother. p>>charley: if i'm not mistaken,
6:48 am
eople and he had them on there pand it was so great. pthey have a love-hate prelationship. phappy birthday, william shatner, pif you're watching. pi am -- on a rough news morning, pby job is to search for smiles. pif i can search for smiles, i pcan make the day better for eople out there. pi found a couple already. pi am, as you said, at shiller's pshall age -- salvage. pthis is 13,000 square feet of ptough. parchitectural pieces that come pfrom all over the place. pi will talk eventually this pmorning. pthey are salvaging all sorts of pstuff.
6:49 am
pwindow frames to incredible pstuff. pi can't wait to tour this pmorning. pstick around. plots of important information in pthe news. pwe'll find a smile as well and ptogether, we'll make it a "good pday." p>>russell: sounds like a good pidea. psee you later. pwe are continuing to follow that pnews alert out of brussels. pseries of explosions has killed pat least 13 people, some reports psay that number is up to 23 now. pfirst sign of explosions phappened during rush hour at the pairport. pa third explosion happened in a psubway station. pofficials are now calling it a pterror attack. pthe city is on lockdown and in presponse to the attack, the pfrench and british officials are pnow upping their security. pwe'll continue to follow the pstory and bring you updates as pwe get them. asco sheriff's deputies pinvestigating a suspicious death pmonday. psomeone found skeletal remains pin a wooded area near windsor pmill road. pthis is in hudson. psheriff's office says it may be
6:50 am
pthat went missing last year. pno word yet how the person may phave died. pit's a game years in the making. prays are hours away from taking pthe field in havana. pthis afternoon they take on the pcuban national team. resident obama and castro both pwill be there. p>>laura: the cold, the heat and pthen the rain. pdave right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon.
6:51 am
bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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3 3 3 ((russell )) chipotle has a p>>russell: chipotle has a pdelicious idea to win back pcustomers and would you rather pget a tattoo than pay your ptaxes? p>>laura: lauren is in now to ptalk a little bit. plauren, we want to talk first pabout this terror attack in pbrussels. pis this affecting the stock pmarket at all? p>> yes, yes and yes. pso stocks in europe trading on pthis news, this awful pcoordinated attack across pbrussels for the most part. peuropean stocks are down. ptravel stocks are down. pit makes people scared to fly. panother instance of bombs going poff. phere in the u.s., we'll open
6:54 am
pgains. plooking at the down, it's now pdown about 54 points. pso that's a little steeper than pit had been. pwhen investors are nervous, they pbuy gold. pthat's up $9. p>>russell: got some news about pchipotle as well. p>> yes. pokay. pso obviously they're dealing pwith food safety scares. pthe lines are shorter. pwould you eat at chipotle if you pget free guac and chips? pyou have to go online and play a pgame. pwhat am i talking about? pi played it this morning. pyes, it's totally nuts. pit's totally frustrating and it phas people talking. pthey show you three sets of ictures. pthey flip it another and they ptime you and if you get all pthree sets correct, you get free
6:55 am
pit's a good waste of time and pyou can walk out with something pfree. p>>laura: doing what they can to pfoster goodwill, i imagine, pright? p>>russell: okay. pthen we have one more thing pregarding the i.r.s. or get a ptattoo. pis that the option? p>>russell: they don't ask where pthe tattoo is. pi would get a tattoo that said pirs somewhere on my body. pi'm not alone. p27% of people surveyed by wallet phub say they would rather get an pi.r.s. tattoo that pay uncle psam. p11% said they would rather spend pthree years cleaning the pbathroom at chipotle than pay puncle sam. p6% would rather sell a kidney pand 80% would rather name their pfirst born taxes. pi mean, i would never name my
6:56 am
pby their middle name. p>>russell: taxes two simonetti. p>>laura: for life or just a pyear? p>> for life. pthat tattoo is sounding good, pisn't it? p>>russell: we have to run. psee you later. pthanks. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. pare you looking for somewhere to pwelcome the easter bunny this pweekend? pflorida isn't such a bad place. pwallet hub just ranked the best pcities in the country. porlando is number three, tampa praked in at number three and pmiami at number four. pbest easter city is pittsburgh. prankings are based on everything pfrom egg prices to the number of peaster egg hunts per capita.
6:57 am
pwe're going to talk to dr. jo pabout why binge watching your pfavorite show, it could be bad pfor your health. p>>laura: and a family torn papart. pa little girl is being taken pfrom the foster family that has phad her for years and the preason. p>>russell: and then we have an
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
palligator ramed 3 ((russell- happening right now. police on the p>>russell: happening right now, olice on the scene of several pbombings in brussels. pit is a terror attack. lus -- p>> we do not have words. pbattle. pa 6-year-old girl taken from the ponly parents she has ever known. pwhy that just doesn't seem to pmake sense to most people. p>>russell: batter up. pthe rays play a historic game in pcuba. pwhy they're a winner regardless pof outcome. p"good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. pall that ahead and more but pdave.


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