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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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p and now -- hundreds p>>woman: a lot of people with pblood. pand i just run out of the pairport. p terror in brussels, after palmost 24 hours after pcoordinated bombings, the death ptolls are rising, police are pstill looking for a key suspect pand isis has a new message. p>>man: i could see the arachute land just above his phead. p two sky divers are lucky to pbe alive tonight after an paccident in midair left them pinjured. p>>woman: it doesn't make sense
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p some health workers say it pjust doesn't belong there. p good evening, everyone, pwelcome i'm kelly ring. p>> i'm chris in for mark. pthanks for joining us. ptributes we're seeing around the pworlds for the victims of the pterrors attacks in brussels. plook at this. pthe empire state building is pdark and in red and yellow for pthe people. pthe number of people killed now pstands at 34 with as many as 250 pinjured. olice are still looking for a pkey suspect. ptonight, isis put out a new pmessage of the bombings and pthreatening "dark days" for
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pthe terror group. ictures show the ceilings pcollapsing to the floor. eople lying on the ground. pat least 11 people died in the pairport attack. pthis is a photo of the three men pthat attacked the airport. pthe three on the left were psuicide bombers and likely ushing the bombs in carts as pyou see there. pthe man on the right side of the pscreen was actually seen running pout of the airport after the pbombing. olice believe he was part of pthe plot. pthey're still trying to find him ptonight. pafter an hour of the bombings at pthe airport, a bomb went off in pthe subway s witnesses in both pscenes described surreal moments pof chaos. p>>woman: i saw a lot of people pwith blood and i just run out of pthe airport.
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pchaos there. p>> after the attacks, police pcarried out a raid at an papartment complex. pinside one apartment they say pthey found an isis flag, a bomb, pand bomb making material. pthat's where they believe the pterrorists made the bombs which pcomes four days after the arrest pof the suspect in the paris pattacks. p airports around the world pare heightening security in the pwake of the brussels terror pattack. ptampa international airport is pno exception. pit comes during tia's busiest ptime of the year with an pestimate of 2.5 million more assengers making their way pthrough terminals for spring pbreak, of course.
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pofficers in areas and more tsa pagents and k-9 units. p a plane in brussels was pforced to land in a remote arking area this afternoon. pthe flight had left brussels pat the airport there. pthe plane and passengers were psearched thoroughly but nothing punusual was found. p as intelligence officials in pthe us and around the world pcontinue trying to piece ptogether what happened in pbrussels, president obama chose pnot to cut short his legacy trip pto cuba. plater an a baseball game, the resident told espn there's no pjustification for terrorism. p>>man: this is another example pwhy the world has to unite pagainst these terrorists. pthe notion that any political pagenda will justify the killing pof innocent people of this is
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p>> kevin has more on the resident's final day in cuba. p>>man: i have come here to bury pthe last remnant of the cold pwore on the americas. p>>reporter: he had a speech paimed directly at the cuban eople. pit also included a visit to the pus embassy in havannah. p>>man: it requires great pcourage to be active. p>>reporter: the president's pvisit here still drawing pwidespread condemnation from prepublicans back home. pmany saying huge financial pbenefits that come with it is a preward castro didn't earn.
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preturn and he legit miezs a pdictatorship. p>>reporter: on the streets, the pmove remains optimistic. eople are learning to take a pchance. phoping for congress. p>>woman: it's complicated to redict what will happen because pcuba is complicated. p>>woman: it's a step forward, pwhy not. p well president obama's pcalling on congress to lift the ptrade embargo against cuba. pcraig is in cuba tonight. pshows us what impact lifting the pembargo would have on cuba and pthe tampa bay area. p>>reporter: a lot of americans pon the streets of havanna are pnot just here for the tours and prestaurants, they're trying to
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pcuba imports are banned and ptourists want that to change. p>>woman: they're a very poor pcountry because of the embargo. p>>reporter: but they see it from pa different point of view. phe came here with a study group. p>>man: as a republican, we po pthis as a reaction to the tier pni that's been imposed on the eople of cuba for all these pyears but it's not working. p>>reporter: and that's driving pthe people from the cuba capital pto lift the embargo. p>>man: it's hard to willingly plift the embargo when there are punanswered. pmy opinion is we're on the road pof lifting the embargo but i pdon't think we're ready to do it ptonight. p>>reporter: florida businessmen
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pdollars. pi would expect to build is and pexpand by 30 percent because we pwarehousing. p>>reporter: like many other pamericans you see on these pstreets, he's learning and reparing for the chance to tap pinto this new market of more pthan 11 million people. p>>man: the people here are pfantastic. peveryone is just looking for popportunity. p>>man: the people of cuba, pthey're struggling, they have plittle to nothing. pand there's opportunity for our pcountry here too so why not help pboth sides. p>>reporter: again, clinics say pit will not help the people of pcuba, they want cuba to open the pdoor to freedom before we open pthe door to trade. pfor now, plans to lift the pembargo are going nowhere in pcongress. p>> as rays fans will know, pamerica's past time help bridge pback out between america and
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resident obama was there with phis family. pthis is the first time a major pleague team has visited havana psince 1989. p>>man: we're going to bring pthis back to tampa bay. p>>reporter: what does it mean to pyou that a major league team is phere, the president is here, a plot is going on here? p>>woman: it's been lovely for pus to be part of -- p>> and scott will have phighlights of the game and we'll ptalk with the rays about the phistoric trip later in sports. p new tonight, two men are in pin the air. pthey were sky diving when they pcollided at a high rated speed. pit happened at sky dive city. pfirst of all, how are the men pdoing tonight? p>>reporter: kelly, at last
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phospital. phospital. pone in critical condition, the pother in serious but stable pcondition. pthey were wearing wing suits at pthe time of the collision. pexperienced sky divers tell us pthis type of thing doesn't phappen often but when it does, pit could be life threatening. p>>man: it makes you feel like a pglider. pdefinitely changes your mind set pon what the sky really is. p>>reporter: on a day as clear as pthis, it's a sky diver's aradise. p>>man: you look at birds psee. p>>reporter: soaring with the pbirds come with great risk. ptuesday, two men suited up at psky dive city. pthey were experienced jumpers. pduring the plan of a jump for pmore than 14 thousand feet, they phad a free fall collision pshortly after leaving the plane. pthe other was knocked out and
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p>>man: we use these automatic plaunches, if you do get knocked pout, we have something that will pthrow a parachute over your phead. pthat's what saved the jumper's plife. p>>man: we saw him laying on the pground. pi thought he was hit by a car. pand until i got over there and i pcould see his parachute land pjust above his head. p>>reporter: russell, who spent p27 years working with a fire pdepartment had his instincts pkick in. p>>man: i checked his airway. pi knew he was alive. p>>reporter: both men were flown pto the hospital. ptravis who trained both of the pjumpers say it takes 200 jumps pbefore anyone can wear a wing psuit. pno matter how many times you've pdone it, safety is always key.
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phurt. pit's the nature of the beast and psky diving. p>>reporter: as you saw, despite pthe accident, jumps continued phere. pfatalities in sky diving are prare. pback in 2014 tracked 24 fatal pjumps. p>> hope they're going to be pokay. pthank you so much. p here's a debate that has eople thinking tonight. pwhat do you think about having a pfast food restaurant inside a phospital? p>> some health care workers pdon't like the idea. pthey say the mcdonalds need to pgo. pyou're going to hear both sides pof the controversy coming up pnext. p>>woman: he probably thinks pnothing's wrong because he pdidn't touch me, he didn't hurt pme. p>> there's plenty wrong with pthis and this woman wants to pwarn you about it. pthis man's get rich quick scheme
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p what a day we had today. ptop ten of the year. pcheck out the sunset today. pa sign of spring. plook at how the sunsets. pin the distance, that's pspringtime. pclear skies, but big changes on pthe way. pwe'll talk about increased rain the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 (kelly/ new at ten...does it make sense to have a mcdonald's inside p new tonight, does it make psense to have a mcdonalds inside ptampa general hospital? pone group says absolutely not pand they want it gone. pjosh is live at tampa general pwith more on this controversy. pokay, josh. p>>reporter: well these guys pthink having a mcdonalds inside ptampa general is sending a bad pmessage promoting poor choices pin a place that's about getting phealthy and well. p>>woman: it doesn't make sense phospital. p>>reporter: the value the meal
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pwith the mcdonalds inside tampa pgeneral. p>>woman: hospitals are a place pfor people to get well. p>>reporter: especially when it pcomes to minds of young kids pstuck in the hospital. p>>woman: we're saying stop paggressively marketing children. p>>woman: it's about the message pthat delivers to them. p>>reporter: wednesday is the lan to hand over the signed etition to say goodbye to the pmcdonalds. osts ranging from "if you pdon't like it, don't go there" pto "leave mcdonalds alone" peven "this is one of the pdumbest petitions i've seen to pstate." in a statement the phospital said mcdonalds is here punder a contract signed in 1988
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pthe contract runs 2023 and pcontains no provisions that pwould allow us to end this pagreement prior to that date. p>>woman: we're going to keep pworking so they're convinced not pto renew the contract. p>>reporter: we did speak with pcasper's company, they own the pmcdonalds inside tampa general pas well as more than 50 across pthe tampa bay area. pthey say there's a need for the pmcdonalds inside the hospital. eople choose it because it fits ptheir lifestyle and on the menu pthere's things that fit any plifestyle. pthey point out there's a pcafeteria inside tampa general pfor options for just about panyone. p>> all right, josh, thanks. p well the countdown is on now pfor the launch of a supply ship pthat's set to launch tonight.
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pjust over 40 minutes from cape pcanavrol. pwe will bring it to you if it pgoes as planned. phow's it looking out there? p>> really good. pand if you want to take a walk poutside at 11:05, look to the peast. pwhat a day we had today. pit's amazing how things will pchange rapidly and i mean in a pbig way heading into the pweekend. pnot much, if any cloud cover. pthis is a nice picture of the psunset. phow about this? pnicely done from diane. pthen you look the other way to pthe east, you see this. pthis is the moon rise over balis oint. pit's full tomorrow. pyou just look at it in the sky, pit looks pretty full. pthat will be the full worm moon pcoming up tomorrow night. pnice job, david for that.
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phigh pressure gave us a couple pof chilly nights and mild days pbut these highs are on the move pand they'll be shifting to the peast beginning tomorrow. ponce the highs move east, the pwhole weather set up changes and pthe winds will shift from the pnorth, to the east, and then psoutheast and that means rapid pweather changes on the way. ptomorrow will be a great day. plots of sunshine. pcool morning and then hot pafternoon. pright now, it's just a nice pnight. pbright night. pyou got a one night prior to the pfull moon tomorrow night. pskies are clear. p55 in brooksville. plow 60s around tampa bay. pit's warmer now than it was last pnight at 10:00. psix degrees in tampa. pbig positive numbers across the pstate as the air mass continues pto modify. pas i said, big changes on the pway. ptoday, the high 71 degrees, the
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patmosphere. pby friday, mercury heads up to p80. pthe morning low is 69 and pshowers and thunder showers are plikely. pthey could arrive as soon as pthursday afternoon as a front pgets closer, it gets stuck and pimpulses energy ride along that pstuck front. ptoday. pthey zoom into the 60s to near p70 by friday. pwe're 61, the dew point is 63. pgreat day today, not only in our pstate but in atlanta to dallas pand rolley, all that sunshine. pbut changes are on the way as pthis cold front begins to slide pto the south and east and pimpacts us as soon as thursday pafternoon. ptonight's lows will be cool, not pcold, just cool.
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ptomorrow, spectacular day, maybe uffy fair weather clouds from pthe southeast. phighs in the 70s and low 80s. pthe high moves away. pnot humid tomorrow but certainly phumid by thursday and then this pfront, as it moves our way is pgoing to get stuck. pthere will be high pressure psouth of us, north of us and pright along that boundary, there pwill be energy rolling along the pfront so from time to time, i pexpect showers and thunder pshowers to arrive and the models paggressive pumping up psignificant rain chances maybe peven higher than this. pit doesn't look so good right pnow. pmoon lit and not as cool ptonight. p55. psunshine tomorrow, great day, phighs up near 80. pon thursday it's partly cloudy, pmuch more humid. pshowers will develop late in the pday warm front near 80. pweather continues off and on. pwe'll talk about the arrival and
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pahead. pit looks wet over the weekend pwith highs in the low 80s. pback to you. p>> thank you, paul. p a thief is in work in psarasota county. pvictims don't realize they've pbeen taken. p>>woman: he probably thinks pnothing is wrong because he pdidn't touch me or hurt me. p>> we're going to tell you how
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((chris/ new at ten: p new at 10:00, an atm camera pcaught this man in the middle of pa crime. pas the woman was at the machine, pthis guy came up to her and scam psingle digit her out of several phundred dollars. pit happened so quickly. pshe couldn't even say anything pto him. p>> no, very scary. pas kim reports, sarasota pdeputies want that man off the pstreets before he strikes again. p>>reporter: it's a quick scam. ptells the person next to him his pmachine isn't working and before pthey know it, he's taken their pmoney. p>>woman: i thought it was just popportunity, here i was the old plady. p>>reporter: donna knows she's a pvictim but she's speaking out to phelp others. pmonday afternoon she was trying pto finish a transaction.
10:27 pm
pleft atm moved in. p>>woman: he said does this pwork, yes, then he just got in pfront of me. p>>reporter: she couldn't do pmuch. p>>woman: oh, yes and i put my pcard in and i said okay. p>>reporter: when she walked paway, something didn't feel pright. pturning around her stomach sank. p>>woman: it said two pwithdrawals and i said this pisn't right. p>>reporter: she found $800 was pmissing. pshe called sarasota deputies. pinvestigators believe this is pthe third time this man has ulled off the scam. p>>woman: he claimed his atm pisn't working and he'll wedge phimself in between before the pvictim has an opportunity to say pno. p>>reporter: as investigators psearched for him, they warned psafety first. p>>woman: we would say go pinside, consider talking to psomeone face-to-face if you're pmaking a withdrawal. plook for a well lit area without pany sort of shrubbery or panything blocking the atm.
10:28 pm
pto learn from her experience. pshe won't let this man change panything she does. p>>woman: you've obviously found pa way to make $800 in five pminutes but doesn't make it pright. p>>reporter: the sheriff's office pasks if you know who that man is pto call deputies right away. p okay, be on the lookout for psure. pwe found something quite unusual pin the middle of the sarasota pdesert. p here's what we found, phundreds of airplanes lined up pside by side.
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3 the duel for delegates hits the rocky mountains and the desert. this is being p the dual for delegates hits pthe rocky mountains and the pdeserts. phillary clinton and donald trump pare trying to widen their leads. p>> alicia tells us though
10:31 pm
pcaucuses. p>>reporter: on the campaign ptrail, the presidential pcandidates are weighing in on pthe attacks in belgium. p>>man: isis must be destroyed. pwe need to launch a coalition of pthe muslim countries. p>>man: i would set up borders pto people until we figure out pwhat is going on. p>>man: it is striking that the pday after donald trump called pfor america weakening nato, pwithdrawing from nato, we see pbrussels where nato is head pquartered. p>>reporter: on the democratic pside, she's trying to put the pnomination out of reach. p>>woman: the states in this pelection just keep getting phigher and higher while the
10:32 pm
pgetting lower and lower. p>>reporter: this is former resident bill clinton appears pobama. p>>man: we've come to the front pto put the awful legacy of the 8 pyears behind us and practice no pregulation in washington, then pyou should vote for her. p>>reporter: president clinton's pcomments rerefered to the olarized. p>> we hope to have some of the presults for you tonight at p11:00. p developing tonight in in parizona, there's a fire at the aper plant. pit's near the international pairport in phoenix.
10:33 pm
pas you can see, there's lots of pfuel there and the arizona pdepartment of environmental pquality is monitoring the blaze. p two larger than life shot pjocks that battle it out in pcourt. pthe jury sided with bubba but pthat wasn't the end of it. pmj's legal team said he never aid his legal bill which ptotalled about $1 million. pnow they're suing mj and mj is pcounter suing. pcourt records show they didn't lay their legal bills and now pthe law firm is suing the scnitz pand they're counter suing. p>>man: i would have never filed pthis lawsuit. p>> they also want the fees they aid returned.
10:34 pm
pexpected to last about two pweeks. p there was grief mixed with poutrage today at the cemetery as pfamilies and friends were pdigging through plastic bins ptrying to retrieve grave pdecorations. pover the past few days, the city pimplemented a rule that says ploose objects are no longer pallowed at the cemetery. pthe mayor said the city sent out pnotices about the new rule a pwhile back but many people said pthey got no warning before they pstarted dumping everything. p>>woman: if there's a pguideline, send me it. psomething. pdon't just come and take our pmemorable items and throw them paway like this. p>> the mayor said they approved pthe rule after city workers pcouldn't maintain the grounds.
10:35 pm
p publix has decided to tear pdown and rebuild a store in pisland estates. pit will rebuild a 32 thousand psquare foot store. pthe project will cost about p$9.5 million. pthey have not said when they phope to have the project pcomplete. psarasota city commissioners have papproved a new parking garage pfor st. armond's circle. pit will be built on the city's plot on the northeast side of the pdistrict. pcommissioners hope it will palleviate some of the parking roblems in that area. pif all goes as planned, pconstruction will begin in 2018. p a parking lot of a different psort here, an amazing sight.
10:36 pm
pout in the desert. p>>reporter: they sit idle rising pinto the air like mountains. psome of these planes will fly pagain, some waiting for pmaintenance and for others, this pis the end of their flying pcareers. pit sits on what used to be a pformer air base but now they pdeal with all things airplanes pand aviation. p>>man: a lot of storage. p>>reporter:ed p>>reporter:ed p>>reporter:ed myer is the pstorage coordinator. pmany planes sit here waiting to ossibly go back into service or psold. pthe next stop is the end of life parea.
10:37 pm
paircraft reached the end of ptheir useful life as a whole. pthey become more useful, more psuited for spare parts. p>>reporter: just about three pmonthlies ago, this 777 arrived phere. pnow it won't be long until it's preduced to tiny little pieces. p>>man: it comes here, we remove pall the useful parts, they go to poverhaul the shots and then sent pthe world. p>>reporter: here, mechanics erform extensive safety checks pon privately owned airplanes as pwell as airliners like this one. pthey strip the airplane bare to pcheck every piece to make sure peverything is in working order. p>>man: we take the aircraft and preconstructing it. p>>man: that would be a basic pway of putting it.
10:38 pm
art of these aircrafters are ptaken care of. p they're certified to work on palmost every single type of paircraft in the world. p we all know how congested pclear water beach could be. pthe traffic is terrible on pcertain days. p>> law makers considering a new colossal curl at adventure it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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(vo) making the most out of that's why i got a subaru
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10:42 pm
p leaders in clear water and pst. pete are thinking about a pdifferent way to get around. p>> the clear water beach's ptraffic congestion, that's very pwell-known. phowever, at a closed door pmeeting today, plans for a st. ete project were also laid out. p>>woman: it's a test project pfor st. pete for example, that pwould compromise sixth avenue, pyou have the dally and all that pand then go down by the pier pwould be about 40 million. p>> sources attending today's pmeeting say the clear water roject will cost about p$75 million. pthe first public explanation of pthe transit concept may come at pa clear water city council pworkshop. p residents in the country pside area are dealing with low
10:43 pm
pstate road 580 may experience pbrief, low water pressure into ptomorrow morning. pcrews are working on fixing a pleaking water main. pthat's the culprit there. ptraffic may also be impacted pduring the morning rush hour so pgive yourself a little extra ptime tomorrow morning. p the tampa bay rays played pone of the best games in history ptoday. pit was a spring exhibition game pin a huge way. p>> sports director scott smith pgives us his take on the day in
10:44 pm
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p trending, it's live, too, by pthe way. pthis is a great example of why pyou should never let the pinternet decide anything for pyou. pthere's this research group in pthe uk that built this p$3 million research vessel. pthey need a name for it. pthey put it for a vote on the ptwitter page. pthe ship is going to be named p"boaty mcboat face." someone
10:47 pm
pleading name by a landslide. pit got so bad that they put it pout for another vote but the pgroup's twitter page crashed pbecause so many people said it phas to be -- p>> it says name a vessel. p>> put name here. pi like boaty mcboat face. pit's got to win now. p>> oh, yeah, probably. p>> i just found -- i'm on pyoutube off and on and i just pfound out there's a new youtube pchannel called the "hydraulic ressure channel" how about pthis, verses hockey puck. pi've always wanted to see that pand there you go. psooner or later, that's the pdemise of the hockey puck. pi want them to do the same thing pto a nickel back album. p>> i like nickel back.
10:48 pm
p>> kelly likes nickel back. pthat is amazing. p>> by the way, go to youtube, pthere's a whole bunch of stuff. phigh phydraulic against bowling ball, pthat's good. p>> we have to get this one in, ptoo. pdo. pcat turned on the light. phis name is maze. phe gets one and goes on to the pnext one. p>> wow. p>> he keeps on going. pthey wondered how the lights pwere getting turned on and they psaid let's go watch and that's pwhat they found. p>> cats can do anything. p>> they really can. p>> cats are amazing. p>> sometimes in a good way, psometimes in a bad way. p>> bad when they're not helping pyou conserve energy.
10:49 pm
pscott smith is reporting from pcuba. p>>reporter: just a two day visit pbut a memory for a lifetime. pgreetings from cuba. pfrom president obama's visit to pthe game today, a standing povation to the singing of the p"star spangled banner" on cuban psoil. pthe president shaking hands with pall the rays players prior to pthe game. pand the players distributing pflowers to the first lady and psasha and maliah. phe doubles and that's going to pset things up for james loney. pcomes through, knocks a single pthrough the right side and pthat's your first rbi of the pball game. resident obama giving the
10:50 pm
plater in the ball game, steps up pand delivers. pthere's a deep shot and it's pgone. prays out to a 2-0 lead. phere, a hot shot deflects it and pthey continue. pthe rays win this 4-1 is your pfinal. pafter ward, the team with the ptrading of the jerseys. p>>reporter: good evening from phavana, cuba where history has pbeen made. pthe rays come away with a 4-1 pwin but the bigger win for the prays is the experiences they pmade here. p>>man: very grateful for the popportunity. pwe feel very fortunate to be pable to be the team that articipated. pthere were 30 other clubs and pfor our team to come over here, pand play as well as we did and pbe able to experience the
10:51 pm
psomething that we're all pdefinitely going to be grateful pfor. p>>man: i think the happiness of pthe people, i think that's what pmade the trip most worthwhile. p>>man: we won't experience panything like this again. pit's a big day for major league pbaseball and all the players and pmyself included. p>>reporter: this will go down as pone of the most cultural pexperiences they will have in ptheir entire lifetimes. p>>reporter: thank you so much, pmarissa and scott. psafe travels coming home p the lightning back at home pagainst detroit tonight. pbrian boyle, great pass to eric. retty goal. p1-0 bolts. pstill in the first period, jt
10:52 pm
pit gets stopped but vlad slips pit in and it's 2-0 lightning. pnumber 13, he's wearing a cage pbeneath his shield because he pgot hit twice on the last road ptrip. pwhen things are going good, this pis exactly what happens. pgoes in, banks it in. p3-0, the lightning win 6-2. pthey're tied for first place in pthe atlantic division with pflorida and they'll be back home pagain friday night. attern of winning. p>> we do. p>> yes, we do. pthank you so much, jeff. p some new apartments are pavailable in one of tampa's up
10:53 pm
pget a first look of what they stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger.
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psunset lakewood ranch from eed plooms. pthat's good. pthat was a couple of nights ago. pthat's fantastic. pfox 13 umbrella winner. pif you want to enter the pcontest, it's easy. pgo to my facebook page, upload pyour photo through the app, put pin your information. pwe put an umbrella away pmonday-friday at this time. pcheck that out. pin the meantime, right now very pnice. pwe have a moon lit sky. palso don't forget, coming up in pabout eight or nine minutes, if pthe launch goes, it will be at pthe cape. pweather is good, it's moon lit. pten minutes, take a walk poutside, take a look to the peast. pyou could see the rocket launch. p tampa 61 and sea bring has 63. phigh pressure dominates to the pwest and east of us but the
10:57 pm
pand things will be changing pbeginning tomorrow. phigh pressure starting moving to pthe east, the winds, which for a pcouple of days have been pushering in a colder air mass. pwarmer temperatures tomorrow and pby thursday, there may be enough pmoisture for showers late in the pday. pthat will start for an unsettled pof next week. pnot raining all the time but any pshowers could be locally heavy pduring the weekend. pcrisp and cool tomorrow. p75 degrees by noon. p4:00 we're 77. penjoy, big changes are on the pway. p us airports on heightened palert after the terror attacks pin brussels.
10:58 pm
peurope and actually here in the pus are not moving that much. pattacks like this are now pincreasingly commonplace in the pworld. pmeanwhile, i'm -- not sure if pyou'll have enough money to make pyour golden years gold? pdon't worry. p starbucks is stepping up to phelp the needy. pthey'll donate one hundred ercent of its unused food. pall us stores are planning to articipate. pif you're looking for a healthy lace to live, you might want to pconsider honolulu, it's the pthinnest city in the usa. pthat's business. p and let's take a look at ptoday's winning lottery numbers. p220.
10:59 pm
lay four daytime is 1, 7, 1, 3. p9, 9, 0, 6 for nighttime. pgood luck, everybody. p one of tampa's up and coming pneighborhoods is open for rent. pit includes a sen guard arden, a roof ptop area. pit's becoming a trendy place to plive. p>>man: it's a place people want pto live because you're in close roximity to downtown. p it ranges from 500-1100 pscare foot. p
11:00 pm
time now for the 11:00 news. p a freak accident leaves a pman dead. p>> his son trying to come to pterms with the loss. pwe'll tell you why they fired pthe driver. p>>woman: there's a lot of chaos pthere. p witnesses describing the phorror that unfolded in pbrussels. ptonight, the search for the psuspects. p some people say a mcdonalds pinside a local hospital is psending the wrong message. p and first up at 11:00 ptonight, an elderly man is dead pand a bus driver fired after a pride on a psts bus went wrong. pwe're learning what the bus pdriver did and didn't do. pevan spoke to the man's son.


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