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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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distribution] national captioning institute, which is responsible for its a fight at a red light - cy ends in road rage. a motorcyclist is shot.. another man facing serious charges. ((jen the radio waves will sound much different this morning.. beloved host, dave mckay won't be on them. how his friends and fans are remembering him.. (( and: florida's tax free weekend started at midnight. the deals ?everyone can cash in on.. ((jen)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm jennifer epstein. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... walter will be in later this morning. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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developing this morning... tampa police say a man shot a motorcyclist in the back during a case of road
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before 7 last night... at nebraska avenue and 109th avenue. officers say there was some argument between carlos rodriguez and ezekiel henson. when rodriguez turned around to walk back to his motorcycle... police say henson shot him. he's now charged with aggravated battery. rodriguez is in the hospital.. but is expected to survive. fox 13's alcides segui is covering this story.... we'll have an update from him at 4-30. hillsborough county deputes are looking for carjacking in tampa.. they've identified one of them as lemarcus ashley.. deputies say ashley and 3 other men.. met with the victims in the area of porpoise drive and tuna drive in tampa last week.. then forced the victims out of their car at gunpoint... took their clothes and wallets.. and drove off. anyone with information is asked to call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. this morning... we're remembering and mourning the sudden loss of a popular radio d-j... dave mckay.
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worried when he didn't show up to work yesterday morning. one of them went to check on him.. and they found his body inside his apartment. it's still not clear how mckay died... but police have ruled out foul play and suicide. mckay-- whose real name was "steve ehmke"-- spent decades on the airwaves. he worked at w-q-y-k since 1992... and was a fixture on morning radio in tampa bay. most recently-- he hosted the dave and veronica show. before that-- he hosted the randy and dave show...with randy by the radio station to talk about his long-time friend. support for mckay and his family has been pouring in. country music star blake shelton tweeted..."i'm very sorry to hear about this. prayers to his family and friends." mckay was just
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suing a florida police officer... you may remember this video. last month... charles kinsey was shot in the leg while trying to calm down a client who had run away from a group home. officers believed the man had a gun... but he actually was holding a toy trunk. officer jonathan aledda accidentally shot kinsey while aiming at the man. kinsey is now accusing him and other officers of using excessive force and false arrest. cracking down on counterfeit merchandise... u-s immigration and customs enforcement is making it harder for someone to buy or sell knock-off purses... clothes... watches... you name it. just in the last year... ice investigated seven cases in florida's middle district court... which includes tampa bay. for instance... a couple from hernando county is accused of selling nearly 1- and-a-half million dollars worth of fake designer handbags. while a couple from pinellas county is accused of selling nearly 880-thousand worth of them. investigators describe these
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more accessible than ever.. and the volume their seeing as "gigantic." most designers post on their websites... ways to avoid buying counterfeits. a major company in the bay area has been ordered to pay nearly 2-million dollars in back wages. "citigroup technology inc." .. which is a part of "citigroup bank" --was found to have not been paying many of its workers overtime. this all stems from a federal investigation. the feds found that the company had wrongly exempted employees from receiving overtime pay. ... cti denied workers time and a half when they worked more than 40 hours in a week. as a result -- the company had to pay 882 employees a total of 1-point-8 million dollars. it also received a civil penalty of nealry 100- thousand for repeat violations. the violations happened between november 2, 2013 and oct 31 2015. a plan to ease traffic in clearwater beach... has hit a
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voted ?against making some of the streets one-way last night... specifically... coronado and hamden drives. the vote was four to one. a similar proposal was made nearly 7 years ago... and was also voted down. the u-s homeownership rate may be at its lowest level in about 50 years - but a report out today from the national association of realtors says many people renting in tampa.. actually ?can afford to buy a home here. the association estimates that 38 percent of those renting in tampa make enough money ownership. tampa ranked 8th in the nation.. tied with columbus, ohio.. for most affordable cities to buy a home. a beach with no water opens in downtown tampa today. instead of water... you'll be able to swim in more than a million white, plastic balls. this is the first weekend the beach tampa will be open at amalie arena. the event is free... but you still have to book a time to experience
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runs through august 25th. also today... a ?free deal for florida first responders. "seaworld" is offering free tickets to police, firefighters, ?and 9-1-1 operators. you can use the ticket anytime between now and september 30th. you have to register for it first, using your i-d. police and firefighters can do it online... 9-1-1 operators will have to register in ?person at the park. along with the free ticket you can also get four ?discounted tickets , for fifty dollars each. a new addition to tampa international.. is paying tribute to the city's pirate past! airport officials cut the ribbon on the gasparilla bar on airside "f" yesterday. it's designed to look like a real pirate ship.. to invite travelers to enjoy tampa and highlight the city's famous gasparilla pirate festival! the airport's c-e-o says.. it's the perfect way to
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that's not the only big new addition to t-i-a... a new hard rock cafe is opening in the airport's main terminal.. we'll take a live look at it this morning on good day... starting at 7. some big dogs in hillsborough county... are getting d-n-a tests for free this month! fox13 shows us how those tests.. could help more of them get
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heaven actually had some
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results... he's an american staffordshire terrier... mixed with a boston terrier. the pet resource center is hoping to have at least 120 dogs tested by tomorrow. that's because they're holding a big adoption event... all ready-to-go pets can be adopted for just 20-dollars. all of the pets up for adoption will be spayed or neutered.... vaccinated... and microchipped. all animals will come with a free county tag as well. the event will also have music and food. the first saturday celebration runs from 10 a- falkenburg road in tampa. manatee county is also hosting an adoption event tomorrow... the second annual "adopt-a-palooza" is taking place at the bradenton area convention center in palmetto. the event is billed as a one-stop shop for pet owners... there will be many pet resources under one roof. 10 local rescue organizations will be on-hand. it's taking place from 11 a-m to 4 p-m. admission and parking are free!
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about 15-minutes.. i go shopping.. not for myself.. but with a couple soon-to-be middle schoolers - to find out what's "cool for school" this upcoming year! and: best friends forever... find out how president obama birthday in office.. and the sweet tweet from vice president joe biden. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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happy birthday mister president.. president obama celebrated his last birthday in office... and he did it in a pretty low-key style.. ((vanessa/take vo)) the president and his family went out to eat at a restaurant called "fiola mare" on the georgetown it's a modern italian seafood place.. that is a favorite of the president. and vice president biden sent the president a pretty nice message on twitter.. he posted a picture of "joe" and "barack" friendship bracelets.. and wrote "a brother to me, a best friend forever".. tomorrow.. the first family will be taking off to martha's vineyard in massachusetts for vacation.. they'll spend half of august
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a tornado swept across new orleans... leaving behind a trail of destruction. the national weather service says the storm moved through the region-- packing winds up to 80-miles-per-hour. the city's mayor says he believes it may have touched down in at least 4 places. forunately just 2 minor injuries have been reported.... however at least 3 buildings collapsed during the storm. the national weather service says a tornado touched down in this one was even stronger... the e-f-one tornado packed winds up to a hundred miles an hour at times. it touched down on the east to southeast side of yulee... that's in nassau county on the east coast. the tornado was on the ground for about 17 minutes... destroying everything for more than 4 miles. fortunately... no
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want to know what's cool for school this year...? look no further than a couple of soon-to-be middle schoolers..((jen)) we go "window shopping" to find some of their favorite fashions - that's at 4-25.. but first: it's an honor that couldn't go to a nicer man.. it's a very big weekend for former bucs coach - tony dungy.. as he gets a much deserved honor..
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? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now.
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time to talk some sports this morning... what a night for tony dungy! receiving his hall of fame jacket at the enshrinees' gold jacket dinner in canton, ohio... he's gone to 2 super bowls.... one as head coach... been named coach of the year twice... and of course, beloved here in tampa for his time leading the bucs... former colts wide reciever "marvin harrison", former quarterback "ken stabler," dick stanfel, kevin green, orlando pace, and someone else with tampa ties...
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debartolo junior" the ceremony is tomorrow night. and n-f-l fans... the wait is finally over! the first preseason game of the year... is this weekend! it's the "hall of fame game" on sunday... between the green bay packers and the indianapolis colts. and it's pretty fitting that the packers are in this game... because on saturday... their former quarterback ... brett favre... is getting inducted into the hall of fame. meanwhile dungy's former yesterday morning they saw some rain at the end of practice-- cooling things off a bit for players... now, if you've ?been to training camp this year... maybe you've seen jameis winston putting in that extra work... you see him before and after practice... going over drills for himself or helping out a teammate.... dirk koetter says he likes the message it sends to the rest of the team...
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was actually closed... but they'll resume open practices on meanwhile the rays continue to look for answers at the catcher position... yesterday they claimed seminole high's bobby wilson off waivers from the rangers. wilson was with the rays for a little bit last year. to make room... the rays send curt casali down to triple-a durham. afternoon baseball at the trop... drew smyly allowed just a pair of runs... while striking out 10... and his defense hooked him up as well... look at kevin
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a platinum glove. eric hosmer gave him a tip of the hat for that one. that play saved a run. brad boxberger on in relief... and he came threw clutch-- striking out 2 to retire the side. then... with one swing of a bat brad miller makes a 3 run shot in the bottom of the 8th. that's the winning play.... 3-2 for the rays-- making for a split 4-game set with the royals. when we come back, i'll have another check on friday forecast. and.. while parents are worried about buying paper and pencils.. students have other concerns. jen followed around some kids to check out the latest back to school fashion trends... she'll have that after the
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we're just days away from the start of the new school year... back when i was in middle school - flannels and combat boots were all the rage. and i've been wondering... what are twelve year old twins.. to show me their style. (pkg)andrew & samantha are ready to take on the 6th gradeaand ready to take me shopping! gopr3641.mp4 00:00:01;16 walking into dsg "backpack first.. ok lets do that"every kid needs a backpack... and that's exactly what they're looking for you. gopr3642.mp4 00:00:37;15 you like that one..andrew likes the sporty look.. so we were at the perfect place. gopr3646.mp4 00:00:13;24 comfy & casual that's what you're looking for.... perfect!new sneakers are a must. gopr3648.mp4 00:00:03;29 andrew looking for shoeswe let andrew handle thataso us girls could have some funa gopr3650.mp4 00:00:20;16 playing with hatsonce he picked his pair....gopr3649.mp4 00:00:39;25 wow these are cool it was time to try stuff on. gopr3651.mp4 00:00:10;10 walking into dressing room at dicksthe first outfit.. definitely a winner. gopr3653.mp4 00:01:02;19 ... i like the shoes too they feel really good. the next onea& not so much..gopr3654.mp4 00:01:09;06 boy dressing room - we don't like it.only halfway
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beat.... (sitting down)but we caught our breath.. and kept on going... over to jc penny... to look for something pretty! gopr3663.mp4 00:01:03;04 alright you're ready...your like dresses, right... what do you think brother? i think it looks good. finding stuff was easya&. (picking out clothes) gopr3665.mp4 00:00:20;13 samantha gopr3666.mp4 00:00:16;19 samantha gopr3667.mp4 00:00:11;27 samantha holding it all was a it was time for the dressing room!gopr3668.mp4 00:00:02;02 samantha walking into dressing roomshe was a little shy at firsta gopr3671.mp4 00:00:09;02 shy then started warming up..gopr3673.mp4 00:00:19;03 samantha dressing roomshe even finished.. with a twirl gopr3672.mp4 00:00:09;14 dressing
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coming up at five.. we'll take a look at high-school trends.. ((adlib)) still ahead in our next half hour: an update on ?another case of road rage in the tampa bay area.. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves
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