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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a happy ending to some
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>> we're not 100% sure what the motive is although it's not you can likely that -- >> a man is murdered by a woman he just met. how she was caught. >> and st. pete police officer is helping to save the lives of other officers by a generous gift in her husband's name. >> and a ban on panhandling is ruled unconstitutional by a judge. why homeless advocates are calling it a victory. good evening, i'm haley hines. >> and i'm mark wilson.
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friday night. it was a meeting at a strip club that turned deadly for this man. after leaving with her, he was found shot to death. is there a motive in. >> deputies are looking at robbery but they have not established a motive just yet. roughly 24 hours after deputies say they shot the victim, jeffrey lott five times in the midsection filling him. he had walk understood lollipops in hudson and there was there deputies say he would have a fatal encounter with this woman, kayla collins. they stopped at dennys but first stopped at an a.t.m. >> they ended up back at holiday
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several times. >> had a was about 3:00 thursday, and they would go on to the restaurant. >> she did interact with a few of the ladies later on at dennys and made some admissions that something happen had happened and then took the vehicle down to pasco county. >> jeffrey lott was here for work. he was in the construction business and regularly traveled from his home in georgia to the tampa bay eark accounts he was a friendly well-lined guy. when deputies caught up with kayla collins she tried to run but slammed headfirst into a sliding glass door. >> you would never suspect anything this serious happening. >> deputies also note they found lott's work truck and personal
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spring hill. >> colins is charged with armed robbery, grand theft and the most serious charge, second degree murder. >> and we asked why second degree over first-degree, and deputies say based on the evidence they've collected they went with second degree although as their investigation continued they could up that charge to first-degree murder. colins is being held on than $100,000 bond. >> josh, thanks. >> things are finally back to normal on u.s. 41 following a deadly early morning shooting that involved an off-duty had detention b deputy. a woman called 9-1-1 saying a man was following her, and
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which stole a delivery truck and crash it had through a gate. and then he kept going. ronald robbibaro eventually crashed into a pickup truck driven by another off-duty detention deputy and they got into a fight,-ronald robbibaro charted to choke the deputy who then shot and killed him. >> i'm glad mo no one injured by my par heart goes ouo the parents of the boy. >> he has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2010. >> and a man admitted to stealing thousands of dollars in guns from a business. his girlfriend provided him with
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found at a pawn shop. -- deputies' -- >> new at 10:00, it is a legacy be fitting a fallen officer. after five officers were killed in dallas last month, his widow decided to take action. to explain what she did. evan? >> she wants to make sure officers have the very best protection especially the ones on the swat team. her foundation is stepping forward to get them stronger, better, lighter body armor for when they encounter much the% same thing as her husband did. the image of officers in dallas taking fire, of dying of of
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enough to send this woman into action. >> make their deaths something had a is worthy of their lives. >> she know what is their families are going through, and her 39-year-old husband was killed along with another officer by a fugitive hiding in an attic. >> and she has since remarried and said th their children are doing well in a new family, his late husband's wil legacy wl be about about sasaving other o. >> her foundation is going to provide this for all 40 hours. >> something is salvaged for their family? then it was worth it. >> the new ones weigh two pounds
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>> it's something for their wives and the officers. that right there is priceless. >> she dropped them off last week. >> they put their lives on the line every single day. >> and the ballistics are not cheap at about $23,000 for 40 sets, $600 a by her foundation: partners for life. >> certainly priceless which it comes to sa saving those office' lives. >> and a pair of teens have been arrested for stealing bikes from a charity that provides them to injured veterans. 13 and 17, they were seen in surveillance video taking the bikes from the bed of a truck at these apartments.
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were intended for injured military vets. they have been caught and are facing charges but tpd is looking for a third teen, and the bikes have already thankfully been returned. and now more than a year passing banning panhandling a judge has overturned this after a homeless advocate sued hassed an ordinance banning panhandling. >> after today's order panhandlers can return to the sidewalks of downtown and ybor but were told to stop asking for money but they say it's a violation of their first amendment right. >> over the last year there's been a gradual disappearance of people on street corners and medians holding cardboard signs
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of tampa passed an ordinance banning panhandling in part office downtown. it was a crippling decision for this organization. parker's organization is operated by the same homeless clients he houses and he says their form of fu fundraising was hitting the streets to donations but then it was made a crime. >> what you are saying is a religious organization want to say collect donations but we can't say can you make a donation? >> he got a lawyer and sued the city of tampa saying that this is a form of speech protected by the first amendment and on friday, a district court judge
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unconstitutional. >> people don't understand the significance of what your rights are being violated and if it was you, you would want to do something about it. >> the city solution was to create zones where people could be free from sl solicitation, bt parker says stopping homeless from slitting st the way. >> we reached out to the city and they said they are still analyzing today's decision to decide how to proceed. from the studio tonight, crystal clark for fox 13 news. >> and a man shot at a black teenager as he was driving away from m them in a stolen car. >> the teen later died from a
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body cam shows more. >> and a former cattle ranch turned boarding school. see where students from all over the world are signing up for it. >> it's a pretty quiet night. we had rain but look out in the gulf. already sky tow tower is pickinp introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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it's the last thing >> it's the last thing chicago police needed another unarmed deadly shooting of a black teen. that teen died of a gunshot wound to the back. >> three three officers are ond leave while an independent board instigating the shooting. this all started -- >> police chased him through neighborhood and chicago police just released body cam video and what you see is a combination of two officer's videos. they both get out of their cars and fire shots at the stolen black car as it drove between their police cruisers. watch. (shots fired). >> and then the stolen car
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cruiser. o'neil got out and ran and police chased him and after he tried to get over a fence you hear five more gunshots and then oother officers run up and he is face down. there is blood on the back of his shirt, one officer accuses him of shooting at them, and there is confusion over who fired and shot at them. >> you shoot? >> yes, you? >> they shot at us, too, sphrieght. hright? >> i shot at the car after it almost hit us. >> and you hear an officer saying hey, he fired at us, right? and one of the officers se offie thought o'neil fired on them but
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operating at the time. a spokesperson says the camera could have been deaactivated whn his squad car was hit. three officers are on paid leave while the independence police authority conducts an investigation. o'neil's family has filed a wrongful death suit accusing police of executing him. >> all right, paul, you can take it now. >> my turn? yeah, here is the deal today. we had clouds this morning and then bands of rain sitting right offer the beaches and they eventually moved inland. a little behind of after shelf cloud and by midafternoon it was
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wet, especially from tampa bay north and this has been a summer of shelf clouds. this is a great shot from siesta key, from barb shah schmitd. and there you see a did did sung right there and also a crescent movie and in my last name. pretty cool. this trough overt big bend is going to sit in the same shot. and there is upper-level energy and right now there is not much to show you. it's dry in our viewing area but there is definitely an increase in the amount of coverage to our west and i think the highest
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tampa north and some of these bands of rain are going to be heavy. the prime time is not during the afternoon. it's usually early morning through midafternoon and by evening, the rain over water ends and the rain over land ends, too, and so this could be a morning mid-day rain event. low 80's near the coastline and the atmosphere between now and wednesday of next week will have a ton of much as much as the atmosphere can hold, and although it's not going to rain all the time, but when it does, there is a lot of available moisture in play, and showers and thunderstorms will be heavy. you have to watch and see how the bands set up. jump ahead to showers and thunderstorms near the coast, late tonight and some of the rain is going to be heavy. those showers and thunderstorms
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high jen je generally in the mi. and the seven-day goes like this. showers and thundershowers heavy through monday, some rainfall coverage in our northern county. citrus, and hernando could be between 6 and 12 inches of rain between now and wednesday of next week. >> next up trying to keep the zika epidemic from spreading in miami. miami. at carrabba's, miami. we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99.
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for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. >> they're making progress in the fight against zika in miami carry the ha virus. >> 16 people have been diagnosed and officials are working overtime to keep it from growing.
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100% killed in the mosquito traps collected in the 10-square-mile zone. >> we can say we don't believe there is any active transmission of zika. >> the only other is this one square mile had radius just north of down miami. >> the president also weighing in pentagon. >> the money we need to fight zika is rapidly running out and the situation is getting critical. >> the centers for disease control issue ad travel warning to had the wynwood unable neighd especially no pregnant woman. >> we understand it's a financial burden on businesses in the area.
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but we have a duty to warn people. >> the spraying is continuing going house to house to focus on where the mosquitoes leave and breed and feed on humans. in puerto rico, the number of people who have or have had the virus stands at 4,000. >> a georgia father i accused of doing the unthinkable. unthinkable. >> his twin toddler i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp.
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he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made.
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it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. >> well, he did it afterall.
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ready to endorse speaker paul ryan, donald trump changes his mind and makes his party leaders happy. meantime hillary clinton is keeping the heat on trump even as they is doing some explaining of her own. >> they appeared before leader in our nation's capital. >> hillary clinton using her appearance before a joint meeting of black and hispanic journalists trump, referring him to as shameful. >> he sowes resentment and division. >> and she made a statement today concerning that fbi comey's director vouched for her something he denies. >> i think chris wallace and i
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other. >> the e-mail scandal had continues to dog her campaign, just this week trump released a add showing clinton as pacman while being gob gobbled up by ghosts. >> mr. trump son outsider. he has not been a part of the political system and so his leadership are not as deep and long as a traditional nominee, but that is not say he doesn't have good relations. >> i handle pre pressure, this s when donald discuss the best. >> and putin is the latest target of his political adds.
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>> hillary clinton will hold a rally in st. pete at the coliseum, she will outline her jobs plan which she says will be the biggest invest in the jobs since wor world war ii. >> and this man's twin toddler daughters were left in a yesterday. it is believed he had been drinking alcohol. investigators are working to determine how long they were left in the car, temperatures were in the 90's. he has been jailed on charges of reckless conduct. and mayor scott silverthorn was busted in an undercover sting. police say he contacted a man had through a website used to
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between men. that man was an undercover detective. silverthorn also worked as a substitute teacher. and power was out to thousands and the rising water delayed airline flights into phoenix today. >> and coming to light more than 70 years later, japanese authorities released footage immediately after the bombs were dropped on that that that nagasaki and hiroshima. >> and when you think of boarding schools perhaps east-coast ivy covered buildings come to mind but maybe you don't think about a small school in
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schools in the country is in arizona just outside of prescott, and it's proving to be a leader in environmental studies. >> down a long dusty road, about an hour north of phoenix lies an oasis where flowers grow and quaint cabins line the property, a former cattle ranch turned boarding partly as a result of the family's need to education their children and their-ranch hands' children. and now their resourcefulness is attracting people to this small school. >> this is plant science class. >> students come from 17 countries and 11 states. >> you are from where?
10:34 pm
>> yes, this is my second home and i absolutely love it. >> meantime across c campus alex is using a different method to grow plants. an inner city kid from l.a. he now plans to study environmental science in college and make a living doing this kind of work. >> maybe having fish. all of the classes are hands on. >> we d read but after that we either go outside and he shows us examples. >> that is the key here. putting the academics to practical use. >> we get as local and as fresh as to believe. >> patty runs the farm-to-table program. >> they plant the seeds and grow and harvest, bring it to the kitchen and prep and cook it and
10:35 pm
composted. >> i came here mostly for the horseshorses and the competitio. i can ride every day here. >> whether they come for the appeal of a western lifestyle of the programs, this small school is redefining the boarding >> and farm share gathered to hand out produce, the organization aims to alleviate hunger by directing fresh food that might otherwise by tossed. and if you want to enjoy some free family had fun this weekend, head to -- preponderance they are antimicrobial. so no germs.
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gets a free ice cream. a ticket is required and is available through the box offie and the beach or ticketmaster. >> and if you can't go tickets on line, go ahead and go. you might have to wait in line a bit, but no promises but that is a tip, and then comic con is
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coming up at 11... and now connect to... standard internet and tv, with enhanced dvr only $92 a month for 12 months. >> coming up at 11:00, families hoping for one more tubing trip on the river before school starts may be foiled. reportsf alligator on the river have shut down access. and a potential weapon against the zika virus has some people upset. the debate over genetically modifies mosquitoes and what some people are saying about them. >> and colorful characters of all kinds descending for comic
10:40 pm
of their favorite tv shows. >> and we see some of t more creative costumes. >> i really like this one, it's one of the bigger con's i've been to. >> and this one is from dark legion. who is directing this picture? >> it's great are into the same things as you. >> propers, this is why i don't buy on ebay. >> there are so many inventive costumes, they are so elaborate and involved. >> we have seen break dancing on the pok?mon rap,.
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we have a trophy and on sunday we are going to do an injustice tournament. >> i grew up with all of these tv shows and comics. >> in other places we don't fit in but here it's like you totally fit in. >> it runs from 8:00 a.m. to midnight and 9:00 opens on sunday. there will be plenty of celebrity guests including norman reedus and seanastin from lord of the rings. >> and i will be out there as well -- no, i won't, that is a lie. and then possibly a season-ending injury, and a
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>> going to need a bigger guardrail, and how about this, a bunch of bear have a new home there is a grocery store, it is right down the street like 2 miles, and i will drive past it... ...every time i go grocery shopping, because right past it there is a publix. i wouldn't shop anywhere else. they always go out of their way for me so i
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z22pnz zy6z
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((mark thirteen bears have a new home in colorado ((mark thirteen bears >> well, 13 bears have a new home in colorado after traveling hundreds of miles from ohio. >> the animals are getted used to their new surroundings. >> thirteen may be an unlucky number but for these bears they are lucky to be here. >> well c welcome on, come out y hi. >> they are here because o state's dangerous wild animal act. >> they accumulated bears from dangerous situations and when they had a household of bears they called and said now we have to find a home for them. >> they were living in back yard cages, roadside zoos and other unsave and dangerous conditions.
10:46 pm
were now in for a surprise. >> we have underground dens and water tanks and food delivers daily. >> how much can a bear eat? >> up to 40, 50e pounds a day, and they have fruits and vegetables and meat, because they are omnivores like people. >> but they needed a little coaxing to come out for a op. >> this is the one time it's okay to feed the bears? >> it's okay. >> they love grapes. >> and now finally these lucky few, these band of bears will finally get to do what they do best: act like a bear. >> all it takes is a couple of grapes. >> glad they are finally settled. all right, scott, take it away.
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rehabbing. duffy also plans to be re-evaluated by the team this weekend before deciding the next step, but hopefully back at the big-league club by the end of next week. logan comes around to score, and the rays strike first. and then a lot of talk about the first base position, franklin making at this nifty play over the shoulder. and then the out. brad miller is another one in contention for that first-base position and he had his third straight game with a home run, this one bouncing off the back wall, but the bullpen can't hold it. they give up four runs in three
10:48 pm
6-2 the final. and then dirk koetter says his defensive line has been shining in camp, they've been doing a great job of guiding spence. tomorrow the bucs open practice up to the public again, and the seateam is off on sunday. johnson has been placed on injured reserve after injuries his hip in practice. koetter says it's a significant injury. and jon johnson is the first iny setback since the start of camp. >> we don't want to lose anybody. i mean, shoot, any injury is a blow it our depth now because the guys are competing for spots
10:49 pm
is the injuries. that is the worst part on any level. urch forunfortunately and we wim the best in his recovery. >> meeting with the media, nascar's most popular driver says he never thought he would be out as long as he has. still, jr. will not get into a car u until a doctor's >> the co point right now is jut to get healthy, not thinking about the what-ifs. i'm listening to my doctors and we went with the intention of getting back into the car, and i think that is a possibility and so do my doctors. >> and we go to england for the british touring car series. and look at the roll there.
10:50 pm
>> but it hits the tv stand and there is a camera man on there. >> oh, my! >> amazing my, nobody injured but the camera man shaken up a bit, but that was not the only accident in this race and a lot of the drivers afterwards were talking about how it's become so unsafe and you mentioned the guard rails, that would be a bit of a problem and it looks like a throw-back with the tvta there. >> not safer good. cuba for weeks after an accident left her in a coma... now she's about to graduate. who she's thanking...
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10:54 pm
and northwest and tracking a band of sures that move inland, and throughout the weekend; the best chance of coverage of rain will be babe north. i will put this into motion. the storms are approaching the nature coast in the morning and will gradually move inland during the day. there will be a lull in the afternoon and probably more rain comes in on sunday. overall it continues to be a and again here is more rain comes in on sunday. when it does rain rainfall amounts would easily be a couple of inches. north of tampa bay tomorrow? not m much by about 50% coverae by 4:00. >> more americans hearing the
10:55 pm
steady at just below 50% but we have about 600,000 discouraged workers who are not looking for had jobs right now. and the dow is up 191 points friday and the s&p and the nasdaq hitting new all-time highs. meantime the cost of filling up is still coming down. the national average at 2 and amazon taking to the skies. unveiling its first ever branded cargo jet called amazon 1. they will put 40 of the car go jets into action the next couple of years to speed up their deliveries. >> and it's a pizza lovers dream come true. >> now there is a machine where
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right there. see how it works when we come back.
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there is a grocery store, it is right down the street like 2 miles, and i will drive past it... ...every time i go grocery shopping, because right past it there is a publix. i wouldn't shop anywhere else. they always go out of their way for me so i don't mind going a little out of my way for them. the people are always friendly, always helpful, they don't just point to aisle 7, and say good luck... they literally, they will walk you there. they're just nice. they treat you like a friend there. you don't get that everywhere.
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(mark/ here are today's winning florida lottery numbers.. pick 3 day: >> did you play? grab your ticket, here are your
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before we go a british zoo is celebrating not one but two new additions. >> this video was released showing the birth of two very rare leopard cubs. their births are raising hopes for the survival of this species under threat from loss of habitat, prey loss and poaching. there a said to only be 70 leftn the wild. >> and look at this, instead of getting money from this atm you can get pe pizza. this is the first pizza dispensing machine many north america and it will sell about
11:00 pm
the day. and after you choose your toppings, about three minutes later, a hot pizza pops out. >> and we'll look at this. >> and take a lots of time to try it out. >> all right, guys here is what we are starting with at 11:00 a woman in jail accused or killing a man she met at a strip club. >> almost 24 ho minute she was taken into custody on second degree murder and a few other charges. >> the sheriff will tell us what he believes happen and the unbelievable thing that happened her getting away. >> i graduate tomorrow and it's part of my story. this usf students looks ahead to a future after an incredible car


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