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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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for monster appetites. . from tampa bay's number one news station, this is ""good good day tampa bay." a woman kills a man after meeting him at a strip club in pasco county. all signs point to a robbery. a very big day for a girl who has overcome almost impossible obstacles. why she never thought she would make it to graduation. good morning, i am walter allen in for. .> alc alcides segui. getting the band back together again. >> anjuli: good morning, i am anjuli davis. florida mike bennett in for lindsay.
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quickly as we go throughout the day. the line of showers and storms offshore. we will be watching more in the way of coastal showers and storms and you see them off to the south kind of making their way on shore developing through the next couple of hours. a pretty soggy morning, early afternoon today. the forecast as you head throughout the day. we will see the scattered showers around building toward that midday and heavier and more inland. the more in the way of rain, potential flooding threat as well through the next few days. details of that in the full forecast coming up lapeer on. >> anjuli: thank you, mike. a georgia man was found dead hours after he met a wo woman, kayla collins at a strip club. she was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. all signs do point to a rob robbery. collins and 45-year-old jeffrey
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the lollipop strip club in hudson. the two left together, went back to his hotel room when deputy say that collins shot lot and took off with his tr truck. deputies i he tried to run and ran head first into a sliding gas door. charged with armed robbery, theft and is second-degree murder. >> did interact with a few of the ladies later on made some admissions that something bad had happened and then took the vehicle down to pasco county. we are not 100% sure what the motive is. >> anjuli: jeff lott worked in the construction business and was in the bay area when it all happened. as for collins, her bond set for $100,000. things are back to normal at the pasco county line after a shooting that involved an off
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a man later identified as ronald rambolo was following her. a little later he crashed his car on u.s. 41, ran to a nearby coca-cola facility, and stealing a running semi tractor-trailer and plowed right now the gate of the business. the off-duty detention deputy saw the truck driving erratically and started following it. deputies say he slammed on his break, reversed into the deputy's personal vehicle and kept going. re mebarro ran into another pickup truck driven by an off-duty. he started choking the deputy and then the deputy shot and killed him. >> i am glad that nobody else was injured but my heart goes out to the parents of the boy. i seen them out today and she was heartbroken. >> he has a criminal history
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for one usf student the graduation ceremony means a different meaning. a detour that was almost a dead end. barbara jimenez one year ago was seriously hurt in cuba.the left side of my skull was fractured, nerve damage to my left eye. months where it was shut and months where it was very wide open. >> anjuli: she was visiting family in cuba and baely left the airport when a crashed into the taxicab she was in. she also suffered a brain aneurysm and was in a coma for two weeks. no insurance, her family couldn't afford treatment, or her medical flight back to the u.s. the community rallied together to get her medical expenses covered and fly her back to the state. they raised $20,000. >> a miracle that so many people from different sectors
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help me and was a better place. before it was hard and eemd like a present part of my life. i am graduating tomorrow so it's part of my -- part of my story that make me -- versus the thing that is holding me back. >> anjuli: this afternoon she officially plans to be a usf grad land take a year off before heading to law school. she can't forget the people that reached out to help her in her darkest moments. she wants to find a way to give ck despite all the love and support they gave her. >> the zika threat is capturing even more attention. experts have confirmed a 16th nontravel-related case in the miami danger zone. >> meanwhile, officials are hunting the insects by land and air. fox correspondent phil keating tells us politicians are looking for ways to pay for it
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in a 10-mile area. they laid mosquito traps first and after the flyovers the traps revealed 100% kills despite a funding showdown. >> government inaction that is the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: florida's senior u.s. senator democrat bill nelson today, the latest elected official to ascend on miami's emergency zika situation. he is calling on congress to return early from august recess to pass the billion zika funding request. >> what about when it was discovered in the state. the fact is that this is a health emergency and it needs to be dealt with straight on. >> excuse me. >> reporter: he follows in-person on the street visits thursday by florida's governor and south florida's congressional delegation all saying that florida's zika crisis is here and now with
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neighborhood. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here, to from my frequent, whatever it takes to get this done, whether a special session. whether the senate went tomorrow into pro forma session, we need these funs. >> reporter: the cdc say the only active zone is in this o one-square-mile box near downtown miami. one of the 16 cases is not tied to the visit here. exactly h remains under investigation. as the county and state intensified their war on the zika virus from the skies and to house to house on the ground, president obama reiterated from the pentagon thursday, current zika funds at the national institute of health dry up september 30. .> >> the situation is getting critical. for instance, without sufficient funding nih clinical trials and the possibilities of a vaccine which is well within
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administration ruled that genetically modified mosquito also have no significant impact in the environment. it brings them one step closer for a south florida neighborhood to fight the zika virus. some oppose to the plan because the bug's unknown effect on wildlife and humans. a company designed the gmo mosquitoes and we will wait until residents can vote on a nonbinding referendum trial. the company started trials in brazil, panama and the cayman islands where they say they reduced the mosquito population by 90%. a new school will serve students with special needs called pathway schools of excellence. set to open september 7 on southeastern university lakeland campus. it opens grades 6-12 and even beyond and the goal is to offer
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palsy and autism. >> a lot of our students fall where on the spectrum of autism and they will come here and given an individualized cure rim lum and meet with every family individually and talk about academic goals, spiritual goals and independent living goals. >> walter: parent can still enroll. tuition is $16,000 a year but pathway will accept outside scholarshipst. some will have new supplies when they go back to school thanks to a big donation drive. the ncr health services company placed donation bins around the county and all 25 of their offices, everything from notebook to binders and computer paper was donated and last night -- last year, excuse me, they had 950 pounds of donation. this year it is a little bit bigger. left and right every day, people are bringing in more and more supplies, so no shock at
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response this year from everyone, not only our emp employees but from the community as well. >> anjuli: mcr health services donated more than a thousand supplies. they were passed out to to title 1 schools, schools with higher rate of low-income families. if you are out hopping this weekend, please, please, please pick up extra supplies to the good day school supply dry and drop them off monday morning. our drive is helpg hillsborough and pinellas county schools. it is going on from 6 to 10. two locations that you can drop things off, right here in our studios, kennedy boulevard, and the long center belcher road in clearwater. you can find out all the information including what supplies are needed on our web site at >> anjuli: a big help. >> walter: it is a big help. hopefully we can dodge the showers. that is a big goal. people on the west coast dealing with the severe wea
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wildfire and why it won't be letting up any time soon. good news for the tampa bay rays. a look at the latest news coming up in sports. and no showers over us just yet but that will be drastically different as we head into the morning and on to the afternoon. another day to watch sky tower radar but how about the second half of the weekend and how about the workweek? i will have details on that in
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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a giant dust storm sweeps a giant dust storm sweeps across the deserts a giant dust storm sweeps across the deserts in arizona.
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grande area. a wide shot show the wall of sand moving across the desert. the kind of dust storms are known as the haboob in the middle east. california is going through its costliest fire seasons and the worst may be still to come. >> anjuli: they are asking for help and congress is fiddling while california burns. >> reporter: already this year according to cal fire, some 4,000 wildfires in california scorching miles and we are only just getting to peak season. the problem is a tinder dry landscape across millions of acres. >> a crew pulls on scene. they are seeing fire conditions that maybe we can hit the head of the fire.3 we are having to flank it because that fire is moving so fast, so hot that there is no way to get in front of it. >> reporter: when you have 66 million dead trees and millions of acres of dry brush, the fires can spread simply too
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for fire fighters to keep up with the result, homes destroyed, lives up ended. this particular home was destroyed two weeks ago by the sand fire here in the angeles national forest. the message to the forest service to congress can we can fight these fires more effectively but that means more prevention and for that we need more money. >> that will keep us from having to rob peter to pay paul management dollars and use them for firefighting. >> reporter: the forest service spent just 16% of its budget on fighting fires. now that is up to 60%, but congress haven't acted on that forest service request to declare the biggest fires natural disasters and thus open up emergency funding. the problem is not so much a political divide but a geographic one with east coast
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not making west coast fires a priority. in the angeles national forest, jonathan hunt, fox news. . here locally, the rain is back on the forecast. we took for a pause for a moment, but i personally love the summertime thunderstorms. >> walter: for those us on the morning shows, we love the good napping weather. >> michael: it is a good napping weather. it is a problem for us to wake up after the thunderstorms are happening. and we will have more over the next four or five days and may be an issue the farther north and west you go. today is the start of it as far as that increase in moisture goes. we saw a lot in the way of rain over the last couple of days but more to come today. a couple of showers sitting off shore, sarasota. a sign of of what is to come. we will start to see these showers really come on shore really closer to the 9:00 hour. to the north, maybe a little
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you are already starting to see those showers and storms north of crystal river near yankee town and out to cedar key. we continue to watch those showers roll on shore through the morning hours. weather headlines periods of rain for the next several days. a same ol' same ol' forecast through the middle of the week. with that the heaviest and the steadiest of the rain will be the closest to the coast you get especially north of tampa. where we have that flood potential at least highest. no flood watches yet, and i wouldn'te on today and tomorrow, we see flood watches issued. the forecast look to be on track to where it is today. 79. a dew point of 74. a muggy start to the day. winds out of the south, southeast at 6 miles per hour. other temps low to mid-60s inland. 74 in wauchula, 76 in sebring, 77 in brandon, 7 in new port richey and 76 in brooksville in trough we are watching. right now nothing time meant with it.
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chance according to the national hurricane center that we have something to develop in the northeast gulf, tropical depression or tropical storm over the next five days, and with that, a lot of moisture kind of pooling out there and eventually making its way onshore. for today, 9, 10, 11:00, we tart to see those showers roll on shore. spread a little farther inland throughout the day today and eventually move through the east coast as we head through the later afternoon hours but better rain chances head into the day tomorrow. for today, 86 degrees. showers developing. heaviest at the coast. for tonight 78. warm and steamy and coastal showers still around. some coastal spots may pick up several inches of rain by the time tuesday and wednesday roll around. 70% rain chances for tomorrow and up to 80% on monday and temperatures at least will be a little bit cooler with that shower activity around.
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she is one of brazil's most recognizable exports and tonight she walks on her country's biggest stage. that is supermodel gishtion be sele bunchen. .> wal >> walter: unique start to the rio olympics. started with fireworks and the appearance of one of the most famous supermodels in the world gisele bunchen. cycling begins it and runs through august 2. soccer in the mix that started thursday. ports locally, the rays take on the twinkies at the trop, and we have a bucs injury update. fox 13 sports director scott smith. khat khat good saturday morning. start with baseball and last night a good night for rays rehabbing. going 2-4 with a run scored. matt duff' newcomer a single and a double in three at-bats.
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and hopefully by the end of next week. the rays facing the twins yesterday and out to a good start. franklin rips one through the right side. logan forsythe comes around to score. first run of the ball game, beating the tab. a lot of talk about the first base condition. who is going to fill it, nick franklin, could it be brad miller. franklin doing his part. over the shoulder, haul it is in. not too shabby. speaking of miller he was getting it done once again for the third straight game. miller with the home run deep. and bounces off the back wall. 20th home run of the year. rays off to a 2-1 lead and bull pen cannot hold. the pinch-hit home run off ramirez gives up four runs in three and two-thirds. minnesota takes game one. romero going to the 15-day dl. to football, football coach
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doing a great job of guiding noah spence. cutter says the second round draft pick flashes every day. by the way, today's practice back open to the public. yesterday was a closed practice. by the way the team is off on sunday. speaking of d-line, injury update to bring you, george johnson placed on the injured reserve. the defensive end injured his hip in thursday's practice. cutter says a significant injury so not sure if it is a season martin ifetti to add to the depth of the d line. there he is number 67. the loss of johnson is the first injury setback since the start. >> we don't want to lose anybody. shoot, right now any engineer is a blow right now. as these guys are competing with spots. it is a blow and it is unfortunate. the worst part of that game is that. the injuries.
6:22 am
football on any level are the injuries. it is unfortunate and we wish george the best in his rec recovery. camp opening at 8:45 today. and tonight, 7:30 the big soccer match between the ro rowdies in ft. lauderdale at 7:30 at al lang stadium. that is sports. back to you. looking to beat the heat and the rain this weekend? >> walter: hot happening this weekend including your way to see the biggest name in comics and sci-fi right here in the bay ar introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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happenings going on through the bay area for you. get ready to see superheroes in downtown tampa. tampa bay comic con. brings actor jack gleason, sean astin and many more to the bay area, signing autographs, posing for pictures too. if you want a photo or autograph. you do need to bring cash. signings are cash only. $30 for a single day ticket and $60 for a this was all one conversation. he says first of all, i have a bunch of -- i don't know mr. hunt and it is obvious that -- >> you can watch the classic movie at the tampa theatre tomorrow night. they are showing "all the president's men" part of the summer classic series. it will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie. tickets are $10, $8 if our
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you can take your family outside and enjoy bucs training camp all going down at one buc place today. appearances by the bucs cheerleaders and captain fear. autograph sessions are out there for kids too all tarts at 8:45 and the best part of all, it is free for you. looking to add a furry friend to the family. the 32nd annual event it is billed as a one pet owners. there will be many pet res resources under one roof. ten rescue organization also be on hand taking place from 11 to 4:00. admission and parking are free. have you seen this yet? this is incredible. a beach with no water. it opens up in downtown tampa, and instead of the water, you will be able to swim in more than 1 million white plastic balls. basically a giant ball pit for adults too.
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will be open to amalie arena. you have to book a time to experience it. you can do that on ticketmaster and the event runs through august 25. ? say it ain't so ? ? i will not go ? ? turn the lights off ? ? carry me home ? >> flashback to the early 2000. blink 182 in the bay area tonight at the mid florida credit union tonight. they are joined favorites and day to remember and all-american rejects. those are your favorites. >> anjuli: brings back that teenaged angst. reminds you of those days. baltimore watt whatever, mom. >> anjuli: awngz i loved them. >> walter: i know, i did too. >> anjuli: they had great hits. you think of mid florida amphitheatre the forecast is not the best. .> wa
6:28 am
wet. >> michael: not too bad. showers moving on shore. looks like a pretty wet forecast for much of the next five days. radar shows the rain offshore for now but rain chances are pretty significant today. even h ??
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> michael: all righty, temperatures starting off the day in the mid-70s. a cooler day because of the shower activity that will be around. you have the plus and the minus here, right. take a look at this. how the satellite and radar play out. showers in the northeast gulf.
6:31 am
they haven't made their way on shore just yet. unlike yesterday they will see themselves make their way on shore by 9, 10:00 today when we will start to see some of that shower activity moving through the area. showers developing through the morning. probably heaviest and steadiest around 11:00, 12:00. temperatures topping out in the mid-80s. farther inland you will see the temperatures back in the low 90s. now a little bit more in the way of rain. in fact a lot more in the way of five days. we will talk about that in the full forecast coming on up. walter. >> walter: thank you, mike. 6:31. deputies are looking for a man that robbed a mid florida credit union on bruce b. downs boulevard in tampa 9:00 friday morning. the guy in the blue visor in these surveillance photos walked in, implied he had a gun. had a bag full of money. if you recognize him call hillsborough county sheriff's
6:32 am
ban violates the first amendment. a judge ruled it is unconstitutional to ban panhandling in parts of the sfip under this ruling people are afraid to return to the streets they were banned from to ask for money. the lawsuit was brought against the city by the founder of homeless helping homeless. it barely targeted the homeless by banning tourism in heavy tourism area. multiple reports of an aggressive alligator on the rain bow river officials in marion county to temporarily shut down kp whole park. a popular swimming, tubing, diving, paddleboarding pot in done fell in lan. they have hired a nuisance trap a few trapper to find the alligator. marion account officials will announce when it is safe for people to return back to the water. after an explosive night on the water was caught on camera. the sight early friday morning when a elderly man's sailboat
6:33 am
the boat came free from its moorings and the flames jumped on another boat. the coast guard ended up re rescuing a 70-year-old man on board. he is being treated for minor burns. officials are trying to figure out what caused the fire. in nassau county, people are cleaning up after a tornado swept through. it left a lot of damage in its wake. cleaned downed trees, broken fences and other debris. the tornado damaged as much as unexpected visitor at a water treatment plant in south florida. police arrived on scene to find a gator on the loose wandering aimlessly around the plant. first spotted in the parking lot before taking a break. when a frightened security guard called 911 and the gator came from the bay next to the plant. florida fish and wildlife was able to catch the big creature
6:34 am
at least 40 people were hurt when a fence collapsed during a snoop dog concert in new jersey. it happened at the bb&t pavilion. the collapse sent fans over a upper ledge in a gap between the audience and the stage. snoop dog and wiz kalifi were rushed away by security and the concert was cancelled an this happened. 6:34. hocking and disturbing 37 the words that the investigates chicago misconduct used to describe newly released body camera video. the deadly hooting of 18-year-old paul o'neill last month. o'neal was suspected of trying to steal an abandoned car. police chased him and ended up shooting him in the back killing him. he was unarmed at the time. chicago released self-videos of the incident. one hoe officers shooting at o'neal as he drove by in a stolen car and showed the foot chase after o'neal.
6:35 am
and one dash board camera. the first release under the newly -- a new polymeant to restore public trust in the department. new federal regulations are coming to the tobacco industry. starting on monday the u.s. food and drugged a tobacco regulation also extend to all e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah projects. any ale to minors will be prohibited. the director of the fda center of domestic products little impact on how adults can legally purchase tobacco. before this ruling no federal raws preventing from selling hookah, e-cigarettes or cigars under the age of 18. a little good pokemon news. a player stumbles upon an unexpected surprise. these little guys. a box of abandoned kittens. called 911 when heard an alarm go off.
6:36 am
around in the parking lot a note that said sorry for leaving them like this. caught them all yesterday. now volunteers are prepping the kittens for adoption. more heartbreak for france. 13 people are dead after a fire breaks out in a bar. this happened in northern france. the fire broke out at the bar as people crowded in for a birthday party. 3 people were killed. another 6 were hurt. crews were investigating the cause of that fire. plane rice, lentils and dates from jordan into camps on the syrian side of the border. the method was an unprecedented way to deliver u.s. aid to tens of thousands of displaced syrians caught off from outside help for almost two months. provided a much-needed influx of food and medicine to the camps. this week 650 tons is a one-time-only situation. jordan has said it would bar future deliveries from its soil
6:37 am
lawmakers in italy have passed a law that aims to cut down on food waste. the italian government estimates food waste cost the econ mow $14 billion annually. it aims at promoting the distribution of containers to allow to take home eleven joes. each italian tosses out 700 pounds of good a year. the world's oldest american alligator is being celebrated at a serbian age has nothing on mugo. he is honored as a local le legend. mugo is at least 80 years old. he has lived through world war ii, bombing raids in the '90s. m+ ugo is the world's oldest alligator in captivity. despite surgery four years ago to remove gang green, -- gan grene, he is said to be in top
6:38 am
maybe little arthritis. if you want to beat the heat and avoid the rain, see a movie. >> anjuli: what new in the theatres this weekend. out with the old as a piece
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there is a grocery store, it is right down the street like 2 miles, and i will drive past it... ...every time i go grocery shopping, because right past it there is a publix. i wouldn't shop anywhere else. they always go out of their way for me so i a little out of my way for them. the people are always friendly, always helpful, they don't just point to aisle 7, and say good luck... they literally, they will walk you there. they're just nice. they treat you like a friend there. you don't get that everywhere. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured.
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rritory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. you know, we get all sorts of alerts into the you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> walter: we gets all kind of
6:41 am
this was a first. st. petersburg police issued a wrecking ball alert. >> anjuli: they began demolition on their own training building. as photojournalist john wright shows us. it was quite a sight. >> they are tearing down the police training annex building. we will make room for this new police headquarters where this building stands. it will go a little north of here and west of h the early, middle 1920s. initially it was built to be an automobile dealership but then became a warehouse and then became a courthouse. the police department moved in and it became our training building. somewhere in, we think the 1940s. and then utilized it as our training building. a locker room for several years. we had our swat team storage here.
6:42 am
we had our forensic unit stage here. we had a weight room inside here. it has been a lot of things to the police department over the years. a lot of history here. a lot of officers have gone through here. i came on here in 1982. this is where i first came to the police department even though the main headquarters is across the street. all the new recruits were housed and -- housed and worked out of the training building. and it is sad to see it go, but then again, it is also nice to know that we are going to have a brand-new headquarters, a new complex coming -- being built right where this is. it has gone down rather qui quickly. awesome to watch that go down. when that is being torn down and standing here watching the amount of weight that comes crashing down, it is quite impressive. we were very excited. anybody that is working in the
6:43 am
is a little outdated. we have been long overdue to have a new building. we are thankful that the mayor and the city council approved the headquarters for us and everybody is extremely anxious to see that go up. showers and storms starting to impact the nature coast, but how about the rest of the area? well, that rain will be spreading in eventually as we head throughout the day today, especially during the late morning and early afternoon hours. we will see those rain chances increase. talk about them foth the weekend to end your
6:44 am
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a sarasota man is under a sarasota man is under arrest a sarasota man is under arrest after he admits to stealing more than 10,000 guns from a business. justin mcfarlings got a key to a storage area where he knew guns were being kept. he broke in and stole the rifles off of the business from porter road. they found two of the guns at a manatee county pawn shop. he told deputy where is they could find the rest of the g guns. a pair of teens are charged with stealing bikes from a charity that provides them to injured veterans. the teens were seen on surveillance camera taking the bikes from the bed of a truck. each bike valued at $2,000. they were met for the nonprofit ride for recovery.
6:47 am
in connection with that case. families go the to take advantage of free food in st. petersburg. pinellas county commissioners joined with the nonprofit farm share to hand out donated produce to the greater mount zion ame church. the organization aims to alleviate hunger by collecting fresh food that could otherwise be thrown away. >> anjuli: i love that baltimore@a great program. >> anjuli: charles complains because i snack no snacks in vegetables. >> walter: a good snack. >> anjuli: a good thing to snack on. >> walter: i have fruit in the old lunch bag. >> anjuli: you always from a fruit michael jackson moobingz i meant to bring a cucumber today. >> walter: i am making up for oreo and klondike bar. >> anjuli: you are talking to a pregnant girl.
6:48 am
weather make you want to snack more, at least for me. >> anjuli: like popcorn when it is rainy outside. >> michael: i have big bags of popcorn at home. man, now i am hungry. talk about weather. chances of rain increasing over the next few days and already increasing out across the nature coast. you can see those showers and storms sliding on into citrus county, yankee town, out toward crystal river, you are seeing some of that rain activity right now. off to the south, there are a few showers trying gather maybe a quick shower across coastal portions of sarasota county, but that should be about it for now. the heaviest of the rain, the biggest of the storms still off to the north. notice this is expanding to the east so coastal portions of hernando county may get in on some of this rain in the next hour. the big batch of rain holds off bit say 9, 10:00. 79 the current temperature of 74. winds out the south-out east at 6 miles per hour.
6:49 am
brandon. 75 in arcadia. 75 in frostproof. highs today with the rain, cooler where the rain is heaviest and steadiest north and west. 82 in brooksville. 86 in tampa where we pick up a little bit more sunshine. may pop 90 in sebring. 89 in wauchula and 89 out in bartow. here is the set-up. all this tropical moisture pulling off in the northeast gulf. as we head throughout next few days, there is a chance we develop some kind 20% chance in the next two days. a 30% chance in the next five days and you can kind of see that spin here. futurecast picking up by monday, tuesday. if we do develop something and it just sits there. it just pulls that moisture right on in to the nature co coast, the big bend, and some the computer models showing quite a bit of rain potential in that area. in fact here is one computer model showing near the coast
6:50 am
amounts easily approaching 11, 12 inches. where is that bulls eye going to set up. will it make its way on shore. that remains a bit uncertain, but certainly heavy rain amounts and flood potential is there through the early portions of the week. we see the showers working on shore, making their way to 75 and dissipating a bit once we get east of 75. 86 for the high. the showers heaviest at the heaviest at coast tonight. warm and steamy and for the d day, 84. periods of rain steadiest and heaviest north and west. the seven-day forecast have the rain chance 60% for today. 70% for tomorrow. bump up to 80% on monday, and slowly drop back to 30% by the end of the week. guys. >> anjuli: thank you, mike. still ahead a inside look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> i want to build a team of some very bad people who i
6:51 am
>> y'all jokers must be crazy. ? don't tell me what to do ? >> this is the deal, you disobey me, you die. try to escape, you die. do you have a -- >> you irritate or vex me. >> i am just warning you -- >> you wall baltimore a secret government agency recruits imprisoned super villains for
6:52 am
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6:54 am
way. >> he likes but. >> keep the change. >> i am sorry? >> let's do this. ? i put a spell on you ? >> so, what are you doing in there? >> wait a minute, i am a cat! >> anjuli: that's right, a stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family's cat in "knife lives." whether super villains,
6:55 am
everything on the big korean this weekend. >> walter: including christopher walken. chris hunt takes us through some this week's releases. >> reporter: summer isn't just for super heroes as the villains take the spotlight in the highly anticipated "suicide squad" starring will smith, marg to, t robby and jared leto as the infamous the group is imprisoned by a government agency for a mission in exchange for reduced sentences. >> what are you doing in there? >> wait minute. i am a cat! >> reporter: the new pg film in wide release is "nine lives" starring kevin spacey as a dad transformed into the family's pet cat. >> i can't tell you how happy i am that jake has a new friend. >> reporter: a couple of
6:56 am
young men having fun and following their dream of going to an art school together until their parents' feud over money takes its toll. >> what is most important is invisible to the eye. >> reporter: and the animated flick "the little prince" featuring the voices of jeff bridges, james franco, rachel mcadams and more. >> this is jason bourne, i need to talk. >> reporter: audiences can still check out the current box office champ matt damon as jason bourne in the first installment of the spy million its debut weekend. >> let's be bad moms. >> i'm in! >> to bad moms! >> somebody removed my stool. >> reporter: those in the mood for an r-rated comedy, mila kunis, kristen bell and christina applegate of "bad moms" are entertaining and hope to have people laughing in the movies.
6:57 am
will we see you there? >> no. >> reporter: jonathan hunt, fox 13 news. much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." >> walter: how you can help deputies solve crimes. the program to cut back on stolen bicycles. a mother is forced to make a decision that no parent should have to make. the diagnosis that turned into a happy ending. comic con invading tampa bay. we will talk about the costumes introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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good morning.and welcome good morning.and welcome to good day tampa bay.. good morning to you and welcome to good day tampa bay. it is 7 a.m. on this eight morning, i am anjuli davis. >> walter: and allen in for alcides sequi. >> anjuli: and mike bennett in for lindsay. >> michael: if you look outside, not too bad just yet. a nice start to the day. 79 degrees. a bit steamy out there but things will go downhill as we head throughout the morning hours. the satellite and radar view. you can see the rain gathering offshore. i think it makes its way onshore a little bit earlier


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