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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 8, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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in fact, some of you might need t >>russell: grab an umbrella. some of you may need to even worry about flooding. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm weather is the right now. bay area.itouhris trackin the shayla reaves is outside in an area that could ood. tshe' ahe that are available, some of the precautions. we'll startit dave od morning. >>dave: good morning. a lot of heavy rain moved ago.we're stillg that the es tampa area now and is ithe t heaviest rain we've ever seen? bu it's been raining o and off where everything is at bank
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cause at min flooding. watch as we zoom in into the rada wre of the bay area bridges are wet. downtown tampa is experiencing someoderate to heavyain now as it all tracks east-northeast at around 30 miles per hour. so notice land o lakes, lutz getting ready to move over 275. wesley chapel coming up at you, i do have some heavy rain just a few minutes away. then it's more light to moderate rain but it's been homosassa, these are the areas under the flood watch which by the way, lasts until tomw 70s a with a couple of bands of rain today, this morning we'll be worried about the potential for some ponding on the roadway. we sent shayla reaves into some spots that we think would have some issues if the rain
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>>reporter: yeah. you're absolutely right, dave. we he seenhe tainfall continueok up throughout the morning since we arrived and what we've seen probably in the lastho,ur hour and a half or so is it will rain for a little whe, it will slow down a little bi pick up and on d o and so forth throughout the morning. but we have seen even since we arrived, there are areas along the sides of roadways where we've seen that pooling water. it appears that that water is continuing t continuing to rise in some o those places, but what we can tell you is right here along state road 54 and some of the side roads, we have seen a bridge that was closed last year around this time because of that heavy flooding. well, cars are continuing to passcrs ttridge here off celtic drive so it aears that things are not too bad yet but certainly the people out here are going to be watching the situation closely. i do want to take you to this
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july, early august of last year where that heavy rainfall continued to pound this area, for folks who live here along the anclote river. we do know that so much rain fell over a short period of time that the anclote river overflowed, that water reaching neighborhood streets and in some places, people were not able to get out of their homes. we watched as literally some of the neighborhood streets turned more into streams or that water flowed and flowed for hours. eventually we do know, and in some cases it tk weeks to get the situation under control and some people lost their homes or lost their vehicles. some of those folks we spoke with, again, over the weekend told us they're watching the system ming thr today. they plan to watch it very closely because they did not and they hoped they did not have to experience those circumstances
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so i want to let you know there is some information available as you are concerned about sand bags or making sure that you're prepared for this. we know that in pasco county, the government opened several locations over the weekend, and they're expected to keep the sand bag locations open until further notice. they did have some inmates on hand helping residents as they were filling up the bags over the weekend. the locations available included the west pasco government center in mitchell park and veterans park in hudson. also the city of new port richey had a location available to pick up sand bags as well. that's on pine hill road and location over the weekend were open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and those were self serve locations, meaning the bags are being provided but the residents are encouraged to bring their own shovels to fill up the bags. certainly this is something that people will be watching closely,
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get their day started. they want to make sure they can navigate the roadways throughout the tampa bay area. let's check in with vanessa for an update on the traffic situation. good morning to you, vanessa. >>vanessa: good rning. thanks for that report. yeah, the roads are looking a bit slower than they normally do, of course, that we can contribute that to the rain dealing with a few crashes. most of them are going to be fender-benders but we do have a serious injury crash that we're going to talk about right now. we've been following this for a little while. it is affecting sheldon. lanes are going to be blocked they're. this involves a tanker truck, a vehicle trapped underneath the truck and we're hearing of some difficulties rescuing whoever is inside the vehicle due to the amount of fuel that is inside that tanker. so this could be a scene we'll see for a little while. eastbound-westbound drivers should probably reroute themselves to waters northbound, southbound, particularly in the southbound direction we're seeing delays on sheldon.
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expressway. however, that's slow. take henderson ornd aerson in the meantime. we want to get to this one. this is an early morning crash that's still sticking around with lane blockage and delays, memorial highway at kelly road. eastbound and westbound is going to be affected with the best work around. hillsborough is starting to look a bit slow in this area as well. if you have the opportunity to use waters in this case, you can save to mean time. that is running a bit smoother. definitely dealing with some wet roadways. make s bitterly today, slowing it down, being safe. this is the area near west shore, northbound direction heading away from us here on the screen. >>russell: all right. there is a lot going on this morning. then we're going to tell you about this. some major delays right now for delta airlines. a system outage has grounded flights all over the world. alcides segui is at tampa international where the lines are getting longer. let's check in with him to see how things are going.
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board and flights were on time but you weren't sure if they were leaving. have you learned more about that? >>reporter: not the case anymore. we knew all delta flights were grounded here at tampa international airport and i believe across the country, maybe even across the world. that's still unclear because delta hasn't made that completely clear as of right now from what i gather. but i can tell you that that board, there it is right there, you can see that there are delayed flights, including the one that left -- that was expected to leave at 5:05 this morning at 6:15 and 7:15. initially it said all were on time. now we're learning that those flights have been delayed to 7:30. and when we pan to the right, you'll see that there are several people still waiting in line. these folks have been waiting for 30 minutes or so so catch their flights. and again, it's a bit of a
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time ago. he did not want to go on camera but he said his flight was at 7:15. of course, that's in five minutes and he knows obviously that his flight will be delayed as well. delta employees are not clear when that person will be able to catch another flight. and that is the issue really across the board. all delta passengers are having a difficult time catching their flight. from what we understand, delta passengers across the world are experiencing delays this morning from failure and according to the delta airlines twitter page, it says that our systems are down everywhere. airline spokesperson confirmed that there is a worldwide system failure but did not immediately have any details so again, these passengers are reporting delays in london, heathrow, tokyo, los angeles, of course here at tampa international airport. we're receiving emails as well from several of our viewers, including this person who is
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airport and he says, according to his email, delta airlines has a systemwide computer outage. apparently no paperwork, no boarding, no flights departing and apparently he's being at srq since 3:45 this morning. so again, systemwide outage, all flights are grounded and folks are just waiting to find out what is going to happen next. as of right now, three, possibly four flights that were supposed to take off parked here at tampa international airport. reports online is that folks can check in like we've seen all morning long, but pilots are having a difficult time receiving their flight plans. i think that's where the issue is as well. even the self checkout kiosks in the middle are having a hard time working as well. so again, keep it here to "good day" and we'll keep you up to date. if there are any -- you know, if they fix the issue, what not, we'll let you know at home. otherwise, flying delta and
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international airport, contact delta or go to tia website to make sure your flight is leaving on time. as of right now, seven flights delayed. >>russell: what a mess. talk later. thanks. >>laura: it is 7:10 now. hillary clinton coming back to the bay area today to talk about jobs. she'll attend a campaign rally at the coliseum in st. petersburg. doors open at 1:30. event starts at 3:30. it is already full. no more tickets available. we're told that clinton will talk about her plans to create more meantime, donald trump will launch a new round of tam pain ads today. they'll air in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, all three battleground states. a total of 67 electoral votes on election day. 29 in florida, 20 in pennsylvania and 18 in ohio. >>laura: more than a dozen people are out of their homes today at the river tree landing apartments in tampa. a woman says her electric stove malfunctioned and then the fire
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properly. everybody did make it out safely. this is the second fire at this complex since march. >>laura: st. petersburg swat team has 40 new sets of lightweight body armor this morning. they were a donation from the partners of life donation. it was after the shooting death of her husband. he and a sergeant were fatally shot by a man hiding in an attic five years ago. she hopes the n the body armor weighs two pounds and stronger to provide more protection for the officers. >>russell: well, the price of sending your child to public school. coming up, why you may pay more than others living in the same town. >>laura: and we need your help. walter allen is outside our station just behind our station to talk about this supply drive we're doing. good morning, walter. >>walter: good morning. yes, we need your help. please come out and join us
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kennedy boulevard. we're on north a or you can join us at the long center but we need your supplies. coming up, we'll hear from one of the responsible for shaping those young minds. we'll hear from her on why it's so responsibility we get the supplies coming up for the next school year. >>dave: we can see by that picture, we have rain. we have rain on the radar. most of our counties now from tampa north are picking up that rainfall. i'll tell you, moderate to heavy rain as well in the and it looks like a secondary ban is heading into pinellas county. we have a lot of i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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r fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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>>dave: second morning in the row of heavy rain and right now, most areas in pinellas county and pasco county, hernando and citrus, they're wet once again. the culprit has been this low sitting over the northeast. it's over land so it's not becoming tropical in nature, but
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that keep streaming our way, plus a tremendous amount of moisture that we already have in the atmosphere and that's all it takes to really start some of this heavy rain early in the morning. this is moderate to heavy rain coming down at a pretty good clip and of course, now you're getting into the heart of that morning commute. this is just really going to slow things down. this is travelling and then as i'm looking back to the west, you get a little bit of a break and then another band of moderate to heavy rain is starting to work onshore from tarpon springs southward along 19, right along the coast and the beaches and after that moves through, it will lighten up. so what's happening is you're getting a heavy band of rain and it lightens up. then you get another heavy band of rain.
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long but there's been a lot of rain in a very short period of time. that's why the flood watches continue for pasco county, hernando and citrus county, around bay port, spring hill, moderate rain continues to come down. very wet travelling east on 50 and heading to brooksville so i just want to people to understand and realize that we've had a lot of rain over the past couple of days and it's just -- everything is just soaked and saturated and you really have to slow it crystal river, homosassa, inverness, i've been mentioning inverness for days now. they've seen wave after wave of rain. so far, bradenton and sarasota, it's been quiet. i still think as we get into late morning showers, you're going to start to deal with some showers as well. so you're not completely out of the woods and then, of course, pinellas county, you can see here with all the heavy rain. looking at the forecast here for the next couple of days, while the rain chances are going to
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still think they're going to stay above normal for the next two or three afternoons. and the flood watch, which we've been talking about, also will continue and that's going to continue until at least tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening for those areas. that's why we've seen the heaviest of the rain. you've had three, four, five inches of rain in hernando county, citrus county. this low is going to sneak back toward the west it will lessen its impact. its grip will not be as tight on the area and then we'll be able to get back into more of a typical afternoon and evening setup. but that's not going to be for a couple of days so really, what you're looking at is kind of the way we're stuck for at least next 24 to 36 hours. so more showers, heaviest to the north and along the coast. we could pick up another two or three inches of rain in those spots along the coast and north with a high in the mid 80s.
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tomorrow, we're kind of back at it again. another round of showers in the morning, especially north and back toward the coastline. by wednesday, let's just say thursday to be on the safe side, then we'll get back into the typical afternoon and evening thunderstorm setup which will then linger through the weekend. so the first couple of days will be pretty wet. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. and of course, the rain has not been a friend to the morning commute as we've been telling folks. please leave earlier because of the wet roadways and the delays we're experiencing. meantime, w this. this is a live look. we have a photographer on scene of the earlier reported crash. sheldon at linebaugh involves the tanker truck which you can see is overturned here and there is a vehicle trapped underneath. there was some concerns earlier trying to rescue whoever was inside the vehicle because of the amount of fuel that's inside the tanker. so a very active scene as you can see, quite a few fire trucks, lane blockages as well.
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eastbound, westbound and then southbound along sheldon. so your work arounds, waters. you can also take instead of sheldon, the veterans highway. you can take henderson and anderson. we're expecting more information from the sheriff's office. sounds like a spokesperson is going to give us more information shortly so we'll pass that along to you. but unfortunately, we're hearing this could be a closure we're seeing for a few hours to come. we'll get to this live look here, pinellas, 27 slow northbound direction. we have a crash reported in the area of 54th avenue north. seeing these delays basically from this point back towards almost the 375 exhibit. so it is pretty notable. drivers heading this way, definitely give yourself extra time. if you can avoid the area, that would be great. maybe take fourth street north instead or u.s. 19. we'll let you know if we hear more about this. we're hearing a right lane can be blocked.
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outside the fox 13 studios today and over at the long center in clearwater. i'm about to tell you a very good reason why we need to all chip in and do something today in spite of the rain and get over to one of these two places and do something. this is pasqual brown. she is a social worker at just elementary in west tampa. you bring to this story a unique perspective because you've got the teachers and then you've got you, a social with kids who may not have anything coming into that classroom, right? >> exactly. absolutely nothing. we have families who are working but they are on minimum wage. they can't meet all of their needs. they're worried about putting food on the table, paying their rent. so buying school supplies and uniforms are very difficult for them. so some of them, they rely on us and the community to do drives
7:22 am
that gap for them and supply what those students need. >>russell: they be -- then you've got people barely making it, and then you have homeless. >> homeless, families in transition. they may be doubled up with another family. they may be living in their cars. they may be living in a hotel. we have youth, young high schoolers who couch to couch in their friends' homes. they have nothing. most of them are unemployed. they have absolutely nothing. >>russell: and still somehow, some way, these kids get into a school. >> they get into a school because we do have a law that says that these homeless students, students in transition, have to go to school. so we provide the accommodations
7:23 am
school wherever they are living. if they're living in a hotel, they go to the area school there. >>russell: if they're in a car? >> if they're in a car, wherever the car is parked, that's where they go. that area school. >>russell: i know this is your job and this is what you see every day, but i think a lot of people, including me out there, we can't grasp that there's a family living in their car they've got children in the car and that's all they've got. they think enough by child has to go to school but has nothing. >> of course. the parents love their children. they want them educated. they want them to go further than where they are. they want them to graduate high school. so we are here as part of their family. part of the people who provide for them what they don't have. >>russell: and let's face it.
7:24 am
environment, they're getting a breakfast and a lunch, aren't they? >> they're getting a breakfast and a lunch. they also can't -- they don't have dinner. they need to have dinner. these are growing children. >>russell: we have a whole list of things on our website of things we need and some of it is the simple things like the rulers and the notebook paper, the pens and the paper and there are things more costly like backpacks. and you said something about backpacks that will stick with me for >> a lot of our students, their backpack is their suitcase, especially those who are in transition, the homeless ones. when they have to leave, they get evicted. they can only grab whatever they can. so they take their little backpacks, throw in their toys, whatever clothes and that's it. that's what they have.
7:25 am
a society like hours, and we have so much, that we throw so much away that we're talking about things like this right now. >> a lot of people don't realize that in hillsborough county, we have over 3500 students who meet the criteria for homeless, for families in transition, and we need to help those kids. we need to help them and help
7:26 am
around. >>russell: all year around. at the long center, we're here at fox 13, behind the station. walter is back there. then jen and charley are over at the long center in clearwater. i talked to this lady and i realize how important what we're doing today really is, guys. >>charley: absolutely. 1501 north belcher road. we just had a car pull up. >>jennifer: we had a donation. >>charley: come on. let's do this. >>russell: rain or shane. thank you for coming. good you talk to him. i'll get the supplies. >>jennifer: what's your name? >> brian. >>charley: brian, are they in the back seat? >>jennifer: take things that aren't yours, charley. i know it's raining and not a great day to come out here but why did you feel the need to come out? >> i definitely want to help the kids or help teachers that are, you know, need these supplies because i know a lot of the time they say they have to pay you for it out of their own pockets. >>jennifer: it's wonderful for you to come.
7:27 am
belcher. >> absolutely. my mother watches you all the time. >>charley: tell your mom i said hi. thank you, thank you for coming up. so thankful. >>jennifer: drive safe. thank you so much. rain or shine, come out here just like he did. we'll be talking more about these buckets being filled. they're being filled. >>charley: i like you called them buckets. >>jennifer: yeah. buckets. >>charley: stick around. rain or shine, jen and i will have a "good day t [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. water would be nice, but that would go right through me. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day,
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any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. >>dave: you can see the rain coming down and moderate to heavy in spots and then in other spots, it's light. but all these roadways are wet and we know what happens. you get the wet roadways, you've got a monday morning commute. i really -- vanessa is going to urge this, too. slow it down. take a little extra time. lakeland, bartow, haines city, you're going, dave, what are you talking about? we haven't had a drop of rain. we have talked all weeke jend l
7:31 am
getting some of this. you will get a few showers polk county, a few showers sarasota and bradenton but right now, it's really in the metro area and going to the north. that's where we've got all the heavy rain. you'll get these tropical downpours where you barely see in front of you for just a few minutes and then it lightens up. then you get another heavy downpour and then it lightens up and that's the way things are setting up for us this morning. northeast of land o is highway 52. getting into dade city, you're just getting into the rain in dade city and down 301 into zephyrhills and then there was a little break in the action but watch this. another moderate band of rain has set up shop along the coastline and starting to work onshore, largo, clearwater, dunedin, this is your second round of heavier rain. going north now because i'm trying to focus on areas in the flood watch.
7:32 am
up three, four, five inches of rain already in the past day and a half and now they're getting more from brooksville. notice how you get the yellows, the moderate rain along the coast. we're getting a lot of lift going on. you've got energy from the low out into the gulf and the southwest wind bringing in the tremendous amount of moisture to go along with this and that's why we're dealing -- where did the three-day there it is. that's why we're dealing with a tremendous amount of rain this morning. i need everybody to understand that while no, we're not going to get 20 inches of rain, knock on bad, we're going to get enough that ponding will be an issue on the roadways, especially toward the coast and north and will subtly drop rain chances to 50% by the middle of the week. >>vanessa: all right. thank you, dave. and we're going to hit our two big crashes, two big delays that
7:33 am
at linebaugh, we still have the overturned tanker crash and as we told you before, there's a vehicle trapped underneath the tanker truck. hearing some serious injuries are involved with this one and obviously, you can see we're dealing with lane blockages. worst delays eastbound, westbound and southbound. alternates, once again, waters in the eastbound, westbound direction where you folks usually take sheldon, probably go with henderson or anderson, maybe even but just keep in mind, it is looking slow on the vets as we typically see this time of morning. our other big crash we're seeing with big delays, memorial highway. this is an earlier crash but there seems to be some concern here at kelly road with getting the vehicles involved with the crash out of the way. so that roadway still looks like it's shut down. heavy eastbound, westbound delays here but also at this point, it is starting to impact hillsborough avenue where it kind of feeds into that same
7:34 am
jammed from the veterans expressway back to that point. any drivers looking to avoid this area completely, waters will also be your work around here. live look once again pinellas county drivers, delays are worsening northbound on 275. we told you earlier about that crash on 54th avenue north with the right lane blocked. we do have those worsening delays popping now into the red zone here. it is taking about 31 minutes to travel north bound 275 from that 175 exit in pinellas all the over the howard frankland bridge. go ahead news is 75 drivers northbound looks like you're going to stick with moderate delays and an eight minute ride between the selmon and i-4 and 15 minutes towards the heavier side of red westbound i-4, mld to 275. to 275. it is 7:34 right now and stick
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(russell) welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>russell: welcome to "good day." all this rain could end up being a breeding ground for mosquitos. hopefully we'll not have the same problem they're going down in miami. crews are out spraying again this weekend trying to stop the spread of the zika virus. 16 people so far have gotten the virus from mosquitos in the miami pregnant women have been told to just stay out of the area. and there's concern this may end up scaring away the tourists. visitors spent close to $90 billion in florida last year. >>laura: senator rubio says that women infected with the zika virus should not be allowed to have abortions even if they have micro cephaly. there is no secure and it conclude life threatening.
7:39 am
according to the cdc, florida is the second state affected after new york. >>russell: 7:39 right now. lines at delta airlines are getting longer by the minute. they have a systemwide outage worldwide. alcides segui is at tampa international airport and he's going to update us on how things are going, if it's getting any better or worse. tell you things are getting a little better. you can see the line is starting to -- actually it's all cleared up now. they're starting to walk up to the desks there and get help from the delta airport employees. also another update, kiosks there in the middle, self check-in area is also working. that's back up. delta airlines did issue a state many as of 6:55 this morning. here is what i know. it says a power outage in
7:40 am
morning has impacted delta computer systems and operations worldwide resulting in flight delays, large scale cancellations are expected today. all flights in route are operating normally. we are aware that flight status systems, including airport screens are incorrectly showing flights on time. we apologize to customers who are affected by this issue and our teams are working to resolve the problem as quickly possible. so again, earlier this morning we were showing you that monitor where i was saying that everything was on time. delta is now saying it was part of that computer glitch. as of right now at tampa international airport, the line itself is moving very quickly. earlier this morning, it was about a 30 to 45 minute wait. that's not the case anymore. you can expect cancellations, large scale cancellations throughout the world right now
7:41 am
another update is coming up in the 8:00 hour. >>russell: see you then. other headlines, the famous water park in kansas city will not be open today because of a death investigation. >>laura: a 10-year-old boy died while going down the main attraction. this is a 168 foot tall water slide that can reach speeds of nearly 70 miles an hour. park website says it is the tallest water slide in the world. they are not saying why a 10-year-old boy was allowed to ride on this ride in place. there's a 14-year-old requirement. his dad is a state representative. his parents are asking for privacy while they grieve. >>russell: rodriguez is being released from a contract player. a-rod will sign a new contract to work as a special adviser and instructor for the yankees through the end of next year. he's been playing in the majors since 18. 41 now. he knew it was coming but still
7:42 am
>> no athlete ever ends his career or her career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete. saying goodbye may be the hardest part of the jo >>russell: a-rod has a .295 batting average. his 696 home run ranks him fourth in the category. he's a 14 time all star, three time american league mvp and he's won two gold gloves. >>laura: it is 7:42 now. sending your child to a good public school could cost thousands. you're probably thinking, wait a
7:43 am
thing, right? not technically but to live near a school good does. thousands of areas showed that homes in good school districts cost 77% more than houses in average or below average districts. that's a huge difference. last month the average home near a good school costs more than $427,000. that's compared to just over $241,000 in other school districts. and those numbers are before any interest accrues on the the experts say that you could blame the prices on demand. more people want to live there so the cost skyrockets. however, we are pretty lucky here in the bay area. saint pete is among the top 10 zip codes with good schools and bargain homes. >>walter: good morning. walter allen outside the studios on west kennedy boulevard. we're on north a for the back to school supply drive and we want to talk to jay because jay, this is a monster of a donation.
7:44 am
where did you get everything? >> anywhere between target, dollar store is my favorite. pick everything up for a dollar and it was tax-free weekend so it made a difference what i could purchase for you all. >>walter: we think about the big lots. i found these for 17 cents. >> you got a better deal than i did. >>walter: sounds like 15 of everything. >> i kind of went on the website and saw the list you needed and i was able to pick up about of each thing, your crayons, markers, glue sticks, whatever you needed on the website i was able to get outside of backpacks. >>walter: why the kids? that's the big focus. >> we're all about the kids and we work closely with different charities throughout the area and they're all about feeding, clothing and educating the kids. so the kids can't get educated without supplies. >>walter: jay, thank you so much
7:45 am
drive safe this morning. the reason for that, take a look at skytower radar. the rain continues to fall. some of the northern counties under a flood watch this morning. we'll check in with dave
7:46 am
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>>dave: we have rain. brookdale bayshore camera, you know that heavy rain a bayshore. it's been a very, very wet, wet start to our day. and while, you know, in terms of downpours, we've seen a lot of that wane. we do have the moderate to heavy rain still right along the coastline. they had the first line move through and now back to the coast of pinellas county, we see another line of that very heavy rain so from palm harbor to dunedin to clearwater, largo, redington beach, they had the oranges, those reds, the tropical downpours and that is sliding eastward. it is raining over all the
7:49 am
heavy batch of rain from pinellas over the bridges and into hillsborough. temple terrace, east of temple terrace along 75, too, some heavy rain. that is up 301. pasco county, it's light to moderate rain but it's been doing that for a couple of hours so it's very pesky. all the roads are wet and really, this is where the flood watch begins. these are spots that have seen several inches of rain over the weekend, and we'll get more here's a line of rain which is still west of bradenton and sarasota. but the thing is, eventually that's going to slide onshore as well. so while it's been quiet so far, sarasota, you're going to get some rain as it's coming in towards the west. we're not anticipating anything significant to the south but it's monday and we're going to have to deal with those wet roadways up and down that
7:50 am
tonight we'll go back to the overnight, very damp, muggy, low 77 degrees. tomorrow morning, computer models are panning another rainy start to the day. throw that in the back of your mind, especially to the north and especially back toward the immediate coastline. tomorrow's high around 85 degrees. by wednesday afternoon, looks like we'll finally get back into a little more normal we'll finish the day with showers and storms. but at least the next couple of days, the influence of the low to the northwest of us will continue to bring us rounds and rounds of rain. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. and we'll get back to our trouble spots here. of course, we're very closely watching the scene here at linebaugh and sheldon. this is in the citrus park area, the overturned tanker truck with the vehicle trapped underneath. it looks like there's still some concerns with getting the scene
7:51 am
this crash. it looks like some firefighters are going around trying to figure out exactly maybe how to clear the tanker truck. we had heard there's some concerns with it being so full of fuel so that is perhaps what they're looking at right now. we told you before, this is a serious injury crash so we've got some lane blockages expected for a couple of hours to come. once again, a look at your work arounds. get to this point here. sorry. there we go. maps are getting a little linebaugh at sheldon, eastbound, westbound waters and then northbound, southbound henderson and anderson. some other trouble spots we're seeing, new crash reported southbound 75 pasco county, state road 52. right lane is blocked. not seeing any major delays but especially with the roadways we're seeing right now, it's slick out there. just be careful. you do have some emergency crews on the side of the roadway and also in that travel lane. spring hill, drivers hit and run reported eastbound direction at
7:52 am
and then very slow on the majors right now. i just picked out a few spots to be concerned with. of course, pinellas county, we mentioned a crash 54th avenue north along 275 northbound with the right lane blocked. that's ticking up quite a bit now with the travel times. 35 minutes from 175 to the tampa side of the howard frankland. drivers might find a better route with 19 or fourth street north. slower speeds than we're used to dealing with as well coming into it is 7:52 right now. we'll get over to charley and jen. how are you looking out there? >>charley: do you know what? we've got the best viewers in the world. look at all of this and it is raining out. there's a million different reasons and excuses why people could not do this. but people like brandy said no. i'm doing this. >>jennifer: thank you so much. >> definitely. thank you. >>jennifer: and you have kids of your own and you know how important it is to be out here. >> definitely. i've done this since before i moved here. since they were little kids.
7:53 am
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>>charley: "good day." i'm charley belcher along with fox 13 jennifer epstein. we're at the long center, 1501 north belcher road. look at this. i'm going to be completely honest. i didn't think we would get this much. >>jennifer: i'm with you, charley.
7:56 am
there. roads are kind of yucky but people are showing up. another one. thank you so much. >>charley: best viewers in the world. lynn is here from pinellas county schools. my heart is overjoyed. you have to be beside yourself. >> this is so wonderful. our kids so need these supplies. please keep them coming. we're getting everything we need. notebooks, crayons, pencils, paper, binders, glue sticks, all of whole year. please keep them coming. it's wonderful. >>charley: wide rule. >>jennifer: laura was saying that it was really tough to find wide rule. that's a big deal. a lot of students need that versus college rule. >> the wide ruled is best for the kids to be able to write on that and the loose leaf paper they go through like crazy so we need a lot of that. >>jennifer: and a bucket full of backpacks. >> that's wonderful.
7:57 am
year. >>charley: we don't have the can filled with half of something else to make it look impressive. we don't have to because we have so much stuff. a lady came by. this is an entire box full of rulers. they had them made up for the company and there's a typo on it. so they couldn't use it for the company so she donated it to pinellas county schools. the kids will be able to use this. what a great idea. >>jennifer: the generosity is unbelievable. we'll be out here until 10:00 bring. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. ((russell a big line of storms is moving into the bay area right now.. dave's tracking the big line of weather moving into area right now. dave's tracking the storms and will tell us who will get hit the hardest. >> and st. pete is about to get a lot more colorful where you will see these new cross walks. from tampa bay's news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. it's monday ought 8. rains falling right now. some areas are under a flood watch this morning. there horrific crash that shut down sheldon road in west chaste. vanessa will talk about that coming up in a minute. first we need to get to dave right away. here's tracking all this weather and telling us where it's headed good morning. indeed we do heavy rape a round


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