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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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off the coast.. with more rain looming off the coast, mike bennett is in tonight with a look at the ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ?
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> just put down sandbags and hope for the best. >> with all this rain parts of pasco county plagued by flooding. look at that. at least one road under 30 inches of water. don't be fooled. there is no other donald trump. what you see i >> hillary clinton bringing her economic message to st. pete today. hear what she said about her plans for jobs and taxes. very frustrated. not knowing what's going on. >> travel trouble for delta flyers. hundreds of flights canceled or delayed today after a power outage knocked out its computers. you're watching fox 13, and the 10:00 news starts now.
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>> mark: i'm mark wilson. we're glad to have you with us. mike is in for paul tonight. what are we looking ought now? >> we had a break during the afternoon and evening hours today. this is a look at 24-hour rainfall totals, and it's pretty impressive. this doesn't include what fell yesterday or on saturday, either. you can see some locations where you pick up this yellow or dark green. that's 2, 3, 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. it's no wonder why we have seen flooding iss especiallily out of west pasco and portions of pinellas county. right now in radar we're in the break. had a couple of showers pop up this evening, but nothing too threatening over land. this batch off to the west. it will move onshore later tonight, and more rain is possibly redeveloping behind that as we head towards the second half of the overnight period and into the day on tuesday. because of that, still a flood watch in effect.
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worst case is 4, 5, 6 inches of rain on top of what has already fallen. we'll have more radar checks and talk about when this pattern finally starts to break, and there's some sunshine in the seven-day forecast. all of that is coming up. parts of pasco county are bracing for more rain following a heavy soaking this county took this morning which left parts underwater. josh cascio is out there in port richie. looks like a lot of flooding, josh. >> reporter: this is where aaron mesmer was standing at 5:00 and 6:00 earlier this evening. from here we don't see a significant reduction in the amount of water in the roadways, and that's bad news for homeowners as they expect for rain overnight into the morning hours. really the concern now is not only what's here but what's
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under 30 inches of water. torrential morning rains flood a nearby retention pond sending water up to matthew ray's door accept. his is one of at least four homes. >> just put down sandbags and hope for the best. >> reporter: unlike last year, water didn't get inside this time around, but predicted overshiite -- overnight showers will more worries. flooded roads werels problem in parts of hudson as well, causing headaches for homeowners and a splash park for kids. >> probably a good two feet by the retention pond above the road, yeah. yeah. >> it seems like you're used to this by now. >> i've been here since 1970. >> reporter: the county deployed numerous pumps and crews to get rid of the excess water. those needs sandbags can pick them up from 8:00 to 5:00 in three locations, mitchell park,
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pasco county government center. with another round of rain, many stay on high alert. >> i go into panic mode and go crazy around the house and pick up everything. electronics, rugs, carpets. >> reporter: another concern when it comes to rain and flooding is mosquitos. of course, now the zika virus is on the minds of many floridians considering what's going on in miami. so coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have some tips and ways to keep your family safe from those mosquitos. that's, again, coming up a 11:00 tonight. for now we're live in pasco county, josh cascio, fox 13 news. >> thank you so much, josh. some parts of st. pete beach saw some flooding as well. it was hard to get around, and here's what the roads looked like earlier today covered by several inches of water. high water causes some problems at the tradewinds resort as well. andy shaw posted this video of a ballroom to instagram. there were several inches of water inside.
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water out. we have another case of zika that appears to have been contracted in the united states. this person lives in palm beach county but recently traveled to miami-dade where 16 people have contracted the virus in neighborhood. vernor stt is fed or e lack of funding and suppo om theeralernment in cdc sd 1000 moreika cgress to fn preparedness kits. that hp h n rived, and the governor says rightow it's just the aing evebo who lives here for their help. >>ake sure evedy no standing water and wear protective ar, use bug repellen. >> it sms simpleadvi, bud hsaidt work wipend as much money as needed with or without. the federa government, of course. > ashe campaign
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to e toured aoc bwe in st. pete and battled donald trump over the economy. we report from the coliseum where she spoke in st. pete. >> if donald is talking economy, hillary clinton is more than happy to oblige him. she came to the coliseum today. it was a packed room behind me. she's trying to paint donald trump as the same old republican policies. she says republican policies that brought nothing but hillary clinton didn't have a beer, but she did applaud three daughters brewing for being so good at making it. >> i was particularly keen that we not just help the giant american corporations, but we help the small businesses, the medium-sized businesses. >> reporter: her st. pete stop marks the beginning of a new battle in the 2016 campaign. the conventions are over. the vp picks have been made. yet, the debates are still six weeks away. in the meantime, the campaigns will battle over issues.
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helps to createewobsith rising income. orter: clinton tteher an to streamle the process businessdmio as well he as to allow young entrepreneurs a chance to defer student loans while they start a new small business. she cited her grandfather's roots as a worker in a textile company in illinois. >> i'm going to do everything i can to get companies that make profits to share those profits with their workers just like the for. >> reporter: she's working on a familiar democratic party theme that replican policies only he top ie ershe bsted donald um econic pla as a retrd o trickle-down economics. >> they are just playing same old siren andhy th haven't learned. we are not interested in economic plans that only help the top 1%. it's time to we helped everybody else in america get ahead and
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>> reporter: she said she would raise taxes on the wealthy but insists her plan would generate 600,000 jobs for florida while his will lose 200,000. brks to lgeorrason andax ewealthy, like him and the guys that wrote the speech. >> she will meet with heah officials to discuss the growing zika threat in florida.p tod trump's best explanation yet of his economic plan. he says it will make america great again. we will break it down tonight at 10:30. delta airlines hopes to get back to normal tomorrow after a rough day. a power outage knocked out the computer system affecting flights worldwide. it started about 2:30 this morning in atlanta. it took more than seven hours for flights to get back to
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delta says more an 450 flights were canceled today and thousands were delayed. t.i.a. saw at least 100 delays and 15 cancellations as a result of the weathernd theouge. pa not verhay.pp >> i have to to work,ou know. right now i don't know what's going on. i'm very frustrated at this point. i want to get home so i can go to work. my job is very important to me, and i don't want to be >> kelly: you may remember last month a faulty computer network router caused southwest airlines to cancel about 2,000 flights over several ys. a close call today for an older lakeland man. bob royals have beeneeding the turtles in his creek behind his house for three decades. bob was out there the other night when he fell in the water. he couldn't scale the steep banks there and was trapped in the water all night long.
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the snakes andccasins. >> you don't want t draw any atteion. you're very quiet. water or make any sounds. the you don't do anything until he's gone. ty workers that came to the wo creek to spray found bob and rescued him. he still feeds the turtles. now he ties one end of the rope to his waist and the other to a fence. probably a good idea. >> thanks goodnes h rescue. the cigar industry goes back generations in ybor city. >> now few federal regulations may hurt this historic industry. find out how the cigar business will have to change coming up next. this dog makes sure that i'm safe. for that, i'm ever grateful. >> you know, southeast guide dogs provides dogs for the
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. (mark/ a man who's name is synonomous with tampa's cigar injustry has passed away. (mark/ a man whose name is synonymous with the tampa cigar industry passed away from stomach cancer at 81. part of second avenue was renamed in his honor in march. he was the former president of the cigar company. it was started by his father in ybor city and became one of the biggest names in the cigar industry. >> new at 10:00 tonight a story
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tougher rules for manufacturers big and small. they want to approve all tobacco products that had previously not regulated, and the feds are cracking down on e-cigarettes, hookhas and tampa's famous hand-rolled cigars so many people love. crystal clark joins us live now on seventh avenue in ybor to tell you the impact it will have locally. what are business owners saying about this, >> reporter: they're stressed out trying to find a way to comply. at habanero cigars they make their own original brand of cigars, and with that the fda wants to test every single variety as well as charge tens of thousands of dollars to do so. it's a crippling amount for any small business. one by one each cigar is rolled and cut creating the special
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>> reporter: a few extra ingredients could throw off the balance. >> we're kind of like microbrewers. >> a bigger variety now comes with a bigger price tag. each type of cigar and each side it's sold in must be submitted for fda the owner says submission fees rohn from 1400 to $2200 a pop. >> you got to keep in mind besides a fee, you have to send out 1,000 cigars per size, and that's money for a small guy. >> at risk of losing thousands of gars and dollars to keep telling the product, he must weigh the cost and benefit. he's not alone. >> we've been in the lab mixing up new flavors for the last month or so.
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e-cigarette shops, getting his products on the shelf to beat the launch of new rules despite not being a tobacco product, e-cig liquids have to be tested and they're banning vape shops from offering free samples to customers. >> it makes it difficult to sell the product to people that aren't aware of it. >> he's working around the rules bu by charging 50 cents a day to taste test. meeting the cost alien impossible task. >> it's hard to compete with the big guys. >> it includes a ban on selling e-cigs to minors as well as more detailed labeling giving information on the health risk. the fda says it's because sdefrn to know what they put in their lungs. we're live in ybor, fox 13 news. now, your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist mike bennett.
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bea beaches. there were a few breaks of sun, but all in all we saw more in the way of shower activity rolling through the area. a little bit of break this afternoon. that's pretty much where we're at right now. we have seen a couple of showers over the last few hours, but the main batch of rain is still back off to the west. you can see that line of showers and storms out in the gulf. this is all working to the east. you can see it falling apart back off to the west behind that line. i think we get more redevelopment of that as we head into the overnight hours. a couple northern pinellas and western pasco county and back to the north of that. this is that main line here trying to make its way eastward east of cedar key headed towards yankee town and crystal river and homosassa as well. more shower activity is rolling in as we head through the rest of the overnight period. weather headlines, showers redeveloping and moving onshore tonight. with that coastal flood threat
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problem with rainfall, maybe another three, four, or five inches for coastal portions of the nature cost of pinellas county. it will continue into tuesday evening. by tuesday night and into wednesday, we start to see some changes out there. more of a typical pattern starting to come back into the picture. rainfall recap. 4.29 inches today, just shy of 2 inches of rain at the airport. look where we are for the year. over 10 average. tampa aside, there's some parts really of areas north of tampa that have seen more than 10 inches of rain over the last few days. see this map here where you see the reds here? that's greater than 5 inches of rain, and you see that nosing in towards hernando county, areas of blues indicating potentially more than 10 inches of rain has fallen there. if you're curious or see the pinks there showing up in the
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that 25 inches of rain has been sitting out over in the northeast gulf. that is a ton of moisture. at least we're fortunate we didn't quite get that moving onshore over the last couple of days, but still more to come. it's thanks to this area of low pressure continuing to spin in bands. you see the one band looking to go through over the next couple hours and another band to the west. the good news is that area of low pressure moving off to the north and west. as it does so and continues to move farther away from us, tomorrow. here we go. futurecast into the day tomorrow. we see morning showers and storms popping up. into the afternoon you spread the showers and storms a bit farther south and east. by tuesday night here's the difference into wednesday. wednesday at 10:00 a.m., not seeing a lot of shower activity near us. signs that we start to change the pattern a bit. still higher rain chances but lower than what it has been. 75 for tonight, overcast skies.
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we have new information tonight in the case of a 10-year old we have new information in the case of this little 10-year-old boy that died at an amusement park water slide in kansas over the weekend. investigators say caleb schwab died of a two women in the raft with caleb suffered facial injuries as well. >> a horrible event for sure. they're not saying how the injuries occurred. chris is here. you looked into the history of the water slide. what did you find out. >> it's name is verruckt, which is german for insane. it's taller than the statue of liberty. it opened two years ago at schlitterbahn water park in kansas city, kansas. this is a first-person
10:25 pm
is like to go down the slide. >> have fun, guys. >> it's almost a straight vertical drop at 17 stories. riders reach speeds of 65 miles per hour, and sadly on sunday a 10-year-old boy died of what investigators are calling a neck injury. there are reports tonight he was decapitated. he was in a raft with two women who suffered facial injuries that are minor. authorities have not said what caused the injuries or caleb's fatal injury. he's the son of a state representative in kansas. it was a special lawmakers day at the park on sunday. tonight his pastor spoke about what a special child the community lost. >> he's going to be missed for his energy, life and smile. for the way he lit up a room.
10:26 pm
man. he loved his dad. he was a hugger, and so pray for his mom and dad during this incredible time. >> police are investigating the accident. you have to be 54 inches tall to ride verruckt. we don't know how tall caleb was, but the average hite of a 10-year-old boy is 55 inches. whether the ride opened in 2014, you had to be at least 14 years old to ride it. schlitterbahn dropped that requirement a few weeks they said height and weight shb the only criteria to ride it. we haven't found other accidents but the opening was repeatedly delayed because of safety concerns. rafts carrying sandbags flue off the slide in early testing prompting engineers to tear down half the ride and reconfigure it. the ride is now closed indefinitely. >> thank you, chris. like you said, praying tonight for his family. >> this shouldn't happen. something like that with a lot
10:27 pm
should not happen. remember the high school boy that got in trouble for bringing a homemade clock into school? >> teachers thought it was a bomb. up next, the legal action that his family is taking nearly a year later. i'm lloyd in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington -
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a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. donald trump is giving his most expansive explanation yet of donald trump giving his most expansive splangs yet of the economic plan that he says will make america great again. he was playing to his strengths today in detroit. >> carl cameron reports tonight from the motor city. >> reporter: trailing in the polls, he used a speech to the detroit economic club to compare his business vision to the obama/clinton economy of stagnation. >> it will be a night and daikon tras to the job-killing, tax-ruzing, poverty-inducing
10:31 pm
>> he backed off the personal income tax plan with 10%, 20% and 25% bracket. he'll create three new ones at 12%, 25% and 33%. he will cut corporate taxes. reading directly from "the washington post," a paper he banned from news conference, he trashed clinton from a to create 200,000 jobs in the empire state. >> data shows that upstate actually lost jobs, a lot of them, during clinton's first term. in other words, she was all talk, no action, upstate new york is a disaster. >> reporter: trump twice promised details on his plans in the days ahead, but got specific when it came to hillary clinton's results in detroit and worldwide.
10:32 pm
and radical regulation that forced jobs out of your community, and the crime policies have made you far, far less safe. >> reporter: trump cast himself as the race's true change agent. >> the other party reached backwards into the past to choose a nominee from yesterday who offers only the rhetoric of yesterday. >> reporter: in detroit, carl cameron, fox news. a high school student from dallas is taking legal action now nearly one year after he was school. mohammed was arrested and questioned by police last year when a teacher mistook his clock for a bomb. the 14-year-old was suspended for three days and eventually moved to qatar. his lawyer said the teen wasn't allowed to have teens present during the interrogation, which is a clear violation. he's not seeking a specific amount. he's leaving it up to the jury to decide, but claims he lost his creativity because of what
10:33 pm
i lost my home. i lost my creativityecse before i used to love building things, but now i can't. there's nothing i can do. i've lost a lot of things. i lost my security. >> the school district hasn't commented legally or publicly. the department of justice is investigating the irving school district for allegations of widespread racial discrimination. working around the clock. the blaze began yesterday afternoon and overnight it spread and burned nearly 4500 acres. so far no injuries have been reported and no structures damaged. right now the fire is about 5% contained only. as a precaution, evacuaions have been ordered for that entire area, and many evacuees are getting ready to leave and others hosed down their homes and prayed the fire didn't reach
10:34 pm
training help wounded vets save lives. it's called paws for patriots. lloyd shows you tonight that they're building a very tight bond. >> michael jr. began is totally blind. his guide dog named treasure means everything to him. >> she is my eyes now. >> michael lost his eyes in iraq. >> i had 45% of my cranium crushed in. where my hand is, that whole piece is an acrylic plate. i had shrapnel and exit out my right eye. >> now he works for southeastern guide dogs where they raise them fl from pups. these little ones are black labs and their training starts right a away. >> they have to recognize things and look up and side to side. >> many will be guide dogs for the blind, but a growing number are service dogs for veterans suffering from ptsd. dogs save lives.
10:35 pm
has a service dog or guide dog has committed suicide. we lose 22 veterans a day to suicide in this country. >> all the dogs go through hundreds of hours of training and can become guide dogs or service dogs based on what they're best at. for ptsd the training including hugging. >> the anxiety and panic starts to temper down and dissolve and go away. >> a is growing here. >> we provide them free of charge to anybody, whether there's a vet up ran or not. if you come to southeastern guide dog, you get a guide dog or service dog free of charge. >> the dogs and the training that comes with it. >> this dog makes sure that i'm safe, and for that i'm ever grateful. >> a special bond that's saving lives, loud sauers, fox 13 news. >> the veterans administration does not pay for service dogs,
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students at one tampa school cannot wait for classes to start. >> tonight they get a big surprise to make sure they go back to school in style. the story is coming up. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. on.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china?
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coming up tonight at 11... getting the public's "two- ces" on a new ballpark for the rays. coming up, getting the public's two cents on a new ballpark for the rays. we'll tell you about a new website. a giant fish killer in brevard county is still going on. voters get a chance to decide if they want to raise taxes to deal with the problem. that's all coming up. the kids at pitso elementy in tpa free school supplies. >> our photographer was out there for every one of the 840 students. they got a new backpack full of supplies. >> we're here at pismo elementary to hand out more than 100 backpacks to elementary students starting school this week. in each bag whave about 20 basic school supplies. everything from folders to
10:40 pm
sticks. allhe basics kids need to succeed in the classroom. the kids that need foundations mission is to ensure that every student has the tools they need to learn and succeed in the classroom. so what we do is we team up with partners across the country in order to get the backpack into the hands of students. >> give me a high-five. >> good decision. >> it's fun. this is essentially christmas in august. we get to hand out we feel it's important for students to have the essentials. >> you want the orange, don't you? >> so that they can perform in the classroom every day. we don't want them to be stressing about if they have a pencil to do their test or if they have a piece of paper at home to complete their homework. >> have a great school year. >> we would like to thank for photographer mike field for that incredible story.
10:41 pm
this possible. it's a national nonprofit that has given out $800 million in school supplies to nearly 5 million students since it was first founded in 1995. >> how about the simpsons making history yet again with the series' first ever one-hour episode. it's titled "the great fatsby." they have voice characters in the longest running scripted series in history. 600 episodes, and it will actually air on our channel october 16th. 600 is a lot. >> it really is amazing. wow. a lot of funny episodes in there, too. the rays played pretty well the last ten games at home, but tonight the first of six on the road. we take the scoreless streak into toronto. we bring you highlights coming up. while the rays are out of town,
10:42 pm
with a roof over their head. it won't stop them from preparing this thursday. we'll get you an update from training camp. mark. an ancient form of therapy is popular with olympic athletes, and you may have seen the brown circles on all the swmers. wexplain what it is and really does when w ??
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((kelly 2sh)) the ancient practice of "cupping" has gone mainstream at the the ancient practice of cupping has gone mainstream at the olympics. >> why so many athletes swear by the healing powers. >> the games in rio get lots of bringing home the gold. it's questions about the strange red marks on olympians like swimmer michael phelps. >> i saw michael phelps with them last night. i was wonderi if he had a tattoo until he turned around. >> the marks are caused by cupping, an ancient chinese practice. celebs like lena dunham swear by it. i stopped by the anova center for a demo and few answers. i wngsed fire cupping.
10:46 pm
it's just to get the air out of the cup, and it could create suction. >> it's said to relieve everything from sleep and respiratory disorders to asthma, but is ually used to help musculoskeletal disorders and pain. >> what's happening with cups is it forces blood circulation to contracted muscles, which allows the calcium to get into the knots and tension and give the muscle the information to finally release. >> i know what you're thinking. does it hurt? how do you feel? >> it definitely looks scarier than it is. it's incredibly relaxes. >> this is not that bad. i can handle it. >> the cups stay on 3 to 15 minutes. the markshey creat last 4o 10 days. the national institute of health says cupping shows promise for pain management, but more study needs to be done in order to drawirm conclusions.
10:47 pm
ancient therapy tusands of years ago is now firmly in the 21st century. reporting from the anovacenter, i'm crystal young. back to you in the studio. >> when i firstaw michael phelps with the marks, i thought what in the world? wlaefr works. >> it is michael phelps. you got to do all the other things michael phelps is doing. it may not get you a gold medal, but you might feel better. >> very interesting. never knew about it until now. scott, what's going on? >> i thought he stood in front of a pitching machine and got pelted. it's an incredible run for jake going through consecutive starts without running a single run. tonight facing one of the best hitting teams in baseball, the toronto blue jays taking that trip up north playing t first didn't take long to have that . scoreless streak snapped.
10:48 pm
inning. edward encarnacion wh the solo and the blue jays up 2-0 after first lateop t of the urfoth, rs trail by one. tim beckham knocks this one to the corner. that brings in a run, so it's a 2-2 ball game. they pick up another two runs in the bottom of the frame. top of the fifth, brad miller to the right side as well. two meor across t plate. have aie ball game at4-4. tohe seventh,ace sitting on a lead. jose 7-4 blue jays. forsythe is trying to provide ninth inning fireworks and gets lift-off here. that's a solo shot. 7-5. the blue jays top the rays tonight. the weather this morning forced the buccaneers to go indoors, and since the rays are away, they found refuge at the op. if it's raining again tomorrow, they'll do it once again and head across the bridge into st. pete. so far now tropicana field is a
10:49 pm
facility, which could happen as soon as this fall. thufr this moinrnu othe jameis winstonet the tone of a ow start. robert ars locked up wit an offensive line-up here. they p o ps tovoid injuries on the turf, but overl it was a productive practice. >> i wand to keep them o theoune we got all the reps, and it's a different week because we'll have a shorts practice on wednesday, and we play a game on thursday. last week those four straight padded practices are probably the toughest stretch of training camp. >> time for the sports forecast. here's the must-see games this week. we'll show you tonight i had the rays tonight thinking they would extend that scoreless streak
10:50 pm
200 butterfly. he just advanced from the semis tonight. an incredible finish in rio. how about wednesday? the usa women in the 4x200 free relale. i think they will dominate. thursday they have preseason action, and bucs at angles. i think maybe mike glennon gets more pt. on friday we have a new york. chris archer is on the bump facing the yankees. this will be alex rodriguez's final game of his career. that and maybe a couple other reasons that the yankees picked that one up. c.c. sabathia on the bump for the yankees. by the way, going back to tuesday here, ts final of the butterfly, this was an in edible finish. phelps in this other swimmer,
10:51 pm
with one another. it's interesting next to each other tomorrow night. getting a ton of heavy rain over the last few days... see what impact all that standing water will have on the mosquito population... and
10:52 pm
? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love.
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subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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now, your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist mike bennett. >> we're watching an are of rain just offshore now. you see this line of showe a heavy downpours pushiff to e st. the good news is behind it things aren't forming mup now. it's not just this line moving onshore. we see through the overnight period. rain chances about 70% near the coast, 60% just east of 75, and then 50% for the rest of the area. still could be heavy rain especially near the coast. we're talking rain totals 2, 3, 4 inches potentially by the time tuesday evening rolls around. that flood watch is in effect for pasco, hernando and citrus counties for tuesday evening.
10:55 pm
forecast. >> the billionaire club is getting bigger. there's more than a 6% jump from 2014 in a new record. now, you don't have to be a billionaire to get this perk. at&t is expanding service to hand deliver new phones to customers in more than ten cities. they can also show how to use the gadgets when delivered. >> walmart is doing its own online shopper. they're buying for walmart hopes it will make it more comtitive against web giants like amazon. having a baby? head to vermont. it was named the best place to have kids due to factors like lower costs for child care and
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
((mark after morethan two-hundremiles... a stoway cat makes its presence after morane th 200 miles a stow-away cat makes his presence known in a neighborhood in minneapolis. >> yes, he does. take a listen to this. listen to that, those pitiful
10:59 pm
io scared. where did she come from? her aunlt and uncle drove it from a farm in south dakota and left it with them. they heard meows bring beginning the drive, but it went away. the cat will stay in minnesot and the rescuer is keeping her workin on a name.
11:00 pm
what she is, lucky. she survived that long trip and stayed quiet in the car. >> i'd go with seven or six, because she used a few lives on the trip. >> she is precious, though. time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> we track the potential for flooding. concns, >> you't wanto ve >> wtou canng gundor mosquitos from making your home theirs. >> i'm tell mingou november becausehaion wl be ed. >> we heard donald trp raising th alarm over vot frau what they want you to know befo you go tth polls. >> trump' policies would throw us int a recession. >> back at trump's economic plans this evening as she continuesfight f.


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