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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 9, 2016 1:00am-1:28am EDT

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paul tonight. >> it's been deja shz vu. each of the last three or four nights you see this big blob off the coast and it moves onshore. you get that heavy rain lining up up and down the nature coast through pinellas county down towards the suncoast as well. here's how it looks. you saw it on sky tower radar. that heavy rain situated just offshore. that will be working in as we head through the next couple of hours. i don't really see that as the
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i think we see more rain developing through the overnight period into the start of the day on tuesday. that can be the issue as far as flooding goes reinvigorating that flood threat into tuesday morning. a couple of showers are rake making their way through pasco county. that's not the main event just yet. more showers making their way towards citrus county and onshore through citrus counties. heavy downpours on the extreme northwest corner there. here's you look at rainfall totals back to saturday morning. where you see the red there, the big area of orange and red, that's three to fivef rain. parts of pasco and hernando county have seen 11 or 12 inches of rain in that time span. it doesn't take more rain on top of that to cause more flooding concerns because of that flood watch remains in effect through tuesday evening. we'll talk about when this
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in and look at the seven-day forecast in a bit. >> mike, we know what happened last august in pasco county when we had several days of heavy rain like this. hopefully it won't reach that level. that rain is adding to concern about a pressing health threat. all that standing water makes a perfect breeding ground for most keet. with in south florida spreading zika virus, experts say you have to be pro active. josh cascio reports from pasco county on how to best battle the >> reporter: we're standing on iron bark drive in pasco county. when it comes to mosquositnd their eggs, standing waterike you see here behind me and in some yards, that's the real enemy. if you have a bucket full of water or a kiddy pool or something else, dump it out. that's where mosquitos like to lay eggs. think about this. just a capful of water left for a week is enough for mosquitos to multiply in. generally it takes seven to ten
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full, adult biter. it's important right now when considering the zika cases here in florida. 15 non-travel related cases in the miami area so far. currently there's another one being investigated in palm beach county, though that person appears to have traveled to miami recently as well. zika, as you probably know, leads to birth defects and rig now there's no vaccine or medicine for bottom line, use autions when it comes tomosquito >> w you g outside and you have those elements that mosquitos may be in, make sure you utilize a product that contains deet and spray that on berally and wear long-sleeved clothing. if you go into an absolute infested area and you know you're going into that, like you' hunting into the woods, maybe consider mosquito netting. >> there have been no reported cases of nontravel related zika
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right now the florida department of health says it's not on been identified in one neighborhood in miam as they say, it's always better to err on the side of caution. josh cascio, fox 13 news. he race for the white house is heap in ora. hilly clinton in theine tonight. fox'ke emanuel tells us about her vis t st. pe reporter: hlarylion uned a new week in . petersburg tryin tg l up thwing interat 4 in battleround florida. at three daughters brewery, she tried to convince voters she's the candidate they'd like to have a beer with in november and took a swipe at donald trump's economic plans. >> don't let a friend vote trump. here the deal. he can't escape the math. maanth c be kind ofinconvenient if it doesn't add up the wayou y want it to. and economists left, in th middle all say the same thing.
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throw us into a recession. >> later clinton returned to one of h favoriteines of attack. he trump who makes his shirts and his t overseas instead o the united states. >> oneritic questions where th clothes she wears were de. as for the re in florida, a suffolk poll has her with a four point inch over donald trp with libertari gy jnson at 4% and jill stein at t t spotligth z s. expecdo tr health care cenr to raise awareness eml,anue tonewsrgflorida, mike he wravel to det ur.r oonen where today. dold trump ud the cy to il h economicplan. he says he's going to reduce tax rates for most americans and simplify the tax code cutting
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he plans to cut corporate income tax s and eliminate interest benefits for hedge funds and bigwigs. >> it will present a night and daikon tras to the job-killing, tax-raising, poverty-inducing >> ove the weekend trump picked up an endorsement from none other than the son of jeb bush george p. bush said the gop needs to get behind trump so t party can focus on a fun fieed effort to defeat clinton in november. like we need more evidence that politics makes for strange bedf bedfellows. >>.is saying time and again it's rigged. >> now he says he believes the presidential election can be could be rigged. haley hines said local officials say it's nearly impossible. she joins us live from the supervisor's office.
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haley? >> reporter: well, they showed us through all of the checks and cerandin you'llee tnst a f sec. the republican nominee and his supporters stand by that m, though. mean while,lection supervisorsi. check their equipment and test it out and they're determined to make sure this election is run with integrity. we're three weeks shy of the primary electio months from the general, bought already donald trump says the results may be tainted. >> november 8th we better be careful, because that election is rigged. i hope the republicans are watching closely, or it will be taken away from us. >> the comments follow recent federal court rulings against voter i.d. laws in several states, though he hasn't detailed how it could be rigged nationwide. >> of course, the elections will not be rigged.
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run the election process. >> here in florida it's in the hands of county election supervisors. >> in floda you've got 67 counties and you've got 67 supervisors of elections that all run the elections in their individual county. none of these counts are enter connected in any way. >> mondayhe florida supervisor of leaks sent out this letter saying there's no indication from federal law enforcement that any when it comes to hacking elections. they remd orida is paper ballot sta, so thecan rer to an orange ballot. >>lso in florida anybody can request those anwe have people that do they can go through and match it up. a tablet will recognize immediately if a voter has far as hacking goes.d as >> to take information off of here, we have to do it with a thumb drive.
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internet. >> i don't know what the decision of "rigged" is. i just know that we have really open, transparent, and good elections. >> reporter: now, to give some perspective, there was a wide study done by a loyola law professor in 2014. out of 1 billion vote, he found 31 credible cases of voter fraud. tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. hillsborough county will test it's open to the public at the election service center on north falconburg road. cynthia. >> you can watch that. pretty interesting. thank you. let's go to polk county now. new at 11:00 winter haven police need your help to track two men behind a robbery this morning. lok at that photo there. that's a car, what they believe is the get-away car driving around wallace manor. the robbers knocked on her door around 8 a.m.
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and purse. baby formula is serious business, and now a florida couple is facing jail time in a formula theft ring. alicia and her husband alan convicted in a scheme to steal $2 million of formula and sell it on craigslist. they were convicted of recruiting twoers including a woman inew port richey to help steal the formula from stores. cigars face a regulations starting today, and that could hurt local businesses in the tampa area. the fda launched a new s of rules that require cigar makers to submit each blendf their cigars for testing and approval. the same rules apply to those e-cigarette liquids for the vapor. the fda says it h to do t to ensure at all smongprre safe. localanufacturers say now 're gng to have to pay tens of thousands ofolrs
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small fact iary noshgs you the thin we can do are elemented. it's hard to compete with the big guys. >> the fda argues that neez rules have to be put in place so people will know what they're inhaling is safe. the rules include a ban on e-cigarette sales to minors and new labeling about health risk. a man was a target. >> why one business she got three boys with bb guns to do her work. >> asking rays fans to weigh in
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>> reporter: she po
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th according incident namedolice group dumpsterar across started tobi slurs bb gung h in. police didn't see an injury but pulled the suv over here behind this hungry brother-in-law is a manager. after finding bb guns in the back seat, police arrested measure on aggravated battery, neglect of a child and contributing to the delinquency of aongercuody. also inciden man saido homeles.
1:15 am that's where you can go on and share ideas. they can't leave until 2018 shths the deadline for a master plan is set for the end of september. we know they've got permission to look around and, of course, we're not sure what's going to happen. i know they've been doing focus groups and talking to seasoned ticket holders and people that are seriousns. now thell ask the public what they think. i think that's good. >> it's veryexting.
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beat, wut r but at the right one with an exciting venue, that makes it even better. >> with air-conditioning in florida, right? >> froebl probably an indoor ballpark. take a day like today. >> to play today you knee that orca not canoes. i want more dj kitty. maybe the central wall is picture of kitty. ow kn you mtiedary weather definitely plenty of itloomy t there at times and more to come. there are some changes to come in the forecast. it may start as early as tomorrow evening for some of us. here's a look at the time lapse for today. in and out of the raindrops for much of the morning and afternoon. eventually a little clearing, but all in all just, again, not the best day today.
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of days. likely into the day tomorrow as well. we'll continue to see that threat of showers. now, here's the latest. this line of showers and storms i've been mentioning is falling apart on the backside, really looks like a quick hit of some pretty goodcombrourns through the area. behind that falling apart a bit, and more redevelopment through the second half of the overnight period. yet, these showers move through spring hill right this batch of showers is not far off from pasco county. should be moving in within the next hour or so, and then more showers off to the north of that as you head towards citrus county already starting to move in near yankeetown right now and pushing onshore as we speak. i don't expect hefty rainfall totals from this. it's probably later on we start to see more of that with the showers redeveloping and continuing to push onshore through the night. that coastal flood threat or
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remains through tuesday evening. flood watch remains in effect for pasco, hernando, and citrus counties right on through tuesday at 8:00 p.m. really it's for the western half of each of the counties. chances that by tuesday evening pretty good chance that we see changes in the pattern kd of returning to a more typical westerly pattern, westerly wind pattern by weesday, meaning inland this and storms pushing here's the sad light and radar. this is focused around this area of couple of days. you get these spokes of energy that rotate around it. you have one moving through right now and another one back off to the west towards the panhandle here. that may rotate through tonight into the day tomorrow. here's how it looks. showers rye develop near the coast tonight and potential flooding from pinellas county up through pasco, hernando and citrus counties into the day on
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this area of low pressur off to the north and west and taking a lot of the moisture ang with it. wednesday rain chances still above average, but we're not really seeing those morning waves of heavy rain pushing through. just a few coastal showers little inland in the afternoon and likewise into the day on thursday. the sea breezes collide in the middle of the state. shifting the higher rain chances inland wednesday and thursday. through wednesday evening the potential is thrill there for weontinual to watch tea hvy rain threat over the next couple of days. the biggest threat is over the next 24 hours or so. here's the recap for tonight. overcast skies and think push onshore. we get the downshores over the next hour or so. down to 50% the next couple of days and dop it down to 40% next weekend. >> dropping it on down. we know that dolphins are
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really crazy ipad ah. look wt ppen a seaworld. cheng it out when we come ck. tonight see how trp's rise in polits created a new touristh is another rnd of president obama and vice present biden have endorsedatrick murphy for itun states nate. e president ys mury's "fought to strgthen medicare and social security,"
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the vice president says murphy "will work tirelessly for florida's middle class." patrick murphy's had the courage to take on the tea party and fight republican obstructionism in congress president obama says, "floridians can unt on patrick murphy" floridians for a strong middle class is responsible for the content of this advertising. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it.
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by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. the fate of a ferry ? service between st. pete and tampa -- is now in the hands of the fate of that ferry service between st. pete and tampa is in the hands of pinellas county commission final action on the agreement to allow the high-speed ferry pilot program to begin as early as november. last week hillsborough commissioners approved the plan as did the city of tampa and the city of st. pete. if given the green light by pinellas county, the service will shuttle passengers between the tampa convention center and stpete's beach drive for just $10 a ticket. e'ers a video gone viral.easyo e twhy. ah ttisitor to seawod learned t.
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gadgets, too. somebo.nted t tweet he reaed outthf eouch tank k quickly.ab that man's ipad. what'so funny after itht lashheed t guyaking the video. dteems lik they was laughing a little bit. she called it unbelievle, especially when the dolphins proudly swam around the tank like look what i did. >> if and i shared it on my facebook page, you can almost see the dolphins laughing after one snatched the ipad and the guy shooting the video is laughing and he gets splashed. >> those dolphins are there every day and millions come by to see them. at some point they'll turn the tables. >> maybe he was saying i'm tired of free photos here. >> remember that whether you head out with the family.
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>> absolutely. i wonder if that's covered by apple care? can you blame the dolphin. >> i wouldn't blame the dolphin. >> coming up, football is played inside the trop today. they sought shelter from the rain in the rays outfield. the story of one of the bucs' offensive stand joits this camp. we'll share that wow. with the bucs invading the trop,
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separated by 18 gamesn the a.l. east, but it's always a battle between the two. the rays have beaten the jays more often than not this year. tonight in toronto rays playing catch-up throughout most of this game. top of the fifth, brad miller hits it down the right-field line. that's trouble. that's going tolay two, and tied this game up at 4 apiece. in the 7th the jays march back out in front. because advertise at that extends that with a double. he 7-4 jays lead. logan forsythe in the ninety getting a little rally start. he leaves the yard here. solo shotnd that's a close as it gets. rays fall tonight, 7-5 your final. smart move by the bucs. they took their practice indoors today to avoid the rain. the team took over the trop this afternoon. as kevin o'donnell tells us, the
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>> cameron brady is used to intense competition. he got into harvard, after all. in a way t nfl is no different, only the elite make it in ss than a year ago he was cut by the bucs. >> it was a major bummer to get cut. i tried totay as positive as i coul gden the situation. >> the saints picked him up mostly to pick his brain about the bucs. >> i too much information. i don't want to be a traitor to the bucs, but i had to give them something. a little bit but not too much. >> a week later they snatched him off the quad, a relief to dirk koetter. >> it just worked out we had a chance to get him back. >> since his return he's passing all the tests. he went from castoff to clinching the starting tight end
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wft most prestigious being a harvard guy in the nfl. carries a bit of a stma. >> probably a little bit. a lot of guys want to talk about my classes, how hd was it and everything? >> the bucs have a cast of intelligents players and a new tightnd from northwestern.s thes amte u ha a guy from northn now. artestn the te.n is t top 30. i'll say top yeah. >> being a top five target for jameis winston is a spot he'd gladly accept. ats buc training camp, kevin o'donnell, fox 13 sport. a quick congratulations to melanie nargeiles advanced in rio. >> we're out of time. "mon, power & politics" is coming u next.
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