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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this morning on good day: imagine seeing >>russell: this morning imagine seeing this on your drive home. a scary scene overnight in hillsborough county as a car bursts into flames. >> four hours, i think, and you're right. i should be at my destination by now. >> i would have liked to have received a through my app. that didn't happen. >>laura: major airline cancelling a thousand flights. why you can expect more delights today. >>russell: parts of the bay area hope to dry out from yesterday's heavy rains but it's not over with yet. let's get over to dave with a look at another busy morning on the radar. >>dave: especially in hernando and pasco county. some areas have gotten the most rain so far from this whole system and heavy rain, heavy
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pretty much all of coastal pasco county so you can go from spring hill southward, all the way through hudson, port richey, new port richey, further south now where it looks like heavier rain pin he he will as county, all of this activity working from southeast to northeast. rain chances sky high along the coast, 70%. lesser amounts inland with high temperatures in the mid afternoon but of course, more rain on the roads means a slower commute. right? >>vanessa: definitely urging folks to slow down when the rain comes. we are dealing with a few more crashes than typical this time of morning. most of them will be off to the showed he were. one lane blockage crash we'll get to in a second. right now a live look at the howard frankland bridge closer to the north and tampa side. looks like out here, about a six minute drive for you folks
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bridge. here is the lane blockage and good news for this one as well, just a turn lane is going to be blocked but it will be blocked nevertheless in the northbound direction so please use caution. >>russell: a serious crash in hillsborough county. >>laura: and it ended with one car bursting into flames and several other drivers were filming as they were forced to go around it. this was sent to us the accident happened just before 11:00 last night on hillsborough avenue east of the veterans expressway. that's just behind the airport. officials say two of the three cars involved caught fire. several people were hurt, at least one suffered burns. we know that. no names have been released. highway patrol is looking into the cause. >>russell: warning for bay area boaters this morning. detectives in pasco county are searching for several boat burglars. this is video from the dry dock
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in holiday. take a good look at the video. this man was seen walking around outside the fenced storage area the night after several boats wre broken into. one point, some boat flares were even set off. man looks familiar, call the pasco county sheriff's office. another local zika case reported in florida and for the first time, not miami dade. this person lives in palm beach person did travel to miami dade recently. monday zika update added several travel related cases here in the bay area. two in hillsborough, one in polk. hillsborough has a dozen travel related cases. polk has 13. governor scott is still fed up over the lack of funding and support from the federal government in the fight against zika. he's asked congress to approve funding and asked the cdc to
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preparedness. governor scott has a plan to protect our kids from zika when they head back to school. here is how it works in the next half hour. >>laura: delta airlines is helping to get back to normal today after a huge computer glitch on monday. they expect to cancel about 100 flights this morning but that's a far cry from yesterday. about 1,000 flights were cancelled worldwide. problem started about 2:30 in the morning yesterday in atlanta and of its flights. it took more than seven hours for flights to resume. t.i.a. saw at least 100 delays, 15 cancellations and as a result of the weather, the number was higher. the outage caused enough problems on its own. at least four flights this morning are cancelled or delayed. delta says that anyone flying yesterday or today that has a cancelled or significantly delayed flight can get a full refund. the airline is asking all passengers to check its website for flight status prior to
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it is 6:05 now. race for the white house, hillary clinton keeps gaining in the polls but another legal controversy could bring her back down. >>russell: parents of two soldiers killed in benghazi are suing clinton for wrongful death. they say her, quote, extreme carelessness in handling confidential and classified information contributed to the conditions that led to their sons' deaths. clinton campaign says she's been investigated several times over the attack and there's no evidence clinton was in the bay area for a few campaign stops. she held a rally and stopped by the three daughters brewery. she is leading trump in florida by about four points. >>laura: donald trump laid out his economic plan on monday but his campaign is once again distracted by opposition from his own party. a group of 50 republican national security officials just
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trump would be, quote, the most wreckless president in american history. they also said they will not be voting for him in november and trump responded, calling the group nothing more than, quote, the failed washington elite. also pointed out that many were responsible for the invasion of iraq and blamed them for making the world a dangerous place. >>russell: this could hurt trump even more here in florida. chief spokesperson for the republican party is leaving his job over trump. he is the latest high profile latino republican official to quit after trump was named the party's presidential nominee. in a statement, he said that he was looking forward to his new job at a conservative organization while, quote, avoiding efforts that support donald trump. >>laura: and voters are headed to the polls in wisconsin. will they pick paul ryan? speaker of the house is running
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tonight's primary. one poll is leading his opponents by 66 points. things got dicey last week when trump hesitated to endorse him. trump did last friday night. >>russell: pinellas county, a new ferry service could finally get the green late. pinellas county commissioners are set to vote on the service during the regular meeting this morning. they are the fourth and final group that needs to weigh in on it. the other three, tampa, commission have already voted and approved the pilot program so another yes vote today puts the plan in motion. project will start november 1 and carry up to 150 passengers per trip. well, just one more day to sleep in for many bay area children. first day of school for most counties now just 24 hours away. >>laura: it's not just the kids that have to get ready. all the bay area drivers need to be prepared, too.
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hazards. aaa says that florida is the second deadliest state in the country for child pedestrians. we had 34 kids die while walking just a few less than california. in the same area, 11,000 children were injured nationwide as pedestrians. it's not just the mornings you need to be aware of. over a third of the deaths have been after school, between 3:00 and 7:00. and one group that will definitely be putting child safety first, bus drivers. >>russell: and hundreds will be hitting the road today to get their practice run. shayla reaves is on one of those runs right now in hillsborough county. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you guys. we are on the bus this morning for one of the trial runs taking place as students prepare to head back to the school year, get the school year underway. this is the last day to sleep in and enjoy pressing that snooze
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early, doing one of the trial runs underway today as drivers prepare for another school year. of course, this is one of the drivers responsible for making sure that some 90,000 students around hillsborough county make it to and from school safely every year. so she is on the road today along with a number of other drivers testing out more than 900 routes, making sure there are no problems, no glch things to worry about before students head to the bus stop in the morning and prepare to hop on buses just like this one to make their way to school. we'll be here taking the ride with her as she tests out her morning commute. of course, we'll be back with another report for you coming up here shortly. back to you. >>russell: see you later. thank you. >>laura: one bay area school is having a grand reopening this morning. the blossom montessori school
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they went through a huge renovation thanks to many organizations. school has a lot of new technology to make learning easier for kids who have hearing problems or suffer from things like cerebral palsy. they even got a new shaded playground. >>russell: here's a question. is any amusement park attraction 100% safe? that's what people are asking this morning after a frightening ride on a ferris >>laura: and what really happened on the world's tallest water slide? new details about a young boy's death. >>dave: more rain especially to the north this morning. i have heavier rain in hernando and pasco county, northern pinellas. it's all working southwest to northeast plus more offshore. hopefully this is the last morning for the widespread rainfall. starting off quiet in tampa now but we'll have some showers and temperatures eventually making
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making headlines across >>russell: 6:13 right now. making headlines across america,
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line of duty, this time in oregon. >>laura: officer was shot but expected to be okay. happened last night in glad stone, oregon. officer tried to stop a car but the driver got out and started shooting. the officer was hit. the gunman ran into a nearby subway stop holding a woman hostage there. officers were eventually able to free the hostage and arrest the gunman. the officer who was shot was hit in the chest but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. the officer is survive. >>russell: water park in kansas city is expected to reopen tomorrow for the first time since a deadly accident. 10-year-old caleb schwab died while riding the water slide. it's called a neck injury. he was in a raft with two women. they suffered facial injuries. injuries happened on a hill after a big drop. caleb was reportedly thrown into
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time soon. >>laura: and another amusement park disaster. this time in tennessee. she kids fell off a ferris wheel at the greene county fair. they all dropped about 40 feet to the ground after the bucket they were in flipped over. the children are now recovering in the hospital. all mechanical rides at the fair are now shut down until further notice. >>russell: authorities in california telling about 5,000 people in san bernardino that they may need to evacuate. comes as a wildfire inches closer t more than 300 homeowners forced to evacuate. smoke can be seen as far away as las vegas. >>laura: then here at home, we've been talking about a lot of rain. not as big of a rain event i think as we were wondering if it would be. >>dave: it depends. inland, no. not a big deal. but you go up to citrus county and they've got seven or eight inches of rain. for those folks, and then down
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it's just very pesky the past few days and i'm looking at the radar this morning and there we go. hernando county, pasco county, some heavier showers once again pouring onshore from weeki wachee down through spring hill. there's your moderate to heavy rain. that's not lasting long. the influence of this low beginning to wane as it moves further to the west. but still enough where we have along highway 19 some showers so actually it's around weeki wachee we've had reports of the last few days eight inches of rain. that's a tremendous -- a month's worth of rain so far. hudson, light to moderate rain going southward on 19 as we get into pinellas county. we're waiting for this to move onshore and this little heavier shower will impact port richey, new port richey and holiday over the course of the next half hour. other than that we're quiet. but you look out to the gulf and
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it's not done yet because we're still pinwheeling little spokes of energy around the low combined with a tremendous amount of energy we've had. a couple of inches of rain possible, the flood watch continues, pasco, hernando, citrus, levy counties until about 8:00 tonight. then i think they'll probably drop it as the storm system itself starts to slide even further toward the west. away. pensacola to new orleans, it's their turn to pick up the big rains. now 77 in clearwater, 76 in st. petersburg. bradenton at around 77 and you just see all of this mess just sitting up here in the northeastern gulf but slowly this low is starting to trek toward the northwest and as it does, it's going to take all of this deep moisture with it. the end result for us is that
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normal summer setup. the pattern will shift and that happens tomorrow. watch the future cast. again, this is painting itself pretty well this morning. some showers offshore, up to the northeast and you fast forward it and it continues to bring a few waves of rain in today, tonight and then notice by tomorrow at noon, it's backed off and we'll get more afternoon and evening tomorrow. so hopefully the last morning that we have to deal with this. by the way, i know for hill borrow county going back to school tomorrow, it would be nice to keep it dry. so scattered rains along the coastline and north this morning and then everything kind of shifts inland, 84 degrees for a high temperature. tonight we're back to 77. it will be damp, it will be muggy and then tomorrow afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. rain chances don't just drop.
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a lot of afternoon and evening storms. we're just going to shift the timing of it all. so we'll get more thunderstorm activity thursday, friday, saturday afternoon and evening. rain chances going 50% and then eventually back to 40% for this weekend. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we'll check out a look near the interchange. this is along i-4 and this is just before you get to that point downtown tampa. these are the westbound lanes picking up and of course, eastbound is coming towards us here on the screen. particular area. you'll notice a shine to the roadways we've been reminding folks dealing with the wet roads to slow it down and give yourself extra time to do so. five minutes is the time along i-4 coming from the mlk exit to 275. give yourself eight minutes to travel bruce b downs blfld to i-4 along 75 southbound and then southbound 275 should take 34 minutes from fletcher to the pinellas bayway. >>laura: thank you. have you ever tried falling just for fun?
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: all right. time so see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: jen is back with us after being outside with all the rain yesterday. >>jennifer: dried off finally. ready for this one? >>russell: yes. >>jennifer: golden retriever taking the internet by storm. he's doing a trick most humans have trouble forget about sit, roll over, play dead. he just wants to hula hoop or at least try very hard. in less than a week, this video has more than a million views. he's trying. >>russell: it works. >>jennifer: he's moving in circles. he's got it under control, i think. can you guys hula hoop? >>laura: no. >>russell: only that way. only by holding it in my mouth. >>jennifer: i can't remember the
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>>russell: me, either. >>jennifer: this is kind of strange. we're calling this next one fine with falling. stick with me here. page from california has turned into an instagram celebrity because of her epic falls. >>laura: this is the same woman? >>jennifer: yes. we don't think she's really that clumsy, laura moody. she actually pranks strangers by falling right in front of them. how does she not hurt and she wants to see how people react. do they stop and help her? do they laugh? this is the same woman over and over again and the more spectacular the fall, the better. there she goes. in case you're wondering, it is a pretty painful hobby. she fell into a bush, cut her arm open, requiring stitches. she posted a photo. we're not going to show it. she's already back falling again. >>laura: all of that for that. >>jennifer: the things people do
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>>russell: she odd, isn't it? i know people who fall. >>jennifer: we could start a laura moody facebook page. >>laura: that's why they call me grace around here. >>russell: it's never intentional. >>laura: never intentional. >>jennifer: this latest one you may have seen. it's getting a lot of views. a visitor to sea world learned the hard way that dolphins like to grab things, even high tech gadgets. worth. one dolphin reached out of the park's touch tank, taking a woman's ipad right out of her hand. >>laura: no amount of rice is fixing that. >>jennifer: season pass holder caught the whole thing on camera clling it unbelievable. dolphin swam away proudly, too. got you, didn't i, human? >>russell: watch me. not it.
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>>russell: i'm stuck in this tank. you're going to watch me. see you later. here's a new pitch for rays fans. up next, how you can help the team build its new home. >>laura: and the governor is
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i got ot what donald trump said about our memb
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s can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. >>dave: we're not completely done with the rain yet. i do have a heavier shower just off the coast of pasco and pinellas county there and notice somehow it's building back so again, right along the coast to the north. i know it sounds like a broken record. that's where we have the heaviest rain. holiday town new port richey,
6:30 am
hudson, going to the spring hill area. as y back out, i'm also of moisture just the gu, m hoping this will be the last morning that we have to deal with thire we have cloud and we have showersanticipated. the flood watch, by the way, pasco, hernando, citrus county, that continues through 8:00 tonight. inland locations, obviously you haven't had as much shower and thunderstorm activity but the pattern is about to shift and will favor more inland locations later this week. today 84 with the rain chances best along the coast and north. we'll talk about the rest of the week in just a few minutes. >>vanessa: see you then. thanks, dave. new lane blockage crash out of hernando will be causing southbound concerns for drivers. this is at mariner boulevard and it will just be one southbound lane but please be careful for those emergency crews, tow truck drivers, anyone on the side of the roadway as you pass on by. majors look clear.
6:31 am
here. we're taking a live look at mlk. it is picking up with traffic. you can notice northbound-southbound bud in and out big hiccups. >>russell: thanks. 6:31 right now. top stories, winter haven police need your help tracking two men behind a robbery. this picture shows the getaway car driving around wallace manor. a woman told police the robbers knocked on her door around 8:00 a.m. when she didn't answer, they kicked it in. the thieves made off with and a purse. >>laura: a man and woman turned baby formula into a multi million dollar illegal business. they were just convicted for scheming to steal $2 million worth of baby formula and sell it on craigslist. they were also accused of recruiting two others, including a new port richey woman to help steal the formula from the stores. couple will be sentenced next month. they are facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted.
6:32 am
a celebration of life will be this thursday in st. pete. friends, listeners, entire community invited to come and share stories about dave. he passed away from his sleep last week. doors open at 4:30. memorial will begin at 5:00. update now on the dangerous water on florida's east coast. tens of thousands of fish have been dying in brevard county. fish and wildlife says the indian river lagoon likely suffocated the levels of algae used up most of the oxygen. it will take 10 years, nearly $300 million to restore the area. it will be up to voters to make a final decision whether they want to raise taxes to do it. >> everyone in this community is to band together and make a decision what they want to do. i just believe it's our responsibility to put it on the ballot. >>russell: if the tax increase is approved, $300 million will go towards removing decades of
6:33 am
septic and storm water systems. well, back to school time is here all across florida. >>laura: but as all the students head back, there's something new to think about for parents and teachers. how to keep all the kids safe from the zika virus. fox 13 has more on the governor's plan. >>reporter: he wants educators and parents and even kids to be able to identify the zika virus and hop spreading. right now there are 429 cases in the state of florida. 12 in hillsborough, 13 in polk. with most kids here in the tampa bay area going back to school tomorrow, there's a greater risk that the virus can spread. so the governor just announced his anti-zika strategy. let me give you some highlights. schools in south florida are going to be handing out mosquito repellant to students. schools across the state,
6:34 am
written information about zika and they're going to be learning about it in class. teachers are going to be using the so-called teacher tool kits so they have the most current information available. head of our state's education department just made this statement. i quote, it's a great opportunity to utilize all the resources that are available and our educators to help our students and our communities understand what to do. this is not only a health concern. it's also a monetary concern. you know that florida really relies on tourism and that relies on our image. we don't want our image to be tarnished. experts are saying we want to get the zika thing under control before the winter tourist season. otherwise, this could mean losing money. back to you. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: rays are shopping around for a new stadium. they've been trying to leave the trop for quite a while. >>laura: they are not alone in
6:35 am
out. >> we're different by design. our next ball park needs to be just like us. >>laura: rays just debuted a new website, ball park where fans can share their ideas for what the new stadium could look like. and while the rays aren't officially allowed to leave the trop until 2018, the deadline for a master plan is set for the end of >>russell: americans continue to come nature -- dominate in the water. two of the medals came in the 100 meter breast stroke last night. u.s. now has 19 total medals in the games, ldi a countries. >>laura: and then here's a look at today's big events at rio. bipgest one is the women's gymnastics team. they look to shine in the team final this afternoon. they are huge favorites to take
6:36 am
phelps is looking to snag his 20th olympic gold medal. gold. it would be in the 200 meter butterfly. it would also be phelps' second gold this olympics and the u.s. women's soccer team have the final match of the group stage taking on colombia. they are trying to win the fourth straight olympic gold and fifth overall. >>russell: as if rio didn't have enough to worry about during the games, there's something else you can add to that list. >>laura: police have a new danger, drones. authorities in brazil are waging an all-out war against the flying robots right now. several were spotted flying over the opening ceremonies friday night. police are having to get high tech to keep all the venues safe. they have worked with several drone manufacturers to try to create virtual barriers to stop the drones from flying over venues. brazilian military has technology that jams a drone's signal mid flight. they actually had to get governmental approval to do
6:37 am
because the jamming devices can be used on almost all electronic devices. they say this gives the military too much power. you can get your olympic spirit on today at the glazer children museum in tampa. they're hosting summer olympic days the next two weeks. families can experience games and olympic inspired activities and it's all included with admission. prices are $10 for the kids and $15 for adults. >>russell: the fight against frki stop the controversial practice.
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?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? >>dave: lots of cloud cover this morning and yes, more rain on the radar. while we haven't had a lot in the tampa area so far, i'm watching as some of the showers are building in the gulf again and starting to stream onshore.
6:41 am
orks oes weaken and fall apart. west ofbrooville, i doave some light in. brooksll ye,'re about to get wet. it's not a big deal, just a little light rain ths where the heaviest o the rain has been fromn soh on down to richey, holiday, tarpon springs. all of this heavy rain is sitting off to the west of you but it's all streaming southwest to northeast. i think this part of pasco county is in for a lot more rain this morning. it's always one spot, right? and so we'll get maybe a couple of inches of rain. that's the potential. that's why the flood watch is out for pasco county, hernando and citrus county through 8:00 today as we're streaming
6:42 am
the other thing i'm noticing is that you're getting some rain over here. it's way out into the gulf. we'll be watching this as it approaches the coastline a few hours from now. i just think that we're not completely done with the influence of this low yet. not yet. by tomorrow we will start to shift the weather pattern and by tomorrow, i think the showers and the thunderstorms come in the afternoon which obviously is more normal for this time of year. there's t f tonight at 8:00. some of these spots under this flood watch in citrus county have picked up almost eight inches of rain so it wouldn't take much more to cause problems with some rivers, creeks and streams. 76 in st. petersburg. 77 in brandon. this is your culprit. again, just this mid level low just spinning around. one thing it's beginning to do, starts to move back to the west. obviously as it does that, and it takes away some of the
6:43 am
think will happen. our winds will begin to shift to a southeasterly direction and as you do that, then you'll start to sort of transfer the rain from the mornings, which we're getting now, to the afternoon and evenings. so i'm hoping this is the last morning that we have to deal with this. but it's almost like a routine the last three or four days. i want to you keep the umbrellas handy. i want to keep your skytower radar app handy, especially north up to hernando county where we're seeing most of the rain. heaviest near the coast and north of tampa. 48 degrees for a high temperature. damp, muggy tonight while we don't have a lot of rain overnight, you're still going to have a lot of that sitting water on the side of the road. you know some ponding. there's nowhere for it to go. everything is full. tomorrow morning we get some sunshine, bring it back to 88 degrees. we're still going to have enough moisture around for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. marine forecast obviously today is going to be a tough one
6:44 am
coastal showers but with a south wind picking up at 15 knots. that's going to turn it up a bit so seas running two to four feet and a moderate chop. high tide at -- oh, now. i was going to say we had it earlier but no. it's like around now. next seven days, you'll see rain chances will drop back to more normal august levels. 50% for thursday and friday. 40% for saturday, sunday and for monday. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, right now and they're both on the majors. bear with me as i talk about this crash. i'm trying to pull the other one up on camera but the first one we'll let you know about is in pasco county, causing big delays. it's southbound 75. two crashes, one of them at state road 52 and the other one is about three miles south. both of them are causing some lane blockage. best work around here is to exit at 52 and you should be able to
6:45 am
instead, get back onto the interstate just beyond. i did finally get the shot for you. this is i-4, westbound direction. we have a crash reported, looks like this is in the mango road area. appears to involve maybe a couple of vehicles, one of them a jackknifed pickup truck and also a pickup truck. we don't know a whole lot about this. we had to call authorities and let them know to send a road ranger because it wasn't reported on any of their systems so we're not hearing ofny blockage. i'm not seeing any myself but it is causing some major delays. basically from this point almost all the way back to forbes road so that's pretty substantial. drivers can avoid the westbound delays by taking u.s. 92 and of course, we'll be following this one closely. we'll let you know once we learn anything else. looks like actually maybe the fire department just showed up so maybe they'll be reporting back short well more on injuries and lane blockages. we'll get that to you as soon as we can.
6:46 am
we'll check in with charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: "good day." how are you doing? busy couple of mornings for you. >>vanessa: yeah. the rain is not good. >>charley: it's so interesting how the rain and traffic issues just go hand in hand. two people busiest at the station, you and dave osterberg, no doubt about it. so thanks for keeping us safe there, vanessa. >>vanessa: my pleasure. >>charley: i hear your voice a little bit. how about yest i was really proud of yesterday. you probably never even made it out of the traffic center, did you? >>vanessa: i was supposed to but -- >>charley: i know. the original plan, i think you were going to be with me over in clearwater and then as the weather turned worse, they knew he needed to stay close to home and i was lucky enough to have jennifer epstein over there. i'll tell you what. we had a good time. we both were a little nervous going into it, not knowing if people would come all the way to the long center and if they would find us and the rain and
6:47 am
wanted to make sure we collected as many school supplies as you did in tampa so the pressure was on. i cannot thank our "good day" viewers enough for braving the weather. i mean, coming out in the pouring rain at times. it did not stop. people just almost non stop flow of people bringing us school supplies yesterday. it was just -- it was really heart warming to see. i saw at 5:00 and 6:00, i saw and laura there at the station and all of the school supplies they gathered there so just a heartfelt thank you from all of us for stepping up like that. and jen, you know that was the first time jen and i had been on tv together at the same time? >>vanessa: that's trouble. >>charley: we got just a small taste. we kind of liked it. kind of liked that. >>vanessa: the snow. >>charley: we used to do this thing.
6:48 am
>>charley: yes. we played on tv before but we had to get information out yesterday. of course, we did this. >>vanessa: and this was an extended. >>charley: yes. yes. and we did this for awhile when she was the traffic reporter. we would do the 6:45 thing. but being together -- so basically we want our own show no. that's what i'm saying. we're going to management, jennifer epstein -- i'll give her top billing. jen and charley show. we're sitting down with people, we're shopping bravo is interested, a & e. if we want to go blue, we might put it on cable. we're shopping the jen and charley show. >>vanessa: people would love to watch that. >>charley: yeah. hey, i got a great -- talking about back to school, yesterday was all about the supplies. the countdown is on. tomorrow the first day for many of our students. what are you going to pack for their lunches? so we have come to publix aprons cooking school. we're at the one at citrus park.
6:49 am
because isn't this an interesting view of a grocery store? you never see this view of a grocery store and i just always love coming to the citrus park publix. you can come upstairs here and you can look out and realize how much food is there for the masses to purchase and take home and consume and do it all over again. but we're talking about getting those students ready. so i've got -- we've got a great italian chef here. who better than an italian chef who can tell you how to take sunday dinner and turn it into your kids. so if you're also watching and you don't have kids in school, it's great leftovers ideas. either way, whether you're dealing with leftovers at home or the kids in school and you want to pack lunches, we have great advice how to turn sunday dinner into lunch all week long and talk about healthy snacks and alternative for the kids, what to put in the lunches, what to not put it in the lunches.
6:50 am
>>vanessa: i love leftovers recipes so this is my morning. >>charley: pay attention. >>vanessa: thanks, charley. russell? >>russell: happening today in dade city, a vote over the future of fracking. city commissioners will hold the second and final public hearing to gather a comment on a new ordinance and that ordinance would ban fracking and fracking waste water disposal within city limits. fracking is the process of extracting oil and gas from the earth but riskson 15 other florida counties have already passed bans on fracking including pinellas. meeting starts at 5:30 at dade city hall. commissioners will vote on the ordinance right after that meeting. >>laura: hundreds of jobs up for grabs in tampa. it's the greater tampa job fair by the hilton on cypress street. the fair is open to all job seekers. features dozens of counties ready to hire on the spot. it is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the companies include
6:51 am
resort and itt technical institute. >>russell: really pays to get to cut to the front of the line. t.s.a. just added new perks to its pre-check program. >>laura: and the longest running sitcom in television history still coming up with new ideas. but the producers of the introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. ? and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last.
6:52 am
it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
6:53 am
dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
6:54 am
more perks... for the precheck program. >>russell: more perks for the pre-check program and bad news for hu lu fans hoping for a freebie. >>laura: lauren simonetti is here to talk business news for us. >> good morning. >laura: let's talk markets. >> all right. let's do it. a little bit of a pullback yesterday. you know, investors keeping their powder dry. we have so many consumer stocks think nordstroms and macy's, gap reporting. futures up just a bit today. >>russell: tsa pre-check. what's new? what makes it even better? i didn't know it could get better. >> they've been success informal getting more people to sign up and now the tsa is trying to make it easier, partnering with the dmv, some music concerts and
6:55 am
people can sign up, get that interview and get through the security check point lines even easier. >>russell: that's great. >> i know. so the goal is 25 million people by 2019 and by making it easier and more assessable to people, they can up the numbers. >>russell: hula, what is going on? >> what ty' had free streaming. you can binge all you want for mine years. that changes and changes soon. if you want to watch a tv show, you have to pay at least $8 a month. okay? so they're trying to make money because they are a company and companies try to keep money and compete with netflix and amazon. but they also have a deal with yahoo so you can see some still for free. >>laura: i was thinking that was just a matter of time anyway. >>russell: sure.
6:56 am
>> sure. thank you. see you soon. >>laura: don't miss lauren simonetti on our sister network station. if you're not sure where to find the fox business network, log on to fox and look for channel finder. >>russell: after three decades on the air, the simpsons can still pull off a first. the show is working on the first hour long episode. it's going to be based on the great gastby. a lot of guest voices, the story is about mr. burns friendship with a hip hop mogul. show producers say it's just going to be a 30 minute episode but the table read went so well, they decided to expand it. the show airs sometime in the coming season. >>laura: great news for "game of thrones" fans. you can see the show in person. concert tour will feature all the music with an 80 piece orchestra and choir. they'll perform on a 360-degree
6:57 am
showing scenes from the show. there will also be a special 3d effect throughout the show. it's been in the works for several years now and here is the best news of all. it's coming to tampa. the tour will stop at the amalie arena on march 12. tickets start this saturday. >>russell: pursuit of happiness in a relationship. jennifer epstein tells us the four things to consider. >>laura: plus the red spots that you see on olympic those are from an ancient form of therapy. dr. jo will tell us if it works. >>dave: and the red spots on the radar, heavy rain as we have more moving into parts of pasco county this morning. you can see around hudson, new port richey, holiday, notice how around anclote, we have the heavy rain just hovering off the coast. more off to the southwest. i'm hoping this will be the last morning for all of this. as the rain chances start to
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- a crash caught on camera. at least two cars on fire. several people hurt. plus... >>russell: at least two cars on fire, several people hurt plus -- >>reporter: bus testing routes in hillsborough county one day before the start of the school year. i'm shayla reaves and we're on one of those routes. i'll have the latest details for you straight ahead. >>laura: and breaking your wedding vows, cheating on your spouse. try to guess the age when you are at the highest risk of doing that? welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." >>russell: first some big delays on i-4 right now. let's get to vanessa about that.


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