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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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((russell- a crash caught on camera. at least two cars on fire. several people hurt. plus... >>russell: at least two cars on fire, several people hurt plus -- >>reporter: bus testing routes in hillsborough county one day before the start of the school year. i'm shayla reaves and we're on one of those routes. i'll have the latest details for you straight ahead. >>laura: and breaking your wedding vows, cheating on your spouse. try to guess the age when you are at the highest risk of doing that? welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." >>russell: first some big delays on i-4 right now. let's get to vanessa about that.
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the interstates and i-4 is one of them, westbound direction. just waking up and joining in with us, we have a crash involving a semi which appears to have skidded to the side. it might also involve a box truck and there is also a pickup truck. you can see it right there. looks like it's slammed into the side of the semi. no lane blockages here at that exit from mango but folks are definitely slowing down to take a look. i'll show you the delays year seeing, averaging 18 miles an ur backups up to forbes road. u.s. 92 and we'll keep you updated with the more information we get. southbound drivers heading through pasco county, we have big delays here along 75. reported as well as a second - crash about three miles south so we have two incidents slowing things down and drivers can actually exit at 52. take old pasco road to get around those southbound delays.
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just off the coast of pinellas and pasco county and in spots that have really seen the fair share of rain the past few days. we have steady rain, mostly light. hudson southward down to new port richey. then again, you see the heavy rain just hovering offshore and working its way from southwest to northeast. only a matter of time before that area of highway 19 in pasco county gets to some heavy rain and then back off to the southwest, see how back in? i think we have another on and off rainy morning to go at us. once this moves through and that low finally moves off toward the west, we can start to shift our chances of rain to at least the afternoon hours. but for today, the morning rain along the coast and to the north. we're starting at 77 degrees with high temperatures today in the mid 80s and more skytower radar views in just a few minutes. >>laura: and new this morning, vanessa is covering this, a bad
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just east of the veterans expressway. it's near the airport. this is video friday a viewer. we're told that two or three cars may have caught fire. several people are hurt including at least one person with severe burns. highway patrol is investigating. things should be back to normal at delta airlines after a systemwide outage but not yet. >>russell: they expect hundreds of cancellations and delays. things are getting any better. good morning. >>walter: good morning to you. it seems like we're making a little progress. when you look at the line here at delta, it doesn't look like they're making any progress at all. looks like about 50 to 100 people are waiting in line here, trying to get out of tampa. somehow, some way trying to find flights home. last look at the big board, five cancellations, four delays when you're talking about delta flights. certainly better than the
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yesterday. they had some 650 flights that were cancelled and only a third of the flights that were scheduled to take off on time made it and the rest were delays. they had huge problems yesterday. talked to some folks, some of them have been waiting since yesterday to get on a flight. others waiting here for about an hour and i asked is delta offering anything? are they trying to appease the travellers? actually, here is one of them right now. do you want to talk to us live? >> >>walter: what's your name? >> j.d. miller. or john miller. >>walter: john, tell us about your situation. you want to fly out early this morning? >> yeah. so i got up early. i had meetings in atlanta for my company and i was pleasantly surprised, looks like i'll be on the 11:00 a.m. i can't be too upset considering the people before and behind me in line aren't leaving until tomorrow. >>walter: talk to me about when you looked at the app, you got an alert this morning and that threw you into a tizzy. >> i called my company and let
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today, and online there's no indication of when you'll be able to leave so thankfully i just spoke to the gate agent and they'll get me back. >>walter: what's the mood and the consensus here in line? a lot of people have been waiting here. >> i think it's definitely some uncontrollable. you have a chance to figure out how you're going to teel with it. some people are understandably frustrated and drains and tired and have been here overnight and then you just do what you can do. you can't really control it. it's out of your have a good attitude and be patient. >>walter: you have a good flight. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >>walter: travel safe. things are moving slowly but they are moving here at the delta counter. just to recap, five cancellations, four delays so if you are heading out sometime today, you definitely want to check with your carrier, delta, or with the airport with the big board.
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>>russell: we're learning more about the nightclub shooting in orlando. 49 victims were shot more than 200 times, all but two of them were hit multiple times, including one person who was shot 13 times. we don't know if any of those bullets came from law enforcement during the shootout with gunmen mateet. six bullets came from in front of him, two from behind. he died. dozens of other people wounded. kaylee anthony would be 11 today. a couple from sarasota recently visited the site where her body was found and cleaned up the memorial created in her honor. the area was grown over with grass and weeds. after that they placed a white picket fence along with flowers and stuffed animals. her mother, casey anthony, was found not guilty of murdering her daughter in 2011. >>laura: it is 7:06 now. we should find out today if
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st. pete will happen. pinellas county commissioners are set to vote on it. they are the last government body that needs to approve the high speed ferry. hillsborough county commissioners gave it the okay already. so did tampa and st. pete city councils, all of them agreeing to pay a portion of the bill f. that happens, the ferry will shuttle passengers from the tampa convention center to st. pete. it will cost $10 and it should be ready by november. tomorrow at this time, thousands of students will be headed back to school. almost every county in our area. >>russell: getting all the kids to school safely takes patience and practice. shayla reaves went for a ride this morning. how is it going out there? good morning. you're still riding. >>reporter: we are joining one of the drivers with hillsborough county schools and the day before school, it's the opportunity for drivers to check out their routes, make sure
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some of the 940 routes transporting more than 90,000 students right here in hillsborough county. today we're joined by driver jackie who is navigating her routes throughout hillsborough county. we started our morning over at west tampa elementary school and just one of the stops along her daily route. this is the last day for students to have that opportunity to press snooze, to get some extra z's because c students will be making their way to bus stops around hillsborough county. this is the eighth largest school district in the country. so drivers like jackie here are responsible for making sure all the kids get on their buses, get to their schools and get to and from each day where they need to be and make sure that commute is a safe one. so we're going to be out here throughout the morning. we've had a chance to ride several of her routes so far.
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air force base. we weren't able to travel onto the base but that will be part of her commute as she navigates during the school year. so i'll be back with another live report for you guys coming up here in the next hour. back to you. >>russell: all right. wheels on the bus go around and around. see you later, okay? >>laura: so much for the dry run, right? we want to take a minute to thank all our viewers who donated to the back to schoo rain. we received tons of binders and rulers and pencils and backpacks, all of the things that are needed to have a successful year in school. all of those donations will really go a long way for the kids in both pinellas and hillsborough county schools. what a turnout we had. if you were unable to donate for whatever reason, there's still time. you can drop off donations at teaching tools in tampa. it's on north howard avenue. you can find a list of supplies
7:10 am >>russell: four facts about happy couples. things they like to do together. >>laura: let's be honest. you can't trust everyone. find out the average age when people cheat the most in a relationship. >>dave: overcast skies this morning and yeah, more rain on the radar. the rain has been lit up over pasco county this morning. it's been light but i'm beginning to see some of those moderate to heavier the flood watch continues from pasco county north through 8:00 so the forecast continues wet overall today. by tomorrow, we'll shift the
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>>dave: raindrops on the camera. i've been watching those for a few mornings. this time, hudson beach where we have some rain now and so far, it's been light in and around pasco county but i'm looking just offshore, just lurking offshore and you can see some of
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up. as they move southwest to northeast, you're going to continue to see rain over the same spots in parts of pasco county, maybe even hernando county as well. that's why we're watching and that's why the flood watch continues and i know you don't see a ton of rain on the radar, but you have to think over the past few days, we've gotten so much that everything -- the cup is full. there's nowhere for water to go. if you were to get heavier showers, which you may in pasco county, you could run the chance that. so hudson, spring hill, weeki wachee is wet, new port richey. i'm telling you, the showers are just miles offshore. there's anclote. you can see how close they are there. the other thing i wanted to show is as i back up, you can start to see even pinellas county and going to get wet as we're streaming up all of this moisture and it's running southwest to northeast. big picture, here is a line which is steadily working towards the east and out ahead
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tropical downpours so really, what i'm saying is we've got another wet morning to throw at you and while i do think we're going to have some heavier showers as the morning moves along, i also think like the past three days, as it moves eastward and we get into the afternoon, it starts to quiet back down. so at least as we're getting the rain, it gets out of here in enough time that we can enjoy halfway decent afternoon out of the deal. another two to three inches of rain may fall in this flood watch area which includes pasco county, hernando county, levy county and by tonight and tomorrow, this whole pressure system will have moved far enough to the west and our w winds will shift that we get into a normal pattern. does that mean it's not going to rain the rest of the week? absolutely not. it's august. we typically get afternoon and thunderstorms but after today we're going to get back into that pattern. we're all in 70s at this hour. mid to upper 70s and you see the broad spin we have back here
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boy, the weather prediction center is pumping out tons of rain between new orleans and pensacola. then you see 10, 12 inches of rain over the next couple of days. and i'm thinking, hopefully this will be our last morning band of rain before all of this shifts back toward the west. once we can crank back into a normal pattern, of course, then it starts to get hotter again as well. we'll probably approach 90 degrees later this week so more the coast, heaviest to the north of tampa, same way it's been over the past few days, limiting high temperatures to about 84 degrees. damp and muggy tonight with a low of 77 and tomorrow we'll throw some sun in there. high temperature around 88 degrees. but with enough moisture, we'll have scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. please be careful. i don't think there's any need that you want to jump out there and have a fun boating day
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there. some people do this for a living so be careful. moderate chop, south winds at 15 knots and seven-day outlook will bring us back to normal. 40% to 50% rain chances the end of the week. highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. we'll get an update here on i-4, first of all. westbound traffic is slowing down, even more approaching that crash site i showed you earlier. this is near mango and it involves, you saw the tractor trailer and also involved a truck as well. still the quickest work around is u.s. 92. typically when we see a crash on i-4, we push you onto 92. thonotosassa road also becomes a good work around as the traffic starts to build on the alternate. either way you go, you'll be fine. but in the meantime, i have the backup towards forbes. that crash site still working and as we showed you before, it is off to the side but folks are definitely slowing down to look at it.
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delays due to the two crashes. 52 and then three miles south of 52, old pasco road is one work around. it will be north and southbound off to the west side. another work around for you is going to be to the east. that's curlew road. we're seeing a delay off the interstate and taking old pasco. i want to catch you up to speed on new crashes. we have a crash in pinellas at lake view road. one lane is blocked northbound so we do have some minor delays heading that way. gulf to bay boulevard at u.s. sounds like it might have cleared moments ago so we're seeing some moderate delays. however, you can see southbound u.s. 19 seems to be stacking up just a bit approaching that intersection. just so you know, on other maps we're seeing southbound delays just south of gulf to bay boulevard. so i would plan some extra time whether you're going towards gulf to bay or going just beyond
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(russell- nothing good >>russell: you know this. nothing good ever comes out of cheating. somebody always gets hurt. >>laura: so how do you avoid the heart ache of getting cheated on? jen has a tell tale sign. >>jennifer: there's the obvious stuff, late nights at the office, text messages in the middle of the night. turns out your partner's age is something to worry ab a new report says that people are twice as likely to cheat at the age of 39 calling it the danger age. experts say 39 is not the only age of infidelity. people are more likely to have affairs in the last yea of her decades. they call it the nine enders like age 29, 49 and so on. they think it's the time in our lives when we become preoccupied with lives are meaningful like the mid life crisis.
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your paycheck. the study also found that for men and women, making less money than your spouse increased your chances of cheating. but let's say this. not only couples cheat. according to men's health, there are four things all happy couples have in common. first, sex. couples who are intimate at least two to three times a month are 33% more likely to be happier in their relationship than those who do not. next one, friends key to a successful relationship is on start with a strong, balanced bond. people who start up as friends are more satisfied. and sorry, parents, but experts say not having children can actually improve the quality of your relationship. the council on contemporary families found that childless couples were the happiest, whether they were married or not. that said, for couples who do have kids working for companies with flexible parental leave
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and lastly, similar drinking habits. it doesn't matter if you like wine and your spouse loves beer but how often and how much you drink can make a difference in how happy you both are. couples with mismatched drinking habits, if one is a heavy drinker and the other is not, you're more likely to break up compared to those who drink equally. >>laura: the cost of having a baby. coming up, why florida is one of the most expensive states to that. >>russell: plus if looks could kill. there's a reason that michael phelps gave one of his rivals a scary looking stare. it's become a meme. but first, there's charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: i haven't seen that yet. >>russell: look it up. it's something. it's something. >>charley: i got into the whole
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>>vanessa: we have an aerial view. i-4, we've been watching the slowdowns in the westbound direction. we told you before, not seeing any lane blockage due to the crash. it appears to involve two trucks and a pickup truck here.
7:26 am
but the packups are pretty substantial. we'll check the travel times. we're fully in the red zone along i-4 westbound sitting at a 29 minute ride and that's coming from branch forbes heading to 75. definitely an area to avoid as we tossed out before, 92 and thonotosassa are the best work arounds for the interstate there. some congestion here, very light along southbound 275 heading into the interchange from bearss, that's just a 12 minute ride and clear along 75 downs from state road 54. that's an eight minute drive. no delays here but want to let you know as a safety concern out of sarasota county, we have a car fire reported along southbound 75 just past the clark road exit. possibility of some lane blockages here but as i showed you before, you can see green road sensors so maybe that's not the case. no lane blockage but be careful for any emergency crews responding. dave? >>dave: i'm watching heavy rain approach the coastline of pasco
7:27 am
problem is, we just got a lot of moisture sitting out there. we've had a lot of rain so far so while the flood watch continues from pasco county north, i think areas along the coast and to the north are running that high risk of seeing some heavier precipitation as the morning moves along. back out to the southwest, you just see this whole line of rain developing and it will approach the coastline. we're back at it again this morning. rain chances will start to drop, 70% today. 60% tomorrow. they're back to the you on thursday and friday and high temperatures today back to the mid 80s. >>laura: thank you. it is 7:27 now. we now know the cause of death for a boy riding on the world's tallest water slide. >>russell: it was a neck injury that killed 10-year-old caleb schwab. he was on the ride sunday with two women he didn't know. the raft travels at speeds of 65 miles an hour. officials say caleb was dead by the time his body had made it to
7:28 am
they're not being any more specific than that. two women were hurt as well. they had some minor facial injuries. >>laura: three children are lucky they did not get seriously hurt after falling off a ferris wheel. some 40 feet below. the basket they were riding in flipped over when the ride got stuck monday at a fair in greene county, tennessee. these girls fell, it's estimated between 35 to 45 feet. two of them were flown to a trauma center. the other was taken by ambulance. doctors say a are alert and answering questions and investigators want to make sure there wasn't any foul play or ride malfunction before they rule it an accident. >>russell: police in princeton, massachusetts are hunting for a killer. vanessa markoff's body was found in the woods a half mile from her mother's house. she went for a jog on sunday and never came back. police think the murder took place between 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. they're hoping there was a witness. she was from new york city
7:29 am
grade boy thrown in jail after he brought a homemade clock to school is suing the texas school district. 14-year-old momhammed was accusd of making a hoax bomb. the school should have known better since he had a reputation of bringing gadgets to class. he was suspended from school and they say he got death threats forcing them to leave the country. >>russell: state of emergency in portugal. 500 forest fires right now. major. they're burning out of control, spreading quickly because of a dry and hot conditions. to put this in perspective, portugal is half the size of florida so 500 forest fires at one time is pretty major. >>laura: an ancient form of therapy that olympic athletes are start to go use. have you seen this? dr. jo will tell us if this really works. >>russell: and new concerns for donald trump. there's a conservative candidate
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(russell- >>russell: welcome. 7:33. this is what we're looking at this morning. it's another wet day. showers pretty much across the concerns about flooding in areas to the north of us. of course, all of this rain increases the risk of mosquitos, too, and that could become a problem. >>laura: there's a 17th case of the zika virus from a mosquito here in florida. patient lives in palm beach county but may have gotten it while in miami. if not, that could mean the mosquito carrying the virus is now travelling to other parts of the state and that's something
7:34 am
virus from spreading north of downtown miami. this raises the stakes in the fight against the virus. funding could run out, too, in a few weeks if congress does not act. they are in recess until after labor day. so far they cannot seem to agree on how much to spend. >>russell: new billboard campaign raising awareness of the zika virus. bill boards are going up near airports in miami and fort lauderdale. it is what you think it is. features a condom with the words, prevents transmission. health officials want to remind people sex is one way the virus spreads, not just mosquitos. >>laura: it seems like republican presidential nominee donald trump is facing attacks from all sides now. >>russell: g.o.p. establishment figures are questioning his fitness for office and now he's facing a new challenger. >> donald trump facing a new wave of criticism now just as he's trying to establish himself
7:35 am
candidate. donald trump trying to get back on track, speaking at the detroit economic club is sounding more like a traditional candidate. >> no american company will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. >> trump delivered a largely conservative message and stuck to the script, things the g.o.p. insiders have wanted to see from him but he fac yesterday, a letter from 50 former republican foreign policy officials and advisers opposing his candidacy. susan collins said she wouldn't support him and little known former c.i.a. officer and congressional staffer mc mullen decided to launch his own presidential bid. >> i believe this is the last moment when someone can offer credibly an alternative to these two unfit candidates.
7:36 am
filing deadlines in most states but he could join other third party candidates like gary johnson and jill stine who seem to be gaining traction in an election year when the two major party candidates remain deeply unpopular. and that's the thing about these third party candidates this time around. they may not be able to win the white house but they could play a role in determining who does. >>laura: if you've been watching olympics, you may have seen athletes with these perfectly circular, red marks. sort of look like bruises. dark red spots that are typically on the shoulders and on the backs. this is an ancient therapy that's known as cupping. dr. jo is here now to talk about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >>laura: my husband and i were watching the olympics over the weekend and, you know, i know
7:37 am
paltro trying it years and years ago. what is it? >> you cannot miss the rings you see. what it is, it's basically ancient from china and it's used a lot in hospitals in china and what they do is they take either suction cup or what ear seeing here is it's done with a flame. what you can do is you can light a cotton ball, stick it into that cup, pull it out really quickly and then put that on the skin and then it forms a then the skin is pulled up into this particular cup. they can be strategically placed in certain areas and what it does or what the thought is, maybe that it increases the blood flow to that particular area, perhaps helping the healing, you know, also a lot of that kind of same concept is used in anti-aging.
7:38 am
make it realize that it needs to be healed. and so -- wow. what you're seeing here, you're seeing this is the flame type of cupping. >>laura: it looks so painful. in the case of michael phelps, we noticed it was all over his right shoulder blade and up towards the front of his body. this looks like an extreme form of therapy. is there any evidence it works? >> yeah. you know, there's a review article out there. they looked at multiple studies at over 130 it's used for all kinds of things in china. it's used for herpes, like shingles. it's used for pain, it's used for disc herniations. >>laura: are these extreme pictures we're seeing right now? >> no. >>laura: this is typical therapy? >> no. instead of using that flame, they've created a suction cup. it's a little easier to use and they can keep it on a little bit longer but basically what you're doing, too, you're breaking little blood vessels.
7:39 am
bruising. then it will have to heal itself. when you look at the studies, it's difficult because a lot of the studies, you have to compare it to a placebo. and they say because you've got that huge mark on your body, it's hard to not have a placebo effect, right? you're looking at it, you're feeling it. there's about a 30% placebo rate no matter what type of drug you use. in this particular case, it's hard to compare it because you've also got to make the mark. there have been one or two it may be beneficial for pain. but again, i think the jury is still out. apparently, you know, we have a testimony of all of these athletes who say it does work but accupuncture, other things you might want to consider if you don't want really and truly all of those marks. >>laura: counter pain with pain like that. all right. thank you, dr. jo. russell? >>russell: wow. think about a plunger. just put a plunger on your back. >>laura: yes. >>russell: all right.
7:40 am
any parent will tell you that. but florida is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to the cost of childbirth. we're 43rd. that's according to wallet study took into consideration delivery costs as well as the cost of care, how much it costs for baby supplies. florida has some highest delivery costs in the country, especially for c-section. average cost of having a baby before ever leaving the hospital, more than $10,000 and baby supplies are all high in florida as well. that includes the crib, t stroller, the diapers. dave? >>dave: and so on and so on and so on, yeah. in sports, all good things must come to an end. rays pitcher saw his streak of almost 21 scoreless innings end last night in toronto. he gave up mour runs before leaving the game in the sixth inning. blue jays beat the rays 7-5. that gives the rays the worst record in the american league at
7:41 am
>> we're different by design, which is why our next ball park needs to be just like us. >>dave: the rays are asking for your help choosing a new stadium site. they have a website where you can send in suggestions, share your ideas. the web address is ball park you need to hurry because the deadline for a master stadium plan is the end of september a tropicana field in about two years. take a look at this. we have michael phelps in the water last knit for a semi final in his signature race, the 200 meter butterfly. he moved through to the final easily and will get a prime lane for that race but there was something else going on and just trying to swim smart and fast.
7:42 am
him and during the race, he kept turning his head to see whphelp was. before the race, he kept staring at him on the deck. before that, it got even kookier. he was trying to mess with phelps in the ready room, dancing around in front of him, shadow boxing, staring him down, clearly an attempt at a psych out. phelps wasn't having it. take a look at his stare. he was practically snarling and the commentator looked like he was going to bite the other guy and now the look is all over social media. memes are everywhere and tonight they'll settle it in the final and n what could be phelps' 20th gold medal. it is hard to psych out a guy with 19 gold medals. i think that's what you have to understand with this buddy.
7:43 am
sitting offshore and look how dark and stormy it looks in sirata beach camera as that rain is beginning to approach the coastline. so skytower radar views dpa lor coming up in a couple of minutes. >>laura: thanks, dave. i really want to know the story behind that interaction. 7:43 right now. on tuesdays we have our traffic tip so we'll be talking with tpd about rules of the lights. we're talking red lights, high beams, when you should use those emergency flashers.
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>>dave: wow. this camera looks ominous, doesn't it? look how dark it is out over the gulf and yeah, there's a lot of rain out there and of course, starting to approach the coastline in a few spots. 77 degrees southeast winds at eight. here is one line of rain and that's what you're seeing there from the clearwater beach camera. then here's another line of
7:47 am
turn the taps off, dave. got to give it one more morning and then things will start to improve. we still have a flood watch out from pasco county northward throughout the day until 8:00 tonight. why? we've had five, six, seven inches of rain in the flood watch area and it continues to rain around spring hill, week ji watchy, some light rain and going south on 19. notice the heavier rain. it's been hovering offshore but the general direction is southwest to northeast. here's another shower headed to the southern beaches of pinellas county and yet even more as you go back out over the gulf. we're still under the influence of the low which is over the panhandle. it's going to continue to slowly move west and gradually wane the influence on us. i just think we have one more morning this morning with the showers and storms and then things will start to improve so heads up for the scattered rain. it will be heaviest near the
7:48 am
where we have the flood watch out until 8:00 tonight. 84 degrees for a high. tonight we're back to 77 and it will be damp, muggy and the next seven days we'll finally begin to set the rain chances. 50% tomorrow, 50% on thursday and friday as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. it is 7:48 right now and no breaks on the roadway. yet another incident we're following on a major roadway. this is in pinella it's a single vehicle crash where the driver was ejected. there's some serious injuries. this is northbound 275 at 54th avenue north and you can barely make it out but we're seeing two outside lanes blocked here so delays we're seeing in the northbound direction from that point back towards the area of downtown saint pete. looks like your best work around is fourth street north and we're seeing moderate southbound delays so on the other side of
7:49 am
crash we're following here, bloomingdale avenue at coolidge street in the river view area. i-4 westbound looks like we're seeing backups approaching mango, backing up towards forbes road at this point. so with the work arounds being u.s. 92 and thonotosassa road, pasco county drivers continue to avoid this stretch as well, 75 southbound. state road 52 and a few mil crashes. work arounds here, old pasco and curley road. as promised, before the break, we have our traffic tip. it is tuesday so we'll check in here with the tampa police department. today we alluded to lights. we're going to talk rules of all sorts of lights, headlights, high beams, the emergency flashers which unfortunately we see all too often used inappropriately and incorrectly. >> good morning. and happy tuesday to everyone. you're right.
7:50 am
important and least understood safety features on a vehicle is the lights. a lot of people think, hey, if it's dark, just turn them on. you're right. it's that simple. a lot of folks don't know when to turn the lights on such as high beams, such as your flashers so let me give you an example. you're driving on the street and it's raining super hard like it is now or like it has been. do you put your flashers on or not? the answer is no. you don't to want put your flashers on. only time you put your flashers on is if the side and your car is stopped, okay? so here are some dos and don'ts for the lights. try to use your light. don't try. use your lights between sunset and sunrise. okay? so when the sun is going down, you need to put the lights on. when it's coming up, you can timely turn them off. however, also when it it is raining, use your lights. if you have to put your windshield wipers on, that's when you need to put your lights
7:51 am
you. if you're cruising down the interstate and it's super dark outside, you can't see that far, that's when you put the high beams on. like i said, use the flashers during emergency situations when you're pulled off to the side. not while you're driving, okay? so those are some tips of the dos. so the don'ts, you don't want to use your high beams when there's oncoming traffic. let's say you're travelling down the you've got your -- there's no one up ahead but you see a car come. turn the high beams off so you don't blind the other person. also turn them off when you're following someone. there's no one around and all of a sudden, you're coming up on a vehicle. turn the high beams off. i don't know about you, but it drives me absolutely insane when i'm driving if someone is behind me and -- >>vanessa: that's my pet peeve. >> at least someone coming towards you, they're going to pass you in a moment but behind
7:52 am
>>vanessa: i physically have to hold my hand up to the rearview mirror to keep it from blinding me. >> and the flashers, you know, i just pulled someone over last week with their flashers. it wasn't raining. they had a problem with their vehicle and they were driving and it was flashing and i pulled them over and their answer was, i had no idea. i thought i was supposed to use my flashers when my vehicle, when i'm driving and stuff. no. only use them when your car is stopped. that's what let other vehicles kn the side. >>vanessa: good tips, especially like the one of the emergency flashers. we see that all the time. we'll see you next time. >> thank you very much. be safe out there, everyone. roads are wet. >>vanessa: charley is getting good cooking tips. >>charley: can we repeat that one more time? you only use your hazard, flashing lights, if your car is stopped. >>vanessa: absolutely. >>charley: i always love that
7:53 am
>>vanessa: i know. we love him. >>charley: he's funny. he could have my job. i don't like him that much. i'm in publix aprons cooking school, at the citrus park talking with chef anthony. we're making a sunday dinner that's going to provide lunch for your kids or if you're a
7:54 am
foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too.
7:55 am
? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
7:56 am
>>charley: "good day tampa bay." whoed have to go back to school? are you ready? >> yeah. >>charley: who is ready for lunch? >> me. >>charley: who is ready for breakfast? >> me. >>charley: good. i want to make sure we're on the same page. "good day." i'm charley belcher. we're at publix aprons cooking school in citrus park. these boys and girls are going we've come to talk to chef anthony about what we need to think about when it comes to preparing healthy, good, easy, let's face it, i want easy meals for the kids for the week. and also if you don't have kids, that's a great lesson in leftovers this morning for you. let's talk about sunday dinner. you talk about turning sunday dinner into a week full of lunches. what is a good sunday dinner to do that with? >> growing up italian, spaghetti
7:57 am
ready to cook meatballs which are great. while you're shopping, pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens, make a salad and this can transform into five days' worth of lunches. and every day it would have a totally different flavor. so they wouldn't even know they would be eating the same food. some could be frozen on monday and then thawed out on thursday or friday like the soup. >>charley: i can't wait to see how you're twoing turn this into this. also tips what to lumps, what not to put in lunches and healthy snacks, too. >> yeah. healthy snacks like you put raisins, trail mix, grapes, things that travel well. put an ice pack, put a cheese stick and don't forget your hand introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
7:58 am
america runs on dunkin'. z22sjz zy6z
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y22qzy yy6y dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. ((russell here we go again.. the computers are fixed.. but the problems linger.. well, here we go ag problems still linger another dismal day for dell tall passengers. mine craft, good for the mind. dr. jo explained why video games may help your child do better in school. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning its august 9th and another wet start to day.


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