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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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y22qzy yy6y dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. ((russell here we go again.. the computers are fixed.. but the problems linger.. well, here we go ag problems still linger another dismal day for dell tall passengers. mine craft, good for the mind. dr. jo explained why video games may help your child do better in school. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning its august 9th and another wet start to day.
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vanessa we'll start with you. yeah, good morning, guys. we have big back ups on a few of our major roadways. we will start off along i-4. where we have westbound delays here a man go road. i will try to bring you live look we've had concerns with video stream. we will move on. i will see if i can get that back for you later. and involve we counted two lars trucks and pick up truck off to the shoulder. but lots of folks slowing down to fake look in this area. westbound once again backed up from mango towards area of branch forbes work arounds being homosassa and u.s. 92. now we will get to this one in pinellas along i 275 in knot bound direction. outside lane block at 54th avenue north. this single vehicle crash we're hearing vehicle hit guardrail and unfortunately, a person inside was ejected. and we have those delays you can see very in the red zone here from the 54th back to an area downtown st. pete. work around here is go going to
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approaching that crash site as well to pasco 75s also affected. southbound delays, south of state root 52. following a crash with an outside lane block. old pasco road will be your best alternate routes here. dave. vanessa a rain is, rain's back. you know 134 of the heavier rain i now beginning approach un.stline of hernando pco i want sue to look at some the waste of rain that we ve sittg out over the gulf. fur aat the coastline. there we go bay fort port to spring hill. we have moderate rain as moving from southwest to northeast. and getting ever so close to the coastline, we've also got some of that heavier rain just to the port ritchie new port richey, holiday tarpon springs showers approaching beaches of pinellas county. and yet another line back out over the gulf which is steadily working fwrats southwest to northeast. so rain chances stay high this
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and areas to the north. but a pattern change will yield some sunshine beginning to em. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. i showed youst all that rain very close to pasco county. bad news for foes thoeks too as well ken suarez over there we want to talk to him about what's going on. yesterday the water was coming up. how does it look this morning, ken? >> it looks like big old mets out here no mass, we don't want any more rain any more water. issue is how are they going t the problem is the ground is very wet. it's not absorbing. yesterday 6 o'clock in more thanking he started to rain rained for couple hours. it started to absorb in couple different areas but certainly not enough. eight roads in pasco counter closed off yesterday. we're talking about in port ritchie, new port richey and hudson. take look over here. that retention pond that supposed to be wet take look at the road obviously not supposed to be wet. >> take look on other side you can see where county is just
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to get this water and redistribute it. a lot of people at this point still trying to protect themselves from the water. if it does go any higher. take over here i was talking to man who lives in this house 7705 his name is shane. he put up sand bags all across the front of his how nothing unusual here unfortunatelies floods every time it rains. last year a real mess. you know a year ago, almost to this week, we had flooding all throughout pasco county. network live shots because it was so happen but they are hoping that it doesn't. let me tell you, storm coverage for us obviously a very important things very serious thing. but something kind of wacky happened this morning, i took some boots that lucas from polk county gave me. look what happened. two left feet. so storm coverage is okay. if i have to go out there i don't think two left feet make difference but i can tell you
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be safe out there with your two left boots. >> talk to you soon. >> yeah. i can still dance. >> during a live shot. >> only ken. only ken suarez. yes. only ken. >> all right if you're flying delta today you'll definitely want to check your flight status before you head to the airport. the fall out from yesterday's power out annual continues. and so do the delays. walter is at the airport this morning. and we understand pretty bad with folks trying to get flights to wherever they were going yesterday, right? >> i'm going to putlabel of decent on it. it was bad about an hour, hour and a half ago just imagine what these delta counter ticket counter workers are dealing with nonstop for last hour and a half trying to get folks on flights get them out of here. fury with us about an hour, hour and a half ago you saw line stretching all the way down to underneath that all gates sign over there.
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>> you were there. now you're moving up. so a little bit of progress? >> hour and a half later. not fast enough? >> no i don't think so. >> i going to miss the flight anyway. what could they do to make it better? anything? >> i think have something wrong yesterday. >> i hear. >> yeah. i usually this first time have in this kind of problem. never happen before. who are you trying to get home to work or >> going t going to detroit then take connection flight to italy. to italy. >> i going to lose this flight i got to next one thank god next one is 6:30 at night. >> graziano. >> so through go, folks. some folks are trying to get out of here. couple bits of information i can pass along. delta is no the letting minors fly unaccompanied until after wednesday.
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issues. but they will offer some sort of compensation i talked to flier earlier she got $200 voucher. she wasn't happy enough like that wasn't enough for her but at least it's something. delta has reaching out to people on social media as well. so they are just trying to work through this problem as best they can, guys. >> all right walter, we'll talk later, thank you. you bet. one by one members of republican party say they are walking away and new this mornin spokesman for florida republican party is leaving his job and joining a conservative organization. >> former senior house republican who a focused on his hispanic affairs he announced yesterday he is leaving because he can no longer tolerate defending and explaining donald trump. so he has decided to join is the initiative which backed by cook brothers. son honduran immigrants trump
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>> rnc hispanic communication director stepped down early june just before the convention. friends told washington post she left for the same reason. >> meantime donald trump is turning his attention back to women and families. talking about making child care more affordable. yesterday he said his plan was to make expenses that go along with having children fully deductible come tax time. months ago hillary clinton announced her own plan when it comes to the future of child care. she is proposing to cap child care expense at 10 percent of households's income. problem with both plans though is that they are ambiguous at best. and neither candidate is saying how the government will pay for it. big is difference trump is looking to help working families while clinton is looking to help the out of work poor. 8:0 eight right now. number of students without a home inspect florida is growing. along with rest of the country. there's more than, listen to
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country. and in florida, this time last year, it was more than 71,000. that's just an estimate. because this group is hard to track. state impact report shows about 11,000 of those are in hillsborough county. about 2200 were in pinellas. >> and yesterday, a school social worker from hillsborough put all of this into perspective for us during that school supply drive we were having. >> for some, they carry everything they own on their back every packs. because that's all that they really have. >> and these kids find themselves spending more energy surviving than anything else. that means they miss more class, struggle academically. and less likely to graduate. biggest issue they are afraid to tell anybody about their situation for fear they will removed from their parents. >> now, look at this, thanks to all of you, some students who
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they head back to school tomorrow. this is a photo of some of the teachers getting those supplies. we received tons binder rulers and pencils yes backpack necessity for students. couldn't happen without you. rereally want to thank you. >> good day school supply drive may be over for this year. but you can still help these schools out. you can drop off supplies to the teaching tool store. that's in tampa. or, just drop it off at school near where you live. that's true. just take the stuff in there go buy some things and take it in and they will deeply appreciate it. they will. >> all right. rain is moving into the bay area again. dave is back in few minutes with latest forecast. should we kick our kids off the computer when it comes to online games? dr. jo has some surprising information about why it could be good for you. then coming up 8:30 the wheels
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shayla is checking them out for us this morning tell us if the county is ready for the first day of school. and then charley belcher, good morning, charley. good day to you, laura. we're a publix. we're here to visit publix aprons cooking school and give you tips and tricks of packing school lunches how to make most out leftovers for kids. i told my young friends that they could go out to grocery store out between live shots and rome around. they ended up on aisle candy, cook's stationary and school supplies. i can tell you we're not buying school supplies. we're talking about healthy snacks and they are down there buying candy. or for goodness sakes. look around, you'll sleep well tonight. come back up here in few minutes, okay. you guys come back in few minutes, okay because we're not finished about healthy eating when good day tampa bay
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? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds
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weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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((russell 2shot)) for some parents- it's a almost 8:15 for some parents it a constant battle getting
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games, and picking up the books. yeah however, new research is saying that online gaming may actually improve a student's grade. fox 13's dr. joette giovinco is back with us to talk about this. good morning to you dr. jo. >> good morning. i think that our kids out there are going to be all ears on this one, right? >> yes. >> defies conventional wisdom. >> here's the deal. they stud studied about 12,000 children, 15-year-olded in australia. they online usage with their scores test scores. they had math, science, verbal scores. and what they found is those kids who participated in online gaming every day seemed to increase their score on average they were about 20 points higher in that math and science areas. >> now what these researchers think is that perhaps it's enhancing their brain, they have to use strategy, they have to you know get to the next level.
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they have to use skills that make them think very, very quickly. and perhaps that is sharp enning their brain. but them on the flip side they are saying hey maybe these kids are those kids who are already gifted in math and science. they just prefer that online gaming. so we can't really determine what came first the chicken or the egg. yeah we talking call of duty mine craft? they did not specify. they did speaks if i they were hoping less violent type of games. but certainly those who those thatnv >> what about social media? >> yeah, well that's was the opposite. so it turns out those kids who spent more time on facebook or on twitter actually scored about 20 points lower in the sciences or in the math area. they also found kind of a correlation, so the less time they spent on social media, if they did it only two to three times a month only 8 point drop versus 20 point drop if they were doing it every single day. once again we don't know if these children gravitate towards
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social. they are more, you know that type of child who likes the verbal skills a little bit better. but again, it really did bring pause because their scores were so much lower. >> yeah. yeah. i know i think as parent you want your kids to just look up at the world around them. i mean so often we're guilty of this too if our kids have heads in our cell phones or on their xboxes or whatever, respective device they play, they've got their head down they are not even they are going, or you know what i mean? that is their new reality. that is true. researchers saying how can we use this information to make things better. can we figure out a way to incop rate facebook into school curriculum in some fashion. can we make facebook a little bit more educational for our kids? is the online gaming really enhancing their brain and their skills? how can we incorporate that type of thing into perhaps their school work. but you know, there was some
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aret the tried and true. when you looked at kids, who did more homework on average, 3 hours more per week, they did better as well. so and then the kids that used internet for studying purposes again, also increased their scores. so i think we have to just look at a whole, and figure it all out overtime. >> it is common sense too. this is their reality. we got to go dr. jo, thank you. you ready for this tomorrow? >> for back to school? you ready? yes. let's bring summer to close i don't know if you any other parents are through out with me. i'm sure kids hate it. i feel bad about that. bury you're ready. i'm just saying time to bring productivity. >> productivity. let's bring it. >> when i was a kid, just a few years ago, uh-huh, my, my favorite was the first day of school. >> second favorite day was last
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exactly. this was a what? >> a smell to it. i don't know, like the, i don't know if it was the floors >> to me. >> clean. it was clean. >> i got rain on the radar again. i'm hoping i'm hoping that i'm not going to rain on everybody's first day tomorrow. but, this morning it's started off right then started off nice and quiet a couple little showers early on. now we've got heavy rain approaching coastline and few spots. camera. that doesn't look pretty sirata beach, and it just looks ominous out there. as these heavy rains begin to approach the coastline. so right off the coast of pasco county. so far running kind of parallel to the county. when it comes on shore weakening. we've got showers. they we've got showers approaching pinellas county even anna maria island. back to the west, more rain and this is working its way toward the coast.
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morning along the coast. and areas to the north. which by the way are still that flood watch that's pasco county, hernando and citrus county through 8 o'clock tonight. and not going to take much more in the way of rain to cause a few issues. so please be careful especially along the coast and north. this should be a last morning. then we'll start to reverse the friend and bring afternoon and evening thunderstorms in. which is typical for august. but that low is pretty pesky. it's eventually going to move new orleans get the rain out of here. meantime we have rain along the coast and north. 84 for a high today. inland location you just watching allhat rain. getting a lot of it. we're going to bring more afternoon sxeeng storms beginning tomorrow. as well rain chance 70 percent s today. 60 percent tomorrow. 50/50 on thursday and friday, vanessa. all right, dave. >> on stop. look at this, this is happening in sarasota county right now.
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this is the southbound direction about a mile south of the university parkway exit. we were wondering about injuries here so far i'm told we're not injuries reported that's good news. but bad news there are serious lane blockages in area all southbound lanes will be shut down. looks like we do have full shut down here, lots of emergency crews on scene. back ups getting. that southbound direction back towards it looks like beyond university and then just in front of that crash site or northbound drivers expect some delays through the area as well. you're work arounds you can also take 30 one also take 41. then we'll let you know when those lanes reopen, and fortunately, if we hear about any injuries or not, we'll, pass those along. meantime, here's another big thing happening out of sarasota. deadly crash and this was reported a few moments ago, forest lakes drive in area north of b ridge road seems to be more of a neighborhood seems we are
8:22 am
meantime i would expect some lane blockage. we mention in pinellas earl yes a crash along northbound 275. near 54th avenue north. that's single vehicle crash. car hit a guardrail. serious injuries person was ejected. still seeing big delays in that area. back towards downtown st. pete. so continue to avoid. as promised we try to get this live look back from i-4 westbound. this is the crash involving two big trucks as well as a pick up truck with no lane blockage. but heavy delays back through eastern hillsborough county. that westbound direction. so continue to avoid this
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it is back to school week. and these students want something good to eat for lunch. well, good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from publix aprons cooking school. what a great, great resource in our community to learn about everything from sushi to desserts and everything in between. chef anthony is here to specifically talk about making it easy, quick, healthy lunches for our kids. we started with sunday meal. we've got spaghetti and meet balls and rotisserie chicken chef, rotisserie chicken what can i do it for the week on
8:26 am
of itwhaering away go to do with monday's lunch, we can make a quesadilla. or burrito. so you can get some 90 second rice with pinto beans. all right. we'll put that in bowl. we have our cheese. we'll take our chicken. and some sal at that. we have green what is mild salsa. fr your kid likes it spicy put some heat in there, >> not much seasoning to do one in burrito. i love this idea. take some for quesadilla. put extra cheese. right, just flatten it out. and then, this is the hard part, making sure it doesn't open. so we roll it like a burrito. >> right. >> we already have one on the grill over here. right? >> so nice taco option, burrito option and i'm sorry we're running out of time i got lot
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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y6y dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. we want to bring you quick traffic update right now. >> the vehicle fire we mentioned out of sarasota looks like it is starting to wrap up at this moint once again this is southbound 75 south of university parkway. srasota county government just tweeted this picture out so this is after i showed you the before in last shot. looks like fire is completely out, still not heard of any injuries. so that some good news. normally we hear about those right away. and then some better news also
8:31 am
process of reopening at this incident positive. i still go ahead and avoid the area based on lingering delays we'll expect and it looks like back up towards state road 70 will push either on to lakewood ranch or somehow find your cattle man u.s. 301, u.s. 41. update here oh circumstances behind the deadly crash, forest lakes drive in sarasota as well north of b ridge road we're hearing a vehicle has hit concrete wall. so continue to avoid that area expect lane blockage there is paco county drivers avoid southbound 75th few miles south of state root 52 crash with lane blockage old pasco road and curlew road. there's a big demand in department of veterans affairs these days especially for healthcare. it's growing by the minute. but number of healthcare providers is dwindling. a new government accountability report shows medical appointments at the va are up by 20 percent. >> but it lost more than 7,000 healthcare providers.
8:32 am
registered nurses sadly enough. it comes time when the department is trying to handle an already huge case load. and trying to reduce wait times. these staff shortages can directly impact patient care and make it more difficult for the providers to do their jobs. >> it's not all bad. va released its own numbers showing veterans are satisfied with the care they are getting and responded to the report saying that is still working to recruit and retain healthcare workers and if you're wondering why they are leaving, many they will say that. some because of higher pay at other hospitals. >> also new this morning a big change is coming to military. the department of defense announce it had will provide medical and administrative support for transitioning sailors and marines. by next summer, all personnel will be trained on how to serve transgender members. military health system will be requireded to provide medical are for transition hormone replacement therapy and
8:33 am
to train as their birth gender during their transition. 8:32 right now. today's top stories, and a 35-year-old cold case could be one step closer to being solved. the body of a missing hernando high school student has been found in new york. tammy joe alexander went missing some time between 1977 and 1979. no one knew she was gone until two years ago. investigators contacted alex and der family never reported her missing. strange story i know. that's when they discovered a girl's body had found in a new york corn field in 1979. well, through dna they were able to confirm the girl was alexander, and she had been murdered. >> f.b.i. is now offering a $20,000 reward for information on this case. one the strangest stories i've read in long time.
8:34 am
flames in tampa overnight. this is on hillsborough avenue just east of the veterans expressway on airport. officials have not said what led to the accident. but we do know two of the cars caught on fire, and there were serious injuries. chester kinder sent in this video shortly after all of it started happening. all right parents, as we've discussed it last day of summer break for many of us. tomorrow we send our kids back to school. right now hillsborough county schools are making sure that fox 13 shaw la reeves is taking trip down memory lane. she just took a bus ride around the county. how was it? >> hey, good morning to you. we had a wonderful ride around. we were in the area of west tampa elementary school. and we had a chance to tie tag along with one the drivers as she practiced her morning commute. so far so good. we had no hiccups on our morning ride.
8:35 am
rely on bus transportation just like how the bus we were on this morning to get to and from school each day. so we're just a few hours away from as my photographer said, parents happy, kids sad, that summer break officially wrapping pick up their 940 rounds that drivers are responsible for navigating each day to make sure all of this thousands of students in hillsborough county get to their schools to their classrooms safely. today we had a chance to join one the dr way around west tampa elementary school. and some of her stops along the way to make sure that she felt comfortable with all of the challenges she might have to navigate along roadway. she described some challenges of course you have to be an aware and pay attention to the distracted drivers. any sort of changes, in the roadway. if you're dealing with any roadway debris, anything of that nature. she talked about how important it was to make sure that you're aware of your surroundings,
8:36 am
your travel routes. and of course, making sure that kids and parents are comfortable and aware, and know their driver and know to expect as they get into the school year. so, we had a wonderful ride this morning. but of course tomorrow, less than 24 hours from now, there are thousands of students around the bay area that are going to be making their way to those bus stops, the summer officially wrapping up. and of course, it's time to get back in the classroom, guys. back to you. all right what about the weather? >> lovely. no. i'm sorry. what happened? what about the weather. i said it's lovely. no. no. >> we got a lot of rain on the radar again this morning. really popping up over past couple of hours too. you see, some of it starting to work its wan oh shore. up in areas like hernando county and pasco county really have
8:37 am
over the past three to four days. so moderate to heavy downpours now touching the coast near hudson. all the way up through spring hill. and into bay port. now this isn't a tremendous amount of rain, i think though these areas are at the point where they in don't need much more before you start to cause some problems. you start to cause some flooding. so far the heavier rain has hovering off shore just west of pinellas county. and some of these showers touching coastline around the beaches, falling apart as they make their way on shore which is good. just very gloomy start to the coastline. all this activity working southwest to northeast. hopefully this is last day for flood watch. still shows us pasco hernando and citrus county under this flood watch until 8 o'clock tonight the whole culprit this low is going to start to move towards west as it does it will
8:38 am
shift beginning tomorrow to a point where we'll get some sunshine in the morning and then the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. so we'll shift the pattern. but, obviously you see by the radar, that it's going to be another wet morning along the coast. and areas to the north. at 84 degrees. next 7 days, rain chances start to drop. kind of drop back to normal. about 50 percent for you on thursday and friday. 40 percent for saturday, sunday, and monday. >> yesterday was so busy we and didn't get a chance to give away mug today #welivehere. let me tell you how many times have you sat at the beach and just enjoyed a gorgeous sun et like this? look at that couple with their chairs, just kicking back. and enjoying it. george, beautiful picture. nice little mug headed your way, my friend. i love it. great picture enjoy your mug, george. thanks for sending that picture in for us. time right now 8:38. we will get a check on very busy roadways. and just wanted to update you on
8:39 am
fire southbound 75, where we had all the lanes shut down in southbound direction past university parkway. where we're hearing the process of some lanes under way now getting those reopen. still seeing delays back getting towards state root 70 also northbound drivers you're dealing with some concerns as well. so still avoid the area until we get that final clear with the lingering delays that typically come after the roadway even opened up. i-4 westbound still problem. we have involve tractor trailers and pick up truck not really seeing any progress as far as getting them moved. folks are really take that time to slow down and look at that as they pass on by evening though not blocking any travel lanes plan extra time or avoid northbound 275 drivers as we mentioned before. outside lanes still blocked, 54th avenue north. some improvements here in delays we're not seeing new pops of red just extra time. if that's along your route this morning veterans expressway a bit heavier than we're used to
8:40 am
average near gunn highway 20 miles per hour starting to lift with the congestion just past hillsborough 39 minutes is your total drive from top to the bottom in northbound direction just sitting at 11. you know some would call it an odd couple. you think? you wouldn't be wrong. martha stewart team ug snoop dog for a cooking show. it sounds a little crazy. this is not first time they've been together. apparently not last either. jens show and why it is already getting rave reviews. >> the yeah they are bf's apparently. this pash is prove that opposites attract. we're all thinking same thing, what kind of chemistry can a 75-year-old business woman and a 45-year-old rapper have? apparently it's something special. according to vh1 starting this fall, martha stewart and snoop dog or hosting a new weekly unscripted show. yes.
8:41 am
cooking being cocktails and conversation. they will even invite some of their friends to join them. martha says their show will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new different, and very funny way. and according to snoop, he and martha are friends saying, my home girl martha and i have a special bond that goes back. we're going to be cooking drinking and having good time with our exclusive friends. and apparently, they are pretty because this isn't the first time two celeb have been paired snoop appeared on stewart's show a couple times making brownie and mashed potatoes. they were also on $100,000 pyramid together. and they sat next to each other at the comedy central roast of justin bieber. bff's, what did i tell you. my home girl martha. my home girl martha for shiz el. have you seener comedy road
8:42 am
doesn't she, dave. >> i will tuning no to watch this show. i can't wait. i will too. i want to see this. i want to see this. all right, thanks. welcome. >> you know, sports keeps us healthy. but is the rifle reand competition actually good for us? dave o. the science pro takes a look. researchers final figure out why we have not beenable to track down aliens. dave has that story also coming up for us after the break. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured
8:43 am
i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant -
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you never get over the open. it's so great. >> we go down hill from there. millions of people still believe there are other life forps out there. away just haven't found them yet.
8:46 am
researchers think they figured out why it hasn't happened yet. dave o. the science pro is with us today. >> okay with look why something to do with age of the earth. i need you to put on your thinking caps. >> okay. because this, this is going to blow your mind. >> okay. >> harvard smith sown up center for astro physics. sundays pretty smart. these folks have come come up with they think best explanation. they are saying because earthly life is now, the universe itself is about 13.8 billion years old. and they are saying that now, now, based on their science, is when life should start forming around the universe. but ours, in a four and a half billion year old planet we shouldn't be around yet. other parts of the universe that are older should be getting life right now. and ours should be coming
8:47 am
i don't think >> exactly, i don't think that they are saying that we shouldn't be here. but, what they are saying, i think is that other people should have been here. we're not alone but other life is just starting with ours now. does that make sense? if you think about it, it makes sense. but i don't know how they would come up with this. what they are saying some larger stars, our sun is star. they can't harbor life. just too much going on. they die out too quickly. and it takes billion a billions of years for these stars to get to the point where they can support life. and right now is that point. >> so maybe we were first and other people are starting now, i don't know. >> does that kind of think about a blows your mind. kind of opposite from anything you might have thought. anything that might come here. would be so far advanced. so, then we are. now you're saying, at last chance. believe it or in the we may be more advanced than anything else. >> the fact that you and i are
8:48 am
what i'm saying. i understand the study but i also think there's lot more than needs to be thought about and looked upon. let's talk will olympics for second. want to the do psychology science. science of psychology. rivalries are they good for you are they bad for you? what do you think? they are they are good for you think they are great for you >> they are both. at first, they are good for you. and you take into account phelps and lochte there, they've had their rivalry over the years and it helps to bring in the competitive spirit, helps to make you work a little harder in weight room. a little bit harder on the track. however, once they get to a certain point they can be a massive distraction for. nancy kerrigan, tanya harding. that's when the performance of athletes starts to go down. and when it gets to that point,
8:49 am
competitors the and more you play or this case skate, do tennis, whatever, more it has a chance to go sour. at first the science is saying hey, rivalries can really good to help you work harder. but after a certain point, point of no return, it tends to make you go backwards. that's self-control thing too to a degree. is it though? >> i know. look a boxing it happens to so it reach as certain point, reaches a pinnacle you have to be careful as asaid not to get past that point. then. yeah. >> so. something to think about this morning. definitely. really different things, lots of thinking. i guess, i guess the question, i mean you look at, when rivalry it's one to go have it on the playing field and then if it continues. all because it happens because
8:50 am
that person taking away from your athleticism or whether it be athleticism or chess competition or whatever it might be. it's true. interesting to think about, too okay. thank you. see you later. charley belcher, what's going on, man? >> we're at publix aprons cooking school talking about back to school healthy eating good eating. easy eating making a meal sunday and making it last all week for the kids. what your favorite thing to eat for >> turkey sandwich peanut bur and chel chicken and rice. and chel chicken and rice. spaghetti.
8:51 am
y22p7y yy6y
8:53 am
good day tampa bay. i am charley belcher coming to you from publix aprons school in citrus. the citrus park edition. there's lakeland edition. these schools are all over the place. yeah we have nine throughout state. we have eight in the state in one in georgia. what great resource to take classes and learn a little something extra. we're talking about back to school, we're talking about making the most of your left
8:54 am
spaghetti meet ball dinner and bought some rotisserie chicken and the last segment chef anthony turned rotisserie chicken into burritos for kids lunch and tacos. that's an if you turn into chicken salad, just, what i try do on a daily basis. then there's a soup there. now cooks for spaghetti meet balls what are we going to do with that? >> the friday lunch would be like a beef noodle soup. so we have a meat balls that have sauce on them. not gravy, sauce. >> all right. and we have some beef stock right here. weep pop that right in there. we have our noodles that left over. right. we'll take some mixed veg. like a frozen back of vegetables. a frozen vegetables stir that altogether and we have our beef noodle soup. this one here a little more hear tee. we put tomato sauce. hot or cold.
8:55 am
would you do that sunday and stick it in the freezer? i would do it the day i meat meat balls freeze it take it out on thursday heat it on the morning on friday and off they go. same thing this we did down there but use chicken and chicken tortilla soup. so kids when they get to school they take tortilla and crack them on top and they have chicken tortilla soup. i love that idea. what else have have you done here with meat balls here? >> so this barbecue meat ball slider almost like barbecued burger. then we have healthy snacks on the side. this one here my kid loves. he's 7. we do bacon cheeseburger salad underneath greeps from sunday. a little,000 island bacon tomato you can throw avocado can't forget pickle and then protein on the side too. with nuts and raisins energy foods. i'm looking at this, and look, so there you got, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday >> friday.
8:56 am
here, that in essence you did from spaghetti meat baults rotisserie chicken. i'm oddly intimidated. but it doesn't, you said you did all of this in inn about an hour. in about an hour, yeah. >> if you look at the shopping list, that's, most of this you already have in your pantry. you really do this for your son? yeah i do. yeah every week. and all of these meals, adults can enjoy as well. that's what i'm impressed of you got leftovers a home. this great way to go. lunch preb for week something you did for us >> no i made that up just for you. this is actual calendar. what you would have to buy extra to make these meals. and everything's on the shopping list. i love it. this is fantastic. all right. there you go. when we come back healthy snacks, what to package and how to get most out of packing in lunch.
8:57 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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another day of wet weather. we're keeping an nine another day of a wet waste we're keeping an eye on pasco county. even more delay a delta traveling letters are still seeing big delays this morning. hey everybody well which to good day tampa bay. 9 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody. we will start this tuesday morning with a check of the forecast and dave osterberg. you know what has interesting last three or four morning every morning has been different. the rain coverage has been different. and we started off when i came in this morning there wasn't


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