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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 9, 2016 9:00am-9:58am EDT

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another day of wet weather. we're keeping an nine another day of a wet waste we're keeping an eye on pasco county. even more delay a delta traveling letters are still seeing big delays this morning. hey everybody well which to good day tampa bay. 9 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody. we will start this tuesday morning with a check of the forecast and dave osterberg. you know what has interesting last three or four morning every morning has been different. the rain coverage has been different. and we started off when i came in this morning there wasn't
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and now, all of sudden, you get rounds of heavier rain. very close in some cases on shore now. notice around hernando county bay port, and getting down to spring hill, what we're seeing some heavier rain work its way from southwest to northeast. you go down to pasco county into pinellas this heavy rain is really just been looming just kind of sitting off shore. some of it is starting to work its way toward beaches largo as you go out, well let's say clearwater, largo, and through the southern pinellas county beaches, look at that rain coming at you. then more headed towards anna maria island. our wet pattern continues for another morning. i think by tomorrow what we're going to do though, try to shift them a little bit more afternoon and evening. but, temperatures mid 80s today with that 70 percent rain chance. vanessa. >> all right dave, thank you. >> and for those who are just joining us now, our biggest concern on roadways earlier vehicle fire in sarasota county. it was blocking all lanes at one
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this is a picture from sarasota county government they tweeted this out. when fire was fully involved. you can see very big scene. good news we're not hearing about any injuries fire is out at this point. we do some improvement in lane blockage a right lane will be blocked that causing some delays here after university parkway. getting back beyond the university exit, and continuing past the crash site and southbound direction plans plan extra time northbound drivers also dealing with some delays. wanted to bring you to i-4. looks like we're improvements in delays after that earlier crash near mango involve a larger trucks and pick up truck. then i'll get you updated on some other major roadways earlier crashes in just a few minutes. all right. vanessa. thank you. >> to a developing story now. this was the scene across the united states yesterday. computer glitch grounded all delta flights. all morning long. and even after they started up again, there were major issues. this is was the scene in d.c.,
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and this morning, in lapt, people are reporting a six-hour delay when it comes to checking in. and while things are better in tampa, traveler here are experiencing long wait times too. walter allen is live for us a tampa international to keep an eye on the board. how are things looking? >> things are looking okay. definitely better than situation in atlanta. some folks i've talking to here they've only waiting for about an hour, hour and a half. ceainly not good news but a littleitetr at other sittions like atlanta. but theare sti waiting in line. in fact these young ladies right here they've waiting here in this exact spot for it seems like i don't know, 10, 15, 20 minutes. waiting in line for about an hour or so. and that just gives you an idea just how complicated things are when they get up to the ticket counter. i just talked to group of young ladies from kansas who are not able to get home. they missed their connection in atlanta. they just ponied up to the counter. and the counter told them that
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and my different carrier southwest. so they are not happy this morning they kind of stormed by me without talking on camera, i can kind of agree with them on that. their frustrated. maybe not talking on camera is best thing for them. again 250 cancellations when it comes to delta nationwide. 5 here at tia. and 4 delays. now when you look at the big scope of things as of yesterday about 6650 cancellations. a third on time world wide. and about 4,000 others were delayed and eventually got off ground at some point yesterday. but still, still feeling the effects after that outage. now we talked with one traveler earlier this more than who said he's, trying to piece it altogether. this is what he had to say. kind of makes you feel a little helpless to know you can't really drive there. soon as i got here some gate attendants were helpful i tell you everyone in line is in the same situation.
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about it. now some good situations that people are telling me is that they argeing vouchers. one person said they are getting a voucher if they've been either cancelled or severely delayed. one point of inconvenience though, delta tweeted this out earlier this morning saying unaccompanied minors who haven't begun travel will the no be accepted until after wednesday. they can rebooked without a fee. unaccompanied minors they will wednesday. after tomorrow. >> laura. you know walter i have to say the gentleman you interview last hour he chimed in like that i i think we all got a little worried he was angry we're all holding our breath. all right. we'll leave it there. thank you. you did a nice job by the way >> all i do is talk a little italian with guy going to italy just reminds him of where he's
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>> russell. 9:05 right now almost 9:06 new this morning three cars catch fire after an accident in tampa. it happened on hillsborough avenue last night just east of vets behind tampa airport. this video was sent to us by viewer chester kinder. officials say two cars caught fire and some people are seriously hurt. we're still waiting to find out exactly who they are though. honoring a local radio legend. a celebration of life service will be held thursday for found dead in his home last week after he didn't show up to do his morning show. memorial will be held mahaffey theater in downtown st. petersburg. 5 o'clock. organizer says tears are accepted but laugh and hugs are really encouraged. >> they say dave wouldn't have any other way. >> eight years ago, caylee anthony's death saddened country in years followed investigation and trial of her mother captivated all of us.
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today. and to keep her memory alive a couple from sarasota visited site where her body was found they cleaned up the memorial that had been created in her honor. the area was a grown over with grass and weeds. it's a long suburban drive in orlando. almost nothing remained there. so first the couple had to clean everything up after they place ad white pickett fence along with flowers to stuffed animals. then a large white cross. they made an especially for caylee on cross more flowers, d little angel figures they did it out of love for caylee. well we know by now the rays are looking around for a new stadium site. now they are taking a new approach. very different and interesting one. they are asking fans to help them find a new home. we're different by design. which is why our next ballpark needs to be just like us.
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website ballpark where fans can share their ideas. and while rays are not officially allowed to leave the trop until 2018, the deadline for master plan is set for the end of september. >> new ferry service between downtown tampa and downtown st. pete could finally get the green light today. pinellas county commissioners are set to vote on the service during meeting there morning fourth and final group that needs to weigh if in on it tampa st. pete, hillsborough county commissions have already if approved ferry service would start november 1st and carry passengers from tampa convention center to st. pete's beach drive. 20 mile trip would take about 55 minutes, and would carry 150 people per trip. now e-cigarette use among kids has been on rise for last few years. last year more than 3 million american teen ager admitted to using them. new study is taking close look at who is using them the most.
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long-term. >> dr. jo talks us to now about this. good morning to you again, dr. jo. good morning. >> all right you did i think the initial thought was that this was the healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. what this is research say? >> yeah, i've always said if a person smokes and they can use these to quit smoking it's better than smoking cigarettes, i really always have been of the mind set that if you don't smoke at all you shouldn't start either. >> right. but this p looking at our youth. and so we know there's a growing number of kids who are using e-cigs. they think they are safer. they think they are better. but there are other reasons why. that's what study was trying to figure out. of those reasons, who, which of these kids are more likely to continue that use? they looked at different things like curiosity, good flavors my friends are using them. they looked at another thing of low cost. they are more acceptable. i can get away with using them.
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and there is also a sub group of kids, teenager in middle and high school who use it to quit smoking just like adults. what they found is kids that used it because they were cheaper, and the kids that used them to quit smoking were more likely to continue the use and have heavier use of those e-cigs. and laura scariest part for me what is the kids who are using them to quit smoky didn't quit smoking in fact started using both. yeah. and you know what, i do know smoker who smoked more now than they did before. i think, at first sort of a fad all of these colorful flavors and tasted good. and you know, it was alternative. but yeah. they start smoking more then they did before. and you know people were using these knowing that it was not necessarily approved by the fda. >> right. right. the fda is coming down a little bit harder now. they are trying to restrict sales for kids under the age of 18. they are doing a lot of things
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from continuing these trends from continuing. but you have to remember, i think the huge issue here is what is it doing to the brain. what is it doing to the brain of adolescent and child. we know their brains continue to develop into their 20s. so you're exposing it to nicotine a double dose of nicotine. i think why pediatrician this is really want to figure out who do we need to target. how do we need to target them and how do we keep electric trend from increasing. right. right. information. knowledge is power. there thanks, laura. 9:11 right now. we know florida has some pretty drivers. but apparently we've got some of the worst drivers in entire country. financial tech firm smart app iset just did a survey to figure out what states have the worst drivers. it's not good news for florida. we came in number one on the list. firm looked at the number of duis dents on the road, number of ticke issued and how many people have auto insurance. as we said florida came in first
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oklahoma. if you're wondering state with best drivers, maine. well, it is one hotting anticipated events of olympics women gymnastic team has their team final tonight. but it was not good news for the men's team. yeah. and he may well be most decorated olympian of all time. but now michael februarys is making waves on internet for a very different reason and very entertaining one. wait until you see you will be the judge. can that sound of students all over bay area taking in their last day of summer. this morning bus drivers got a jump on the year. >> and then charley belcher spend sunday in the kitchen and you can eat all week long. that is what we're saying this morning? that what i'm showing you chef anthony did it. his rotisserie chicken spaghetti meat balls we've shown you live lunch ideas just with those two meal items themselves.
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some great ideas for the kids and easy to pack as well. and, what to pack all that stuff in. and some ideas on what's best for packing what keeps best, and tips and tricks to keep it good until the unpack it come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour,
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today in rio: the u-s women's gymnastics team 9:15 today in rio u.s. women's gymnastic team heads to finals as overwhelming favors. you you've got huge lead nearly ten points ahead of second place team from china. their biggest competition seems to be with each other.
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men in gymnastics. they were in contention going into last night's finals. but it was tight race. and in end they just could not pull it out. they finished fifth. by way japan took first followed by china and russia. hard to see that face like that to pool 19-year-old american swim lilley won 100 meter breast stroke last night. but drama happened out a pool she beat russian swim failed drug race king called her out saying she was not fan. another american katie finishes third. and men pool action two american men competing 100 meter breast stroke back stroke ryan murphy and 21-year-old from jacksonville won the gold. that makes it a six olympic golds in row for u.s. swimmers in this race. david plumber is 30-year-old teammate took home the bronze.
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michael phelps is inater for the semifinal in 200 meter butterfly it looks lik his rival south african chad was trying to get in phelps head before the race. in the ready room he was dancing around in front of phelps shadow boxing trying to stair him down. it led to all of this. >> look at michael phelps's face. people are calling it the death stair. snarling. he was. commentators said he looked like he was going to take a bite out of other guy. when all over social media popping peoples everywhere. tonight, they will settle it all in the pool as phelp 2h gold medal ones morning out of michael phelps eyes into back of that guy's head. i did and didn't which don't blame him.
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you said this may get into his head? >> no. >> not phelps's head. the other kid's head. oh yeah because he was unphased some point he even like looked over while he was swimming to see where michael phelps was. that's how much michael phelps is in that kid's head >> exactly. gr for him. sittg into young kid's head even more. i got you now. now i understand what you're saying. >> so you can't rattle guy who has 19 gold medals. you can't rattle him any more. 78 degrees. southeast winds at 7. overcast. and sirata beach looks the same. look at all of this rain. it's just hovering off shore. and every once in while a little piece will break off. you get some showers for instance. it is raining in pinellas county
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all the way up the coast we have into hernando county. so far, we've kept the real heavy rain at bay. but it really is just another gloomy start. and longboat ski about to get few sprinkle through fort dew so it. reddington beach raining light to moderate. heavy stuff is really not that far off. so something we need to keep real close on because it won't take much to bring some of that morning. i'm hoping that this is just at last morning we have to deal with this. because after today, it looks like the weather pattern will shift. the weather pattern will go back to me of the afternoon and evening storms that we're typically used to in august. through this evening, another couple of inches of rain a possibility. yep, flood watch continues for pasco, hernando and citrus county. but along the coastline t could rain at any time throughout
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ho temperatures make the mid 80s if we're lucky. because we've only made 82 past couple of days 77 damp and muggy tonight. got first day of school in hillsborough county tomorrow. hope thing to get it the off dry. then we'll have showers and thunderstorms during afternoon. high temperature 88 degrees. the rain chances will steadily start to drop get back to where they should be so 70 percent above where they should be by thursday, friday, we're back to 50/50 rain chances up and coming weekend, we'll drop it back to of course, that means we heat it back up to lower 90s as well, vanessa. yeah give and take. all right. thanks, dave. 9:20 is promised we want to bring you up to date on earlier crashes that were really impacting our majors throughout morning a goo news here. finally. pasco county 75. we had big delays southbound state road 52 and beyond after a crash with someane ockage. that since cleared you can see delays are completely gone and
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le vehic csh whe unrtatuny somebody was ected a sio injuries. 9:20. some of you kids may be sleeping in this morning. you're enjoying one last day of summer before school starts tomorrow? hillsborough county bus drivers were out brigh a early this mo rning our shayla rees with with them as they practice their i heard you earlier this morning. very clever. practicing a dry solutely. and the driver we dn opportunity to travel with this mornin she's been a drer, she tells us forore than 25 years. she's done plenty of she is trial runs year after year after year. but she calls it an opportunity to lookor any sort of challenges they may encounter on the roadway. anything they might deal with as far as challenges with stops, any sort of distraction distracted drivers. or any sort of changes in the
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navigate on the first day of school. so you're looking a some video from our route this morning. we took off from west tampa elementary school. the driver we had a chance to travel w her name was jackie ever hart. she was accompanied by a bus assistant ms.wanda brown. the two will be traveling together tomorrow and throughout school year picking up student after student. waiting at those bus stops summer break officially comes to an there are some 90,000 students in hillsborough county that utilize that school bus transportation to get to and from school every day. these drivers are responsible for navigating more than 900 routes traveling streets along hillsborough county to make sure that children get to school safely every day. so we had a positive enc a goodstartedur morning.
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day for kids to sleep in tomorrow is that big first day of school again, guys. back to you. don'tounow . bring it, laa. >> first day. thanks. thank you, dave. we need to take a second to thank all of you cameut th here and te lg center yesterday. in a of at rn,o donate suppli. we've goeacherpictures from and we want you to know if you want to, you can still help out. in hillsboroh county, supplies teaching tls store on north educationfoundatilsborough quite the day. we were wour. we were worried and then, you showed up.ey didn. >> yeah.
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much llig wus wit water lev rising in pasco un be ra lotf people worried how it will damage their homes. coming up 9:30 kenny suarez is in elfers neighborhood where they are expecting to get even more rain and possibly flooding today. first though, charley belcher is getting back in the spirit of school this morning. he's at the aprons cooking school. cooking up some healthy lunches but also now healthy snacks 're talkint te?
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at carrabba's, we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99.
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at carrabba's, we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - linguine positano starting at just $15.99.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming come thing frou publix aprons cooking school. the citrus park condition, there are six locations, 9. 9. 9 locations. all over the place. great resource we are talking about these gting young ones back to school this week. and tal akingboutasy ideasor now when the tk about snacking who here likes to snack? >> everyone. all right good. but healthy snacking. and limited just what'sour forite snack? good aner. >> frts. because i saidood answer.od answer. goldfish. oh iove the goldfish. that's a snack. fruits. >> fruits. okay. i'm seeing a >> gummies. gummies. thank you. one honest answer. all right. very nice. ry evebody else trying to give the right answer and well done fruits is good answer. chevy anthony here laid out nice
9:28 am
let's go through them chef anthony. what do you have for us? wweant some ptein andive the some ener. because they have these midday a school. so sometng le a trail fitely udz. so some ofou are covered or there. yogurt is always good. raisins. these things pack up easily. grapes. let's talk about that. if you cut strawberries up or even grapes you don't want them to be all gross by time kid opens their lunch how can i hope best way to do it have it packed the night before. ke it in the fridge. now everyths ice cold including the container. then whey pack it will stay cold. you have ice packs that come with some of these as well. it popsight off. they put back in the freezerbuilt right into that. i bet you you probably sell these publix. yes away do. how did i that? in fact right behind jason. look at greatdeas for some rubber maid makes those m are
9:29 am
that's, i never seen that before. that, the twol container snaps into the ice pack. so, you want to keep everything cool whether it mayonnaise on it or not, right? not necessarily to keep it from spoiling julie schenecker to keep it safe. i an they have to sy safe temperure. because we don't want kid gettin sick. so if you put an ice pack in there fine. if you're sending hot food, put it in thermos even if is not soup ts will k it hot for hours. ask cold for ninehours. comes with its own spoon. look at that. all right. >> all right. these kids these days. back in my day. >> you just poured it in the lid and drink soup like that. we liked it. all right here's what we will try to do folks we're going to try to get chef anthony's shopping lis and going to hold it here its we will get this shopping list and recipe ideas up on sop chef anthony has sent over a pdf or word document or however that technical stuff looks and
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to get this up at
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a lot of rain on the radar this morning. make sure to stay safe if you're headed out the door. a lot rain on radar this morning you got to stay safe if you're headed outdoor dave will be back in couple minutes with look soggy weather and when it is going to get better. all that rain yesterday brought a lot of flooding to pasco and parts of area that got
9:33 am
bracing for more of it today. fox 13 ken suarez is live in port ritchies moinhe w pele are just trying to stay afloat right? look behind me.f fact tak you will see why they are trying he on iron b drive it is wet, we wet. now this from yesterday morning when it rained only about three hours or so. they obvioly he pblems reith drnage. it jus bei compounde it rains aou saidefe more thought we we going to dodge the bullefot unrtunately that not case at this point all we have is just a little bit of drizzle. as day wears on i think it wil get worse and to take look at the big picture here lot of people are telling me drainage pond over there just doesn't do what supposed to do. that is to drain. it doesn't drain any place. so if the water comes from all over the place down to this neighborhood, ends up the that's size of it.
9:34 am
county about this for long time. they are hearing they don't have any money to do anything. one guyhat knows about steve madison. so is something this you guys have to suffer through all time right >> yes, sir every time it rapes we just sit and pray and hopefully don't rain for too long. but, sometimes we get rain it's not much rain like you said three hours yesterday. and look where it is three hours. >> you know all of these residents here, plus ourselves they can't even get out of driveways. and you know just something that happens all the time. they had pump tcks here from county a little while ago. they took some water out. how much good does that do? >> they can take it out for, a week or so. but then we get one or two rains and it's right back to where it was. last year you really a terrible hassle because it rained day after day for more than two weeks. what happened then? it was up to sand bags up to in houses, and it was really bad. they were here pumping for maybe
9:35 am
describe the level of frustration of people in neighborhood. frustration is you have no choice but to deal with it. and sand bag and pray that you know, everything stays good. but, this happens all the time. they need to do something. maybe get the army corps of engineers in get a grantor someing. and yknow get sends wer rars saying more isn the way unfortunately. sorry about that. what do you think you will get even wetter than you are now. i'm ongoing thing pumper truck will be here and just keep doing, what but it really doesn't solve any problems that we have here. >> yeah. so bottom line is this, certainly an inconvenience for people when you can't get in or out of your driveway. i talked to m there a couple houses down it was actually in her house last year. she slipped fell broke a couple bones more than an access problem all people can do the a this point hope rain that is coming is not that bad, and that it doesn't last too long. and hopefully the county will
9:36 am
attention ple obviously have a lot of problems, every time it rains, even when not very much. back to you guys. all right kenny, see you later on. thank you. i can't imagine those people living with that. thanks. kansas city now the world tallest water slide is still closed. this after a ten-year-old boy was killed on the ride sunday. investigators say the kaleb swab died some sort of neck injuries according to detectives he was on ride with two women are not related t but emergency responders found can caleb in pool at the end of the ride. they say he was already dead. no specifics are available. the park may reopen tomorrow. they say but the ride is closed indefinitely. another scare a musement park three children fall 30 feet from a ferris wheel at the green county fair. that's in tennessee monday afternoon. one the baskets reportedly flipped over when ride got stuck and all three kids fell to the
9:37 am
all talking. all mccall rides at the fair will be shut down until a third party inspector signs off on the safety of all of the operations. i know. you want to let your kids enjoy these kinds of things, you want to take them to fair and let them have fun, then you see these stories it makes you say just hover the whole time you are there. if i had children i would be. >> yeah. baugs you know how i am with the dogs >> i was par lay that. i'd be that parent. yeah. hey dave. hey, i tell you what we've just got so much cloud cover. this goes all the way inland too. it is a gray gloomy start to the day. another picture we'll show you rain drops we have in sirata beach camera. some of that rain is now beginning to work on shore.
9:38 am
ther ove the panhandle. just continues to spiral a little spokes of energy away. that plus of course we're dealing with all of that moisture in the atmosphere. so it's mostly light rain. but great start to the day sarasota up through longboat kiana maria island we had some heavier showers now moving very close to coastline there. just south reddington beach about to get into moderate shower not a lot of lightning with this. tropical pure downpours. and this stuff it's been hovering off the coast of pinellas county. watching it real close though. if some of that was to make it on shore that may cause a few issues. because everything's what i like to call bank full nowhere to put any more water. i'm hoping after this morning we this we will get back into more afternoon and evening showers and storms. fld watch continues pasco hernando through 8 o'clock
9:39 am
not going to take much to cause a few problems. look at the visible satellite. i mean, everybody has cloud cover. and that of course, will keep our high temperatures down. so on the bright side of things. we have haven't had 90s for while which has been nice. we are deal with more scattered rain, it will be heaviest near the coast. to the north as we've dealt with over the past few days. and then slowly but surely we will get back into more of a typical august which is afternoon andvening storms. rain chancesill will run 50 percent toward end week high temperatures back to lower 90s as well. russel and laura. >> tha yodave. photos in those magazines reort to make models look perfect backfires. instead of flawless, they look fake. jen epstein is here now with photo shop flop that causing a
9:40 am
this time the overphoto shoppg offend i victoria secret. one very, very skinny arm. the lingerie company post this photo of martha hunt and stella on it's facebook page and inextra gram pages last week. now it doesn't seem out ordinary until you take closer look at hunt's arm. she's girl on the left. people on social media immediately started commenting pointing out her right arm looks unnaturally smooth out and left elbow you see over there, yeah sticking out too far behind maxwell to look natural. some even asking if anyone actually looked at the picture before it was published. if you're still not sure, here's what hunt's arms look luke in ano she's pretty ripped you see muscles on her. not same arm exactly. whether you think it really is photo shop fail or just an awkward pose we may never know.
9:41 am
addressed image very a social media as of yesterday morning. i'm sure they won't. >> yeah. exactly. >> yeah. all right. still ahead winter is coming. new game of thrones concert has fans of the television show very excited. when you see it right here in the bay area. no secret we love our phones. but paying attention to your phone could lead to bad
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ph tn walk
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you're watching good day tampa bay. welcome back. you know most of us are guilty attachedo oullphones.o butoeseem lioueyes doworrn't u'ot aloner phone? our phes of course we are. bu tha could soon changnew matt king explains how he challengcre seen addiction epidemic with n p.i was snapcha work and i walked into glass door. i ran into a seetr lamp. yeah lamp was, it's a dangerous
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cte tboard on wl al street. okay. a live lookthe board on wall re. oklo at that positive ground dow is up . wetal ifrom fox business twork studio lauren simonetti talking a little business news. hey there.. good morning. wh about the stocks? we have oil prices. yeah whave oil prices that are up above $43. that's helping. s&p so close to a record high it might have actually hit it by like a point. a second ago. and we have our attention
9:54 am
good news with consumer spending tons retail reports coming in mays nordstrom coming soon. disney tonight. and of course retail sales for july friday morning. >> you know, if you fly enough, tsa precheck is pretty good idea. i'm not sure how many times you need to fly before it y of maybe once if you're in busy airport you've news about it. >> its $85 and last 5 years you do an interview application and you zip through security really fast to keep your sho of that. tsa25 million people signed up a lot of people. that means i'm just nervous it would get crowd at the tsa line anyway. they want that many people signed up by the next three years. so what are they doing? basically recruiting you to sign up. they will have centers dmv at some concerts and h&r blocks and other crazy cookie places to a
9:55 am
appointment not so hard to get appear application you can do all of and zip through airport security lines. make it more accessible. >> yeah. yeah. lauren good news coming out rio. finally. opening ceremony i guess has been huge for an oldsiclasc, rit? yes. tom ipaneoulldentifas brazil. beautiful girls, tall and tan. and lovely walking down famous beaches there was one girl she was 19 years she was the muse for author of this song. they played it friday night at the olympics you saw gisele walking out to it. yes you did. of course since sales have skyrocketed it has streamed 40,000 times a day. a day. and i, i'm just doing a cheap shout out right now on my twitter page i did post a before and after picture of that girl now. she's 71. she's a grandmother and you will not believe how good she looks. nice to know.
9:56 am
i'll go look. thank you. see you tomorrow. thank you. talk to you guys later. watch gisele fans at the opening ceremony don't miss lauren simonetti if you're not sure where to find fox business network lock log on to a and look for channel finder. sme of that heavy rain is now beginning move on shore in pinellas county. in fact a little bit of lightning and thunder. at over madeira b reddington beach as that storm mo southwest to northeast. no, we're not done yet with this rainfall. and jus wantou to be careful along the coastline areas north of tampa as we still have that flood watch out from pasco north through 8 o'clocnight. hoping bytomoow, first day of scol inlsro g r of morning raisht o b dween 90 stil talking aut gel tom.
9:57 am
whileer husba ian>>ye. milthg luesday gu 9tvehur websit at and follow us on twitter instagram like us on facebook e u morrow everybody. eaime closed captioning provided by u.s.aptioning "n
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oumahe youme just cant ehochagin damag a litt bit of water can do. ifd e oathe stf rehagin damag insurae allo mput hse btok th..
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kelly"! today, joe jonas from dnce, and movie man jeff goldblum. plus, we'll tell you about the latest cancer breakthroughs, and jerry o'connell is our co-host. all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are y ripaand jerry o'nnell. [cheering and plau] [music playing] kelly: [indistinct] jerry: yes. kelly: thank you! hi! [cheering and applause]


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