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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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yep. >> kelly: time for the "fox 13:11 o'clock news." >> mark: cindy and chris take it away. >> the eve of a new school year for lots of counties in our area. >> a year that may include a new kind of science lesson. >> they would like for school districts to get involved in educating families and students when it comes to zika. >> how schools are getting involved in the fight agains the new virus. >> in this day and age this shouldn't happen. >> after days of streets remain flooded in pasco county. water logged residents want a permanent solution. >> with as tight as it was around its neck and how powerful he was struggling to get away from the pier, i don't think it would have made it. >> didn't look good. hear from one of the men who jumped in action to save a manatee. fox 13 news at 11:00 starts >> announcer: you're watching fox 13.
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>> anchor: textbooks, notebooks, pence ilz and zika warnings. you are going to find all of that in your student's backpacks this school year. as the mosquito-borne zika virus spreads slowly in south florida the state is asking schools to be proactive. ordering teachers and nurses to be on the lookout and encourage prevention around their homes. fox 13's evan axelbank at mitchell elementary in tampa to explain this new education initiative. evan? >> reporter: chris, the governor is even ordering students as well as you said having nurses bree paired to know exactly what to look for when it comes to the zika virus. take a look. the state is also sending teachers a tool kit so they can include zika prevention in some of their lesson plans. teachers and staff will be sending home information to parents as well as posting information around the school. the directive is going to apply to students of all ages. the hillsborough county s choodistrictays it isreparing to
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wants to make sure it does not everything happening in the first day. >> we have lots of things that happen when you talk about children in a school environment. they're in a classroom that is close, you know, area. when you talk about the flu or different things like that. so we're always encouraging students to their hands and for parents if their kids are sick to keep tmhome. reporter: overall the zika front across the state there ar cases today including two cases in hernando county which are the first ones in that county. right now there have been 369 travel related cases in the state of florida. while 21 have been transmitted here. 57 of those cases were to pregnant women. so you may not find zika information in your child's backpack tomorrow during that first day of school for most of the students in the tampa bay area. but you certainly will find it in the coming days and weeks
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>> it is coming and it is important for parent and students to pay attention to. evan axelbank live. thanks. >> anchor: with students from six local counties heading back to school tomorrow once again all of you drivers willng the therown on l be out drivers who don't follow the rules. rememb the spe limits drops watch out for t crosswalks becae pedestrians have rightfay.lo tod
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coming in to pump out the floodwater around it. i there is any good news tonight, it's that officials say no water has gotten into any homes in the county. all day vac trucks worked to pump out water and drive it away. that's brought some relief but there are a few people who can't even get out of their driveways. iron bark is one of 30 streets in a county affected by flooding. in trinity's thousand oaks commute the county installed a temporary six inch pipe moving water away from street. it is pretty mild down there. back here the frustration is building because this flooding has been a chronic problem for years. they are desperate for a permanent fix not a temporary one. >> we have to walk along the side of other houses, bring in extra water, really not the best way to live at this point and time. >> after this reseeds what's left. is there a health issue? a possibility of moss kootos carrying zika. >> reporter: the watershed
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done. it will allow residents to to know the risk related to their property. they say a plan is in the works to take water north. it would cost $2.5 million plus the purchase of seven homes. that project will be presented at a meeting in october. in the meantime crews will be working throughout the night to remove floodwater with others on standby in case of anymore heavy downpours. reporting in port richey, haley hinds, fox 13 news. we have a news a punta gorda. a woman dead after what they're calling a horrible accident at a citizen academy at the punta gorda police department. the class was taking part in a shoot, don't shoot activity. twoy picd for the role play. one of those participants named mary nolten was hit with a live round and died at the hospital. the police chief is calling it an accident and says he's devastated. the flee is investigating and that ser officer involved is on
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outcome of the investigatio animal calls it hell for pigs polk county couple is behind bars tonight because of what investigators found on their property. darlin' czerner and her husband are charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty and 138 counts of neglect. they're the owners of darlynn's darlins which bills itself as a no kill rescue and animal sanctuary in polk city. peta members went undercover as volu volunteers, shot video of the animals and handed that over to the sheriff's office. investigators went in and removed almost 200 animals including 135 pigs. they say many of them were emaciated and sick and in terrible condition. two of them had to be euthanized. one died on the property. they say the owners went days without feeding them. hillsborough county deputies are hoping this here, newly released surveillance pictures wi help them track down
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grab at two local businesses. investigators say the two men smashed the glass doors at j. c. discount beverage and panera pizzeria and got away on foot with the money. so once again police saying if you recognize them to please call crime stoppers. new at 11 tonight, a daryling rescue of a manatee in safety haor. >> not every day you see this. the manatee had gten tangled ainra tra and had a rope around its neck. as you see here some good samaritans jumped in to help out the creatu. fox 13's josh cascio w lasive r us. ud ne of those rescrs tonight. etty amazing stuff there. >> reporter: tell yout ts stty dgerous rescue attemp t a t .o pr so ty jumped inhe water and thankfully they saved that manatee's life.
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watch as christopher approaches a manatee in distress near the pier at the safety harbor marina monday afternoon. >> this ain't exactly what i would normally volunteer to do animals.shat happ y >> as soon as i got it and got close i realized how bad it was. it was making indentations in its neck. didn't look like it was doing too well. >> reporter: a crab trap wrapd around t manates neck. part of the rope caught on the pier. struggling anil was choking itself. >> i thought well fwc but how fast will it be until they get here and, you know, is this thing going to be okay in time. >> reporter: so he wasted no time taking matters and the manatee's life in his own hands. >> i know they're mostly docile and really nice animals. but when something's in fear for its life even something as nice as a manatee it's going freeing out. those tails, they're powerful. >> reporter: as he wrestles to cut the rope loose a crowd gathers. >> i see him jump in and i was
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i was kearned about him. >> ieverea perese things un trio grab the lasso around its neck. >> others eventually join him. finally after several minutes they free the frightened manatee. [ cheering ] >> to get that animal free and know it is going to survive was such a great feeling. >> reporter: poseidonattooed h. >> i don't think anybody else would have been crazy enough to go in there and do it. so i figured i had to be decionoake the disiono behe one to do it. >> would you do it again? >> absolutely. wa free it swa off anded to be reoin joined the pod it was swimming with. we suld ne fwc ss ifou see a mat distress you should call them first. he said he would have done that but he did not think there was time so they stepped in and thankfully it work out for him and the manatee as well. chris, one more thing.
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mention the crowd behind me. i want you to take a look. these are all pokemon go players out here at safety harbor tonight. they've been out here all day. they were out here yesterday when this rescue happened. in fact, the woman who shot the video that you saw, she was playing pokemon go befe this there you .d. yo ke you got a rescue. you got good samaritans. what more could you ask for in one news story? >> anchor: and the poseidon tattoo. >> reporter: yeah. >> anchor: thank goodness for those pokemon go players. we appreciate their video of that great rescue. thank you josh. manatees near the courtney cam del causeway put on quite a show for drivers. they were so wrapped up in what they were doing they probably had no idea people stopped this watch. the manatees were mateing in the shallow water. some drivers thought they were in distress but then they quickly discovered they were not. manatee mating season goes from march until october.
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>> anchor: just give them room. you know, get some video if you like. >> let nature take its course. coming up, donald trump involved in yet another political firestorm. >> hillary wants to abolish ess amendment. >> anchor: up next his comments about his opponent and gun rights activists. a sarasota family is on a mission to honor kaley anthony. up next, what they did and what would have been her 11th and paul finally do you see a little break out there? >> paul: i do. there's still rain tonight. but the weather pattern is going to shift not so much tomorrow but definitely on thursday. we'll talk about that and the weekend previe new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake!
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what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrac what donhe'sar were od about our becahe was capretuitary being captured e that weren't territory, the over enemy
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today marks a birthday for a young . >> anchor: today mark as birthday for a little girl gone way too soon. caylee anthony would have turned 11 years old. fox's holly bristol takes us to a gathering organized by a sarasota couple to honor caylee. >> the goodnough family says they found out last week the third cross they built and put out here where caylee marie
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stolen. so they built another one, brought it out here sunday. that's when they realized her birthday was this week. so they decided to come back. >> happy birthday! > reporter: as day turned to night the goodnough family released 11 purple balloons into the air at the site where caylee anthony's body was found seven-and-a-half years ago. they made the two-and-a-half hour trek here to release balloons in caylee's favorite color on what would have been her 11th birthday. >> this rain is tears from heaven. r family has been coming here for eight years. >> we have 12 grand kids. it's in my heart that we needed to do this. >> reporter: wally and genie built the first cross placed at the site where caylee's remains were found. the little girl was shy of three when she disappeared in june of 2008 if. >> this is the original cross. >> reporter: over the years people have taken the crosses down. a few were even stolen. the goodnoughs got a facebook message last week another one was gone. >> they said the one out there now is gone. and they're making peoplere
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the beds over there and there's tvs. >> reporter: they came out saturday to see for themselves. it was in fact gone. >> we left here saturday went home and built that cross in five hours. we left the house at 5:30 a.m. the next morning and put i up. mowed all ofhi cut all these trs. hours to kwlooer the area, put up this cross, reinforce it and place this decorative fence around it. >> we did it because of a love we have for kids tell me they're hoping they won't have to build a fifth cross but say they will if they have to. reporting in long county, holly bristol, fox 13 news. republican presidential nominee donald trump has set off another social media firestorm. at a rally today in wilmington, north carolina he seemed to suggest that hillary clinton should be dealt with harshly should she defeat him in november. here's what he said. >> if she gets to pick her
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folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. [ laughter ] but i'll tell what you. that will be a horrible day. >> anchor: the clinton campaign called the remarks dangerous. her campaign manager says a presidential candidate should not suggest violence. trump will be in south florida tomorrow and is expected to address the zika situation at a rally in sunrise. hillary clinton was talking zika today at a miami neighborhood clinic. >> i am very dap the congress went on recess before actually agreeing on what they would do to put the resources into this fight. and i really am hoping that they will pay attention. >> anchor: the house did pass a $1.1 billion package before they went on august break but it stalled in the senate because of restrictions that were inserted on planned parenthood. clinton now urging congressional
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emergency funding passed quickly. one thing about it, you've got as much rain as we've had in the last few days and i got to believe the mosquitos are going to be swarming. >> and the frogs behind my house are just singing a chorus. this is like their frog highwayen. they're enjoy ig this right now. >> the frogs will eat the mosquitos though. >> nature takes care of us. >> that part is good i think t pattern is going to change. today's high was 81 nine deges below average. thin bac in july it seemed ke every singlayas w be90-95. well it was except for one. we had 89. wait for ithere. watch the bands of rain come on shore today. at the very end a pretty impressive shelf cloud will show up. not here. nothing yet. nope. way in the distance. nothing. all of a sudden the clouds start to thicken and all of a sudden you will be able to see -- here it comes.
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late in the day today. a big band of rain coming on shore. rainfall today at tia just .39. the high today, nine degrees below the average. i mean, july the hottest july on record for us. so far in august many days below 90. we always seem to have a spell at some point every single summer we'll have three to five days where it's cloudy and wet. usually because of a stalled front or area of low pressure. that was the case this go just low pressure west of us. this was what happened similar to this last august. last august. o, a lot more en this go around not as much. but half as watch. wicki watchee at -- wicki watchi at 8.2. 5.1.
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diminishing inland. i think there will be some showers in the eastern gulf late tonight. but i don't think it will be as widespread or as heavy as it has been past couple days because the upper-level low is moving away. so there will be showers near the coast but i don't expect it to be just a solid line of rain moving onshore. by thursday we'llk tns hine in the morning. then afternoon storms. that will continue into the weekend. the mercury 90. right now temperatures sitting in the 70s and low 80s. we've been between 77 and 81 degrees all day today. that's, yoknow,our dre teerature swin andhe high of 81 occurred around 9:30 this morning. 76 in brooksville. 82 weeki wachee. inland we've got 70's across the board. up every level low back here is slowly moving away.
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influence in our weather. pure tropical moisture in red or rust. whatever color you think it is. you can see it's slowly move away. by the weekend notice the wind flow from the east and southeast. that will lead to afternoon storms and a more typical summertime set up this weekend. with daytime highs back up near 90. so just a long duration of cloudy weather is about to come to an end. partly cloudy tonight. showers in the tonight. but tomorrow the focal point for rain should be across our inland counties and not much or lesser amounts along the coast and 88. then on thursday sunshine in the morning and afternoon storms with the mercury back up near 90. and the weekend back to a more typical summer weekend. 90 for a high. 78 for a low. rain chances between 40 and 50 percent. back to you. still ahead, don't go away.
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attraction. and cato i know you are excited about this. >> i'm leaving for miami right now. because we get to meet a newborn slough and you get to help pick her name. we'll tell you how you can cast your vote after the break. politicians tend to misquote and take things out of context so we'll call them out. and in judge merissa we'll debate whether the missions are have a right to be stupid. that's coming up at 1135 o ? and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry.
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that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love.
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new tonight --
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gainesville. new tonight we've got road rage caught on camera in gainesville. happen on the edge of the university of florida campus. you see a woman whip out a gun at the gas station, pointing it at the victim right there. and then just starting to wave it all around. police are hoping that by posting this video to facebook somebody will be able to i.d. that woman. it all began when the victim was cut off by that black pickup truck. honk of a horn was exchanged. then it escalateed from there. just, you know, we got to the point from somebody horn to a handgun being pulled in the matter of that incident which is absolutely unnecessary. >> anchor: the driver of the pickup was identified as 30-year-old jacob sylvester. he was arrested but so far has refused to identify anybody else in the truck with him. here's the reason i'm leaving for miami right after this newscast. miami's jungle island celebrating it's newest addition. a baby slough. they need help in the name department. pthis baby slough was boorn on the fourth of july. start thinking about that. the park is asking folks to vote for a name.
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page. wait they're limiting you to three choices. don't be too creative. here are the choices. flash, sid, or velcro. not sure where velcro comes from. a winner will be selected on august 31st. >> we still think cato is a cool name. >> you can write in. >> a write in campaign. >> would make your day. >> let's hope the bucs weren't sloughful on defense. >> they weren't. the bucs defense they want to nasty as they possibly can this new season. newcomer robert ayers is helping them. more on the edginess of their new edge rusher coming up. plus the noles kick off fall camp. the depth chart is a blank slate. we check in with them after the
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florida state is 4th in the florida state is fourth in the pre-season coaches poll. but keeping or improving that ranking will have to be earned. which started today with the beginning of seminoles fall camp in tallahassee. the ranking is not the only thing that's going to have to be earned with this team. jim bow fisher saying every starting position will have to be won. no starters penciled in yet. that goes for the quarterback position as we. that race between senior mcgwire and freshman deand re. >> there ain't no starters in place. everything is open. we have to do a great job in this camp of evaluating and educating. because you got to evaluate your players as you educate your players. because, you know, a combine don't win a football game. >> at bucs camp a dust up at practice for the second day in a row.


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