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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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y22why yi0y an achy-breaky heart that keeps on trucking... we're talking and an achy breaking heart that keeps on trucking. we're talking about a bill ray cyrus about his incredible career live. wow. what's that? >> blue sk >> isn't that pretty? it's beautiful. haven't seen that in days. nice. looks like it's going to be a pretty day. good wednesday morning everyone i'm jen epstein laura moody has the day off. big day sending kids off to school. >> sure was. and these we had a good weather for it today, right? >> could you imagine if it would have been yesterday or day before, no i couldn't. unbelievable mess. but yeah, beautiful now. we're going to get storm backs
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free. it's august, remember that. but at least on radar now, there's not much to speak of. we do have mid level cloud cover. streaming through the area. the temperatures hey we've made it to 80 degrees. that's our 9 o'clock temperature at tampa international. brandon, 81. 80 in sarasota. 80 in clearwater. with at rain chances today some, let's say 50 to 60 percent. high temperatures are going to squeeze way back in the mid to upper 80s for later today. >> all right. thank you, dave. 9:01 if you're with us we have a roadway shut down in the plant city area. this is all due to a deadly road rage incident. so mlk that's affected. we will get to details in just a second with live report. from a traffic standpoint it will be shut down forbes to wilkinson. that's your area of concern eastbound and westbound. forbes traffic is getting through northbound southbound direction, so your work around here really u.s. 92 and sydney road and telling folks through the morning 92 a bit jammed up
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you can easily get to sydney quicker work around for you. a strange case of road rage in hillsborough county. a man is shot and killed after a traffic incident but it's the shooter that stopped to perform cpr. walter allen is on scene. walter. >> jen good morning an unusual case of road rage here. one that we don't typically hear about. i do want to step out way show you how active this is. few hours after this all unfolded about 7 o'clock this morning. still very active mlk is still shut down. as hillsborough county sheriff's office tries to determine exactly what took place here. in a news conference, about 30 minutes ago they did fill us in on few details. and colonel donald was able to a fill in some pieces for us saying that two men got into some sort of an argument driving here on mlk. the first driver stopped. and in way forced that second
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driver then apparently had a gun and shot that first driver. a 911 call was made after that. hillsborough county sheriff's office saying that nobody else was in the area when they showed up. so they easy to presume that it was the second driver. is one that called 91. when sheriff deputies arrived they found second driver performing cpr on the victim. victim in his 40s. but right now, they are trying to notify next o identity is released as well shooter released his identity as well. but they are talking to that shooter. he's not under arrest right now. they are going to present all of their evidence to the state attorney's office and they are going to determine whether or not this a stand your ground case or if this something else. whether or not charges will be filed. but again mlk is still shut down presumably shut down for the next few hours. jen. what what an awful scenario, walter. thanks for the update.
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we have this this morning the investigation continues into how police training exercise with citizens has left one woman dead. she was shot with live ammunition instead of blanks. shayla is in punta gorda where all this happened and going to fill us in on the latest. shayla. hi good morning to you. there are certainly a lot of questions surrounding the events unfold. of course investigators going to how did a live round make its way into that roll playing situation. that of course is something that the florida department of law enforcement will be working to answer. that organization is handling what described an as an independent investigation at the request punta gorda police chief. right now you're looking a video from the area. the punta gorda police chief thomas lewis has described this as a horrible accident.
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when to use and when not to use lethal force. it happened during a session of the citizens police academy program tuesday. the exercise involved to participants randomly selected. one of them 73-year-old mary. during a shoot don't shoot scenario, authorities say a simulation became reality. a live round struck her who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. we're told the officer involved in the shooting administrative leave as is standard procedure in a police involved shooting. his future will be determined by outcome of this investigation. as for chief thomas lewis he did address media tuesday evening but did not take questions from those in attendance. in statement he did say our entire police department and all of our leaders here are absolutely devastated adding everyone involved is in an overwhelming state of shock.
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questions surrounding everything that that unfolded here mary has described a librarian a board member for the friends of the punta gorda library organization a volunteer position that seeks to get more attention get advocacy for punta gorda library. she's said to be from from minute and lives here in punta gorda community. we will continue to follow the torre and keep you posted as russell back to you. all right, shayla, thank you. >> and this this morning the father of pulse night club shooter omar mateen is causing some controversy for hillary clinton. he was spotted in the crowd at an orlando event for the democratic candidate. this as clinton expressed her sympathies for the victims and the familis of the shooting there he is right there wearing that a red cap he told a report ear got a generic email inviting
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member of democratic party. he also said hillary clinton will would good for u.s. and he loves america and has been here for long time clinton's campaign said he didn't he was there. internet buzzing after an interview in which wikileaks founder julie enassange offer ad reward in the death of seth rich. now rich was a staffer in democratic national committee. but was shot and killed in an but conspiracy theorists don't believe it they think he is one responsible for leaking 20 thouks. males in interview dutch division program assange certainly hinted that could be true. we couldn't been willing to state o'clocks conclusion. more important a variety of wikileaks sources are concerned
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emails leaked embarrassed national democratic committee and expose their efforts to have clinton as the presidential nominee. and if it was just seth rich's death the internet would probably discount those conspiracy theories but there have actually been three deaths of democratic activist this past summer. seayed's murder july 10th ae walked home from girlfriend's house an apparent robbery but his wallet and credit cards were not taken. served dnc with subpoenas on behalf bernie sanders's campaign cause of his death still under investigation a former un official john ash allegedly died when he dropped a bar bell on his throat. the but un said he died of a heart attack. ash was set to testify in trial against chinese business man who allegedly smuggled four and a half million dollars into the
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nothing but theorys. and doesn't believe internet fodder nor does he think his son was wikileaks source. dnc and federal government believe russia is responsible. >> well, not the only controversy surrounding the candidates. donald trump, he went off script and now people are saying he's advocating violence against hillary clinton. doug luzader has more on this from washington. >> in some ways it was classic trump going after hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but-- but i tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> was second amendment reference a suggestion for gun owners to take matters into their own hands? the clinton campaign says absolutely. and began to fund raise off of those comments saying it was more evidence that trump isn't
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leadership position, especially the presidency, leadership of country should do anything to countenance violence. and that's what he was saying. trump says it was just a call for gun rights advocates to organize politically. there can be no other interpretation even reporter told me give me break. but dishonest people. but worst part for trump may have been the missed opportunities. on day when clinton was facing new lawsuits from the families of americans benghazi. and new scrutiny after father of gunman orlando pulse night club was seated directly behind her a campaign event. all of it left many republicans shaking their heads. but it was his careless decision to go off script and try to make a funny, which actually was not funny at all. and the carelessness adds to how hillary clinton is trying to define him. as reckless and careless.
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donald trump has trying to do a better job sticking to script and staying on message. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. well, we know he's the best, but swimmer michael phelps gold medal cash is more than some countries. amazing totals next. they are back in books more students return to school this morning. kenny suarez has wrap up on how everything is going so far. and charley belcher making our mouth water this morning enjoying a little sweets >> yep funky sweets in st. petersburg. we're in the kitchen now, there's spencer making up the funnel cake. he says i can do this i don't know a little intimidated. i know i've never made a funnel cake i will try to do that when we continue. we will erica has donuts going over there.
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((russell/wipe vo)) it was a busy day for americans in rio. first- the u-s- women's gymnastics team took the gold. and man it first u.s. women gymnastic team to russia got silver and eight points plus behind americans. first time women's team has won back to back all around golds. later in the day, swimmer's turn to shine. wow. i'm just, just looking at the video of them, just amailings amazing. michael februarys katie ledecky had grabbing gold in her off event. distance swim ear maized everyone by hanging on during
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from sweden, the world record holder in event by half way ledecky had taken a small lead and powered home to win the race. right after that, michael phelps bettered his legacy right in this is signature event, 200 fly. he came in second in london and it was that race that brought him out of retirement. because he wanted to do it. do this in his fifth olympics, he too held on to take the but his night wasn't over. >> the crowd on the feet. number two unin the books. >> he's really not human
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that was phelps anchoring eight free relay race as you can see crushed competition. brought home another gold. so think about it 237 that michael phelps's 21st gold medal he alone has more gold medals than all but 11 other countries since 2004. other 11 china, u.s., not including phelps stash russia great britain germany south korea france italy hungary tied with ukraine at 21. michael phelps tied with ukraine at 21 for gold medal he still has chance to get three more from who what i hear. did you notice in that last 50 he didn't even take breath. i said he's not human. he didn't take a breath. i didn't even realize it until i was watching that video. remarkable. remarkable career too. >> it's almost 9:17. time to check in and see what's happening outside.
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running in lower 80s right now. which is fantastic. we've got a little bit of sunshine as well. you've got 80 degrees in tampa. 80 in sarasota. 81 in sebring. 77 in frostproof. look at the winds. we have a little bit of a southeasterly wind. since we have that southeasterly wind, that's holding back our chances of rain for now. now that will shift as we get into the afternoon. by time we get into early afternoon we will start up some showers and storms. mainly along the coast. then eventually, we're going to push everything inland. so you see lot thicker cloud cover that we have visible satellite it's out here over the gulf. just few clouds inland. honestly just a nice to get that sunshine back here early in the morning. i'm thinking rainfall accumulation totals, this is through friday. we'll get a couple of thunderstorms here and there. but the lion's share of rain will be back up here from panama
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we will keep rain chances at about 50 to 60 percent. still unsettled overall with high around 87 degrees. tonight, warm and steamy with low of 77. scattered a. noon showers and thunderstorms just bet back into a more normal pattern for this time of year. and as the rain chances drop a little bit, the heat is higher. 91 by friday. it looks like 92 high temperatures from saturday and sunday, vanessa. all right, thanks, dave. time right now 9:18. and back here, along like that earlier crash we showed you in the of kathleen road affect polk county drivers heading towards eastern hillsborough right lane was blocked you can see running pretty smooth right now still waiting for delays to decrease. we're getting there. 275 southbound 75 to i-4 in yellow. no longer in red. 24 minutes that is drive. and then long i carb 4 coming into interchange.
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first day of school wake. wake first day of school i don't want to go to school. 5 more minutes. not you, dad, me. get up, get up time for school. time for school. time for school. time for school. oh boy oh boy oh boy. well that first day of excitement has come and gone for most bay area kids. it was back to the books today. i love that movie. and fox's ken suarez is in pinellas county were kids an excited a little nemo was the first day of school? >> well i think the fist day of school is always exciting it doesn't just happen parents have been prepping by going out and getting school clothes and that kind of thing. kids get their backpack and here the backbone of getting ready really is the teacher. you know they all do nothing during the entire summer. they get ready. you know prepare lesson plans and get themselves all set to go. when there feet hit ground today, they are running. so between classes, i got a hold
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you've had two classes so far at largo high school. how did they go? the kids are very eager to be here a brand new building and state of the art facility, really they are just glad and ready to get year up and running. what do you look forward to this year? especially at this, weaver telling folks all morning long $65 million went into this case it looks more like college campus i just moved here from weather virginia and accepted a job at this school. is it is so the kids are so excited. it's unlimited possibilities right now. you come from a family of teacher you're saying your mom your aunt, your husband, you. just one word. question. why? this is a hard gig. >> one word to i mean the word word i said to i never say one word i'm saying why would you become a teacher when it is very, very difficult? >> it is. definitely not money to motivate
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evacuate students to be very best possibility possible versions of themselves to do the very best that they can. you teach english and then another course, of course the prepare kids for college. explain that course. >> the course is the avid elective within this program, in the excel magnet school, avid teaches students how to to be organized. how to motivate themselves for college. it is very individualized. students take accountability for every class, every course. that they take. expectation that these students are going to take higher placement courses. advance courses within the excel program within the ap program here at largo high. you know it's really a hard thing for a lot of high school students going to the freshman year of college, because they are not prepared. you know all of sudden they have all this freedom. this i would assume help those kids get focused. and get into the track so they can hit ground running again when they hit college really track for so many kids.
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have things like auto mechanics all kinds of alternative program all kinds of we could have choch any school i'm really glad we chose this one eye opening a well as pretty snazzy place. >> back to you guys. it sounds like we have a lot of great options for kids and other interests. really cool place. yeah. take that charley belcher. cool school. all right thank you, ken. we'll talk to you soon. speaking charley, he's coming up next celebrating back to with some very sweet treats. look at charley. groovy, man. and some more pictures from our viewers, it's first day of school for some. you can show of kids right here on fox 13, tweet us, facebook, instagram with #good day tv a happy fifth grader headed off to
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groovy good day to you tampa bay. like 70s show here that 70s show on fox instead its good day tampa bay. we're 1970s theme funky sweets business in front but a party in the back. and we're partying back here in suspect spencer and erica. boyfriend girlfriend, who own this place, decided to open up the they felt there was need here on fourth street. we're in between 75 and gandy. they need ad place for coffee and donuts and they didn't find a place they liked so they opened their own miniature donuts funnel cakes, great coffee, iced coffee even working cow ice cream. you want to go show us how you do it, we see erica doing that spencer, tell me about, all mini donuts is what you're doing,
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fresh my machine will make 2400 in an hour. so somebody comes in they want big order to take it to work or whatever i make them hot, fresh on spot you wait until somebody orders. i like that. all right. same with funnel cake. now atrust me to make funnel cake here. i think you can do it. i got faith in you. it is business in front here. all about business. because that's hot oil. >> why are you backing away? you scare me, man. i know. what am i doing here? around side around the center. >> like this? there you go. beautiful. oh. yeah. stay inside there. now want to a start crossing back and forth >> like this? yeah just fill it in really no wrong way to do it i don't think. a little bit more. good. i went outside the lines a
9:27 am
>> that's all right. me uh-oh. no >> i did go outside the lines. now get a little, there you go. a little oil on top of that. you're already an expert. now do we flip it or what? yeah we let it cook for 40 seconds on one side. and then because you went outside the line you might have to use your >> sorry. >> we'll just get rid of that right there. use your tongs to pus because i got you. lift this? yes, sir. straight up? >> yep. you can set it over there on the rack. beautiful. oh, yeah. flipper? >> yes, sir. uh-oh. don't want to break it get you nice grab. oh beautiful. >> that looks good. right? >> yeah. hey look at this, this tv thing
9:28 am
how you know when it's done then? >> you can actually tilt it up a little bit and he the >> yeah. >> i gotcha. let's tell everybody, yeah. take it off. all right. let's cool it, baby. drain the oil off a little bit. yep. set her on the pan. yeah. look at it, look at that. you make it. not bad, huh? right on. all right. when right on morning thank you very much. buy way served our country in marine corps spencer did, show guns that's what if you eat funnel cakes every day you will look like that. wednesday through sunday, yep. fourth street, if you go we'll link you to e. everything you need to know go and support these two and enjoy funky sweets russell rhodes. >> you know what else could happen if this tv thing doesn't work out, for you >> what's that, russell?
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wrestler. you've got that look. right now. >> rick flair going? come on, let's go. woo. somebody disrespect i will take you out right now, brother. not her you won't. not her. i was just kidding by way. i was just kidding he former marine i don't think you can take him either. the marine and this. yeah. yeah. i know wrestling. i know. it was fun today. that was really fun. all right. see you later. bye. dozens of area neighborhood. area neighborhood. ahead at at carrabba's, area neighborhood. ahead at we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99.
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welcome back... the time is 9:xx. b discriminate against black people... use baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against black people use excessive force and not held accountable for misconduct. that's all according to a new report from justice department. >> find thing will be presented today result year-long investigation into the force. launched after death of freddie gray. >> black man neck was broken during a police transport. report found black residents make up joer percent of the stops even though they only
9:33 am
also found police repeatedly use excessive force are not held accountable. office now seeking a court enforceable order to protect police to force the police agency to improve its practices or face a lawsuit. meanwhile two years after michael brown was shot ask killed a peaceful rally turned violent. last night people were gathering to remember the 18-year-old when a car drove through the group. one man was hit so hard he flew into the air and his knocked off. witnesses say protester started shooting at the car afterwards. but police don't think the driver intentionally hit the man. he was taken to the hospital, the driver wasn't hurt. search crews have recovered the black box from the wreck age of the freighter el fair row. the ship sanction last fall. investigators hope the voyage data recorder can shed light on ship's final moments. they plan to start processing audio and other data when
9:34 am
later this week. tampa police searching for are some very busy burglars. at least 22 homes have been broken into south tampa area alone. this surveillance video from the latest house that was hit on monday. the thief caught on camera speaking spanish on cell phone wearing gloves and gray sweat suit. left no fingerprints behind. group was seen leaving a house monday in a blue kia forte. but police believe they are switching out cars regularly. working out south florida and coming here to do the robberies. if you have any information please call crime stoppers. that is to me, when you see, when you see that surveillance, that cam remarks gentleman had in his home and guy just walks right up to it you can clearly see his face. in middle of day i feel like safer in day. you maybe leave door unlocked. don't do that. >> ever. >> i think one of those cameras
9:35 am
thinking about that too. hey dave. you're right almost 9:35. i got 80s all over the place now. temperatures running 80 degrees in tampa. 82 in brandon. haines city, at 82 degrees. also 80 in sarasota area. so a nice little warm up. in fact when we were outside, it was really nice out there. granted we do have some mid level cloud cover. but we've really gotten out of influence of this low system. which by the way is still sitting and spinning. as it drifted further toward west it took all heavy rain and flooding with it. from tallahassee back to new orleans, they are going dealing with the same type of rains that we've had over the past few days. so while they have that, our weather starts to get back to normal. we'll put a 60 percent rain chance in for the coastline today. maybe as we shift to a 70 percent inland because i think once we hit afternoon hours, you're going to start to see with that southwest wind,
9:36 am
i-75. so for a change, we've actually got higher rain chances in polk county then we did in hillsborough county. watch the future cast. we get into early afternoon hours your bubbling up few storms along the coast. by later in the day everything will shift further inland. and this trend will continue for the next several days. so still unsettled. still a lot of moisture in atmosphere. with a high of 87 degrees. tonight 77 for should get back into the upper 80s. maybe around 90. watch the rain chances drop. in fact once we get through the weekend they drop back to 40 percent. even 30 percent. that means high temperatures getting into the lower 90s. couple first birthdays on this wednesday. we wee got london. london turning one. london loves mickey mouse, music, books, cuddling and playing with his older sisters. happy first birthday. jaylen is turning one today as well.
9:37 am
help grandma volunteer at the boys and girls club. we hope you have a fantastic birthday as well. >> vanessa. happy birthday, guys. hope you're having a wonderful day. on roadways, starting to get a little bit more wonderful whoever of course we're still following the big closures, stemming from that shooting investigation. once again mlk affected i would expect this closure to stick around for a little while longer forbes road work arounds 92 and lot quieter on roadways pretty busy this morning latest incident not a huge deal want to let you know safety concern in manatee county area disabled vehicle reported southbound on 75. university parkway, watch out that right lane is blocked. please know we do have southbound delays from beforehand. up to that scene. then just beyond. so be prepared for that. >> staple of country music turned into a successful acting career.
9:38 am
billy ray cyrus. >> a little later facebook's latest efforts effort to make sure you see their ads. lauren simonetti has more on what that means for your news feed. >> and a live picture of the board on wall street.
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okay. where were you? where were you when that song became a hit? i was working in san toent, texas reading news in san toenlt texas it was playing in every bar and every honky tonk. we are all two stepping to it billy ray cyrus soared to the top achy breaking heart. 23 years later still going strong till entertaining all of us today he joins all of us to talk about the his new show. hey, good morning. hi russell. how you doing? how are you what pleasure to final get to talk to you after all of these years. it's an honor to be with you, man. i, that honing key to think must have been a lot of fun back then? >> it sure was. hey, that's then. this is now.
9:42 am
>> i got a great show that i'm loving doing. being a part of. it's on cmt season finale air this is sunday night. it's an hour-long special. and yeah the show has turned out to be a big hit. and we're just having a blast making it. >> get us up to speed on what it's all about. what, i mean it's kind of a mirror real life a little bit, doesn't it? >> i play an elvis gone bad. who lies his way into it church as a preacher. and then i find out that i have a 14-year-old daughter i didn't know i had. did you ever in your career ever, leading up to this, play an elvis impersonator at any time? >> no. that's a good question. i had never played elvis.
9:43 am
dysfunctional elvis impersonator. my grandfather was pentecostal approach i grew up there in pentecostal church. man if you could walk that thin line, you know, between elvis and jesus, that, that, just feels like a hit. >> well you know sw some would say they are pretty close. but i mean elvis fans would say it doesn't get any better than that. you know. >> well, it is a thin line. and speaking of thin that's title of my new album single shipped out this week. and it's real fun at this stage. you know, i singer song writer at heart. and just being back in, you know with this new album coming out, and again thin line is about that thin line, you know between elvis and jesus. and willy and the lord. just a real, kind of a heavy song, you know. actually you'll see it play out
9:44 am
finale. my daughter charlotte on the show ends up playing the song. and it's, kind of a real special moment. >> and, just having a lot of fun right now. i'm thinking about the achy breaking heart song all of those years ago. would that billy ray cyrus ever imagine he'd been doing this today? i didn't think i would been alive 25 years later to be honest i'm just here. i'm the same way. what would you tell billy ray cyrus today what would you tell the younger billy ray cyrus 23 years ago? what would you say to him? >> i'd say him, the same thing my dad told me years ago, you know, always be aware of your current surroundings. always you know be looking forward to the future. and map out your goals and your dreams, but most importantly
9:45 am
from. you know, i'm billy ray cyrus from flat woods, kentucky a kid that had a dream i still believe that my life and my music and even this tv show part of my purpose. all right. hey. thank you. thanks for, thanks for spending time with us this morning and thanks for, thanks for entertaining me for a really long time i do appreciate you visiting with us. okay? >> you're welcome russell man, i really appreciate it. this next year will be our silver anniversary. i'm going to do a tour across the states and around the if i come down florida you come up and holler at me i'll come see you i promise i'm come see you right on. thank you, russell. see you later. what a nice guy. that was fun repair runways a macdill what will air force base do in meantime? what we could be seeing in tampa international airport next.
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((jen/wipe vo we're getting an exclusive up-close look at the runway at macdill air force base in tampa. as you can see, it needs some work! and fox-13 news has learned: you can see it needs m work fox 13 news macdill's only runway will be shut down this fall for repairs. so wait, how can you have an air force base with no runway. we sent fox 13 lloyd sowers out to doom in sky macdill refueling tanker had smooth sailing when k k v 135s land things can get rough. on the runway. we got an exclusive up close look at the chupgs and the ruts. they decided to shut down the 13-year-old crumbling runway this fall for an $8 million overhaul. we're going to mill and overlay the entire length. mill it four inches deep and
9:50 am
how can macdill continue to fly tanker with only runway closed for two months? they found the answer at tampa international. the tankers will move in with the airliners in october. >> they will be fit in right along with our commercial carriers. they use the same runways. they use the same f.a.a. ground and towery frequencies. the tankers will be parked in same area as the private jets at tia. >> with nearly 500 take offs and landing every day by airliners at t ia basic a dozen every day won't make a big difference. and air force crews say they will be readytampa just ajafrnt to us it will be a pretty seamless transition for two months we will operational closure. so very, very minimal. runway project is slated to last about 60 days it will begin in mid october with any luck the macdill tankers will b home for christmas. in between you might see angie tank are taxiing near your airline they won't using any of
9:51 am
so passengers won't see any disruptions. while they smooth out runway at macdill tankers will get a temporary home. at tia. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. now this isn't the first time they've moved the planes. some tankers were moved over to
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?? ?? ??
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((jen //live pix)) here's another live picture of board on wall street. wasn't doing much not doing too much now either. let's get to lauren simonetti and talk about few other things. hey. that's whole be we've had narrow trading you look at and is an i'm not seeing big gains up look levels ohhing that highest level we've ever seen. any small rise in brings us to another high. companies like amazon facebook and microsoft are responsible for nasdaq stellar performance this year. and some other companies. i was just reading an article. and it suggested to me, that wall street is betting right now that donald trump has not a likely chance of winning the white house. that's why we're seeing this muted response recently. it has to do unveiling his tax plan. his economic plan.
9:55 am
all right. all right. >> all right lauren, facebook, there are kind stepping back against the ad blockers trying to block them now? they are yeah blocking an ad blocker. what? fancy technology. facebook has it it's beating fancy technology that you might have on your desk top computers so you don't get inundated by ads. no more. those advertisements pay for facebook. that's whyths free. facebook says you know what bear with us, you're going to see the ads on desk or not. but let's make sure you like it. talk us to. we can give you ads that are might be about something you're interested in. so let's communicate. >> not too bad. in your case, shoes ads about shoes, right? >> no problem with that. stutter weitzman did well for coach you might see a lot stuart weitzman shoes popping pick up
9:56 am
about time we got sunshine back we will afternoon thunderstorms. notice over next few days we will start to slowly bring back the rain chances. and by tomorrow, 50 percent. same for friday. 40 percent. on saturday. but when you do that, then you got to bring the temperatures up. so 87 degrees for a high today. 89 tomorrow. and it looks like lower 90s friday through sunday. all right thanks, dave today is wednesday, august 10th. live with kelly up next. followed by wendy williams and fox 13 news at noon. as get latest on our website, follow us on twitter and instagram and like us on facebook. finish it up >> you could also, no. we're going to back to school pictures. back to school photo we love them. keep sending them. we'll show them all week long. here's a few of them #good day
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announcer: it's "live with kelly." today big-screen sensation matt damon and one of our favorite leading ladies margot robbie plus from the "real housewives of atlanta," nene leakes, and jerry o'connell is today's co-host, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell. kelly: right? [cheering and applause] ? and right, right, here we go ? jerry: yes. kelly: thank you. thank you very much. wow. hi.


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