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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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new this morning: an apartment building explodes... into a pile of rubble! dozens of people hurt... including firefighters. ((jen and: two ?deadly road rage attacks... separated by 15 years. why police say ?one man... was involved in both of them. ((walter plus: are you ready for some ?football bucs fans? their first ?kickoff of the season... is now just ?hours away! ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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new from overnight: a developing story in maryland... where an apartment building has ?exploded, injuring dozens of people. and the injured include at least two firefighters. this happened last night in silver spring, maryland just outside of washington d-c. firefighters arrived just before midnight and saw several buildings in flames. they believe the fire was sparked by a natural gas leak.
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the buildings are now just a pile of rubble. at least 25 people were hurt, including those firefighters. the firefighters are expected to be okay. several other people are unaccounted for. more on this story as it develops. a road rage shooting death in hillsborough county has a strange twist: turns out - the guy who was shot and killeda&actually killed a man 15 years agoain another road rage case! fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now
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an update now, on the tragic shooting at a police training academy in punta gorda. we're learning more about the woman killed... and the officer who pulled the trigger. 73-year-old "mary knowlton" citizens training exercise tuesday night. she was randomly selected for a shooting scenario. but officer "lee coel" accidently shot her with ?real bullets. the police chief says that gun has actually been used in ?previous exercises... but it's only had ?blank rounds in it before this. the officer is now on adminstrative leave, while th f-d-l-e investigates. ?so what was ?supposed to happen in that training tuesday? fox 13's crystal clark took part in a ?similar
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this one, was with tampa police. and they used something called a "blue gun"... instead of the real thing. here's crystal now.. to explain the difference. it looks and sounds realistic.. but look closely at the gun used in this shooting simulation. it's a training tool known as a "simunition.""they provide a loud enough click to where you can actually hear the gun shot go off." chip deblock produced the youtube training video with leo roundtable.. in his 30 years working with tampa police, he says it was ?always a priority for officer and citizen training groups to keep loaded guns out of the secure training area."whether consealed or not consealed, nobody can have a gun." last summer, i underwent a virtual shooting simulator at tpd.. training is meant to put people in highly stressful, real life police shooting scenarios.. participants are told to act fast.. deblock says, that's why it's too dangerous to have real guns in arms length..even for an officer. "all of a sudden you see a gun being produced. you get excited, you yell, 'gun! gun!' or 'put the gun down!' it's easy to get caught up in the scenario, so iyo holster or maybe you normally carry a gun under your shirt and on your side, you just be instinct go for it." there are usually training instructors on site specifically to check each weapon and make sure nothing gets mixed up..he says it's been decades since t-p-d has used the real thing.. "before simunitions were even popular, or maybe before they were even around, we used real firearms, and we would use blanks."initial reports show the officer in punta gorda believed he was using a blank catridge when he pointed his
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and we reached out to punta gorda police, requesting a copy of ?their standard procedures for the citizens academy. they say no specific policy exists. they say the course is designed to be a simple 2 to 4 hour tour of the department... ending with the role-playing
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they're taking to make sure that tragedy never happens again. a developing story on the east coast: a woman and her young daughter almost hit by a ?bullet... while sitting in their minivan. it happened in ormond beach. "sonia bolles" was with her eight year old daughter stopped at an intersection. then, she heard a loud bang. when she got out to investigate -- she found that a bullet had gone through her passenger side door, ending up in her nter console. thankfully, it didn't hit them. bolles doesn't know what made her a target. beach police are hoping someone with information will come forward. an update this morning on all those delta flight delays. things are ?slowly improving for the airline... but not fast enough for some passengers. the number of canceled flights keeps dropping every day... since monday's massive outtage. on wednesday, that number was three ?hundred flights nationwide. a big drop from monday's one ?thousand canceled flights. hundreds more were also delayed. by the afternoon, the airline said it was quote... "largely back to
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there were ten canceled delta flights, and 22 delays. and so far ?today we're not seeing any canceled flights.. but a few more delays. delta has already spent 150 million dollars this year alone on upgrading its systems. but douglas kidd of the national association of airline passengers.. says its unacceptable that a ?backup system also failed: another consumer group told us they would be calling on the department of transportation to change the rules... to allow stranded flyers in situations like this... to be allowed to use their tickets on ?other airlines. a bay area beach is closed ?again, because of high bacteria counts. hillsborough county health officials shut down "ben t. davis" to swimmers on tuesday. the beach has only been open about a week... since failing a previous bacteria test last month. the county also found high levels
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beaches are expected to be closed to swimming at least until next monday. that's when the next round of testing will take place. today in hillsborough county: elections officials are setting up for primary day. the county will have 16 early voting sites for the upcoming primary. early voting starts up next monday, august 15th. and it runs through august 28th. early voting sites are open from ten a-m to six p-m. and unlike ?regular voting sites... youre not limited to your local precinct. you can just pick one...
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nominee donald trump back in florida this week. this time, at a rally in south florida. trump spoke in sunrise wednesday... in front of a packed house. and trump is taking some criticism about one man who was in that crowd. trump made a comment about clinton should better screen who gets into her rallys... after the father of the pulse nightclub terrorist was spotted at one of her events. but as he said that... trump has his ?own controverial guest in the crowd... just behind his podium on the right. that woul representative mark foley, who resigned in disgrace during a sex scandal involving teenagers, back in 2006. foley says he's known trump for almost three decades. donald trump continues his latest campaign tour of florida today. he's in miami beach at 10-30 this morning to speak to the national association of home builders at the fountainbleau hotel. and then tomorrow night, trump has a campaign rally in kissimme at seven. it takes place at the silver spurs arena. you can sign up for free tickets to both
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and one trump supporter really went to new heights... to try and talk to the candidate. he climbed the side of the trump tower in manhattan, using suction cups. he was trying to reach trumps campaign headquarters to quote... "discuss an important matter." he was up there for about three ?hours before the nypd could finally get their hands on him... at the 21st floor. police also deployed airbags below as a precaution. the man is now getting a psychiatric evaluation. the bucs ?start here. later this half hour in sports: what we can expect from tonight's preseason debut. plus: a couple in hot water... over their hot tub. why authorities in california say it caused more
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making headlines across america: a new department of justice report... on ?discrimination in the baltimore police department. it found that civil rights ?were violated. the d-o-j report says officers subjected african americans to quote... " a disproportionate rate of stops, searches and arrests." over the past six years, 95 percent of the people stopped at least ?ten times... were black. one man was stopped ?thirty times... and never charged. in some of the stops, pedestrians were frisked for no reason. the mayor of baltimore requested the investigation following the death of freddie gray last year. the city has agreed to a number of reforms... including better training... and body cameras. a new incentive to catch
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30 year old "karina vetrano" vanished nine days ago while on a run near her home in queens. her body was discovered later that evening an autopsy found she was strangled. karina's father has now setup a go fund me account, to increase the reward for an arrest. as of this morning, the reward is more than 160 thousand dollars. police have not named ?any persons of interest. a serial killer in los angeles has just been sentenced to death. "lonnie franklin junior" was nicknamed the "grim sleeper" ... after killing ten people between 1985 and 2007. the victims included a teenage girl and nine women. and even though he was only convicted of ten... prosecutors believe franklin may have been linked to at least 25 murders. and... we now know what caused one of california's most ?destructive wildfires last year: a hot tub. the department of forestry says faulty wiring on that hot tub sparked a fire that burned
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four people and destroyed more than 13 hundred homes in napa county. the district attorney is now considering whether to file criminal charges against the couple that owned that hot tub... since it was ?not installed according to code. the cost of fighting that fire...
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?? time to talk some sports ? ba da ba ba ba ? this morning. and bucs fans... the wait is finally over. the preseason begins tonight. dirk koetter makes his nfl head coaching debut... as the bucs play the eagles up in philadelphia. the result may not matter in the win-loss column... but it's an important one for back-ups and players trying to fight for the final 53-man roster. the most crowded spot on offense is at tight- end.. the bucs have four returners and a rookie that's
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one guy that the bucs ?want to see step it up is their 2014 2nd round pick austin seferian-jenkins... who's had his troubles in the past. tonight's game starts at seven... and we'll have highlights tomorrow morning. north of the border now... as the rays wrap up a series with the rays. "blake snell" got roughed up by toronto... giving up five runs, two earned. including a troy tulowitzki. and the rays bats had ?no answer. j-a happ and the toronto bullpen pitched a shutout... winning seven to nothing. the rays start a series against the yankees tomorrow night up in new york. and you can watch that first game right here on fox 13. it's also the final game of alex rodriguez's career. chris archer gets to pitch to a-rod for the historic night.
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to the olympics now... where the americans are seeing more gold. including swimmer katie ledecky. she dove in the pool for the anchor leg of a women's relay last night. when she ?started, the u-s was a second ?behind the australians. but she finished nearly ?two seconds ?ahead! that's ledecky's ?third gold at the games in rio. and here's a look at the rio. america's golden girls are back. 24 women compete for the most coveted title in gymnastics: all- around champion. american "simone biles" is the heavy favorite. the michael phelps farewell tour... not over yet. he's back in the pool today... in some prelim races. and they're hitting the links today in rio... as olympic ?golf kicks off. the game returns to the olympics for the first
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on the event, over zika fears. and zika isn't the only thing those golfers are worried about in rio. check out this photo tweeted out by the golf channel earlier this week. that's a "capybara"... the largest rodent in the world... and they're native to south america. dozens of them have been spotted all over the greens and sand traps. they can weigh up to a hundred pounds and stand two feet tall. the golfers don't they've just been playing around them, and taking plenty of photos. when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast.
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graceland. why visiting the musical mecca... doesn't have to end, when the sun
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ever wanted to rest... like royalty? well now you can book a room... at the ?king's hotel.((more)) and it's connected to elvis presley's famous home... graceland. the new hotel will be right next door... called "the guesthouse at graceland." elvis fans can sleep in
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rooms and 20 suites. it's actually the largest hotel project in the city of memphis in over a ?century. the hotel will also have a huge theater... two restaurants... and a huge pool. and its called the "guest house" because elvis always wanted to build a guest house at graceland... but could never make it happen. every detail of the new hotel...inside and out...was inspired by the king of rock and roll. the hotel opens on october 27th. prices start at 150 dollars a night. still ahead: a bay area radio star... remembered. how fans of dave mckay can pay their respects... today. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in hillsborough... talking about
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