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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00am-5:58am EDT

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ahead this hour: two deadly road rage incidents... 15-years apart. and detectives say: ?one man... was involved in both of them... but the outcome is ?very different, this time. ((jen t apart... until they landed in different hospitals... with time running out. how some good samaritans... are making sure a dying wish... comes true. ((walter and... what a story ?this man has to tell. lady luck was incredibly kind to him... ?twice... how he escaped ?disaster... then hit the ?jackpot... all in one week.
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its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. hot and humid with a 50% chance of scattered late day storms. high temps in the lower 90s. tonight will be warm and soupy; lows in the upper 70s. more late day no closed captioning is
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((jen)) call it karma... or just bizarre... but there's an odd twist in a fatal road rage incident in hillsborough county.((wally)) turns out the man who was gunned-down... actually killed a man 15-years ago... in a similar situation ((wally fox-13's shayla reaves is at the sheriff's office the man who opened fire this
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((wally (jen) we're also learning more about the woman killed during a police academy training session in punta gorda... and the officer, who pulled the trigger. (jen 73-year-old "mary knowlton" was taking-part in a citizens training exercise, tuesday night. and the end of the session, she was selected randomly for a shooting scenario. but officer "lee coel" accidentally shot her several times... with ?real bullets. the police chief says that
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until now, it had only been loaded with ?blanks. we were unaware that any live ammunition for this particular weapon existed. we believed, for the particular caliber of weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officershe was iconic, she lit up the room. she's a hero. she should've had this much press while she was still living. ---jen officer coel had been with the punta gorda police departmenfo two-and-a-half years. the chief says: coel is grief- stricken. he's on administrative leave, while the investigation continues. knowlton's son says: the family forgives him. (jen knowlton also says: his mother supported the police... that's why she and her husband gary went to the chamber police night. this photo was taken of mary knowlton with chief tom lewis, moments before the presentation began. it was taken by "charlotte sun" newspaper photographer, sue paquin.
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flight delays. things are ?slowly improving for the airline... but not fast enough for some passengers.(wally)) the number of canceled flights keeps dropping every day... since monday's massive outage. on wednesday, that number was ?300-flights, nationwide. ((wally a big drop from monday's one ?thousand canceled flights. hundreds more were also delayed. by the afternoon, the airline said it was quote... "largely back to normal." in tampa, there were ten canceled delta flights, and 22 delays yesterday. and so far ?today we're not seeing any canceled flights.. but a few more delays. el dollars this year alone on upgrading its systems. but douglas kidd of the national association of airline passengers.. says its unacceptable that a ?backup system also failed: "i certainly think that federal regulators have to look at the situation and ask the airlines some rather pointed questions about how something like this could happen. --wally another consumer group told us they would be calling on the department of transportation to change the rules... to
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situations like this... to be allowed to use their tickets on ?other airlines. ((jen new this morning... sarasota deputies arrested a man after they say he walked out on his 26-dollar bar tab. it happened at miller's ale house off kenny drive late tuesday night. when deputies arrived... they say "jacob davis" sped away in his car with the help of a helicopter... deputies used stop sticks to flatten the 29-year-old's tires. he ended up gate... before ramming into a deputies' cruiser several times. david has a history of burglary, theft, and drug possession. he's now being held without bond... on d-u-i, aggravated fleeing, and other charges. (wally) today in hillsborough county: elections officials are setting up for primary day. the county will have 16 early voting sites for the upcoming primary. early voting starts up next monday, august 15th. and it runs through august 28th. early voting sites are open from ten a-m to six p-m. and unlike ?regular voting sites... youre
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pick one... thats convienent. the ?regular primary election day... is august 30th. ((walter/2-shot)) a curious little six-year-old boy got himself in quite the predicament at a costco in clearwater this week..((jen)) ernie was in the store with his dad and brother... and somehow got his finger stuck in one of the racks! but.. thanks to the clearwater fire department - everything ?eventually worked out.. ((jen/ in a letter written by ernie's dad to the fire department.. he explained what happened.. the finger was really wedged in there.. dad and the costco manager tried soap and ice.. but nothing was working.. so.. they called 9-1-1.. and firefighters came.. firefighters tried oil.. but the finger was too swollen at that point.. and wasn't budging.. ((walter/wipe cg3)) eventually firefighters had to dismantle the rack.. and use a hacksaw to saw through the steel to get to his finger.. one firefighter was doing that.. another was pouring water on ernie's hand to keep it cool.. and another was protecting the finger from the blade.. all that teamwork
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said the moment the finger came free.. was a moment of pure joy.. after ernie calmed down.. he wanted a picture with his hero's... and they were happy to oblige.. ((more)) walter/2-shot ernie even wrote the firefighters a "thank you note" when he got home.. and his dad mailed it to the fire station.. ernie said "thank you for rescuing me today".. (walter alright... are you ready for this? the girl scouts... are adding a new cookie to the menu. it's s'mores... a special creation, for the upcoming 100th anniversary of girl scout cookie sales... the graham cracker sandwich cookie is filled with a creamy chocolate and marshmallow... it's also health-conscious: no artificial flavors or colors... or high-fructose
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only bad thing, we'll have to wait till ?january, to try it. ((jen)) so a guy goes climbing up the side of trump tower in new york city... ((walter)) why d h when we come back. ((walter and... you've just won an olympic gold medal... you're entire county is celebrating with you... what are you gonna do next? well for this weightlifter, it all starts...
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. a vigil was held last america runs on dunkin'. night in sebastian county, arkansas.. for a deputy killed in the line of duty.. authorities say deputy "bill cooper" was shot in the neck while responding to a call at a home on wednesday morning. the chief of local police and a k-9 were also shot.
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the alleged shooter is 34-year-old billy jones.. he was taken into custody after about five hours. investigators are now looking into the possiblity that this was a planned attack. (wally a judge in los angeles sentences a serial killer... to death. "lonnie franklin, junior" was nicknamed the "grim sleeper"... after killing 10- people between 19-85 and 2007. the victims included a teenage girl, and nine women. but prosecutors believe there may have been many more... in fact, franklin could be linked to at least 25- murders. a man who climbed trump tower in new york city --- just wanted a private audience with the republican nominee.. police have identified the climber only as a "20 year old man from virginia".. they say he posted a video online -- in which he claims to be "an independent researcher" who wanted to "discuss an important matter" with trump.. the 20 year old.. managed to make it up 21 stories.. before being pulled in to a window.. he was then taken to a hospital for a
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visitors to the thomas jefferson memorial in washington d-c... might notice something different. right now -- it looks pretty dirty. that's because the 73-year-old landmark is covered with biological growth. the black bio-film was first noticeable in 20- 06....but has grown more and more in past years. the park service is experimenting with several cleaning solutions to try and remove the algae and bacteria without damaging the marble. (jen now ?here's a way... to go out on top. weightlifter from colombia... had a really good day at the olympics in rio. oscar figueroa won a gold medal... his first, after 22-years in the sport... and he was really emotional about it. this is his ?fourth olympics... but injuries in prior games kept him from being at his best. so this moment was ?pivotal. and what comes next, is too. figueroa took off his shoes... a traditional sign of
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the cheer, and his tears, were
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((anchors)) it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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(walter) you take all that time and effort, finding the perfect wedding gown... and it's great... for a day... do you do with it? one woman in tennessee found an ?incredibly touching way to recycle her's. (jen look what she did... she sent it in, and had it turned into 17 little baby dresses... and she's going to donate them to the nic-u at vanderbilt hospital... she calls them "angel gowns"... because they'll be used for sick or stillborn babies... who don't make it home from the hospital. i know... incredibly sad... and so sweet... all at the same time.
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she did it. (jen) she's not the only one to do this... other women have donated angel gowns to hospitals around the country. (wally) a neo-natal nurse in new mexico says: they make a huge difference for the parents... who have a gorgeous and touching way to honor their little ones. ((walter)) it's been a disney favorite... for ?decades. ((jen)) but now, it's taking a bow at the magic kingdom. how long you've got to see it, before the "lights go out." (jen the new kid at plumb elementary? right away on the first day of school, he's already the most popular. what this pup... is doing in
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((jen)) lots of bay area students went back to school, wednesday. including a "new kid" at plumb elementary in pinellas county. (wally) his name is kaoko , and he's in the fourth grade... he's learning... how to be a service dog. and fox-13's anjuli davis shows us: the kids, will help him do that. at just ?seven months old...this little guy is christina chapin's ?youngest...this school year. but kaoko and the plumb elementary fourth grade teacher-- are already in sync...after a summer's worth of schooling. he is a guide dog in training. southeastern guide dogs. kaoko's been at her side for the past four months...learning-- listening-- and tagging along-- for just about everything.and...with permission from parents-- and the school district-- that includes...coming into her ?classroom, five days a week. it's like a jungle gym for kaoko to learn all these great things. in a class with 21 kids, one of kaoko's toughest assignments will be staying on task.he's learning so much being around all these kids. all the different noises, even little things like the fire bell, it might scare him, he might do great. but it's great exposure for him. educators say-- it's also a valuable opportunity-- for kids. it's a learning experience for them as well because they'll learn firsthand what a guide dog does and how to care for an animal that's working. kaoko's working. the laidback lab-- hasn't mastered his job-- just yet...but chapin says-- she's up for the challenge. it's a lot of extra work, i just know at the end of it, it will be so march-- kaoko will return to guide dog school-- to finish up formal training-- and be paired with his forever partner.but in the meantime-- chapin says-- this will be a school year-- her two-legged students will never forget. that's what i want for them, for a memorable year and for them to be very successful. and kaoko is just
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(wally) southeastern guide dogs tells us: chapin is the only volunteer they know of, who's taking her svice dog-in-training to class with her. (jen) but she and her principal hope "cocoa" will be the first of many at plumb elementary. ((jen)) we've seen lots of surveillance video, showing robbers grabbing cash out of the drawer...((walter)) this time, a thief took off with the an entire ?register. the odd place... he decided to hit... and the nickname, police already have for him. ((walter plus... a ?wheely cool moment at the summer olympics in rio... what this woman pulled-off... is historic... for cyclists and moms everywhere. but they're not the only ones inspired... her victory...
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of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. it's 5:--, on thursday, america runs on dunkin'. august 11th. i'm walter
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rage incidents... 15-years apart... and one man, was involved... in both cases. (jen/ fox-13's shayla reaves is at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. shayla, good morning.
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((jen thanks, shayla. no closed captioning is
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((walter the time now is 5:??. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: saint petersburg police are searching the man who stole a register from video from pregnancy treasure and boutique on roosevelt boulevard. this man... who police call a quote "balding bandit"... broke in through a locked back door. then grabbed the cash register and took off. it had nearly a hundred dollars inside. if you know anything... call police. ((walter a brain-eating bacteria sent a swimmer to the hospital after diving into water in broward county. officials say the person was infected after swimming in unsanitary water on private
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fresh water... and led to a condition with a 97-percent mortality rate. when the creator of a new drug used to treat the bacteria found out about the swimmer... he had his son in orlando... drive the treatment all the way to broward. it's not clear if the treatment will be successful. ((walter there's a memorial service today... for legendary bay area radio host, dave mckay. his friends and colleages at "w-q-y-k" will host a "celebration of life" service, at the mahaffey theater in downtown st. pete. mckay spent ?decades in the radio biz... and had been hosting the "dave and veronic" morning show on q-y-k. he passed away last week, at home... at the age of 55. no word yet on a cause. doors open this afternoon at 4-30... the memorial starts at five. ((jen)) all wedding couples promise to "love honor and cherish".. but one couple... really stuck to those vows. and after 60- years together, their dying wish... has been granted. ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is on the emotional story for us. alcides...
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roll to vo: "look at their wedding picture" ((alcides/live))roll to 2nd vo: ((take cg3))to all individuals and parties who enabled this to occur, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and thanks,....that is barely nana continues to recover... you have demonstrated to us that our actions aren't based on having the newest or fanciest facility.neither is it because of well-worded glossy advertisements and empty promises.rather, your actions
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((jen thanks, alcides. (wally) after the ?dominance by the u-s women in the gymnastics team competition, everyone's excited for the ?all-around
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biles and aly raisman will go head-to-head with the rest of the world... and barring any major mistakes, they ?could go one-two in this. biles hasn't ?lost an all-around... in ?years. (jen so, how good is american swimmer katie ledecky? well, when she dove in the pool as anchor leg of a women's relay last night, the u-s was a second ?behind the australians. nearly ?two seconds ?ahead... that's ledecky's ?third gold at the games in rio... and she's heavily favored to win the 800-meter free. (wally it was ?only a semi-final, but you've gotta pay attention when michael phelps and ryan lochte are racing each other. swimming side-by-side in the men's 200-meter individual medley... these two have ?owned this race in international competition, dating back 13-years. it's always been one... or the
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the worlds... and, as expected, they finished one-two in their heat last night... and shared a fist bump after the race. there's a japanese swimmer that could challenge them in the finals... but that just spurs both of them on... we'll be watching, tomorrow night. (jen and speaking of ?tremendous... look... at... her. kristin armstrong of team u-s-a... no relation to ?lance... won gold in the "time trial" cycling event wednesday... when you realize this is her third olympic gold in this event... and... you consider she also retired to become a mom... and came ?back to the sport, in between those wins. and oh yeah... she's also... ?43. but who's counting? "i think for so long we've been told that we should be finished at a certain age and i think there's a lot of athletes out there that are actually showing that that's not true. for all the moms out
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--jen when kristin crossed the line, and realized she'd won, she started weeping. her son was there and couldn't figure out why something so great, made her cry.s. golf gets underway... for the first time in the olympics, since 19-04. some of the best won't be there... they dropped-out over zika worries. (wally it's gonna be crazy at the men's volleyball venue... as the brazilians face the u-s... on home turf. (jen and tennis resumes today, after a rain-out yesterday... and the women's field is wide-open, after serena williams' stunning loss. (wally but again, the big marquee events today: the phelps- lochte matchup... (jen and the women's all-around women's gymnastics competition. (wally) well, simone will have ?extra inspiration to kill it tonight. her celebrity crush is watching! (jen) she admitted not
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cutout of "high school musical" star, zac efron, in her room... well now, he's her twitter-buddy. (jen/ take a look at this... efron tweeted this photo last night... him in front of the t-v... wearing his u-s-a shirt, and sending some love. he wrote: of course i'm watching "the final five" dominate the floor... and he included five gold medal emojis. ((jen)) first, he escaped disaster... then, he hit the big time. ((walter)) the man who is counting his blessings, and his dollars... ((walter and... call him "nacho macho"... a baseball fan... had to choose between snagging the ball... and saving the snacks.
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there's a silver lining here... (jen i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp.
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e he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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they say lightning never strikes twice... you can't have two incredible shots of good luck, right in a row... (laura) or ?can you??? laura's here with one man's amazing... and harrowing... double doozy. a man in india survived a ?disaster... he escaped a fiery plane crash. he was already feeling really thankful and blessed... then, the unbelievable happened... he hit the lottery jackpot. (laura his is "mohammed basheer"... he works at a car dealership... as the reception desk. he still can't believe he was able to safely get out of that burning "emirates" plane. he calls
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more incredible news on tuesday. he just won one- million dollars in the lottery! he's thrilled... money had been a big issue up until now... he's 62... and has already worked at the dealership for 32-years... but doesn't plan to retire anytime soon. he also wants to start a charity. (laura) the lotto organizers couldn't believe how calm he was when he won... that's probably because he's been threw so much already... it takes a lot to throw this guy. it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with ((dave we get lots of summer storms... but not like ?this. look at this big ol' dust cloud, rolling into phoenix. it's huge... and packed with lightning strikes. kind of
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look at... but from a
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some of the offensive games this year have come ?in toronto... in their first 5 games, averaging 9 runs and 13 hits a game at the rogers centre.. tonight was just the opposite... and it started early on by digging themselves a hole in the first... blake snell with his worst outing to date... two men on for troy deep... a three-run home run... snell pitched just 1 and 2-thirds inning... 5 runs, 2 earned, 4 walks. rays hitters... a combined five hits... certainly not the same effort they had last night. tulowitzki 2-for-3 with 5 r-b-i... as the jays win and take the series... 7-0. the bucs kick off the preseason tomorrow night in philadelphia... with position battles a plenty... starters not likely to get, but a series or 2... in that limited window the offensive line will keep jams winston protected and looking good... this o-line with a lot to prove this year... especially for big right tackle demar dotson...battling back from injury last year and time on the bench... ?this is a contract year and he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. finally, we save the best for last... padres-pirates...
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too.
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off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] ?? ?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? heading out the door, here's what you need to know. today in pinellas county... sheriff bob gualtieri leads the push to ?lighten marijuana laws. he'll speak to the st. pete city council about the "second chance" program... it would lessen the punishment for low-level crimes... to help adults who end-up losing jobs and homes, because of a criminal record. instead of arresting those caught with small amounts of pot, the sheriff wants to give them a citation and community service. an arrest would come only ?after, three offenses. (jen don't go in the water
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the courtney campbell. hillsborough officials shut it down to swimmers, tuesday... because of high bacteria counts. it comes just ?days after another shutdown... for the same reason. officials also found high bacteria levels at "picnic island beach" in tampa. both beaches will likely be off-limits to swimmers until at ?least, next monday... when the next round of testing takes place. (wally remember that trumpet you tried to play in middle school... ?had to take away from the kids? here's a good way to give them a second chance... the glazer childrens museum in downtown tampa, is hosting the "recycled tunes drive." you can drop off musical instruments at the museum, now through august 31st... they'll be refurbished, and donated to local schools. talk about making "a joyful noise." ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find
5:57 am
sad sign of our times... no longer are people planning vacation to have fun with family and friends....((laura)) now.. that week is being used for something much less ?entertaining... any guesses? the story at six.. (laura/take vo) and: olympic swimmers worried about taking a dip... and looking like shrek.. this morning - rio has an answer.. and a solution to those very ?green swimming pools.. (russell/take vo) and: the little mermaid.. has a very big heart.. and her knowledge of sign language - made this girl feel the true disney magic! it's all introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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a driver with a history of road rage is shot and killed >>russell: a driver with a history of road rage is shot and killed and now the widow of the man he killed years ago says he got what he deserved. >>laura: and donald trump is getting a taste of his own medicine after criticizing hillary clinton for someone at one of her rallies, wait you see what was spotted at him. >>russell: you can play pokemon go for college credit. details of this course and others that are out of this world. >>dave: sun will be up in 58 minutes and it will be a nice one, too. nice start to the day. it's a little bit of fog and not that bad but just a touch here, touch there. going off to the school bus, we should be okay for the second day of school. we're going to be quiet until late in the afternoon so like


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