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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a driver with a history of road rage is shot and killed >>russell: a driver with a history of road rage is shot and killed and now the widow of the man he killed years ago says he got what he deserved. >>laura: and donald trump is getting a taste of his own medicine after criticizing hillary clinton for someone at one of her rallies, wait you see what was spotted at him. >>russell: you can play pokemon go for college credit. details of this course and others that are out of this world. >>dave: sun will be up in 58 minutes and it will be a nice one, too. nice start to the day. it's a little bit of fog and not that bad but just a touch here, touch there. going off to the school bus, we should be okay for the second day of school. we're going to be quiet until late in the afternoon so like
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down, the storms are going to start to pop. rain chances 40% along the coast and 50% inland. >>vanessa: in the pinellas county area, we're following a serious injury crash. it will likely cause lane blockage so avoid 119th terrace north at ridge road and keep you posted as we learn more information about this one. >>russell: so just about 24 hours ago, vanessa was getting the first indications t plant city. >>laura: a man was shot and killed in an apparent case of road rage. this was not his first aggressive run-in with another driver. >>russell: shayla reaves is live at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. still a lot of questions and not a lot of answers about what happened yesterday. >>reporter: you're right, russell. in fact, what happens next in this case is up to the state attorney but we can tell you
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disagreement on the road that ended with some type of deadly turn. right now this is what we are learning about the situation. you're seeing video on your screen. this all started near the intersection of forbes road and martin luther king, junior boulevard wednesday. now, authorities tell us at some point, there was a disagreement between two drivers. it's unclear which of those drivers was actually the aggressor but at some point, a man now identified as 42-year-old robert pageant pulled a trigger. at least one bullet struck the man on your screen. this is gary dur ma'am. the former army ranger who shot him tried to save his life by performing cpr after the gun fire. now, durham ultimately died from his injuries. neither family has commented on the case. we did learn durham previously served time behind bars for another incident involving what authorities tell us was road
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this was back in 2001. we're told he reportedly punched timothy gibbs. gibbs struck his head on the pavement and died days later. so far we're told that gibbs' wife reacted to news of durham's death and she did not have any words of sympathy for him in connection with this. we'll hear from her coming up in the 7:00 hour but in the meantime sheriff's office has confirmed that the man who shot gary durham this week is cooperating with investigators. we're going to continue to follow the case and keep you posted as any new details become available. >>russell: thank you. we'll check in with you later. >>laura: we're expecting to hear more from the punta gorda police department after an officer accidentally shot and killed a woman at a citizens training class. >>russell: the police chief is
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fox 13 will be there for it. tuesday night 73-year-old mary nolten was selected to participate in a role playing scenario. officer lee cole was showing the class how officers make decisions when to use lethal force. during that demonstration, he pulled the trigger and nolten was struck with a live round. she was rushed to a nearby hospital. that's where she died. officer coel is on administrative leave. he was the sje internal investigation last year where he used his canine partner to take down an unarmed man on a bicycle. coel fls not disciplined for that but forced to resign from his last job at the miramar police department. >>laura: nolten was a librarian and the family forgives the officer. real weapons will no longer be
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these. >>russell: almost 6:05. new developments in the hulk hogan sex tape case. gawker's former editor is due back in court later on today. he's going to answer questions why he should not have to pay hogan out of his own pocket. he was the one who decided to publish an edited version of the sex tape. back in march a jury awarded hogan $115 million in the privacy lawsuit against gawker. another $25 m punitive damages. of that the jury ordered him to pay at least $100,000 and that could be difficult. during the trial, lawyers founded no assets and $27,000 in student loan debt. to protect their assets from hogan, gawker and the company's founder, nick denton, both filed for bankruptcy. the website will be auctioned off next week. there's already a starting bid of $90 million. >>laura: there are now at least
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mosquito and that includes four new cases in miami dade county and the community is learn to go live with the new threat. every day mosquito control planes can be spotted. florida department of health believes this is the only place where the mosquitos are spreading the virus locally. some businesses, especially those with outdoor seating, have shut down temporarily after the first case was discovered but some started to reopen and visitors say they're not afraid to listen. >> i think that is dangerous but not when the sun shines so brightly because when the sunshine, they do not fly. >>laura: governor scott says the federal government had not been a partner in the fight against zika and he says that if congress does not act, he will have to find a way to allocate more funds to mosquito control efforts and we cannot forget it's a global threat. authorities in the bahamas are reporting the first case of zika
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jamaica's first case was in january. >>russell: state appeals court just cleared the way for prosecutors to pursue the death penalty in four cases. their trials were put on hold after the u.s. supreme court found florida's death penalty system is unconstitutional. two of the defendants offered to plead guilty to avoid the death sentence. however, because all indicted before the ruling, the appeals court says the cases can move forward with the death penalty still on the table. >>laura: 2016 battleground map is shifting in hillary clinton's favor. fox news took a look at the polls and moved several new states from the tossup category to leaning democrat. clinton is widening her lead. in the meantime, battleground
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close. this week trump is campaigning in florida. yesterday he spoke to voters in sunrise near fort lauderdale. >>russell: and he blamed the president and hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq and syria. >> he's the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked clinton. >> words matter, my friends. and if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >>russell: in addition to his comments about isis, trump talked about how the father of the pulse nightclub shooter ended up sitting behind clinton
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to someone who was sitting although his own rally. take a look. >> the people behind me, they're all on television. they're going to be famous. they're going to be famous. they're going to be famous. speaking of that, wasn't it terrible when the father of the animal that killed the wonderful people in orlando was sitting with a b right behind hillary clinton? and by the way, including a lot of people here -- how many of you people know me? a lot of you people know me. >>russell: do you see one of the people raising the hand to the right of the screen in the red shirt and suit jacket? that's former congressman mark foley. he was forced to resign amid allegations he sent suggestive
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from pages. trump's campaign says they did not know he was there. but they are friends. >>laura: a man climbed the side of trump tower on new york city and it unfolded live right here. we're learning why he did it. the man posted a video online saying that he wanted a private audience with the republican presidential nominee. he describes himself as an independent researcher who wants to discuss an with trump. we don't know his name but he's 20 years old from virginia. three hours into the stunt, he was pulled into an open window on the building's 21st floor. police say he was taken to a hospital to be psychologically evaluated. >>russell: secret service jumped into action when a protestor tried to rush the stage at a rally in iowa. the demonstrator was an animal rights activist. she kept talking as the man was
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>>laura: the race for u.s. senate, republican incumbent senator is leading with 48% of the vote versus u.s. representative patrick murphy against grayson, rubio leads 49-43%. and to prepare for the primary, hillsborough county elections officials are starting to set up early voting sites. early voting starts next monday and runs through the 28th and unlike the general election, you can cast your early voting site. just go in when it's convenient. >>russell: theirs is a love story that spanned six decades and coming up at 6:30, how two local hospitals have joined forces to help a woman be by her husband's side during his final hours. >>laura: and olympic mystery solved. we know why the pools are turning a gross shade of green
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>>dave: i have to show you the pretty sunrise we have coming up soon. yeah, real nice. clear skies, there may be just a touch of fog here and there but i've noticed that looking at the visibilities, it's not widespread. 77 degrees in tampa now and temperatures today make their way back into the lower 90s with
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the first day of schoo >>laura: the first day of school is one for the books. no major issues reported on day one. classes are now in session for counties and highlands and citrus counties. polk and pasco, those start next monday. sarasota follows next tuesday. and then only about nine months until summer vacation again. and until then, we want to see your back to school pictures. post them to social media for us. apparently yesterday was -- and i was taking to emma to school. it was a busy news day so i think we probably didn't get to show as many pictures as we were
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with the hashtag "good day" tb and we'll share these all week long. >>russell: i have to ask you then, how did the first day go with emma? >>laura: great. i love that -- you know, that rush and you realize that -- and i don't get to get emma dressed. so i got her dressed and then you remember to get that one picture. smile, smile, smile! so i'm going to -- >>russell: post it. >>laura: iut put it on twitter. and dave, man, way to bring the sunshine, bud. >>dave: imagine like we were talking with russell at 9:00. it was -- maybe it was the day before that. it was miserable outside. ponding on the roadways and everything so the sun comes out for the first day of school and today another great start to the day but it will be a stormy finish. it's going to take some time to get these storms brewing today like they did yesterday but once
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of strong ones. brookdale, bayshore camera, you see a little leftover cloud cover from last night. i also noticed when i was driving in, a couple of patches of fog here and there. in general it's a typical start to the nice little august day. we have 75 degrees in brandon, wesley chapel, lakeland, winter haven. frost proof, good morning. southeast polk county looking great now at 75. up to crystal river, we're at 72 in the warmest is not degrees. the winds are relatively light but i point your attention to the direction of the winds which is primarily southeast so you get that southeasterly wind to start and then the sea breeze will take over this afternoon and i think you're going to get that sea breeze collision very similar spot to yesterday, just east of i-75. it was like 6:00, 6:30 and it was like boom. then the storms fired up.
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the lookout for, especially walking out the door now. may not be coming home for 12 hours or so. just keep in mind, check your skytower radar app during the afternoon and especially during the evening as the storms begin to fire up. so low pressure back out over louisiana. it's going to be a miserable day there. look at the rain hovering over southeast louisiana. look familiar? this is what we had to deal with a couple of days ago. a weak ridge of high pressure hanging out on top of the state of rain chances are going to run 40% along the coast. we're going to run 50% inland and the future cast shows us how it's going to set up for later this afternoon. you'll notice everything kind of marching back toward the west. so wherever the sea breezes meet, here is 6:00, everything will start to drift back to the west. if you're along the coast or beaches, you'll look off to the east for the thunderstorms to pop up.
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thing. looking toward the east and everything eventually settled back toward the west. this is a very typical, very normal weather pattern we have. hot and humid to start. back to about 91 degrees. that's what we made it to yesterday. no reason why we won't today. 40% to 50% rain chance. once the sun goes down and the sea breezes collapse, you lose the energy. just get back to partly cloudy skies and stey overnight. low 78. tomorrow more scattered afternoon storms. again, late in the day. not early in the afternoon, late in the day with the high temperature around 91 degrees. that means for boaters today, that east wind shifting to the west. water temperatures are still in the mid 80s. seas running two feet with a light chop. high tide 8:17 this morning with a low tide at 4:09 this afternoon. honestly, no significant changes. the heat returns, obviously, and
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thunderstorms continue each afternoon. but the tropics are quiet, vanessa. how is that? >>vanessa: we'll take it. thank you. switching over to 6:20. last report i mentioned a pinellas crash with serious injuries at is 19th terrace and ridge road. sky pox is there checking out the scene. only one vikt so far since i've been scanning the area and so far we're thinking single vehicle crash. serious injuries one person has been transported as a trauma alert. looks like we do have the road completely blocked off. so we are continuing to look into more details for this but in the meantime, i would avoid ridge road. looks like you won't be able to pass very well. your alternates here, you can take 119th street. you can also take 113th and we'll keep you updated. >>russell: a little later this hour, find out how kids are
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credit. >>laura: further proof that it is everywhere. and then this little mermaid has so many talents, including one that helped a young girl truly introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. walter is in the studio with this morning's hot >>russell: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: walter has a look at hot clicks. >>walter: let's start with a heart warming story at disneyland, paris when a princess made a little girl fee. little girl's name is summer. she's deaf. her favorite movie is "beauty she got to meet beauty and the beast but she couldn't really communicate with them. that is, until ariel from the little mermaid, she swam in. she knows sign language and helped summer talk to her new friend. when asked where did she learn her sign language, she said mermaid school. >>laura: that is so cute. >>russell: great answer. >>walter: i love that video. >>laura: that's a great skill set to have when you're in that
6:25 am
seriously. here is something scary. very unusual wedding tradition in china. a couple tied the knot while being held by strong knots. they're held on a hammock. this is under the world's longest glass bridge. there are nearly 600 feet in the air. the couple chose the wedding night because it is chinese valentine's day. >>russell: so at least they can't see where they are. >>walter: that's true. you just know you have that much distance underneath you. you guys will love this. a couple of dogs here, one big, one small, having fun in a hallway. this is infectious. looks like they're getting a little rough. i don't know who is chasing who. >>russell: little one always starts it. >>walter: if it looks like they're getting rough here, the person posting the video says no weiner dogs were injured in the making of this video.
6:26 am
the big dogs always know just how far they can go. >>walter: how rough they can be. >>laura: those two are buds, though. >>russell: a lot of dog hair in one house. >>walter: no kidding. i thought that was a very bushy -- >>russell: can you imagine? there's a new dysons in that house. see you later, man. still ahead this morning on "good day," an olympic sized mystery is solved. what is in rio. >>laura: and then a love story for the ages. truly. alcides segui is on that. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. a couple married for 60 years spend their last hours together thanks to the folks here at regional medical center in hudson. we'll talk more about this touching and really heart
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good morning, i'm russell rhodes >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. did you just say that? >>russell: no. you said it. >>laura: all right. let's check in with dave. i need to get back in the groove. >>dave: back in the groove. let's stop a picture. it's a live shot. that looks spooky, yet cool at the same time. i just love t. looking east on kennedy toward the skyline and downtown. there may in your neighborhood be a spot of fog here or there. no matter, though. sunshine will rule the morning to the early afternoon examine then storms will rule the evening commute like they did yesterday. so high temperatures get back to
6:31 am
coast and i think 50% inland. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. and still caution drivers to avoid the area of pinellas county. this is the serious injury crash. we're still watching this ridge road at 119th terrace north and still seeing the big blockages there on the ridge. we do have work arounds for you here, 113th street, 119th street so we'll keep an eye on this one. sky fox will be overhead for a little while. we'll get you updated on the drive looks good heading northbound, 275 from the 175 exit in pinellas all the way over the howard frankland bridge just a 15 minute ride. eight minutes apiece here northbound times on 75 between the selmon and fowler avenue and then i-4 west toward the downtown interchange from the 75 exit. >>laura: a moon in south florida has a brain eating amoeba. he went swimming in unsanitary water on private property in
6:32 am
the people who get the bacteria die. the person is receiving a new medicine from orlando, though. health officials are hoping this will save his life. >>russell: a suspected drunk driver accused of causing a deadly wrong-way crash is in custody after three years on the run. christopher ponts was arrested in spap. he disappeared in 2013 after he cut off his ankle bracelet while on house arrest. he's charged with killing 20-year-old william angel and injuring two others in a head-on collision. the extradition process has already started to bring him to florida. >>laura: authorities say a tampa man died while diving in the florida keys. 41-year-old was underwater. family and friends noticed he was in trouble. he had trouble breathing so he and his son quickly surfaced. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he was later
6:33 am
of death. >>russell: public memorial service for local radio host dave mc kay this evening. he died suddenly last week. he was 55. his memorial will be held at the mahaffey theater at 5:00. doors will open at 4:30. >>laura: for all you romantics out there, for 60 years, a bay area husband and wife will be by each other's side through everything. but because of a tragic twist of fate, she was not g there in his final hours. >>russell: so when two local hospitals found out about this, they joined forces to grant a final wish. and alcides segui is live at the hospital in hudson to tell us about a sad and heart warming story at the same time. right? >>reporter: yeah. it's exactly right. it's one of those stories that will melt your heart. they've been married for 60
6:34 am
of a perfect couple, right? they hadn't been straighted for longer than a day. black and white picture, perfect, everything was perfect. but obviously with time and mr. foster was an elderly man and he was ill. he was in the icu at florida hospital north pinellas. they wanted to spend their final hours together and mrs. foster was getting ready to go visit him at the hospital when she injured herself, requiring the paramedics. regional medical center, bayonet point in hudson. they were in two separate hospitals, 30 minutes apart. obviously time was running out because mr. foster was growing ill. so the staff here at the hospital really started to work hard, try to figure out how to bring mrs. foster down south to pinellas county to be with her husband. so the crew here, including a registered nurse by the name of
6:35 am
supervisor, diana henry, started working closely with american medical response and the transport company agreed to pick her up and take her to florida hospital north pinellas free of charge and the result is that amazing and touching picture, cherishing every second they had together. the family wrote a letter to everyone involved. the transfer allowed their nana, quote, to have her last moments with our you would ever meet. he acknowledged nana with a squeeze of his hand and then pappy passed away 48 hours later. and upon leaving the room, nana said to the staff, i can't believe you did this for me. as a family, we would like to say we cannot believe you did this for us. just again, just a heart wrenching and just one of those stories that will melt your heart. coming up on "good day tampa
6:36 am
staff here to see how they put this together and maybe get a glimpse of who nana is and what this really couple dwoined as well. you don't hear stories like that anymore. >>laura: it is the truest kind of love story. >>russell: all right. see you later. thank you. >>laura: it is the end of an era for walt disney world. main street electrical parade will officially end its historic run in october. the original parade appeared at disneyland in years, the parade has taken a few breaks but on an almost nightly basis, half a million shimmering lights will make their way down main street illustrating cashings like cinderella, alice, tinker bell. the parade will go dark october 9. it will move to disneyland for a limited time only. it's possible the move could make way for a more high tech light parade like paint the
6:37 am
solved. athletic officials say they know what turned the water green at the olympic diving pools in rio. according to fina, the world governing body for swimming and diving, water tanks ran out of chemicals and that allowed algae to form. once they got that all figured out, crews treated both diving pools and the water is now back to normal. officials say there was never any risk to the health and the safety of look at the medal count while we're here. united states still leading with 32 followed by china and japan. katie won her third gold and fourth overall in the women's 800 freestyle relay. what could be the final chapter in the michael phelps-ryan lochte, they will face off. phelps beat him in the semi finals but they both advanced. >>laura: what a performance he put on yesterday.
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>>dave: beautiful shot over the lakeland camera this morning. looked like this yesterday, too. we have another fantastic start to the day. coming off a evening. i'm sure a few of you were thinking, i not going to rain today. it's not going to rain today. then it was like, boom. 6:00, 7:00 last night, those storms really started to fire up. guess what? same type of setup for today. it may take all day to get there but we will and then we will have a few strong storms late today to finish off thursday. nice start at palm harbor. west chase 75. new tampa, mostly clear and 74
6:42 am
hours ago, it was a little bit of patchy fog so be careful of that but i think as the sun comes up, it will quickly take care of the little fog we do have out there. brooksville, you're at 73. same for inverness, mid 70s. a beautiful start to the day for friends in bradenton. 75 in englewood and a nice, comfy, low to mid 70s east of you have weak high pressure down here. you can see the spin. then you've got pressure back out to louisiana. notice along the coastline, it's still raining in part of our state. west tallahassee, panama city to pensacola, across i-10, very heavy rain projected for new orleans today. that's the influence of the low. for us we have a southeasterly wind. watch the east coast sea breeze start to work across the state by about 4:00, 5:00, you'll get the sea breeze from the west
6:43 am
close to probably east of i-75 just like they did yesterday and all of a sudden, you'll go from nothing, nothing to boom, big thunderstorms everywhere. there's a little bit of drier air in the mid levels of the atmosphere. i don't think that's going to play into it too much today. i think it's going to be a very -- what i like to call normal day with the rain chances running 40% along the coast, 50% inland and typical summer weather pattern is something that i think is going to linger, at least next week. elsewhere, the tropics are quiet as well. so that's good. so we've just got a nice few days of the way it should be. 91 degrees for a high temperature today. hot, humid, scattered late day storms. if you have to be out and about between 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight, keep checking the skytower radar app as the storms quickly fire up at that point. everything dies down tonight. once you lose the heating of the
6:44 am
partly cloudy, low 78 degrees. and then more scattered afternoon storms tomorrow with a high temperature of around 91. that gives boaters plenty of time today to get out and enjoy yourself. even if you're inland and you're doing some boating, but by 4:00, 5:00, i really want a close eye on the sky and/or skytower radar app. that's when i think the storms really start to fire up. 91 is a popular number. wouldn't you say? going into the beginning of next week and rain chances 40% to 50%. >>vanessa: all right. and right now, dave, we're watching 275 southbound right before you get into the interchange. we have reports of a crash somewhere between hillsborough and mlk. i can't find it on the fdot cameras but i'm seeing delays. we do have an outside lane blocked in the southbound direction with some delays that are stacking up. this is the area where the crash is reported so it does indeed
6:45 am
slowing down to 40 miles an hour in that particular area with some lighter congestion building back towards bearss avenue. so make sure you're giving yourself a few extra minutes out the door. we'll keep you posted once we learn it clears out. 6:45 right now. get over to charley belcher as we always do this time of morning. >>charley: good day. what do you think? it's very light but can you tell? does it look pink? >>vanessa: i was going to say peach, but yeah. >>vanessa: okay. it's pink. >>charley: good. i want to be pretty in pink. >>vanessa: you are pretty, in pink. >>charley: it's a fox 13 pink shirt. why would i be wearing a fox 13 pink shirt, you might ask? >>vanessa: i have a suspicion. >>charley: i thought you would ask. >>vanessa: why might you be wearing a pink shirt today? >>charley: i'm glad you asked. october is breast cancer awareness month and we're
6:46 am
cancer society, makes strides against breast cancer this year. here is why. linda joined our station this year. breast cancer survivor and she's passionate about making strides against breast cancer and teaming up with the american cancer society. she went to the station and she said, look. i now join with the power of fox 13, the most powerful name in local news. i want to get behind this effort and the powers that be at the station said, let's so we're going to make a big deal out of october and getting people on the bandwagon for breast cancer awareness, raising money for research. it's one of those things, vanessa, i feel like cancer in general is like a mine field that we're all kind of gingerly taking steps through this field and, you know, leukemia hit my family. i stepped right on it, boom. my daughter is a leukemia survivor but -- and then you're
6:47 am
avoiding it but all around you it's happening to people and then i stepped on another mine just a few weeks ago when i got a phone call from one of my dearest, oldest friends in tampa and she said -- her name is amy. she said i've been diagnosed with breast cancer. >>vanessa: i'm sorry. >>charley: yeah. had a double mastectomy and my wife and i took her to dinner the day before she was going to surgery and it's just crazy to sit and talk to a woman who is about to face next day. fortunately for her, she thought she was going to have to go through the chemo. she does not have to. she's on medication forever and she's doing well. she's doing really, really great now. but there you go. so if you haven't stepped on one of the mines yet, somebody you know probably has or you've been lucky or seen it blow up in the distance. that's my analogy. it's bound to affect somebody you know eventually. why are we talking about october
6:48 am
together because there's all kinds of big walks and we're big with the march of dimes walk, same thing with strides for breast cancer. we're at the shops at wire grass in pasco county and this is where the walk is happening here in pasco october 22. there are walks all over the country throughout the month of october. we encourage you to go to or making strides -- i forgot the other website. and the american cancer society website. i'll have all the information throughout the morning. we're going to talk about what you need to know to get your team together and get ready to support this cause come october. we'll be focusing on shops at wire grass in the pasco county version which is october 22. again, they're happening all over the place so is probably your best resource. real men wear pink. >>vanessa: i think there was a guy training behind you. >>charley: yeah.
6:49 am
more than exercising and we've seen a bunch out here. i guess this is a good place to get the morning run in. >>vanessa: certainly a good cause. thanks. >>charley: good cause and "good day tampa bay." >>vanessa: absolutely. russell? >>russell: governor scott under fire for comments that he made about the upcoming election in florida. while he would not say whether he agrees with donald trump's opinion the election could be rigged, scott said that people could, quote, play games. those drew comparisons t troubled 2000 election. when asked about what he meant about games, he cited case where is people were able to vote despite being convicted felons. one of nasa's prime shippers will not meet the next deadline after an explosion nearly two years ago. orbital atk was scheduled to launch a rocket later this month. the rocket was retooled but they need more time for tests and inspections and won't be ready
6:50 am
need to fit into the busy schedule that's already packed with flights from russia and other private space companies. >>laura: some people go on cruises and others to the theme parks. 40% use their vacation for something entirely different. we're going to talk about that coming up next. and then does your student syllabus include calculus, physics and pokemon go?
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delta continues to play catch-up after monday's world-wide o >>laura: delta is continuing to play catchup after the worldwide outage. >>russell: let's go to lauren simonetti. they're an interesting story out of all of this frustration, too, right? >> there is, the fact that delta is the exclusive concierge service, private fancy jet fleet to help 40 customers stranded. this is what delta is saying. they couldn't take the final leg of their journey so they used the private jets to complete that last leg for these 40 people which makes me think that they had a really tough time getting to where they needed to go. nonetheless, these 40 customers are business travellers, leisure
6:54 am
they do everything they can to try to repair their reputation after the expensive headache that started on monday with the cancellation of two -- well, 2,100 flights. >>russell: and i was not affected by this but let me just -- so i'm going to start with that. but from looking outside, looking in, it does look like the best they can to try to fix the mess. >> they've been on top of the news, updating customers as best they can. the accepted blame. in a situation like this, there's really not much an airline can do. >>laura: and out of all of that, worldwide outage, 40 people seems like a low number to me. >> maybe they could have gotten more. it's logistics. they might have seen -- sorry -- regular customers spend the
6:55 am
maybe there weren't enough available. you would like to see the 40s have some r -- some zeros on i. >>laura: summer vacation just ended but we're talking about why some people take time off from work. the new trend, right? >> 40% are taking time off. when i say time off, i'm talking about five days or more so taking a vacation to sleep. they're not going on a cruise. they're not going to the beach. they're not going to the theme park. they're catching royal caribbean is the commissioner of this study. so i guess the message is, well, spend the week on one of our ships. >>russell: doesn't sound like a bad trip to me at all. we have to run. >> sounds great right about now. anybody watching at this time is sleep deprived. >>laura: exactly. >>russell: see you later. don't miss lauren on our sister network. if you're not sure where to find fox business, go to fox and look for channel finder.
6:56 am
california is adding pokemon go as a class. part of the kruk limb. it's officially listed as physical education course. it gives one credit hour for walking around and catching the pokemon. classes will be offered in the second half of the fall semester and they will begin october 17. the movie "hook" hit theaters 25 years ago. steven spielberg's movie the late robin williams. to celebrate the film's anniversary, all eight of the original lost boys have reunited for the first time. everyone from pockets to rufeo. in 1991 the kids ranged in age from six to 17. the boys who are now men, as you can see, look back fondly at that production. the rufio character says that williams taught them at a very young age what it means to be a star. >>russell: it's an important day
6:57 am
this morning they're going to find out their share of the funds from the pulse nightclub shooting and whether the widow of the shooter gets any of that cash. >>laura: and a young boy gets his finger stuck in a costco clothing rack. how firefighters with a saw came to the rescue. we'll have the rest of that story. we watch in awe as they tumble and balance and fight their way to the gold. and now kids are catching olympic fever and jennifer epstein is live for us at a loca dream begin. >>dave: my goodness. just amazing to watch them, isn't it? 6:57. 77 degrees out at brookdale, bayshore camera. while you see low cloud cover, no big deal. sun will take care of that soon enough. looking at temperatures today to get back to the lower 90s. overall rain chance today, which is going to be at about 40%
6:58 am
foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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((russell- an ironic twist. a man with a history of road >>russell: ironic twist. a man with a history of road rage is fatally shot by another driver. at least one person is calling this justice. plus -- >> donald trump, hillary and a guy with suction cups. i'm doug in washington. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. >>laura: and no time to waste. a woman gives birth to her baby in 60 seconds. and she did it standing up. there you see the pictures to prove it. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. it's all ahead. you have to stick around -- you


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