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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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months! s ? >> a woman shot and killed during a police demonstration in punta gorda. it's a case that has everyone asking, how could this happen? good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado thanks for joining us me. th accidental shooting now he did not offer much in the case but he did say officer lee cole was investigated and put back to work. this investigation will widely focus on officer cole and why live ammunition was in the gun used in this training scenario and we have heard officer cole regularly participated in these shoot don't shoot scenarios but the chief has said that the revolver used should have been fitted with blank rounds only. officer cole was being looked into for excessive force
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lawsuit against the police department and officer cole with excessive force with his k9. her son spoke yesterday saying that he forgave the officer-involved she had been randomly selected to participate in this demonstration. now, the chief would not take questions and today he told reporters there at that news conference that it'll be a while before we learn anything. >> florida department of law enforcement is still involved in a active investigation. them help, timelines are around 2, 3 weeks, 4 weeks before concluding. we want to make sure we take care of the integrity of the investigation. >> we'll bring you more doechlths orange with twitter and facebook. we have some breaking news now to tell you about. a now former tampa police officer has been arrested. officer adam york is charged with sexual battery.
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now, the officer -- a former officer was taken into custody this morning and released on $15,000 bond. york was a 12-year veteran of the force. we'll take a look at what the chief has to say coming up. it was a strange twist in a tragic traffic event yesterday morning. the man who was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident was once convicted himself of road rage years ago. fox 13 sheila reeves >> reporter: what happens next is up to the state attorney's office after a disagreement on the road took a deadly turn. take a look at this video on your screen. this is from the scene of a road rage case near the intersection of forbes road and martin luther king, jr., boulevard wednesday. authorities tell us it all started with a disagreement between two drivers. it's unclear which of those drivers was the aggressor but what is clear a man identified
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pulled a trigger at least one bullet is here. this is gary durham. we're told the former army ranger who shot him tried to save his life by performing cpr after the gunfire. it wasn't enough, though,. durham died. neither man's family has talked about the case publicly. we found out durham has been in trouble for road range before. he punched timothy gibbs in 2001. gibbs struck his head on the pavement now, 15 years later the man responsible for gibbs' death has died too. according to the hillsboro county sheriff's department, the man who shot gary durham is cooperating with investigators. there's still certainly questions out there that are left unanswered at this point. until that state attorney is able to get in and review all the details of this case. they will continue to follow this story and keep you posted
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reporting here in hillsboro county, shayla reeves. >> $23 million has been collected so far. the protocol will be posted on the one orlando fund website today and will outline how much people can get. it'll be based on the severity of what happened to them we're following a developing situation out of maryland where dozens o people including 3 firefighters were injured following an explosion at an apartment complex. crews are looking for up to 7 people who are still unaccounted for. residents struggled to get out and some even dropped children out of windows and then jumped out of windows themselves to get to safety. it's not clear at this point what led to the explosion in silver spring but investigators say there are natural gas furnaces and stoves in each of those units. st. petersburg police want to
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register from a materritory store. he broke into the back door on roosevelt sunday morning. he took off with the register. it had about $100 inside. well, first gap and now another major retailer will be closing some of its stores. macy's plans to shut down about 100 stores next year. the department store operator says they want to be more nimble in the competitive market. no word on whether any local stores will be affected. lauren simmon netti is following this and other stores on had midday market report. ?>> reporter: competition from online stores from discount stores dwindling store traffic and a cautious currently hurting the retailers. now, macy's says it's closing 100 more stores. that's on to here 40 previously announced. the money saved will be used to ramp up it is unclear how many workers will lose their jobs.
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cut its earnings outlook for the year investors are cheering its attempts to cut back on inventory. bloated inventory often leads to heavy discounting which can hurt a retailer's bottom line. >> hopefully, no delays. >> delta airlines in the news this week for thousands of flight cancellations but last month it was southwest that cancelled 2,000 flights because of a computer outage. and now we are learning how much that will cost the airline. the "dallas morning news" pegs it at $54 million. and a popular request coming to its menu this month, however, they will blend its own milk so it's creamy and foams nicely when it's steams. it will cost you an additional 60 cents. that's business for more go to fox in new york i'm lauren simmon netti. >> pokemon go could help your kids succeed in school. we'll tell you about that. a little lion king is suffering from a rare disorder. >> he has his days where he's
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has on her days he looks like a person with ms where he shakes. >> but a florida sanctuary is doing something heartfelt to help this lion get his roar back. and speaking of getting your roar back, joining fellowing breast cancer survivors for making strides and there's some fun event that could make a difference. some special guests will-in ous how you can take part and jim is in our forecast. >> we have a beautiful-looking day with that southwesterly wind that means a typical summertime pattern where we get t showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours heading into the evening so you look outside right now, beautiful-looking day, we have a few showers showing up on skytower.
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news out of tampa. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of tampa. a now former officer has been arrested for sexual battery. fox 13 aaron mesmer is live at headquarters. aaron, what can you tell us. >> well, linda, to say that the chief eric ward is disappointed that's probably an understatement. former charged with sexual battery on a woman in her 20s. we'll show you his mugshot. he was arrested and turned himself in and since been released on $15,000 bond. this happened we're told on his way in to work on february 1st. the chief says york pulled a woman over into a parking lot on westshore and kennedy. according to the arrest report, york's dna was found on the victim but this investigation we're told took a very long time so he was fired on august 4th, even though that traffic stop
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york was a 12-year veteran of the force, like i said. he turned himself in today. the chief says that york has denied these accusations although he does admit to having pulled this woman over. there's a lot going on right now with this investigation we're going to try to get some kind of response from either former officer york or from his attorney but like i said, the chief says he's extremely disappointed. it took them all by surprise when it happened. they just followed the leads in this investigation and it did end up -- that they found said they found dna on the victim in this case and that is according to the arrest report. what landed this former officer in jail and we're going to have a lot more on this a little bit later on this evening. linda? >> i just want to make sure i understand. he didn't know this person and he's accused of sexual battery during a traffic stop? . >> reporter: that's correct, yeah. we're told they didn't know each other beforehand. that this officer was on his way into work -- so he was actually
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he was in a marked cruiser. he was in uniform. he pulled her over somewhere in the westshore and kennedy area and that's where this happened afterward. >> wow, i know you'll have more for us tonight at 5:00, thank you, aaron. well, this is a heartfelt story out of florida -- about a sanctuary caring for a big cat battle ago rare genetic disorder and as fox's kristin delgado explains the facility caring for the lion is also in the need of a helping hand. >> lucius here #130 pound 1-year-old lion that makes him a little unstable and he needs a little help. he roars like a lion. and he eats like a lion. but lucius isn't the average 1-year-old cub. he has a genetic disorder that affects his motor skills and his ability to walk. >> he has his days where he's hardly wobbling at all and then he has other days where he looks like a person with ms, where he's -- he shakes. >> kristin is the owner of the
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a donation-based animal sanctuary in apopka. kristin's home is inside the sanctuary and she keeps lucius inside the house because he can't be with other lions. his treatment isn't cheap. so now kristin is looking for funds to offset her cost. the disorder causes his skull and brain to develop at different speeds. >> it's basically pressing on the motor skills that -- the area of the brain that takes care of the motor skills. and in addition to that, some of his vertebrae in the very top of his neck is also disfigured. mris, he had spinal taps, blood work. he's on steroids to help with the swelling of the spinal cord. he gets high doses of vitamin a shots once a week as he grows hopefully the skull will grow a little faster so his brain -- the pressure won't be as bad. >> kristin has had lucius since he was 3 months-old. she's the only mother lucius has ever now. the now, indoor cat will be
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outdoor enclosure on the property. >> he's like a big goofy dog. he's like the perfect house lion if you've ever helped with a crazy thing. >> all you have to do is go to care foundation's facebook page. reporting in orange county, kristin delgado, fox news. >> a canadian woman is suing the creator of pokemon go saying she's suffering from an invasion of privacy. the class action lawsuit was filed in alberta. barbara lynn schaf pokemon go players have been where players can duel it out. people have even been trying to crawl over her fence to get into her yard. so far the lawsuit hasn't been certified, meaning the court hasn't decided whether it will move forward. if your kids are hoping that they can use their pokemon go skills to succeed in school, turns out they actually can. at least at one college that in fresno city college in california, it's now adding a pokemon go class.
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physical education course. , hmmm, students who take that class will get one college credit. well, the first day back to school yesterday was extra special for kids in pinellas county, some of them anyway. they got to meet cocoa, a member of a 4th grade class at plum elementary. and while he's cute and cuddly cocoa is there to learn too, to become a service dog. fox 13 angelie davis shows us how the kids will help teach him to lead. >> at just 7 months thisments guy is christina chamberman's youngest this year but cocoa in the plum elementary fourth grade teacher are already in sync after a summer worth's of schooling. >> he is a guide dog in training. >> he's a puppy raiser with southeastern guide dogs. cocoa has been at her side for the past 4 months, learning, listening and tagging along for just about everything. and with permission from parents and the school district, that includes coming into her
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>> it's like a jungle gym for cocoa to learn all these great things. >> in a class with 21 kids one of cocoa's tuftest assignments will be staying on task. >> he's learning so much by being around these kids with all the different noises and, um -- little things like the fire -- the fire belk, you know -- it might scare him, he might do great but it's all great exposure for him. >> reporter: educators say it's a valuable opportunity for kids. >> for them as well because they'll learn firsthand what a guide dog does and how to care for an animal that's working. cocoa's working. >> the laid back lab hasn't macied his job just yet but chamberman said she's up for the challenge. >> it's a lot of extra work. i just know that at the end of it, it will be so rewarding. >> in march cocoa will return to guide dog school to finish up formal training and be paired
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the meantime, this will be a school year her two-legged students will never forget. >> that's what i want for them is a memorable year and for them to be successful and cocoa is along for the ride. >> in clearwater, angelie davis, fox 13 news. >> southeastern guide dogs tells us chamberman is the only volunteer they know of taking her service dog and training to class we are but she and her principal hope he'll be the first of many at plum elementary. nice story. so,im, you got my attention with hurricane prediction. that's all you got to say those two words. >> meteorologist: exactly. it's been pretty quiet so, you know, people are kind of thinking maybe it's going to be a quiet year, but, you know, typically that first part of the season through july is normally expected to be on the quiet side so noaa put out their updated predictions not good news because they've actually upped it a little bit. they're looking between 12 and 17 named storms. remember, we already had 5 named storms we could see between 5
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hurricanes, category 3 or higher. and they've upped that chance of that being above average season all the way up to 35%. big reason why, el nino is basically done. we're seeing lighter wind shear in the atmosphere so conditions are all favorable that we could see big opportunity. we're talking about numbers here. that doesn't tell us anything about where these eventual systems could end up going. now, skytower radar has been pretty quiet through the morning hours. you can see with our radar we're looking at very quiet conditions over the tampa bay area right now. but it's going to get active. once again as we get into the mid to late afternoon hours. we'll see these storms which are right now over on the other side of this state. they'll be marching their way across the state. we're back into that more typical weather pattern where we've got that east and southeasterly wind. it meets up with the sea breeze here on the west coast and then we get those big thunderstorms,
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we're looking for once again for today. now, outside right now, we're at 86 degrees. the dew point is at 76 making the humidity at 72% and currently we've got a light northwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour so it looks like we're starting to pick up that sea breeze which will eventually bring those big thunderstorms -- remember, they'll typically start east of i-75 and as we head towards sunset a lot of these tend to roll back towards the coastline. brandon, you're currently at 88 degrees. wesley chapel 87. up in brooksville 84 degrees. ninety ritchey has an 88. and sarasota currently checks in at 89 degrees and look at the heat index, remember, we had a lot of rain over the past several days so there's a lot of moisture still in the atmosphere so it brings that humidity up. you combine that with the heat and we're seeing these triple digit heat in connections once again. 107 in is bringing down in arcadia, 100 feels like 96 here in tampa in new port richey,
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temperature at 99 degrees. there you see some of that moisture, showers and thunderstorms over on the eastern side of that state and with that east and southeasterly wind it'll help to pull that across the street state. and collide with those -- or the afternoon sea breeze and that will give us is big thunderstorms as we get in the afternoon that. wonder what happened to that area of low pressure. that gave us all the rain over the weekend. and the first part of the week, you could see it has not gone all that far away but really just enough to pull it us because you can see still seeing a lot of rain up into the panhandle and this continues the very slowly work its way onto the west but isn't it amazing what a difference just a few hundred miles can make? yesterday broke out into really some beautiful sun as we got into the afternoon hours and then we look for more of those scattered showers and thunderstorms. that's what basically florida is all about, isn't it? scattered showers and thunderstorms again for this afternoon. it on futurecast. there they are working their way across the state.
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overnight hours again for tomorrow. we're looking at that morning sun, afternoon sea breezes gives us the scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon, in fact, we'll carry that all the way through the weekend as well so that pattern continues into saturday where those showers and thunderstorms most prevalent here on the west coast as we get into the late afternoon and into the evening hours. now, those rain chances -- they'll be slowly working their way back down to a more typical lvel as we head into the weekend. back down to that which is pretty normal for this. for the rain, though, we're going to see these temperatures into low and in some cases going into the mid-90s. our forecast goes like this. for today, hot, humid scattered showers and thunderstorms, late afternoon daytime high, 91 degrees. storms wind down overnight lows, 78 again, for tomorrow we see the morning sun, scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon, daytime high of 91 degrees, winds will be turning more towards the westerly direction 2 to athlete
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high tide comes up at 10:58. here's your 7-day forecast and you see the rain chances slowly working their way back down to that 40% chance and that means daytime highs -- they stay in the low 90s. linda? >> thank you,ism. -- jim. you might need a kleenex for this next story. a woman and her husband were separated into two different hospitals but her husband was losing his life. the extraordinary efforts to put them together for his final moments, next.
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i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do. and if i would have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house.
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?? doing a little cleaning i see. sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... ...refrigerator doors... ...and look at this... security camera lenses. oh, why don't you tell the homeowners how great sparkle works? just right clean. just right price. sparkle. just right. >> there's a memorial service for radio host dave mckay. there will be a celebration of life in st. petersburg. friends, listeners and the entire community are invited to come out and share stories about him. mckay has been in the radio business for decades and recently cohosted the dave and
12:25 pm
he passed away unexpectedly last week. the cause of the death has still not been released. doors open at 4:30 pm and the memorial starts at 5:00. after a life of love, 60 years, one couple couldn't bear to be apart but it took two hospitals and lots of understanding to get the husband and wife together during the husband's last days. here's where the couple said their final goodbyes. >> reporter: it's heart. a couple married for 60 years. take a look at their wedding picture. the most perfect couple. they had never been separated for more than a day. mr. foster was an elderly man and was ill in the icu at florida hospital in north pinellas. they wanted to spend their final hours together. as mrs. foster was getting ready to visit him, she injuries herself requiring the paramedics and she was transported here to regional medical center bayonet
12:26 pm
that her husband mr. foster is in pinellas county so the staff found out what was going on here in hudson and some worked hard, in fact, the registered nurse who was taking care of ms. foster contacted amr, american medical response and amr agreed to transport her from hudson down south to pinellas county, a good 30-minute drive and she was there for those final minutes to see her husband pass away. it's the result of an amazing picture. you see right there and the family wrote a letter to the transfer allowed their nana, quote, to have her last moments with our pappy the sweetest man you'd ever meet. he acknowledged nana with a squeeze of his hand. pappy passed away 48 hours later. upon leaving pappy's room nana said to the staff, i can't believe you did this for me. as a family we'd like to say we can't believe you did this for us. for more information on this story you can always go to our
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. fox 13 news. >> i just love that story. well, donald trump continues his swing through florida and he's taking his attacks against president obama to a whole new level. the latest in the race for the
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-- ? >> donald trump taking his attacks on president obama to a whole new level. the new war of words coming during a week full of controversial comments from the republican nominee. this as hillary clinton adds to her growing lead. >> reporter: donald trump wrapping up a two-day campaign swing through the sunshine state. the gop presidential nominee
12:30 pm
from two groups of influential voters there. the national home builders association and hundreds of top evangelicals. this as his poll numbers are down nationally. >> she's spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads. hundreds of millions and a new poll just came out this morning that has us essentially very close to even. and i haven't spent anything. >> reporter: trump's time in florida has been marked by a series of controversial comments from the candidate himself but in this latest verbal attack the billionaire president obama to his list of targets. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. [applause] >> reporter: in the meantime, mrs. clinton will be heading to michigan later on today where she will outline her economic plan during a speech in detroit. the speech being scene as an attempt by the clinton camp to
12:31 pm
revelations with regards to her private email server and 300 pages of never before seen emails. those emails revealing what many are now referring to as a pay to play scheme. >> that individuals who are dealing with the united states government and their -- its representative hillary clinton as secretary of state made massive contributions. >> when trump was asked to clarify what he meant when he accused president obama of being the founder of isis, he reiterated his claims and pointed to president obama's exit from iraq as the moment isis was founded. in washington doug mcelway, fox news. >> mccray paperwork will be following race to the white house on money power and politics. in hillsborough county election officials are erg goo up. they'll have 16 early voting sates for the primary. early voting starts monday august 16th through the 28th. early voting sites are open from 10:00 am and 6:00 pm unlike early voting sites you're not
12:32 pm
precinct. you can pick one that's convenient. the regular primary election day is -- one trump supporters really went to new heights to try to talk to the candidate. you may have seen this live yesterday on our news. he climbed the side of the trump tower using suction cups. he wanted to, quote, discuss an important matter. he was up there for 3 hours before the nypd could finally get their hands on him on the 24th floor. th the man is now getting a psychiatric evaluation. a russian attempt at peace in syria appears to fail as more deadly fighting is reported fox's corner powell is live in jerusalem with more. . >> reporter: another attempt at a ceasefire unravels in syria after rush declares a daily pause in the fight to allow humanitarian convoys to safely operate in aleppo. the russian military is fighting
12:33 pm
control of the divided city. there will be humanitarian windows from 10:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon local time starting tomorrow but all military action, air and artillery strikes will be health. . >> reporter: it appears it's already failed with a syrian activist group reporting no letup in the violence during the ceasefire. still, russian television showed footage of aid arriving to the outskirts of aleppo. . the u.n. says >> 3 hours is indeed not enough, 3 hours is really nothing. we need 48 hours. >> reporter: the situation in the city remains dangerous. reports indicate a mother and two children died in a chlorine gas attack on a rebel held area. the government helicopter said to drop barrel bombs wednesday night, one of which released the chemical. >> if it did take place, it is a
12:34 pm
and as such it would require everyone, all cochairs and everyone else to address it immediately. >> reporter: both sides have accused the other using chemical weapons during syria's bloody war both government and antigovernment forces deny the accusation. in jerusalem, connor powell, fox news. >> as you heard early the punta gorda police take full responsibility for the accidental death of a woman this week. 73-year-old mary noton was taking training exercise thursday night. she was randomly selected for a shooting scenario. but officer lee cole accidentally shot her with real bullets. so what was supposed to happen in that training tuesday? well, fox 13 crystal clark took part in a similar scenario last year but this one was request tampa police and they used something they called a blue gun instead of the real thing. >> stop, police. don't move. >> what, what are you talking about. what are you -- >> reporter: it looks and sounds
12:35 pm
but look closely at the gun used in this shooting simulation. it's a training tool known as a sim uanything else. >> they provide a loud enough click where you can hear the gunshot go off. >> in his 30 years working with tampa police he says it was always a priority for officer and citizen training groups to keep loaded guns out of the secured training area. >> whether concealed or not concealed nobody can have a gun. >> reporter: last summer i underwent a virtual shooting sim layer it's meant to put people in a highly stressful real life shooting scenario to act fas. the bloc says that's why it's too dangerous to have real guns in arm's length even for an officer. >> all of a sudden you see a gun being produced. you get excited and hear gun, gun, put the done gun down. if you happen to have maybe a gun in your ankle holster or maybe you normally carry a gun
12:36 pm
just by in sync go for it. >> there's usually training instructors onsite, specifically, to check each weapon and make sure nothing gets mixed up. it's been decades since tpd has used the real thing. >> they were really popular even before they were around we used real firearms and we would use blanks. >> initial report showed the officer in punta gordon believed he was using a blank gun tragically taking her life. crystal clark. >> and we reached gorda for their standards and they say no specific policy exists. they say the course is designed to be a simple 2 to 4-hour tour of the department ending with a role-playing scenario at the end. right now it's unclear what steps they are taking to make sure that tragedy never happens again. a fellow breast cancer survivors and i want you to-in ous for some fun and life-changing events. we're making strides against breast cancer. some special guests are going to
12:37 pm
12:39 pm
. >> welcome back, everyone. it's been 5 years sin and won a battle with breast cancer. but many women in our community are still deep in the fight and we want to help. fox 13 is the proud sponsor of the american cancer society making strides against breast cancer and all this week we'll be showing you how you can get involved and why it is so important. so we invited the communications director of the american cancer center jen howe about the kickoff events for making strides event in october as well as a breast cancer survivor and her father denise o'brown and
12:40 pm
in the walk so thank you so much for joining us all of you. i've been there for years. they're joyful and fun. >> they're wonderful. in fact, you'll see a lot of -- with the decorations. the making strides against breast cancer walks are n noncompetitive 2 to 5-mile walks. we hold them in communities across the country. there are 27 of the walks right here in florida. and it's just a to come together as a community where we can honor our survivors. we can remember the people who passed and we can raise money to fund breast cancer research and education and also a lot of the programs and services that the american cancer society provides to breast cancer patients and to their caregivers. >> so it's always fun to walk in a team. >> yes. >> you're with your friends or your family or other survivors. so tell folks about these kickoff parties where you're
12:41 pm
about forming a team it's not hard. >> it's not at all. and the kickoffs are so fun because it's really a big party and we got one in pasco county tonight. it's a great opportunity again to come together as a group and celebrate this community of wonderful people who are trying to make a difference and this is -- if you've neverdon breast cancer walk before the kickoffs is where you can come and learn how to form a team, how to get involved if all you know -- i think those people wear pink then >> feathers. bling. >> this is where you can come and find out and how to register your team. >> you were a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. tell me a little bit about how the american cancer society has helped you. >> they helped me when i was diagnosed. you go through some traumatic changes. i lost my hair. >> yes. >> but it comes back. giving me wigs -- >> and it's beautiful by the way. >> thank you. teaching you how to do your makeup and different resources that you can access, you know, to help you through this
12:42 pm
, um, and i'm now doing my second round of breast cancer. >> good luck. we're all with you. >> thank you. >> so tell me who this handsome gentleman is and he attends the walks with you, right. >> this is my wonderful father alvin kirk. dad, dadle. lady killer. >> i believe that. >> he's an icon in the community. >> yes, and he comes to the walk. why do you walk, obviously, i think you're going to support your daughter through her journey but why do you go to these walks. >> to help me there's too much disease going on and -- to help get this to help her through it and all the other ladies, young people, young kids. >> right. >> whoever they are. >> it should be something to help all of us. >> yes. >> to get through it. but i do it to support her. she's my favorite. >> i'm the only daughter so i'm
12:43 pm
>> you didn't find this in a store i'm thinking. you made these, right. >> that's a different story. >> it fits. >> she took me to walmart. >> i would like to be a fly on the wall this is fun to get out and do. if you want to attend one of these kickoffs. charliey belcher will be emceeing the first one it's tonight in paco county here's some detls the program gets underway at heritage harbor. i will be emceeing the hillsborough kickoff and if you want to learn how to put together a team, i invite you to join me. that's thursday, august 18th at 6:00 pm at the straw center. and i posted some info on the kickoffs also in polk and pinellas on my facebook page as well as just some general information on the making strides events in our area and those will be in october. and that will be on my facebook page. all you have to do is look for
12:44 pm
the information once the news is over. coming up at 5:00 i'm going to introduce you to another amazing woman who put her gloves up to fight through wikileaks keach -- chemotherapy when the unexpected happen and i was actually we are when she got some breaking news. it was an emotional moment. what we can all learn from amy rad on the fox 13 news at 5:00. >> jim has another check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. there is a film >> there's a film coming out that will take you back to your childhood. it's a remake of the 1977 classic pete's dragon. fox's jonathan hunt has a look. >> shhh! [roaring] >> that's a dragon. >> reporter: hollywood is introducing pete's dragon to a new generation of audiences as the remake of the 1977 film heads to theaters with a star studied cast and some new
12:47 pm
>> star robert redford got no, sir tallack working on the project. >> it returned me to my own childhood to reenvision and replay my own childhood. even though i would be an older character in the story it was still a story about a young person and a young person's engagement with nature and an animal. and those were important elements for my upbringing but you lose them when you become an adult. >> >> he was eating so much and he was like on every set and there's a greensman and it's like they need to take care of all the greens and they were having to ship in all these leaves because he was just eating the entire set. it was so fun. >> reporter: she also shared she's been a fan of this story for a long time. >> i was really happy with the way they handled it because it was -- it didn't step on my memories of the original because
12:48 pm
and,iet, what is so essential to the 1977 film and this film is, you know, this character of a boy who lost his family who learns to find a family in his best friend who's a dragon and then ultimately does find a family. >> reporter: and when it comes to magic moments in her own life there's one in particular that stands out. >> the first time i saw my husband, um -- we gotog him and i broke out into hives and i was with my best friend, um, my best guy friend and, um, and he looked at me and he said what just happened to you. 'cause i was like pete red everywhere and i was just like that boy -- that boy, and i went home and i wrote in my journal i met the man i'm going to mary. >> reporter: jonathan hunt, fox news. >> well, i just love the fact, jim, that the weather cleared up
12:49 pm
and your son went to kindergarten so it's actually his first-first day of school. that's why you were off yesterday i'm hoping it went well. >> it was a big day and like i said, on tuesday, yeah, i need the weather to look good. we got those pictures out in front of the house big day. >> right. >> he loved it and we picked him up in the afternoon, hey, matt, how was your day. did you like it. he said i had an awesome day and i was having so much fun i didn't want to leave school. >> see, there's nothing better. that m now you know it's a great story. >> all through the morning my wife and i were pretty worried how he was going to taken. >> now, he can't wait. >> yeah, weather worked out good another beautiful-looking day looking at partly cloudy skies and we continue to see really a nice hot day until we get into the mid to late afternoon hours. that's when we expect to see the big showers and thunderstorms we can see some of these fair
12:50 pm
skytower radar shows the rain on the other side of the state. you start to look closely you can see some smaller little showers out in advance of it so that's ahead of the push that will work its way out across the state so the next couple of hours you look for a small little shower throughout polk county, eventually, say, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, that's when we start to look for more of these showers and thunderstorms to develop. and they'll be pretty big once we get into the late afternoon hours. in aan will be a hot day. right now in tampa, we're at 86 degrees. brandon, sun city center, both at 90 degrees, minecessarilias park, you're at 91. st. petersburg oddly reporting 81 degrees but clearwater has 86 and palm harbor a very steamy 92 degrees, newport ritchey 89 degrees. brooksville has an 84 as you work your way down to the south in lakewood ranch 98 degrees apparently sits at 89 throughout
12:51 pm
clearwater sits at 90 degrees. heat index already into the triple digits in some locations so it's going to be a very hot steamy day there's the low pressure has it caused the rain over the weekend, first part of the week that moved just far enough away that brought us better-looking conditions giving us those showers and thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon hours. so we're basically -- we're back for our more typical pattern where we get the storms during the afternoon they wind through the overnight hours and again for tomorrow we got the morning sun at 4:00 in the afternoon that's where we look for those storms inland basically a pattern continues all the way through the weekend with that east and southeasterly winds so plan your day, expect to see storms as we get into the late afternoon hours. hot and humid, scattered showers and thunderstorms for today, daytime high 91 degrees. storms will wind down for this evening. we'll see clearing skies through the overnight hours and then
12:52 pm
we get into the late afternoon hours. here's your 7-day forecast. keep that rain chance about 50% for today and then drop it back down to which more typical 40% chance as we head through the weekend and into the first part of next week, linda. >> thanks, jim. next a historical work of art that's become popular with tourists.
12:53 pm
ent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
12:54 pm
(linda disney fans... plan ahead. soon, it'll be "lights out" for >> disney fans plan ahead, soon it'll be lights out for the main street electrical parade. the bright light favor will end its run at the magic kingdom.
12:55 pm
california for a limited run there. no word what will replace the electric parade but perhaps it will be a swap and the disneyland paint the night parade will come here. it's a historical work of art that is also popular -- a popular tourist stop the gamble house is manatee county's oldest standing building and its natural beauty is what's right wth tampa bay. ? >> the gamble plantation -- it was -- it was a sugar plantation it was owned by major robert gamble. ran one of the most successful sugar plantations of the south before the market fell out. he came from a family of gambles that came from virginia originally and his father also had a place near tallahassee. the 1842 i believe is the first year he was here and then construction of the house began. it has a very large sicertain here -- cistern to collect water because water was very hard to come here since wells weren't very dependable being this close to the saltwater.
12:56 pm
it's made out of crushed oyster shells. when he left here he boxed up all of his belongings and took them to his father's place in tallahassee. stored it in a barn and 48 hours the barn burned to the ground. it's the oldest building left standing in manatee county. it was built before the civil war. it was -- it was the -- the whole property was established through the armed occupation act which gave him free property if he moved down here and settled the area. ? >> the sugar market fell out a few years after he got stabbed and he went bankrupt in 1847 or 1848. ? >> so i think you were saying it's a good day to go out for lunch, right. it's not raining. it's partly cloudy. >> meteorologist: it's humid, though. >> yeah. >> meteorologist: that's no surprise right there but as we get into the afternoon we'll look for some of those showers and thunderstorms. you can see they're working their way across the state starting on the east coast,
12:57 pm
polk county, in fact, there's one towards haines city and then skytower radar, 7-day forecast. it will keep the rain chance at 40% as we head for the weekend. afternoon storms. >> well, the news doesn't end here we're going to keep posting the latest all day on, twitter and facebook. >> plus look for more weather news, and sports. "access hollywood" is next. >> we'll be back here at 5:00.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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lights, access, rio. >> then it was my turn to just finish it off. >> the final five! >> they soared higher than any team in olympic history, and they're not even done yet. i'm natalie morales, but wait till you hear what we've learned about the final >> something made you break out in laughter. >> what made him laugh, what made him cry? i'm billy bush with the whole story behind michael's amazing night include that swim cap close call. >> you saved the day conor. >> cannot beat that takeoff. i'm kit hoover.


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