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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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soon be able to defend and clear up very york's attorney says there is evidence that hasn't come out yet that will clear up what he thinks are some misunderstandings about what's going on in this case. and we're going have more on this linda on tonight at 6:00. >> interesting to see what that is. thank you. the punta gorda police chief says he takes responsibility for the death of a woman that one of his officers shot during a training exercise. the chief held a brief news conference today. but as fox 13 reports, he is not
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the chief told us today he accepts full responsibility for what happened here. he appeared emotional but when it came to the tough questions he wouldn't even listen to them. mary nolten was shot to death in front of her own husband. many of her friends and colleagues and the police chief. while it was one of his officers who pulled the trigger, chief tom lewis says the tragedy is his own responsibility. >> as your chief of police i accept full responsibility f >> reporter: during a briefing this morning the chief would not discuss the one question on everyone's mind. why the gun used in tuesday night's training demonstration was loadsed with live ammunition. >> our september has conducted these role play exercises over the past two years running more than a dozen separate participants safely through the scenarios. obviously in this circumstance something went terribly wrong. >> 345ry nolten was playing the role of a police officer in a shoot don't shoot exercise.
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guy. his gun should have been loaded with blanks. >> she was a little nervous but she loved the community. she loved the police. she was always excited about doing things like this. >> reporter: freelance photographer sue packland was there shooting photos for the charlotte sun. she is one of 40 that witnessed the shooting. >> when she did fall forward and i did see the blood on her my brain just said this is bad. this is not good. believe what had happened. - >> my brain is saying she is going to get up and okay maybe she just got hurt. but she'll be okay. to end that way. >> reporter: now the chief is telling us it could take the fdle anywhere from two to four weeks to wraup of the investigation. he says he will not be speaking to media any time soon until he has now information to release. cynthia, back to you. >> thanks so much kimberly kuizon. a confrontation in a downtown night club ends in the death of
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[ please standby ]. ((gloria))the victims family this was the scene. when it was over 23-year-old terrence wilson was dead. >> raise your right hand pl whole truth and nothing but the truth. today his killer pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. >> haven't had a chance to read the plea form. >> yes, sir. >> did you go over it carefully with your lawyer. >> reporter: yes. >> he has been in and out of jail for other crimes but this time he's going away for a long time. prosecutors say the deadly confrontation started on a hot august night in 2014. inside club underground. >> the victim in this case, mr. wilson, was in the club with
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with his friends. and an argument began between terrence wilson the deceased and the defendant. >> reporter: it spilled out into the parking lot. >> while in his vehicle the defendant along with his friends then approached the vehicle, began to bang on the vehicle that mr. wilson was in. >> reporter: at one point, wilson thought it was safe to go back inside the club. but it wasn't. >> on his way there the defendant pulled out a gun and shot the victim and deceased in the and the bullet went through his jugular and he died on the scene. >> now melina is off to prison and will spend the next 20 years of his life paying for what he did. the victim's family did not want to speak during the sentencing but we understand they were satisfied to the plea deal. back to you. the deadline is approaching fast. polk county parents who want their child taken out of a failing school and moved to a
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request by tomorrow. 16 schools in polk county including westwood middle in winter haven got bad grades from the state. a d or f. they will submit an approval plan outlining how it plans to bring the schools up to par. >> we addressed some of the leadership in the and we've extended some of the day for the teachers and professional development additionally on top of what they've received. >> reporter: in the schools dent improve they could be closed. hillsborough, manatee and pasco counties have failing schools as well and they are in a similar position. donald trump is escalating his attacks on president obama and hillary clinton accusing them of founding isis. that republican vice presidential nominee mike pence just sat down with our political editor craig paltrick.
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about calling the president and clinton founders of isis? >> reporter: no. he continued to make the case did pence there were a series of mis-steps committed under the obama administration that created the conditions for the rise of isis. i followed that up and said yes but to that point do you think it is inflammatory, over the top or unacceptable in any way that donald trump would have been by extension declare them to be the fo particularly when he has said there no place for name calling. and with that he went right back to the prior points. i said, well, what about donald trump calling hillary clinton the devil? does that give him any pause. this is how pence defended his running mate. >> donald trump and i have different styles but we have exactly the same goals and exactly the same convictions. and to be honest with you, you know, time of great challenge for this country at home and
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economic recovery since the great depression. >> reporter: interesting point. notice he pivoted, redirected the question to the economy because the trump campaign thinks that will help move the needle under their favor. we do have brand-new fox 13 poll numbers just in showing that florida as nail biter. you have hillary clinton up by one point with a margin of error of four points. the state of florida is tied at this point. we're going to dig into those numbers and show you where this interview with mike pence tonight at 1130. >> anchor: a different subject here. we know you have been investigating evidence of doctored intelligence at sin com. today congress weighed in on that. >> reporter: well a task force came up with the report concluding that in fact based on the an evidence that analysts had the reports whitewashed or doctored. smewhere along the chain someone manipulated the words to
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weaker than it really was which could feed into potential confusion in the white house and mixed signals in some of the wavering that we have seen. based on that report on the investigative reporting we've been doing for the past year going back to last july, we're going to revisit that as well on tonight's money power and politics. we'll get reaction from the white house as well and show you what chief of staff dennis mcdunna had to say about this and how it could affect the race for the white house. we have a lot of ground to cover. plus job wilson will be joining us to talk about the work as well. >> anchor: you do have a lot to cover. thanks. hillary clinton focused on jobs and the economy today. at a rally in michigan she laid out her plans for economic growth. she says even conservative experts say her competitors agenda will put the economy back into a recession. >> if you add up all of trump's ideas from cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations to
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working immigrants the result would be a loss of 3.4 million jobs. now by contrast, the same analyst found with our plans the economy would create more than 10 million new jobs. >> anchor: the latest poll showing clinton with a double-digit lead over trump in this appears to be a case not of forgetfulness but of very, very poor judgment. >> anchor: he is talking about this woman and her son who went to wal mart on a shopping trip and left in handcuffs in the back of a squad car. why they are in big trouble this evening. it felt like the size of a piece of popcorn. it didn't move and didn't really hurt. >> anchor: she put her gloves on to fight breast cancer and scored a knockout just before starting chemo. the news the doctor delivered
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for a deep dive into politics check out our youtube channel. search for craig patrick's money power and politics and click subscribe. you will find interviews, satire i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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cynthia() we have a disturbing news alert from p so we have a disturbing news alert out of pinellas county where a woman's under pa son killed his 13 day old sister. kathleen steel is her name. she is charged with aggravated manslaughter and other charges for leaving her children unattended. during that time the six-year-old slammed the baby
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learned that steel is 62. she is the biological mother of three young children. the sheriff says she was artificially inseminated by her dead husband's sperm. we'll have much more on this coming up including some sounds from the sheriff. that's coming up on the fox 1:36 news. it's been five years since i fought and won a battle with breast cancer. but many women in our community are still deep in the fight and we want to help. the american cancer society's making strides against breast cancer. all this week we'll be showing how you can get involved and telling you why it's so important. tonight i'm introducing to you a local woman who put gloves up in preparation of a long fight when the unexpected happened. and amy's experience could be a lesson for all of us. >> ow. >> reporter: amy didn't expect it to be easy.
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put up against the board. >> reporter: so she is putting on her gloves to fight breat cancer. she's got the eye of the tiger as she prepares for the long rounds of cancer treatment. her bout began when she discovered a lump in ther breast. >> it fell likes the size of a -- felt like the size of a piece of popcorn. >> reporter: surgery didn't knock next round, 20 weeks of chemotherapy, would. >> i just want to get it over p. i just want it to start so it can end. >> reporter: instead of being defeated by the thought of chemo and it's nasty side effects amy decided to face her challenge head on. taking the first punches so to speak. >> cancer all of a sudden runs your whole life. i decided one thing it wasn't going to run was my hair. >> reporter: amy had lindsey, a young cancer survivor shave her hair off.
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hair cut! >> reporter: she made bar of buckets look beautiful. >> today is day one of chemo. holy cow that's scary. >> reporter: and she created a video blog. >> i'll be sitting there for five hours. >> reporter: before the bell could ring on amy's first round of chemo an unexpected time-out issued by her doctor. >> had the port ready to go and he said you don't need chemo. >> so awesome! >> reporter: i was lucky enough to be with amy when she got the great type of cancer wouldn't respond to chemo. so she wouldn't be getting any. >> i'm so thankful. >> reporter: the lesson amy can now share with others, sometimes you will prepare for a fight you never have to face and winning may be simply putting up your gloves just in case. >> anchor: you may be confused if this is a good thing or bad
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for amy whose cancer was removed by surgery she says it is a great thing. the test showed that chemo residual cancer cells that - doctors couldn't remove. amy says her prognosis is good but like any survivor there's always a chance cancer could return. she is taking tamoxifen, an oral drug that lowers the chance of recurring. as for shaving her head, she says it's no big deal. for more information on the test amy took head to my facebook page. look and like the page. if you would like to get involved with the american cancer society they're holding kick off parties to show how you can take part in the walks in object. they're the perfect way to meet more survivors just like aim yip. here are some of those dates and locations. the pasco county event is tonight hosted by charlie belcher. in pinellas it's august 18th at the birchwood at 6:00 p.m. and hillsborough august 18th at six. i'll be there. i'll have that info on my
5:17 pm now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> just got a watching and waiting for late-day storms to fire up. they've been moving across the peninsula. i think in a few hours they'll be lined up along the west coast. right now the clouds are bubbling up. and the temperature is 91 degrees. the good news is storms end tonight and you are up late or maybe early depending on perspective, the perseid meteor shower peaks late tonight. everything i've looked at i was researching this all morning long. this could be the best in a long time. the only hindrance is the fact the moon will be bright. it's not a big deal. more meteors than usual. 160-200 per hour at peak. where do you look? generally anywhere up. but mostly to the northeast.
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the best viewing after midnight but the peak from 3:00 a.m. to dawn. just find a spot that's not a lot of city lights. but importantly where you can see the entire sky. should be great viewing. that's late tonight primarily after midnight. and i put a post on my facebook page if you want to check it out. mean time, clouds are building now. i think after the storms end tonight, the skies should clear. there could be low cloud developing lat rains heavily in the spot you are. sky tower is depicting an area of storms moving across the peninsula. they'll kind of meet up with a sea breeze late today and get going.pthe same storm that prodl the rain for us over the weekend is stuck. it's producing torrential rain in louisiana and they play have more flood -- may have more flooding than they get during a tropical or hurricane.
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spot. not moving much. along the west coast now things are quiet. we're watching showers and thundershowers fire up east of us. and we fly southeast. storms are east of arcadia on sky tower. storms near lake placid and they're moving slowly west. and they'll meet up with the sea breeze in a few hours. lake wales light rain not a big deal. rain now approaching lakeland from the east and northeast. heavy rain near polk city. rain up by kissimmeend everything is moving to the west northwest. additionally a few showers by inverness. kind of curving up the 75. they're not moving much. they're moving west northwest. going to keep an eye on sky tower. storms could be locally heavy along 75 in a few hours. away from the rain today, 91 in tampa. look computer, 56 degrees in wauchula. how nice would it be right now to have clear skies.
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56 for an hour or two would be pretty good. forecast tonight. any storms end then partly cloudy and 76. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow afternoon storms. the outlook for saturday is more of the same. sunshine early and afternoon storms and 91. winds becoming onshore ten knots east two feet. light chop on the bay. next tide is high tide 10 10:587-day forecast. as the tropics stay qui and night time lows in the 70s. 40 to 50 percent rain chances through next week. back to you. >> anchor: is trouble on the horizon for macy's?
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(cynthia vo) it's another sign traditi it's another s traditional brick and mortar retailers are struggling. macy's is going to close 100 stores. >> sir bonny banger gee is here. cynthia is upset about this. >> say it ain't so. >> it's kind of a go to right? it's an affordable destination for a lot people to do their shopping. it's set to happen in the next year. at this point they haven't said where the stores will be closing. but we do have two here in tampa at west shore plaza, university square mall.
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st. pete, clearwater, wesley chapel, brandon. across the country they have 675 stores. so 100 closing, they represent about 15 percent of all of their stores here. so employees impacted. they'll be offered jobs at other macy's. they might get severance as well. this decision comes after a disappointing earnings report. macy's earned $11 million in the second quarter. it's $0.03 a share but that's compared to $0.64 a share this time last year. big retailer to close their brick and mortar stores. sports authority, they're closing all 450 after they declared bankruptcy. wal mart closed more than 260. so from wal mart to walgreens, pier one, office depot, sear's, k-mart. "time" magazine added up all the stores announcing closures in 2015 and 16, more than 2,500. what do you think retailers are blaming for this. >> anchor: i think we know. online shopping.
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the bat. everybody is so busy and it's so easy. >> anchor: and now you have drones that will bring whatever you want to your doorstep. >> things are changing. >> i do wonder sometimes though who are these people that are sure that item is going to fit or do they order it in five different sizes then send it all back. >> five different sizes and send it all back. that's me. [ laughter ] now we know. exactly. if they offer free shipping on the return then why not. save time right. some other headlines that did catch my attention today. the southwest, how much did it cost the company. >> anchor: we had southwest now then delta. >> exactly. delta, they're still trying to catch up. >> still working on. >> it we're getting numbers from southwest. and their massive days long outage costing the airline somewhere between 54 and $84 million. refunded tickets, missed books, canceled flights. plus all the staff overtime and then hotel and meal accommodations for travelers. that's what added up.
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the consumers, they're reporting that southwest's cost per seat mile will increase only by one or two percent. now some southwest employees are calling for the ceo to step down. they're saying that too much emphasis has been placed on cutting costs over keeping up with technology. also today a disney world attraction coming to a close. the main street electrical parade is shutting down. by october they're shipping out west to disneyland. the last time they'll be having this parade in october 8th. the light parade complete with the tower, pete's dragon. they'll be returning home technically because this parade first started in disneyland. >> anchor: it was already an import. it's going back to california to, you know-- >> we'll get something new. >> i haven't seen that in years. but thank you. you've got, what, a month, month and a half to get out there. it was a wild road rage shooting caught on camera. a driver shooting at a woman in
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and wait until you hear what ticked him off. ? [music] ? >> our latest round of -- you know it -- camp karaoke.
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an afternoon shopping trip to walmart ended with the arrest of an afternoon shopping trip to wal mart ended with the arrest of this man and this woman. tat's a grandmother and her son. investigators say they left a three-year-old in a hot car with the windows rolled up in lake wales. that's where we're standing by with the rest of the story. i can't believe here in florida in august we're even talking about this. >> reporter: we all know how hot it can get outside, es bottom line is when you are in your car it can become sweltering. even potentially deadly if the air conditioning is off and the window is up. late thursday afternoon, it was 86 degrees in the parking lot of this wal mart in lake wales. it felt even hotter. like in the mid 90s. investigators say when timothy adams and his son anna went into the store they took timothy's six-year-old daughter with him but left something very
5:31 pm
timothy's three-year-old daughter >> i have three kids. and it's not always, you know, fun taking them all in the store, but you do what you have to do because you are a parent and you made a decision to have them. >> reporter: the back windows cracked open just a little bit. the others closed tight. >> totally irresponsible, uncaring. >> reporter: the little girl was trapped inside for almost half-hour. when a shopper finally noticed and called the police. minutes later, they broke a window and rescued her. >> the child was hot, sweaty. th the face red. as soon as the sergeant grabbed her and pulled her out of the car she wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. and quit crying. >> reporter: when the adams were questioned they said it was an accident. >> the grandmother thought her son, the father had him. and the father thought the grandmother had him. > reporter: police are not buying that because of what the store surveillance video shows. when the adams pulled in all the windows were up.
5:32 pm
got out. police say the girl's grandmother kept looking back as she walked away from the car. >> which leads a reasonable person to believe she noticed the child still in the vehicle. >> reporter: the adams are charged with child neglect. the little girl is now in the custody of another family member. reporting live in lake wales, kent suarez, fox 13 news. >> we're glad she is okay and thank you, ken. developing right now in pennsylvania, a child has fallen from a roller-coaster at an amusement park zone which is east of pittsburgh. the child was flown to the hospital. was said to be conscious. we don't have any details about injuries but this is the third serious amusement park accident this week. you may recall three kids were hurt falling out of a ferris wheel in tennessee and, of course, the kansas boy who died at that extreme water slide earlier this week. a situation that continues to unfold tonight in maryland. at least two people are dead and several others are unaccounted
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apartment complex. dozens of people are injured including three firefighters. residents were desperate to escape some dropping their kids out of windows to get to safety. investigators haven't pinpointed exactly what caused it but there are natural gas furnaces and stoves in each of those units. it doesn't seem to take much to trigger road rage. case in front. in california. the problem was wind shooeltd wipers. a family of four driving in their cadillac escalade when the washer nozzle to clean her wind windshield. some of the fluid slash splashed on to the honda civic next to her. that driver motioned for her to roll down her window. >> so she did. and he said hey you just got my car all wet. she said i'm sorry. >> anchor: apparently that apology wasn't good enough. so the driver of the honda pulls out a handgun and fires at least two rounds shooting out her
5:34 pm
looking for the guy who shot at the car. >> anchor: unbelievable. that's crazy. the way officers in south carolina handled discipline in school could be changing. it's because of this cell phone video that went viral last year. you probably remember it. it showed a deputy forcefully dralging a girl out of his desk at a high school in columbia. a deputy asked her to get up and she refused. under an agreement with the justice department deputies don't be able to get involved until situations become criminal and pose a threat. the proposal has to get another vote before going to lawmakers. one person in the hospital after officials say they contracted brain eating amoeba while swimming in broward county. as fox's matt reports, one company is stepping in trying to help. >> reporter: another case of brain eating bacteria strikes florida. orlando's profounda sprang into action delivering their new drug to the patient. the company's ceo todd mclaughlin hopes to turn the
5:35 pm
>> of the patients who survived of the four that we talked about, two were on it. so there is some evidence supporting the use of it in most cases. >> reporter: about half the ponds and streams have bacteria swimming around. pif they happen to get inside your nasal passage, they could kill you within days. >> the prognosis is not very good. it's a 97 percent chance of not making it through. the -- depending how the patient presents himself usually within ten to 14 days at the most the patien >> reporter: they make a drug called impoe -- impa veedo that can kill the bacteria in the brain. >> in-vitro activity with the drug it does kill the amoeba. so the hope is if you can increase the level of this drug in the brain where the infection is on going then it will kill the amoeba and by killing the amoeba will save the party. >> reporter: his goal is to get the drug stocked in hospitals around the country. one of those medicines they may never need to use but may save lives in the rare case this bacteria strikes.
5:36 pm
the right thing. basically making sure the drug is on site and so that if they need to use it there's no additional waiting time to use the drug. they can use it as quickly as possible because hours matter. >> hours that young jordan didn't get. the sanford boy died two years ago from the amoeba after swimming in a hot spring. his father steve says access to impa veedo is critical. >> so it is possible to save them but we need to have the drug nearby and close. >> the whole point for me is to break even for this product. this is not company does. i think it is the right thing to do. if we can save a life that's what it's all about. >> anchor: the health department says the victim in this case had been swimming in unsanitary water on private property in broward county. still ahead, the allergy that can be fatal for kids and grownups. >> i get super itchy. my throat swells up so i can't breathe. >> anchor: now there's a possible break through for
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>> anchor: peanut allergies can be a big problem for both children and adults. r cause life threatening reactions. now a new study at the university of south florida is hoping to make life a little easier for even the most difficult patients. dr. joe has this story. >> reporter: 16-year-old seth jones is getting a physical exam. while he's perfectly healthy, seth has a problem he's been battling since infancy. a severe allergy to peanuts. >> i get super itchy.
5:40 pm
i can't breathe. >> reporter: staying away from the popular pb & j or even discarded shells at sporting events have been keeping him safe. >> if people are eating around me i get nervous. my friends know not to eat it but if kids eat it in class then i just move. >> reporter: but today mixed in his cola flavored ice drink he is getting ready to eat something he has avoided all his life. tiny doses of peanut flour. >> with this particular trial therapy that would de-sensitize patients. >> reporter: the doctor is heading up a study at the university of south florida. while most people go to their doctor's office to get de-sensitizeing shots for allergens like trees and dogs, for peanuts it's given by mouth every day at home. >> every two weeks he has what's called an up dose. he starts at a very, very low dose. takes that every day for two weeks. >> reporter: the up dosing
5:41 pm
patients tolerate a 300 milligram dose. >> 300 milligrams of peanut flour is essentially one peanut kernel. so it's not like this therapy is such that you could go to a ball game and chow down on a bag of peanuts. but most of the people that have problems are from accidental exposures. >> reporter: seth's scariest reaction happened accidentally when sharing candy with his brother. >> he ate licked a lollipop and gave it to me. my lips swelled up huge. >> reporter: he now hopes this treatment will help him achieve peace of mind one spoonful at a time. for the fox medical team, i'm dr. joette gee 'vafrngo. >> anchor: this there is still room in the study but enrollment may be interested. if you are interested we've got a link. disney has a new princes.
5:42 pm
wellsome princess elena of ave alor to cinderella's castle. she is disney's first latina princess. elena is a star of a new animated tv series on a disney channel which premiered last month. you will be seeing whole lot more of her. >> she is adventurous and she is brave and she plays guitar. she sings. and she is a wonderful leader for her people. and really especially for her sister isabel. >> anchor: she wr beautiful red dress too. you can catch princess elena every day at disney. she will star in live performances in the magic kingdom. be sure to catch her next time you are taking the kids out, scott. game day is here for the bucs. couldn't wait any longer. but it is the pre-season. what does that mean? it means not a whole lot on the line. who can benefit most from these pre-season games. plus the final installment of camp karaoke.
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? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. now your radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> paul: checking for rain today and is finding storms developing inland. they're getting a bit in the way
5:46 pm
see some of the higher tops which are up by lakeland right here. not producing any hail. certainly producing heavy rain and frequent lightning. these cells will eventually build and move to the west coast. they'll interact with the sea breeze. a few hours should be random storms along the west coast and they should be fairly heavy. here is the more conventional view. you can see the storms near lakeland. they're moving off to the west and northwes also wauchula to arcadia. none of this is severe. just a surge of moisture from the east. nothing along the coast now. as we kind of zoom in a bit in between wauchula, arcadea, hardy and desoto counties a little lightning but mostly moderate to heavy rain. without a doubt this is the biggest storm. it's just passing to the west of polk city. it's long i-4. if you are watching us in
5:47 pm
i'm sure if you look east you can see dark clouds. this looked like it's heading your way. could be arriving in the next half-hour to 45 minutes. we'll track it. elsewhere rain up in citrus from inverness to lecanto up to citrus springs. these showers and storms movely slowly west northwest. another update at about 6:15. sunshine on the west coast today meant more heat. the mercury well into the 90s in many locations. sea breeze boundary. even though that low that produced the rain over the weekend is still on the map. the real moisture with it has moved away. now this low is not going to move much. so flooding is a big concern in louisiana. and into sections of mississippi they could be looking at more rain than they normally get during a tropical storm. that wet for them. for us, we're kind of removed from that low. we'll have a southeast wind then
5:48 pm
there are some hints that it could be a little bit drier on saturday. you can see this on the water. which is the amount of water in the air that can drop as rain. there's some drier air east of us. that can lower rain chances maybe a little bit over the weekend. we'll see if that continues tomorrow. the storms wind down tonight. skies become clear. don't forget, talking about this at 5:20 the perseid meteor shower peaks tonight. great viewing and perhaps the best display of seen in years. so check it out. you can't miss it. after midnight tonight. rain to the west. then afternoon storms here. that trend continues through sunday. any storms end tonight then partly cloudy. down to 76. afternoon storms tomorrow between 40 and 50 percent coverage at 91. no change coming up on saturday. afternoon storms and 91 degrees. your 7-day forecast. i just can't see any reason to
5:49 pm
mid to upper 70s for lows. the bucs in philly tonight where it's going be about 85 degrees with thunderstorms, scott. like they never left home. >> we waited long enough. even if it is the pre-season we'll take it. bucs face the eagles in philadelphia. no j.r. sweezey, charles sims or will golson. jack sosh is a game time decision. starters won't play a whole lot. we'll get a look at the backups hoping to get noticed by the coaches. cutter's guys have a few weeks now. he and the players welcome a change of scenery in this first litmus test of the season. new defensive coordinator mike smith who is used to patrolling the sidelines will be calling the defensive plays from upstairs. for many of the players on the bubble, it is an opportunity to make a big impression on coaches with first cuts end of the month. >> everybody that's healthy is going to play. so, you know? of these guys get buried in the
5:50 pm
quick whistle everything. we're trying to get guys healthy. but when thursday night comes it is a lot of football. so we're going have guys show up and make plays that we may not necessarily know about. main thing is evaluate our guys. especially guys we haven't seen. >> reporter: we've had fun last few days with our new segment, camp karaoke, the o line edition. we start the song, they have to finish the song. tuesday it was joe holly. wednesday jonathan smith. tonight's third and final contest tant big da mar dodson. are you ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: how are your vocal stylings. >> i sing good in the shower. >> reporter: okay. when the music stops you keep going all right. ? [music] ? ? because i'm-- >>
5:51 pm
was that? he was the king of pop. the '90s. ? [music] ? "get your groove on ? throw your hands up and let me hear you sing ? >> ode ode ode this is how we do it ? ? don't pay him any attention ? ? if you want it put a ring on it ? >> there we go. all right. not getting much on style but he's getting to the bare essentials. bring it home ? i feel the mood ? with the air like i don't care
5:52 pm
>> ? because i'm happy ? >> reporter: there we go. we'll give him three out of four. make sure you are voting. he's getting competing against the rest of his o line cohorts. >> anchor: he was good. >> here we go. this was the third and final one. we had joe holly, smith and dodson. we've got great response. go to my facebook page and every like is registered as a vote. next week we're giving away the golden mic award to the voters who is ahead so far. >> reporter: it's tight between donovan smith and joe holly because they've gotten a head start. >> and they had dance moves too. >> that's good. but da mar dodson he is the biggest guy. the tallest. does that award any points. >> i think he had the easiest songs. >> he says i just mostly listen to gospel music. that wasn't in the repertoire. i should have mixed it in.
5:53 pm
so excuses there. >> we got that one. >> you did. she became the first american woman ever to win the same event three olympics in a
5:54 pm
which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara? if you are allergic to stelara? or any of its ingredients.
5:55 pm
be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. energy companies and retailers gave stocks a jolt. the dow climbed 117 points. energy companies and retailers gave stocks a jolt. the nasdaq up 23 points and the s & p gained ten points. cyclist kristen armstrong won big in rio. >> she had another remember to keep the celebration going.
5:56 pm
became the first american woman ever to win the same event three olympics in a row. and as the icing on the cake, today is her 43rd birthday. kristen credits being a mother to her five-year-old son lucas as the secret weapon that helped her take the gold. >> how are you celebrating now with your third gold? what tops that. >> you know, it's going to be really hard to top. but i think that's what's keeps me coming back. it is the i've been working for since i was a kid. and after the first win i went back and tried to have some normalcy. i became a mom and had this great child lucas. and all of a sudden i'm like i need another goal. then i won the second one in london. i go back and get this awesome job at a hospital. >> and they keep it in the family. husband joe works on her bikes to make sure they are pedal per fenth. back to you. >> great story. you can watch access hollywood
5:57 pm
the fox 1:36 news is next. >> ladies, this is one of the most bizarre and disturbing stories we have ever reported. >> very, very sad. a 62-year-old woman with three small children is under arrest tonight. when one of her children, the six-year-old, kills her 13 day old baby. up next, the sheriff talks about the unusual circumstances of pregnancy so late in life and how the children were being cared for. government says marijuana will rema dangerous drugs. so why is that the case when half of the states have legalized pot for medical or recreational use. and think about this next time you open the fridge. americans waste 40 percent of our food. the new campaign to fight this
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
that the firing of this vete that investigation led to the firing of this veteran police officer. how what happened during a traffic stop could send him to jail. everybody knew this officer was a problem but nobody wanted to fire him. >> anchor: a tampa attorney speaking out about the officer who shot and killed a woman during a shoot/don't shoot exercise. why he says the punta gorda police department knew he was a problem. franky, the six-year-old, removed baby kathleen from the
6:00 pm
multiple times back and forth. >> anchor: developing right now, a horrific story. a mother under arrest after her six-year-old son kills her newborn. sheriff explains the very unusual circumstances of her family >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> welcome i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. developing right now at six, a story almost too tough for an infant is dead and police say her six-year-old brother killed her. their mom shown right here is under arrest. still that's only part of what the sheriff says is a very disturbing story. evan axelbank os this. sort this out. this is beyond horrible >> reporter: [ no response ] that's certainly what the said. the words were, this is the worst he's ever seen.


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