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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00am-6:56am EDT

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mistake. a mom tolame after her 6-year-old son kills the newborn sister. this family is no stranger to the spotlight, either. >> in clrwater, a police officer in trouble after two internal investigations one involves some serious remarks that he made on a friend's facook page. >> and the second vee, worse than the worst? second half of this hurricane season could definely be one how is that for a segue, mike bennett? >>mike: we had some storms last now it's dry so we'll start out the day with a deent amount of sunshine, heating things up quickly. we see the temperatures warming back in the low 90s as we head right now 77 in tampa, 76 in sarasota. 76 in fort myers. 79 on the east coastnd stewart. 76 in ourne.
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a.m. we'll see sun through the early afternoon hours and then we see the atmosphere bubbl up. temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s this afternn. better chance of showers and storms building west this afternoon annd o into thi evening. wel detailhen rai chances for the weekend coming up i a bit. >>vanessa: thanks, mike. 6:01. sky fox is overhead, st. pete beach. we have a crash with lane blockage. gulf and 35th and youra of concern and ction, is going to be aig through the area. otherwise, it doesn't lookik le it will be affecting any other direction or travel lane more to come. we'll get to the tampa area fro there. fowler avenue at 15th street north so just east of that tersection we have a crash reported in the eastbound direction. we don't know about any lane blockage here but just be careful and we'll update you on this one as well. >>russell: all right. here we go.
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so disturbing, t sheriff there says it's one of the toughest he's ever seen. and weat he doing this story, but we have to tell it to you this morning. >>laur a woman is sittinng i jail charged with manslaughter. sheriff says that her 6-year-old sonil his week old sister after t mothereft all three children alone in a hot car. the mother's names kathlee steele. e's 62 years old. she went inside a cell phone store and left her 6-year-old, her inside a hot van. the baby started to cry and the 6-ye-old beat her so severely, she ed. steele did not get the baby medical attention until much later that night and by then, the bab was dead. just three days after the baby was born, there was anoth incident at a hotel where the baby fell out of a car carrier and wasak to the htaospil wi brain bleed. child protective services was called out butetmined in the end it was an accident and there
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what will happen to the 6-year-old. the sheriff says he will not be charged. he has been placed in foster care along with the 3-ar-old. 6-year-old is also a student at elementary school in pinellas county. he will not be returning. working with the sheriff's office and child protective serves to come up with a plan for the child's education. >>russell: and now the child's father, h died several years ago of nc. but steele hadis sperm frozen an was artificially insemat and this woman even appearedn the reality show "pregnant and 55 years old." and this is footage we found of eriff's office is not releasing the name of the doctor thaterformed the insemination. >> lake wales police had to rescue a 3-year-old lockedn . to the back seat. it happened on highway 60. 86 degrees outside but it felt a
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customers saw the child and called for help. ficers say she was hot and sweaty but foatrtunely, otherwise ay. the girl's father and grandfatherlaimed this was an accident but investigators say surveillance video tells a different story. it shows them getting another child out of the back seat and looked back as they walked awayment officers arrested the child's father and grandmother. they are charged with child >> punta gorda's police chief is taking the blame after a death during a citizens training academy demonstration on tuesday night. >> as your chief of police, accept full responsibility for the actions of my department, my accountable.bottom line is i am >> questions still remain about how live ammunition made its way into the weapon used in tha demonstration. chief lewhe gun was blanks.d to be loaded wit he said officers won't use real
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demonstrations ever again. and this was on the front page of the charlte sun, the newspaper. it's a picture of officer lee koel taken by a staff memr just moments before he accidentally shot mary nolten esd as a criminal to demonstrate how officers decide when to use administrative force. >>ura: former tampa police officer is accused of slexua battery in a case connected to a affic stop weekend. adam was on his way to work whe shore plaza. the woman, who was in her 20s, said that he touched her inappropriately and his dna was found on her clothing and he was red back in march. he trned himself in yesterday morning toace charges. he's out on bond this morning. york says he never touched the woman. a clearwater police officer has resigne amid two internal afirs investigations.
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then for questionable comments on facebook. in june, oicer adam wahl responded to a call about a wreckless driver. the car drove straight toward him and he feared for his fety. he fired three shots. heould have easily taken cover. the driver was not hurt. in july, he made some comments on a friend's facebk post. friend if he followed through with a threat to beat up the then offered to bring ammunition for anrifle. twoic offers in georgia were fired for their comments on post last month. >> number of zika ces has risen now to 25. >>russell: and despite the increase, the infection zone is shrinking. florida health officls s the
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squareil me of the wyood district. otr 10 blocks wereleared last week. researchers in south florida are launching a clinical trial for a vaccine but scientists need $33 million to finish the first round of the study. >>laura: inne week, five children have bn hurt or killed on theme park rides. and this should be concerning for rents. >>russell: none of the accidents have happened at our local parks but many of on a regular basis and as parents, there are things we can all do to maketa c o kids are as safe as possle. shayla reaves, those height and weight restrictions, there for a good reason.go od morning. >>rerter: yeah. good morning to you. this moing, i was just reading from safer, and ty remind people, if you're going to be onhesees at amustemen rk every amusement park rule comes from someone else's tragedy.
6:08 am from being those are words from a non profit group that takes a look at amusement park safety across country and this is something that people are talking about, especially with events unfolding during the last five days. so i want to talk a little bit more about these accidents that have happened. none o themere in florida. these are accidents that happened in other places around the cotry. let's start with this one. the rollercoaster accident just haened yrdesteay in 3-year-old boy actually fell out of a wooden rollercoaster re at the idle -- idyllwild. and then a 10-year-old boy died in kansas city. in tennessee three days ago, three children fell from a
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though none of these cases, again, happened in florida, here's a closer look at some numbers to give you some pe rspective. back in 2013, nationwide children's hospital conducted a study about injuries and looked at emergency roo visits over a 20-year period. from 1990 to 2010, more 92,000 children under the age of 18 received emergency room treatment for injuries. that's more than 4400 a year and more than 77% of those hurt suffered injures between may and september. a day. an average of 20 injuries when it comeso ride safety, safer calls the role of parents essential. parents are a key line of defense when it comes to avoiding accidents. riders are encouraged to follow all of those postedrules, restrictions, restrictions on
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and if someone wants to ride or does not want to ride, rather, do not force them to ride, especily when a child is involved. just to give you finally an example, if you put your kindergartner in platform shoes to sneak them on a ride they're too short for, you coud risk their life in one of these cases so the rules are there to make sure your experience is a safe one and we'll take a closer look and perform more information for parents and their amusement park experience is pitive coming up at 7:00. back to you. >>russell: talk to you later. thank you. police in canad a tip from th f.b.i. helped stop what could have been a terror attack involving a suide bomber.
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blefthors do not believe the man had any accomplishes. want clear who h target. presidentbama said the united states is winning the fight against isis. the cases like this and recent attacks in france, belgium and orlando have caused some to question that position. >>laura: and now a congressional task force says we cannot trust the infmationoming from u.s. central command. walter allen explains how they got to that conclusion. good morning. >>reporter: military cooked the books. theyay intelligence reports were deliberately manipulated to make american efforts in iraq and syria appear more successful than they really are. investigation centers around centcom that operates out of macdill air force base. it oversees all middle east military operations. a new report says fo two year senior centcom oicffs have been approving intelligence assessments that inflate u.s. efforts to combat isis militants
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>> the culture inside of this administration is one that bad news doesn't sell well and they wanted to tell a story that isie that the storyha le promoted, i. intelligence waspuland no evide th changes came however,en secretary f slowing rie own view. >>laura:hau. influential reblic national committee tost
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reporting thaprevis did threaten to withdraw funding from trump's campaign but trump is denying the conversation too place. clinton will rerees tax returns today. kaine is doing the same. trump says that he's under audit. turns.ot stop them from givg a new outlook for the atlantic rricane sean and a devastatingxplosion more than 24 hours later, authorities don't know how it started or h many people are still missing. >>mike: late day evening storms yesterday. those have moved offshore b
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dunkin' donuts' unbeliable stielecon of breakfast sandwics, so you can enjoy them any ty of way, any time of day. that's breakst whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. it's still not clear how many people are missing after a dely
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deadly explosi a an apartment compx in maryland. fire burned for hours. at least two people died, 100 pele don't have homes. there were rorts of a gas leak. at the time, firefighters did not find anyissues. d.e.a. is refing to te mariju off the list of the most dangerous drugs. still in the same category as heroin andlsd. while 22 pot and thousandsre terrible f abuse.still a hypo until it passes the fda approval process, marijuana has no acceptable medical use. several states including florida, are cderi some form of legalization of marijuana. >>laura: atlantic hurricane season could be the busiest since 2012 and the noaa are edicting 12 to 17 nam
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hurranes, two to four of which could be major, they say. riginal outlook called for an average year with just 12 named storms which sounds like a lot innd itself so -- rest of the season. we have uil november >>mike: the wasn't too much of tlook was 10 to 16 named al storms,our to eight hurricanes and one to four major hurricanes so they upped it a little bit, more leaning toward en of things. as laura mentioned, new tlook, maybe one or two more named storms so not big difference there in the updated outlook and typically you lookt where tropal activity falls, 27% of our named storms come in august. 34% in september. so t worst is yet to comend that we' now gearing up toward the peak, the typical peak of our hurricane season. still a few wee awayut certainly pay attention over the
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we're not out of it. satellite and radar view shows showers and storms continuing t work offshore. the c cover with it and we're dryi out finally. took awhile for the showers to kind of wrap up last night. somef them hung around until 1:00, 2:00 a.m. here is rainfall recap in tampa, at about 4.77 inches for the year. we're running about 10 inches above average. w've seen our fair share of rain. rain chances remain pretty tycal t next four or days. we'll boue back and for chances.40% and 50% rain the highest rain chances are going to be closer to the west coast. 77 current temperature, d point of 75. retive humidity at 94%. other temps out there at75 in brdon, 72 in bartow, 73 in lakeland, 73 in crystal river. dew points sitting in the m 70s so warm and muggy to start the day. even a little bit of fog. caref out there, especially
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ast. here is the satellite and radar. high pressure back to the west. we'll continue that southeast fl across the state. future cast through the morning hours, dry. 'l see a fair share of sun through at least e afternoon. en we start to see showers kind of pop up along the east coast. those migrateoward the west coast but it will be awhile. if y he any outdoor plans, try to gethe t done by mid to early, late afternoon and then roll through the area. so here's your recap for toda 91 degrees, hot and humid y. those evening storm building west for tonight. 76, evening storms continuing to push offshore. seven-day forecast,ain chances generally 40% to 50% for the next week. mainly afternoon and evening storms so overall, a pretty typical looking seven-day i the mile o the mmer. >>vanessa:e' take it. thanks. 6:20 i the time.
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i-4. this is the area near macintosh, starting to pick up outhere but some decent travel times if you're hitting i-4. eastbound and westbound, eastbound coming from the interchange to the mlk exit sittg at a four minute de looks good. herever the howard frankland bridge and tn northboun 75 heading in towards the pasco, hillsborough county line area. just want temind folks once again, sky fox is monitoring thisro fm st. pete boulevard. lder butou have some the poce cars re. gulf blevard at 35th avenue, th southbound direction. carefu >>laura: ownerf the pul nightclub is getting political. two months after the deadly attack, what she's doing to honor the victims' meries. >>russell: and either we' been watching too much sharknador sharks are learning to fly. coming , a scary encounter
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it's time to see what's
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icki onhe b. laura: look who it . oo>> gd morning. what a trt. >>russell: it is, for us. >> i never get to do the fun stuff. if you've er been to a concert, you know that sometimes musicis pull people on ste, to sing with them.ask volunteers that's what happened at one of adele's recent concerts and man she picked has amazing pipes. take a sten. >> jamie, you got >> do it!
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the singer is 24- >> pressive. grayson.ger is 24-year-old jamie as you can probably tell, she's no amateur. she's arammy nominated singer with two christian albums under her belt. was very surprised wn s started singing. their performance has been view times. what an experice. >>laura: that may have been her moment. >>russell:et >> pokemon go makes its return to hot flicks. one woman is hiding little yarn pokemon near places of they look kind of don't they? kind of creepy, kind of cute. she leaves a card telling people where they can find the patterns if you want to give it a y,
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get year name out of the gutter. san diego fng captain reported this video of a shark repeatedly j out of the w.ter. i think it's a tarpon or something. it's a shark. it's a short fin, somef the fastest sharks in the world. >>laura: that's more than one? >> i think that's one shark just going over and over. th can jump up to 20 feet in the air, guys. how out. >> you would to wch me but justwatch. >>russl: enjoy the show. good to have you here. >> thanks. ce to be here, guys. >>laura: good. >>russell: a big reveal in the new star wars trailer. >>a: all aboutis norman. andlcides segui is at steinbnner fie ahead of a big moment in yankees history, >> that's rit.
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freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time oday. th bat'sreakfast whenevs. amera runs onkn duin'. ((russell 2shot) good friday morning... >>russell: welcome. iday morning, august 12. yeah. i'mussell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. good morning. we had some powerful storms hit parts of the aare overnight. mike bennett in for dave this morning. did you get some? >>russell: thunder late at my house. >>mike: my dog was shaking and -- yeah. stuey does not like thunderstorms. >>russell: you would thinke would be okay with thatecause of you.
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i try to give himhe fortecas ahead of time. he doesn't listen to me. take a look outside right now. sun getting ready to come up in a half hour or so. beautiful colors out in the distance. this is looking over tampa. to the east, satellite and radar, there were the big storms, about 12 hours ago or so making their wayoward the river view area and then we've got redevelopment ofthem. they finally moved offshore around 12:00, 1:00 this morning. current temtuperares 77 in tampa. 74 in punta gorda. 82 in west palm beh. hot and humid today and hot and humidhe next few days. we'll see more late afternoon, more evening storms building .e rain chances about 40% to 50% through the ekwed. vanessa? >>vanessa: mike, right now we have live look in the polk county area. this is davenport, i-4. westbound ramp we're checking out near 557. seeing involves a tractor re trailer that appears to have
6:33 am
a complete blockage on that exit ra. once again, the exit is blocked coming off i-4 westbound to 557. s moving a bit slow here in thatestbound direction on the travel lanes themselves so expect some delays there. and then of course, for those folks trying to exit inhat to one exit down which is going to behe 557 exit. more on ts to come. we don't know about injuries y but we'll keep you posted. >>laura: today marks two months since the shooting in modern u.s. history. on june 12, a man went on a rampage at pulse nhtclub in orlando, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. today family members and survivors begin filing claims. more than $23 million wasaised by the one orlando fund. sub migs will be accepted until september 12. >>russell: owner of the pulse nightclub and the sister of one of the victims are joini gay rights advocates and protesting and gathering of religious
6:34 am
the american renewal project promotes wt it calls religious liberty. protestors are calling the conference distastefulnd dismissive of the lives lost at pulse. >>laura: pasco county depries looking for ka dote a -- dakota kidder. they say he broke a woman's face during an argument. when she away. now he's wanted on multiple charges, including felony battery. >>russell: bay area said god bye to a local legend. dave mc kay. friends, family, fans gathered for a public memorialt ae mc afee theater. it could take several weeks before we know what caused his dath. >>laura: it's not how anyone saw it happening but the new york
6:35 am
monumental career. >>russell: alex rodriguez will suit up for the final time tonight and coincidence, he's going to be playing the tampa bay rays. alcides segui is live at streeinbnner field. the game is happening in new york but you're at steinbrenner this morni because that's where the yankees train. >>reporter: that's right. and that's where a lot of the hall of famers and their statues ted. of course, it's a great facility that's where a lot of yankee fans comeo celebrate the sta of the major league baseball season. we were talking aut this yesterday. is alex rriez a hall of famer? pends on who you ask. some say yes and some say no. he is indted in the hall of fame, there should be an terisk had said his name. he was suspended for the entire season of 214. 211 games. maor league baseball found an overwhelming amount evidence
6:36 am
illegal performan enhancing drugs but also slowed down their investigio nonetheless, his season, h careerill be recognized later on this evening a yanes stadium. despite going one-24. yankees decided to release him after a terrible four months where his bass was useless in th his batting average i under 200 right now. care stats are that of a first bout hall offamer. he's the only other player in major league baseball to amass more than 600 home run 3,000 hits, 2,000rbi's. for some, his career will forever be tainted by the steroid allegatis. listen in.
6:37 am
think he was. but back to prpressure. you reach a point where you say, it's so prevalent that either i'm going to compete or i'm not going to compete. there's your choice. reporter: a-rod will be paid $27 million remaining in his coract through the end of the 2017 season. he has agreed to act as an adviser and instructor for the though a-d said he plans to end his career tonight, there is a chance thate may play for a different team. keep in mind, he is four home runs short of 700. there's a chance, at least some rumors, he may play for the miami marlins. we'll see how it pans out. either way, he'll no longer wear the pinstripes. >>russell: went t high school don't there, right?
6:38 am
>>reporter: miami boy. you'reright. >>russell: see you later, man. turning to the nfl, bucs in the eagles after the bucs st fumbled the openi kickoff, tthews went to a five yard touchdown. meis winston had the ball stripped. eagles win 17-9. >>laura: down to rio now, michael phelps won his 22nd olympic gold medal in the 200 he beat ryan lochte whola pd fifth. manuel was the first african-american wom to win gold in swimming. did you see this? 19-year-old gymnast won the woman's all around title. we've reachedhe halfway point in the summer gapmes. united states is still inhe lead with 38 medals. 16 gold, 12 silver, 10 bronze. china is next with 30 medals
6:39 am
not bad. >>russell: mha elph. >>laura: he's a phenom, isn't he? th don't make mistakes.p>>russe news if he hadn't won the gold. >>laura: 21st medal, 22nd medal. you know? >>russell: mike bennett is up next with a look at this weekend's weather and some pretty cool pictures from an overnight meteor shower >>laura: and then from to memorabilia, a lot of unclaimed treasure is up for sale this you can gd you can start making t wish
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t sky was bursting with activity overnight yes, there >>mike: sk w bursting with activity overnight. there's a lot of ligning but fornye with alear sky, they werereated to meteor shower. it was this moing, late last
6:43 am
per hour. the last outburst was in 2009. we you able to see anything send us picture if you were ing the hashtag "good d tb. let's te a look at the current no meteors to bend right now, but certainly dry ather, dry to start the and it should be dry for at tlooes asthe early afternoon hours. scanning the skies for anything out there, not finding anything overampa or pinellas county and in fact, you take that view out inland and toward the east coast, nothing out there right now, either. all is go ahea to start the day but again, we'll see showers and this afternoon on to this later evening and youan see rain chances about 50% for most of the area. closer t coast you get,
6:44 am
southward along i-75. we'll see the sea breezes collide this afternoon onto this evening. weather headlines, southeast flow continuing into the weekend. that means more of the same. mo late afternoon and evening storms building to the west and overall, a pretty typical looking summer pattern as we head into nex week. here's a look at the current temperature. 77, dew point of 75. barometer 29.99 inches and falling and winds out of the east-southeast at three miles hour. other temps in the mid 70s or so. 76 new port richey, 74 in 73 in crystal river. 75 in sebring. w points stuck in the mid 70s also. so it's a warm and muggy start to the day. nothing unusual fmhat we've been seeing but certainly as you head out the door, you will notice that. high pressure off to our west so th southeaind continuing to push theho srs and storms, piling them in the southea coastline.
6:45 am
typical with the southeast wind, you see the storms slowly start to crawl their way back west th. so here's how the future cast plays out. late day storms building west. by the way, if you look off to thewest, this area of low pressure is the same area of low prsure that brought us all that rain earlier in the week. last weekend, it still isthere, still bringing a ton of rain to porings of louisiana. it is finally working off to the west. still there on saturday but i should really move far enough away and lose the energy to stop with the heavy rain across gulf coast. for us, we continue toee that easterly wind, typical summer pattern, summer storm pattern sticking aroun so you recap that for today, we'll see more afternoon and evening storms building to the west. for tonit, back into the mid to upper 70s so another warm and y night. evening storms should be wapping up say, bore
6:46 am
rain chances about 50% for to slightly higherlo ang 75. 40 rain chances for saturday and then backp to 50 on sunday and then we drop to 40% for monday, tueay and wednesday. vanessa? >>vanessa: an, mike. we'll bring updates here. this is the polk county crash. we're checking out i-4 westbound offramp at 557 involving a jackknifed semi as we s westbound direction as llwe. so make sure you're planning extra time if that's your exit because you'll likely have to exit a little further down 559. additionally we're seeing here this lane blockage. thiis the eastbound direction. i'm not sure i this is a separate crash or part of the originalcrash. left lane blockage so rember
6:47 am
pinellas county, we have sky fox checking out westbound brian dairy at 66th where we do have some lane blockage here with emergency vehicles so use caution in that direction. also here an areaf concern. dale mabry at bearss and it's going to be blocking a southbound outside lane so you could see most of your delays heading that way. 's 6:47 rig now. we'l say goodorning to >>charle congratulations. u made it to friday. "good day." >>vaness "good day." >>charley: big night last night. lots of stuff happening. yesterday i was at the american cancer society'saking strides agains cancer pasco and the walk is going tbe at shops at wire grass on october 22. last night we had aeam kickoff thin event that i emceed in pasco county.
6:48 am
go do this kind of thing last 's night so ise misd some of the bucs game. >>vanessa: i was going to about that. sounded like a conflict i the schedules. >>charley: yes. slightly and then i realized t you'rehere to like save lives and beat a disease, stop a preseason ga.t you're missing once i hea about it, i was finehere i was. ard, ye. he missed the the kker we drafted --okay. >>ruell: esson, arley. preseason. >>charley: all ri look. coach koetter is going to get mike smithas thatefense we're readiment we'n the orange. but i'm ready for the bucs. i'm ady for the bucs to be great again.t's make the bucs g again?at's wha iant to say.
6:49 am
into brand new things with a little artistic flai house to home is the place in clearwater. we going to tell you all about ts place, a great business model, great sml, local bussines to support and i'll tell youll about it and friday.ave a "good day" this >>vanessa: we ll. go bucs. thanks, charley. laura? >>laura: thank you. 10 minutes from the top of the hour now. st. petersburg police are calling him the honda hitter. a man became aryng at another drive and punched and bke the side view mirror on the car. th damage is eimated at about $1,500. man has brown hair and a red tinted beard. 's riding on a motorcleith a silver frame and a yellow a black body. florida forest servi i sending crews out west to help fight wildfires. they'll be battling fires in colorado's mountaino terrain.fl oridaas already sent 34
6:50 am
today 4 more firefights are gearing up for the trip. some are gearing up ts afternoon but they'll be on a plan to coloradoomorrow morning. and they didn't want it. now you canuy b it. unclaimed treasuren se in tampa. this is somestuff, and you see it here, that's been left in bank safety deposit alread getting ready for the lidays. coming up, a phrase you d expect to hear in the summertime. you ready f this,gu? pukin spice ttla yep. and the internet is going crazy er the new star wars trailer. coming up, a closer lk at the talking. thaasverybody right, laura? we've beenalking about it all
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psl ou 'll see. mcdonalds this yeargo ahead of ifhey , it's like next ek >>russel that's tr. laura: you have it allhe time, it's not special anymore. >>ruell:oo poin >> agreed and it's tooearly. i wan' a pumpkin spi latte rightnow. i wk outsidet 3:00 i the morning and the swe dps off right. yeah. >>russell: anmid. see you later.>> there you go put it on ice. russell: don't miss laun on our sisternetwork. go toox finder. >>laur sports fans were waiting to seeel phel would win his 22nd olympic goldmedal. he did. moe lers were waiting for something else >>rul: new star ws tiler made its debut ltight durin th olympics andt h everybody tainlk >> captain ss y'rou a friend.
6:56 am
russell: now, it's a preel to the original star wa, aboutss the death star last night fans got a glimpse of a new spaceip. it's cald the uwin bhe biggesev real was aendf ura: take a look. to gra a s shot, it's only u for just a . ere'so mistaking thatlmet. that's darth vader. james earl jones will return as va first time we'reeeing him in e flh. that might be therong word. rogue oit h theaters in dece disney min forward with a side 's going to focus on ang you han solo and what's he without hisambling buddy? theyreurrent ctias young he w originally played by billy d. willia.
6:57 am
na er. really wl known bar and restaunt has been shut down temporarily bls o something rely unappetizi. code violations. we'reoing to tell you what a t inspector found at ferg's. >>laur and newlywed regret. th one thing tt mostarried uple wish ty had put on >>russell: and after series of awful theme park accidents, we're taking a look at r safety. de at you canatch out for at 7:00. >>mike: no showers and storm to some byhe time the day is t.
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foster farms presents ape even a small one c throw foyou ofyour gamsents hapanywhe. and they only get bigg as time es on. serve fosterarms cn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey cruhyoang. a corn dog with 7 amof protein makes a big petite go away.
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((russell- fun turns frightening. another amusement park accide >>russell: funurns frightening. another amusement park accident involving a child, this time on a rollercoaster. plus- >> more trouble for hillary clinton from leaked emails and new signs of humility from donald trump. i' doug in washington. we'll have more from the >>laura: andce coming up. an oreo okie. is the anythg better? a new flavoro talk about. and it' something you might find in the candy aisle. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell a lot ahead. weather.l c on the skytower radar and meorologist mike bennett who is in for dave. >>mike: beautiful start to the day. sun coming up right now so i this to get you right over to how often do you get this? once a day.


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