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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell rides gone wrong... and ending in disaster.. new this rides gone wrong. and ending in disaster. new this morning a what parents can do to make theme parks safer for their kids. and a-rod's farewell tonight benoot bright lights a controversial career comes to an end. we will talk to man calling the game to want what he's expecting to see. from tampa bay's number news station, this is good day tampa bay. hae effects it's 8 o'clock good morning everybody it's friday august 12th. we thank you for waking we will get straight to mike bennet. hey mike. good morning guys. beautiful start to the day out there. weaver got plenty of sun. but it is a bit warm and muggy. another hot and humid day on tap. but the good news is that a rain good news for some at least that on this evening usf marine ter
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directly into the camera. temperatures 77 in tampa. 75 in brooksville. 75 in st. pete. to south 83 in key west. 80 in miami. to north 75 in gainesville. 78 in panama city. forecast for today, see temperatures warming back into low understand. about 50 percent chance of a late afternoon and evening storms. likewise tomorrow best chance will be again late in the day, building west. we'll talk about the a second half of your weekend and take look rain week for next week coming up in a bit. thanks, mike. 8:01 kind of busy on roadway this is morning. we'll just start off with bigger crashes and next report. if you're heading outdoor right now about to hit i-4 westbound keep in mind a crash reported here in area of mango road you can see we're dealing with lane blockage emergency vehicles. a we do have a traffic stacking back from this point all the way through eastern hillsborough county. looks like it doesn't clear out
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highway. so some extra time outdoor if you have to take that for your morning commute. meantime, this is along your route big heads up here pedestrian involved crash with some critical injuries hillsborough air cargo ride. eastbound lanes shut down big delays from this point towards the intersection with memorial and sheldon. so that's, wide stretch of delays we're seeing northbound lanes also closed of cargo road itself work around sligh our waters in that northbound direction you have willis. a mother is facing manslaughter charges this morning after her 6-year-old son killed his two week old sister. plenty of questions still remain from this very disturbing case. pinellas county sheriff is saying that 62-year-old kathleen steel went into a cell phone store and left her six-year-old her 3-year-old and newborn inside of hot van. and baby started to cry. six-year-old beat her so severely that she died. 6-year-old will not be charged
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care along with 3-year-old. 6-year-old is student an elementary school in pinellas county. we are told he will not be returning. polk county a father and grandmother are facing child neglect charges after they left they walked away. morning.. after another child is hurt on an amusement park ride.. this one happened in pennsylvania.. fox-13's shayla reaves is live near busch gardens this morning.. to be clear -- there have been no accidents there.. but with plenty of amusement parks in our area.. shayla -- the concern is real, right? more than 100 million people
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other parts of the country where children were hurt or seriously if you're park florida or an amusement park somewhere else in country. parents are an important line of defense in avoiding accidents. your safety depends on your own behavior. according to a site, if you're riding with a child, be prepared to a physically restrain smaller children. they can slip underneath a loose fitting lap bar or belt. and if you're child is riding without an adult you want to make sure the child is
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to keep their body properly positioned for the entire ride cycle. >> and make sure the chide's hands and feet stay inside the ride at all times. don't rearrange the seating plan during the cycle of the ride. sometimes a child may say they don't want to sit next to someone or they don't want someone touching them. once you're in why are seat you need to stay in your seat. in addition, read and follow all of the rules and restrictions. use all safety equipment provided. when it comes to riding with
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riskier for children morris key for teens and adults. sometimes because they have a smaller bodies, they are more likely to slide, in fact, in some full size rides the smaller children are not even able to a reach some of those bracing points on the floor that help rider keep themselves in position. so these are just some examples of tips that parents can follow to make sure that their experience at an amusement park is safe not only for the parents but for the kids a family. guys, back to you. yeah, all right smail, thank you. >> popular sports bar in st. petersburg has closed for failing a number of health inspections. fergs on central avenue was shut down yesterday after state officials found nearly 30 violations. nine of them are considered priority. that includes insects and rodents other pests that were found in kitchen. the bar was ordered to stay closed until things can can resolved. overseas a warning issues for
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explosions targeted popular tourist destinations. including ten foreigner thing explosions went off late yesterday and early morning in at least four areas in thailand include thing popular beach cities, believed bombs were set off by opponents of thailand's ruling military government. later today in orlando members of donald trump's campaign will meet with rnc officials to discuss campaign strategy in the state. this comes at time when presumptive himself seems acknowledge that may number for tougher fight than originally thought. walter allen is here now with more on that. good morning. we're used to a loud and boisterous donald trump and number of fellow republicans saying they will not support there are some worrying signs during an interview trump took an unusually frank tone saying, at the end will work or very, very nice long vacation. and but, never one to shy away
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trump said he would be okay with trying american suspected of terrorism at guantanamo bay in cuba. in an interview with miami herald, he says he wants to insure u.s. has safe place to keep radical islamic terrorist. he also accused president barack obama of releasing what he calls terrible people from the prison who shouldn't be let go. meantime democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is agreeing with donald trump saying he wants to make america great again, but only for his rich friends. on thursday, clinton at while laying out her own near detroit. she says she apposes the pacific trade deal which is something she supported. she also called trump's tax plan outlandish. just a more extreme version of the failed theory of trickle down economics with his own addition of outlandish trump
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reject. clinton trying to bring some of the blue collar voters back in democratic fold. she says she can provide steadier leadership on economic growth than donald trump. russell. all right walter, thank you. 8:09. state officials say at zika virus is spreading four more cases have been announced bring stayed wide total to 25. governor scott's office says cases are still mostly located in miami's winwood neighborhood. this com has begun. the director of the national institutes of health says he needs around $33 million in resources to get at close to finding a cure. it is still yet to be known what effect the zika virus will have on the state's tourism economy. but today governor scott will announce great numbers for the first half the year. just off 57 million people have come to an enjoy our beaches and theme parks. that number is about 4 percent
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something other than zika could lower those numbers too. the number of counties countries warning their citizens about a traveling to the u.s. places like france and germany. even the uk are all urging caution to travelers coming here. recent concerns here include recent mass shooting police violence and anti lgbt attitude. according to state department, foreign tourism accounts for $218 billion in the u.s. economy. mike bennet is back in few radar look. and a plus the end of an era appear often controversial alex rodriguez plays his final game against the rays tonight. we're going to talk to fox sports cj bm what retirement means. well russell i'm a house to home. basically a 30 different artists under one roof that take something old and turn it into something new. i can't decide, russell and laura which one of these signs
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e he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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alex rodriguz..... the slugger ---- well alex rodriguez slugger 696 hom homerun made him an ang talented players in at least a generation to play for new york yankees he play last game tonight. that game against tampa bay race and will air right here. one his teammates was cj. he's live from new york this morning. thanks for joining us cj. >> yeah my pleasure. >> now what is does the night mean for baseball for yankee and for the league itself? >> well i think it's important for the new york yankees to
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a lot of people obviously that don't like alex a he's very polarizing figure he one best and still is he hasn't said retirement just yet we're looking a one the best hitters of this current generation. and one that deserves to be recognized despite fact he's had personal issues in the past. you seed hasn't said retirement just yet. do you expect that maybe this isn't it for him? >> you never know with alex. i think that's always one thing believes there's still a chance he's going to play. now whether or not he equilibrium actually find a team that is willing to take him at this point in his career obviously lot older he's also struggling offensive and no where to put him defense ifl makes it hard to uj he would be back in another major league uniform. but i think for alex he's not put this behind him just yet and the will leave this door open. you mention defensively nowhere to put him he did ask sk to play third base again tonight but was denied manager joe injury racudipathy.
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>> i don't think so. i mean, i think joe still is trying a win. i think that's part of even though yankees for me probably have about 1 percent chance of going to the post season joe is not going to change way he manages. he does not belief alex rodriguez a good third base man and not comfortable putting him out there i know alexis a little disappoint he will not play third base but joe is no the going change everything. not going to change the game plan for whole team just player even if it is alex rodriguez. let's say alex does and up retiring what's next for hum he still stays on the team's payroll, right? lot of different things. we had him on fox last year he bunch post season stuff he was very good. did world serieshe took it very seriously. he brought lot to the broadcast. this guy obviously has done very well financially has lot of option as couple of different companies that is he runs. he we also know how much he loves the game and yankees want
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be special advisor that not something they are doing for show they believe he would have somewhat to contribute a former teammate of his he loves game teaching game a lot of different options here for alex rodriguez over next year or two. we will still see him he's not going to disappear the way derek jeter has. you mention he's one of the most polarizing figures of all time in baseball. where do we see him next terms of legacy the hall of fame? is it not the hall of fame? >> alex rodriguez will not go into hall of fame i think baseball writers association voters have shown us this just not something they are going to do with known ped user. but what does that mean to his legacy in i think he barry bonds is looked a great player, one best that we've seen in long time. like i mentioned certainly one best of this generation. but also going to asterisk will be that conversation that we
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that's always going to bother some people and some people will look at the accomplishments that he had on the field as tainted. they are always going to wonder whether or not he was actually as good as we saw him unfortunately he made that decision. he's going have to live with that cloud the rest of his life. cj one quick question. final question here any prediction of what a-rod does tonight? >> we will see. you know the bat has slowed down. i think everybody would although of to dramatic a big homerun would i don't know if is there. bat speed has really slowed down hopefully for his sake he has chance to do something big. thank you very much for joining us. you can catchall action from alex rodriguez game right here on fox 13. coverage begins from yankee stadium right after the 6 o'clock news. all right. thanks, mike. we will get a check of roadways right now. you mentioned in last report, or i mentioned to you that the crash involving pedestrian
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in area of air cargo road. we skyfox checking in on this area it should have been cleared by now. it looks like they are still in process of getting that cleared out. but we do dave osterberg have i'm seeing one lane moving. that good news for drivers. still go ahead and avoid the area. once again eastbound hillsborough air cargo where we have traffic backed up beyond veterans expressway quite slow in that area. >> and we'll keep you posted once we learn more on the lane blockages and get the clear. polk county drivers, we mentioned this in previous hours of good day. it looks like this tractor trailer crash is still working in the area. this is westbound i-4. exit ramp to 557. the tractor trailer was jackknifed. but it actually looks straightened out. so that is a good sign i'd say maybe they are starting to get this cleared out eastbound delays starting to look a little bit better too. because we did have left lane blocked in eastbound direction just plan for some minor under
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i-4 westbound the crash man disgo i showed you last report lanes are cleared this i expect travel times to get back to normal fairly soon. and then for those folks in the hernando county area spring hill drive seeing heavy westbound and eastbound dwlas. inspect intersection bishop road. avowed that area if you can for the next 30 to 45 minutes. >> back to you, mike. all right vanessa, thanks you can see outside right now, blue skies a little bit of cloud cover off in distance no rain now. that may start to change as we head toward the mid to late afternoon, especially this evening. i think that's our best chance at seeing rain. you can see in this darker shade of green, that's 50 percent rain chances, and darkish shades to south ear 60 percent rain chances for you as we head throughout afternoon current temperature 77. dew point of 74. so, warm and muggy start to the day. and it's going to hot and humid day. 91 late afternoon and evening storms building west.
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forecast, rain chances about 50 percent in tampa today. down to 40 percent tomorrow. some dryer air trying to work into the picture. doesn't really hang around that long. sunday. i think higher rain. we bounce back and forth 204 and 50 percent as we head toward the end of next week, guys. thanks, mike. nice interview. yeah. well done. good for you. very well done. 75 percent of people in live paycheck to paycheck. coming up at 9 o'clock is higher education truly the answer to plus what some might consider dust collector could a feature piece in your home. charley belcher is rum ageing around this place called house to home. in clearwater.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we ve. dana young for the florida senate.
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher come clearwater this more than close to ruth eckerd hall. 30 different artists really they are artists bach they are taking something old and they are creating an artistic piece of furniture. real good solid functional furniture. but there are some antiques here and some new stuff, and really just a nice eclectic group of stuff. group of stuff. how's that a way to word it
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i like to mix things up. you will see a little bit of different things here. i know you got to sit in this chair today. >> why you are you calling me out? i like my bosses think i'm so busy between live shots i have sitting a that to test and out see how sturdy it is how well put together it is. right. yes. yes. chairs held me up, laura. basically what we like to do give these things a make over go out and find things that people thought maybe are garbage, or you know, maybe not something they want to u and we redo it make it look pretty. yeah. it's really gorgeous stuff. i like this, i just like the way stuff like this looks. did you was this way it was and you just made it look nice again or did you put this together? i actually just made it look pretty. so it was a solid piece. it was actually yellow underneath. oh, wow took it and turned it in changed back board op it. so that's brand new. but i like pieces with curves. >> me too. all right right over here is
8:26 am
here coo-coo's nest. yes. your little nook herepiece really did draw my attention. what did you do what. actually i found it like this. i had to have it. i think sometimes wood has its own torre and it doesn't need to be painted and covered up. and i, i love it. it's made from recycled barn wood. oh really. now adidn no, sir on the hunt i was able to find that. if you was tonight take that home with you today i'd be honor preponderance oh it's for sale. i got you, sure. let's all make money. and so there are certain things that are new just little cute accessory that is you find and home decor sort of thing. then you're kind of putting it altogether and see how you can do at your house. we love it. i was teacher and i was getting
8:27 am
and the besides tennis, this is it. nice. you're always on the hunt. what are you doing, you doing all kinds of antique. i go to estate sales antique shows i find things on the side of the road. i go on different websites. and look for things. because i'm just new at the painting thing. so i try to find things that are done already for good price. well done. there you go. okay, house to home we're going to continue to explore because place goes and goes and goes. i like pointing out they are open every day day they are open every day. and most of the time until 7:00 p.m. so during the week. so after work, you can come by and explore. and yes, less you thought she was kidding, the chair holds me. it's a good chair. it's a good chair. it is a good chair. >> all right. well that's what you ado between live shots. what i'm the good at. good life charley belcher. still to come on good day we love orange juice here in florida but it could soon cost
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day,
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f day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. time now is 8:xx.. it would seem there are some tough times ahead for florida's citrus industry.. 8:31. thee are a some tough times ahead for florida citrus industries. current estimate place the state orange output lows level in over 50 years. kissimmee based consultant is estimating that growers will produce just over 60 million boxes of oranges in the new season. which begins in october.
8:32 am
decline from the previous year if prediction is correct it would indicate growers losing battle. it would also mean globe will orange juice shortage higher prices and declining orange juice. delta bms lack to full speed cancelled nearly 2,000 flights following a computer outage on monday. many vacations and business trips affected. delta trying to ease the pain. carrie offer $200 voucher those flights were delayed more than three hours. >> hillsborough county has taken a step toward improving transportation. but not everyone is happy about it. >> the commission approved a plan to set aside 33 percent of future revenue growth for transportation. this is in lieu of the half penny sales tax increase that was voted down earlier this year. new plan can pull in $24 million every year. mayor bob buckhorn is on not on board. he says not reliable stream of
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on plan in september 8th meeting. to mike bennet we go right now. he's in for dave today to talk about the weather. hey. hey, good morning guys you hear storms last night. yes, i did. some big storm weather. except for me. >> yes, big storms around, 8, 9 o'clock last night pushed very heaviest rain fell around the riverview area. that's really where we saw some the heavier downpours some fol rain. here's how skytower radar looks. you can see, not a whole lot out there right now. current temperature, 77 degrees. dew point of 74. s, certainly humid to start the day. relative humidity at 90 percent. barometer 30.03 inches and rising winds out east 3 miles per hour. other temperatures across the area. it's 77 in brandon. 73 in bartow. 78 already in frostproof.
8:34 am
river dew points sitting in mid 70s here. so certainly another warm and steamy start to the day. maybe not as humid. as it was earlier in the week. but, remember, it is still mid august. still going to be humid for quite some time satellite and radar high pressure off to our west. we continue to see that southeast wind. that ridge access of high pressure is still off to our north. when ever that happens that's when you see that southeast wind. i don't really see any big changes coming that would shi south. at least over the next three, four, five days or so. future cast overnight, or into the day today. we head into afternoon start off with plenty of sun, and really stay on the partly sunny skies. at least through mid afternoon. notice you start toasty showers popping up late afternoon on into this evening. could heavy downpours once again best chance for rain is going to be right around that i-75 corridor. say between 5:00 p.m. and
8:35 am
91 late afternoon storms. a hot and humid day. and kind of repeat performance tomorrow. 76 for tonight. even storms moving off shore. we kind of bounce those rain chances up and down between 40 and 50 percent. i think overall tomorrow, less than way of rain coverage. today, just keep that umbrella handy. download skytower radar ap if you don't have it you're going to need it as we head through at least the next week or so. vanessa. thanks mike we'll check here. good news out the hills bobo air cargo road area lanes are now clear. really just would be dealing with lingering delays if you're heading particularly in that eastbound direction of hillsborough. so maybe just a few extra minutes. but no need to divert yourself any more through this intersection. to pinellas county, 49th street 1 45th avenue north southbound lane blockage reported. good news here, is we're just seeing some moderate delays. so a few extra minutes. but no need to do a work around.
8:36 am
it's really going to be close to big bend. but close to mid point as well sun city center. northbound direction at florida 511 is going reporting right lane block. not seeing any delays so we'll take that certainly. >> all right. vanessa, thank you. >> as you know tonight will be a-rod's final game in yankee pin stripes. yankees playing tampa bay rays for a-rod final farewell. but how will history remember him? steinbrenner field. he talked with few baseball fans. what do they think? >> well you know, a lot of fans don't think he should number hall of fame i heard that fox commentator earlier in newscast he likely will not be inducted into hall of fame. and you know, a lot of fans i spoke with agree with that move. whatever the case may be he still will be recognized later on tonight at yankee stadium for an incredible career whether it was because of a performness
8:37 am
his raw talent he played 22 years in all major league baseball he has had again an incredible career. he'll bat clean up tonight. despite going one for 24 with strike outs since hitting his last homerun on july 18th. yankee decided to release a rod after terrible four months his bathing average was pretty much useless in a line up he was below mendoza line under 200. you look at his overall career, a first ballot hall-of-famer an only other layer aaside from hank aaron to amass more than 600 homeruns, 2,000 rbi and 20 runs scored. in his prime alex rod reguess was one of the best baseball players. was it a tough decision for you? it was a tough decision, michael, but the way al
8:38 am
an incredible opportunity for me to continue my relationship with the yankee and steinbrenner family. and i'm a big believer and we share same beliefs about yankee ohs ur prospects and where we will number next four to 5 years. so, so again the next four or five years let's just talk about 2017. still under contract. ten years of that $275 million, $250 million with yankee. he will stay with franchise come 2017. baseball season doesn't end until september. plenty of baseball left he will not be yankee he could sign with someone else. he is 4 homeruns shy of hitting seven 00. it will be interesting to see whether or not he signs with a different ball club there are rumors around the social media right now that the miami marlins are interested. so again, be interesting to see if he does sign. we'll see what happens. i don't think he'll hit seven
8:39 am
point considering his career thus far he's not batting very well at all. back to you guys. all right, alcides, thank you. >> over in rio u.s. wimmer simone emanuel won gold in a 100 meter free style in an incredible twist she and canada penny touch the wall at the same time. tying for first first place and gold new olympic record of 57.20 seconds. i si money set another mark first god medal in swimming for the u.s. swimming legend michael phelps does it again he smash competition in 200 meter medley last night breaking 2100 listen to this, 2100-year-old olympic record along the way. phelps gold medal was 13 individual title in the olympic games. and that breaks the record.
8:40 am
in 164bbc from cool kink too simone biles, crushing the competition to win gold in womening all around gymnastic competition. biles now has two golds, and she could win three more in rio before it's all said and done. teammate aly raisman came in second to win the silver. and dominance by team usa continues in rio look at the numbers here. they top leader board with 38 total medal 16 of which are gold. china, japan, round out the top 5. okay. that's all good news. but it's not all good news in rio. athletes competing sailing events are trying their best to ignore poor water skwault despite abel june competitor getting sick from it appear first olympic competitor to fall ill after sailing in at polluted water. she reported feeling sick after wednesday's races. the poor quality of the bay was at the forefront of build up to
8:41 am
of viruss in water as well bacteria from humid sewage. meanwhile taxi drivers in rehe or plan to protest ride sharing program uber today. organizers say they plan to block off avenues around olympic park to back up traffic. u.s. citizens have been warned about u.s. consulate their commute could impact. uber no strange tore protests taxi drivers all around the world have previously protested against the stay with us when we come back debate still rages this morning over not only the legalization of marijuana, but it's medical benefits as well. and the dallas cowboyed hoped to pay tribute to fallen dallas police officers.
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ary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
8:44 am
it would seem that politician "anthony weiner"... hasn't learned from his mistakes.. the former seeing politician anthony weiner has not learned from all of his
8:45 am
sexting another woman even after being called muth pell times sydney leathers woman he was caught send salacious message too is telling new york post woman who claims to be a current sexting partner reached out to her for advice. she said woman disclosed sleeved she talks to him on facebook and skype a document area was released about political down fall as a result of his with leathers. >> a jen san dust ski expected to testify today in an appeals hear. his lawyers are trying to prove he was wrongly convicted four years of sexually abusing ten boys. expected to testify at length in 3-day hearing. the 72-year-old was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse in 2012. and is serving a 30 to the 60 year sentence. the nfl has denied a request for electric dallas cowboys to wear decal on their helmets.
8:46 am
it would have paid tribute to 5 police officers that were killed there last month. >> players had to be wearing decal since first day of training camp. however, the nfl's strict rules of uniform mean they will not be able to wear them during the regular season. >> the team can keep wearing decals in practice. dallas police say they appreciated the cowboy's support. nice looking decal isn't it? >> yeah. all right despite growing acceptance u.s. drug agency is refusing to budge on stance on marijuana. and a n cannabis will remain list of some most dangerous drugs. one mother disagrees about the dea's decision. and believes that marijuana has saved heifer son's life. fox's dave young has the story. he loves to be touched. 4-year-old ezra kieser wasn't expected to live until his first birthday. born with a severe form of brain disorder he was having up to 500 seizures a day.
8:47 am
dozens of medication including morphine fentanyl, and fine bash toll. didn't matter how much he couldn't go more than an hour without a screaming in pain. >> a he worsened they to put him in medical coma. dose are getting so high we're not comfortable giving him any more unless you agree to sign a dnr. and if he stops breathing we will not put him on life support you'll have to let him die. she took him home for hospice care when friend called. she said, high tment hc oil. well at this point, what's it going oh hurt he's on hospice he gave hey high doses of can business oil after three weeks he woke up and bright eyed. smiling. lungs clear. and he's been fine since. he hasn't had an an attack and no pain in a year. former special education teacher from the south she still amazed marijuana held the key. that was never a thought in my
8:48 am
have it work so miraculously to be able to get all of these other medications out of his system he was basically coma toast most of his life. now starting to xhuth with her son first time she frustrated fda won't recognize marijuana's potential. i think it's absolutely absurd that there no medical benefit i'm no proponent for rescheduling i'm d scheduling. and right now she says she fear that is da ruling will mean big pharmaceutical will and interfere with hers like hers one that benefit it h c oil. 25 states have a conditions ranging from ep leap see to arthritis. new study venus may have an earth-like atmosphere. accorded to nasa scientist planet may have even been able to sustain life in the distant past. and may have been habitable for up to two billion years. things of course are much different on venus now.
8:49 am
there's no water vapor and temperatures reach 864 degrees. that is global warming. it was a quite the show last night in skies. this video from spain. of annual perseid immediate other shower it peaked overnight because meteors appear to come from at constellation. shower sdaz el star gazer with 100 meted others per hour. coming up we're talking about deep fried if that doesn't sound tempting enough, we have charley belcher. hey do charley. look at that. isn't that cute? family and company. i see. yeah it took me a second to see it. i know it did me too. but, an artist. did you see it? i did. you do those you see those things better than most people. i'm talking to laura now, sorry charley, go ahead.
8:50 am
house to home is place where i am. 9:20 mcmullen booth road. and there's 30 different artist taking old stuff making it new. repurposing it. i call artistic recycling. you will meet a couple artists when good day tampa bay continues. because aft in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the
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you don't have to wait for the state fair to get your hands on a you don't have to wait for state fair to get your hands on
8:53 am
local walmart. starting today, deep fried twinkies will be in walmart stores across the country. >> come in two flavors original golden and chocolate. look at those ears perk up. each coming in 200 calories 9 grams of fat. can't possibly be right. hostess created the chocolate version specifically for walmart. being in frozen food aisle. frozen. hostess is recommending baking em served with a d fib on the side. so you're saying florida state fair quite the friend setter >> yes i think so just put a stick. deep fry anything i guess. that's right. we're in clearwater to a place called house to home. really neat concept for a business. it's 30 different artists all under one roof. turning old furniture into
8:54 am
antiques scattered about new accessory and home decor. ken is one artists here we're in her little nook if you will. tell me about what do you do, what's your specialty my business bella vintage. i love to a repurpose items and take old vintage pieces that maybe have seen a lot of wear >> right >> and make them new again. i love how solid and sturdy everything is. furniture made the way it used to be made. absolutely. yes. and hand made a lot of times. and they are just not made like that any more. >> now you also sell the paints that you use to turn this into the shabby cheek that you do. uh-huh called shabby chic paint appear great paint i used it on all my pieces. it's really easy to use if you y'all want to try it. i love this. did you make this or find this? i actually, painted it. and it's reclaimed wood. and, it's a great farm house table.
8:55 am
i like it. sean over there is a bit of mermaid at heart. just a little bit. mermaid crossing. you're inspired by shells and florida style. i think we should be surrounded by things we love. >> yes. i love florida. and so if i take my family to the beach and we collect shells, i will, you know make a jewelry out of them. or, glue them on a box. >> even ones that are not perfect. i like it. see like this mermaid box i took old shell and glued it on that. just displayed. these from honeymoon island a lot of these. so i lot of local things that are made into art. and then how about the furniture too? did you do this? >> yes. now did you find this or make this? i'm a treasure hunter i'm always look thing for treasures. this was just a beautiful piece just a little out dated i gave it few different washes of color. now it's made new you can
8:56 am
great little cabinet. yeah, tea cub cup are those two different pieces in one solid piece. really pretty, isn't it? very nice. all right, thank you mermaid sean. there you go. it is house to home 920 mcmullen booth. give you kind of a perspective. and open until 7 o'clock on many nights except for sunday. until 7 o'clock you want to the explore do a little picking it's a good place to do just that. stick around everybody. mermaid sean and i will swim off to we hope you stick around and introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing
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and good friday morning i'll laura moody. i'm russell rhodes outside right now with mike bennet who in for dave who taking a couple days off. good to see you. nice to be here. that's okay. >> not too good. i mean it a little bit on humid, okay which would you rather have this or monday morning? >> when it was, i don't remember monday. i was out here monday morning. i'll take monday. and you know, i was thinking about this, because we have to be careful what's good and what's bad weather. >> you're right. because you have people that love this. this is why they love there you have people like monday morning i didn't really love monday morning. i'm hard to please. better for a case of the mondays. that's true. more of this to come agency we head throughout day skytower radar view. you can see rain off shore. that stays off. we will see more storms move in a little bit later on toward east coast work their way back across the west coast as we head


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