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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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standard tv and lightning 50 internet for only $94 per month for 12 months! it's a case that continues to have more bizarre this is fox 13 news at noon. it's a case that continues to a more bizarre twists. a 62-year-old mother charged with a manslaughter following at death of her good afternoon i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining me everyone. that pinellas county mother is expected to make a first appearance in court this afternoon. the deputies say her six-year-old son killed his 13 day old sister. the pinellas county sheriff says 62-year-old kathleen steel went into a cell phone store and left those kids inside a car. fox 13s aaron mesmer has more. there still so many questions about this case we wait for kathleen steel's first
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but some of her neighbors are helping us paint a clear picture of some the trouble that may have led up to what happened earlier this week. steel's next door neighbor tells us things seem to really begin unrally after a fire at her home a few weeks ago. that happened days before the 62-year-old gave bitter to her third child also named kathleen. that little baby was just about two weeks old on monday when an according to pinellas county sheriff, the mother went too fi cracked screen. investigators say she left her three kids in half an hour, with the engine off, and windows rolled up. her six-year-old frankie told detectives the baby started screaming and he the six-year-old frankie beat the baby to death. sheriff says steel actually didn't realize her baby was dead and kept running errands. we're told she finally noticed childs condition when she got home later to her house in reddington beach her neighbor is just sickened by what happened. i thought it was a very tragic
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i feel sorry forekathith cat lean i know she probably shouldn't have left the kids in the car unattended. that's probably falls on her for that. i just can't believe frankie would actually you know, harm the baby in the way he did. steel was actually featured in a tlc show about having children late in life. she had her first child in 2009. after her husband died two years later. the doctor used his frozen sperm to help her get pre child protective services actually received calls recently from people concerned about how she cares for the kids. nothing came of that investigation. her other two children are now with department of children and families. and her neighbor says he never saw her mistreat any of these kids. and he really is just absolutely shocked that the six-year-old would have done something like this. more on this later on this evening. in pinellas county aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. and polk county, a father in
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a 3-year-old girl locked in the back seat of their suv. >> lake wales police luckily managed to break one windows and rescue that girl. the girl's father and grandmother claim it was all an accident. but investigators say surveillance video shows them get another child out of the back seat and then look back as they walked away. also developing a search for some burglars caught in the act. home surveillance video caught the men walking through home harbor oak circle on safety harbor. manage good to get in through rear sliding glass door and wound up taking jewelry watches valued at more than $2,000. they think this robbery police think this robbery may be related to another one in clearwater. the thieves took off in green toyota rav4 with an l 490eg. that vehicle was stolen from clearwater last week. if you have any information, call the pinellas county sheriff's office. have you heard about this some scary moments in the sky
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jonathan hunt reports, two dozen people suffering injuries when their plane encountered turbulence. tell me what happened. it was like >> very good a welcome return to a solid ground for passengers traveling on a diverted plane. jet blue flight 429 flying from boston to sacramento thursday night when severe turbulence force it had to land in rapid city, south dakota. those on board describe a frightening experience. we go right into this huge cloud, boom. like flew up and in air the whole plane shuttered storage thing up on top opened up completely a flew out a bunch of people got hurt. bunch of stuff fell down all over them. hurt people's shoulders. 22 passenger and two crew members suffered injuries during the incident. they were taken to a local the plane landed safely and all
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>> flight 429 passengers finally making it to california early friday. it was terror. we just dropped like that without a warning. i'm an emergency room nurse i helped one of the doctors and minor injuries, but big deal for everybody else. it was frightening. a nurse on board, and a physician, at least one physician. maybe two. and they were really good with helping helping the flight attendant. a similar incident happening on board a jet blue flight back in may. 8 people were injured when a puerto rico to orlando flight hit turbulence. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox newsdonald trump finish's another week trying to clarify comments many people found offensive. there are reports top republicans are focussing other races not presidency.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump is beating back rumors that there's any kind of divide between himself and republican national committee chair reigns preeb us who has be a shifting party's finances to a focus down ballot candidates. this comes after a new string of controversial missteps by the nominee which has coincided with his recent drop in the polls. gop operatives that campaign has been an city existential threat to their power. this morning clinton camp released a even republicans which aims to exploit the current division within the gop and ramp up up pressure on donald trump to release tax returns by using the words of high profile republicans to do it. >> the he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate and decades has done, and release his tax returns. >> hilary clinton is off the delivering a major economic address in michigan yesterday. inhich she tried to different
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standi up for working families. >> lowering personal rates, loweringorporate tax rate, spending in ways that will enhance growth, will absolutely help the middle class far, far more than this same old recycle rhetoric that we've heard from hillary clinton and failed policies of the last alth years. today donald trump holds two rallies in pennsylvania, a state that many consider a must win battle ground state for either candidate. in washington, i'm garrett a popular sports bar in st. petersburg has been closed for failing a number of health inspections. on central avenue was shut down a state officials found 30 violation and nine are considered high priority. that includes insects ro dents and other pests found in the kitchen area. the bar was ordered to stay closed until things are cleared up. >> today marks the end of an era. alex rodriguez will play his
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years in majors. a world seriesring, 3m titles and a peormaes fo13lcides segui spoke with people about the legacy and the controversy a-rod leaves behind. the yankee will have pregame ceremony recognizing alex rodriguez's 22 seasons in major leag play with yankee but seattle mariners a well texas rangers. ree they still have to pay some of that money to him come next year. we'll talk about that in a second. let's talk about what's happening today. they will face the rays, he will bat clean up despite going one for 24 since hitting his last homerun back july 18th. yankee decide to release a-rod after terrible four months where his bat became useless in line up. his batting average right now is below 200.
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hall-of-famer in fact only other player in major league player history aside from a hank aaron to amass more 600 homeruns 3,000 hits 2,000 rbi and 2,000 runs scored. it rodriguez one best baseball players of all of mlb for some his career will forever be tainted by the steroid allegations. i think probably some people are genetically gifted. and i think he was. but back to peer pressure, i mean, what you do, you reach a prevalent that either i'm going to compete or i'm not going to compete. and there's your choice. >> a lot of people are going to feel like you think babe ruth or some of the guys in the old days mickey mantle, whatever. what they did willy mays presumably they were clean if they were doing something certainly not as high tech i guess as what's going on today. what happens beyond tonight is anyone's guess. a-rod will be paid the
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contract through end of 2017. and he's agreed to act as an adviser and instructor for yankees come next year. though a-rod says he plans to end his career today he can sign can sign with another team and rodriguez is 4 homeruns shy of 700. outside steinbrenner field, alcides segui, fox 13 news. and you can watch it right here on fox 13. coverage starts at 7 with yankee ceremony for a-rod and first pitch goes out at there's been another accident involving a child on a ride. it's a concern for lot of parents who may be taking their kids to theme parks this weekend. what you need to keep in mind. it felt like the size of a peace of popcorn and it didn't move and it didn't really hurt. >> she put her gloves on to fight breast cancer and a score ad knock out. just before starting chemo. the news the doctor delivered next. plus jim's here checking your weekend forecast.
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it's finally here. we're looking a beautiful start to day plenty of sun, pretty humid out there as well. that east and southeasterly wind means summertime routine just goes on and on. you can see st. pete beach right now just high clouds passing through the area. but we look for big thunderstorms once again as we get into the late afternoon hours. we'll show you skytower radar, we'll talk about the weekend forecast what you can expect
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it's one of the ocean's fastest, fiercest predators. it knows no equal. until now... mako. the tallest, fastest, longest coaster in orlando. for a limited time, get a single day ticket for $69. only at seaworld. it's been five years feel the predator power. since i fought and won a battle with breast cancer. but many women in our community
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and won a battle against breast cancer. many in our communities are still deep in fight. and we want to help fox 13 is proud sponsor making strides against breast cancer. today and next week we'll showing you how you can get involved and why that so important. today meet a local woman who put her gloves up in preparation of very long fight when the unexpected happened. the experience is lesson for us all. easy. oh, yeah put it up against the fort, that's good plan. she's putting on her gloves to fight breast cancer. she has the eye the tiger as she prepares for the long rounds of cancer treatment. her bout began when she discovered a lump in her breast. i it felt like at size of piece of popcorn here i had no sensation in it and it didn't move and didn't really hurt. but double mastectomy to remove
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under my skin. surgery didn't knock amy out. but she feared the next round, 20 weeks of chemotherapy would. i just wanted to get it over so it can end. instead of being defeated by the thought of chemo and nasty side effects, amy decided to face her challenge head-on. take first punches so to speak. >> cancer, all of sudden runs your whole life. i decided that one thing it wasn't going to run was my hair. young cancer survivor shave her hair off. we're watching amy get her hair cut. she made barf buckets look beautiful. today is day one of chemo. holy cow. that's scary. she created a video blog. >> i'll sitting there for about five hours. so fingers crossed. before that bell could ring on amy's first round of chemo, none expected a time out issued by her daughter.
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it's so awesome. i was lucky enough to be with amy when she got the great news. test results just in, showed her type of cancer wouldn't respond to chemo. so she wouldn't be getting any. >> the lesson amy can now share with others sometimes you will prepare for a fight, you never have to face and winning may be simply putting up your gloves just in case. now you may be confused if this good thing or bat thing her type cancer not responding to chemotherapy. for amy who cancer was removed by surgery she says it's great. also taking an oral drug to prevent a recurrence. if you'd like more information on amy's journey head over to my facebook page look for fox 13 linda hurtado and like the page. i'll also post a link to amy's video blog. and feud like to get involved with american cancer society they are holding kick off parties to show you how you can take part in their walks in
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more survivors like amy. in pinellas august 18th at the birch wood a 6 in hillsborough at the straz center august 18th at 6:00 p.m. i'll have all of that information you need on my facebook page and on shop emergencies pull back in july after a 3-month shopping spree. fox's lauren simonetti has that and more in midday market report. consumers held on to there wallets? yul bright spots were car sales and online sales. auto sales actually rose last month. the strongest results since april. and amazon and some other internet retailers did see a sales gain of more than 1 percent. in fact amazon successful prime day was included in the july results. but jc penney reporting a quarterly loss of $56 million. that actually surpassed wall street expectations while the store's revenue did not. a different story a nordstrom
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earning better than expected. nordstrom earned $117 million in quarter of a tweaking inventory and having a ptaniversary sale. and the deep fried twinge key jumping from the state fair to home freezer. hostess brands is launching packaged deep fried twinge keys cream filled snack collaboration again hostess and walmart. both companies looking to spark food sales with innovative products. for more log on to inspect new york i'm lauren simonetti. sky was with activity overnight a perseid meteor show peaked. percent perseid. yes. this is from spain, but meteors could be seen here as well. scientist calling this outburst with up to 200 meters per hour and last time this happened was back in 2009. pretty cool stuff. my kid is fascinated with
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nice when weather cooperated and we can see it we've had problem overnight we had storms rolling through the area. so a lot of cloudy skies, you know basically tonight pretty much last night of it, so looks like again, probably going to dealing with some kind of left over debris cloud from, some of the late day showers and thunderstorms. let's go ahead and talk about weather headlines. because we're back into our summertime routine where we've got that southeasterly flow. that means morning sun, afternoon showers and thunderstorms day evening hours. and they all kind of work their way from the east towards the west. and that pattern looks like it will continue. not only today and through the weekend, but through next week as well. which is good news. hopes to really help plan out those afternoons where you know those storms are going to come late in the day. now visible satellite loop you can see plenty of sun first part of the day. and you kind of watch clouds lining up.
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helping to bring more moisture across the state. then that heats up collides with afternoon sea breeze which you can see in a few spots. is already starting to develop. so that will help to produce those bigger thunderstorms, mainly east of i-75. first. and then they kind of work their way back towards the coastline after about 6 o'clock in the evening. you can see not much going on on skytower radar right now. couple showers into gulf of mexico. if you look real closely see a couple of showers down towards hardee and de soto county, and the couple other little state. it's going to take some time for everything to get going for today. that means vast majority of the day still dry. and rain chances they start to increase some time say after about 3 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. 86 degrees out right now dew point up there 76. making humidity at 72 percent. temperatures running already in the mid to upper 80s. and some cases, seeing some 90s. you combine that with humidity, you can see that heat index already into the triple digits
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that's that area of low pressure. and from last weekend, first part of the week, yeah it's still there. still lowly working its way towards the west. not going to affect us, we've got that good east and southeasterly flow over the state. that means a good dose of the showers and thunderstorms each and every afternoon. as we head through the weekend. and first part of next week. we look for storms later on today, before that though, we will see daytime high about 91 degrees. then for tonight, storms will slowly wind down overnight low of 76. again for tomorrow, sun in morning look for some storms during late afternoon, maybe a little butt lower of a chance for tomorrow. as a little dry air sneaks its way over the state. low tide comes up at 5:21 this evening. you can see extended rain forecast showing primarily east or southeasterly wind. right near coastline. seven-day forecast keeps that rain chance at about 50 percent for today.
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bouncing back and forth. but that 40 to 50 percent pretty much all the way through next week. linda. thanks, jim it's an algae that can fatal for kids and grown ups. >> i get super itchy. my throat swells up so i can't breathe. ahead a possible break through for people with peanut allergies
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peanut allergies can be a big problem for both children and adults. for some, e peanut allergies can a big problem for both children and adults. for some even tiny exposures can cause life threatening reactions. but now a new study at the university of south florida is hoping to make life just a little easier for even the most difficult patients. or dr. jo has this story. 16-year-old seth jones is getting a physical exam. >> if you just lay down for me. while he's perfectly healthy,
12:25 pm
battling since infancy. a severe allergy to peanuts. >> i get super itchy. my throat swells up so i can't breathe. staying away from at popular pb & j or even cedared shells a sporting events has been keeping him safe. if people are eating it around me i get nervous. my my friends know not to eat it, but, if kids eat in class than i just move. today mixed in cola fla drink seth is getting ready to avoiding all his life. tiny measured doses of peanut flour. with this stick trial we're just trying to get a therapy that would desensitize patients. and while most people go to their doctor's office to get desensitizing shots for allergens like trees and dogs, for peanuts it's instead given by mouth every day at home.
12:26 pm
called an up dosing. see starts at very, very low dose. takes that every day for two weeks. the up dosing continues over one year until patients tolerate a 300 milligram dose. 300 milligrams of peanut flour is essentially one peanut kernel. so not like this therapy is such that you could go to ball game and chow down on bag of peanuts. but most of the people t problems are from accidental exposures. seth's scariest reaction happened accidently when sharing candy with his brother. >> he ate a reese's and then he licked a lollipop and gave it to me. my lips swelled up huge. he now hopes this treatment will help him achieve peace of mind one spoonful at a time. >> for the fox medical team i'm dr. joette giovinco
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four and 55. enrollment time may be limited. if you're interested we have a ling on our website. it started out any other ordinary day for a sailor and a nurse. i was just driving to work just like any other monday. >> but the ordinary quickly turned into the extraordinary rescue effort. how they worked together to save a life. i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do. and if i would have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house.
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we
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a return to common sense. for the ??third time this week, there's been an accident involving a child at an amusement park. for the third time this week there has been an accident involving a child an amusement park. latest incident came yesterday when 3-year-old boy fell off a rool roller coast area memorial service will be a killed on kansas water slide. we have our fair share of amusement parks here in florida.
12:30 pm
there are some things that parents do need to keep in mind when it comes to amusement park safety. >> more than 100 million people visit florida every year. and amusement parks are major economic driver. with recent events unfolding outside of the state, amusement parks are on minds of lot of people especially parents and issue of safety when it comes to children. >> so here are the accidents that we're talking about most recently. there was roller coaster accident thursday. a 3-year-old boy fell out wooden roller coaster idlewild and soak zone amusement park. the incident is still under investigation. in kansas city, kansas, a ten-year-old fifth grader died in an accident on world tallest water slide and the theme park there. and in tennessee, a few days ago, three children fell from a ferris wheel a county fair. six-year-old girl remains hospitalized with a brain injury. a 16-year-old girl is still in
12:31 pm
injuries. the nonprofit group safer provided following ride safety tips for parents. this is useful information no matter if you're park in florida or amusement park somewhere else in country. parents are an important line of defense in avoiding accidents. your safety depends on your own behavior. according to at group, if you're riding with at child, be prepared to physically restrain small children. they can slip underneath a loose fitting lap bar or belt. if your child is riding without an adult physically and he mowingsally able to keep their body properly positioned for the entire cycle of the ride. make sure the child's hands and feet stay on the ride at all times don't rearrange seating plan during the ride cycle. if one child doesn't want to sit to another child they don't want another child touching them, make sure once you're in your seats you stay there. read and follow all the rules and restrictions, use all of the
12:32 pm
with riding with your hands in air can risky for children than teens and adults. sometimes because they have smaller bodies they are more likely to slide even on full size rides the smaller children, they aren't allowed on board but so short that they cannot reach bracing points on floor that help riders keep themselves safely positioned. these are just some tips that are available to make sure that your experience when you travel to an amusement park is a positive one. reporting here in tampa, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. thank you, shayla. a warning has issued issued for u.s. traveler heading to thailand tarted popular tourist destinations four people have been killed dozens hurt including ten foreigner explosions went off late yesterday and early this mornin in at least four hours of thailand including popular beach city and believes the bottoms were set off opponent ruling military government. officials continue to search for several missingeople after a
12:33 pm
late wednesdayightesidts said they smelled gas right before a loud xplosion and fire part of that building to ll killed. 30 others hurt and officials say betwee5 and seven people, they are still around working explosion. however last month police were called out to a possible gas leak.rc robber after t clerk as flori station. fox's has the violent video police need your help tracking down men behind this brutal assault in florida city gas station. oh my god. oh, no camera. waidtc shirt swings a counter. he connects a couple times during the. wow, t one of the assailants, o ster and flee all went down to
12:34 pm
suspects walking in saturday afternoon. you can see one carrying a bat as they turned at corner. swinging. pretty that maybe one violent things i've seen in long time. scuffle continues a one goes after robber as he runs. other employee holds him for second before he breaks free. that's crazy. >> they were running why would they do that? after attack the crooks came out got into a that way. police saying they are capable of anything which why so important they catch these guys. it shows they are desperate. a desperate person does things without thinking. so again we don't want that type of element in streets we want to put them behind bars where they belong. that was walter morris reporting. a massachusetts driver is hurt after police say he deliberately parked his truck on the tracks as a train was approaching. >> the train slammed into the truck and 29 miles per hour all while that driver was still inside.
12:35 pm
the driver has been identified as 76-year-old robert thompson. he's a former firefighter. a sailor in and nurse in california went above and beyond. teamed up to stop a man from jumping off a bridge. fox's salvador rivera has the heroic tale. just driving to work just like any other monday. i noticed a pick up truck slowing down. and pulling over to the right side. coronado bridge hoping to lend a hand. i pulled over i was going to get a car trouble something like that. he says it turned out to be an 82-year-old man who wanted to end his life. >> i jumped out of my car ran over to him, and i grabbed his arm and asked him what he was doing. and he told me that, he kept a man from jumping over the side. and tried to get help. i didn't have my phone on me or anything. i just had good grasp on his
12:36 pm
lindsay went by. noticed the officer waving his hands shouting instructions to on coming traffic to call the police and that he needed help. that's when i pulled over. she was on her way to work a sharp coronado. wasn't sure what is was going on. i wasn't sure if it was a medical emergency or what. lindsay was able to a talk to the individual and kind of calm him more than i obviously would have at that point. >> i have to give nick the credit for this one. you know, this young man made so many important decisions without hesitation that ultimately resulted in this outcome. he was clearly in crisis. and clearly needed help and i just hope the net result of this situation that is he gets the help that he needs. that was salvador rivera.
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a spot in bay area offering one of a kind items for your home. and if you feel like you might take in a movie this weekend we'll check out what's new in
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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there's a little bit of everything for folks going to the movies this weekend. fox's jonathan hunt takes a look. there's a little bit of everything for folks ghost to movers this week. jonathan hunt takes a look. >> have you ever seen a dragon? reimagining of the 1977 classic pete's dragon heads to theaters this week with pg story of an orphan named elliot and his fire breathing friend.
12:40 pm
dallas howard add star power with monday's special effects putting a new take at the dragon at the heart of it all. >> on other side of movie going spectrum is one just for the grown ups. a seth rogen evan goldberg jonah hill and more put their minds together to come up with sauce annualing party. an "r" rated comedy about food learning truth about what happens when it leaves the listen for famous voices in this one including kristen wiig, michael sara, james franco and paul rudd. three time oscar winner meryl streep delivers her latest bio pick as florence fauxeser jen kens 19 area socialite whose dreaming singer overwhelms her lack of talent. she makes it all the way to carnegie hall with those around
12:41 pm
truth. accompanying streep out piano is big bang theory simon plus hugh grant in the role of her husband. there's also the current number one movie at the box office suicide squad. giving the super villains their time in the spotlight. >> let's save the world. in hollywood jonathan hunt, fox news. here's a live look outside right now. looks pretty meteorologist jim weber will
12:42 pm
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hey everybody i'm charley belchering for from clearwater kinded an across ruth eckerd hall place called house to home. thirlt different artist what was ones old and a throwing a little
12:44 pm
or giving new life. you find antiques here and new accessories, guy is one artist as house to home. how did you get into this first of all? doing this sort of functional art. >> my oldest daughter. i was living on the space coast side my daughter said this really hot. yeah. so i came over she showed me a few pieces here and there. again, this area, within a 50 mile radius just great for this kind of art work. >> yeah to get into this can you show me how to do these things. i picked up from other techniques doing other hoppies like working on cars and sfuf i just brought it to working with wood. >> and again, you just have to sort of feed and feel off the environment. and just know what's hot.
12:45 pm
chick has be a. trend. bye followed doors you go with coastal color with shabby chic and an other trend places and reclaimed pieces. this came from a table. wood. pallet wood. again. just your own little spin to it you can adjust it. twakt exactly. make it to however they want it, again, other people you just, you know, nice wine rack. listen to what the people are looking for and you just, you know start filling the market with items. again, this repurposed wood and reclaimed. good solid. the way it was meant to be made. >> yes. it may have shabby chic look to but built to last literally. you built this, you just refurbished it you built from scratch. a lot of it, just, you just have to look at it and see what you can do. this was a discarded piece. and then everything was just built from by fold doors and reclaimed wood just to
12:46 pm
but this, this is really interesting. this is your, it's a beach house >> yes, sir for your pet. you can't forget the other family members. everybody, you know has their little niche. and this is for animals in the house. does this come off? yes, sir you can get in put a dog bed but using, repurposes or recycled wood, right? exactly discarded wood here and there. local businesses that have plenty of residue, and again, you just pick it and something from it. this is my little touch trying to give it the little grass roof. and as well as again, the repurposed by fold doors. i like it good stuff you can explore through nooks and crannies like i said 30 different artists creating this functional furniture from what was once old end of something brand new. they are open until 7 o'clock. 10:30 to seven monday through saturday. even after work come through
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4. house to home, come check them out. charley belcher, fox 13 news. it wanls even close from michael phelps fourth gold made up. that makes 22 for the greatest olympic athlete ever. he he has two moreses to go with 100 star wars trailer made its debut last night it has everyone talking. >> the captain says you're a friend. nice. thanks. rogue one is prequell to original star wars a mission to steal plans for death star. last night fans got glimpse new spaceship called you win. also a very brief glimpse of darth vader.
12:48 pm
i know that had a lot of people talking. >> you a star wars fan? yeah. it was pretty cool. you know one of the things we were noticing some landscape, me and my wife were talking about we saw that, are they supposed to be on earth or something you can see palm trees and stuff. very cool. i missed it. now you've got me intrigued. yeah. so wondering where exactly is this all taking place. and it did its job. exactly. weep talking about it until december i'm sure. and points after. but you know what, we're looking another beautiful looking day today. lo back to that more typical summertime pattern where we get the sun in morning and then we look for the storms during the afternoon. there you can see just some of those clouds, just starting to build way off in the distance there. but really light winds so you look at the water almost looks like glass. so nice start to the day. nice afternoon under way. skytower radar not showing a whole lot a couple showers out into the gulf of mexico. as you look down to our south, down into hardee, de soto,
12:49 pm
showers developing. they will continue to work their way to the west and to northwest. eventually see, 4, 5, 6 o'clock this afternoon, really starts to meet up with that afternoon sea breeze. that's when we see bigger thunderstorms. start primarily at least first, east of i-75. and then work their way towards the west coast. there's couple other showers west of i 95 over on the other side of the state. but outside right now we're at 86 degrees. brandon, plant city at 9 westchase has an 89. clearwater 87 degrees. pinellas park, currently sits at 91 degrees. brooksville 87. dade city 89 degrees. back in weeki wachee, sitting at 90 degrees. down to our south, 90 for a bradenton. lakewood ranch you're at 92 degrees. and sarasota, currently at 89. and same story, as you work your way throughout our interior counties, either in upper 80s or low 90s, but you'll at least be cooled down a little bit sooner
12:50 pm
showers. and the heat index already triple digits. feels like nuks degrees outside. brandon current heat index 98. 105 down in bradenton. plenty of heat humidity. you look across the state through see mret pretty go flow east southeasterly wind. remember this low here, that's one that basically ruined our weekend last weekend with all cloud skies and showers especially to our north. that moved far enough away from us we're look good weekend for this weekend. so, a little pay back for us we will see plenty sun during morning hours look for storms late in afternoonrain chance a little bit lower for tomorrow. and then comes back up as we head into sunday. watch, all kind of play out on future cast. for today. we're looking for those late day showers and thunderstorms. after the sun goes down tend to work their way off the coastline. that area of low pressure, that
12:51 pm
away from us. eventually, going to merge with cold front back across the midwest. lot of that moisture just sliding up that front, again for tomorrow, morning sun and storms developing during late afternoon hours and that basically that same pattern sticks around into sunday. not only the weekend but really through most of next week. best chance of rain will be a right along i-75 corridor later on this afternoon. once you get into the late evening hours, or at least the evening we're loo storms working there way toward coastline 40 to the 50 percent chance of showers for today. late day showers and thunderstorms before that, daytime high of 91 degrees. then for tonight, storms wind down, we'll see clearing skies through the overnight hours. low temperature of 76. again for tomorrow, hot, humid, no surprise there. scattered showers during the late day hours. daytime high about 92 degrees. low tide comes up a 5:21 this evening. you can see, marine forecast through the weekend showing
12:52 pm
first part of the day, and then you look for that afternoon sea breeze, seas running about two to three feet. seven-day forecast, we will keep that rain chance about 50 percent for today. remember that's late in the day. so vast majority of day will primarily dry. we keep that same idea heading all the way through the weekend and into the first part of next week, linda. thanks, much, jim. when we come back an artist with
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lights. access. rio. >> he wants to beat me. i want to beat him. >> it's every man for themselves. >> phelps versus lock at the comes to its epic conclusion tonight. i'm natalie morales. there's another friendly rivalry going head to head. tell me about the rivalry. >> did i win? >> ho you did know you didn't win? >> cycling gold part of armstrong's journey. >> he said, mama, why are you crying? didn't you win the bike race? >> no wonder. >> takes more than rain and gale-force winds to get in the way of our olympic fishing reunion. i'm billy bush and my pal johnny weir just upped the ante all the way.


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