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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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that was quite a moment i will never forget. my mom is here and daughters are here. the fans, i can't say enough. it was overwhelming. >> they were on l feet chanting your name every at bat. what was it like that one last time? >> it was overwhelming. i disappointed a lot of people and it feels good. >> your emotions right no double. are you disappointed, relieved, happy, sad? >> i'm relieved and i'm happy. we end today winning three -- end it winning three in a row. the ceremony before the game was incredible. any time i get to share moments with my mother and two daughters it is incredible. >> how odd to leave this team in the middle of a pennant race. >> it's getting fun now.
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still part of the organization and will be watching. tonight was about the fans. and to see a stadium packed like this. it's been a while and it has been a lot of fun. >> after what happened tonight, after everything in this stadium, you imagine yourself wearing another uniform? >> right now is all about tonight. these pin stripes are the best. >> alex, thank you. congratulations. >> it was great the night. started off with thunderstorms during the ceremony and rbi double and the rodriguez family here. the yankees win tonight 6-3 over the rays. this night was about alex rodriguez. we have seen him as a mariner, started off as an 18-year-old and continueed with texas with the biggest deal this game has seen. and then the pin stripes in '04, a world series in '09.
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the, alex rodriguez his final game of his yankees career and maybe his major league career. you witnessed it tonight. it was a fun one from the bronx.
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>> he was the kind of guy, as soon as you walked in the bar you more or less felt his presence there. >> a well-known st. pete bar manager kled by a garbage truck. what his friends and coworkers are saying tonight. >> it's like a ghost house. >> what the county is saying about the safety of that neighborhood. >> and a 62-year-ol2 woman is ol after being charged in the death of her infant daughter. the implications of this and her choice to have a daughter so late in life. >> everyone on a friday evening,
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you for staying us with us so late after the game. new on fox, dustin ma mastry did this morning after being run over by a garbage truck in front of his home. >> the sign on the door reading "we grieve the loss of one of our own. rest >> justin wag was the kind of gs soon as you walked in the door you felt his presence there. >> he was killed in what appeared to be a freak accident. a garbage truck driver was backing up and didn't see him crossing the road. the huge truck backed over the
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>> he was known for being laid back and his time outside of walk was often spent out fishing or skateboarding. >> this is really hard on my son. >> you were his family, his friend? he would do absolutely anything for you. >> 37-year-old chester tunsil was behind the wheel of garbage truck, a friend says he is devastated over this accident. >> you friend like him, you havt have a is a con vacuum when he . >> and a 50-foot sinkhole has neighbors fearing that another
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county was alerted people living within 100 feet of the hole tha. >> this sinkhole was 50 feet wide at some point. crews used this pile of sand to fill it but neighbors say they are still nervous. >> skyfox best shows the damage caused by a sinkhole in hudson. county officials say the depression can only partially be seen, the biggest par the foundation of the home. >> it's giving me the heebie-jeebie. >> and michelle says what worries her the most is this is not the first time the hole has opened up. it happened before and was repaired and now it's back epi, revealing a large gab between the foundation and the ground
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homeowners to take precautions. >> we tell them there is a valid sinkhole near you and we recommend you stay somewhere else until it's repaired and it's deemed safe for you to come back in. >> but up to now no one has had to evacuate. a engineering crew spent hours filling the hole and then will be inspected by the county. but the take-away is one. in pasco county, sinkholes like other acts of nature can pop up anywhere. >> you can't predict sinkholes. you can say an area is prone to them, just like in the central part of florida we are prone to tornadoes but you can't predict them. >> the homeowners were not inside the home when the hole opened up. the heavy rains recently have also n not helped and added to e
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lambert, with fox 13 news. >> and puerto rico has confirmed more than 1900 new cases of zika in the past week bringing the total to more than 10,000 including more than 1,000 pregnant women. as you know zika has been tied to severe birth defects and several people have also been linked to a paralysis with the virus. >> a mother is charged with manabsoluter in the death of her 13-day-old baby girl. her 6-year-old son ba beat the y to death when she left them all alone inside her car.
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the doors behind me. her lawyer along with the sherriff's office has made arrangements to have her taken into protective custody saying her case was brought on enough contrcontroversy that they are concerned for her safety. >> you are charged with aggravated manslaughter. >> she was able to meet the bond set by the tragic situation and i never saw any evidence of child abuse or anything. >> the neighbor would barely stomach the news that 6-year-old frankie beat his 13-day-old sister to death. >> i just can't believe that he would actually harm the baby. >> outside the horrific death, what has people shaking their
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62-year-old was allowed to have all of her young children through invitro fertilization using her dead husband's sperm. >> i have never had anyone over 60 come in for this. >> and under the guidelines there is no hard cut-off for women to be denied the procedure. >> using their 50's should be discouraged when someone soaf is over the af 55. >> typically doctors require a psychological exam to make sure a woman is ready to be a mom but doctors must also consider the ethical risks. >> if you look at the tables i think there is a one in five chance that a 55-year-old delivering a baby is not going be around when that child
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>> steele was 55 when she had her first son and talked about the experience on a reality show, even says she wasn't done having kids. it is unclear if steele has received any threats against her life, but she is going to be required to wear a gps ankle monitor and have no contact with anyone under the age of 18 including her own children. crystal clark for fox 13 news. >> one of the most shocking st this one is not very good news for this ma'am. man. he called in a fake report of a bomb. >> and detectives talk about who he tried to put the blame on for the crime. >> and it looks like a classic summer exen exen exen weekend f. we'll talk about the afternoon
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] >> a hernando county man was arrested for alleged by making a
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trying to frame someone else for it. he called a winn-dixie and reported a bomb that was going to explode, there was no such thing but the store didn't have caller i.d. and it took months to find out that he use ad woman's known phone number thate spoofed. he had tried to make her look guilty. >> and there is a new program to try to reduce the dependency on drugs and sarasota deputies are hoping to help inmates ajiksed d to h heroin. >> what we are really trying to avoid is the resulting death that occurs because of their
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soon. inmates have to agree in drug court that they want the help and then they have to go to counseling while being prescribed that shot of vif vif patrol. vivitrol. >> and lakeland p.d. just tweet ad new photo, people all over the country eerkde'sstory and he maybe gettt treats and gifts. >> it's terrible that he was stabbed but it's paying off. he is a celebrity. >> and probably treats for days. >> and a lot of girlfriends, too, they like that. a new cell phone app is being
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easier for international travel fs.


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