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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:32pm EDT

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i've went through in my life >> that is the probably the scariest thing i've had to do in my life. >> running for their lives. shoppers at a north carolina mall run, after hearing gun shots. police still questioning what happened. >> i wouldn't go too close to him. >> a central florida woman is fighting to keep her hand, 24 hours after a gator bit her. >> i think he's the cutest thing ever.
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>> and i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us tonight. chaos erupts inside a north carolina mall after shoppers heard gun fire. tonight the crabtree valley mall in raleigh north carolina is closed indefnts. as indefinitely. investigators are not sure what happened. police were called at 2:30 after reports of shooting. at a press conference today, raleigh's police chief says they are still investigating all possibilities. they found no shell casings. but witnesses say they heard gun shots after two men started
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>> i walked out of the cell phone accessory store and you heard five or six shots go off. i had my wife and my son, two months old, we started running out and heard a few more shots, we were probably ten, 15 feet away from the shooter and it was probably one of the scariest things i'd ever been involved in in my life. >> no word yet on whether t >> they think it's a robbery. it's not a robbery. we want justice! >> we're getting new video out of new york city out of protests following the deadly shooting of two muslim leaders. the 55-year-old imam and his associate were shot at the back of their heads as they left a mosque in queens. police say they don't have a motive and they don't think
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many in the community. so far no arrests have been made. >> new at 11:00, two divers are lucky to be alive after they were unable to locate their boat off enclote key. an officer tells us the quick rescue was made possible since the divers carried the proper safety gear. >> during the storms this afternoon they got a few wire kayakers taking sherl shelter the ga nrvegdy, after the weather passes. >> vectors say driver was behind the wheel during a deadly early morning crash.
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f-150 were seriously injured including the driver edgar ramirez chavez. they believe alcohol was involved in the crash. >> after an alligator nearly took off her hand, at a fish camp in broward county, ann kuhl has more on a trip that took a horrible turn over a dropped soda pop can. >> a six and a half foot long alligator bid katherine sexton,
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everglades. she had been rushed to broward health north rushed in serious condition. >> she suffered almost a full amputation of the right hand. >> it was ann keel reporting. officials say they found that six and a half foot alligator shortly after the attack. >> after years of controversy ybor is back in business. the pool originally built in 1937 was closed in 2007. a fierce debate raged, even when a city councilman vowed to vote against the budget unless the pool was repaired.
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officially opened this morning. >> these kids in some of our tougher neighborhoods will be seduced by the streets and the gangs if they're not given right opportunity to be in safe environments under supervision of the adults who care about them. >> the pool will be able to stay open year round, and offer affordable swim lesso children six months and up. >> looks beautiful. >> a dream delivery for a teen with cancer. all she wanted was a puppy and she got her wish at tampa international. >> evan lambert explains. >> lacey dets wish was granted. they made it all happen in just a matter of months. take a look as casper the
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the first time. she was diagnosed with lymphoma last year prospect she likes the american eskimo in particular and wanted a puppy. casper ended up being a perfect fit for dedeets. >> i thought he was the cutest cotten ball the children's dream fund worked so lard for me to have him. i'm just really excited to have him. >> and deets hopes to bring casper with her to college in a few years. back to you. >> what a cute pup. >> lacey is obviously ready to have a new friend. >> the rain keeps falling in louisiana,. >> as the state prepares for more rain and flooding. a look at the rescue efforts
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best friends. jim weber, how is it looking on skytower? >> pretty quiet. a few showers and thunderstorms around the area but for august pretty quiet and pretty much the rain has wrapped up.
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>> three, two, one, zero. >> nasa's shuttle program turns 40 years old this year. the first shuttle, enterprise, rolled out in 1976. while enterprise never made it to space it did play a vital roll roalt after accident. >> enterprise was called back into fs, parts of it were used in testing kind of like a detective story, to see whad happened engineering wise in the accident. >> even though the program is grounded nasa's latest endeavor goes on.
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orbiting jupiter. >> this is the second time this year that spacex plans to launch a communications satellite on bap of japan's jsat program. think have a two hour launch window, in order to successfully launch this rocket. something pretty cool about this launch is that after it, they plan to land the rocket itself on a plaor atlantic ocean in order to recover it for future mission use. if they can manage that, that is something that is going to save spacex a lot of money in future missions. some space enthusiasts decide to brave the brutal mosquitos out here to get a prime view of the watch. >> i know the garage door openers and the velcro and the phones and the communication that came from the development of the space program.
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pull out their clairts and say you see what you have here? this is because of the space race. when they say why do we do that? who cares if we go to the moon, you want to give up all that? your garage door opener? >> this jsat information satellite will bring data and video communications throughout japan and the asia pacific region. for the program, to reiterate this is going to be a success for the i rocket successfully landed back on this atlantic ocean platform following launch. we're going to have to wait and see, in cape canaveral, matt t treza, fox news. >> a man used an inflatable bed to transfer all his pups to
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thousands affected by the severe weather there. the flooding has reached record levels in some parts of the state. >> this is certainly not over. the rain continues to fall. it continues to fall in the areas that have been most impacted already. >> much of southwest louisiana remains under a flash flood watch until sunday. >> that's with all the people in louisiana hopefully they get some relief coming in soon. what do you think jim? rain there. then that low would slowly move away and things will slowly improve for them so obviously, things are probably going to get a bit worse over the next day or so. but for us it was actually a pretty quiet day today, we didn't have much rain around, showers and thunderstorms, but much of that has come to an end. we'll continue to see a better chance of showers and
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of an inch of rain. down to our south, worked their way north. bradenton, about 2 to 3/10 of an inch of rain. mcdill air force picked up 3/10, safety harbor, oldsmar area, odessa, 6/10 of an inch of rain. but for that much, seeing these isolated areas. reason why, we did have the east, southeasterly winds over the state so that was in place but in the upper levels of the atmosphere, we had the upper level low that was spinning by, and dry air moved over the state. this low will continue to work its way to the west. as it does so it's going to pull this which is more moisture over the state. so we are below normal for the
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right back up tomorrow. we will have the morning sun around but as we get into the afternoon, we get the heating, showers and thunderstorms developing to the south and east and popular right across the state. outside right now because we just didn't have much rain around, 82?, very steamy night, dew point's at 72, humidity at 70%. winds out of the east at 5, bradenton and sarasota boat at 77, clearwater, still a muggy 83?. there's that area low pressure still causing the heavy rains across portions of louisiana. this is going to slowly work its way onto the west as we make our way through the next day, day and a half, then the rain should come to an end. look in this area, basically the bull's eye and in some cases they have had 20 o25 inches of
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to fall. overnight low of 77, then for tomorrow morning, afternoon storms, daytime high of 72, daytime high of 91?, winds out of the south ten knots, high tide comes up at 1:43 in the morning. 40% chance of rain for the rest >> childhood dreams to life, a massive backyard swing, the video that will make you want video that will make you want one of in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington -
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it's not just august 13th around tampa bay. it's >> today is a special day, not just august 13th around tampa bay, it's 8-1-3 day. a day to celebrate what makes our homes so great. social media sports teams restaurants pretty lucky to live here hmm? >> city of tampa in the background. there's spidey bolts. >> i like that. what's constituter than a lion cub? how about three of them.
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coli seta and sunika. >> sounds good to me. >> the park says they're healthy, boisterous and developing well. >> give me some attention, hey mom! >> they're alt cute until they get big. >> look at mom. don't want to mess with mom. >> standing her ground. also the u.k, a plan invent whread may be the coolest what may be the coolest and scariest swings possible. colin first swings back up to get more power, he's going to make it 360? upside down, pinching his knees for the little extra grip.
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>> sure. >> just don't let go. >> you have to have strong legs. wow, i don't think that's going to be in the theme park any time soon. >> not in anybody's backyard, maybe his. the things people come up with. >> his neighbors are peeking out their which windows. >> after getting off to a
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call it a mental ? ? ? >> call it mental toughness for the day. the bucs were back at camp in pads for saturday. for the offense they finally got the better of the bucs goal line defense this afternoon. bucs had dirk cutter looking forward to this week in jacksonville. toe-tapper right there for the touchdown. bucs finally gets on the board against the first team d. earlier in the week they went 0 for 9.
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legs back after a tough turn around in philly. >> it's rough on the guys. we got back 2:30 in the morning. they are sore, first time playing live, just because we played one game this is still training camp. >> the yankees celebrate their 1996 world series title. all the guys coming back for this one. including wade and matt andrees, he parked one. very first time up. next one up, earn 8 judge making his debut also, he gets into andrees pitch. first time ever that two players in their first major league at-bats hit back to back home runs. brad miller he has been crushing
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the rays stay the lead. long balls, all the scoring today, after sterling castro ties it, aaron hicks there, andrees 8 ks, but it's miller time again. solo shots, not enough runs, rays down 6-4. balls kept flying out of the stadium. d.d. gregorius. they lost three straight, guys. >> all right kevin thanks very much. for more news follow us on twitter, or on >> have a great night.
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