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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now at >> right now at 6:00 a pinellas county music teacher and they are boyfriend are fighting for their lives. what police think about the driver that crashed into them. >> plus training pays off for an off duty detention officer and his son. boy's life. >> a horrible set back for the really positive efforts that have been going on in this community. >> wisconsin's governor condemns a night of violence against police, after a shooting in milwaukee, what we are learning about that deadly confrontation. >> from tampa bay's number 1 news station. 6:00 fox 13 news.
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>> i'm haley hinds. fest a drurk driver plowed into their car early this morning in pinellas park. we're learning the school employee taught music at several schools in the community. evan lambert, any update in the couple's condition? >> haley, i spoke with the pinellas park police department about a hour and a half ago. they remain in condition. take a look. this is a picture of sign, who is 34. according to the school's web site she's a music teacher at john sexton elementary. but she has taught at other schools around the county, and take a look at the scene from the early morning crash that put the couple in the hospital. bryce mccloud of st. pete was
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and smashed into sign's toyota camry. her 36-year-old boyfriend sean hankins, was with her and both were taken to the hospital. mccloud refused to take a breath test but, was arrested, obvious signs he was drunk. he is being held on $20,000 bond. i'm working more to find out more at 10:00 haley. >> thanks evan. >> a day of fun at the splash park nearly ended in tragedy. a three-year-old was found unconscious at the pool. thanks oa hillsborough den tension officer, that boy is safe. kellie cowan spoken to the man
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park took a serious turn on saturday. >> i happened to be swimming with my son in my arms and i heard a lady screaming in front of me. when i saw her, she had an arm from what looked to be a child. >> off duty hillsborough detention deputy habib hanzi happened to be at the water park and when he heard the screams for help he quickly sprang to action. >> i immediately a stranger. >> hanzi handed his son to a stranger and quickly sprang to action. >> he had foam coming out of his mouth and at that moment, i had to react quickly. i had to take action. >> the deputy began cpr. >> i was hoping for him to open
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back to me. once i had a pulse i was so relieved, i had some tears coming out of my eyes after. >> honzi saved the little boy who is expected to make a full recovery. despite the heroic rescue, this deputy says he was in the right place at the right time. >> it was a miracle i guess that i was able to help. i don't want to be claimed as a hero or anything but i'm glad i was able to help. he happened to be right in front of >> in indian rocks beach, kellie cowan fox 25 news. >> the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash that happened sunday morning. northbound i-275 near mile marker 26. the crash shut down the northbound lanes of 275 for several hours and troopers diverted traffic onto 54th avenue. at least one person was killed,
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released. >> after a night of unrest the wisconsin national guard is in milwaukee waitings to see if they'll be sent into neighborhoods. this is after explosive protests last night. 23-year-old son was the man who was shot and killed. according to her, silvie bailed during a traffic stop but police say smith was armed. constant flow firefighters away until i.t. was safe to operate. that's when they came in. three people arrested several officers hurt. wiz governor scott walker condemned the attack, the wrong way for residents to voice their greefntses of police. >> we need to do more of addressing the real issues but this doesn't do good for not just law enforcement but i think it's going to be a horrible set
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efforts that have been going on in that community to try improve economic status. >> according to milwaukee's mayor, a photo evidence of the suspect had a gun in his hand according to the mayor. authorities are also saying that both the officer who fired his gun and the suspect he shot were black. president obama was briefed about this, this morning. coming up tonight at 6:30 we'll investigation continues. >> rescue efforts continue in louisiana, as the state is suffering rising waters. crews work around the clock to find stranded homeowners. governor john bell southward says he will be requesting a national disaster recognition. and requesting residents to stay indoors and stay vigilant.
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know that obviously, this is sears serious event, it is ongoing. even with the shun out, intermittently the waters are going to continue to rise in many areas. this is no time to let the guard down. >> the low moving storm is expected to come to the extremely and northern parts of the state next still ahead, saying thank you to law enforcement with a sunday treat. >> back to the blue event, it's called back the blue, at gandhii gandy beach. mike. >> showers and storms that rolled on through, how about the work week ahead though?
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there is a grocery store, it is right down the street like 2 miles, and i will drive past it... ...every time i go grocery shopping, because right past it there is a publix. i wouldn't shop anywhere else. they always go out of their way for me so i don't mind going a little out of my way for them. the people are always friendly, always helpful, they don't just point to aisle 7, and say good luck... they literally, they will walk you there. they're just nice. they treat you like a friend there. you don't get that everywhere.
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z236az zy6z
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today was a day to dedicated to saying "thank you" to all the local men and >> today was a day dedicated to vague thank you to all the local men and women who wear a badge. the tampa jeep crew invited everybody to police firefighters and emts could stop by for free food and music. it's a greatly way to vai thank you for all they do in the community. >> there's been a lot of negative things going around. we want them to know that there's a lot of negative things going on in the community but we want to tell them we appreciate
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>> tampa made it pretty close to the top of the list as the nation's most pet friendly city. wallethub ranked tampa third for most pet frerndly city in the nation. orlando was number 1, pet related business and animal shelters per capita. also vet care cost, pet friendly restaurants and the city's weekend. >> still to come? why this falcon rocket carried
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>> three, two, one. liftoff of the falcon 9. >> spacex has successfully launched and landed one of its falcon rocket marks the fourth time spacex has been able to land one of its rockets on a platform out at sea. we were blessed with a pretty clear night last night. could see the rocket rising. >> haley was on her porch -- >> and woke up just in time. it was amazing. >> you could see out here as far away as we are, out there, it's also pretty cool they're getting better at it.
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weather trivia. >> that is a perfect reason to tune into the 6:00 p.m. news on sunday flights, right? >> if for no other reason. >> weather trivia for tonight, the layer of sand and dust, could limit our hurricane activity typically this type off the year, what is it, the african sand layer? the sharon air the nabib aerosol layer? >> they all sound brilliant. >> is it one that creates the brilliant sunsets sometimes? >> it is. >> not that i know the answer. i do know that. >> my fox hurricane fans will know about this. we talk about this a lot on my fox hurricane.
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lloyd. >> no, just know it's a sunset. >> you know what it does, that's half the battle. haley, we'll see if you've got what it takes. >> i know layer is one of the words. >> we've narrowed it down. >> we'll see, on our show at 10:00. answer coming up later open tonight. here is the sirada b the sun did peek through strong enough to warm us up to the low 90s. it was strong enough, to help it at least feel a little bit cooler. skytower radar view we had a batch showers and storms that went through earlier, that has lifted since. here is that batch of showers and storms work through north
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punta punta gorda, a few rumbles of thunder in the next hour or so as this completelies the coastline. as we head into the day on monday, highest rain chances will be out near the west coast, we'll see those storms building west as we head towards the hours. 50% rain chances for western half of our viewing area, 30% for eastern half. despite the showers and the clouds and the breeze kill, still got to 91 at tampa, 92 out in sebring.
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humidity, at 76%. 87 in tampa, 80 at new port richey. that has kept the temperatures down clouds. 76 in leesburg, a cool comfy 73 at crystal river. mid to upper 70s as you head towards south including a 79 reading down in bradenton. certainly the muggy atmosphere continues. you sort of saw the storms working from the south to the northwest, during the daytime hours today. more of that southeast flow continuing on into the day on monday. here is how the futurecast plays out. showers and thunderstorms, through the area, then clearing out overnight tonight, tomorrow starting off partly cloudy skies
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storms redevelop in the afternoon and push and build west. maybe some bigger storms out closer to the west coast a little bit later on tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. your recap, for tonight 78?, partly cloudy goes without saying but warm and muggy, 92 for tomorrow, hot and humid scattered afternoon storms building back rtsdz back t coast. here is your marine forecast tomorrow, winds out of the southeast, seas two feet, gulf temperature 86, moderate chop out on the bay. a look at your next low tide, 7:09 this evening, high tide 1 in the morning. forecast, storms building west, that's been the pattern the last couple of days, it will be the pattern the next seven days. by the end of the week into next weekend, we start to tricks into
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morning coastal showers in in the . hey.tewks. >> hey mike. russell shepherd is the best
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the rays will look back >> the rays will look back on this weekend series in new york with a sense of nostalgia not for the outcome of the games but for the historic occasions. friday night, a ceremony for alex rodriguez, as he plays his last game in a yankee uniform
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honored. logan forsythe with a homer to right. 14th on the season in the fourth. corey dickerson hits one to left, it makes it 5-1. aaron hicks last a shot to catch this ball but this guy puts an end to that. too bad. still in the fourth, evan longoria drives another one, that makes time for another fan-involved highlight. this gentleman takes away the third out from the rays nick franklin. out due to fan interference. nick franklin gets happy here, happier to hit a three-run homer, to make it 12-3 rays,
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pitcher tom kohler hits one off of the foot, two runs scored tied at 2. an then ichiro suzuki with the sacrifice bunt all the way around from second base, ondona echeverria. no one covering home the the bucs get the day off today after saturday's tough practice in pads. the team is preparing for game 2 with the preseason on saturday. the loss to the eagles did have a bright spot, russell shepherd scored the team's lone touchdown.
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season. now in his fourth year as a buc, the special team specialist is earning extra work at catching the football. he knows he's dachg eye of g the eye of dirk cutter. >> that's probably been the biggest thing in my career thus far getting enough reps to make up for not playing as much receiver. >> it is so amazing, russell just had a child this off-season like you had a baby boy. you had something to work for. his work ethic is amazing. >> whatever they ask me to do, i'm a team guy first, that's what i'm brought up on and i'm going to do it to the best of my ability. >> number 9 shows great vertical skills. the ability to go up and get the ball is something the pro scouts
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>> i didn't go to the combine. mike evans who's younger than me, good teacher, see how he attacks the ball, day in and day out. >> russell shepherd and his teammates head north for joint practices with the jacksonville jaguars. >> i'm excited to go and compete. this is what football is all about. >> russell shepherd is all about competition wherever he's asked to play. and here is a look at the receipt of the week. the team is back at 1 buc. wednesday and thursday they will be in jacksonville, before the pregame on saturday. and the u.s. senior tour is
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miguel angel jimenez is leading. think will play on monday weather permitting. you have to really, really press hard to get water rolling. >> i want to try that. >> i'm excited about the prospect. >> thanks tewks. >> after a violent and chaotic
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you can't fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.99. milwaukee officials call for calm after a fatal police shooting overnight sparks >> milwaukee officials call for calm after a fatal police shooting overnight sparks protests and widespread violence. four officers have been injured and treated and released from the hospital.
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finn has the story. >> police fatally shoot a man fleeing from a traffic stop. >> a young man lost his life yesterday afternoon. and no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting. >> reporter: police say the suspects, 23-year-old seville smith was armed with a semi automatic handgun at the time of the incident and the officer was wearing a body worn camera. he appeared to be shot in the chest. >> i have not seen the video, i have seen a still photo extracted from that. that still photo demonstrates without question, that he had a gun in his hand. and i want our community to know that. >> within hours of the shooting, crowds began engaging in clashes with police, setting a gas station on fire, torching
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going crazy. >> you have people that are sworn to protect us. >> scott walker praising citizens who showed up to clean up the north side neighborhood. >> the bottom line is there are good decent people who live not only in milwaukee but in this specific neighborhood and it is imperative that we do things t and holding respect for law enforcement, allowing them to do their job, we need to do more about that but what happened last nightly doesn't do any good. >> this system has put so much pressure. we encourage them to do better. >> police say the officer involved has been placed on desk duty pending investigation.
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news. >> waist deep water, submerged home, in louisiana, rain has pounded that state. emergency cruise work to rescue stranded residents, many are living in shelters in louisiana but the rising water is making it difficult for some shelters to remain open. >> this is a ever-changing operation. and just as one shelter stands up water comes and we have to move people out of that shelter to another shelter. so we are working diligently with all of our partners. >> and the situation doesn't get any better. rivers are expected to keep rising until at least monday. >> one person is dead after a man attacked multiple people on a crowded swiss train today. the attacker also died in the incident. three other people including a
6:33 pm
threatening injuries. people say the 27-year-old swiss man, attacked passengers with a knife and burning liquid. police say they had ties with extremist groups but haven't called it a terrorist attack. pulling the burning suspect off the train. a murietta georgia officer was responding to reports of car burglars when the alleged suspects opened fire striking daifts striking davis, both suspects are now in custody. officer davis is a ten year veteran of the measure yeat e department.
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left the an imam and his deputy dead. no motive has been established and there is no reason to believe the men were shot because they are muslim. muslim leaders in brooklyn blames trump's antimuslim rhetoric for those murders. >> we lef live in an powerful people in the world espousing hate towards muslims, that is unacceptable. >> no one is currently in custody for this but police say witnesses did see a plan running away from the scene carrying a gun. >> a sigh of relief for many this weekend as u.s. backed rebels liberate a major syrian
6:35 pm
from jerusalem. >> it's been called a floornlg r victory. cutting off the route, paving the way to raqqa, i.s.i.s.'s defact to capital in syria. take a look as people celebrated in the streets in manbij, including the i.s.i.s. took hostage using them as human shields. men were not allowed to be clean shaven, women required to cover their heads. we have seen the video and pictures of men cutting off their beards, women wearing
6:36 pm
brutal 73 days. hundreds of people were killed, men, women and children. the city devastated but it's a major victory both symbolically and strategically. manbij is close to the border, about 23 miles, it sits on a road that leed to leads to cuts off i.s.i.s.'s supply route used to smug weapons, equipment and foreign fighters from europe. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> the u.s. olympic committee is now confirming reports that american gold medalist ryan lochte was held up at gunpoint in brazil.
6:37 pm
their taxis stopped and money and valuables were stolen. we are told the four swimmers are safe and cooperating with authorities. >> republican vice presidential nominee mike pence has released his tax returns. donald trump meanwhile says he's keeping his tax returns under wraps because he is being audited by the irs. speaking of chris wallace, trump's sarcastic tone is use his way of speaking to people. >> why did he say he was being sarcastic? donald trump has a way of talking that gets people's
6:38 pm
president knows where the buck stops in the white house. >> the statement about founding of i.s.i.s. was soar cast tick. >> all those cars with keyless entries may not be quite as secure as we'd like to think. >> up next how they could be a target for hackers and what one
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6:40 pm
new at 6... the high-tech remote keys many of us now use -- may not be doing >> new at 6:00 those high tech remote keys that many of us use may not do much to keep our cars
6:41 pm
on many cars. >> it's many drivers worst nightmare, to return to their car to find out it's been broken into. >> car hacking has been a big story in the recent time. >> troubled to learn that computer security experts in germany recently found a way to hack the keyless entry systems used on millions o basically, thieves could break into cars and steal items without cracking a window. this is how it would work. >> the car has to be sort of broadcasting its own signal, so that it can talk to the car. so it can talk to your key fob. and if you can hack that signal that the car is sending out, then you would know what key it's looking for. >> the experts say the remote
6:42 pm
made by volkswagen can be cloned to allow entry to the vehicle. another system used by other car brands can be compromised. >> these shortcuts that we like are all putting us at risk. it's frightening. >> volkswagen told us they agree to have these findings published, quote, without the sensitive findings t can use to break into vehicles. but knowledge new york drivers say it may be safer to go to the way the car used to be. >> just go back to keys right? oold school. >> now to be clear the study isn't about this type of car-hacking being a widespread problem. it's really just a study to show that some models of cars can be hacked and that it could
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>> jeff tewksbury is in for kevin this weekend. hey jeff. >> lloyd thanks. play book, song book too because we have a special game called camp ceark. our karaoke.
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we've had fun the last week >> we have had cxtbreak fun the last week with our new segment, camp karaoke, training camp edition. up next, tackle de mark dawson. >> time for camp karaoke.
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>> how are your singing skills? >> i sing pretty good in shower. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> because i'm -- >> bad -- >> i'm bad you know. >> that was michael -- who was that? this is the king of pop! >> '90s. >> you got to on, take off your ? ? >> oke, ode. >> i'm kind of busted. >> this is how we do it baby. >> 2000.
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if you want it, put a ring on it. >> not getting much on style point but he's getting to the essentiallies. all right bring it home de mar dawson. ? ? ? ? >> because -- >> because i'm happy! >> there we go there we go, competing against the rest of his cohorts. so now it is up to you go to scott's facebook page, look at all three and tell you evere us who you think gave the best camp karaoke performance. he'll give the winner our 2016,
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>> there were some good talents on the bucs. >> how do you handle that? >> not busting out. no golden clicker award for that. >> just hot weather. >> really hot out there. the good news is today, i don't know if you noticed we had a little bit of clouds, a bit of briez. we saw some showers roll through earlier, but overall more showers and storms the clouds at least limit the heat to some degree. >> we're almost out of summer as soon as. hilton clearwater beach cam, clouds off in the distance, few bright spots to end the day but overall more in the way of clouds again kind of remnants of what we've seen all day long. weather headlines the heat and
6:49 pm
and lloyd, it's going to continue through week and beyond that as well. we got to get through a couple of months of this. southwest wind conning through next few days but we start to transition to more of a west wind. that tends to bring morning coastal showers inland. still watching this batch of showers off to the south working through sarasota coirnts. with that, ending the day on a bit of a wet note. almanac got up to too high of 75, curng temperature 87?, dew point 76, barometer 0.35 inches and falling. winds across the southeast, at 8.
6:50 pm
and still in frostproof. in fact in this hour you factor in the unanimity and you know why you're in triple digit heat index value. this is what it feels like when you combine the heat and humidity. feels like 97 even in and around tampa so another hot evening. watch those showers to the south and east, maybe they'll cool us off a bit. but mostly warm and muggy. we may still see a few more showers roll through, plns getting a bit of break, that area of low pressure disoperating and moving off to the west.
6:51 pm
this had rainfall tropical characteristics. rainfall extended along the disturbance, we call it a predecessor rain event, you get the heaviest rains, but not that this is a tropical depression or storm, input doesn't takes to do something different. rain chances about 50% for most of us and then tuesday, that is southwest wind conned into wednesday, thursday can, friday. your recap 78 degrees warm and muggy, rain chance he between 40 and 50%, around should drop off a bit as we head towards next
6:52 pm
>> thanks mike. do you remember fwc said they saw a number of many turtles with painted shells. now there's a new report, out showing birds covered in paint also. it is illegal to paint them. officers want to know if you know anything about this the painted byrd was taken to a wildlife sanctuary in julian peterson jupiter. >> why this man is giving away
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finally tonight.. a story about sharing your dreams.. fox's katie >> finally tonight, a story about sharing your dreams. >> fox's katie kurado shows us truck for something special. >> let's get this ice cream in here. >> there's a lot of ice cream in this ice cream truck. but abdul rahman mohamed isn't an ice cream man and he doesn't make a penny off his truck. he takes it all around
6:56 pm
for sale. instead of dealing in dollars, you have to answer this. >> what's your dream? >> his currency is dreams. >> a little kid will come up to the truck and say something like i want to help other people or i want to make hartford better, those are my favorite kind of dreams. >> ice cream for a dream hands out about 10,000 ice cream sandwiches a year. >> what's your dream? >> my dream is to be a lawyer. >> an entrepreneur. >> you may be a hair model. i'm hoping by asking them and showing them all the different types of dreams they can have, it inspires them to do wonderful and amazing things in their lives. >> what's your dream? >> giving back. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> what's your flame? >> planting a smawbl seed to e able to give back. >> there's so much more they can
6:57 pm
>> if the truck only serves kids, you are never a too old for a little bit of ice cream and a little imagination. what's your dream swret swea? >> to be an ice cream trucker like you. >> oh that's it. >> are you going to charge? >> never stop dreaming, make it happen. >> great, for ice cream! >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00 and in the meantime, have a great evening! are
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