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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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tragedy for a flight from florida. it crashed sunday in alabama.. killing ?three married couples. the plane took off from kissimmee gateway airport ye crashed a few hours later in northport, alabama after having engine problems. the plane was heading to oxford, mississippi. on board the plane, three couples that attended a dental seminar in orlando. this is one of them... doctor jason farese and his wife, doctor lea farese. two other dentists were also killed, along with their wives. it's still not clear who was flying the plane. the couples leave behind a ?total of 11 children. st. petersburg police now know what caused a three car
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night: a suicide. troopers say one of the drivers... leonard garza.... shot and killed himself while heading northbound. his car swerved into the path of two other vehicles. investigators say no one in any of the other cars were seriously hurt. a hillsborough detention deputy is being celebrated as a hero. he helped save 3- year-old boy from drowning. it all happened just before 5 p-m saturday at the splash harbor water park in indian rocks beach. deputy "h playing in the pool with his own 3-year-old son when he heard a woman screaming. the woman spotted an unconscious toddler in the lazy river. hanze handed his own son to a by-stander and quickly pulled the other boy out of the water. after finding no pulse, he began c-p-r after several minutes the little boy finally began breathing again
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the boy was transported to all children's hospital and has since been released ... he's expected to make a full recovery. in tampa on sunday: the community came together, to say "thank you" to all the local men and women who wear a badge. the tampa jeep krewe invited all first responders to gandy beach, for what they called "jeeps to back the blue." they lined a blue stripe across the grill of every jeep facing the road. any police officers, firefighters or e-m-s responder, along with their families, could stop by for a free meal and music. organizers say it's a way to show their gratitude for all who serve the community: the event also included a beach cleanup. the tampa jeep krewe teamed up with keep pinellas beautiful, walking the entire beach and picking up trash.
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ringing again this morning for two other bay area counties. it's the first day of class in pasco and polk counties. and that means even ?more drivers need to pay attention this morning... to all those buses, bikes... and kids on the crosswalks. fox 13's ken suarez joins us now from polk county, with more on the big day. ken?
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and a reminder for all those parents in polk and pasco: don't forget to take those first day photos. and don't forget to post them online, with the hashtag: "good day t-b." that way we can share them, throughout the morning here on goodday. good news for beach-goers and businesses on the gulf coast. we probably won't be seeing a lot of ?this...
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at usf and florida fish and wildlife say there is only a ?small chance our beaches will get a red tide bloom. that's because ocean currents are bringing more nutrient-rich water to our coast. the algae that forms those blooms actually lives in the gulf all year round. but when the nutrients in the water drop... the algae grows. florida's west coast has seen red tide blooms ?every year... since 20-11. toss to weather...
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the ?wild west is taking on a whole new meaning this month... as wild ?fires burn through several states. and after the break: why some of ?florida's finest firefighters... are now the front lines. and later: suicide... versus sausage. it could be the ?strangest box office battle yet. we'll tell you why ?both films... might have
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but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... the mega millions jackpot is worth 42 million dollars tomorrow night. and no one won the powerball jackpot over the weekend, so thats up to 94 million for wednesday night. good luck... and good day is
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down.
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to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. wildfires out west continue to torch parts of california. about four ?thousand people have been forced to evacuate their homes in northern california. four homes have already been destroyed. the fire, about 90 miles north of san francisco, has grown to nearly five square miles since sparking on saturday. another fire in central california has destroyed a dozen homes... and threatened more than a hundred. dry brush and winds are helping fan the flames. along with
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wildfires continue to burn today across colorado... covering more than 55 ?thousand acres. one fire near the wyoming border is about 35 thousand acres. and another in western colorado has damaged or destroyed at least four buildings... but no homes. fire planes have been dropping fire retardant and water all weekend. and firefighters out west are getting some help... from the sunshine state. the florida forestry service posted these photos on sunday, showing firefighters from ?our state... who colorado to help out. about forty firefighters volunteered to make the hike... to help the 280 firefighters already out in colorado. with all our recent rain lowering wildfire threats in florida, the state decide that colorado needs our help a little more. the ?other reason these firefighters hit the road... they need the overtime. they make just 27 thousand dollars a year.
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the time is now 4 xxx... and here's a look at the top trending stories today. first up: a big day for fast- foodies. today's the day... you can finally order a burger at "burger king"... ?without the bu ?won't give you a funny look. that's because the "whopperita" goes on sale today. and just like you'd expected.... it's all the ingredients of a burger, in a wrap. the new wrap should be available at burger kings nationwide today for three dollars. and this probably isn't even the ?craziest menu item b-k has introduced. remember the "mac and cheetos"
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also the home of the chicken fries... and the "yumbo." that last one... just a ham and cheese sandwich. from burgers... to sausage. some talking food has all of hollywood talking this morning. "sausage party" was a big hit at the weekend box office, pulling in about 33 million dollars. it wasnt enough to beat last weeks' number which took in another 43 million. but "sausage party" could be the real winner here. it actually ?doubled it's projections. the r-rated animated comedy only cost 19 million to make... so it's expected to make a huge profit. that means you can expect a lot more r-rated animated movies in the future... even possibly "sausage party 2." debuting in third place at the box office... disney's
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it was a sad weekend for "star wars" fans. they been sharing their sadness the past few days... for actor "kenny baker." he was the made ?inside r2d2... the famous robot from the star wars movies. actor mark hamill tweeted that kenny was quote... "a lifelong loyal friend... he ?was the droid i was looking for!" wars director george lucas called kenny quote... a "true gentleman and a real trooper." baker died in his sleep saturday at his home in england. he was 81 years old. and this cartoon from the new yorker probably captures bakers legacy perfectly. it shows luke skywalker and c- 3po from the star wars alongside r2d2. luke is holding r2 as c3po translates him... the caption underneath:
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inside." r2-d2 will still appear in future star wars movies. but obviously... it won't be the same. george lucas once said that r-2 was actually his ?favorite star wars character... which is why the robot ?always seems to find a way to save the day, in ?every movie. soaring... to a stop? after the break: why one neighborhood is fighting today... to keep a zipline out of their park. plus, lindsay ha come back.
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?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? ampa city officials are lve parking th a free shuttle on the weekends. with big events coming to the area...
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already runs throughout downtown. but the new plan would add stops at remote parking areas... opening up more convenient lots for visitors. the city is still going over costs with hart... but the service could be ready by next month. something no pet owner wants to think about: the day you have to say ?goodbye to your furry friend. but starting today in tampa, you have a place to go... for help. the "pet loss center" opens this morning on johns road. it's basically a funeral home... for your animals. you can set up services... like cremations... get pet loss support... or even setup some meaningful final moments with your pets. this is the company's ?first bay area location. plans are in the works to build a new "zipline" course in pinellas county. but some neighbors are not very happy about it. and they're expected to voice their concerns tonight. largo city officials will meet with those neighbors tonight at city hall... to get more imput on the plan. last month, the city
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approval to build the zipline course at the highland recreation complex. it would be built by "tree-umph" ... a company that's already built an adventure park in bradenton and plans a third one in hernando county. this is video from one of their parks. the course will have treetop obstacles...for adults and kids. but neighbors of the park are worried about the noise and traffic. they also say they weren't properly ?notified about the project. the city hopes to give final ap next month. the company hopes to have the course built... by the end of the year. tonight's meeting starts at six. you can celebrate sharks today in sarasota. the mote marine aquarium is hosting "shark days." it's a week of shark-related events. it all kicks off today with a screening of "jaws", followed by a q & a with a shark expert. the movie starts at six p-m. all activities are included with aquarium admission. tickets are 20 dollars for adults, 15 dollars for kids 12
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and tonight in tampa: you can bang your heads out with 80's rockers... "def leppard." they're on tour with another classic band, "reo speedwagon." it's all going down at the midflorida credit union amphitheatre. tickets start at the bands start rocking
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((walter tired of "seeing red" on bay area beaches? your wish is granted! the little trick by mother nature, that should keep our shores beautiful for awhile... and what it means to the economy. ((jen while everyone was watching usain bolt last night... people here in the bay area, were more concerned by the guy running a few lanes over from him. how a local runner did... other fastest men, on the world's biggest stage. ((walter and... we know it's ?early on a ?monday morning... but that doesn't mean you have to feel lousy. we've got five sure-fire ways to get, keep and ?spread, happy!


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