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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 15, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- mayhem in milwaukee. violent protesting for the second night in a >>russell: mayhem in milwaukee. violent protesting for the second night in a row and now developments on the person police shot and killed. plus -- >> vice president joe biden hitting the campaign trail today. donald trump talking national security. we'll have more from the campaign trail coming up. >>laura: costly mistake. paying more for gas than you have to. jennifer epstein has money saving advice. welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. there's a big traffic backup at i-75 and i-4.
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like that. >>vanessa: big backups. we applauded to a crash at 75 and i-4. we couldn't see it. now we can see the major lane blockages. we have one lane passing in the northbound direction so the backups are pretty substantial at this point. we do have them reported all the way back down to the selmon expressway and even the southbound direction which is unaffected by lane blockage is starting to back up as well. you have lots of red and u.s. 301 is the best work around. give yourself extra time here. we'll check on this. we reported this as a closing for railroad work at east pine street. we got an update from lakeland saying it's going to be postponed until tomorrow. kentucky, that closure we've been seeing is extended through tonight. keep that in mind. avoid kentucky and starting tomorrow, avoid massachusetts.
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good morning. >>lindsay: good morning. starting out wwise with scattered clouds and a little filtered in some spots but in others, a great view of the sunrise. here we go. johns hopkins all children's hospital cam. st. petersburg looks lovely. sunrise was a minute ago. now, temperatures were up one degree this hour. it's near 80 but we're dry and we have dry hours to be had until late day because the are off the coast coast. that delays rain until probably 2:00 in most spots. storm chance, including heavy downpours and strong wind gusts, it's at 50%, especially between 3:00 and 8:00 in the coastal counties. stay weather aware later today. >>laura: thank you. a person shot during the second night of violent protests in milwaukee. >>russell: the national guard is on standby and this stems from the fatal shooting of a black
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smith was stopped and another man in a car on saturday. but they fled. 23-year-old smith turned around. he had a gun. when he would not drop it, the officer fired killing him. police say smith's handgun along with five rounds of ammunition were stolen during a burglary back in march. since saturday's shooting, protestors have been burning down businesses and cars, throwing rocks at officers in riot gear and also three areas of shots fired. the sheriff declared the guard. >> i got reinforcements. all my off duty people are in place. it's about being prepared for the worst. hope is not a plan. you prepare for the worst. if you never need all of these, fantastic. >>russell: 70 people have been arrested. four police officers hurt in the last two days. they've all been treated and
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veteran being placed on administrative leave while the department of justice investigates. we have a live report from milwaukee coming up for you in about 30 minutes. pinellas county music teacher is fighting for her life. >> caroline sine was driving a camry early yesterday morning. police say that 36-year-old macleod ran a red light and hit the camry. they think he was drunk because he would not take a breath test at the scene. he's facing d.u.i. charges. sine and her boyfriend, sean hawkins, were taken to bay front in critical condition. she teaches music. he is a singer in a l clel detectives looking for this man. the name, lorenzo lamont hardy, a suspect in a violent carjacking earlier this movement he was last seen thursday driving a red kia soul in the holiday area.
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you might get a reward. >>laura: memorial service this week for the woman accidentally shot during a police demonstration. 73-year-old mary nolten was attending a shoot, don't shoot role playing scenario at the punta gorda police department. no one knew the gun had real bullets. they should have been fake. the officer who shot her is on leave until the investigation is over. memorial will be held at the united methodist church in punta gorda tomorrow afternoon. >>russell: someone distress call and it led to a dramatic rescue. it happened south of sanibel. three adults and a child were found clinging to the hull of a boat. everybody is okay. >>laura: back to school day for about 200,000 more students. pasco and polk counties both start today. ken, it is a new school in polk county, right?
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county and it's taking a very new approach to things. they are basing curriculum on civics, how to be a good citizen, democracy, how government works, all those things we should all know that sometimes we forget our missed in school. these kids are going to know that very well. somebody that knows the program, not only at this school but also throughout polk county is standing next to me. this is jackie bird, a superintendent of schools. you were supposed to be here at 9:00 in the you were up extra broit and early this morning. >> yes. i wanted to make sure we welcome parents and welcome our children into this brand new school. it's very exciting today. make sure we have all the support we need for them. >> why civics? >> like you said, we're teaching and the adults know that part of it, about community and different things but we have to start teaching our children these things early so when they go through school and go to college and go out, they have the foundation built.
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>> i've been around the block a bunch of times and when i perceive with younger generations, there's a lot of "me" going on. >> we're inclusive of all and not excluding any. >>reporter: talking about inclusiveness, you'll be teaching american sign lake language here. >> that's a language that's been forg forgotten, one that you often see when you go to different programs that we have to have. we need to teach o understand, it is a language. that's one yes -- we need to embrace. >>reporter: schools are opening up all over the county. i don't know the exact number but well over 100 schools here and pasco county, you have a lot more schools opening up so you're going to have a lot of buses on the road, a lot of parents trying to find the right school. just have a little patience and it will all work itself out in a couple of days. if i could do that in sign
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>>russell: it's almost 7:08. early voting starts today for the florida primary. bring two forms of i.d. with you. go to any, any early voting location between now and sunday, august 28. florida primary is two days later. to the campaign trail now we go. donald trump will shift the focus back to national security. hillary clinton gets some help from vice president biden. doug is following the presidential race from washington for good morning. >> good morning. they're courting a couple of important steps today. trump is going to be in ohio, clinton is going to be in pennsylvania. she will try to paint a picture of trump as being unprepared and unfit for the presidency. trump, meantime, will try to tie clinton to the obama administration. donald trump is said to hit the obama administration on foreign policy today, everything from
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his running mates suggesting there's plenty of time for the campaign to get back on track. >> i would say stay tuned. it's very early in this campaign. this coming monday, you're going to see a vision for confronting radical islamic terrorism. last week you heard a bristling approach to a growing economy. >> can trump stay on message? especially against the candidate running a careful and well funded campaign. >> she's vulnerable but with no money being spent, donald trump after gaff, all it does is help the secretary get elected. >> clinton will campaign with joe buyed nen pennsylvania today and tonight, the president will interrupt his martha's vineyard vacation to hold a fundraiser. clinton's past continues to cause problems with reports that the f.b.i. could release to congress notes from their interview with clinton as they investigated her email scandal which could be damaging. and there are still lingering questions about the clinton
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state department while she served as secretary of state leaving her supporters to point out there's no actual proof of wrongdoing. >> there's no evidence there was any pay to play and frankly, this is a distraction for the trump campaign which is a dumpster fire at this point. >>reporter: that has been the mantra from clinton supporters. trump saying if he was treated fairly by the media, he would be 20 points ahead >>russell: thanks. good to see you. >>laura: how universal is making halloween horror night even scarier. >>russell: dress to intmpress. you can look like an olympic gold medallist for less than $100. >>lindsay: bright start to the day in some spots. elsewhere, we do have some clouds which has made way for a pretty good sunrise. we're near 80 in tampa. i know it's back to school but
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beach, late day storms. watch the eastern sky after 3:00, 4:00. low 90s today with a 50% storm
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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((russell- welcome back. the time is 7:--. a handful of parishes in >> a handful of parrishs in louisiana are under a major disaster declaration this morning. flooding is to blame for at least four deaths so far. >>laura: 20,000 rescues around the state. there is more rain in the forecast. >> i'm heart my home, this is where i grew up. >>reporter: deadly floods sweep through the region as state police deliver food and other supplies to people stranded by the high water. >> almost brings tears to your eyes. they were just happy they were getting water and basic supplies. >>reporter: thousands of people have been rescued while other residents scramble to get to safety after rivers and creeks overflowed their banks.
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there's no words to describe what's going on. >>reporter: devastation coming after some areas received close to two feet of rain over a 48-hour period. >> the water everywhere. that's about it. they got houses, you know, everywhere. cars all over, floating everywhere. it's rough out there. >>reporter: officials warn the region is not out of the woods yet. >> the waters are going to continue to rise in and so this is no time to let the guard down. >>reporter: despite the destruction, some say the severe weather is bringing out the best in their communities with people stepping up to donate items to those now in need. >> the people in the community came together. you know, you need socks, if you need shoes, anybody need personal items, you know, if you don't know how to find it, they'll tell wru to find it. it's a come together right now. >>reporter: more rain is possible for parts of louisiana
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>>laura: this is a sad situation, too. we'll bring lindsay to see what's happening right there. more rain on the way. >>lindsay: just not as much the next couple of days. as we just saw in the story, it's not so much that additional rain would create more flooding. it's the rivers that continue to reach the crest point and they're all rushing downstream. so little silver lining is that that steady area of rain, that low pressure system that was stuck, it's no longer stuck. and you'll see that southeast texas is dealing with more rain than southern louisiana. in the coming days, they could see a couple of inches that's not welcomed by any means but we're not talking about a repeat because of that rain. we have heavier rain this morning, actually through southern portions of illinois, indiana and ohio where we have overrunning near the frontal boundary. i want to show you an example why the rivers are a problem. it's near lafayette, one of the
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crest stage is right about here. flood stage, minor flood stage is 10 feet. that means in a major flood stage, at least a couple of feet and it all has to come down in coming days. early part of the work week, it's going to take time for the water to recede. locally we'll be watching the eastern sky for some storms after we scour out low clouds, it should be a decent tart to the day with increased sun. here are some scattered clouds in notice a little rippling from the east wind so somewhat breezy by the bay first half of the day. 79 in new tampa. 78 in st. petersburg. it's 78 in palm harbor. low 70s north of the bay. enjoy it because you're on track for low 90s this afternoon. i have 78 in englewood and north port. lake placid at 77. so yesterday we had an upper low, enhanced our cloud cover. the energy situated to the west. we're still in the path of the east wind.
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by 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., scattered storms and they're all going to be building back west. 92 with a 50% storm chance today. here as we head into the midday hours, still dry but with the stronger east winds, these storms really move right along. this model underdoing the extent of storms. coverage of rain 40% to 50%. they'll build best by late day, early evening. until then, heating up. coastal storms ending fairly early. sun sets at most of these done by 9:00 tonight so we're back to morning sun on tuesday with the east wind locked in, giving way to scattered afternoon and evening storms. 50% rain chance on tuesday and even wednesday. boating a little breezy this morning but we'll get rid of the moderate chop by the afternoon. seven-day forecast shows a pattern change by mid week. the rain starts earlier near the coast by saturday and sunday. while we see a 30% storm coverage, it's higher in the inland zones.
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on hillsborough that's not get anything better. we're still dealing with the same lane blockage near i-4. left lane is passing in the northbound direction. we still have the backups and now they're even a little worse than when i last showed you. before we were only stacked up back toward the selmon. i say only. that's pretty bad. now we're getting towards 301 and i also wanted to show you the southbound delays we're seeing as well back to fletcher, still at this point. so southbound earlier and northbound drivers, leave early and take u.s. 301 still. 75 southbound in the manatee county area, this is an earlier crash that didn't cause a whole lot of problems because it happened when it was lower volume on the roadway but now we're starting to see backups here. about a mile south of 275, lanes are clear now but now you can see that it's not really doing too much to help the travel times we're seeing here.
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minutes if that's along your route. show you how the travel times are doing here. no crashes to report to you. we're sitting at 25 minutes from the top to the bottom. >>laura: thank you. it may only be august, but theme parks are already locking toward halloween. >>russell: horror nights will combine real life characters and virtual reality for a new interactive experience at universal. guests will work in teams to solve the dark mystery that that's a new haunted house. guests will be given a virtual reality headset to wear in the house. it runs through halloween. tickets for the repository go on sale tomorrow. no, no. if you're like most people, you have a habit that may be costing money.
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bill. >>laura: have you seen this? tim tebow already signing autographs on baseballs and bats. they're not cheap, either. find out where you can get them. but first, charley belcher. >>charley: i saw vanessa rufus tweet about that and they used the emoji of the guy rolling his eyes. i'm not sure that was an editorial statement or not. you'll think of what she thinks of tim tebow bats. i'm going to tell you about tampa bay organics. this fleet will be on the roads this week delivering 100% organic fruits and vegetables. yeah. it's an interesting business model. i can't wait to find out more about it and tell you all about
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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>>vanessa: nows -- news alert. backups 75 northbound at i-4, still dealing with bad delays, same lane blockages that are not helping things.
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for the left lane passing in northbound direction. we have the delays i showed you before in that northbound direction. we're also seeing southbound. northbound backed up to the selmon expressway back to 301. look at that nice, juicy nine miles per hour in that northbound direction near mlk. that's rough. u.s. 301 is going to be the work around. southbound drivers on 75, no need to take a work around but please give yourself extra time. this just coming in out of the tpd area. vehicle crash where a fire hydrant was hit so you have some crews that are on scene as well that are trying to repair that and it's west shore at gray street and they say that northbound lanes are going to be reduced to one until this is wrapped up. plan extra time here or avoid if you can. >>laura: 7:25. at least 10 homes are destroyed. about 4,000 people have been evacuated. that after a wildfire in california. >>russell: this is the second
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dealing with fire. flames broke out a mile away from a deadly wildfire that broke out a year ago. so far it's destroyed a winery, habit for humanity office. this is just one of 11 wildfires that are burning in california. high temperatures and parched conditions brought on by a five-year drought have raised the fire risk. cause of fire still under investigation. >>la looking for a killer. this is a composite sketch of the man that fatally shot a mom and his assistant outside of a mosque on saturday. they were walking home from midday prayers when they were both shot in the head. surveillance video shows the gunman leaving the scene with a weapon in his hand and they're also trying to figure out if the shooting had anything to do with an earlier dispute at the mosque. >>russell: six people died in a
7:27 am
headed home to mississippi after a dental conference in orlando. plane went down short of the runway in tuscaloosa after sending a distress call because of engine problems. >>laura: a man's service animal caused a scare on a flight to las vegas. his monkey was brought on board a frontier airline. when the flight attendant walked by, they saw gizmo sticking out of a shirt. because of a monkey on the plane at all. once he explained the monkey helped him with anxiety, everybody else calmed down, too. >>russell: teenager won the international drone racing competition in austria. 40 competitors from around the world had to drive a drone through an obstacle course in an old castle. u.s. came in eighth place, by
7:28 am
biggest problems for the rays this season. coming up, a reason why they are not doing better in standings. >>russell: and release from the red tide. aaron is on that for us this morning. >> good morning. yeah. this has sort of become an annual tradition in the tampa bay area. red tide getting here in the summertime, but it looks like we might break that tradition this year and next year, too.
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>>vanessa: traffic northbound at i-4, we have a crash blocking most of the lanes. this is a live look near the
7:32 am
u.s. 301 area. once again, work around is going to be u.s. 301 in the north bound direction. it's moving slow, single digits approaching the coastline. backups we're seeing here from i-4 towards the area of fletcher. so we'll watch this line throughout the morning but once again, u.s. 301 north pound instead of i-75 c. >>russell: in milwaukee, a night of protesting. national guard is on standby in case the protestors get violent again. this all stems from an officer involved shooting. caroline is live in milwaukee for us. she has the latest. how was last night? any better? >> it was better, russell. we did see some violence. on this corner, there was a young man shot. they had to bring in an armored
7:33 am
hospital. less violence than saturday night. however, this gas station behind me was basically burned to the ground saturday night. there were protests last night. there were arrests but police in general could keep this under control. it all started saturday afternoon with people protestors. some objects are thrown at police. governor scott walker a with the unrest. >> those individuals who trained not only from a military standpoint but they also have law enforcement background. >>reporter: smith was killed while fleeing a traffic stop on saturday. authorities claim the 23-year-old was shot by a black officer when he refused to drop his gun. >> individual was hit in the chest and hit in the arm. >>reporter: those demonstrating say smith didn't have to die.
7:34 am
serve and protect us, supposed to be here for us but none of them couldn't give us apology. they looked at us like we were a disgrace, some pigs, some dogs. >>reporter: the man's father is talking to the media saying he blames himself for his son's killing. >> i just got out of jail probably two months ago. i've been going back and forth in jail. they see these things. this is the role model they look up to. >>reporter: police say body cam footage of the actual shooting. no word when that will be released. back to you. >>russell: we'll talk again soon. thank you. >>laura: 7:34 now. red tide can be annoying. smell alone is enough to keep people way from the beach. unfortunately, it's something we may not have to worry about next year. aaron is covering that story. new scientific research. we don't have him. we'll get back to him in a few
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the threat of a zika doesn't seem to be scaring away our tourists. survey shows most people still plan to come here. 75% of people planning a trip to florida in the next six months are a little nervous. that's it, though. not enough to cancel the trip. only 10% are going to postpone or change their plans. survey taken after the first non travel case of zika was reported in the miami area. >>laura: stop being a creature jennifer epstein is here now to explain. >>jennifer: a lot of us like going to the same gas station. it's convenient, close to home or to work. but that might not be a costly mistake. according to the u.s. energy information administration, the average vehicle travels 33 miles a way. that means weekly stops at the pump for most drivers. recent survey reveals that top money wasting habits at the
7:36 am
regular go-to gas station. >> the difference can be 70 cents, if not more per gallon. if you use the station you use regularly because you perceive it has the best gas prices, you could be wasting at the pump. you're going to go to the station nearest you and that could be costing you more than it should. >>jennifer: not planning ahead can also cost you. 40% in gas buddy choose a gas station based on location. >> you can save 20 to 30 cents per gallon in the city and in some cities such as chicago, seattle and a slew of other cities, you could save upwards of 70 cents per gallon. >>jennifer: 86% use a credit or debit card to pay at the pump rather than cash. >> make sure it's the right card, that it's a cash back card or a gas rebate card specifically so you're getting a
7:37 am
gas purchase. >>jennifer: the cost difference between regular and premium gas has increased over the past year. >> use the premium if it's actually required by the car manufacturer. check your manual. particularly important now. the difference between regular gas and premium is up there. >>jennifer: we've been enjoying prices below $2 a gallon. that might change soon. a surge in oil costs driving up prices, it's hard to predict how high they might go. check in with sports now with walter. good morning. >>walter: good morning to you. world of fun examine games, rays start a 10 game home stand against the padres. they beat the yankees 12-3. evan longoria drove in four of those runs including this hit right here. jake won a career high four straight. that's a three game losing streak. part of the rays has been a lack
7:38 am
they'll need to do better if they want to improve in the standings. they're currently 19 games behind the first place blue jays, saying there's a chance. alex rodriguez may be playing for the marlins by the end of the week. the team is expressing interest to give him a contract. the yankees let a-rod go over the weekend even though they $7 million for the rest of this season and $20 million for next year. don't blink or you might have missed jamaica in the 100 meter dash. 9.8 cents. look at that. he's blistering. he's the first man to win the
7:39 am
olympics. american biles added another gold medal. the gymnast won the vaulting event sunday. she's the first american woman to ever do that. biles has three gold medals in rio. she can win two more in the beam and floor exercise. >>laura: amazing athlete. all right. if you've been watching, too, you notice the leo tarreds those gymnasts are wearing. each one of those crystals and costs more than $1,000. now you can own one of your very own. company based in pennsylvania called gq elite sports wear sell a cheaper version. they all come with a u.s.a. logo on it and include a matching scrunchy. also they sell uniforms for russia, netherlands and new
7:40 am
officer to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world. >>laura: you might say good for her and tim tebow is already putting his autographs on balls and bats already. we know how you can get one if you want it. >>lindsay: good morning. we're scouring out some of those clouds from earlier today. sunshine to be had so these numbers are going up. it's 80 in tampa. 75 crystal river. dry for now but not for the evening commute. pretty active the next couple of through wednesday favoring
7:41 am
y22rny yy6y i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. mera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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z22rvz zy6z
7:43 am
y22rvy yy6y >>vanessa: we do have some improvements with the lane blockage to the 75 crash we showed you in the last report near i-4. you can see all of the scene that's remaining is off to the right h-hand shoulder.
7:44 am
to step out of the shot and change the camera view here to about five or six miles back from the scene in the northbound direction. so bear with me. there we go. this is north of u.s. 301 just to give you an idea how bad the backups are. so about five to six miles of backups. even though we have clear lanes, continue to avoid the area. u.s. 301, your best work around and then we'll let you know once we start to see better improvements in the delays. so 25 minutes from the selmon to i- here's a look at southbound 275 travel times, bearss avenue to i-4. that's a 20 minutes ride. i-4 westbound drivers, buckman, 275, plan for 17 minutes for that ride. we've been telling folks about the csx work that was scheduled. it was scheduled to start today. massachusetts would experience that railroad crossing closed, being closed at east pine street. just let you know that's been postponed until tomorrow.
7:45 am
closure has been extended through tonight so you'll continue to avoid kentucky and then starting tomorrow, you'll start to avoid massachusetts. back to you. >>laura: thank you. we told you just a few minutes ago about this new study on red tide. good news for next year to be certain. aaron, we have him back and he's covering that story. >>reporter: good morning. and i think the word you used earlier was annoying when you described red tide and that certainly one way to put it and another way is just disgusting with what it causes. dead fish, the smell, breathing problems and it's kind of become a tradition. unpleasant tradition in the summertime here in florida. but now, it's not the case this year. it might not be the case next year or at least for a little while. according to researchers with florida fish and wildlife, conditions are such there might not be a red tide issue in 2017 because of elevated nutrient levels in the gulf of mexico. if, so that's the first time
7:46 am
every year since then, there have been red tide algae bloom of varying sizes. scientists with u.s.f. and fwc reported higher nutrient levels in the gulf that help certain plant species thrive and that keeps away the algae away. it's good news for marine life and businesses that rely on the fishing industry and also good for tourism of the anyone who has been here and here who has visited the tampa bay beaches in the summertime the last few years, you know you can find dead fish on beaches and then like i said earlier, that smell that comes along with it and the breathing problems it causes, it does cause some problems in the tourism industry but hopefully that won't be the case next year. >>laura: we saw the unprecedented fish kill.
7:47 am
at the forecast. >>lindsay: viewers sending in pictures of clouds peeling away just in time for the sunrise over the bayside bridge. here's what's happening now. remember how cloudy it was an hour ago? skies are clearing. sunshine means a quicker warmup today and beach goers, you have many dry hours to enjoy. more sun than yesterday. we're not looking to the gulf for rain chances. we're looking toward the eastern part of the state. clearwater looks lovely ts a couple of tiny showers but many dry hours, at least until 1:00 in most spots. interior zones seeing spotty showers mid-afternoon and all those truck back to the viewing area. it's 78 in sebring. so manageable warmth but combining this with the humidity, it was like the 80s, mid 80s in tampa and it will feel like the triple digits until it rains. moisture from yesterday, that upper low, what's left of it to our west.
7:48 am
as the moisture moves in, storms, while a few could pack a punch briefly, they move along. they don't get hung up this afternoon. chances for rain best between 3:00 and 8:00 at 50% coverage. i've got a disturbance we're tracking near africa. it's hurricane season and we're within weeks of the peak of the season. while there's only a 10% to 20% chance this wave develops, it's well out in the atlantic, in the days ahead we have to watch this. a couple of models want to close off the low pressur west-northwest. here's a computer model. they're showing a west-northwest track that could man a track -- that could mean a trek out to sea. we'll be monitoring it for you on lunchtime, maybe a spot shower inland and then the storms move to the west coast. this model underdoing the rain. 3:00 and 8:00 is the time for the commute. they're back on tuesday but they
7:49 am
wednesday we're locked into the same pattern. thursday is our transition day before friday and saturday. we flip the winds and push the storms inland for the weekend. 92 the scattered storms building west, hotter than yesterday because of more sun mixing through. coastal storms ending by 9:00. warm overnight. boating, southeast wind at 10 to 15 knots, dropping five to 10 by late day. rain chances dropping at 30%. that's only because our storms will be shifting inland instead of back >> i'm just going to hurt you. really, really bad. >>russell: suicide squad wins at the box office again. comic book film made almost $44 million over the weekend. that's a 67% drop from a week ago. the movie had poor reviews but it didn't matter. sausage party opens at number
7:50 am
? >>laura: grammy award winner adele turned down an offer to perform during the half-time show at next year's super bowl. she said over the weekend, it was flattering but quote, i know i'm not beyonce. i can't dance or that. know who you are. >>russell: she can sing. take a look at this. that's tim tebow signing his autograph on bats and baseballs. website selling them. balls go for $125 and bats for $175. now, he's planning a workout for major league baseball teams. he's been practicing for the past year and a half. some think it's a publicity stunt and others think he has a
7:51 am
average his junior year of high school in his junior year. football became the priority after that. don't count him out. >>laura: ever. ever. football, baseball, politics. >>russell: preaching. i agree. >>laura: he wants to do something big. >>russell: i like the kid even though he >>charley: road trip. we need to do that again. >>russell: i don't think we're up to that again. >>charley: i don't think the station would send us. we're talking about organic fruits and vegetables. you want to eat healthier? but you either don't feel like going to the store or you can't
7:52 am
for? tampa bay organics has what you're looking for. order what you want online and they'll bring it to you. it's not as expensive as you might think. we'll talk about this business model and some little tips and tricks like when you find the stickers on your fruits or vegetables, if it starts with a nine, you know it's certified organic. look for the nines. we'll tell you all about the
7:54 am
today, we can connect more.... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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>>charley: "good day tampa bay." i'm charley belcher from lutz today from tampa bay organics. it's josh's place. you deliver 100% organic fruits and vegetables. how does that work? take everybody through the process. >> we actually get everything in on mondays and wednesdays from di suppliers we have. we have a few suppliers for things we can't get in season here because we want to keep the menu, a cornucopia of different things on the menu so people have different things to choose from. we get it in on mondays. customers have between friday and sunday before the monday to make changes and customize the whole box. a premade box will be made for you if you're not into the
7:56 am
pineapple and mango, but you'd rather have two mangos. make all the changes by 10:00 p.m. on sunday morning. we deliver on tuesdays, wednesday examines thursdays. we go tuesdays, certain sections wednesday and thursday as well. >>charley: this is a small box? costs how much? >> $35 delivered to your front door. >>charley: and then back to school kind of thing. >> back to school special for a signature box such as apples, oranges, things they ca school and eat easily. $24.99. >>charley: where do you deliver to you? >> pasco, hillsborough, all the way to spring hill, all the way down to sun city center and all the way out to the skyway bridge. >>charley: wow. >> it's a very big, broad area. >>charley: what if i'm not home? >> every box comes with a complimentary ice box. a lot of people leave out a
7:57 am
put it inside the cooler and whenever you're getting a delivery, leave your last box out and we take the box back and try to use everything 100%. >>charley: i'm fascinated by the business model and we'll continue to explore it. >>russell: look forward to it. from the classroom to the courtroom, why some parents are suing a school district right before the start of the new year. >>laura: and it's an app that can turn you into a van gogh painting. is it worth it? our consumer look at artistic apps that are growing in popularity. >>russell: stick around for the 8:00 hour. we have
7:58 am
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((russell the dramatic rescues the number of victims rise. how a dramatic cess rescues continue a number victims rise how a community is coming together at flood waters continue to swell in southern louisiana. and to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? that seems to be the big debate. this morning our doc on call is bringing awareness to you need to know. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hae effected it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up on this monday. august 15th. we need to get to straight to forecast and lindsay milbourne who is in this morning for dave. good morning, hopefully a great weekend. weather wise start out day scattered clouds continue to scour out. we're heating up bit out there.


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