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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ((walter ahead this hour on good day: an update... to a crash involving two bay area teachers. why the suspected drunk driver is facing more serious charges. ((jen a crime ring... caught on camera. how they're stealing cars... right from the dealership. ((walter plus: classroom confusion. more than a ?hundred students spent their first day of school... ?without a classroom. and they might not get one... anytime soon! ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with lindsay milbourne in for dave. expect another dry morning.
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a tragic update, in the crash involving two bay area teachers. one of those teachers... has now passed away.... and charges against the ?other driver... has now been upgraded. caroline sine died from her injuries on monday. sean hankins is in critical condition. they both taught music at several
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the couple was returning home from a date late saturday night, when police say they were hit by a drunk driver in pinellas park. detectives say that driver... 31-year old bryce mc-cloud... ran a red light and hit the couple's car. bryce mc-cloud was arrested for d-u-i with serious bodily injury. turns out-- he's been convicted of driving under the influece once before.. sean's parents want to know why he was allowed ?back behind the wheel in the first place: mc-cloud is being held on 50-thousand dollars bond. if he makes bail, he'll be required to wear a g-p-s bracelet and ankle device that monitors alcohol in take. today in punta gorda: a 73 year old woman will be laid to rest... exactly one ?week after she was killed, during a police exercise. "mary knowlton" died during a "shoot - don't shoot" role playing scenario last tuesday night at the punta gorda police department's citizens police academy.
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is on leave. the first united methodist church in punta gorda is holding a public memorial service for knowles this afternoon. it starts at two p-m. knowlton was well known in the community because she worked at the local library. the punta gorda library is accepting donations in her honor. the search is on in north florida... for a missing fisherman. and the coast guard is asking ?all boaters to be on the lookout. they're searching for 47 year old "mitchell zegi" from ocala. he went out on a fishing trip sunday in his 22 but he never came home sunday night. zegi was out near "horseshoe beach"... thats up in dixie county. his family reported him missing on monday. the coast guard sent an airplane and a helicopter from clearwater to help in the search. they need to comb about two ?thousand miles. florida fish and wildlife is also assisting. if anyone sees zegi or the boat, they're asked to call the coast guard immediately. police in auburndale need your help to catch some daring car thieves. that's
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cars from ?people, they're going straight to the dealership. at least ?five cars so far. police have already made ?some arrests... but as fox 13's kellie cowan explains... this could be part of a much ?bigger crime ring: this is a familiar scene at car dealerships across central florida right now: surveilance video showing theives smashing trhough glass doors, going straight for keys to cars in the lot.. then driving off with them.this one happened last thursday at kelley automotive in aburdnale.these burglars took off with five cars... and investigators say this wasn't their first time. runs:oc:00:19 "it's not an isolated incident. it's a pattern."just two weeks ago deputies in inverness captured six young men, three of them juveniles, caught red handed doing the same thing ... they had also been on surveilance video from dealerships and other businesses across central florida ... but e they went to jailruns:oc:22"in those cases a number of arrests have been made but there are still a number of people that are responsible for a number of these thefts that are happening around this central florida area" investigators believe the thieves in all the videos are part of a much larger crime ring, hitting dealerships from central florida's west coast to the east coasta plea on kelley automotive's facebook page helped recover all five of their stolen vehicles ... but both authorities and business owners want help putting the rest of the ring behind barsruns:oc:3:16 "for the benefit of everybody out there that's doing things the right way and just trying to earn a living we need to find them and put them away behind bars so folks don't have to spend extra money trying to
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the first day of school is ?always a busy time for bay area schools. but polk county will probably have to
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because they have some serious overcrowding in the classroom. especially at one new school, that was specifically ?built to handle overcrowding. fox 13's ken suarez is live in davenport this morning, with more on the problem. ?ken, you were out there ?yesterday
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and not ?all the bay area is back to school today. sarasota students still have until next week! but sarasota ?teachers are back at work. they started on monday. and today... they begin meeting with some of their future students. several middle schools are hosting teacher meet-and-greets today. including sarasota middle school's eighth grade... and heron creek middle school's 6th, 7th, and the meeting starts at two this afternoon. the first day of school for sarasota students is next monday. ?"taking a ?dive"... in the olympics? later in sports... how it actually helped one athlete win. and she was nowhere ?near a pool. plus: a wildfire that burned ?thousands of acres and dozens of homes. why police in california now say... it was ?no accident. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45
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?? milwaukee: a curfew went ? ba da ba ba ba ? into effect... for anyone under the age of 18. it comes as police prepare for day ?three of violent protests. the curfew started at ten p-m and doesn't end until six is the day, officers were dodging more bricks, bullets and bottles thrown by a crowd still angry over the death of 23-year-old sylville smith. he was shot and killed by a black police officer this weekend. police say smith was also armed with a loaded gun, and didn't drop his weapon when told. smith also had a lengthy criminal record. more than a hundred national guard members are still on standby in the city in case the local sheriff calls for them. the obama administration has approved the release of 15
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six of those releases were unanimously approved... while a consensus was later reached on the others. some lawmakers say the white house is rushing to close gitmo... releasing quote "hardened terrorists" that will be a threat to americans. when president obama took office in 2009, there were 242 detainees at the prison camp. earlier this year, the president announced plans to close guantanamo. there are still 61 detainees at the prison camp. a state of emergency has been declared in california because of two major wildfires burning in the central and northern parts of the state. and we now know ?several state fires... were no accident. one man is now charged with arson... accused of setting more than a dozen fires in california, including the "clayton fire" which has burned more than four ?thousand acres. the fire is only five-percent contained and officials say strong winds are helping to fuel the flames. it's still not clear ?how the man
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historic flooding in louisiana appears to be rising. a ?seventh body was pulled from the waters of baton rouge late monday. a volunteer on a boat made the discovery, outside a local library. more than twenty ?thousand people have been rescued from the floodwaters... and more than ?half of them are now staying in shelters. crews also rescued about five hundred pets. the ?monetary cost of this devastation is expected to skyrocket. of all those homes damaged by the flooding... only about 12 percent had flood insurance.
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time to talk some sports
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highlights. lets begin with a little controversy on the track. it was at the womens 400 meter final. american "allyson felix" hoping to get the gold. but "shaunae miller" of the bahamas managed to beat her... with a dive. the two were neck-and-neck right before the end... but as they got to the finish line miller ?dove foward and beat felix's time by less than a ?tenth of a second. so felix settles for silver. social media not happyit ?cheated. but it's actually legal. runners are measured by when their ?torso crosses the finish line... so miller's mid-section still crossed before felix. observers also noted that if ?felix dived at the finish line too... she probably would have won. and some more disappointment for americans... this time in gymnastics. golden girl "simone biles" competing in the beam final monday, along with teammate laurie hernandez. biles was hoping for her ?fourth gold in
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didnt get ?any medal. her left food landed on the edge of the beam... and thats apparently a big no-no. biles still gets a bronze medal, and teammate hernandez gets the silver. sanne wevers of the netherlands takes the gold. biles was on her way to becoming the first gymnast in history to win five golds... in the same olympics. but she already has the u-s record for most medals for an american gymnast. her final event is today... the floor routine. and here's a look at the updated olympic medal count. the u-s has a ?huge lead on the competition. 75 total medals... including 26 golds. china is in second place with 46 medals... and great britain is in third place right now with 41 medals. back here at home: the rays bats ?still on fire... two games in a row. and they got another solid start from pitcher "drew smyly." his fifth ?straight quality start. the rays hosting the padres last night. bottom of the 2nd... logan forsythe....
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shot... that puts the rays ahead 3-1. drew smyly gave up an early home run, but that's pretty much it. that was his only hit... and he struck out four in 7 innings pitched. bottom of the 8th... logan morrison... returning from the d-l... rips it down the 1st baseline... a r-b-i double for him... 4-1 rays lead. later that inning... kevin kiermaier... with two on... sends it deep right... a 3-run shot.... part of a 5-run 8th inning.... rays take of the series ... 8-2 the final. when we come back, lindsay will have another check on your tuesday forecast. plus: donald trump is opening a new campaign office in florida. but it's already getting protests. especially from people affected by the pulse nightclub attack. we'll explain why, when good day
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opening today in orlando: a new office for the donald trump campaign. and... you can't have a trump story... without some controversy. it's all because of the ?location of that campaign office. fox's "dana jay" shows us why it's not getting much of a warm welcome. this is the site of a tragedy--- it is also a place for people to come togethera&and remember the 49 lives lost in the pulse nightclub shooting. ((cheryl 14:11:45 it's really brought the community closer. 14:11:51)) so in the middle of a divisive presidential campaign-((show trump here)) news that a controversial candidate will open an office just steps away.. is unwelcome ((cheryl bellardini/orlando 14:10:02 probably not the best place for him to be. 14:10:05 it's just kind of disturbing actually))((john krieg/orlando 13:44:48 i don't know what to say. he gets people incited just by himself, without having to open something across the way. )) randy ross is the campaign's chairperson in orange county. he says the office was never meant to distract from what happened at the nightclub. ((randy ross/trump campaign 12:56:00 that would never have been our intention because we recognized that that act of radical islamic terrorism that took place there is a big issue for our community. 12:56:07)) pulse was a gay club.many of the people who are memorialized here are hispanic. even though the campaign struggles with those demographics-ross said the location of the office had nothing to do with reaching out to those groups.and it's not meant as an insult either. ((randy ross/trump campaign chairman 12:56:12 i'm an openly gay man. i'm chairing this campaign. there was no strategy in that. as a matter of fact it probably would have been better-based on some
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that was "dana jay" reporting. trump's campaign says they didn't even ?pick the location... the space was donated to them. that's why the office is opening in that spot. still ahead in our next half hour: see ya later alligator. florida's gator hunting season is officially
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tagging along.. for one of those hunts. plus... fox 13's ken suarez is live in polk county... where they're hoping the ?second day of school... goes a lot better hoping the ?second day of school... goes a lot better than the first: today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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developing this morning in polk county: some classroom confusion. more than a ?hundred students just spent their first day of school... in limbo. that's because the school they were sent to because of overcrowding... is now ve it's led to a lot of frustrated parents. fox 13's ken suarez is live at citrus ridge academy in davenport this morning, with more. ?ken, you were just out there ?yesterday


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