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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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developing this morning in polk county: some classroom confusion. more than a ?hundred students just spent their first day of school... in limbo. that's because the school they were sent to because of overcrowding... is now ve it's led to a lot of frustrated parents. fox 13's ken suarez is live at citrus ridge academy in davenport this morning, with more. ?ken, you were just out there ?yesterday
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(walter/ department of health confirms two more ?locally transmitted cases of the zika virus in miami-dade county. that brings the total number of ?local transmissions to 30 in the state. there were also 28 new travel-related cases confirmed on monday... including one in hillsborough, and one in polk county. in sarasota county-- a blood bank is stepping up its fight against zika. the suncoast communities blood bank is using new technology called the "intercept blood system." it works by flushing out pathogens-- like zika-- from donated blood.
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this technology: this machine will one day be used to help cancer and burn patients as well. as of right now-- there is no technology that can wipe out zika from ?regular donated blood. new video out of jacksonville... shows one shoplifter's revenge. deputies say the woman walked into a shell station and candy bars in her pocket. when she refused to put them back -- the clerk locked the front door so she couldn't leave. that's when the woman trashed the store.. throwing chips and candy and anything else she could find on the ground. she left once the damage was done. deputies hope this video will lead to her arrest. after a 3 year battle over homelessness in st. pete... a federal appeals court has sided with the city. the case involves a homeless advocate... arrested
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arrested the reverend bruce wright for interfering with the arrest of a man who had a warrant out. the federal appeals court ruled that police "did not violate" wright's first amendment rights. wright is a vocal critic of how police deal with the homeless. wright says it's not over. he plans to appeal to the u-s supreme court. a life-changing contribution for dozens of high school and undergraduate students in tampa. g-t-e financial gave all 36 of them dollars. more than 500 students applied for the money. but to be selected... g-t-e says the students had to demonstrate dedication... perseverance and a commitment to their education while giving back to their communities. an update this morning on the rope course controversy in largo. we're now hearing the community's concerns. the city of largo is planning to build a zipline adventure park at the highlands recreation complex. but several neighbors don't
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complaining about extra traffic and noise. and they just don't think the city can handle the crowds. here's some of the response, from last night's public meeting: the city is in onboarda.saying the course would bring in as much as 80 ?thousand dollars a year. and the city would pay nothing. "tree-umph" would be the private operator of the course. a vote on the project is planned for next month is disney world making it's "magic bands"... smaller? a blog devoted to those bands... "magic band collectors dot com"... just found these prototypes during a public records search of the f-c-c. it's a new ?type of
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a little puck. and it would be ?inserted into bands... just like a "fitbit" tracker. that means disney guests wouldn't have to buy a whole new ?band... if they want to change designs. disney hasn't confirmed anything yet... but the f-c-c has been told to keep a portion of this technology private, until next february. it's officially open season... for one of florida's natural predators. monday was the first day of gator hunting season. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission received more than 14-thou and approved nearly five-thousand permits. we tagged along with hunter "shawn stephenson" -- as he hit the water at sunset: shawn tells us he's been hunting shawn tells us shawn tells us he's been hunting for the last 5-years and the biggest gator
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a volusia county man is recovering this morning from a lightning strike. police say he was riding an a-t-v, picking up umbrellas he rents on the beach when he was hit and thrown from the vehicle. he was conscious when they took him to the hospital. about the same time, a beach safety officer's jeep was also hit. the officer is fine, but the jeep is no longer drivable.
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weather... ((lindsay)) ?a secret nazi train... filled with gold? it's not the next "indiana jones" movie. up next... the ?real treasure hunt... happening today. plus: more troubles for a major carmaker. why "volkswagon" could soon be facing ?criminal charges... over its fuel.
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why celebrities everywhere are flexing their muscles... for the latest online challenge. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 52 million dollars. good luck... and good day is back in less than two minutes. ??
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for lunch try our steakhouse burger more troubles for or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.99. volkswagen, and the company's diesel-fuel scandal. the face criminal and civil penalities from the department of justice. it's for violations of the clean air act, by installing software on vehicles that bypassed environmental standards. the wall street journal reports that the government is already negotiating a settlement with volkswagen. the penalties could exceed a billion dollars. the company is also paying ten billion dollars to buy back those cars from consumers.
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"audi" is about to add new software to it's 20-17 cars that can actually predict when red lights turn green again. there will be a countdown clock right on the dashboard. this is actually part of a much bigger breakthrough in automated driving. eventually, cars and traffic signals will be able to ?trade data, to help predict traffic flow... and help prevent accidents. happening today in poland: the search for a nazi train... filled with gold. researchers and about 35 digging today to find a train, abandoned during world war two. legends about the train have circulated for half a century. some believe that nazis running from soviet troops hid all their stolen treasure in a train, and buried it in a secret tunnel. researchers studied the ground using radar technology and found what ?appears to be a tunnel. they should know by ?thursday , if there's a train inside it.
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and we begin... with the latest social media ?challenge.
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just some exercise. it's called the "22 push up challenge." several hollywood stars are already flexing their muscles to help, including captain america "chris evans." but he wasn't even the ?star of his own video: yup... his dog stole the show. evans and other stars have been taking the challenge to raise awareness for the 22 military veterans who commit suicide every day. and just like other challenges you ?nominate someone else. as of yesterday afternoon there were more than 100 ?thousand posts. the goal is to reach one ?million. and... a check of the holiday calendar today...
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celebrate america's favorite thrill ride. the first roller coaster in america was the "switchback railway" at coney island. it opened in 18-84. the coaster traveled just ?five miles per hour... up and down several hills. and coasters have gotten a ?lot more thrilling since then. here's a look at the ?fastest roller coaster in the world right now. the "formula rossa" at ferrari world in abu dhabi. the launch coaster takes riders up to 149 miles per hour... in just five seconds. that's more than ?twice as fast... as the fastest roller coaster in florida... the "incredible hulk" coaster at universal. and because of the high speed on "formula rossa" ... and the risk of impact from particles or insects... all riders must wear protective ?glasses... similar to those worn by skydivers. and floridians ?do have something to look forward to. we will soon be home to the ?tallest roller coaster in the world. the skyscraper... being built in orlando. the ride... twisting around a
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called "skyplex." it will be five ?hundred feet tall. it's set to open sometime next year. hollywood hits the bay area again. up next: the new movie filming this week... at one popular tampa restaurant plus, another check on the
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light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! today in tampa: a light & fit crunch.
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florida's first "youth empowerment town hall", hosted by the dairy council of florida and "gen-youth"a7 community leaders from across the state will speak about ways to support nutrition and physical activity in our schools. among the speakers... hall of famer and former buc "derrick brooks." the town hall is taking place at raymond james stadium, starting at eight a-m. and i'm planning to head out later this morning on good day... to get a live preview. we're going to get an update today on the state of public transit in hillsborough county. "hart" is hosting it's "state of transit" meeting later this morning. hey will highlight ?current transportation plans, and even some ideas for the future. among the speakers, lightning owner "jeff vinik." his plans to upgrade downtown tampa and the channelside district will likely play a huge role in hart's future...finding new ways to get people around a much more ?crowded downtown tampa. the meeting starts at 10-30 at the usf health building in downtown tampa. today in tampa: you can ?be the thunder... and get paid for it! the tampa bay lightning and amalie arena are
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upcoming season. it takes place at the arena, from three p-m to six p-,m.m they are filling positions for ?all arena events, including tampa bay lightning games and tampa bay storm arena football games. jobs range from parking attendants... to guest services... even security. all candidates are asked to bring ?five copies of their resume. today in st. petersburg: a very special "play date" for some bay area kids. the dell holmes park is hosting a get together for kids with autism. thats on 22nd street south. the event gives children with autism and their chance to meet other kids like them, and build their social skills and exercise. it starts at six p-m. a big backup for south tampa drivers on monday, near platt street. but this wasn't an accident... it was art. a crew is filming an independent movie right now, ?exclusively in hillsborough county. it's called "no postage necessary". they let our cameras inside the "four green fields" tavern where some of that filming was being done. at least one
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bit of espionage. not only is it shot here.. but the crew is also made up of three hundred locals. filming is expected to continue through most of august. ((//2shot)) toss to
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((walter shock on the first day of class. one school... turning students away... and their parents left scrambling for a solution. ((jen a dealership dilemma. someone is driving off with cars they didn't pay for. we're live this morning with the work to crack this burglary crime ring. ((walter oh, goody goody. after months of waiting... we finally know when this tampa institution will serve up its first burgers, shakes and pies. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of skytower radar


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