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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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sorry room for you! what has some parents scratching their heads this morning.. sorry students, some parents scratching there heads this morning. and a brushing your teeth with charcoal? yeah. >> why people are doing this and why you may not want to try for any number of reasons. from tab's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. i bet it tastes real good. it's 8 o'clock. i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning thanks tore waking up with us tuesday, august 16th. my mother's birthday. happy birthday phoebe. just hit me. >> hey lindsay.
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starting day out warm and heating up because of sunshine more of map on the morning more rain will be creeping in this afternoon across inland zones first. mostly sunny skies here in tampa. great weather at the beach. but still a little patchy fog, give it another 30, 45 minutes. brooksville portion of dade city your fog is a little more dense. for most part visibility okay this morning. still 80 in tampa look at that jump 82 in clearwater. upper 70s north sprinkles they are slip in from east. we will see inland by midday that 10 percent rain chance. by 5 o'clock showers to storms back towards the west coast. 50 percent rain chance of highs in the low 90s. and vanessa has ab busy lady. let's check in with her with an update unfortunately for folks out manatee county you guys are dealing with most of trouble spots here. so just to fill you in for folks just joining a crash reported tamiami trail manatee avenue blocking scout bound lanes.
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that crash site back beyond u.s. 30 one towards 17th in palmetto area. alternate bridge here is going to be business 41 but i will let you know that pretty jammed southbound as well. then unfortunately, even further, delays here southbound 75. we have a crash reported at university parkway, the red has grown, back from that university parkway exit. solidly to 64 now starting to back up even further to u.s. three 0 one avoid those areas if you can. we'll get to some of our major roadways north of southbound 275 bearss heading into interchange a 28 minute ride. then southbound 75, 15 minutes bruce b. downs to i-4. 8:02. students excited for their first day of school at the new citrus ridge academy. ended up with eight about of broken heart. they showed up only to find there are no desks for them. at least not yet. so now school and parents are scrambling to figure out what to do next. fox 13's ken suarez is live at
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you were here yesterday. >> this school was designed to help with over crowding >> yeah. >> it was as a matter of fact. this place is built because area schools are pretty much full up. this entire area is growing we're in davin now four corners up the road and grow in his leaps and bounds. that was evident yesterday when parents signed their kids up first day of school and were told that the school was already overcapacity. it was built for 1400 principal told us just a few minutes ago that 1472 are now enrolled. where do you put the kids who were last to be signed up? well, they are here at citrus ridge at least for the moment. administrators say they are going to have a meeting on thursday to figure out a solution. that might include bringing in portables or possibly sending some kids to another school. now all of that is supposed to be worked out at that point. to go back to the original premise what do parents do in meantime, well you really can't
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wait to find out what plan the principal has. and that probably will include portables she didn't want to come out and say that good possibility portables might be brought in kids hieb able to ta here some might have to stay ungo unclear at this point. really a lesson to be learned here as well. that is, they could have been enrolled their kids throughout summer. so it was several months they let it go to the last minute, sometimes one year in and wait waiting for chocolate chip cookie at the very, very end sometimes there's none left probably a better idea with anything in life to get it done right away. because these parents are in a state of limbo probably worried about figuring if their parents will if kids are going to have to leave the school. that's something they will number limbo for at least another couple of days. >> yeah. not way you want oh kick off new school year all right ken, we'll leave it there, thank you. russell. almost 8:05.
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state. a texan got it while visiting miami. texas health officials are calving it a travel associated case. patient fridays el paso el paso county's first case of zika. also the first case in texas linked to travel within the united states. officials say the person recently visited the wynwood neighborhood in miami which is at the center of florida home grown zika outbreak. they say this does not mean it's an epidemic. but that it demonstrates how easy it to spread virus enough people are infected in one area. >> back in florida now, 30 home grown cases of zika. florida department of health investigating two new cases in the miami area. one of those cases is outside the original 1 square mile area where the virus is active. state is now enlisting help of commercial mosquito control companies to keep the virs from spreading to other areas. meanwhile, people living in wynwood neighborhood are calling on city to stop aerial spraying of insecticides for fear of the
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cause. meanwhile, people living in florida keys do not want their community to be become the testing ground for the release of thousands of genetically mod fight mosquitos. new this morning they plan to protest this potential experiment that's on the table today. special mosquitos are being marketed as solution for zika. but people in key haven community are not buying it at all. they are putting signs up in their yards sail not give their consent to the project. some community members say that they believe the insts harm the wildlife or create a whole new population that are resistant to insecticides. ultimately, the 5 member mosquito control board will make the final decision and their first meeting is expected today. oxy tech, chase company behind the genetically mod fight mosquitos has received support from the world health organization p.m. >> research hers have spent decades trying to fight viruses that spread by mosquitos. scientist out of australia says it is time to tap into the earth
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dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya. and naturally occurring bacteria could bring these tropical diseases to an end. bug is infected with the bacteria cannot transmit any viruses. other bonus here is the mother mosquito will then pass on the it disease to her offspring effectively ending mosquito born illnesses. >> 8:07 right now. calm after the storm after days of protests milwaukee's police chief says it much quieter evening. death of armed black man saturday night police say seville smith was armed with fully loaded semiand did not comply when police told him to drop his weapon. officers arrested six people last night, they had heated confrontations but no destruction of property. also a 10:00 p.m. curfew for everyone who is under 18 years old. officer involved shooting and specifically bias in policing is very controversial issue. especially right now. new this morning we've learned a
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to train officers at a federal level. and hopefully prevent things like this in the future. walter is here with a look at the program right now. hello. russell good morning to you. called the fair and impartial policing program. and has been adopted and retooled now u.s. department of justice to train officers at the federal level. this class has taught at the state and local level since 2008 and with usf tie in comes in laurie has tasked doj to develop a version o federal level called a fair and impartial law enforcement program. this class will be taught to members of four particular agencies f.b.i., atf dechlt. a and u.s. marshal service. the program trains officers to recognize their own implicit biases. they may not be aware because they might only associate bias and policing with explicit bias such as racism. 7 officers at the university of police department have attended
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complaints in policing which she sees as sign of success. this program will teach more than 23,000doj employees during implementation russell. all right walter, thank you. talk again later. >> a man accused of a killing a georgia police officer and then taking off was found hiding in trunk of a car in florida. >> authorities say the 24-year-old fatally shot eastbound patrol officer timothy smith. it happened saturday night after he got out of the his patrol ca have celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday. deputies got a tip he was traveling in gold nissan utility ma. they stopped car early yesterday morning. they found his sister behind the wheel. and dean's in the trunk. he's being held nassau county jail right now awaiting transport back to georgia. 8:0 anyone right now new trump campaign office opening in orlando many people are not happy about where it is
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anything club site where 49 people were shot and killed. many feels decision is disrespectful to. cap pain chairperson the location choice was never meant to distract what happened at the night club. in fact they say they didn't even pickett, it was donated to them. donald trump is calling for new extreme screening process for immigrants. he says this new policy would help weed out any possible isis terrorists. trump calls it an extreme vetting process and considers it an expansion of his proposal t block all muslim entering u.s. in order to implement the screening process he says his administration would temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous countries in the world and says that those who do not believe in the american constitution or who support hatred will not be admitted into the country. >> hillary clinton's campaign responded saying this policy cannot be taken seriously. you know florida is still consider a major swing state. and thousands of pew to rican
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pew to ricans are consider u.s. citizens but they cannot vote because puerto rico is no the a state. but, that changes once they move to florida. and right now thousands of moving due to a crumbling economy on island. new pugh research poll shows there's million here registered to vote. that number is only expected to grow by november. were will it be rain free day, lindsay is back in few minutes with a latest on forecast. it >> she has those ears. gwen stefani makes a florida mans dream come true. good day good deed. you do not want to miss. then at 8:30 a bizarre trend promised to whiten your teeth. is this just too good to be true? >> hey everybody i'm charley belcher university of south florida. we started on football field. now i'm headed to sun dome. talking volleyball as we get you
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she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. ((laura qd)) gwen stefani pulls a fan on the
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just about 8:15. appear gwen stefani pull as fan on stage while she's touring through florida gives him moment and his mother will never forget. that this morning good day good deed. take a listen. from first to fifth grade he would come ohm every day upset and listen to your music and smile. get up here right now. >> he to spend time with her after the show. >> this west palm beach mom was grateful for what see does wednesday she's one grateful for this fifth grader. along with the video she posted that three years ago, when things were hard for she prayed to god every day that she could juice her god given gift to make a difference. and that this boy was the answer to her prayers. how about that >> that's great.
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>> nice. >> and then this, california man is in jail this morning facing a list of arson charges. damien is accused of a starting the clayton fire in northern california. one that purnd about 4,000 acre and destroyed more than 100 homes. fire is only 5 percent contained. officials say a strong winds are helping to fuel it. he is in jail fire officials say it's not clear how he started the fires, or why. but they believe he is hin the string of other fires as well. right firefighters battling it. at at cost of nearly $5 million. search rescue teams continue looking for survivors after intense flooding strands tens of thousands of people in southern louisiana. at least 7 people have died since ryan started pummeling the area last week. state officials believe the number will rise. most of the rain has stopped. but danger isn't over because of the rivers and a creeks continue to rise. not crested yet.
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businesses in danger. >> that's just something to see, that kind of rain. isn't it, lindsay? way too much of it too. we feel for them. we know it will be something we will talking about for a while, right? >> we've seen it here when we have the flooding and then it's the river that is take days and weeks sometimes to get back on track. so what's happening right now in louisiana? let's start with that he we still have flood watch and warnings up. but at least for time being is not raining and at least the steady rain is not in louisiana. it's in southeastern texas. its riding this literally extending from texas to the midwest to even new england by late in the day. just kind of strung out. as it stuck, high pressure is in control. thank goodness it stuck not over louisiana though. stuck off to the west. for us this morning radar's quiet it will be heating up. mid bay stott spotty inland rain builds back west to 50 percent storm chance between 26 o'clock best time frame. couple heavy downpours from frequent lightning but storms the coverage is 50 percent, they
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early part evening. we look rest here in tampa. it looks good. great beach day. vice inlt improving and portions of pasco county give it another 30 minutes and then you'll be thankful for the fog because, hey it's holding back your temperatures. upper 70s wesley chapel. 82 in clearwater. 81 in brandon. feeling like 91 in clearwater though with humidity. so big time heat today we'll monitoring that. heating up in tropics this likely fiona as early a today or no threat to us we like to see storm stag over open atlantic we don't like storms coming off africa because they tend to have stronger strengths. we'll watch this into the coming days. 92 for today. scattered afternoon and evening storms pushing west. but they end by sunset which is 8 o'clock. rain chances 50 percent through thursday. by weekend we'll bump it down to 30 percent on sunday. but our storms will be shifting inland throughout day.
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check in on 75 jams here in area fowler not unusual. typically a slow spart of our interstates this time of morning looks like we might have crash oh disabled vehicle left shoulder southbound direction. overall though dealing with yellow travel times between fletcher and selman expressway. 16 minutes is that drive there. >> want to remind folks downtown lakeland that postponed rail road work should starting today closures expected for a rail road classing massachuset e should be cleared at this point. unfortunately, still dealing with delays here in manatee. good u.s. 92 lanes are finally clear. tamiami trail a manatee avenue. so expect lingering southbound delays. not only here across the manatee river, but also, for alternate route i showed you before. business 41. that's still looking pretty slow with lots of folks trying to avoid original crash 75 southbound look a bit slow no lane clearing here a same we seen before a continue to avoid
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university parkway. time to sell means time to update your home. coming up a 9, what you should and should not do when you're thinking about a remodeling. but first college sports fans gear up. charley is u is f this morning about to get you pumped up. oh he's moved inside. we will check in with him as he checks out all of the fall
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good day tampa bay. and go bolts. yeah. this is fun. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a university of south florida. worry getting you ready for all fall sports happening here. hanging out football players was fun. now we're talking volleyball. in fact there are the ladies right there. there are your, there's our volleyball players. we've go courtney draper. coach, this is going into your fifth year program keeps getting better and better and better. what are you looking forward to for the season? the kids we've going two a days for the last several days. and they are looking good. they are competing every day in practice. they are working really hard. great summer with our strength coach. i think we're ready for really great year. olympics have me thinking about volleyball.
8:24 am
when can i come see it here uusf. that's friday, saturday. then we're on the road up into de paul back at home for another tournament conference play starts at the end of a september. most conference games friday night and sunday afternoon. friday night is usually a big college night. sundays a little bit more about community people come over after church we do free clinics all kids middle school and younger our players, after the match they come out there great experience. i love that. really want to reiterate that. after game on sundays, the ladies stick around and it's a free clinic for middle school and younger kids. what, what great way to give back to community and really be a part of the community. yeah just way for us to say thanks at our match we really poesht the support. an it's a little smaller compact. people get rowdy. cheerleaders are here. the band is here. it's fun environment.
8:25 am
this this provide as great education great scholarship opportunities for ladies. dakota over there. dakota is bit of a star. all conference player for us last year. she's going to be a preseason first team pick for this year. and she provides great leadership, and we're excited to see what she can do for us this year as leader. dakota shall we do what you and i are known for? all right. we're known, coach i will give you the microphone. all right. >> i got you. i got you. tell tell everybody what we're doing. i'm going to, i can't throw and oh my gosh. denise is going throw. denise belcher will throw for us. charley's going to set up the dakota for a great kill. lead him a little bit nice and high lead him a little bit. we got it, here we go. nice. oh. okay. yeah, yeah. we will try that again.
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yeah. that's the one. good. all right. that was good. he's so sweet that's all right. dream team. >> that's what it is the dream team. >> the dream team. that was fun. >> you're going to tired by time this is over with today. i'm pretty impressed. trying out for every team here. all right. >> entertainment and eat snicker anger over $11 worth candy dollars land ad florida woman in hot water. that video is something. and then pregnant women, should you take aspirin? a concern that lot of people have. a new study would suggest no.
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from tampa bayings number one news station, this is the good day tampa bay. hey everybody welcome 8:30 this morning top stories a bay area teacher hit by a suspected drunk driver has died. her boyfriend who was in the car with her at the time remains in the hospital injuries. >> caroline sign and sean were driving home from date when police say bryce mccloud ran a red light and a slammed into them. caroline died yesterday in the hospital. sean has a broken back. the two have quite a love story too. >> they met as students at usf music's program. caroline was music teacher at 5 different pinellas county elementary schools. sean teaches music at miles and
8:31 am
them bryce mccloud now facing dui manslaughter charges an in jail $50,000 bound if you get out required to gps monitoring bracelet a well as second monitoring device. a retired librarian is being remembered one week after she was accidently shot ask killed punta gorda police officer. 73-year-old mary knowlton was a picked a volunteer citizens police academy appear officers were demonstrating when to use lethal force when she was a hit by being held today first you united methodist church a 2 o'clock. doors open at 1 o'clock. >> attorneys for florida teen who posed a doctor were granted more time to figure out if he was insane at the time that he was pretending to be to be a doctor. judge agreed to a delay the trial. this will give the 19-year-old's attorneys more time to evaluate whether they can use the insanity defense. he was a 18 when prosecutors say he pretended to be a doctor at
8:32 am
also accused of a stealing money from at least one of those patients. his attorneys think he may suffer from a still undiagnosed mental health problem. the judge ordered him to receive a mental health evaluation in march. it's unknown if that ever happened. the trial expected to resume in november. alligator hunt seeing officially under way two alligators and only in designated areas. and only from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. this year more applied for permits just 5,000 received them. started yesterday runs until november 1st alligators were removed from endangered list in 1988. f wc says the hunt is part of a conservation effort. it is a sophisticated crime ring that looks pretty familiar. a 5 men break into an auburndale dealership and take off with 5 cars. police do not believe this is their first time either. fox 13's aaron mesmer is live with us with the slook at the
8:33 am
previous case. do police believe these two could be connected? >> they absolutely do believe they might be connected. and you have to imagine that some of these dealers who hadn't be hit yet like some of the businesses here behind me, they probably heard about the arrest about half dozen of them last week and thought oh it's over with. we can move forward. unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's over with now. clearly there are more suspects and this could be a very big crime ring. so let's go back to surveillance video we just showed you thieves used cars and auburndale. they went straight for the car keys and drove off. like you said those criminals got away with 5 cars. and this is pretty familiar surveillance video here. just two weeks a citrus county deputies caught six young men doing exact same thing in dealership in inverness those suspects believed to have hit nearly dozen dealerships. problem is when those guys went to jail crimes didn't stop. detectives believe this may be a part larger crime ring
8:34 am
in florida and tampa bay alone businesses have been hitting places like davenport winter haven wesley chapel and now auburndale. all within the last few weeks. so some of these vehicles have been recovered all 5 in the auburndale case were found. but still some stolen vehicles out there. and clearly still some suspects out there. so anybody with information should call 911 or crime stopper we heard from one general managers of that business in auburndale. he said, when stuff like this happens, it makeshe systems to make plays more safe and secure. it's costing them extra money they really and detectives do too, want any information to help find these people. >> hopefully just a matter of time, thank you, aaron. yeah. >> also new this morning st. petersburg police are searching for this woman, they say she cashed counterfeit checks at three different suntrust banks earlier this year. happened in the first week of march. officials say that woman used a fake driver's license to cash the checks.
8:35 am
more than $12,000. if you know anything, call police. almost 8:35 right now. jacksonville woman through a fit inside a gas station a she was caught stealing canned bars. they saw stuff $11 inside of her purse. now when they told her to put them back she refused. and that's when the clerks locked the doors and woman lost her cool. you watching this? >> cameras show her throwing food, pouring so today all over the store and smashing the woman then left all of sudden. >> cell phone video capture chaotic moment a man tried to save his wife from drowning. only to get succeed into the rip current himself. this happened on miami beach sunday afternoon. 34-year-old man unresponsive and pulled from a water. rushed to the hospital. crews were not able to resuscitate him. man's wife by the way was not hurt. hmm. >> all right.
8:36 am
i think so. all right. she's on that box. what's going on disney princess. disney princess. which one should i be >> which one do you want to be? >> i want to aerial. >> this is when wheels fall off we combine dave with a lindsay earlier and got disney. that's bright cheery news. look how beautiful it is guys. even though it doesn't feel so great outside. it's humid. its warm. we've got sunshine to be had over lakeland and lake mirror and beach goer are lovin until probably 3, 4 o'clock today. as we look towards the east for storms this afternoon. >> now the temperatures have been holding steady i would expect a jump into mid 80s by next hour. we're holding steady at 80 this hour in tampa. it's 80 in sebring. check out humidity atlantic moisture means feels like mid 90s on east coast. it feels like mid 80s here locally. and only going to get hotter until it rains which not happening any time soon. even today, with that east wind
8:37 am
it's midday interior showers building to showers and storms on the west coast this afternoon. >> now satellite and radar very quiet around the state. east winds going to work, so chances for rain just as high as yesterday. 50 percent. two to 6 o'clock and then storms push off the coast.pby early ev. and tropics, want to point out we may have fiona circled in red over the next 24, 48 hours. disturbance, organizing some moving west now, and chance of development the next five days. but look where it's headed. not west we like to north, northwesterly track. likely at the end of the weekend or next week we could see another wave that bears watching too. could take a similar track off to the north and west. our storms today, they are headed west. 92, hey it's better than 95. which is what we saw yesterday. >> more on this evening our storms long gone by sunset in most spots. partial clearing down to 78.
8:38 am
on. by late week afternoon storms will be shifting inland. sunshine tomorrow morning 91 for the high. on water east winds today, 10 knots. improvements as not quite a breezy today. next tide, 12:56 on st. pete pier. seven-day forecast, check this out, low 90s hanging on. even steamier overnight by the weekend. is the winds flip flop. excited a we are to see 30 percent rain chance by sunday. remember, storms shifting inland throughout the day. and it's our favorite part of the morning right now. i love here look at this picture. hanna sent in two days just cheering sunset is unreal. in tarpon springs. fred howard beach. enjoy your mug, great picture, remember you can win one too head over to dave's facebook page at fox 13 dave osterberg. and look for information on how you can win. good stuff. yeah. great picture. looks like they conquered mountain. sure did. yeah. we're slowly but surely
8:39 am
without not without some concerns. we do have? delays we're watching here. this 75 northbound. southbound looking slow for that matter in this area. this is the camera south of harney road. earlier we had a crash more of something to see. it since cleared out a lot. this will be on left shoulder, some reason folks are really slowing down in this area. so back ups towards the selman expressway, 21 minutes from there towards fletcher. and then, southbound direction also looking pretty slow at 15 mi and i-4. some con vegs here pretty notable along i-4 westbound 75 to downtown. sitting around 22 minute ride also 22 minutes to get from st. pete side howard frankland bridge up top interchange. reports of traffic light not cycling out tampa area. 56th street north at busch boulevard. seeing some pretty notable southbound delays. might be worth giving extra time heading that way. thank you to laura, who facebooked me this crash she was seeing clinton avenue and prospect road indeed seeing some
8:40 am
pretty heavy in this area. just east of intersection. so might be worth taking state road 52 instead. all right, vanessa, thank you. brushing your teeth with charcoal? new trend but it could a dangerous one. fox 13's walter allen is here now with a what's trending for your mind, your body and your business. good morning, aspirin is one pregnant women is told is safe for years new study leaves women to believe is not off limits. but there are two sides to this story. listen up. pediatrics and women too sit min fen during pregnancy were more likely to have children with behavioral problems. the issues, were about 20 to 45 percent more common in women who took the painkiller. there have been two previous studies showing similar results. but, the researcher did not ask the women how much they took or why they took it. another important note here, many of the women in the study admitted to smoking and drinking as well. >> biggest take away, talk to
8:41 am
>> we have another health warning for you this morning dentist are asking you to hold off diy charcoal whiten trend it can cause tooth erosion and enamel de-terrace rags. starred picking up speed youtube touted its benefits. american dental association says their been no research on the method, and does not approve of it as a whitening product. and now we're mixing education with business. many of us send our kids back to school with notebooks and pencils but it turns out whole new host of tech items that could really help your student. about 60 percent of people are looking for something technology driven. whether it's a laptop tablet head phones or even portable memory to help keep everything in one place. consumer technology association says all of it helps your child do more with their school work. there you go. i'll keep charcoal away for a while. i've seen this like this not my
8:42 am
that. it looks rough. >> it's joker inside. all right. thank you, walter. time to get our kids healthy jen epstein is town hall where they are trying to figure out the
8:44 am
8:45 am
((laura 2shot)) there's no doubt our kids welcome back. about 15 minutes a of the hour now. there's no doubt that you are do not get out get enough exercise. we all know it all you have to do look at the numbers. one in every six children in the united states are obese. but there are things that we can do. and today community leaders, students and even bucs hall-of-famer looking ways to deal with the problem right here in the bay area. jen is live raymond james stadium where a town hall on subject is taking place. hey, good morning. >> yeah you can call a town hall officially. but kind of like a party.
8:46 am
there's food, music. and officially just started. and mention hall-of-famer derek brooks just spoke for couple minutes got crowd all revved up to inspire our youth to eat healthy and to get active. that's what this is all about this town hall. we have one of those young people here who have been inspired to inspire others to be healthy. and we've got bobby with us this morning. good morning thanks for being with us. hey thanks for having me. your 13 years old and ninth grate already doing so much for it i t. all started when i was eight years old i saw my friends not going outside a lot. wat's norm became abnormal. i knew i could do something. i knew i could make powerful impact as youth if you know i talk to my generation and get them to go outside and play and eat healthy. as youth i like to get involved i like to get other youth involved as well you're a student ambassador for fuel up to play 60. basically getting encouraging
8:47 am
outside. and be active for 60 minutes a day. what do you do to make that happen? >> well i play football myself. i play golf as well. so and then i also have dog who i walk every morning. you know a lot of my 60 minutes a day. as well for healthy i always start off my day eating breakfast. usually like fruit cup then i always incorporate my plate aspects into my lunch and dinner. >> what a smart kid. right. so talk to me about what you're doing in your school. you said you started a different pr >> yes. well actually started the fuel up to play 60 program in my elementary school and middle school. and i grew vegetable and herb garden as well to increase healthy eating as well a going outside and being active. with growing garden and then eating fresh produce. yeah. then i've also encouraged you know over 160 students after school to join a physical activity program. and healthy recipe challenge. >> my goodness you've done so much and only in ninth grade what do you want to do when you
8:48 am
i want to become a politician. year 204 i'm running for president around that time. so if you're going to vote for me i appreciate it. well official announcement here, 2040. bobby, running for president. you've got my vote. i mean the hair alone you have got my vote for that. and the personality. penalty matches the air. what do you guys think? pretty impressive. yes i'm in. 2040. will i still be there. i'm in i'll vot you better be here still russell. you've got three votes so far, right? i've all right. and 2040. all right see you later, jen it was nice. get over to charley right now. look what he's up to. he charley. so if you keep, scoring home i did get a call back. i don't think they call them call backs in sports. call backs. i got call back for football.
8:49 am
i got call back for football volleyball they said leave your head shot at the door. thank you for coming in men's soccer team. oldest sport here at the university of sow florida. we're getting you ready for fall athletics fall see on here university of south florida talking mens soccer, head coach right there george, we're talking to them when good day tampa bay continues.
8:50 am
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welcome back... the time is 8:xx. 2 police officers and welcome back. 8:52. two police officers went above and beyond to return a basset hound to it's owner. it's this morning good deed. this isabella right here. and back in july her owner got into a crash a while on south carolina. and without a working car he was not able to take bella home. so the local animal shelter took kuft of dog. but after one week, she would be put up for adoption. that was deal. that is when officer responded to crash stepped in to help took pell la home to his own family. and he and another officer decided to drive bella home to new jersey. and this is bella. and officer cool at the rest
8:53 am
thanks to him. isn't that amazing? >> need help, we will give it to you. charley belcher, good morning to you. go bulls. we're getting you ready for fall sports season here university south. volleyball team on the rise, and men's soccer coached by george kiefer really most historic of sports of university of south florida it was 1965 men's soccer game made it 50 years last year a big tradition to carry on coach. it's huge at south florida to be coach a very first sport is a lot of fun. and in fact aaron just showed me the first game program. on it is very first patch two days ago. >> you guys are ranked 19th in the country. that's big deal. and, i like football team. a lot of expectations coach. we love that. and you know i think it just forces us every time we go out
8:54 am
team's best match. so it's fun. i want want to talk about this saturday night. that's long standing fun rivalry game between usf and university of tampa. which happens right here. call it the rowdy's cup. yeah saturday night, you know tampa is a great program. and you know, you always see huge crowd at that became. a lot of supporters for both sides. it's fun especially for kids really good time. what time is game? 7:00. 7 o'clock cost money to get in how much does it cost to get in. yeah. all right. all right. i'm sure it's affordable. to be fair less than getting a movie ticket or, you know and thing of popcorn for your whole family i'm sure. i'm sure. and then, also, this is where you guys play all of your games. where we play all of our home games. yeah. what days normally you play your games, coach? typically on friday or saturday nights. and then with the rare mid week game. very nice.
8:55 am
everybody you see there's a floridian from florida. i think, one, two, three. three out of 5 there from the tampa bay area. >> yeah. yeah. there's couple more than in orientation. but, clearly ates priority to bring in the best local players you have to do that. >> will we finally seeing this coach with world cup with, are we finally, are americans finally gettying this, this a really fun and can be very exciting sport to watch? i know people are already rolling their eyes. some at home and the to tweet me about how watching grass grow. i love sport i love watching i got into english premiere league arsenal on first day preseason. are we finally getting it? i think if you go to the games f you go to orlando city game you come here you see the atmosphere s at the games and it's interactive with what you're involved with game. you're fun, dancing, singing jumping around. a great time. speaking dancing and sing st. guillen it's time for my
8:56 am
goal? i think you should shoot on kristin. all right. oh. poor christian. christian. they are setting you up brother. where did you go to school? steinbrenner, well done. all right. good luck. >> i'm sorry. it's only, you can only lose this. no goals christian. no goals. i got that. what just shank it. you right-handed or left-handed? >> all right. here we go. ready? oh. right to him. right to him. all right. all right. one more. russell. so far i've not made a single team yet. i'm going for far right corner, russell. all right. all right. no i was going to the left. okay. i think you flopped a little bit for me you tried to make lee look good.
8:57 am
women's soccer last thing i will tryout fori hear you made it in touring company of chorus line. so all's well. >> i i hope i get it, i hope i get it. all right. all right. i really need this job. see you later, man. >> setting an example by way she livers texas teenage shows young cancer patients they have nothing to be ashamed of when they lose their hair in series of very inspiring pictures. and looking to do alleges home improvement around the house? you may want to think twice your to do list before you start. we'll take look at some of the david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
8:58 am
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the list gets bigger. another major health care company the list gets bigger. another major healthcare company with drawing from obamacare. and how this is going to affect us here in florida. >> cancer does not stop her from being a princess.


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