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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at known pinellas county teacher dies from her injuries the new charges appear suspect drunk driver is now facing. >> good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks for joining me. >> bryce mccloud now faces dui manslaughter charges. carr sine died last night from her injuries she and her boyfriend sean hankins were a returning home late saturday night from a date when they were hit in pinellas park. mccloud ran a red light and hit their car. hankins broke his back and
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critical condition. mccloud was not hurt in the crash. he was arrested for d i with serious bodily injury and a charges were up grated when sine died he expected to be back in court this afternoon on this new charge. 24is mccloud's second dui. later today woman killed during a police exercise will be laid to rest. 73-year-old mary knowlton was killed a week ago she was shot down a shoot don't shoot role playing scenario today gorda police department citizen academy. the officer is on leave. the but first united methodist church in punta gorda is holding a public memorial service for her 2 o'clock this afternoon. >> knowlton worked punta gorda library, and is accepting donations has her memory. some students excited for a new day of school in davenport ended up discounted as ken suarez reports they showed up only to
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yet. >> reporter: you know everybody is talking about citrus ridge, what cool place it is, you know it's the only school in polk county that bases its curriculum on civics. probably only one in the state and one the only ones in the entire nation. so yesterday, people were coming in here parents were signing up their kids but some got a little bit of a shock. they found out school is over capacity. school built for 1400 kids when all was said and done as of yesterday, it was so what do you do with these kids >> do you bus them someplce else and keep them here accommodate them let's turn to kathy who principal of school. i'm going to throw that one in your loop what do do with kids or maybe before that? where are these kids that are over capacity kids? the kids are at school. we are putting those kids in seats every student is able to attend school. so we are assigning them to classes, and they are able to
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citrus ridge? >> no. is not unique to citrus ridge. this is a polk county policy. and any school that is over capacity parents receive this letter stating that they may not attend that school based on the eight-day count. i want reaction to this i found it usual parents would registering their kids the day that school oechs. could they have done it before that? >> yes. we had a big sign out front of our construction at citrus ridge this summer. we have been at davenport school of the arts all summer enrolling students. >> so the bottom line is we have a 72 or maybe some more folks might be coming in today or so students that are over capacity. what that means they have to figure out what to did with those kids. either keep them here with portables or possibly even bus them to another school. this is probably going to resolved by end of the week or maybe the beginning of next
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>> thank you, ken new this afternoon hillsborough county detectives around search forge around a thief that sdoel computer equipment from walmart. officials say this man walked into walmart on north dale mabry highway grabbed a computer router and then took off. if you recognize him, call the sheriff's office. you could eligible for a cash reward. deputies are looking to identify this man as well. he broke into a jewelry store on west hills boro avenue. it happened at the just after midnight. he smashed front glass door with a tire through doors before ripping two cash register counter and leaving. >> bizarre investigation innered way in martin county on florida's east coast. authorities say a man stabbed a married couple to death and then bit off part of man's face. this is picture of the scene from martin county sheriff's office. now they believe that man was on drugs, possibly hallucinating when he attacked the couple. the a neighbor who tried to stop him was also wounded his
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another night of protests on streets in milwaukee and it comes three nights after fatal police shooting african american man officials say was armed. as fox's caroline shively reports, there were 6 arrests last night but no repeats of violent clashes. last night there was no repeat of the violence in property damage we saw here on saturday and sunday. but people in this neighborhood say this is far from over. a third night of confrontations with police, leave leading to 6 arrest on an otherwise city finally calming down after a two nights of protest and riots, following the police shooting of seville smith a 23-year-old man police say was armed. police officer and state patrol kept kept everybody safe. milwaukee officials are split on root causes of ongoing tension. some are blaming outside agitators for taking an advantage of emotional situation. others say major cultural change is need throughed out city >> you look at the poverty rate
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city in america. school system k-12 milwaukee public schoolless one worst in nation smith's family is speaking out saying he and officer were high school friends and smith wasn't threatening him. smith's sister promising protests will continue. >> if we which don't have answer we're going find them. we're going find them our weaver not going find them your way we're not going compromise no more. wisconsin justice department is investigating the shooting no word yet on when they will officer's body camera. in milwaukee caroline shively, fox news. >> it's sophisticated crime ring that looks pretty familiar. 5 men break into an auburndale dealership and take off with 5 cars. >> and as fox 13's aaron mesmer reports, police don't believe it was their first time. this is got to feel like d?j?vu after crime ring hits another car dealership. that comes after about half dozen or so criminals were caught last week. you got to imagine that owners
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targeted yet like these over here behind me have got to start feeling nervous. let's get right to that surveillance video thieves smashed through at glass doors. they went straight for car keys, and drove off the criminals got away with 5 cars, and if this looks familiar to you, probably a reason. just two weeks ago citrus county deputies caught six young men doing the exact same thing a dealership in inverness. investigators say those suspect are believed to have hit a dozen dealerships. the problem is, the c went to jail. detectives believe this is all part of a larger crime ring hitting dealerships from coast to coast in florida. and the tampa bay area alone businesses have been hit in places like davenport winter haven wesley chapel and now auburndale. all within the last few weeks. some of those vehicles have been recovered. all 5 in auburndale case were found. but still some stolen cars out there. clearly still some criminals. anybody with any kind of information should call 91.
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>> in tampa, aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. sarasota police have awarning to those who get to distracted by pok?mon go after a woman had her purse stolen. here's what happene. officers say the woman was playing pok?mon go on her cell phone when man came up behind her, knocked her to the ground, and grabbed her purse. there are a lot of outdoor gatherings to play pok?mon go and police say this is just a good example of being aware of your surroundings at all times. well still ahead keeping your teen drivers safe on road while you save our consumer reporter explains discounts and apps you need to know about. and she's in the fight of her life against cancer. but local woman is not giving up. in fact she's helping other cancer patients along the way. how she's paying it forward next. and jim's here checking your forecast hey jim. hey there you know a hot steamy start to the day. u but we're seeing plenty of sun. skytower radar getting active with more scattered showers working there way across the state. so looks like it could end up being an active afternoon with lots of storms around.
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beach right now beautiful looking view right there. few clouds passing overhead and temperatures getting into the upper 80s and low 90s already. complete forecast is c in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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right now... friends d stis right now arsayiarel lost his battle with of fire trucks made memory of pete colleagues stood huffman fought for cancer
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for firefighters. but florida is not one of them. well fox 13 is proud sponsor of american cancer society making strides against breast cancer events. and over the next few days, we will bringing you stories leading up to their annual kick off. i'm introducing you to cancer survivor battling once again although this time is fight taking greater toll on her mind and bode she spends spare time putting cancer care packages together for strangers all because american did the very same thing for her. >> i got my benadryl. susan tries to make light of yet another long chemotherapy session. but the truth is, it's rough. it's very rough. you spend several hours sitting in a chair while they infuse you with chemicals. day one to day 3 is no the too bad. day 3 to day 10, you feel like
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>> if you still have any doubt, how difficult and draining cancer treatment can be, just look in susan's eyes. i've also done two rounds of radiation. listen to the shake in her voice. it's massachusetts advertised. watch other lips quiver. i had radiation in my neck because it was in one of my and there's a spot on my liver. she tess it's a tough battle. yes. >> but in the midst of what could be her last stand, susan is finding joy in giving. it all started with bag of goodies in necessities given to her when she first walked into her local american cancer society office. there are definitely things you can take to the wherever you're going to get your chemo. goodie full donated items fuzzy
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it's a hat. for if you've lost your hair. >> yes you might lose heat out of your head between rounds of treatment susan decide to pay it forward. she bought bags half price and started filling them up what thee knows west cancer warrior will likely need during your fight. you got lot on your plate right now it takes time and effort so why. why not. it's nice to know that strangers are willing to go out of meet. >> thank you. you're doing a good thing. >> yes, she is. so fur ainterested in making a do is nation to american cancer society be new bags or items that go into your bags go to local american cancer society office i've put list of them on my facebook page. acs is showing a kick off party how you can get involved and a walking with teen making strides against walk. they are lot of fun. so here's some the dates and
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and in hillsborough county, a straz center. for info on that head over to my facebook page look for fox 13's linda hurtado and like the page. >> well aetna is pulling back from affordable care act. they are leave been 11 states including florida. the company's ceo released a statement they are just losing too much money. another 200 million in second quarter this year alone. that brings their total losses to $430 million and with this pull back aetna will only sell policies in four states, delaware, iowa, nebraska and virginia. is your teen it hassing road for first time? you're already worried about their safety, right? you don't want to worry about cost of insuring them too. consumer sorboni banerjee takes look some apps to keep them safe and ways to save you money. >> as teens who got their licenses over summer hit their road to schools, sports and activities getting them insured
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recent surveys show that insurance can go up nearly 100 percent in many places when you add that teenager to the insurance. 100 percent? >> 100 percent. that's a big jump obviously in something you kind of want to prepare for before it actually happens. >> stats show young drivers are involved in more accidents, backing up higher rates. but financial advisors say there are some steps you can take to cut costs. >> first, many insurer will offer discounts if your teen takes a defensive driving difference. >> your teenager may be pushing for brand new fancy car. but it actually costs more to insure those cars. so maybe think about starting off with a car that's still safe, but not quite as new. and finally, getting good grades can pay off. some insurers will give you discount your student does well in school. when it comes to keeping new drivers safe, there are growing number of apps. for example, drive subscribe notifies parents of dangerous
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amazon for save driving. drive sooif says make your teens phone hands free and a voice activated. mama bear lets parptsz see where their kids are via gps tracking. it notifies you of certain speeds are exceeded when kids arrive preset places and even lets you check out social media interaction. >> most offer free trial periods so you may want to test drive a few to find one that suits your family the best. sorboni banerjee, statistics show that one out 5 license teenl ager will be a car crash. florida law helps by only allowing 16-year-old driver to drive between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. if they drive beyond those hours they must be accompanied by a licensed driver who at least 21 years old be driving to or from work. well flood waters in and around baton rouge, louisiana are subsiding but not very quickly. some areas saw up to two feet of rain in just 48 hours. at least eight people were killed in the flood waters while
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to be rescued. some people are getting a glimpse of wreck age of their homes for very first time today. can you imagine. others know how bad it is. i was able to watch it as unfolded because i was watching my cameras for from my cell phone. i was able to watch my my vehicles go under water also my home. rain stopped that doesn't mean flooding is over. all that extra water is now making its way towards the gulf. you know jim we had amazing video of just, a car rescue. did jumped and pulled woman and dog out out of car it happens just like in flood waters your car can go down and you're under. we talk about that lot you don't know how deep that water is just turn around, don't drown is the motto with that. and yeah, the rain there has just been absolutely amazing. awidespread area between 10 and 20 inches of rain. we've localized areas of over 25 inches of rain. places like watson, louisiana,
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over 31 inches of rain with this. so obviously this system is acted a lot more like a tropical system a weak tropical storm or depression with the amount of rain. but not was not classified as a tropical system. just an area of low pressure. just drifting towards the west. now for us, it's been a pretty nice start to the day. we're seeing just partly cloudy skies right now. as we look from our camera on top of skytower radar. and you look on to the this is from our transroute in 1400 feet up this towery. again you're seeing just partly cloudy skies. we're basically in that same pattern. we have been for past several days. more of that easterly flow across the state. so we look for scattered showers to develop over on the eastern side of the state. then they work their way across pthe state. they meet up with the afternoon sea breeze, and that's when we see bigger thunderstorms during later afternoon hours. but right now rain's working its way through orlando, over an
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can see scattered showers notice the motion is basically working its way on to the west right now. about 10 to 15 miles an hour. so northwestern polk county, near haines city. they've got rain there. few scattered showers down in highlands county. so that's the pattern, all of this works its way across state, 3, 4, 5 o'clock this afternoon good dose of scattered showers and thunderstorms here on the west coast. satellite and radar over the state showing more of that ea imagery you look real closely right about here you can see an a little bit of a spin. we had this over weekend another one upper level low which passing just to our south. that's going to basically help enhance the showers and thunderstorms over the state. as we go through the next couple of days. look at that, already at noon. we're 91 degrees. dew points 74. humidity at 57 percent. winds currently out east southeast at 7 miles an hour. 91 here in tampa. brandon 91.
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85 degrees. bradenton you're at 90. sarasota, already 92 degrees. once you factor in that humidity, look all triple digit heat indices across here feels like 102 in clearwater. 100 here in tampa. brandon 102 bradenton currently feels like 106. satellite and radar over state showing scattered showers working there way across the state. this what's left. you can still see scattered showers, mexico up into louisiana. that area of low pressure is basically done. all moisture juicy sliding crooning. they will continue to see some showers activity across portion of louisiana as we go through this afternoon. for us we're looking for scattered storms later in the afternoon. daytime high of 92 degrees. storms wind down this evening partly cloud skies through overnight hours. low temperature only down to 78 degrees. for tomorrow, weaver got morning
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on water winds are primarily out of easterly direction. seas two feet. light chop on the bay. tides over st. pete pier, high tide comes 12:56. seven-day forecast keeps rain chance about 50 percent as we head towards the weekend. we're going to start to change that wind flow a little bit timeliness of storms may come a bit earlier we will drop that down to about 40 percent. linda. thank you, jim. it's summer. it's florida. and a lot of us may be addicted to our air conditioning
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sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... ...refrigerator doors... ...and look at this... security camera lenses. oh, why don't you tell the homeowners how great sparkle works? just right clean. just right price. sparkle. just right. california police say is responsible for starting a massi the man california police say is responsible for a starting a massive wildfire is in jail. damon faces multiple counts of arson. the fire started saturday and
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and since then it destroyed 175 structures including more than 100 homes. at least 4,000 acre haves burned. right now fire is just 5 percent contained. as weather continues continue to be hot and dry investigators say he is suspected in several other fires. ultra light aircraft pilot spends more than 12 hours stuck in a tree. he crashed into the tree late last night and rescuers just weren't able t above ground and they were unable him down. 59-year-old was rescued this morning and he is okay. not hurt. >> a new survey shows americans feeling more financially secure. we're also seeing more of them spruce up their homes. fox's lauren simonetti has these stories and more in your midday market report. more people fixing up their
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and a half billion dollars in quarter of home improvement chain now raising expectations for the year. it's benefitting from stronger housing market and we just learned that new home construction rose 2.1 percent in july thanks to surge in apartment building in northeast. and, stock market setting records recently bank says 31 million american worker are saving more for retirement this year than they did last year. the survey also finds americans have reached their second highest level of the year. >> sports authority liquidated its stores this mer and many rival sporting good stores got nervous dicky sporting good is not only reporting a surprised increase in both profit and sales. it also lift earning forecast for entire year it credited stronger online shopping. and cool new technology coming audi german auto maker rolling out a feature that will allow some new cars to communicate with traffic lights.
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tell drivers how long before a red light turns green. that's business for more log on to in new york, i'm lauren simonetti. >> still to come, fraudster picking the pockets of million temporary families. it's all part of an elaborate
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the marketing videos were slick... stacks of cash and fancy cars... the marketing individual were slick. stacks of a cash and a fancy cars available for people who became part of their sales force. but what were they selling feds say marketing was just one local companies that took part in a fraudulent scheme. >> they say a bilked military hale care program out hundreds of millions of dollars tina jensen spoke with u.s. attorney
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this is truly a case of greedy fraudsters picking pocket of military tams. federal froms prosecute central florida full of military families and retirees became a hot spot for a scheme that's spread like wildfire. >> the fraud was so rampant there was a fear on the defense health agency that it might have trouble providing the and their families needed. >> at the center of the scheme, compounded prescriptions. custom made medicines that can used when no other drug on the market can meet a patient's needs. but some compounding pharmacists discover try care had loophole. it would pay per ingredient. without asking questions, like why a patient needed a custom made drug in the first place. >> and until try care closed
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out tubes of cream like candy, very expensive candy. up to $20,000 for a tube of cream. by 2015, try care paid almost $2 billion for compound pharmaceuticals. u.s. attorney lee bently says that increase was due almost entirely to fraud. in many cases, we're able to establish fraud because the doctor was writing the same prescription for every single patient. it was compound pharmacy partnered with doctors to write prescriptions and a marketers that would steer try care patients to those doctors. sometimes promoting the tubes as miracle creams or telling patients they could be paid just for trying it out. >> i do think there were many patients who probably did not realize that they were a part of fraudulent scheme. they are actually many patients
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like something was wrong. investigators say marketers helped the scheme spread like wildfire. companies like centurion marketing and pasco county used videos and social media to recruit a huge team of sales reps. this time wols throwing it to you do you have what it takes to run with pack. in court documents prosecutors say sales reps preprinted prescriptions for pain screams and scar creams. >> pretty unfettered knowledge that success only valid if you're willing to pay it forward. >> in court filings prosecutors say it was not valid success, but a network of kick packs. the feds have already seized cars owned by company head frank while at criminal investigations continue. >> let me assure you, if we're
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overwhelming that they knew or must have known that what they were doing was wrong. tina jensen, fox 13 news. lawyers for centurion declined top a comment. they recovered $50 million to settle civil actions against doctor, pharmacist and a marketers that number is expected to a grow they just begun to hand down criminal charges and except more sdiements in next few months. a man attacks train in western austria seriously injuring two people. now police say this happened this morning near village. and investigators say attacker 60-year-old german national who appeared to be mentally confused. police say a 19-year-old man has stomach and back wounds and 17-year-old male has throat injury. both are in the hospital. >> did hillary clinton commit perjury when she testified before congress last year about her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state?
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by house republicans after noticing some differences between clinton's testimoy and the recent findings released by the f.b.i. in july. fox joel waldman is following that story from washington. in a six-page letter u.s. attorney house overi get committee and judiciary economy tee chairman layout case of perjury against hillary clinton saying her 2015 testimony is incompatible with f.b.i.'s finding when it comes to her use a private email server during her time heading state department. >> there 0 chance the obama justice department obviously is going to pursue this. according to a letter, clinton insist during a hearing there was only one server used during that time facebook concluded their were several servers used clinton more classified in her emails when f.b.i. found that there was. additionally clinton's attorneys did not go through every single
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deleted despite what she said. >> and there's evidence not every work related email was turned over. each one of those has an interpretation to, you know what is going through an individual email. doing a search through individual emails or reading every individual email word for word. clinton is spending another day delegate rich state of pennsylvania. yesterday she appeared with a vice-president joe biden who told crowd the clinton is candidate with race. >> and hillary clinton is going to write the next chapter in american history. >> me meanwhile hillary clinton will appear with vice-president joe biden in pennsylvania today as state she leads by more than nine points according to real clear politics polling average. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. president obama's approved release of 15 detainee from guantanamo bay to united arab
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unanimously approved. when president obama took office their 242 detainees at the prison camp earlier this year president announced noons close guantanamo. there are still 61 detainees at the prison camp right now. kosovo is naming road near an american military base a late son vice-president joe biden. beau biden served in 200 one interim legal advisor on post war kosovo. vice-president joe biden will attend the ceremony naming roa year of brar cancer at the age of 46. >> a couple is in critical condition following a devastating crash in china. video released shows a car colliding with at cement tanker. wow. the driver of that truck swerved to avoid the vehicle but rolled on top of it flattening the car. now on looker were able to pull woman from wreck age but rescuer had to use forklift to pull that man free. recreation el marijuana user have new method of getting high.
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as fox's simon gutierrez reports it's not illegal but posting big problems for police. using a but you contain lighter orator which and a specialized glass bubbler, more recreational marijuana users are embracing a new way to get high. >> it's called dabbing i wouldn't say so much different just intense a marijuana dispensary in southeast portland she penl prefer dabbing to more that additional methods. kind of when i took my first dab ever first time i smoked it took me back ten years they use concentrated form either shatter oral, wax. with thc contents ranging from 60 percent to 95 percent thc. it's perfectly legal. but it's also presenting a
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faster it takes hits you like ton of breaks. officer nathan scott drug recognition expert in ppb's traffic division. about half drug recognition evaluation do. back in june, according to washington state police, a teen driver was spotted speeding along at winding country road before veering into on coming traffic. and spinning another car out of control before finally crashing into some brush. the teen later admitted she had been dabbing before getting the there will be very disorganized often times they won't know what time it is, where they are at. scott remembers a crash he responded to in may. that also involved a man who admitted to dabbing and driving. he had crash on i 205 a gentleman left was state he bought oils he said he blacked out and ended up crashing into jersey barrier of freeway. but he had no memory he said he never dabbed before.
12:39 pm
concentrate oil for instance can be used at n an ordinary vape pen they can hide it. it looks like they are just maybe nicotine oil or smoking baurn driving down road and nobody will know that's what's going on. dabbing itself is perfectly legal, dabbing and driving will get you dui and possibly hurt someone else too. >> yeah i know. i would definitely wouldn't recommend driving after you taking a dab. she doesn't see practice of dabbing a problem but says users need to be aware and be responsible. everybody's tolerance will be different somebody will a way higher tolerance than somebody else. basically best way to know is to know your body and to never want to outdo somebody you're with. there are no numbers available yet for portland specifically. but according to state police and six months after recreational marijuana became legal, there were 50 dui arrests
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cannabis and other drugs. reporting northeast portland, simon gutierrez. it was mystery a small post it notes within expwith inspiring message. now officials are one school know who was behind this. why they felt this would start off at school year o the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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? this weeng a well-earned staycation... determined to make it the most relaxing staycation in the history of staycations. thankfully, you have enhanced dvr from bright house networks... and you've loaded it with hundreds of hours of hd movies and shows... just for this very occasion. and now connect to... standard internet and tv, with enhanced dvr
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. some inspirational post- its provide a nice back-to-school surprise for students at one >> a nice back to school
12:43 pm
on a bright two inch sticky note written in plain black ink or kind of words that we need but don't hear nearly often enough. >> some of them were simple words like smile or be confident or be brave. >> on their last first day of high school, mac alyssa and abbey strolled in 6:00 a.m. there are super early for senior year. set alarm clocks. they enjoy ad dozen of their friends walking all over the sunrise mountain campus 3,000 inspirational post its everywhere this ecuador. we were church camp over summer. we really want to make difference at our school. and to we're just like, you know what's a great way to make everyone have great first day and make everyone smile. weeks of planning all coming down to a few nights before. they wrote each e. each message by hand trying to void any duplicates. one of my favorite fans it said be a fruit loop in a bowl cher
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people behind deed a mystery. a more than 200 facebooks later identities with erie he would have. people continue to stay positive and know there's people out there that love you no matter what you're going through, and you can find and like brighter side of things. you can't get much brighter highlighter colored encouragement. this little gestures can make big impact. imagine really important to make people go know not all bad but humidity
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
12:46 pm
we're used to the heat.. but in new york.. the summer heat wave has new yorkers setting summer heat wave has new york are setting air conditioner to full blast. objection audrey finds oh why air conditioning might be good for your health. >> we are well into our hired heat wave summer heath index values have soared past century
12:47 pm
become man's best friend. my air conditioner has been running all day. some would say people are becoming addicted to air conditioning. oh, it's a blessing. oh, it's so good. you scanty stand without it. its just really hot and i real like the cold weather. >> basically getting me through without dying. >> i love it how every place we go that air conditioning so we can sit and relax. air conditioning not only cools the air inside, but also very helpful according to a dr. thornton from lenox hill hospital. >> you are able to work, be more productive. when you're cool and calm and collected. rather than being out. so i where heat is just brutal humidity is brutal. usually recommended to keep the indoor thermostat between 73 and 78 degrees. most places have it a lot colder. ideal setting are what makes you feel comfortable.
12:48 pm
since then, heat related deaths have steadily dropped and air conditioning has actually become a health benefit. especially those with sinus problems. even in the winter when i tell a patient that is are having sinus problems open up refrigerator and breathe in cold air. that's sometimes makes their sinuses less congested. how would new yorker cope without air conditioning? >> i probably going from store to store. or, trying to keep cool that way. i would cry. i'd probably be miserable. i would send antarctica. >> raise your hand if you're addicted tore to air conditioning? >> that's what i'm think i couldn't live here without it. >> we take it seriously here in florida. that's for sure. >> yes. >> you know we're talking about another hot one can you believe it 91 degrees at noon time already. so, you certainly, your air condition running overtime today. skytower radar showing once again, we've got that easterly flow over the state. so we're going to see more
12:49 pm
hours here on the west coast. but you can see, they started out over on eastern side of the state. they continue to make that march right across the state. heaviest rain right now working its way through orlando. and now over into lake county, also into north and northeastern polk county. this is all working its way on to the west about 10 to 15 miles an hour. right along that eastern side of i-4. once you get into northeastern polk county, that's where seeing so across the green swamp that at least some rain will be heading there in the next few minutes. down to our south. down into highlands county you can see right towards sea breeze strong storm working its way through there as well com showers north of wauchula. but we look for bigger storms, say some time after about 3, 4 o'clock this afternoon. >> 91 degrees here in tampa. look at that over in brandon, it's the noon hour. and you're 95 degrees. plant city has a 93. same over in pinellas park.
12:50 pm
downtown st. petersburg, 85 degrees. brooksville at 88 degrees. new port richey 91. you work your way down across southern counties, bradenton you're at noonlakewood ranch 93 myakka city 94 degrees. and suri currently sits at 92. upper 80s and low 90s, where sebring you will cool down soon because you storms moving through there currently at 92 degrees. once you factor in that humidity, it's just, just ridiculous outsid look at all triple digits, feels like 103. and wesley chapel, 106 in new port richey. even 100 for that feels like temperature here in tampa. and brandon, you're currently at 107 degrees with that current heat index value. satellite and radar over the state showing clearly more of that east and southeasterly flow. we've seeing that for the past several days. the rain it's coming to an end for the most part across louisiana. but they are still going to be dealing with scattered showers as we go through the day.
12:51 pm
several days has come to an end. but certainly, they will continue to be dealing with the flooding conditions across louisiana over the next several days. going to be very slow to recede all that water. some cases over 25 inches of rain. scattered showers and thunderstorms building this afternoon. daytime high of 92 degrees. then for tonight, we'll see storms winding down. partly cloudy skies overnight low of 78. again for tomorrow, we've got sun in morning and then the storms come during the afternoon hours. but seven-day forecast s a little bit change coming as we head towards end week heading into weekend. winds will switch around to more of a west and southwesterly wind. that means storms come a bit
12:52 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
singer "madonna" touches down in cuba... it's all to celebrate her birthday. sing madonna touches down in cuba all to celebrate her birthday fans gathered odd her hotel in hopes of getting a glimpse singer many celebrities have taken advantage of improved relation between u.s. and cuba by heading island nation. madonna by the way turns 58 today. it's been two years, since family announce plans to goodie goodie burger chain. now we have an official opening date for you. they will start serving burger and fries one week august 23rd at 7:00 a.m.rk village in south tampa. last original goodie goodie closed ten years ago. the family purchased name two years ago and even original furniture which you may see in some future locations. >> female drug offenders are now getting help when they leave jail as kelly ring shows us
12:55 pm
helping transform their lives and it's what's right with tampa bay. i remember first time i came in here 42-year-old is in a place of refuge. it feels peaceful to me. a place of comfort to help remove the pain in her life. i had grow up a young age, at the age of seven i was taking care of my sister and brothers. arethra's unresolved childhood issues took her down bath that led to i turned to using drugs, alcohol, anything to ease the pain. there a was before she found hillsborough house of hope. it's a faith based halfway house for women who want to stay off drugs and change their lives. it's great place for whem to come begin to build whole new foundation. this peace table. linda walker worked for usf and graduated admission as
12:56 pm
on drugs and in jail. when the pressure of being a single mom of two overwhelmed her. >> i began to spiral down and to an avenue that i never had experienced. and of course i loss everything i down to clothes on my back and my girls. she is recovering alcohol and drug addict now running program. i can relate to just about every situation that they are having and guaranteed them if they do what i did, they will come through. >> women must get job and do chores, they can stay at the house for six months. on days when i don't feel like i want to go out and just go get it, i always got somebody tell me withdrew need, you need to. it's tough for arethra but she's glad she came. it's been blessing i just know it's god that i'm here. that of course was kelly ring. so afternoon storms may be popping. yeah. you know that typical pattern
12:57 pm
we've got morning sun and then right across the state there you see storms making their march across the state. some time say after 3, 4 o'clock this afternoon, going to get pretty active here on the west coast. all right. thank you, jim i know you will be on top of it news doesn't end here keep posting latest all day on, twitter and facebook. plus look for more news, weather and sports beginning at 5 o'clock. access hollywood is next. i hope to see you right back tonight at 5. until then have a great afternoon everyone. "realtime closed captioning
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
michael, this is my last interview. >> it's my last interview with you, too. >> this is it! >> i wouldn't change who i am today for anything. >> how does nicole figure in that? >> as one era ends, a beautiful new one begins. i'm neither was a sure thing. michael shares his story of his now or never moment with nicole. >> she probably hated me at that point. she didn't want anything to do with me. >> he cocked it, put to it my forehead. >> the interview with ryan lochte and every shocking detail. and nicole and katie's bond goes beyond the pool. >> ledecky is coming in. >> right. >> go ahead.


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