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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 17, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the rescue. going above and beyond the call of duty. new at 11:00 tonight, rats, bugs, mold, tampa police say five children were living in filth in tampa. the two adults who lived with them are under arrest. josh has bee to tell us about it. sounds like this went on for a while without anyone knowing about it. >>reporter: yeah, they had looked into it but really action wasn't really taken until yesterday. police called those conditions of that house deplorable. they said it was very alarming. we spoke to some neighbors who said they just wished they knew about it a little earlier so there's something they could've
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doorstep, a sign is posted on the neighbor's window, unsafe. >>woman: if i would have moved over a little sooner, i would have done something to help. >>reporter: she moved in a month ago, she had no idea the conditions her neighbors were living in. conditions no one should have to endure, let alone the five children. ages 8-17, living inside. >>woman: it's sad. >>. >>reporter: according to an arrest warrant,he infess taigs, roaches were all over, and no electricity. using a bathroom meant using a bucket. some of the kid's home had a hole in the ceiling. there were also reports that children weren't going to school. >>man: back on july 28th we got a warrant and went to the house. what we did was we arranged for the arrest of two adults from the house.
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and 65-year-old jose. both facing serious charges including child neglect and aggravated animal abuse. a neighbor said she was saddened but not surprised. >>woman: i was surprised they were arrested but not what was inside the home. >>reporter: neighbors say they witch it would have come sooner. >>woman: hope one of their loved ones will step up and the parents will get their act together. >>reporter: and both adults are in jail tonight on $15,000 bond a piece. as for the children, they're being cared for. >> all right, thanks so much, josh. we're also following a news alert out of north tampa where all eastbound lanes of bush boulevard are closed between nebraska and 18th street as
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at this time, we don't know how many people are injured. we'll keep you posted on the lane closures. shooting in self defense apparently doesn't apply when it comes to shooting alligators. making the charges sting even more after he shot the gator, it attacked his son. evan spoke with father and son. >>reporter: to be charged with alligator position because he says the alligator could've killed his live stock. here's a picture on june 21st after fwc trapped it. when he approached, he saw the alligator, so he fired at it several times, hitting it at least twice. then, he says his son tried to scare the alligator away, and instead, the alligator bit him.
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son's leg. after an investigation by fwc, the state attorney's office charged him with possession of alligator parts because he doesn't have a license to shoot the alligator. he argues that the threat the alligator posed to his horses should supersede that. >>man: i was shocked. >>man: you can't protect your animals from an alligator that weighs over four hundred pounds? >>reporter: he said legal will cost him more than $5,000 and he will argue to have the charges dropped. his next court date is augus august 23rd but they're hoping for a resolution before then. the state attorney's office says they're not able to comment on this pending case. tonight, investigators in martin county are trying to
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19-year-old college student attack and kill a family. the next minute, he suddenly stormed off, seemingly frustrated by slow service. 45 minutes later, he stabbed a couple to death in their garage and hen stabbed a neighbor who tried to help. police arrived and said he was biting the face of a dead man and had to use a stun gun and police dog to subdue him. getting great grades at fsu. in a fraternity. i think it sums up that all of us, none of this makes sense. there's not one thing in this case that seems to make sense. >> they haven't figured out a motive. they're looking to see if he was on drugs at the time. the initial blood test showed no signs of any drugs. but testing for less common drugs, that could take time.
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bankruptcy -- they paid $135 million for gawker. what the sale means for the future is unclear right now. gawker's owner was forced to place his empire into chapter 11 and then sold it to satisfy the $140 million jury verdict. he sued gawker for invasion of of him having sex of his then wife former best friend deputies are asking for your help to identify the man right there. the man you see there smashed in the front door of a jewelry store. instead of taking jewelry, he made off with two cash
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law enforcement tonight. a woman playing pokemon go was robbed last night. she was playing when a man came up behind her, grabbed her purse, pulled her to the ground, thankfully she wasn't hurt. do not trespass on to private property while playing the game. kids are headed back-to-school all across florida this week. bu i worry that the district is putting their three kids at risk over money. as cars flew by, kim's three churn ages 5-11 make this 2 mile walk to and from school every day. they used to take the bus but that's when the area was under construction. now that it's over, the district deemed it safe enough for the kids to walk to school.
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highway. you have the gas station and other businesses have moved in. i'm not going to expect my five-year-old to walk down that road. >> to the school for them to send a busin. school officials say even if they wanted to send a bus, they can't because of budget constraints. city council members will decide discontinue using the controversial cameras. several communities have decided to do away with the red light programs. it's sparked debate statewide but it would be up to the florida supreme court to settle the matter for good and so far the court has not done that. we know lots of you in the bay area are looking forward to having google high speed internet service but you might have to wait a little longer.
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reevaluates how to implement the service. they announced tampa was one of the few cities in the running for the lightning fast internet. they say it's waiting for an engineering review before they move ahead. one of the nation's largest insurance companies say it's pulling back plans offered in the united states through obama care. they said they're ruc participation from 15 to just 4 states and florida is one of the states on the chopping block. still ahead on fox 13 -- >> you know it's a good summer to be a terrific mooit and a bad summer for people who don't like the bugs. we'll take a look at why the
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summer we're get getting a better
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the pictures coming out of louisiana is just heartbreaking. now it's a race against time for people who live in the southern part of louisiana.
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of them are evacuating. so far more than 30 thousand people have been rescued since friday. 11 people have died in the flooding. at least 40 thousand homes have been damaged. residents fear they'll come back to find nothing. >>woman: what's left, if anything, everything that i had is gone. everything. >>man: it's like the end of your life, end of your world, having to start over like that. help me understand it. we worked so hard for it. >> can you imagine what they're going through now? the head of fema says the existing federal declaration now includes additional perishes but fema is urging people who live outside that declaration area to still apply for disaster assistance if they suffered any damage. well, this hot and humid summer may be torture for you but it's heaven for these guys. a type of bug that has invaded a
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also leading to extra business for pest control companies. if you notice those tiny little wings sitting around, those aren't from fairies. you've got termites. >> they thrive in the hot, wet, weather and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. that's got people acting fast to rid of them. phones are ringing off the hook. people want t and then gassed. the company says they're nearly booked through september. >>man: summers are getting longer and hotter. the hotter it is, the more they thrive in heat. >> and they love to munch a bunch of your wood. last month tied for the hottest july on record in tampa. pest experts say stop it before it starts. try to get your house inspected at least once a year.
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white tents around town. >> a termite policy is a great investment. these termites can do a lot of damage. a policy can take care of you when you've had previous damage in your home. >> you're saying get the insurance policy? >> i'm just saying. >> that's that side business. >> call me, we'll talk. >> you're like a little geico man. i know how that works. >> >> all right, then, here's the ultimate in heat and humidity. a tropical depression. looking better organized on satellite. this is td number six. the good news about this -- it won't be leading my weather cast too long because it's going nowhere. we expand on the view. this is what the hurricane
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this, i built this quickly and at least get an idea of where the track is. this is going to take a second. bear with me for one second, we'll click on this. that's what you call working on the fly. you click this -- there we go. you got to get the stats. td number six at 12.6. 34.1. top winds 35 moving north that line is the future track and it should be moving across open waters and judging by the upper level winds, i don't expect this to be a significant at all impact to land. storms in this position usually stay well east of bermuda. this will become fiona as early as tomorrow morning as it moves across warm water, there is
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will stay across open water for the next 5-7-days. in the meantime, our attention will be to the east. showers and storms on the east coast tomorrow morning. they'll impact areas west of i-75. we were hammered here at the tv station around 3:00 but i tell you, it lasted maybe 30 minutes. they just moved right along. thatil tomorrow. picked up nearly an inch of rain at tia from the downpour over the airport. 79 right in st. pete. 77 brooksville, 77 westly chapel. 81 sarasota. and then inland reading still in the mid to upper 70s. here's future cast, we're quiet tonight. tomorrow morning you'll see
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by this time tomorrow night, we're mostly clear. the summer sing along continues. sunshine tomorrow morning, clouds will build, there will be a round of afternoon storms and 91. the outlook for thursday is sunshine early, afternoon storms and 92. could be a little bit dryer in the atmosphere later on this week. i'll nudge rain chances down to 30 percent. storms will be around as our summer back to you. police targets a six-year-old boy and his family. >> they stole some of that boy's favorite games. some deputies came to the rescue and you'll see how they were able to bring a smile to the young burglary victim. tonight, we investigate foreclosures and we'll explain the nasty tone of our politics while our politicians show off new dance tunes.
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z236az zy6z y236ay yy6y a suspected drunk driver
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?stopped? at a red a suspected drunk driver crashes into a car stopped at a red light. that driver is lucky to be alive thanks to the quick thinking of a good samaritan. the early morning crash sent vanessa into a nearby pond. two people were walking by and they rushed to her aid. >>man: i just moved her, bumped her out of the way. i just opened up the car door and sh i told her,et me get her feet out first. i kept telling her she was going to be okay and i was pulling her hands towards me to prop her up and get her out of the deep part of the water. >> lucky for her they came by. the 20-year-old suspect was charged with h dui and causing serious injury. from sadness to sweetness. somebody broke in, stole this
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crook. >> that's right. the sheriff's office also gave the boy an experience he'll never forget. >>reporter: a six-year-old boy has his play station games back after deputies track the items as well as the thief. nicole ashley was stunned when she realized someone stole all of her son's games. six-year-old jordan had more than a dozen taken. >>woman: he was very upset. realized our stuff was gone he said you and daddy worked hard to buy me those things. so it's really sad. >>reporter: deputies say through a bedroom - >>woman: there was just glass and a rock on the floor. >>reporter: but little jordan got all of his favorite games back after deputies got a lucky break. they located the stolen video games at this game stop less
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nicole's home. >>woman: whoever did it pawned it for cash so they had to sign and left a finger print on the form, their signature, and they were on camera. >>reporter: cops arrested the 19-year-old after her grandmother turned her into authorities. >>woman: i find it really sad. >>reporter: at first, jordan wasn't allowed to bring the games back home because they didn't have the serial number from the console. >>woman: he had special stickers on them and a controller. >>reporter: she's grateful to everyone who stepped up to help. even the deputies. >>woman: even though something bad happened to us, it taught us that there's really good people out there that want to help you. >>reporter: she's charged with burglary, grand theft, and
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well, the rays offense has really been putting on a show as of late in their last 7 wins they've outscored opponents 66-13. that's the most in club history over a three game stretch. meanwhile, blake snell had himself a night. he got and allowed just a run off of five hits. make it a 10-1 rays lead there. millers second home run of the evening. rays went 15-1 it's their largest margin of victory this season. they'll go tomorrow night against the padres. joint practices during a
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it it's just been a while. they practiced with the patriots back in 2012 and 2013. cutter and his team did not make the field today. tomorrow's practice is slated to begin 10:00 with an opportunity to go up against another colored jersey. you can bet we'll see chippiness out there this week. gus wants to bring -- as much as >>man: the main thing is that we're on the same page. both teams are on the same page and the coaching staff know what the ground rules are and enforce the rules. that's the main thing. it really will be practice you're similar to seeing out here. it will be two practices going on at the same time. our offense against their defense on their field and flipped over on the other field. similar drills, similar number of reps. really like we do in a regular
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usf has hired murray has the assistant basketball coach. he'll fill the vacancy left by oliver whose resignation is being investigated. costing him a great penny. athletes who bring home a gold medal are required to pay a victory tax and another tax on the gold medallist win $25,000 and bronze medallists win $10,000. for phelps, he could end up paying $55,000. and $300 for that silver medal. >> yeah, they need to waive that. that's ridiculous. >> i feel confident that michael can make up for that in
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interesting creatures under the sea. they're still discovering things all the time. >> just like this thing, a squid whose unusual eyeballs are taking the internet by storm. hiding off the coast of california. nearly 3 thousand feet below the surface. get that thing some eyelids. it uses its big eyes to scope out shrimp and small fish while it hides under the sea scientists say it's more like a cuddle fish. >> people swore to me up and down that it looked like a dog toy. but i swear to you, this was taken by a research vessel and that thing really is alive. >> that's not a pokemon either. >> it's alive. that's going to do it for us. money, power, politics is up
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our friend at the bottom of the sea, have a great night. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation brought to by lift by sono bello. what do you dislike about your face? >> you know, i look in the mirror and i put on makeup and i would think, it's the best we can do, girl. >> i'm hugely an optimistic person. i'm "the glass is half-full." i'm not an angry person, but that's what shows on the outside to other people. >> i usually take a picture with somebody, you know, with my kids or whatever, so that the focus won't be on me. >> i always look like i'm scowling. i'm a friendly, outgoing person but my appearance doesn't match it. >> you know, you try creams. you try neck exercises. you try everything that they say is gonna work, but nothing works. >> announcer: like it or not, our face plays a powerful role in how people view us and how we feel about ourselves.


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