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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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bullets fly in st petersburg .. police are investigating two >>russell: bullets fly in st. pete pee. police investigating two shootings, one outside the library and the other the victim drove himself to the >>laura: florida couple is murdered outside their home in the most gruesome way imaginable. what they think may have fuelled the attack. >>russell: and new cases of zika in florida almost every day. the state is learning how to respond. we're hearing from an expert. one who has seen this sort of thing before. >>dave: we still have over an hour before the sub k -- sun comes up and it's another nice start to the day in tampa.
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you can see one or two clouds but no biggie. our temperatures this morning, really, we're sitting at about 77 degrees at tampa international. brandon also in the upper 70s. mid 70s as you go further inland. expect more storms today, especially later this afternoon as everything moves from east to west again and high temperatures in the lower 90s. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. welcome back once again. good news for folks who were worried about that rollover crash past few minutes or so we saw this completely clear out, no signs of any scene and the travel times have returned back to normal. so that's some excellent news heading over the door. a roadway depression formed 50th street, columbus drive in the northbound direction, apparently just north of the intersection. this is a pretty new report so we're not sure if they're going to be doing traffic control out there or what lane blockage you
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yourself out the door in case you have to be redirected on scene. >>laura: a man dies after he was shot and drove himself to the hospital. still not clear exactly where the shooting took place but according to police, he drove himself to bay front health st. petersburg where he was pronounced dead. police are calling this a homicide. >>russell: and there was another shooting a short time later. this time two men found shot in a car on ninth avenue north and 37th street outside of the >>laura: ken is live for us in st. petersburg with an update now. good morning, ken. >>reporter: good morning. you have a fatality, a shooting in one place, 25-year-old guy as you just explained who ends up dead at the hospital and two more guys shot over here at the parking lot. are they related? st. pete police are not saying they are or are not.
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why were these two guys shot? let me tell you what police have released so far. 11:00 last night you have the two guys sitting in the car over there. they are shot in the car. investigators here the entire night, we're talking about five or six hours looking for information, trying to figure out exactly what happened. biggest thing is why were they shot? was it a drug deal gone bad? they have not said that's the case. or a scarier thing to think about is, was that just a random shooting? that means the shooter is on the again, all speculation but things that you have to look at when you have this kind of a situation with very little information being released. i can tell you that st. petersburg police used a grid formation. they went from one end of the parking lot to the other. one officer next to the other, making sure they didn't miss any information. one officer actually came across the street to where we're at right now, over to a bus stop and was looking over there. any connection there? really not a lot of information
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over this place with a fine toothed comb. they're now presumably back at the police station trying to figure out exactly what happened here. we reached out to them earlier today saying do you have any more information? at this point they're saying not yet but they will release more as the morning goes on. when we get it, we'll bring it to you. >>laura: thank you. also in st. petersburg this morning, two people are hurt. one of them seriously after a crash involving detectives say that gregory was riding northbound on seventh street south when he crossed 17th avenue and swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle. his front tire hit the curb. he was thrown from the bike. the bike kept going and hit a woman. she is expected to be okay. brinson was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. he was not wearing a helmet or any other protective gear. >>russell: u.s. coast guard searching for a missing boater
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when he did not come home the next day, his wife called for help. yesterday crews found his 22 foot fishing boat. it had drifted 100 miles west. no sign of him. crews have searched for him and they plan to be back on the water again today. >>laura: authorities say a florida state university student may have been on drugs when he killed a couple. >>russell: 19-year-old austin was biting a dead man's face when deputies found him monday night. they say he fatally stabbed michelle and john stevens outside of their home. the neighbor, jeff fisher, tried to intervene but was stabbed five times. he got away and called 911. fisher is expected to survive. he suffered dog bites, cuts and
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during his altercation with deputies. he's held under guard at a hospital and has not yet been formally charged. >> one of the first things we try to do at a crime scene and begin to understand the motive of the offender because it's the motive of the offender that actually gets us going in the right direction. in this case, we can't establish a motive. it's just -- i don't know. >>russell: investigators say he did not know the victims. he has no criminal history, either. before the went to dinner with his family. he got agitated about the slow service and stormed out. his parents were so worried that they called police. now, deputies describe the teen as being abnormally strong and that makes them think he was on drugs. it's going to take another, more in depth test to see if he was using less common drugs. >>laura: man accused of fatally
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florida hospital is now charged with first degree murder. titusville police say that he walked into the parrish medical center last month and fatally shot a 92-year-old woman and her caretaker. owens' attorney says his client is mentally ill. his family had been trying to get him long-term mental health care prior to the shooting. >>russell: shooting in self defense does not apply when it comes to alligators. sumter county man says he's unfairly being charged with violating the state's poaching law after he shot a gator. he said it was threatening his livestock. june 21, blatton noticed his horses acting strangely. when he came outside he saw the gator, shot it several times but instead of running away, it bit his son when he tried to scare it off. blatton is now charged with possession of alligator parts because he didn't have a license to hunt the gator. he said the threats to his livestock should supercede that.
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told me i wouldn't be arrested. i was in my rights. >> you can't protect your animals from an alligator that weighed over 400 pounds? >>russell: his next court date is next week. his lawyers hope to have the charges dropped before then. legal fees will cost more than $5,000. >>laura: orlando teen is recovering after being struck by lightning. it happened about lunchtime at first academy in orlando. 14-year-old was standing in a parking lot when lightning struck a nearby tree and the jolt paramedics rushed him to the hospital. we're told he's doing better. >>russell: uni vision has won the auction for gawker media closing another chapter of the hulk hogan trial. they will pay $5 million short of the $140 million judgment awarded to hogan in his invasion of privacy case.
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friend. that forced gawker to file for bankruptcy protection. univision won the bid. gawker writes, i am pleased that our employees are protected and will continue their work under new ownership. this entangles from the legal campaign against the company. we could not have picked an acq acq acquirer more devoted. >>laura: voucher program currently serves low income families but it will expand to middle income family this fall. 419 million dollar program handed out vouchers for nearly 79,000 children. union workers say the program is unconstitutional but the courts say there's no proof it harms public schools. >>russell: the race for the white house, donald trump
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mammouth shows him 10 points behind hillary clinton. clinton has almost half the vote. gary johnson up to 6% now while green party nominee stine trails at 1%. trump will begin airing the first television ads of his general election campaign. >>laura: the ads will run in key states like florida, ohio, north carolina and pennsylvania. since becoming the republican presidential nominee last month, trump has not spent a de advertising, giving clinton a gigantic advantage on the air waves. trump's campaign chairman says they decided to wait until after the olympics were over to start running the ads because, quote, we don't need to. >>russell: clinton's campaign is scooping up cash. august is traditionally one of the best months for fund raising and so far, she's on track to
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later this month she will feature cher and leonardo dicaprio. >>russell: this morning another bay area community will vote whether they should keep red light cameras or go. this morning we're hearing from a scientist who specializes in zika type of outbreak. >>dave: 77 degrees out at tampa international. other spots inland in the 70s. pretty similar to the way we started off yesterday. look at the thunderstorms, though. most of them are offshore but there's one which is headed toward labelle, palmdale, that area. that's not in the viewing area. it's well south but i wanted to point it out to you because you may be able to see that light there in lake placid looking south on 27. showers and thunderstorms will pick up later this afternoon with 40% rain chance inland and
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a wildfire is raging in
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southern california, sending flames 8 0 feet in the air. firefighters are going door to door, telling people to grab what they can and get out. one woman was in the shower when the knock came. she grabbed her dogs and left. another family was watching the fire on tv when they saw their grandfather's house surrounded by flames. he's hard of hearing and didn't hear the knock at the door. they called emergency crews who rushed in the house and got him wow. >>laura: you can't see video like this without wondering what you can do to help. the flooding in louisiana is devastating. it's killed 11 people and more than 30,000 people have had to evacuate. so far about 60,000 people signed up for assistance from fema. in some areas it is rising and all the water is moving downstream toward the gulf, flooding new neighborhoods. jennifer epstein is headed to the local red cross this morning
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help. that's coming up this morning at 7:00. >>russell: as that water starts to recede, you see how bad it is. >>laura: i know and we talked about the concern of zika, all that standing water. >>russell: it's just a terrible, terrible situation. dap >>dave: snakes start going into the neighborhoods. across i-10. we're at area, maybe for a couple of hours. no stranger to that 77. 76 for friends in apollo beach. sun city center at 74. i always like to checkup in citrus county because they always have the coolest temps. seriously, the coolest temperatures. 73 there in crystal river. inverness as well in the lower 70s. i got a couple of 78's from bradenton to sarasota and inland locations running mid 70s
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frost proof, arcadia. in general, storms are going to move east to west again today and at about early afternoon or so, you're going to see things line up and start to move west. we'll get a couple of quick showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, polk county, highlands county, hardee county, early on but then once they reach the west coast and they get that little extra kick from the sea breeze, that's when stronger and heavier and again, it will happen during the evening hours so very similar setup to yesterday. one other element that we need to talk about in today's afternoon thunderstorm activity is this. you see this very tiny little spin here? this is in the mid levels of the atmosphere and this is just some colder air aloft so as that moves overhead with the heating of the day, it's going to allow
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don't have more widespread activity today and a few strong storms sprinkled in there as well just because of this extra, what we call cold air aloft. that's the difference between today and yesterday, maybe a few stronger storms. we're also watching tropical depression number six. it's still a bit disorganized but it's getting its act together and should easily become tropical storm fiona the next and even though the hurricane center shifted the track a little west, this still is not going to be an issue for the lower 48. once you put a storm out here in the middle of the atlantic -- by the way, there's the island of bermuda, the east coast of the u.s., it just doesn't make it this far because there's too many fronts that come off the east coast that would steer it back out. it's not a concern to the united states but you can always keep
6:19 am meantime, we're going back to 92 degrees today. rain chances running 50% along the coastline and a slow drop in rain chances. don't eliminate them. just drop them, 40% tomorrow and then friday, saturday and sunday, vanessa, i think it will be around 30%. >>vanessa: thank you. and some updates here, this is a crash we have sky fox checking out of the tampa area. we mentioned it in the last hour of "good day." reported no lane bck that's not the case. 50th street southbound before you get to palm river road, this is reported more specifically at the intersection with washington. it is an overturned vehicle crash. it is taking up a left lane. fire department just got on scene. we're seeing this right lane temporarily stopped but a moment ago, we were seeing right lane traffic moving so some delays in the area. avoid if you can. if not, please give yourself extra time and we'll watch this, of course. looks like a temporary stoppage for now. heading out the door to this
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let's steer clear for now. we'll let you know what we see. mantime, we do want to let you know this is not too far from the reported roadway depression, 50th at columbus. we had the chopper check that out as well. looks like there are crews on the side of the road but no lane blockage. didn't seem like a big scene whatsoever. as promised, updates here to the construction that closed state road 52 and little road in hudson. that's clear after some overnight repaving. >>russell: here's one. hit me overnight bananas could get extinct the next few years. what is being done to save nature's perfect food. >>laura: there's no escape fre peppy le pu. see [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: walter has a look at hot clicks. >>walter: a bmx rider fought the law and the law won.
6:24 am
astonia. bmx rider decides it's his time to use the ramps. he tells the man to get off the bike. he takes the bike and then things get interesting. security guard hops on the bike, takes it for a ride and then shows off a little bit of mad skills. remember, this is a security guard, folks. whoa. back flip. that's one way to lay down the law. next imagine seeing this. >>russell: it's almost an optical illusion, too. >>walter: a cyclist came across them on a bike trail in france. they look friendly but then you realize what they're packing so you don't want to make any sudden movements. rider kept his cool and skunks
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from. here's a cat stuck in a very tricky situation. as if this wasn't funny enough, then this is miss kitty at the rio games at the olympics. she took bronze. how about the serenading us with some musical interludes on the pi piano? then it would be hard to detract the claws. >>russell: you're probably right. cool. see you later. i asked a local tropical medicine physician if we should be worried about zika. we'll have his answer in about 10 minutes. >>laura: and alcides segui is in bradenton before a vote that could impact a lot of drivers, right? >>reporter: good morning. yeah. red light cameras generate millions of dollars' worth of
6:26 am
but is it working? is it for safety reasons? city council will discuss it here in bradenton and we'll
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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good morning, i'm laura moody. >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. welcome back, dave. >>dave: 6:30. we're still half an hour away from the sunrise and that's what it's going to look like. pretty looking over the lakeland camera now and lake mirror where temperatures are in the mid 70s. i got upper 70s along the coast. tampa, st. petersburg, sarasota, expecting today to be very similar to yesterday. clouds and sun to start, storms
6:30 am
west across the state today. rain chance 50% and highs in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: still seeing the full blockage here of 50th street, washington is that intersection where we have the overturned vehicle southbound direction is our area of concern and sky fox is showing us the scene. you'll note here as well some flashing lights. this is the northbound direction so you have a left lane blocked up heading that way for those drivers. main backups are going to be ps. checki you right now, looks like 22nd street off to the west might be your best bet. also 78th to the east so we'll let you know once we get some improvements here in that area. meantime, other areas that we're watching out of eastern hillsborough county, state road 60, there's a crash with westbound lane blockage at turkey creek road, not seeing any big delays quite yet but keep your eyes pealed as you head that way. railroad crossing closed.
6:31 am
according to message boards in the area should be around the clock through the week. forbes road at mlk, junior boulevard, please avoid that area. lip thank you. busy morning tore st. petersburg police. they're investigating two separate shootings. the first happened about 10:00 last night, still not clear exactly where the shooting took place but according to police, the victim drove himself to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police are calling this a homicide. and then there was another shooting just a short time this time two men were found shot in a car on ninth avenue north and 37th street near the st. petersburg public library. they were also taken to bay front to be treated. it's not clear if the shootings are related but we'll keep you updated as the stories develop. >>russell: two adults are facing serious charges after tampa police say they had five kids living with them in deplorable conditions. spoiled food, holes in the ceiling, mold just with everywhere. children range from eight to 17. they've been taken away.
6:32 am
arrested on multiple charges. >>laura: and a final farewell to 73-year-old mary nolten. she was accidentally killed during a police training exercise last week. the officer was supposed to fire a blank round at her but fired a live round instead. nolten was married 55 years and an active member in the community. florida department of law enforcement is investigating the shooting. >>russell: red light cameras are on the chopping block in another tampa bay community. >>laura: this morning it is bradenton's turn. alcides segui is live for us outside of city hall. more cities are starting to turn theirs off. bradenton is voting whether or not to do that today, right? >>reporter: that's right. you said it best. red light cameras have been a hot button issue for a long time. some municipalities decide to go turn them off. others deciding to renew their contracts.
6:33 am
necessity. others are saying it's a money maker for the public and state. either way, they can renew the current contract or let the current contract expire and not move forward with the red light tickets. with that said, according to the bradenton herald, the company is based out of colorado and the contract is a five-year contract with two, one-year extension options. two propal fixed monthly fee with promises to upgrade the cameras to a better resolution and high definition video. company wants $3700 a month without those upgrades so really, they have three options on the table. pay more money, get new cameras and high def, go with the current cameras they have now and pay $3700 or simply walking away. since 2010, more than 44,000 violations have been recorded.
6:34 am
offenders a day. red light tickets will cost a pretty penny, $158. if you decide to contest that ticket and you fail, you lose, you have to pay $264 because it goes from a city ordinance to a state citation. with that said, since 2010 red light cameras have generated here in bradenton more than $5 million. most of the money going to the state. the city receives a small fraction of that amount from what i understand. it's going to be about or so. so coming up a little later, we hope to speak with city officials, maybe even the police chief and also i just actually spoke to someone a little while ago and said that she received a red light ticket at a different county. she had no idea until she was pulled over by a law enforcement officer and that fine went from $160 to well over $400. coming up in the next hour, you'll hear from her. back to you.
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>>russell: health officials are reporting another spike in the number of travel related zika infections in florida. they've identified 13 new cases, including a pregnant woman. one of the patients is in hillsborough county. five in miami dade. there are no new locally transmitted zika infections. we spend a lot of time here every morning talking about zika. it's here now. it's in florida. mosquito spread tropical disease in our state. i sat down has seen this thing before and know what needs to be done. this doctor spent most of his life working on this very kind of disease. >> this is the sort of thing you've been doing your entire career. >> yeah. not zika in particular, but the other viruses or parasites. i started with malaria obviously, which is a big, big problem.
6:36 am
fever. those are two diseases. >>russell: the doctor specializes in tropical medicine, discovering and studying diseases. then inventing drugs to treat them. he travels the world and he said there's one thing that must be done to control zika. control mosquitos. >> there's no question that we need to be a lot more careful about mosquito control probably we are. >>russell: according to the doctor, zika is a disease we know very little about. we're learning quickly but just don't know enough yet. >> zika is non conformed. it's a strange virus because it does things we've not seen before. >>russell: why now? why here? why has zika spread so quickly? part of the reason, according to
6:37 am
travel. >> the communication between airlines, you know, going from one place to another one in a couple of hours or a day or so and they'll bring it. >>russell: how do you fix it? besides mosquito control, the doctor says treatments and vaccines will need to be developed. and that's happening. he's also hopeful that this will not become a huge public health problem. >> we don't know the scope of the problem at this point in time, but i think it's probably relatively small in terms of bad news. >>russell: on a not bad news but just one baby born with microcephaly because of zika is a tragedy. and the doctor must always look at things from those two perspectives. >> in this kind of disease, you have two things which are conflicting. the public health issue where you're trying to protect millions of people and the individual case which is a tragedy itself.
6:38 am
about this? >> i think at the end of the day, we'll control the end of the disease so it's just a matter of time. >>russell: just a matter of time. the doctor's company is headquartered here. he's affiliated with usf as well. he's developed drugs to fight parasites, diseases, he's worked with the world health organization. he >>laura: yeah. >>russell: he knows what he's talking about and he's very french. >>laura: he's very french. we said that the last time we were talking. >>russell: i could listen to him all day. >>laura: we talked to him about ebola. he's very clear about what he needs. very smart man, very nice. steamy, soupy, whatever you want to use to call it outside. dave is back with a look at the skytower radar forecast for you. >>russell: and mcdonalds is
6:39 am
meals. gone is the toy
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>>dave: 6:42 on this wednesday morning. how is that for a pretty picture? okay. the john hopkins all children's hospital camera and for the most part, it's clear but notice on some thunderstorm activity. the thing is, other than one thunderstorm, we're clear. it's way down here, though, and that's what i want to point out to you. this is south of high lands county. go south on 27, even further south than palmdale and that's one thunderstorm that developed over lake okeechobee and that's moving toward the west. it's not going to impact anybody in the viewing area.
6:43 am
you if you're looking off to the southeast, you may see that gigantic cloud and this is where it is heading into labelle as it moves off toward the west. our temps run mid to upper 70s. that's pretty similar to yesterday at this time. you have your 74 in brooksville, 75 in lakeland. 77 in sebring as well as tampa, st. petersburg, sarasota all running around 78 degrees. with the east wind moving across the state, we' early on, along the east coast, early afternoon, and then they move toward the west. they bump into the west coast sea breeze about 4:00, 5:00. yeah, about that time in the afternoon but one of the things is that we have some, and you can't see it from this, but see this little spin? just a bit of a spin. there's an upper level trough getting ready to work across the state. now, that will provide colder air aloft, colder air aloft will allow for more storms to develop
6:44 am
the strong side. so what i'm thinking is that the rain chances today are at least as good, if not a little better, than yesterday and a few of those storms may get a big strong. so just keep that in mind for later this afternoon. and of course, we're going to favor with that east to southeast wind areas west of i-75 for higher rain chans, maybe 50% to 60%. tropical depression number six formed late last night. it is way out, way out atlantic. winds of 35 miles an hour. but it has already started to move northwest. i like to see that because number one, it's going to keep it way away from the islands. to be honest with you, this isn't going to be a bother to the u.s. you see as it starts to get closer and closer and closer, the island of bermuda here. there's north carolina. see how far away it is? barely hanging on to tropical storm status as it runs into
6:45 am
middle of the atlantic. you can track it with us. it is likely to become fiona. so we'll keep an eye on it at i don't see this as a threat to the lower 48. high temperatures today are going to run 92, give or take a degree with a hot and steaminess turning into a few afternoon scattered storms. muggy this evening, low of 78 degrees and tomorrow the rain chance goes from 50% back to 40%. high temperature around 90. just not really a huge difference. for boaters, i want you to really keep an eye on the eastern sky, early to mid-afternoon. i think you're fine during the morning hours. water temperatures run 87 degrees still in the next seven days. we'll show you if the raindrops back to 30% for the weekend but all that means is more heat. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. and right now, we're checking in on 50th and washington where we
6:46 am
southbound direction. the bad news, it is still looking a bit slow heading that way so this is once again that rollover crash from earlier which was blocking completely those southbound lanes. a closer look here showing it. it is off to the side. there's a scene remaining just before you cross over the palm river so be prepared for that. looks like it might be slow in that area until the scene completely clears out. so some extra time here or you can always, if it's easily accessible, 22nd to do a work around here. we'll get to other incidents. park boulevard at 83rd street north, we have a crash with lane blockage. some extra time if you have to head that way. and then if you missed it, a water main break will be blocking the two inside lanes. florida avenue between floriabraska and shady lanes. road restoration is not expected until late friday.
6:47 am
how are you this morning? >>vanessa: not too bad. how are you? >>charley: i'm fine. thank you very much. i'm excited about this story i'm going to tell you this morning. i love going behind-the-scenes where things are made. ever since my mr. rogers' neighborhood days where he showed me the crayon factory and how that was done, i'm just fascinated by behind-the-scenes manufacturing. i also like to tell you about local companies that we kind of take for granted. we don't think about it. you pass by, you see the stuff and you don't really about how makes it or how it's made. are you ready? i'm going to start the morning with a world exclusive. are you ready? something nobody has seen yet. we're going to see it here first. here it is. this will be what you would see inside raymond james stadium around the field level. >>vanessa: omg. >>charley: just gets me so ready for football. >>vanessa: that's so cool.
6:48 am
branding and they're responsible, you see the giant photos of the players and all the signage? that's what they do here. that's just an itty bitty part of what they do. they have projects throughout the state, throughout the southeast from banners and signs and things you see on telephone poles and light poles, just all sorts of visual branding. but this is something that hundreds of thousands of people, including a television audience, millions of people see on a weekly basis. this is the banner that will be around. and do you know what i didn't realize? it's fabric. >>vanessa: i always thought it was like vinyl or something maybe. i don't know. >>charley: it's fabric which makes me think, ladies, could i do sheets? king sized sheets? i'll talk to them later. >>vanessa: get a big robe made out of it. >>charley: i can't wait to tell you about this company, how they're also involved in the
6:49 am
pass yesterday. >>charley: thanks. not a signage for that. it would take up half the stadium. >>vanessa: have fun. thank you. walter? >>walter: thanks. absolute devastation in southern louisiana. historic flooding has claimed at least 11 lives. more than 40,000 homes are damaged. 60,000 people have signed up for assistance from fema. jennifer epstein will show us how we here in the bay area can help. federal the justice department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases as long as no state laws are broken. marijuana remains illegal under federal law. congress has barred the justice department from spending any money to prevent states from regulating the use or sale of medical marijuana. florida voters will decide whether to legalize medical marijuana in november. people in tampa will have to wait longer to get faster internet. tampa bay times is reporting
6:50 am
hold. last year google announced that tampa was among a few cities in the running for the lightning fast internet. after installation issues in other cities, the city of tampa says it's waiting for an engineering review before moving ahead. a special treat for tampa's homeless community. today ule is taking over the cafe. they will feed a meal to 300 homeless guests. >>laura: all right. thank you. bananas are a great source of potassium but they could be going instinct -- extinct. >>russell: instinctively we love bananas. what is threatening an important part of our balanced breakfast and kids may not be too happy happy meal.xt time they open a -
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere.
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a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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here in florida we know that citrus greening is hurting orange growers .. >>laura: we know that citrus greening is hurting our orange groves. >>russell: there's another fruit facing a threat that's just as
6:54 am
fox business. a world without bananas? come on. >> i don't think it's going to happen but there are several fungus diseases affecting the banana crop. banana is produced in 120 countries. some people have them every single day as a snack. i feed it to the baby all the time. nice and easy. what if it went away? it could happen and that's what researchers at the university of california davis are warning right now. good news is that we do know the genetic sequence of the fungi a good chance of keeping them after all. you might see fewer at the grocery store. you might see higher prices. it's something to keep your eye on. >>laura: all right. let's talk about mcdonalds. we talk about them so often. they're doing everything they can to change and move forward and get into this healthier you climate. now they're trying to get kids moving in a whole new way.
6:55 am
>> they've taken the toy out of the happy meal and are replacing it with a step it which is a wrist band that tracks how much they move. the children get to pick the color they want and wear it. now, there are reports of the wrist bands after just a couple of minutes burning the wrists. mcdonalds has them in the happy meals as they continue to make this push. >>laura: i thought you were saying they were pokemon go. >> just a wrist band called the step it. >>russell: we'll talk later. >> okay. >>russell: don't miss lauren on our sister network. >>laura: in entertainment news, hugh hefner has a new landlord. he's closed on his $100 million purchase of the play boy
6:56 am
living at the mansion for the rest of his days. metropolis has lived next door to the mansion since 2009. fox's live broadcast of the rocky horror picture show is coming out. if you preorder, the digital album now, you'll get a download of "time warp." it will air october 20 here on fox. >>russell: remember how he said it? the host of the longest running political panel discussion on television has died. he always ended his show with these words. >> out of time, sorry. bye-bye. >>russell: he missed sunday's edition of the show for the first time since it debuted in 1982. he said he was under the weather. turns out he had prostate cancer.
6:57 am
as a priest before becoming a teacher, speech writer, later broadcaster. his show pioneered all the others. he was 89 years old. bye-bye. >>laura: out of time. university of south florida is making a big push to join the big 12. but an embarrassing mistake on its application may hurt its chances. >>russell: also ahead, should you buy the warranty for the new air conditioner or refrigerator? and you can't flooding in louisiana without wondering how to help. coming up, jen will explain how some people from our area are pitching in and what you can do to make a difference. >>dave: almost 7:00. still 77 degrees out at tampa international. also brandon, st. petersburg, bradenton, winter haven, sebring amongst those joining us at 77. today 50% for the rain chance, especially back toward the coastline. tomorrow 40%.
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- a chilling crime. >>russell: a chilling crime. a florida state student accused of murdering two people. poli strength and now they think they know why. >>laura: and huge changes for donald trump. his campaign makes two big hires as we head into the final months of the 2016 presidential election. >>russell: it appears the bay area weather has a heart beat. lightning travelling sideways across the sky like an ekg. >>dave: that's cool looking. >>russell: welcome to the 7:00


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