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two billboards in broward... designed to shed light on the spread of the zika virus --- are causing a big stir instead. the advertisements depict an unrolled condom. causing a big stir instead. the advertisements dpiekt unruled condom. healthcare foundion put sign age, spokesperson says fort lauderdale mayor's office and alt tourism board have been applying pressure to the foundation to pull the signs down. some were removed earlier this week. the company says ads were an attempt to deliver an urgent
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it's outrageous people need to have as much inspection as they possibly possibly can have about it. according to center forisease control and prevention condoms can only reduce the risk of zika massive fire is burning alongside cajon pass... a main artery between los angles and las vegas. at least 30- thousand acres throughout san throughout san bernardino county are scorched. more than 82 thousand residents evacuated their homes. donald trump heads to north carolina today for a series of events. expansion of his top staff. - which is being met with mixed reaction. meanwhile hillary clinton's running mate is walking back
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the democratic vice-president candidate is trying to down play recently uncovered comments he made in 2002 when he suggested president bill clinton the husband of his running mate should have resigned over his affair with monica lewinski. king who acknowledged making the remarks now saying it was born out of frustration. >> it was a feeling i had at the time. but now i'm thinking about what do we do to help this be strong. and so, that, past controversies don't have anything to do with meanwhile hillary clinton is taking the day off from campaigning, but will be meeting with law enforcement officials in new york city.r opponent don been painting himself as law and order candidate. >> but with clinton ahead in polls nationally, she took a swipe at the republican nominee during a stop wednesday in ohio for his recent staff changes at the top. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. >> there is no new donald trump.
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with just 82 days left before election day, trump's team is denying the adyings kelly anne conway as campaign maner and bright batters news co-founder a chief ehake up. inead caing it an expansion gearing up for final stretch i keep hearing term used a lot big chicago up donald trump will bring to. trump will be a making appearance in north carolina today where recent poll shows him behind by 9 points. in fox news. >> an interesting new study shows luxury items are becoming more affordable. but things we actlly need are getting more costly. since 1996 the price of food and housing have increased by nearly 60 percent. that is faster than inflation. cost of healthcare and child care have more than doubled. price of text books and higher education nearly tripled. but cost of cell phones, toys and televisions continues to go down each year. that means easier for americans
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medication they need or pay their insurance. if you're wondering why, it's because the cost of manufacturer goods continues to get cheaper things like education and medical care can't produced in a factory and no other option than to pay the rising costs to afford the people you need to do the work. well target is going to spend millions of dollars to stop a controversy. remember earlier this year. they got caught up in that transgender bathroom issue. now they've announced they will spend $20 million io bathrooms into singles with the ability to lock the door how's this sound working part-time wul a benefits of full time employee. got your attention, didn't i? fox lauren simonetti has details on this latest perk from a tech darling in your midday market report. walmart is reporting stronger that expect quarterly profit and sales showing investments and worker and ended in stores are paying off. as a result, walmart raising it's profit outlook for entire
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amazon is giving part-time workers full time benefits testing new hiring program. that will create technical teams using just part-timers however, amazon will give part-timer same benefits as full time ers. >> volvo is building self driving suffers auto maker teaming up uber each to do so each company will spend $150 million on effort. idea to eventually get the autonomous suvs to replace uber drivers. to add private bathrooms that can be locked to all of its stores. this after the transgender flap this spring when targets can use a bathroom of gender they identify with company blaming apple for creating devices that lack newness making them hard to sell. target says its sales of apple products in second quarter fell 20 percent. and another headache for apple is samsung new galaxy smart phones are getting stellar
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an all time high. log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. >> tourist are heading to hawaii to see massive stream of lava flowing right into the ocean. lava from volcano on hawaii big island flowing down southeast flank of the volcano making its way down sea cliff and down 200 feet fall to the shore line below. >> you feel the heat. i mean, you're so close that you feel the heat and you smell super funny, it's like, don't know, it's like welding or something. yeah. very special. very special feeling. this began in may last time last time it reached ocean was in summer of 2013. well divers off the coast of cape canaveral have uncovered what they thing are three, 16th century spanish ship wrecks. how cool that is? crew with global marine
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king of france. crew believes artifacts were taken during spanish raid during colony what now jacksonville. two spank issue ships sank on way to cuba back in 1565artifacts are still under water until state permits drivers to retrieve them. she had double m staekt ohm to stay cancer free only to have her body reject reconstruct surgery. up you're making this up! nex no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey!
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u? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot.
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honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. proud sponsor of the american cancer society's making strides against breast cancer events. all this week
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fox 13 proud sponsor making strides against breast cancer events. all this week we've bringing you pstories leading up to annual kick off events tonight. right now i'm introduce you go to woman who took proactive measure to stay cancer free. but face ad life without breasts anyway. until a local doctor with a new procedure offered her a solution. one that's available for almost any woman needing reconstruction. >> so how much >> this family's scene looks happy, healthy and normal. a mother, home schooling her kids but for many months mother of two michelle hall felt anything but normal. >> i spent many, many months getting up morning looking at the mirror and hating what i saw. it was depressive. it was, it was just hard. michelle made the bold move to get a preventative double mastectomy after a genetic test
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get cancer. breast cancer. we discovered three years ago i have mutation in my brca 2 gene which predisposes me to both breast and ovarian cancer. but her body reskwlektd jektd implants put in during reconstruction. michelle had really gone through quite a bit having an implant fail, having an infection. and then having her plastic surgeon say there's nothing else we can do. michelle was future as a woman without breasts. >> well i have an extraordinarily supportive husband. it was something, i wasn't myself. i didn't look like me. i had this weird skin that didn't look normal. it was all just, it wasn't okay. online research led her to this doctor doing a new procedure that's uike others traditional done. >> new procedure is called a
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reskruks same tissue started in tummy tuck without any muscle is just skin and fat, that is what we use to create a breast. the surgery worked. and you can hear the joy about that in michelle's voice. i get to go go shopping and pick out things not thing that hide and cover up. if you walk down hallway you have no idea. and i, how incredibly up lifting that feeling is to kno work and that i feel normal. it's, absolutely fantastic. her advice to any woman facing reconstruction, don't hess stiet reach out and talk to people. you're not alone. ever. in you like more information on this reconstruction method head over to my facebook page look for fox 13 linda hurtado and like the page. well american cancer society's holding kick off party to show you how you can get involved with at team during making
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walks. in pinellas the kick off is tonight a birchwood 6:00 p.m. in hillsborough also at the straz center at 6:00 p.m. and coming up in just a few minutes we'll joined by a breast cancer survivor. someone from american cancer society to talk more about this year's making strides against
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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(linda vo) welcome back all this week we've been sharing stories about local women fighting breast cancer. whether they were putting up their gloves to prepare for chemo whether they are putting hitting hillsborough river to regain their strength after tough round of radiation. all women have one thing in common a fighting spirit. and will a will to live. multiply that spirit by thousands and you have making strides against breast cancer walks in october. and fox 13 is a proud sponsor of those walks. here to talk you about how you can get involved cindy chrissy in charge of special events a marcy washy a volunteer. both of you ladies are also breast cancer survivors.
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us. cindy, let's start with you're in charge of pinellas event. i know there's a kick off tonight. tell us what these kick off events were all about. yes, we are birch wood tonight 6 o'clock our program starts at 6:30. and it's, a celebration. we are welcoming back our past teams, the folks who have supported us over the years to come, be recognized, get excited about this year. and then also, welcoming new. we want to make sure that for people who haven't been involved with making strides, come how are we helping patients? and also, we're celebrating our survivors. we do have lot of survivors that we want to celebrate. we want to make sure that they know that they are special. and that we have programs and services that can help them and we're here to help and we're here to celebrate and have some fun that's right. we love celebrating survivors as you are. you're also a team leader. for someone who might be intimidated by taking on that
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it's very easy. first thing is you have to be passionate. you have to be basically a cheerleader. you want to get everyone involved. it's so easy. to use the tools, cancer society provides. on their website. you use their email fund raising online really is not hard. so i would encourage everyone to form a team or join my team, right? we would love that. so these walks, i think people, first of all i was a little intimidated i don't want depressed. but these are uplifting fun walks everybody dressed up as you can see in pictures weather is 90 percent of the time beautiful. and just so tell me about them. they are fun, right? >> i describe them as tutu tiara and tears. and that's, we just, it's a big pink party. so no, it is not depressly. it is absolutely energizing. and passionate. and wonderful. a wonderful experience.
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joining a team like this can help you through your recovery. not just i'm not talking about weaks out but years out. because we're, five years out for me and i'm still a part of it. how does it help? i love our thaem this year. walk together, so no one walks alone. and i can tell you my very first event was in 1999. and i didn't know what to expect when i got down to straub park and i saw sea of pink and all the people that were there it wa way. i knew that i was supported. i knew i wasn't alone. and the theme is just so near and dear to our heart. ladies thank you for joining us. once again kick off events are tonight. if you can't attend you can also go online and sign up for one of the four walks. pick one that's closest to you i post a ling to web page on my facebook page. again all you have to do look for fox 13's linda hurtado, and like the page.
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with fox 13 meteorologist jim weber. >> we've got a pretty strong esterly flow across the state over the past several days allows for very nice morning. 're seeing plenty of sun m foay wm afternoon. last couple afternoons we've up to 93 degrees, rain chances have been sliding down because we've actually been bringing some dryer air across the state. also, the windsbeen so strong, the storms race right out into the gulf of mexico. now skytower radar once again, just like the past ser you can see the storms developing first on the eastern side of the state. they make that march all the way across the state. just those isolated scattered showers have eventually come up larger. they look for afternoon sea breeze. and last couple of days pinned right along the coastline. we just get little small showers that roll through. not until not it gets on beaches basically we see big thunderstorms developing. now today, looks like that sea breeze should develop a little
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allow for more areas to get scattered storms as we get into the mid to late afternoon hours. right now heaviest rain is basically right along the florida turnpike eastern polk county. down into highlands county as well. you can see larger cells working there way toward you. so places like sebring down towards lake placid. probably next hour, maybe hour and a half, you're going to see storms rolling through that area. now right now temperatures still warming up quite a bit over in brandon currently at 91 degrees. here in tampa, 90. bradenton 91 degrees. you head down to venice currently 90. brooksville currently sitting a 87. that high pressure which has been sitting to our north giving good easterly flow across the state, that's going to start to shift a bit further to the south. as we go through the next couple of days. that combined with the dry air that's in place, that's going to start to drop those rain chances for us as we go through the next several days. and eventually as we head
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flow. so we kind of reverse that pattern. we'll have better chance of some some showers earlier in day. they will kind of work their way across the state. but because of that dry air in place, we're going to keep rain chances on the low side as we head through the weekend. but still seeing some of these scattered showers in and around the louisiana, obviously not the flooding type rains but the rain, on all flooding there, it's going to take some time to dry all of that up. because, various flat land there, a lot of land actually so going to take probably a couple weeks really to start really truly dry things out across the louisiana. for us today we're looking more of these storms during the late afternoon hours. daytime high of 92 degrees. then for tonight, a warm sultry night. storms wind down overnight low of 77. then again for tomorrow partly cloudy, just isolated storms as we go through the afternoon. daytime high of 92 degrees. here's your 7 day forecast, notice rain chances, they are dropping down to about 20
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it on the low side as we get into t first part of next only up to 30 pcent chance of showers and thunderstorms. linda. thanks, jim still ahead we will show you new approach to mentor i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do. and if i would have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house. the flood insurance allows me to put my house back together.
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sometimes a kid in a single parent home needs a mentor to talk to, sometimes a kid single parent home needs a mentor to talk at that big brother or sister. new approach to mentoring hopes to create perfect matches. here's kelly ring with what's right with tampa bay. kaden is about to embark on creative new adventure with
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>> billy is teaching kaden the art of beep bopping. i just like how, it mixed it up a little. put our own tunes in. thanks to a new partnership between creative pinellas and a big brother and big trs there are lives are now moving to a different beat. ihink it's an amazing idea part of a pilot program partner artist with children who need mentors. having someone that's not your feels like a peer, a friend, but also has more, has more wisdom and experience then is a good thing artist use their creative instincts to help kids reach their full potential. there's lot data that says young people when they get in contact with artists or with art their social skills improve. their reading skills improve. their math skills improve.
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first encounter with billy won't be his last. >> yeah. i'm sure we will see you again. >> that was kelly ring. well adult coloring has got very popular doctors say it's actually great stress reliever that's why next story from crayola experience is such a great idea. starting tomorrow first responders can color for free at the crayola experience. police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, will receive free admission through september 30th. percent off. the crayola experience is at the florida mall in orlando. >> maybe it will start something up a little closer here too. we went to that couple weeks ago with kids. going to what can you do with crayons it was actually lot of fun. takes your mind of things too when you're trying to stay in lines. it kind of a stress reliever we're watch skytower radar just like every afternoon see scattered showers over on other side of the state. they will make their march
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going to be a little hard over next several days with more and more dry airs works its way in looking for at least scattered storms as we go through afternoon as normal thank you. news does not end here we will keep posting latest all day on twitter and facebook look for more news, weather and sports beginning a 5 o'clock. i hope toe you rht back here a o'clock. until then have aafe and erernoon everyone. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing brnment lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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lights, access, rio. >> you remember that? >> well, that is just some deliciouscing on the cake for simone. i'm years after her perfect 10 changed everything nothing like nadia comaneci to put it in perspective. >> she'd just kick my behipd. >> come on, get up. weo finish this. >> the ultimate act of sportsmanship is resonating around the world. i'm kit hoover. we've got nikki and abbey sharing the whole story together. >> this is what we're all about as humans. >> i'm on "access hollywood." >> that's right.


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