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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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((walter coming up at five: a teacher, marine and father... beaten, and left for dead in his own yard... the search for the heartless attacker, this morning. ((vanessa washed up? down the drain? looks like olympic swimmer ryan lochte ?lied about being robbed in rio... what's next for the athlete and the investigation. ((walter and... all decked- out. this isn't a magazine shoot... it's a ?dorm room. why the creative geniuses hi ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes, jen epstein will join us next hour. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. (dave hot and humid with a 30% chance of an isolated storm. high temps in the lower 90s. tonight will be warm and muggy, lows in the upper 70s. the weekend will be steamy, with a 30% chance of isolated storms mainly inland. high temps in the lower 90s. no closed captioning is
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traffic. ((vanessa)) developing this morning: tampa police are looking into a deadly shooting. ((walter)) it happened overnight... near downtown. (wally the exact location
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campus... and fox-13's ken suarez is on the story for us. ((wally ken, this is a
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((wally thanks, ken. deputies in pinellas county arrested a 72 year old man overnight.. following an hours long standoff.. the incident took place at the "fairhaven mobile home park" in st. petersburg.. 8-30.. deputies say the man got into a fight with his wife.. and ended up shooting his gun multiple times.. the wife got out safely.. but the man refused to leave.. around 1-45 this morning.. deputies got him out.. the man is now at a local hospital for a mental evaluation.. (vanessa) a heartbreaking story out of seminole heights to tell you about... someone attacked an 81- year-old marine and retired teacher and left him for dead... in his own backyard. (wally) this morning, is family is just sick over
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(wally "alfred watton" is a tough guy.. he fought in the korean war... but this week, he's battling another enemy. tampa police say: an attacker went after mr. watton... and stole his van. but that's not all... the culprit beat alfred severely... and left him alone, with massive head injuries. he laid in his yard for hours, before someone found him. investigators are calling "carlos cordero" a "person of interest"... he reportedly did ?housework for alfred... and was the last person seen wi would like to talk with him. ((vanessa)) some alarming news about the zika virus in our state... not only are there more cases to report, but a ?second neighborhood in miami now ?seems to be plagued with infected mosquitoes. no wonder people in the bay area... are on high alert. ((vanessa fox-13's alcides segui is at the u-s-f tampa campus... where they plan to discuss the potential local threat today... and some unorthodox ways of combating
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((vanessa thanks, alcides.
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area right now. it's a deadly bacteria, called "vibrio vul-ni-fi-cus..." it lives in warm, brackish seawater... one person in sarasota has died from it. health officials say: he or she contracted the disease through eating raw shellfish. cases like this are fairly rare... but people with compromised immune systems or with open wounds, should stay out of the water. the nation's homeland security secretary says the federal government will be in flood-ravaged louisiana - quote - "as long as it takes" to help that area recover. he took a tour of the damage yesterday. jeh johnson urged victims to apply for government assistance... so far more than 86-thousand people have applied. about 40-thousand homes were damaged in the deadly flooding... and 13 people were killed. president obama is on vacation in new england right now... but johnson says he's receiving daily updates. that flooding has left some animals in need of a home... and the humane society of tampa bay has come to the rescue. 18 dogs were brought in from a
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put up for adoption tomorrow. these dogs were not pulled from floodwater. with all the animals rescue efforts following the flood... louisiana shelters were overhwelmed. so they're making room by shipping dogs already in need of a home to places like the humane society of tampa bay. vets say the dogs are healthy... but over the next 2 days they'll all be spayed or neutered and receive microchips. the puppies will be available for adoption tomorrow... so if you're interested go fill application today before it's too late! ((vanessa)) so, yeah... it's embarassing... and it makes officials in two countries cringe...((walter)) but was ryan lochte's apparent ?lie... a ?criminal act? the possible punishments for the olympic
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((walter and... two months after so much horror... now, a symbol of ?hope. a
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he's a ?hero ?in the pool... but ryan lochte is taking a beating ?out of it. (wally) now he... and at least one other olympic swimmer... could face ?criminal charges, for filing a false police report about a robbery in rio. (wally brazilian authorities announced thursday: that the swimmers made-up his story about an attack. investigators say: the athletes vandalized a gas station, after a night out partying, and when they tried to leave, a security guard ordered them to pay for the damages. they gave him 50- bucks, and left. but lochte later told a very different story to an nbc reporter... leaving everyone to believe they'd been ?robbed at gunpoint. and that caused a huge ripple effect... lochte flew back to the u-s before officials could file charges against him... brazilian authorities want to talk with
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happen. two other swimmers were detained at the airport, but they're on their way home now. some are calling for them to be ?indicted... but any charges would come at the ?end of the investigation. (more) (vanessa the u-s- olympic committee apologized for the "distracting ordeal, saying: the behavior behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of team u-s-a or the conduct of the vast majority of its members." firefighters are making progress in slowing down a major wildfire out west... crews in california have even let some of the evacuees return. however ... dozens of residents are ignoring evacuation orders in places where the flames still pose a major threat.. those same homeowners are then calling 9-1-1 for help.. but rescue workers can't always get to them.. officials say the fire is burning about 60 miles east of l-a.. and is 22 percent contained..
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morning: another successful launch, of a delta-four rocket. it took off from cape canaveral, just before one this morning. the rocket...from the united launch alliance... is carrying a "neighborhood watch" satellite. the satellite will provide 24-hour surveillance for the u-s air force so they can watch out for threats. ((anchors)) it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". no closed captioning is available for captioning is no
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a survivor of the pulse nightclub massacre the pulse a survivor of a survivor of the pulse nightclub massacre is making huge steps on his road to recovery. video on facebook... it's his first unassisted steps since the june shooting. he was shot in the leg three times... while his other leg was broken during the stampede to leave the club. it was a devastating injury for the zumba instructor. however... colon will dance again. he says he has a lot more recovery ahead of him... but plans to return to
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((walter)) imagine being separated from your children for two years...((vanessa)) you're here in the bay area... and they're stuck... in communist territory. (vanessa that's what happened to ?this family... now, they're finally all back together... what it took... to make this happy reunion happen. today, we can connect more.... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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(wally/ hollywood couldn't script it any better. after two years of wondering whether they would ever see
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it's joy, all around. (wally) it comes after a lot of agony... mom and dad have been living here... in the bay area. (vanessa) getting asylum for them, wasn't that hard... after he wrote an article, criticizing cuban government oppression. but as fox-13's evan axelbank tells us: getting their daughters out, was quite a different story. you can feel the anticipation."i don't see my daughters since two years ago. it's a special moment for me." herminio otero and his wife, aida sanchez, have been living and working in a largo hotel for two years, since leaving cuba as political refugees. he feared going to jail after writing a criticizing the castro regime. "give me the opportunity to live, start a new life, i am coming here."but acquiring dependency status for their children, 20-year-old aida and 12-year-old amanda, who were living in cuba with their grandparents, would require lots of waiting, and a call to the state department from congressman david jolly."you never want to think it takes a call from a member of congress simply to get something done." after two years of videochats and phone calls, it came down to this: waiting for a tram at t-i-a.the plane from miami came in at 5, eleven minutes late, and you can be sure, they counted every one.the years of waiting suddenly became background noise. "when i take my daughters in my arms... everything is easy." their first gift in america came from congressman jolly, two flags that flew over the capitol building, signifying the freedom they only dreamed of in cuba."very excited, our daughters of two years, far away, they come here today."
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(vanessa) the two daughters will be going to school here. (wally) what are they most excited about doing in america? going out to eat! ((vanessa)) you know what they say: never change a winning game.((walter)) so, why are some people tinkering with america's past time? the new su ((walter plus... the gold rush continues for team u-s-a in rio... why this year's tally is so huge... we'll give you a hint... it has to
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((walter)) it's 5:--, on friday, august 19th. i'm walter allen.((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes. we're following a developing story out of downtown tampa... where a young man, was killed. (vanessa fox-13's ken suarez is on the story for us... ken, this is a fluid situation... what's the lates
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thanks, ken.
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((walter the time now is 5:??. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: deputies in sarasota county are trying to figure out why a teenager on vacation... would stab his family. melissa ramgren called authorities thursday, saying: her 16-year-old attacked her... and his younger brother, on siesta key. they'll both
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charged with two felony counts of attempted second-degree murder. the family was visiting the bay area from massachusetts. ((walter gawker is going... going... gone. univision bought the gossip website... and will shut it down next week this comes after hulk hogan won his "invasion of privacy" lawsuit against gawker... and was awarded 140-million dollars. gawker's parent company had to file for bankruptcy. major league baseball could soon see some rule changes.. all aimed at picking up the pace of the game.. commisioner "rob manfred" shared his outline.. at a quarterly owners houston on thursday.. some of his ideas included: restricting defensive shifts, limiting pitching changes, altering the strike zone, and installing pitch clocks -- much like those used in the minors since last season.. the leagues collective barganing agreement ends this december.. meaning new rules could be seen as early as the 2018 season.. (vanessa) this morning, a new target in the fight to stop the zika outbreak. the virus has spread to miami
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cases announced late yesterday. ((vanessa fox-13's alcides segui is live at the university of south florida... with a look at how researchers here are working to keep the bay area safe from the growing threat.
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thanks, alcides. (vanessa first he did the cha-cha... then the crowd went rah-rah... everyone came to see jamaican star usain bolt... run in the men's 200-meter finals last night in rio. he was going for a ?triple in this event... having won it in the last two olympics. the fans, on their feet and roaring the whole time... and bolt didn't disappoint in the ?rain, he ?bolted ahead of the competition... tonight he'll run the relay for jamaica... hoping to win gold and tie the record for the most track gold medals, at nine. (wally in ?shot put, it's not the ?fans who are yelling... it's the ?competitors. two americans, slugging it out for gold... and with each throw, they'd let out loud bellows. can't blame 'em... the shotput weighs about 16-pounds... it's
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managed to hurl that thing 73-feet and 10-and-three- quarters inches on his fifth throw. that set a new olympic record, and won him gold teammate joe kovacs took silver. (vanessa and then... there's this guy... ashton eaton of oregon... lining-up last night to run the 15-hundred meter race... after competing in ?nine other events. the men's of mental and physical strength... it stretches two days, and includes: hurdles, javelin, high jump... among other things. ashton won gold in london in this event... but this time, he had tough competition from french and canadian athletes. but eaton pulled it off... tying an olympic record, along the way. (wally) so, good show, guys... earlier in the day, kerronclement won gold too... in men's 400-meter hurdles. (vanessa) tremendous achievement... but so far, the ?women are
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this... the women are leading the medal chart for the u-s-a... overall, the gals have 51... the guys, 44... and the women have also won more gold... 21 to 13. (vanessa here's one of those female gold medalists... this is dalilahmuhammad... winning the women's 400-meter hurdles last night... she's the first american woman ?ever to win ?gold in this event... lots of silvers, but never a gold... until now. her u-s-a spencer... took bronze. (wally this was super impressive, too... the newbie... american "helen maroulis"... taking on one of the all-time greats... the three-time defending olympic champ from japan... and she does it... she wins... becoming the first u-s woman to ever win wrestling olympic gold.
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ah, dorm life... trying to get used to a new roommate... new surroundings... and no homecooked food.((walter)) well, the transition is much easier for two creative freshmen. their standard room... into a plush palace. ((walter and... one man's trash is this couple's treasure! the amazing find... they got for a quarter... it's a
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(vanessa) lots of college kids are going back to school right now... moving back into the dorms. they did it at u-s-f and florida poly this week. (wally) usually, that means lots of mini fridges and ramen noodles... but things are a little more ?sophisticated at one campus. jen's here with that. (jen) back in the day, we got creative with milk crates and bean bags... but dorm decorating has come a long,
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what a couple of freshmen did to ?their digs, at ole miss. (jen/ lindy goodson and abby bozeman definitely went "all out." in fact, they started talking about their dorm decor, back in december. and then, they started shopping: t-j maxx, marshalls, pottery barn... even antique stores... and their look came together amazingly well, when you consider that one of them lives in illinois, the other in mississippi. they didn't paint the walls, but they ?did add matching lamps. and how about those bunks! yes, they're bunkbeds... with special headboards and bedskirts, custom-made. they love it... and say: everyone goes over the top at their school... dorm decorating is "super competitive." (jen) it looks great, but the girls got some ribbing on social media... lindy called the comments "sassy." and she made her twitter account ?private... but
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it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. ((dave would you get this close to hot lava? people inaw tourists are ?flocking to the big island... to see the latest volcano flow... the massive red ooze is coming down the side of the mount kilaueavolcano... running along some sea cliffs... then dropping over the side... 200-feet into the ocean. it started last month... and crowds can't stay away. it's an awesome ?sight... and tourists say you can ?feel and ?smell it, too... the heat is intense, and there's
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"electrical burning" smell. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". no closed captioning is
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the bucs have a happier head coach after their final practice against the jaguards... dirk koetter thought his team put forth a better effort.. there was a minor scuffle toward the end of practice... former gator dante fowler was actually booted out of practice after getting into it with bucs guard ali marpet... both head coaches had a no nonsense approach to fights during joint practice. there was also a bit of a scare for gerald mccoy... slow to get up after a play during full team action... appeared to have turned his ankle... dirk koetter though saying mccoy was just fine after practice... all in all, a good day of work, especially from the bucs offense... jameis connecting with austin seferian jenkins quite a few times... but after wednesday's sluggish performance... the players came ready. the florida gators are going with a quarterback that's at his 3rd school in the last 3-years.... jim elwain names luke del rio as his starting qb for the season opener...... it's the gators 9th starting quarterback since tim tebow graduated.. del rio was in a tight battle with austin appleby since the spring... mcelwain says the other qbs will remain in their
5:48 am
luke is the son of former nfl great and current raiders head coach jack del rio..he started his college career as a walk on at alabama, but never played. went to oregon state and transferred to florida after beavers head coach mike riley resigned. florida hasn't had a quarterback throw for more than 12 tds in the last 6 seasons. that's a look at sports. you have yourself
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--walter alright, alright, alright... the ?dixie chicks are in town tonight... for the first time in a decade! the country trio will take the stage at the mid- florida credit union amphitheatre in tampa. tickets start at 35 bucks..
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(vanessa alright... "here's the story"... back in 19-69, eve plumb... the actress who played "jan" on "the brady bunch"... bought a house. sure she was only 11, but she did it... with some help from her parents and her t-v earnings. the modest little bungalow was right on the beach at malibu... and they bought it for 55-thousand dollars. well, a few days ago... she sold it... for three-point- nine million dollars! it wasn't the ?house that fetched that big ?location. (wally and speaking of blasts from the past... check this out. a couple in north carolina went to a thrift store... and bought this michael jackson cassette... it was only 25- cents... but inside the "bad" album... was something very, very "good." when they opened it, and looked at the liner... they spied what appears to be m-j's autograph! the both freaked out... then went online, to compare it to other jackson signatures... and
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now, they're going to consult the experts. (wally) hungry for a change... up next: the new restaurant, ready to tempt tummies in tampa.(vanessa) and... ready for a laugh? don't miss our friday follies... our good day
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a new lunch option is coming to downtown tampa.. "earl of sandwich" has signed a lease for a store in the "element" apartment building along north franklin street.. the orlando based company already has two stores in the bay area.. one at the
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according to the tampa bay business journal -- landlords in downtown tampa are seeing an increasing demand for retail and restaurant space.. (vanessa and, it's your last weekend to take advantage of the only bay area beach... with air conditioning. we're talking about "the beach" experience at amalie arena. it's made of more than a million white plastic balls... that sort of look like bubbles or sea-foam... the fun is free, but you have to book a time slot... on ticketmaster. the event runs through thursday. (vanessa) it's friday... we what that means. (wally) time to look back at some of our lighter moments on good day... here's this week's good day goodies. "let's head to dave...laughter"look what exists..."i can't decide...your favorite.""the beans are extending...snap crackle pop." "i did 22 pushups on tv""i'm not doing it out here...suck it up, buttercup""are you on me? i hate you." mascots run in and start doing work in
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squid...stop looking at me stubby squid.""but
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there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to jen - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((jen)) a rare moment of regret for donald trump.. what he said about some of the hurtful comments he's made to other people.. (jen/take vo) also ahead - ? where is ryan lochte ? as the truth comes out - the swimmer disappears... we'll take a closer look at his legal options. (jen parents.. how would you feel if you saw this sign at your child's school.. learning an important lesson -
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?does image outweigh public safety? >>jennifer: does imageout weigh public safety? a second hot spot where the zika virus could be spreading and it's one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. >>walter: lochte lied. he claimed he was held at gun where is he now? >>jennifer: she lives in a world without sound but she works at a call center. how the single mother is overcoming adversity at every turn. >>dave: here at 6:00 we're at 78 degrees out at tampa international. 75 as you go into the brandon area, wesley chapel, lakeland, haines city. pretty similar, the numbers to where we were yesterday. still an hour and two minutes away from the sunrise this


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