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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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?does image outweigh public safety? >>jennifer: does imageout weigh public safety? a second hot spot where the zika virus could be spreading and it's one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. >>walter: lochte lied. he claimed he was held at gun where is he now? >>jennifer: she lives in a world without sound but she works at a call center. how the single mother is overcoming adversity at every turn. >>dave: here at 6:00 we're at 78 degrees out at tampa international. 75 as you go into the brandon area, wesley chapel, lakeland, haines city. pretty similar, the numbers to where we were yesterday. still an hour and two minutes away from the sunrise this
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everybody, it will be mostly sunny. still, rain chances are going down. back to about 30% for later this afternoon. i mean, solidly back to lower 90s for high temperatures and the rest of the weekend outlook in a few minutes. >>vanessa: roads look good. we're checking out pinellas county along 275. light volumes out there as you would expect this time of morning. if you're heading into the hudson area, a crash, unsure of lane blockage but use caution you know. >>walter: around 2:00 this morning, gunshots rang out near an apartment complex in tampa. happened at 1100 block of west nassau street. >>jennifer: ken is might have with more on this. good morning, ken. >>reporter: shot to death in the middle of the night but this is heart wrenching. the reason being is that neighbors are telling me this young man was less than 21 years old. as you said before, it started
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tampa police get calls from a number of rns in the complex you see behind me, saying someone has been shot. i heard gunshots ring out. the cops get here and they find this young man down in a pool of blood. they find also bullet holes in two different vehicles so supposedly there's a good chance that the guy was shot fairly close to the two vehicles. what the tie-in is, we don't know. what was the motive here? we don't know that, either. cops are not saying a whole other than we have a fatality. it is a very young guy. he died someplace in route to the hospital. they presumably are looking for the gunman. not telling us too much more than that but an awful lot of people understandably here very upset. lots and lots of folks outside shortly after this happened talking about this is the kind of thing that should not happen but unfortunately, it does. back to you. >>jennifer: all right. new zika concerns following the
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possibly linked to miami dade. >>walter: the city's mayor is warning against jumping to any conclusions. >> there is no epidemic. there is no outbreak of zika on miami beach. there are two unconfirmed cases. the county says, you know, the health department says, but they've not been confirmed from miami beach. and so at this point right now, we're doing everything we can to make >>walter: health officials will likely make a determination today. for the past three weeks, officials have been trying to keep the virus from spreading beyond miami's wynwood arts center. >>jennifer: so far there have been 35 cases of local transmission in florida, including two new cases announced yesterday.
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concern. that could be bad for business. last year 15 1/2 million visitors spent at least one night in the greater miami area and its beaches and according to the miami convention and visitors bureau, more than 48%, nearly half stayed in miami beach. >>walter: number of travel related cases also on the rise. there were 18 new cases confirmed yesterday, including one in pinellas county. that raises the statewide total. u.s.f. is hosting a conference and alcides segui is there. >>jennifer: he'll talk about the push to recruit volunteers to get infected in the hopes of finding a cure. >>walter: we'll stay with health. officials linked a recent death to a type of bacteria found in raw seafood. at this point, we know very little about the victim, only that they contracted the disease by eating raw shellfish. according to medical
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are rare. it can often cause blisters and have fever or shock. if you experience anything like this after shellfish, seek medical attention immediately. >>jennifer: tampa police are trying to figure out who beat an 81-year-old man and stole his car. it happened wednesday. alfred watton was found in his backyard. carlos cordero was the last person to see him. police are saying he's a of interest. >>walter: deputies say a 16-year-old stabbed his family while vacationing at siesta key. the teen was visiting from massachusetts with his mother and 14-year-old brother. investigators are not sure why but they say the 16-year-old stabbed him several times and then took off. deputies caught him nearby, say he admitted to the crime. he faces two counts of attempted second degree murder. the mother and brother are expected to be okay. >>jennifer: polk county deputies working to take down a retail
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still looking for three more. surveillance video shows them hitting a series of wal-mart stores. they've stolen more than $180,000 in merchandise over two years. mostly high priced electronics. crime stoppers is offering a reward. because this is organized crime, they all face racketeering charges and could spend 30 years in prison. >>walter: we got a big surprise yesterday morning. live on the air, a stolen puppy was returned to the humane society of tampa bay and we have an update on the young is accused of taking iris. he's just 17 years old. he went to the humane society wednesday and asked about adopting a dog. he was denied because he's a minor. soon after, he was caught on camera putting a puppy in a large purse. detectives say he confessed to taking the dog. he's charged with felony petty theft. >>jennifer: the u.s. coast guard has suspended the search for an ocala boater reported missing this week.
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beach in dixie county sunday but never returned. tuesday the coast guard found his boat but not mitchell. crews searched more than 10,000 square miles with no sign of him. last night the sector commander in st. petersburg released a statement. thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends. suspending the search is most difficult decision to make and despite our best efforts, we were unable to reunite mitchell with his family. reserving television air time for the first time in this general election. he will spend $5 million the next 10 days to air ads in swing states. first ones could start airing as soon as today. it appears that trump is turning over a new leaf. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't
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say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >>walter: trump did not say which statement he regretted. his recent controversies have ranged from calling the president the founder of isis to feuding with the parents of a slain muslim american soldier. >>jennifer: clinton family is preparing to move back in the white house. bill clint sxon chelsea say they will stop raising money for the
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the foundation will also stop accepting foreign and corporate donations. boston globe called on the clintons to stop accepting donations due to conflict of interest. >>walter: it's a shadow over a stellar olympics. >>jennifer: surveillance video that has blown the case wide open and families in limbo waiting to see what's left after a massive wildfire. one so big, you can see it from >>dave: 6:09 on this lovely friday morning. we're at 78 degrees. humidity a lovely 90% because you have a dew point of 75 and light east-northeast winds. we'll be quiet until later this afternoon where we'll pop up a few isolated thunderstorms. i say few because the rain chances are only around 30% today, tomorrow, even sunday as well. and over the course of the next few days, tropics starting to get very active.
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after three days of rapid >>walter: after three days of rapid growth, crews are finally
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the blue cut fire near san bernardino is now almost 36,000 acres and 22% contained. the fire has burned 56 square miles. and many people remain in limbo wondering when they can return home and whether they'll have anything to come home to. >>jennifer: a snap shot from nasa, this year's fire season could set a new record as the fire grows more ferocious and expensive to fight. last year was the record with more than $2 billion spent fighting fires from florida to alaska. >>walter: in louisiana at least 13 people died as a result of the flooding in what's being called the worst disaster since superstorm sandy. at one point, 11,000 poem were in shelters and that number continues. 11,000. but that number continues to drop as water levels recede. white house says president obama is unlikely to break his
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with responders and the victims. >>vanessa:or man a dozen homeless dogs from louisiana arrived in tampa. they made room for new dogs displaced by flooding. the first ones could be adopted today, if not tomorrow. in the meantime, check out pictures on our website, >>walter: puppies and small breeds, right? >>jennifer: yeah. and there's a group of humane societies across the country that do this every time there's a natural you know, there may be 100 or 200 dogs that need homes and they'll each take like 20, as many as they can. >>walter: they came to the right place. we love our dogs and animals here in the bay area. >>dave: and at the end of the day, jen will have five or six of them. >>jennifer: i think i maxed out for now. >>dave: is that what your husband said? we're at 78 degrees in the tampa area. 76 in west chase as well as new tampa, plant city is at 77.
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compare it to yesterday at this time and it's really no change. i mean, maybe a degree or so. not really noticeable. 75 in bradenton. i've got low to mid 70s as well for polk county, going all the way down to highlands county. so let's just talk about the forecast heat index. we know as we've taken rain chances and dropped to 30%, it will be more about the heat than the afternoon storms and by 1:00 the heat index, 100 degrees brooksville, 101 wesley chapel. 99 in tampa. you get the point. it's august. and it is just going to be a steam bath out there. so let's fast forward to tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. yep. pretty much the same. upper 90s to low 100's in terms of the heat indices and the overall rain chances, below 100.
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40% inland. we'll start to shift the focus of the afternoon thunderstorms from the coast which we've had all week to inland locations. let's get to the tropics. here is fiona which has been surrounded, literally surrounded by drier air which is really held it back. it's going through warm water so that's not the limiting factor. the wind shear has been light. it's the drier air that's infiltrating the center of the storm. see how it little bit? it's a minimal tropical storm. my eyes go down to here like yours have, too. this is a pretty big tropical wave, much further to the south and the east. i'll talk about that in a second. here is fiona, 45-mile-per-hour winds moving west-northwest at 10. on this path, notice how it dropped back to a depression again or a remnant low as it moves east of bermuda. we're not concern about that.
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half or so ago, 30% chance of development. it's a pretty big tropical wave. now, this one is not going to take the same path as fiona, okay? it's going to stay away from the dry air. and it's going to continue to work its way toward the west and by early next week, middle of next week, it's going to be somewhere here close to the islands. that's what the computer models areay in what form? we're going to have to wait and see. you're talking about a storm that just came off the coast of africa a couple of days ago. however, i would really keep a close eye on this and you can do that with us by heading to you get the latest hurricane tracks, computer models. you can do interactive model tracking, live hurricane hunter flights if need be, stuff like that. tropical blog. so a lot to see on there and that's why i encourage you to book mark that.
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well. 92 for a high today. rain chance, about 30% so it's not going to be as high as yesterday, even though yesterday wasn't that great so 30% really is what we're going to be looking at through early next week and then we'll bump it back to 40% for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. vanessa, good morning. >>vanessa: good morning, dave. 6:18. last report we had mentioned hudson, a crash along u.s. 19 in the area of new york and weren't sure about the lane blockage but we got the picture from ed in pasco who is checking out the fdot cameras there. there might be a tow truck there and the vehicle is in a ditch. travel lanes appear to be unaffected. just use caution in the area from the safety of the person involved in the crash. we have another reported vehicle in the ditch. this is the south tampa area. west shore boulevard at mc coy street. police are on scene here so
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scene is as soon as we can but it sounds like an area where you don't want to interfere with anything and all the cleanup happening there. updated look, majors look good. six minutes is your drive over the howard frankland. it's five. i-4 westbound between mlk and the interchange and eight between bruce b and state road 54. >>walter: it's a story getting even more complicated by the hour. brazilian police say ryan lochte lied about being point. >>jennifer: instead they tore apart a convenience store bathroom and tried to make it up. they say the athletes tried to leave after vandalizing the bathroom but a security guard ordered them to pay for the damage. lochte and other swimmers gave him $50 and then left but that's not the story lochte weaved to an nbc reporter. he told everyone they were robbed at gun point and that move caused a huge ripple
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false report surfaced, a judge ordered all four swimmers' passports be seized. two were yanked off a flight but after testifying, a judge gave back their passports. they left brazil last night. also last night, lochte and james feagan were arrested for falsely reporting a crime. he was ordered to pay $10,800 before leaving the country. >>jennifer: lochte flew back to the u.s. before file charges. as for where he is right now, no one knows. there's been no sign of him at his apartment and a spokesperson had no comment when asked if lochte had been there. there are new reports he flew to charlotte on wednesday and traveled to asheville, north carolina. brazilian authorities want to talk to him but they may have to involve the f.b.i. to make that happen. catholic schools have a
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some think one school has gone too far. >>walter: a new rule that has parents talk this morning and a raccoon finds himself in a tricky situation.
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?? ?? ??
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>walter: time to see what's clicking on the web this morning. >>jennifer: we can handle it this morning, right? first a raccoon gets stuck in a tight situation. poor baby. look at him. this was in north hampton, a raccoon got its head stuck in a storm grate. we don't know if he fell through or if he was trying to climb up. the police were called and after some time, officers were able to free the raccoon using cooking grease. i'm shurp he's happy to be out of there. after all, that the raccoon was unharmed. >>walter: it didn't look like the raccoon had a scared face.
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>>walter: have you ever seen lightning like this? looks like a t-rex is about to take a bite out of the petrified forest. the photo was sent by a member of the national park service. any clue what's happening in this ticket, dave? >>dave: just looks awesome. >>walter: how does it include and then move through atmosphere physics? it's lightning. >>jennifer: a t rex lightning bolt. all right. let's get serious here for a minute. arkansas high school message to parents is going viral. are you reading this? a sign outside catholic high school for boys reads, if you're dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, et cetera,
6:26 am
building. your son will learn to problem solve in your absence. they want kids to be responsible for their actions and not have parents cover up mistakes. they're in high school. that's kind of understandable, right? the high school was proud enough to post this picture on their facebook page. >>walter: here is just a few responses. quote, treating your high school son like a baby will make him soft and weak. also, quote, you can't learn responsibility always depending on someone else. end quote. others one writing, this is disgusting. another person writes, if a school refused me to bring a forgotten lunch, i would find a more understanding school. >>jennifer: do they really follow that sign or is it just a -- >>walter: sounds like it. i don't know. i think i'm going to leave that one alone. >>jennifer: university of south
6:27 am
research. >>walter: she's deaf but she got a job at a call center. laura moody tells us about a company that matches people with jobs wish your skin could bounce back like...
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ost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena?.
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good morning, i;m walter allen. and i'm jen >>walter: good morning. i'm walter allen. >>jennifer: and i'm jennifer epstein in for russell and laura. they're both out for today. >>dave: 7:03 is the sunrise this morning. we start to get the sun up, the brightness just a little bit before the sun comes up. it's pretty again. we're at 78 degrees. in fact, upper 70s along the coast.
6:31 am
the afternoon, in fact, the next few days are going to be like this. we're going to have rain chances running 30% so isolated afternoon storms shifting inland during the afternoon as well with highs in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: thank you. if you're heading westbound hillsborough, disabled vehicle reported in the roadway here at an intersection with 56th street, just blocking a left-turn lane but use caution as you head through the area. majors seem to be running up to speed, this is the camera near mlk. traffic is picking up in this direction. that's probably going to be northbound and so far, no big incidents reported and we are looking good with those travel times. >>jennifer: tampa police are investigating a fatal shooting this morning. a young man was found if a pool of blood around 2:00 a.m. at nassau street. he was rushed to the local hospital but died on the way.
6:32 am
tragedy and say he was brilliant. police are still looking for the shooter. >>walter: and being shut down. parent company filed for bankruptcy after hulk hogan was awarded $140 million in the invasion of privacy lawsuit. while the gossip site is dead, the other websites will live on. those include gadget site and gaming bug and the sport site dead spin as well. gawker founder quoted the movie blade runner saying the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you've burned so very, very broitly. will officially shut down next week. >>jennifer: florida health officials are expected to announce a second zone of concern for the zika virus. it's believed to be miami beach. >>walter: we're also learning that researchers want volunteers to get infected with the virus.
6:33 am
an interesting request. >>reporter: yeah. really no doubt about it. it's happening at a baltimore hospital. they're asking for volunteers to get infected with the virus to see how they can research it to see if they can possibly come up with a solution to this epidemic. as researchers have been falling it. i have to tell you here at usf, they're hosting a zika health conference and it's happening later on this morning but before that conference actually state lawmakers will be walking in to that white building right over here. it's the usf mosquito lab. they'll be walking in there, they'll learn what usf has to offer and the university is bringing together top researchers, elected and appointed officials as well as health care professionals to discuss ways to contain the spread of the zika virus. usf mosquito lab is prepared for this type of research because they've been studying mosquitos for a number of years, not to
6:34 am
researcher in the country. usf mosquito experts will explain how to better understand the insect, find more effective treatments or develop vaccines to prevent the infections. currently the lab does not contain zika carrying mosquitos but it is designed to begin studying the virus and that's what they plan on doing. potentially the ground breaking research could happen right here in the backyard. as you mentioned, today's announcement comes as researchers in a baltimore hospital have a new way to find they need very brave volunteers. they're looking for healthy, non pregnant volunteers to infect them with the virus. it's for a study this winter called the human challenge. if the government regulators agree, researchers could begin injecting paid volunteers with different amounts of the lab grown zika as early as december. so again, researching the zika virus has been going on for a
6:35 am
it's happening right here on the usf campus as well. we'll speak with state lawmakers about what they've learned and get a better idea of what this mosquito lab looks like here at usf. back to you. >>walter: and we'll learn so much once the human trials start. >>walter: i believe so. we'll just -- you can imagine winter into next year as well, we'll get a better idea how it affects >>walter: looking forward to the morning. we'll talk to you later on. thank you. >>jennifer: it takes courage to turn adversity into advantage. when you're disabled, it can be hard to be brave enough to try something new. there's a local agency that will reach back. the diversity initiative is doing everything it can to help disabled people find the jobs they were always able to do but
6:36 am
>>laura: she laughs a lot despite tremendous adversity. the world around her is silent. angelie is deaf. so isn't it interesting then that she works at a call center? your kids are going to be so happy. did they know you're going to be on television today? >>laura: even setting up the interview with the interpreter jessica, it was complicated to figure out how were we going to shoot this? but she lives her life with ease. beating the expectations at well care which makes her a model for the non hearing community. has it been hard for you to find work? >> yes, it has. they're scared to hire a person with a disability because they're not sure if they'll be too much money. she can do the work all right. she's a single mother of two
6:37 am
her daughter and son. they're your heart. they're not hearing impaired, she jokes. like most kids, they're hearing impaired. they don't pay attention. she found her niche. thanks to people like vanessa rodriguez, vice president of the diversity initiative. they match qualified workers with great companies. >> we work with the public and small businesses and places where you wouldn't think because disability doesn't discriminate. >>laura: companies like well care are increasingly putting an emphasis on diversity and inclusion and she put every faith in her when she gave her the job. >> i had an opening for -- specifically for an asl candidate, american sign language so i just reached out to my people in vocational rehab, divertity initiative is
6:38 am
angelie and i first met. we did a phone interview. she is amazing. i got a gem. >>laura: you have to be motivated to find something new and it's good to have -- go volunteer and do services that way to see how you work, if you're good at it, if you're not. >>jennifer: there's a complementary lunch and learning event for job seekers with disabilities on august 25. it's at center. today is the last day to register. do it by ak -- 5:00 p.m. classified cargo. a new mission launches from the
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goip almost 6:42 on this lovely friday morning. i'm telling you, look at these temperatures and they're almost exactly where we left you yesterday at this time. brooksville, ocala, nasa, you're at 73 degrees. notice it's warmer along the east coast there. still we're at palm beach in the lower 80s. today sets up like yesterday except for one thing. some drier air aloft is going to hold instead of 40% we drop back to . we see tons of moisture all the way. we have tons of setting a few thunderstorms. just not as many as we got yesterday and then beginning tomorrow, we'll shift the focus for the storms from the west coast, which is what we've been dealing with, more inland and
6:43 am
afternoon and more south to southwest wind. a couple of players in the game here, in the tropics, this is tropical storm fiona. this is a very strong tropical wave that came off the coast of africa a couple of days ago. fiona, winds 45 miles an hour. it's a true struggle for the storm to develop. it's literally surrounded by saharan dust. a lot of big areas of dust just come off the coast of africa and sometimes they'll hang around the atlantic for they'll literally eat up almost any storm, especially a weak storm like this and that's why you see the forecast as it turns to the northwest, just weakening into tropical depression status. either way, even if it stays a t east coast of florida.rmuda you see how it will stay well east of the lower 48. now, this next wave, this one
6:44 am
areas. why? number one, all this drier air up here is not going to impact us. number two, i notoing to makehat turnorthwest like fi did. it will continue on a due see a lot of tis with the cape, even the latest ones, are developing this storm as it moves to the west and then potentially impacts the virgin islands sometime next week. up on this. by thursday, you're talking about a decent storm, somewhere east of puerto rico and near the virgin islands. from here, there's your million dollar question of where it goes. does it make a turn to the west? north-northwest? does it go to the caribbean? still way, way too early to tell. but just head to over the weekend, check back in the news cast. every step of the way, we'll
6:45 am
different computer models and satellite pictures on there as well. the forecast for today, we're bringing it back up to 92 degrees. hot, humid, again, the rain chances drop back to about 30%. any storms that we get, they'll go bye-bye early this evening. low, muggy tonight, low 79 and 30% the rain chance tomorrow. the difference tomorrow is more inland storms will be pushing them inland versus pushing them back to the coastline. by, let's say, tuesday of next week, that's chance will go back up to about 40%. until then, we'll be below normal for rain chances. okay? >>vanessa: all right, dave. thank you. 6:45. we're in hernando county right now. looks like we have big lane blockage after a reported hit and run. this is on cortez boulevard at the intersection with mariner boulevard. westbound lanes are completely blocked so drivers, avoid that area. looks like the best work around is actually going to be taking a smaller side street, jacqueline.
6:46 am
grove. you'll head northbound to get to jacqueline. we'll check the travel times right now. looks good here. no big complaints, not seeing any pops of congestion yet in the usual trouble spots. i-4 westbound heading into the interchange, all looking good right now. 6:46 is the time. happy friday, charley. >>charley: happy friday, friday, friday. sorry. sorry, mason dixon. sometimes i like to steal the friday, that's what they do on q105 every friday. >>vanessa: with you plugging them this week? >>charley: no. i don't know. what do you mean? >>vanessa: i feel like you mention them. >>charley: mason dixon is an institution in tampa, for goodness sakes. i grew up on q105. it's like saying tampa. it's just there. i don't know. i guess so. i'll tell you what i'm plugging.
6:47 am
this morning. i'm going to tell you about tampa bay united soccer which is a tampa united soccer club. they're a youth soccer club in tampa. they have a great fundraiser in september. but first, but first, how about we play some percentages real quick? >>vanessa: we like percentages. >>charley: we figure out whether we're in the minority or the majority what other people are thinking in this world. here we go. 25% of men check facebook page at work so their partner won't catch them doing it. i'm not sure what i'm going to admit on tv right now with my wife watching at home. honey, i'm just kidding. have i? i think in the past, a long time ago, i have gone and looked at ex's facebook page back in the
6:48 am
longing, i would think. >>charley: like is the guy she's with now uglier than me? let's just move along. >>vanessa: walter is saying he's just happy he's moved on. >>charley: yes. >>vanessa: just reinforcing the fact. >>charley: we'll move on. 21% -- i want to you fill in the blank here. 21% of women say the ultimate flattery is their blank. >>vanessa: outfit? >>jennifer: body. >>vanessa: hair? >>charley: handbag. >>walter: good to know. >>charley: 5% of us wish we had a microwave oven in the car. >>vanessa: no. >>charley: it's only 5%.
6:49 am
i have to tell you, my buddy grammatica is a coach with the united soccer club. get in touchcharley. yoha rextravaganza and it's your opportunity to run around the horse track. only horses have one here but they're going to have the hoofing they have a socce raffle, foot golf, a million dollar opportunity if you get a hole in one in real golf, you could win a million dollars. fun runs, great things for the kids right here at tampa bay downs september 17 so i have a preview for you, tell you all about it, about a big fundraiser for tampa bay united soccer club. can you imagine running around the horse track? >>vanessa: do they have to carrr
6:50 am
rocket blasted off from cape canaveral, caring two surveillance satellites for the u.s. air force. they were previously classified. we still don't know much about them other than that they're designed to track other objects in orbit around planet earth. speaking of other objects in orbit, later this morning two astronauts will step outside the i.s.s. to finish installing a new docking adaptor. it's basically an extra parking space.
6:51 am
with future commercial spacecraft like the one being designed by space x. space walk is scheduled to start at 8:00. >>jennifer: one of the biggest bands in the world is getting ready to release new music. no need to seek and destroy. we'll tell you who in about five minutes. dave is excited about this one. in full costume.
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>>jennifer: motorcycles and casinos. you go. you do this. >>walter: what could they possibly all have in common? >>jennifer: let'she lauren simonetti and the fox business network studios. shots here this morning, but we got it covered. good morning. what's the connection here? >> i say they all have fun in common. chicken, casino and a motorcycle. the answer is oil. oil has turned in a stellar week. $48 right now. we've come up drastically. however, the past two years have been oh, so terrible for the oil patch. and popeye's chicken and biscuits, harley davidson motorcycles, caesar's
6:55 am
oil patch, in the southeastern part of the country particularly are hurting their bottom line when they report their earnings. all of them suffering because the oil worker, person who deals with that segment works in a field, what have you, is often struggling to make ends meet. >>walter: before you go, my wife and i got married here in florida. we got married at a hotel but then that helped pay for two or three more stays down the road. let's talk loyalty >> nice. u.s. news and world report out with the list of best rewards programs for the hotels. and for the first time in quite some time, wyndham is number one. you don't need so many points to redeem a free night stay. it's easy. you see marriott falling on the list. they tied for second with choice privileges hotels. choice owns the comfort inn. then you have best western and
6:56 am
pr advantage thank you. lk goodweekend. >>jennifer: don't m network. if you're not sure where to find fox business network in your area, go to fox finder. >>walter: metallica is back. they're releasing the first it's the len studio al wired to self d feature 80 music. it's scheduled to be released november 18. >>jennifer: one of the world's biggest video game conventions happening right now in germany. games con opened doors t organizers are million is a big
6:57 am
wear the spiderman costume in three years is sharing some pictures on instagram yesterday. his first solo movie, spiderman homecoming, is scheduled to debut next summer. >>jennifer: very cool. >>walter: if you wear contact lenses, important information this morning. infections caused by contacts are increasing. coming up at 7:00, the two things you can do to make sure your eyes stay healthy. >>jennifer: and talk about a thriller. cassette tape but what they find inside, that may be worth millions. dave? >>dave: sun will be up in four minutes, give or take a minute, and it's pretty, too. mostly sunny skies. you're looking at the tampa net cam east on kennedy and right now, we're at 78 degrees with a dew point of 75 and i do expect temperatures today, tomorrow,
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((jen- happening right now, the search >>jennifer: right now, the search for this guy. he's a person of interest in a brutal attack on a former marine. plus -- >> donald trump says he's made some a big tactical change for the trump campaign coming up. >>walter: and a 25 cent treasure? that's how much they paid for a michael jackson cassette tape. what they found inside is priceless. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm filling in. forecast


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