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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00am-9:58am EDT

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saying good bye to fifteen dollars an hour. the clothing chain moving to find cheaper labor. saying good-bye to $15 an hour. clothing chain moving to find cheaper labor. now the clean up. we're getting a clear picture of the devastation left behind in louisiana. good frida everybody. we made it. it's friday. i'm jen epstein in for laura. i'm walter allen both laura and russell have day off. we're outside. not too bad, i guess. you know i've noticed at nights. nights have been cooling off a little bit it seems like. >> maybe wishful thinking. we're still a good month away from turning that corner too. at least 3, 4 weeks away from our average high temperatures dropping below 90.
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and 83-degree temperature right now. east northeast wind at 3 miles per hour. >> i think today, go right back to the lower 90s. just a subtle difference is that the rain chance today will go back to about 30 percent. versus yesterday, which was whopping 40 percent. so vanessa, not much of a change. okay. >> all right. thank you, dave. 9:01. check roadways here we do have serious crash out of tampa area. hillsborough westbound shut down at 50th street. we are hearing this involves motorcyclist with critical injuries reported. hearing from authorities for second driver involved. so avoid the area. and we will back with full report in a bit. they lied, that's what brazilian authorities determined in this whole ryan lochte robbery scandal. police say there was noertwent station. overnight two of the swimmer
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nearly lenny thousand dollars in order to leave braz so hers the story. an lochte said they were robbed at gunpoint. but the gas station owner say four swimmers were vandal they were drunk and damaged restroom in a sign inside the store. so gas station's armed security guards stopped them from leaving pulled a gun on the crew and demanded they pay for the damage. >> swimmers handed over the
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statement, a gun was pointed at the swimmers they were forced taught out their cab and give up their money no matter what happened at the gas station, the swimmers were robbed by people with a gun appearing to be law enforcement. no matter what country you're in that robbery and robbery is serious crime. but here's the question, these are pictures from tmz at the gas station in question. the only damage the photographer could find was a sign that's got a crack in it. working on getting that picture the swimmers offered $50 to fix that sign, here it is. but the gas station wanted more. eventually accding t a the group handed or close to $400. fro so where's t truth? probably somewhere in the midd. rio admitted they were out to prove the swimmers lied. as that.s isn't as dangerous but even with swimmer's story
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disprove other incidents that happened like begun gunfire hitting a media van ask & british athlete robbed at gunpoint. let's talk about zika an updated map of easing cases here in bay area. these are all travel related, but zika is here. 54 cases in the bay area. polk county had most with 16 followed by hillsborough with 14. so it's only a matter of time before we get home grown cases of zika virus here in the bay area. but thankfully, usf is leading fight against there's a conference that is starting this morning we find fox 13's alcides segui. some prominent politicians are there as well alcides. >> yeah. you have u.s. representative kathy castor as well u.s. representative david jolly. tey actually took a tour of mosquito lab that's located inside this white building here in tampa. it's usf mosquito lab. so yeah they took tour a little while ago about 45 minute tour. and now, they are off to that conference. you were referring to short time
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conference expected to begin in about 45 minutes or so. the university's bringing together top researchers elected and appointed government officials as well as healthcare professionals to discuss ways to contain the spread. usf mosquito lab is prepared for this type of research. because, they've mosquitos for number of years now happening this morning usf mosquito experts will explain how to better understand the insects. find more effective treatments, or develop vaccines to prevent infections. curren the ground breaking rly it will happen inside this white building here. and spear headed by usf zika coverage continues here on fox 13. coming up fox 13 at noon you hear from dr. jo. she ask her photo journalist corey beckman were inside a short time ago they've got video of mosquito lab and you'll hear from u.s. representative david jolly as kelly kathy castor
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back to you. >> all right alcides, thank you. we'll talk to you later on and looking forward to that report at noon. >> moving on to national stories this morning flood waters are starting to recede in southern parts at louisiana.n e ge. this as homeland security >> hardit louisiana and emergency flooding situation now a housing crisis. with more than 40,000 homes confirmed damaged flood
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is here. we're deving lots of resources, lots of to this effort. but many victims say they are upset president obama has remained on vacation. and has not made a statement on tv or personally visited the region. the president ce has a fall c days. and he is closely monitoring the situation. nearly a thousand federal emergency magement agents are no on the ground with more on the way. victims tosss tir damage, ood signmp for federal disast assistae and hp arrange for temporary using. already, more than 86,000 people have filed for federal disaster assistance. >> sadly officials here in the louisiana say thaoughly 90 percent of therm have no flood insurance.
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te 9:017. federal jud blocked a controversial new abortion law. law hav a prevented state funds from going to organizations that provide abortions like planned parenthood. it w also designed to a greatly increase inspection requirements for abortion clinics. the state can still appeal the ruling but the governor's office would not so i if administration would do that. >> the young man is dead after bein shot in a tampa apartment complex overnight. it happened at oak hurst apartmts o north boulevard just west of >> residents awoke to gunfire andhe manbleeng. lice areay aboutthe incident. two c ao hit by bullets onen windshield other in theor. >> we told you about a walmart and theirroblems withcrime. well, polk county authorities need your help busting a big crime ring. so far 4 people have been restn more. e sheriffsays, the men and women targeted walmart stores throughout the southeast.
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stealing nearly $180,000 worth of items over the past two years. they focus mostly on high priced electronics. reward i being offered for three who are still on the run. 7 or facing racketeering charges and could face up to 30 years in prison. coming up huge changes could coming to america favorite past time. proposal that could draefktcally change the game of baseball, jen. >> plus a beautiful example of true st. petersburg woman needs $25,000 for a kidney. meet home town hero doing everything she can to get her friend off dialysis and on with tampa bay downsi believe for the extravaganza >> jennifer epstein anything you'd like to say to me? i'm not saying a word to you. to you the rest of the morning. what happened? what did i miss?
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last hour, i talked myself into corner like i often do and i go to twitter you'll see, you will you'll see what i was talking about. i've never seen what this looks like before. i am inside with where the horses start in horse race. kentucky derby, tampa bay downs, same thing they start in things like they fly open and they are off. but september 17th, it's not horses its people on this historic track first time ever. fundraiser for tampa bay unid soccer club. youth soccer league here in tampa. i will tell you how you can get involved and racing on this
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>> a lite ove three hours to fifinish an average major league basebl came commisoner r man ford says at'sontely he pseropod new rules that would change and speed up the game. defensive's when infie e side of the field or the other depending on where the hitter tends to hit the ball. second, implementing a pitch clock at 20 seconds. some pitches will take forever. and minor leaguers have had this since 2015 and mlb teams have tied it in spring training. third, and this we think is most significant, it would lim relief pitchers. you know, sometimes a team
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batter. a new rule would stop this. of course if >> but the collective bargaining agreement ends in december we might see at least some of these changes negotiated. you and i were talking about this. i'm kind of okay with pitcher 20 second thing. other part of it is strate. all part of the game. the shift bringing in pitchers. usually you're bring ago pitcher for one batter you want a lefty and lefty.absolutely. you know. we talked about maybe changing little bit b fcing hitters to swing rather than just and waiting for pitch and pites and pitches i like ts ift you have hitters like big papihe shift toua actlly hit the ball when p they aupseto and shift, i don't know. that's strategic. tampa bay rays f club have created a tt cau
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here it is. okay. there it is. it's got names of what they consider some pretty important rays current andme plars on top and modelling it evan longoria of course. no issue there. >> but they you look down see some other names. it's either you say oh, really or i don't even remember who that is. wilson alvarez. who is wilson alvarez. aplayer for rays johnny gomes. there's one name not on there. and lot of people are wade boggs. hall of fame player. he played his last two years with the rays. he had, his 3 thousandth hit at the trop. plus a lal guy. i went to plant high. he's not on the list. so, some of the comments are pretty nasty towards rays. some saying t-shirt shows how cheap organization is losing all of great players. i don't know. interesting though. you would have thought he would
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it. he would have been wearing the 30s. everyone long gorge ya. i'm just saying one modeling shirt for goodness sakes. pretty big name. and that's for not putting him on t-shirt for sure. i don't know, i'll still never forget the time i had a chance to pitch the to wade boggs. >> you pitched to wade boggs >> batting practice. one of his games in clearwater. i was never so nervous in all my life. all him. please hit it right back at me. >> fences. still. still. anyway. yeah. we will hear more of that later. we're at 83 degrees. temperature this morning warming back up into 80s just about everybody's there. brandon, sarasota, venice all at 82. 81 infrostproof. forecast next couple days. rain chances going down to 30 percent for aer and
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dealing with coup things gn feeiona a big ole tropical wave a better small storm. look surrounded surrounded by saharan dust, dry air it's just taking a toll on this storm. as it moves towards the west northwest at ten miles per hour. this may dissipate. or depression. then move east of bermuda not going to be an issue. i think what we have to watch is this one we will shade in orange right now. 50 percent chance of developments over next five days. computer models latest ones coming in areaking thistorm andringing it into the islands of next week.dleteortion so that's kind where you will have to wai and see what happens. but we still have plentyf ti. plenty of time to watch. head to
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hot, humid today. there's your 30 percent rain chance. late in the day of 92 warm muggy tonight low of 79. 30cent again the rain chance tomorrow. otherwise nice and steamy. tomorrow, the storms will be further inland. i think we'll hold that pattern for sunday maybe even monday as well before getting back to that east southeast wind pattern, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, vanessa. then we will bring rain chances back to 40 percent. all right. thank you, dave. >> it's 9:18. i was told at the top of the hour regarding that serious motorcycle crash. so this is hillsborough avenue at 50th street westbound lanes are going to be blocked completely. we're hearing a motorcyclist down with critical injuries and a secdriver inhi caeoo for westboun hillsborough instead of thatolice take mlk
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always count on. i s who devoting her life to saving a friend. and she's this we's town >> the last decade hasn't been easy for cheryl sage. she los her leg to diabetes in 2007. was diagnosed with a renal disease in 200 eight and has been on dialysis for six years. >> take all the blood out. clean it. and put it all back in. take all the impuritie put it back in. it is no the a pleasant process. she ds a a hf hours each visit. it is hard on your body. she's gotten through it all with hept help of her best friend melissa. she's good person, i just do what any good friend would do. so when cheryl finally got oh kidney transplant list two weeks ago, melissa sprung into action. they've got a lot of work to dop cheryl needs to raise $25,000 for the surgery. it could be a year.
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be next month. it could be next week. we don't know. they are not wasting in time. they've already started planning fundraisers, soliciting donations, and organizing bake sales and car washes. she gets things done she gets them done. especially when i don't feel good i don't feel like doing stuff she just takes over, and, gets it done. >> melissa doesn't plan on stopping until every dollar is raised. whatever it takes for her best friend to get off dialysis and on with her life. i think there many more doors tt open up for her. when she can lead aegular life and not be td to dialysis machine three days aeek,ky's the lit. no matter what futur holds for cheryl, whether the money is found, s kws'lheet is thugh it wit melissa by her side. >> so we have some pretty amazing news. two weeks since i interview cheryl she got a kidney.
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still etty weak otherwise shdos g well k functioning operly. $25,0.tieed t raise so there's a bunch of upcoming events including a flap jack breakfast an applebee's in st. petersburg. melissa is put all different incidents together i've got all information on my facebook page fox 13's jennifer epstein. coming up next, charley getting dirty at the race track. but, it's money for today, we can connect more.... play more... do more.all at moreta at duke ergy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch.
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and we're off on another good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a tampa bay downs.
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it's the horses oh of off see season they are doing off track betting and everything else they do here a tampa bay downs a charity event happening here september 17th where humans will be running on this track appear youth soccer league here in town. it's fundraiser is for tampa bay united soccer club. tell me about that first, charley. before we talk about the event remind everybody who, who are people taking advantage of tampa bay united soccer club? what we're going to do is have ten-year-olds. and like title one type schools. you know free lunch type schools. and try to provide soccer for them. integrate them in with our recreation and also training our recreational coaches more so that we get best equaled quality that we possibly can for parent coaches. tampa bay united soccer club, made up of many different teams different age groups all across the area. 4 to 18. mostly in hillsborough. but 4 to 18-year-olds. and there's a competitive end.
9:25 am
recreational end. this event is called, extravaganza a hoofing it 5 k run which a last 150 yards on horse track. correct last one 50 yards a little bit sandy out here. so you have some follow-up runs with kids and parents to that starts 4 and 5-year-old will run three eighths of a mile and high school kids will run a mile and everything in between. you're also going to have foot golf happening out her you'll actually dig holes and for the foot golf? there will be holes on the course, and it will be an 18 hole par 72, so there will be four par 3, four and 10 par 4s on the course. we will go right around turf course on the grass. fits right in with our, with the fund fundraisers. then you also have hole in one putting, no not putting, there is a putting no, it's 120 yards close to his pin they qualify on friday night the 16th and on the 17th, one winner per hour, later on in the fall, we will go to
9:26 am
and max it in, it is $25,000 for 40 years. that would be nice. and finally you will have a, a raffle soccer ball squishy soccer ball drop. we will do that and 2200 tickets sold on that and they will 2200 numbers. this will be be gooding for like russel and laura when they are talking to you. or even jen or walter could use it after the crop thing. most of my live shots or a crop. thank you very much you want to get involved that's correct. tansz tore tampa bay united soccer club can't remember that don't worry go to get signed up for the 17th sept run fundraiser tampa bay downs going to be a good event. walter a little stress relief. i will take one of those for sure bring it on back. are we that out of touch soccer golf i've never heard of it. fot golf. i spent morning talking about it
9:27 am
lot fun you play it on golf courses that will let you participate. it's kind of fun, yeah. like fofl. i'm not going anywhere knee making any new words up. i was baiting you. i wasn't baiting you. all right. we'll leave it there charley. always fun. have a good great weekend. straight ahead 9:30 fight for higher wages and popular
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time now is
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9:xx... prodded by a new report in the "wall street journal"... there's been a stunning admission fr welcome back. 9:29 a new report in wall street journal a stunning admission from state department. officials are admitting the $400 million it paid to iran was to release 4 american prisoners. it's first time u.s. government has clearly linked the two. state department spokesman john kirby maintains payment was not ransom despite the appearance of such. the agency says the money was a payment a equipment deal. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump has acknowledged that some of his comments may have caused people pain. comments may have been iliad is advised and regrets some of what he said in the heat of debate. he did not say which of his statements he regretted. his recent controversies have ranged from a calling the presen of founderfs, to feuding with the parents of a slain muslim american soldier. >> meantime, a new book claims a
9:31 am
powell told hillary clinton it would be a good idea to have a personal email account when she took over his job. >> the book which actually about bill clinton says hillary had dinner with former secretaries of state before she took job in 2009 a statement from powell office says says he doesn't recall that conversation. powell was secretary of state during george w. bush first term in office. firefighters have made major gain against the fast moving california. fire broke out tuesday in since chewed through drought par whiched grass and unknown number of homes. it's been fueled by wind and low humidity. at this point, the fire has burned about 56 square miles and 22 percent contained. officials are facing another problem, many people are ignoring the evacuation orders instead, homeowners are dialing 911 as the fire gets closer. but crews are not always able to reach them. right now about 82,000 people
9:32 am
no deaths have been reported. but crews are using cadaver dogs while they assess the damage. we showed you this live on good day as it happened two astronauts stepped outside international space station earlier this morning. they finished installing a new docking adapter. it's basically an extra parking space. this one designed to dock with future commercial crew spacecraft like the one being designed by spacex. > i could watch that all day long. let'set out to dave osterberg. think about this for a second how many times you go to the store and it didn't fit. had to bring it back. could you imagine walking wait a second. wrong size i told you 3/8. going to launch another one. steamy weekend ahead. that's your headline there. 83 degrees. so, our current temperature on par, where we were yesterday at
9:33 am
plus, i think we get back to lower 90s looking skytower radar. pretty quiet. to stay that way we will have a few isolated n dg thunrstorms. but the raihances are dropping a little bit back to about 30 percent. i want to spendnime here talking abouthe tropics. you got fiona to the north. tropical wave further south to theeast. in the next couple of days, the potential low for development. but then after that, it's going to get into an area very favorable for development. has it moves westward knot going to take snap path. 50/50 potentially a named storm. you put the computer models on it they are all pretty much in agreement in short-term by pushing storm off to west. one the more reliable global computer model things s picked up on this. what i'm going to do now take you through next several days and the potential for development with this system. i
9:34 am
g globe will model the european hasn't jumpe onoard may down the road. and number 2s also a long way away. but potential is there with development are this system as reaches northeast islands part islands some time by thursday o one real closely you can always had head to latest chalk and jimmy weber updating it right now as we speak. live hurricane hunter flights if and when they get to a tlak and interive model track and so on and so on. check on this this weekend. and we'll you're talking about a tropical wave thousands and thousands of thousands of miles away. lot can happen in 7 to ten days. hot and humid 30 percent. rain chance with high of 92 degrees. warm muggy tonight we drop it back to 79. and very similar tomorrow, in terms of percentages.
9:35 am
percent. the difference tomorrow is that we're going to move everything inland rather than pushing it back toward west coast. inland and toward east coast. shift winds. 30 percent rain chance will a hang around for sunday and for monday. and back up to 40 percent tuesday, wednesday and thursday. leads me to few first birthday i say want to pass along to you. uh-oh. we've got double trouble. twin turning one y. and get this, they love with their three older brothers. oh my goodness. three older brothers. happy first birthday to all of you. look at maya's sweet little smile. turning one today as well. she looks kulgdzing with mam and grandma listening to dad sing. anrestling wit her 3 older brothers. they will protect you when you get olde we he you have great birthday
9:36 am
little juliette that turned one earlier this month. she loves her stuffed cater pillar. and looking for being a big sister any day now. we hope you send that first birthday in. a year from now for your sister. happy firth birthday to you. some cutis today. happy birthday guys. hope y're enjoying the day. right now we do want to check 99 roadways 9:36 time really biggest incident motorcycle crash hillsborough avenue. westbound once again blocked 50th we're also seeing heavy eastbound delays with best work around hanna mlk to the south of there. we're additional hearing there could be some hart riders affects. so folks who take public transit westbound, we're hearing, that it's going to be route 34. temporarily noterving that areaeten 56th and 40th if that will impact you keep tha in mind thks,vanessa. >> coming up we'll a remake of a classic make a big splash at the
9:37 am
>> or will new kids movie t thespot? we'll get look at what's nn eaters. and b carefulha awifor $15 an h backfiring in california. clhing company is looking to points.> before we go to break
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wht lye dr ns bover because of the force of the water. you know, gushing down the street everywhere anything that anyone's left out bis moving down the street. we always think we're the keeper of the house... ...s mes aot of nse u uld have flood insurance. knowing that you have that and if you need it, it's going to be there, and you've done everything you can that this house might be here in a hundred years for another family to enjoy it. foster farms presents you off your game. one cw they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? johnny depp have reached a settlement in their divorce. johnny depp reached a settlement in florida divorce. we are hearing heard will take all of that money $7 million and a donate it. she says she is give it to charities that offer help to a batted women and children. she had a volunteer and seen what more funding for better it can mean the difference do. between life and death. good for her.
9:41 am
kudos of cue bo. jonathan hunt takes look big releases and three others hoping to make enough to pay the bills. >> an epic scale action adventure a joins summer box office jack houston leads remake of ben herr. film latest from husband wife producing duo mark barnett and roma downey. >> for anima two strings, big stars voicing the film include char reez theron. the story follows a boy searching for his father's magical suit of armor to take on his enemy. jonah hill lead true story war dogs. about two guys from miami who end up becoming international
9:42 am
$300 million deal before their hustle catches up with them. >> so save the world. >> plus audience can still check out anti hero currently topping box office. in suicide squad. first to enter eternity. and the raunch r rated animated comedy sauce annualing party is leaking to a serve up a fight for that number one spot now in its second week of >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. welcoming up an american apparel closing company moving east. it means more job in the southeast. reason why is no the good news for california. and their fight for 15. that's story's next.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
here's another live picture of the board on wall street. taking look at the big board hoping to make up some room here. not going to do it. down 90 points at this point. time to check in with lauren simonetti with the fox business network. good morning.
9:46 am
week are in jeopardy. bu look, right near record highs. nonetheless. oil prices were up. i was getting optimistic that would lift energy company and stocks overall. but none of that is the case right now. >> let's talk about the argument for $15 an hour. people who were against it were saying that companies would move elsewhere to get cheaper labor. it looks like at last the case at least with one company. >> with one retailer with restaurants. once you pay w business decisions to make up that money that you're spending in other ways. bankrupt american apparel struggling for quite some time last times is reporting they are getting out of manufacturing in los angeles. that's what they are known for. you know, that's their market. >> because, evtually, wages ere are going to a go up to 15 bucks an hour. they are looking reportedly manufacturer states cheaper to do business current minimum wage in north and south carolina is
9:47 am
trying to make money to make it elsewhere. >> let's talk about gawker website will be shutting down next week opinion i know couple of their other sites will still stay open as far as gawk ergos what do you thing will happen after this dead beat yes, sir bell the list goes on. great websites. and is probably their most famous. lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. the biggest one, hulk hogan. he sued for sex tape best friend's wife. he was funded by this billionaire investor peter teal who is actually gay but outed by gawk era couple years hence he was really mad. these lawsuits take down the company. they sell themselves for $135 million to univision and now, every other site stays the same but closing. you won't see it next week. you know what plans are for what univision want with them or what are they planning to do with it?
9:48 am
they are also trying to move into digital. so that's why they were attracted to gawker. and price tag at $135 million for most of those entities wasn't too bad. >> yeah. all right no kidding. all right lauren, thank you. >> have a good weekend. thank you, guys. have a good weekend. see you monday. and don't miss lauren simonetti if you are not sure where to find her on her sister network log on to slash channel finder. and it's time forever important weekend forecast we will talk to dave coming up with skytower forecast in just a minute.
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((jen/2sh)) it is finally the end of the week. and the good day crew is counting down the minutes. ((walter)) oh it's final end week friday is here good day crew counting down minutesiernt parentally we are. before we leave let's take look back fun things that happened here. this week's edition of good day goodies. go to dave. hey. >> hey vanessa >> from tampa bay's number one
9:52 am
tampa bay. thank you mr. announcer. 76 degrees our current temperature. look what apparently exists, oh, yeah, yeah. enjoy. i can't decide russell and laura which one these signs is my favorite. they are all really nice. plenty of different things i feel like one of them, one of them is definitely my favorite. >> oh. yeah. i love beach yeah, i think it says one. >> get up here. hi. sorboni. so funny. the beans are expanding reducing co2. i'm hearing snap crackle, pop. >> yeah. that's the one.
9:53 am
i did 22 push ups on tv yesterday. thank you so much. i'm not going to do them out here. >> i'll do them inside in air conditioning >> suck it up butter cup. 22. there we go. i got my last one in for today the day one for good luck. okay. 23. let's jump into the forecast. >> and here they are, ladies and gentlemen, oh my goodness. cap stain, dj from the dunedin blue jay and o they are here to help in their own visual branding. oh, what's going going to happen? stick around. oh, stick around i don't know what's going to happen when good day tampa bay continues. >> this is actually called a stubby squid it lives off the coast of florida. but this is something that hundreds of thousands of people including television audience millions of people see on a weekly basis. actually she could do her push
9:54 am
i'm sorry i didn't know what was going on here, i apologize. look at that thing. look at that thing. mr. allen, yeah, i didn't think you did your push ups yet today. >> how do you do them so fast? >> i get them over with. but i mean. and the form is great. just push ups. push ups for the 22 veterans that commit suicide. let's end that and do that 22 push ups i nominate everybody out there we had fun this week. so much fun. every day. what were you doing? i was just trying to hide and planning on staying down there and no one would know i was back behind anchor desk. if looks could kill. i got one of those from russell. a some point we've all gotten a look like that. all right. maybe vanessa should do her 22
9:55 am
>> that's right. i don't know if i can do them here i have been doing them i promise. i've putting them on facebook. feel free to check them out and critique my form. i know i could use work im. time to check roadways here 9:55. we do have an unfortunate up the date. right now fhp listing that motorcycle crash as possible fatality. usually it indicates they will out there for couple hours investigating. so critical injuries was last check as far as condition motorcyclist westbound lanes blke so i have advise maybe hanna or mlk instead. weather wise i want to jump out to atlantic real quick. show you we do have an of course fiona. and then that big tropical wave we will watching that very closely over weekend short-term. long-term computer models developing it is an approaches islands., is traffic's heat up. hot here for month on end we're
9:56 am
difference is the rain chances kickback to about 30 percent for later this afternoon. and then tomorrow, you even sunday as we hold that 30 percent rain chance, it's going to be more of an inland set up. sour winds are going to start to work from west to east. versus what we've been having all week which is east to west. okay. >> all rightdave, sounds good. a little sweat on forehead. no sweat but definitely winded no fun to read when you're winded. before we leave we want to bring this video sure to smile from bronx zoo in new york two california sea lion pups. there they are. they were born in june. they just made their zoo debut. one boy zoo keepers have not be able to determine sex of other. california sea lion is not in danger and still protected. until 1972 mammal protection act. because of that. under that.
9:57 am
potential names. >> we're definitely loud ough. today isriy august 18th. live with kelly is coming up next. followed by wendy will williams and fox 13 news at noon. you can always check us out on facebook,, twitter instagram, we're all over the place. all right. do your push up and have a weekend. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come intk o st'n shake foror hand-dipped milkshakes. at hf price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake.
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