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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "goodidee the new issuing to pregnant women. with classes start week, a different concern for usf students. why the request for a serial flasher is for campus police. thank you so much for joining you are, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. lindsay milbourne is here with a pretty start to our saturday. >> lindsay: a beautiful start of the day. this time look west to the beach where a lot of you want to head today. the good news about the weather today lower than normal rain chances especially at the
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but at the beach, we have some showers off shore. a view of towering clouds oner is sira beach net cam. look how smooth the water is. and before we show you near shore showers. the temperature update show a few of us warmer this hour. 80 winter haven. 81 in tampa 1 in 81 degreesest factor in th. fe near 90 inpa. so we know the heat continues to couple of showers have popped. five to eight miles offshore. they are not onland, but if you were boating this morning, you will want to go around these. better yet, wait until midday when the sea breeze kicks us out of the picture. one heavier shower five miles west of clearwater beach is just sitting still and probably going to rain itself out. high pressure has shifted south. we have transitioned to the light west wind today. so the best rain chance late day which is about 40% inland
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how about that, drier air keeps rain chances in check the next few days, but plenty of heat to contend with. a little busier in the tropics too. talk about two, actually three disturbances tracking in the atlantic coming up. new this morning, a fire at a mosque earlier this month originally thought to be an electrical fire has now been ruled an ason. >> alcides: fox 13's kellie cowan is live at that mosque at busch boulevard in tampa. kelly, what do we know about -- this? >>eporter: what we know two weeks ago a fire broke out h here, a fairly small fire inside the mosque, and initially, it was believed the fire was caused by a electrical issue. the refrigerator inside the mosque plugged into the wrong kind of outlet. tey sent samples of fire to the state fire marshal's lab and the samples just came back this week and showing that an accelerant was used to start this fire and how this this
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now they are -- luckily there were no injuries involved in this fire and they believe it was structural damage and don't believe it was significant now close down the building although the damage inside was extensive now closeome of it sign directing patrons to go around back. and obviously the big investigation under way because the f and crimestoppers is offering alcide s a $3,000 we ward for any information that may lea to an arrest. for now we are live in tampa, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> alcides: kellie, thanks often. a police officer trying to do the right thing.he was pulled over on the howard frankland bridge in tampa to help a driver whose car was broken down when a car crashed into his cruiser and a disabled car. the two cars actually caught
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hurt. a new zika warning, the center of disease control are insisting that pregnant women do not go to miami-dade county. that warning comes as governor rick scott says a 1.5-mile area ground zero for transmission. five new cases of locally transmitted zika this time in miami's south beach area. it is not a red alert yet, but travelers are still very much worried. >> alcides: fox 13's evan axl axlebank reports, tourism leaders are watching closely that it won't affect tampa b bay's biggest industry. >> will sha any tourism pro. >> i spotlight gone to key largo or be more watchful with the mosquito repellent. >> governor scott is trying to reassure nervous travelers. three residents of miami beach and tourists are five new cases of zika who are transmitted in
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in miami-dade county where we believe local transmissions are occurring. >> reporter: still the cdc's assistance that pregnant women avoid miami was heard loudly at visit tampa bay this year is seeing record tourism numbers. >> a little scary and wonring if they are being prudent or sometimes if they may be scaring some of the audiences away. >> reporter: yet they say the number of cases in hillsbough county, 14 all brought in from the outside do not signify imminent danger. they want visitors to be prudent protection. they are also thankful the cdc of higher danger unlike some others. >> already put out area florida travel advisories is not good. >> reporter: 428 have brought zika to florida and 36 have gotten it here. visit tampa bay athey do not expect a short-term impact but worry about the long term if transmissions are reported beyondmiami beach.
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an impact on those who live here who are csidering more children. >> i won't consider it until it is not a concern anymore. >> anjuli: 68 pregnant women in florida have contracted the zika virus. >> alcides: they have not seen any noticeable change of visitors in the bay area and hopefully it stays that way. with the school year right around the corner, a startling warning from the university of south florida. at least three tim i himself on campus. he was last seen running naked through the richard beard parking garage. students spotted him on the fifth floor of the parking garage. they called 911 only to find out that several students got the same shock at least two other places on campus as well. on thursday an alert was sent out to students on the campus warning them a flasher on the use. 6 p.m. thursday, usf police were called to jupiter --
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campus after a complaint of a man exposing himself at 9:00. at 9:00 they got th same call this time at fresh foods in the argos center. 14 minutes after that a third call. if the flash something a prank, police are not laughing. >> obviously our students are not here to learn and anything that distracts them from that, makes them feel uncomfortable in their environment, it is very important. .> alc is a student. they are advising students not to walk alone at night. usf had four flashing inci incidents. just year three more. a man isehind bars attacking a 81-year-old marine veteran and retired teacher. the arrest comes with new information on what led up to this attack. unfortunately, alfred wahten remains in krill cat condition. we told yoearlier he suffered have severe head injuries.
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hired to help him around the house and the two got into an argument wednesday afternoon about payment. that is when cordero beat him repeatedly ithe head and left him to die in his own back y yard. whoton was not found for hours. c ordero was a handy man to others in the neighborhood. people need to ask the right questions been allowing anyone to do work in the home. >> h their svices is going to have something. they know they don't have a license, they are going to have something. they are going to have references. if they don't -- if the handyman idoing work without reference, a big red flag. >> reporter: cordero is in the hillsborough county jail. he is being held on $25,000 bond. the two most important words beachgoers should remember this weekend. stingray shuffle. clearwater beach officials have raised purple flags along the water because of stingray warning.
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stung this week, mostly on the northern end of the beach. if you were going in the water, experts recommend shuvl ing your feet. the vibration also make any nearby stingray simply swim away. one beachgoer learned the hard way how badly it hurts. >> i was just swimming in the ocean, and then on my way out, i just felt a -- a really big stingn my foot. and i originally thought it was -- i thought i got scraped by something oth way out, but then as i was walng out, i down. it hurt quite a bit. it just felt like an intensified bee sting. >> alcides: ouch. ten people were stung on wednesday alone. lifeards were able to help treat the pain, but a serious sting could require a trip to the hospital. it may be getting a little late in the election season, but a bay area candidate throwing her hat or fin into the ring. >> the clearwater aquarium says
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why not. i mean -- >> anjuli: not a bad option -- just saying. [ laughter ] >> alcides: the aquarium said its most famous rescue dolphin is taking a stand to show the world a new form of positive leadership with his tongue and cheek campaign. the three r party for the aquarium's mission of rescue, rehab and are he lease will address key issues that pertain to marine life, the envir environment, special needs children and wounded soldiers. was the perfect time for winter to join the race. >> winter is such a well-loved animal around the world, and right now the political campaigns have so much negative -- negativity going on. we are not taking anyone's sides but winter's overcoming positive nature and the fact she is loved which so manymake . >> alcides: i love that. winter and the cma are not endorsing any political party but people of any age can rote
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and a mall votes will send organ transplant survivor stephanie evans for a visit with winter, which apparently is her hero. >> anjuli: pretty neat. >> alcides: very neat. a million votes. let's dee it. the recovery continues for people devastated by flooding in louisiana. >> anjuli: 4,000 people are now in shelters. what comes next to them. the bucs look ahead to the second preseason game tonight against the jags. sports director scott smith morning spots. at 8:11. if you are planning a beach day, go for it. weather looks pretty da good and this morning asou check the radar, a little bit of rain around. near shore pier 0 in clearwater beach and scattered clouds but look how close the showers are to the beach. five miles. they are not moving. probably raining themselves out. it is 81 here in tampa and a sneak peek at the rain today. rain chances today if you are headed to the beach do feature about 20% coverage.
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the recovery continues the recovery continues for people president recovery continues for people in louisiana. the process could take months to not more than a year. the con vejs nter in downtown baton rouge has been turned in one of the area's largest shelters. estimated that over 4,000 peep are still in those shelters. fema working to arrange temporary housing for peopl signed you are for federal disaster assistance. hard to imagine. alcides: and t earlier i believe the 7:00 hour. the folks of the humane society of the tampa bay took in 18 dogs from louisiana. those folks who unfortunately was flooded out. >> anjuli: displaced. >> alcides: those dogs going up for adoption. >> lindsay: a lot of people in line forhem excited about their story and excited about
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it is august, it is hot. and lower the rain chances and flip the pan he were. yes transition to rain starting earlier an shifting inland. that's where we are at. brookdale, bayshore. most of these are high in nature and no rainnticipated here until probably lunchtime in tampa. as we head to the beach and if you were out there and looking at these clouds and saying, hey, is it going to rain? well, it might. a couple of showers offshore that are not moving for now, and we will get that on shore wind shift to kick in a little more as the by lunchtime, a stray beach shower beyond that. good to go at the beach. radar a little active. sky tower radar showing eight miles offshore to five miles offshore. as they are movingn not moving much. with it a fairly strong shower expanding. five miles west of clearwater beach. still raining itself out and for the time being, intensity and heavy rain. further south, west
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showers that -- tierra verde. 11 miles north of hernando county a few sprinkles. and temperature update, 81 in tampa. 80, palm harbor, sun city center you goto enjoy thatat 73. mid-70s from dade city to inverness and last hour of this. 80s keeping this. made it to 82 venice. 80 in sarasota across the iterior pushing 80. and some of these but not until after 2 p.m. what it faels like is 82 in tampa and 85 in sarasota as we do have that muggier feel to the air near the coast. thanks to that onhis or her wind. our ridge of high pressure has slipped south and pretty much on top of us suppressing some of our rain because of drier air, but because of the win flow, you get the idea, by 3:00 scattered storms that shift inland on the sea breeze. by 6:00 those wl east
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midday hour. a couple of showers that will history inland on the sea breeze as we head into the latter part of the evening, those storms interior one also be ending. fiona weakening becoming a depression. invest 97 l develop over the next five to seven days. 50% chances to make it to the lesser antilles. this will develop and nothing we are watching right now. long range. need to watch this as water temperatures in the caribbean and near the bahamas very warm and models 91 for today. couple of storms shifting inland. 91 for the high. steamy overnight. partly cloudy. inland storms and sunset at 8 8:03. during the day we will lower the rain chance even more with drier air. isolated inland storms. a few at the beach but not many, one or two. the seven-day forecast show rain chances up to 40% on tuesday but as we veer the winds east, the storms moving part of the east.the middle
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on our sister web site at my all right, in sports this morning the rays take on the american league texas rangers and bucs get ready for the preseason game against the jacksonville jaguars. here is fox 13 sports director scott smith. >> scott: good saturday morning. start with baseball. the rays last four games, thing of beauty. everything was clicking. four wins outscoring the yankees and pedro b rays facing a much better opponent last night bringing that four-game run to a screeching halt facing the al's top team, the texas ranger. take you to the trop. scoreless game into the fifth. both pitchers doing a great j job. hangs a cveball here and mitch moreland sends to the seats. solo shot. moreland's 21st home n of the season. more powers from the rangers. adrian beltre.
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was out of his reach, of co course. and cole hamills, a no hit neither 6th inning. finally breaks it up with a base hit. strikes out 10 over 7 and a third innings. huge might continues tampa going four for five, two ho homers, this one going 434 f feet. rays four-game winningtreak snapped, 6-2. rangers get the win. you can expect to see the starters get a few more snap game against the jacksonville jaguars. looking for a faster start than they had against the philadelph eagles. the fans want to see jameis connect. a few of the big weapons in his disposal. the bucs would have the tallest crop of red zone targets between evans and jackson. business body tight ends as well. jameis winston homes more touchdowns and field goals once they get inside the 20 this
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receivers are going to be good red zone thrts. we just got to throw them the football you know you think about allston, cam, mike and vincent. guys 6 6'4" plus. i need find a way to cons consistently get them the football and score some points. preseason high school football. armwood playing in manatee. welch, an intersection for armwood. hawks year. new qb transfer devon black. great home run for armwood and he goes. manatee also looks like they have a strong team. aj giovanni finds a wide open g, nard porter. touchdown catch, 14-13 manatee. 28-19 your final. just a week away.ootball season
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looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house this weekend? well we hav house this weekend? well all righty. looking to get out of house this weekend. just the thing for you. >> anjuli: a guvrj of hot happenings across the bay area. your last weekend to take advantage of a beach with no
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it is free of charge but you have to book a time to experience it. you can do that on ticket master. event runs through this thursday. >> alcides: creating something sweet, >> anjuli: always is. >> anjuli: always. >> alcides: the great st. pete cupcake contest is taking part this afternoon. there is reason for that. you are pregnant. that's okay. moving to the maureen arts center due to last year's overwhelming response. each person is required to bring four cupcakes. the contest from noon to 3. no admission fee but a dollar fee if you want to taste a cupcake. >> a dollar well spent. >> anjuli: celebra and enjoy your favorite brews. beer fest. 90 craft beers to choose from. and beer friendly pairings with food. advance tickets cost between $50 and $100.
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this weekend in sarasota. the m+te marine aquarium is hosting shark days part of a week - related shark events. today they will hold thefork in and fun festival. all activities included with aquarium admission. $25 for adults, $15 for kids. i believe free for 12 and under. today is the last day for that event. and why not enjoy some lobster this weekend, yum. the tampa bay lobster fest taking place in clearwater later on today. live maine flown into town just for this festival. live music, crafts, wine, desserts. dinner includes a one and a quarter pound lobster. $10 for admission, $25 for dinner. ot olympics are wrapping up, but you can celebrate just like an olympian at the glazer children's museum. her holding their very own summer olympics. how much fun. let your child show off their talent or responsibilities with
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this event is included with admission, which is going to cost you somewhere between 10 to 13 dollars. again, it is all happening today. >> how fun. and maybe a good day to get out to the beach. as long as you are doing that stingray shuffle, right. >> don't forget the shuffle and the sunscreen and water. great day. great boating over the day. warm start. in the low 80s here in tampa and check out the radar. a little active with rain near
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from tampa bay's number one news station this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: a beaut,iful beautiful morning and the sun is out and temperatures are going. you.over lake mirror, ptly sunny skies. rain may start at beach and the keyword is may have towering clouds. but a rain showers eight to nine miles offshore and i have been watching it all morning and it is not really moving. we have a couple of pesky showers around. boaters if you want to avoid this, wait until lunchtime. but as we tart out the day, here are some showers that are not weakening yet. they are not moving. they are five miles west of clearwater beach. eventually raining themselves out. we are in a water set-up.
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west of tierra verde. anwi not impact you. 11 miles offshore. a couple of sprinkles of hernando. 78 in sebring. good morning. sarasota at 80. feels like, well, an update shows like an upper 80s for the heat index. by next hour, he index value notice 90s. as we take you through the day, plenty of 90s inland. that 20% inland. bump 2:00. by 5 p.m., our storms are well east of i-75 and theest rain chance is tomorrow and we bump the rain chance tomorrow down to 20 periods. drier air in place aloft. >> alcides: lindsay, thank you. 8:32. the cdc advises that pregnant women should avoid a section of miami beach.
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should avoid nonessential travel to all of miami-dade county. governor rick scott says the new cases bring the number of infections spread by local infections -- local mosquitos to 36. a driver to killed a st. pete couple. anthony kneely was involved in a crash. doug simpon and his wife christina were driving home after having dinner at friend's house. kneely slammed into them traveling more than 100 miles per hour. he hit another car and injuredv. kneely was convicted of several charges including duilaughter. and an online petiti continues to grow this morning after busch gardens decides to do away with usf student discounts. students used to get a student pass for $50. and it was good for the entire school year, but the park says not enough interest so they stopped offering that deal.
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signed that petition. we have an update on that horrific case out of south florida where a college student attacked a couple in their home stabbing them to death. he was then found trying to bite the man's face. 19-year-old austin harouff is in the hospital heavily sed sedated. the fsu student is charged with murder and attempted murder who stabbed a neighbor trying to stop him from stabbing the he could face the death penalty if convicted. surveillance video show minutes before the attack. he is seen walking out of a restaurant in jupiter, florida after getting into an argument wth his dad. after he left the restaurant, he walked four miles and saw the couple inside their garage and for whatever reason decided to stab john stevens and had is wife, michelle. days earlier he told his mother
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conger and bentz arrived themselves back on american soil. brazilian police apprehended the two swimmers on their way back home after allegations they fabricated a robbery st story. ryan lochke the most outspoken about the story returned to the u.s. before he could be questioned. the fourth swimmer jimmy feigen is expected back in texas later today. lochke said they were held in gunfire point during at rio but picol and security footage tell a much erdiffent story. another major problem for hillary clinton's team. hacking. there is growing evidence that the cyber attack on the dnc and the clinton foundation are not a coincidence and the work of russia-backed cyber militias. the russians are denying any direct involvement. republican presidential nominee donald trump makes a stop in louisiana.
8:35 am
pick mike pence surveyed the damage in the historic flooding that killed 13 people and displaced thousands more. the school that was just remodeledhe i dressed a lot of people in louisiana later that day in a camp rally in michigan. listen in. >> to the people of louisiana, we are with you. and we will always be with you. [cheering] in my vision, i saw not only the suffering -- in my visit i saw not only the suffering of the people, but also their strength, courage and really unbeatable spit. their spirit will overcome. we have a lot to overcome in our country, especially the fact that our jobs are being taken away us from and going to otherlands, and we are not going to athrough to happen, and especially it is happening
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>> alcides: earlier in the day trump's campaign took a big hit. his campaign chief paul m manafort resigned after reports revealed he had monetary connections to russia. . check this out in new trump campaign office in jefferson county, colorado, and the person running it is 12 years old. weston imer is the co-chair. jefferson county one of the most important counties in the entire state of colorado. weston behind the big desk may not always be the coolest thing to do. he says he loves it and hopes he can inspire others to help. witching gears now, check out. duluth resident have an oversized vis mama duck floated into town as part othe parade of sail. standing at 61 feet tall and weighing in at 11 tons, mama duck is the largest rubber duck in the world. it takes several hours to blow
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best grilled cheese sand witch. >> we are finding out next, plus we are learning ball to today's grilled cheese festival. smells amazing. >> alcides: does smell good, you are right. scientists are leagued the way in american-cunan rela relations. what both sides are making in tampa bay and why it is so >> the meg al millions jackpot up today 69 million. the cky money to 1.4 million. winning numbers in case you won a smaller prize. time is 8:37.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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eir fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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we all love a good grilled cheese sandwich. you no that he ooey gooey goodness. but what makes a good grilled cheese sandwich? we have someone here to answer that question. ed west from pete and shorty's food truck. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> alcides: what do we go here in this isn't just a grilled cheese sandwich. popper. >> alcides: grilled cheese popper. >> jalapeno popper and grilled cheese barbecue pulled pork. which i am going to put on right now. >> alcides: okay, let's kind of backtrack a little bit. i have the flatiron -- what do you call this. help me out here. >> the griddle. >> alcides: you make with the griddle the lines and if you are not careful, you burn the bread, like one line.
8:41 am
you just burned that. it's -- you know why it is television and it is okay because we can make some more and i am sure it doesn't come out like that when you make it -- >> no, it doesn't, and we talk about that. >> alcides: what not to do. [ laughter ] i love it. butter -- what do you -- put it here. put another one on there. so what did you put on the bread? i heard mayonnaise, butter. >> butter the bread. lots of butter. what makes a good grilled cheese is butter and grilled cheese. we put the butter on the bread, put it on the grill, you grill it with -- until the cheese starts to melt. flip it and then you got -- your classic grilled cheese. >> alcides: you know we need to blame it on the stovetop. it does not help with consistency. >> it is not helping me. >> alcides: don't flip that
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grilled cheese festival. >> in palmetto. and 1 to 6:00 today and we go from sun park in palmetto. and we have got tents and tables out for the kids. pet friendly. kid friendly. bring -- bring the family out. off good time. 20 -- 20 -- >> alcides food trucks. >> food trucks. desser and grilled cheese, all the trucks will be having >> alcides: that is awesome. >> pete and shorty's will be out there. the grilled cheese, the popper, the barbecue pulled pork grilled cheese and shortcake grilled cheese. for dessert. >> alcides: save that. don't flip that one over. you see it looks good once you have time to make it and not rushed with television. let's cover that one because -- [ laughter ] it's a -- d the money is
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for wheels for vets. you werele hearts. and it is a special wheelchairs that they provide for the --
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lakeland police are lakeland police are looking for th lakeland police are looking for the public's health to find a violent offend per. jonathan charles pierre was killed at a house on castle way about a month ago. police believe they were target and don't know why. they believe the shooter got away in a green four-doored car and they are looking for a woman who may be connected to it as well. crimestoppers is offering a $8,000 reward for information le the fight again lion fish is being taken to the kitchen. several restaurants are having lion fish on their menu. whole foods began selling it well. the idea is to get it out of the waters by putting it on our plates. overfishing is not a concern because lion fish is invasive. apparently they say this lion fish tastes much like snapper.
8:47 am
i wi pass on the lion fish.. putogether more than 700 care packages for our troop overseas. part of a team building initiative. the care packages include food y wipes, toothbrush. snacks like beef jerky, potato chips and other items requested by the troops. >> alcides: always needed no matter what time of year. >> 700 packages too, way to go. >>. >> anjuli: is laughing at me because 00 said it will be great to send cassette. >> anjuli: i think a things that remind you of home. you said cassette tapes. >> lindsay: you know what we are going to get you for your birthday, for christmas, way back. >> anjuli: way, way back. anyways. >> lindsay: anyway, heating up. rain-free brookdale, bayshore. we will see spotty. rain is isolated in nature in the coastal counties. we are dry an heating up as we take to you the beach.
8:48 am
watching five miles offshore. three miles off-shore, but closest to clearwater beach. you can see the clouds from it. and no lightning embedded in these clouds that we have. what we do have is a light onshore wind. with it the set-up. pesky showers near the coast. give way to the sea breeze by midday. byatday a 40% chance of storms well inland the chance of rain at the beach is only 20%. but early in the day. let's zoom in here and that nasty little shower that is expanding diving a little south and east. 30 miles west o carwater beach, we will be monitoring it as it pushes south and east for the time being. again, it is not raining over land. a new shower to show you this one west of indian shores. indian rocks beach. with the light winds -- want everyone to keep their cameras ready embedded in something that looks like the shower we can't rule out a water spout. weakening showers fallen near tierra verde.
8:49 am
citrus county. 80 in sebring. 81 in tampa. 80 in sarasota. factor in the humidity. what it feels like is the mid-80s in tampa. feeling like 87 degrees. a toasty start to the day. our ridge of high pressure literally right on top of it. with it suppressing some of our rain due to greater air aloft. helping the showers to spark. shifting inland throughout the day. around the country, we have got cooler air. actually a cold front moving through. kansas city at 67. 39 chilly. 73 in atlanta. this will hold back the humidity for the southeast as we head into the end of the week and early next week and we just as soon not get any taste of cooler air. tracking the tropics tampa things are busy. fee en that which is a minimum tropical storm if that likely becoming a. behind is 99 l. not organized and impacted with dry air and as it moves west, a
8:50 am
beyond five days, that's when we need to watch it. a lot of time to watch. still a lot of uncertainty and computer model west-northwest track from the island. probably wednesday is the time for that. and beyond that, several models take it northwest and the question mark does it stay over land and water and what will be wind shear be like. if it were to impact the sunshine state, it would not be for 7 to 9 days. we have got time to keep an eye on it but we need face the track on the remnant low. here is bermuda. maybe the remnants not im impacting bermuda and third disturbance pushing off of a cray for the time being. also as it moves west, head west, northwest curving out to sea. and so late august, early september, a lot more to discuss in the tropics. everything that we need to know on after the show more detailed
8:51 am
inland. noon and spotty storms. watch 6:00, inland spotty rain at best. fizzles. through the overnight quiet. maybe a brief coastal shower but fewer storms overall and here comes that cold front. not getting high pressure to the west. we get a wind shift and not any of that lower humidity that people will be bragging about. 1. couple of storms pushing inland. a mix of sun and clouds and will feel like the triple digits. partly cloudy and 79 degrees. can't and the best coverage is inland where the storms will head. 91 for the high tomorrow. 20% chance of storms. west wind in the afternoon light 5 to 10 knots. today.chop if you were boating low tide in one hour at 9:43 on st. pete pier. the next seven days. how about that 20% rain chance sunday and monday. east wind taking overday with meaning late-day rain in the midle to part of the week.
8:52 am
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aquarium and we may be seeing more of them. another important connection between tampa and cuba. >> anjuli: fox 13 photojournalist otto contreras gives us a inside look at the big meeting. >> the idea, the mission of the aquarium is to entertain, educate and inspire ste stewardship. so when it comes to the entertainment part, obviously when they come in it is a ver welcoming area and one of the first things they can do is actually g with some animals. so we have bamboo sharks in here. so one of the neatest experiences is to see a little kid come in, and they are like, hey, you can come over here and touch stuff. they are like i am goingo touch it -- what do you mean i going to uch a shark, and they do and they are amazed. the second pie of it is the education piece. and in all of our touch tanks, we have one our educators and our educators engage the guests and give them information about what they might not know.
8:56 am
background and this natural history that they might not get otherwise. this is our wetlands dome. and so we've got about 60 birds that wander around the dome. they are all rehab and rescue birds. if you -- you know, when you walk around, look up, keep your mouth closed, when you look up. but, yeah, look around, and we have spoonbills and ibis and everythi t here. in here, we have got two pythons. that is one of the reasons why we have them so we can tell people about invasive species. and the damage that they can do especially in the everglades. , and then the last thing is we capture them, we give them some information and we always tell them things that they ca do once you leave the aquarium that will make a difference in
8:57 am
>> alcides: the aquarium internship was before improved relations with cuba. >> anjuli: they are getting a lot more done. lot more done. we'll be right back. z22r7z zy6z
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8:59 am
z22srz zy6z
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origionaly thought to be origionaly thought to be an electrical fire.. originally thought to be an electrical fire. new evidence this morning points toward arson after a tampa mosque catches fire. plus as zika spreads across south florid are scrambling for ways to combat the virus in fears that could affect tourism. and a live look outside. this clear and gorgeous saturday morning. that is clearwater i think. is 9 a.m. on august 20. >> anjuli: good morning for you guys. >> alcides: i was waiting their that to come up. >> anjuli: welcome to "good day tampa bay" guys. i am anjuli davis.


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