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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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because we smelled the gasoline."suspicions >> we already knew it was an arson because we smelled the gasoline. >> suspicions confirmed, investigators ruled a fire at a mosque to be arson. >> a daytona beach driver is dead,. misplaced or displaced and in need of a home. >> from louisiana to the bay area, how you can give some special pets a forever home. the news starts now. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11 o'clock news starts now. >> good evening i'm haley hinds. >> and i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us tonight. tampa police and the fbi are investigating who started a fire at a local mosque earlier this
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caught fire. they initially thought it was electrical related. tonight we're learning the cause of that neurois arson. fox 13 answer crystal clark stopped by to take a look at the damage. >> rotting drywall, essentially everything in the mosque having to be replaced. the area was started in a part of the mosque off their shoes to pray. they thought it was a faulty cable on a refrigerator. 12 hours later another fire started inside. worshipers said they could smell gasoline and thought they heard activity behind the buildings. signs that gasoline may have
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>> it's not for me, for her for him, it would be back together for anybody and everybody to come back and pray. >> they do not have hate in their hearts because of the incident. and they hope police will catch the person who did this. police are not labeling this a hate crime just yet, but offering a $3,000 reward for any information that leads to an water. >> crystal, thanks. driver ends up being in a fiery crash. exclusive view of the howard franklin early this morning. the officer helped stop a stalled motorist, and was hit, bursting into flames. no one was hurt. no word if any charges will be filed. >> in sarasota, are investigators are wondering what
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in a wooded area, a white man in his late 20s or early 30s. we'll continue to make calls to the sheriff's office and bring you any new forecast on air and online. fox 13 >> so far no arrests have been made in the murder of an auburndale man. after some investigating they determined that 27-year-old adam hilary d homicide. officials are not releasing how he died or if they have identified any suspects. >> new at 11:00, palm beach count detectives say a ma mace attack, one neighbor who heard the commotion said it started over a girl.
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argument over a girl, one womann has his hand slashed and there it goes. >> the extent of hi injuries are not involved at this time. >> deadly hit and run involving a motorcyclist is still at large prospect fox's kate burgess told us, the driver might have targeted the motorcycle rider. >> that memorial ride started less than three miles away on in and ended here on a 1a in tragedy, after daytona beach say. >> as soon as i saw that i started crying. >> 27-year-old craig devine, the victim of an alleged hit and run crash the other night, part of a group of riders holding a memorial for a friend who passed
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they began on international speedway boulevard and the rider told police, someone driving a light blue bmw nearly struck one of the drivers, chased the driver down the brich and a-1-a, where the driver crashed into devine's bike and killed him. police was able to catch the passenger but not the person behind the wheel. devine a brother. >> he was an amazing guy, always put everybody before himself. he kept me motivated always wanted more for me, couldn't have asked for a better friend. i'm kate burgess fox 13 news.
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releasing chilling details in a bizarre double murder. 19-year-old austin haroof, told them, test me you won't see any drugs. they are finding evidence to the fbi lab. funerals of his victims were held last knight. haroof remains in heavy surveillance. >> impersonating a law enforcement officer. 21-year-old austin thompson used his badge to get into a high school football game last night his animal control badge el telling the tenant he was an undercover attendant he wn undercover police officer.
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what he had done and also had a loaded gun in his front seat. >> a michael brown miami. at least 10 k9 units, and a leapt searched for the dog, he had escaped from where he lived friday >> in assention parish crews continue to deal with flooding in louisiana. what makes it worse is newly freedal gators from an freed alligators, from alligator farms. the flooding has caused 13 deaths so far.
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visit the area tuesday. shelters across the country are helping out, this week the hugh main society of tampa bay took in 18 dogs and puppies from a louisiana shelter and today they went up for adoption. boy were they popular. nearly all of the louisiana dogs were adopted in just one day. >> because of the tampa bay area plots responded to the story, you feel bad for the people, no one wants to give up their pet l, but if your home is destroyed, you don't have a place to go, sometimes that's what happens. i'm glad we could fit them in. >> there are a few remaining dogs from louisiana who didn't get adopted and plenty of florida pets who need a home. the hume humane society of tampa bay opens up tomorrow from 10:00
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with the zika threat ? ? ? >> with the zika threat growing in miami-dade county, those living in broward county are on alert. with a new travel advisory issued by the cdc one mom to be is taking no chances. how one family is taking their health into their own hands. >> he is our life, and first. and same with had baby. and i want to give that baby the chance that he had. you know, to be healthy and to have a good life. >> this young hollywood couple will be living apart during what might be the toughest and most beautiful times in their lives.
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virginia, they are moving up north. >> pennies in the long run. >> after the second zika zone in miami-dade county is announced, the cdc is issuing a travel advisory to not only avoid the area where the zika virus is being spread by mosquitos but to stay out of the county entirely if they are concerned. in other words, postpone all of the county. >> it's not worth the risk to us, is broward going to be next? >> fox 13 news. >> miami beach area, there second zone where the virus was spread by local mosques.
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remains at 36. you pay seen the international space station. >> and you've seen haley hinds video, here. >> isn't it great from the iphone cameras. great view, not too dark right at sunset so just enough light to get some good video of it. >> that was perfect. you got skytower in it, sunset, iss >> thatsd pretty that's p. the next time we see the iss fly over is not just this tuesday but the next tuesday. the good news if you replies one you'll get another one in a little while. i he showed you some great pictures a half hour or so ago. and great pictures from this
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great. lauren ford, what a great shot, tar pin springs, if there was a picture to describe how hot it was today, i feel like this one would probably be it. it almost looks like the sky is on fire in the distance there right? great temperatures, warm, another hot one, skytower radar is all quiet, to end the few days, along with more dry air so that's going to keep our rain chance he down, push our storms inland, invest 90l, invest 91l acknowledge gradually increasing as we head through the rest of the week. 93 in brandon, 94 in arcadia, 98
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big winner, or loser, depending how you look at it 99?. hard to forecast in 99. but 96 in lake placid, 91 in tampa 90 up in brooksville. current temperature 83?, so a warm and steamy evening. winds right now out of the northwest, 5, 82 at new port richey, yawn down in lake frostproof, and dew points still staying in the mid to upper 70s. these dew points with shorn are not on-shore flow, will not change. what you see is what you get for the next few days. invest 99l, 60% chance this develops in the next phi days,
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probably the one we are going to be paying close attention to, 60% chance it develops. this model in particular, american gfs model was developing it not as much this evening but still more moisture on the increase for us later on this weem. week. invest 90l we'll have to watch to see if that trend c satellite and radar view, here is what you need to know, plenty of dry air, that's good news if you like the sun because that means more of it has come for the next couple of days. partly cloudy, warm and muggy, seven-day forecast, rain chance he 20% tomorrow, 20% monday, good days to be at the beaches, obviously stay hydrated, plenty of sunscreen.
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30% chances, and we bump it up to 40 to 50% for friday and saturday. >> mike thanks. tough love sign is making the
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new video out of california -- shows a high speed chase through >> new video out of california showing a high spe angeles. suspects took off after they
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traffic throwing bottles out of the window at officers. the car ultimately lost control on a turn slamming into a sidewalk and store front, three people were arrested, one person is still on the run. it is one of the hottest rides in hollywood and today suicide squad fans got to see the jokers ride itself. it is just like the one featured in the film and all made buy local company called designers say that under the custom kit, fans from emerald city comics, got to take a picture with the joker and harley quinn as well. >> reads if you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch books homework et cetera, please turn around and exit the building. your son will learn to
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the principal of the little rock catholic high school for boys says the sign rule has been in effect for years. >> this is one of the lessons you can't find in a textbook but a lesson that's just as important as calculus or english composition. >> the students have gotten a kick out of all the exposure on social media. my kids at school, every day i'm there with lunch boxes and gym clothes. >> ten them the rule. >> that would be the thing. >> jameis winston trying to get his team ready for their second preseason test but do the teem have enough energy early on?
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tomorrow on how a local man connects families to their long lost family bibles.. and the ?inside? story of our pet of the week it all starts -- it was far from perfect but remember it's preseason. >> well, it was far from perfect but remember it is the preseason. the bucs can build off a win like this. 154 yards on the ground and they
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but there are plenty of issues that the team has to work out. missed field goal, problems for jay jay jameis winston, and this is a blown assignment t.j. yellin wide open. bucs finally get the offense clicking, they put yard drive, the score 7-7, winston for the drive, bucs match their own long drive, 6 out of 7, 80 yard drive, strike to allen hearns, bucs heat up, quick pass to mike james 14-all but you know what? they're not done.
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night, they have to settle for a. field goal. dirk cutter isn't popping that champagne. >> i wouldn't make too many judgments, you're not game planning too much. would we like to start better, absolutely. i mean it's going to be hard to be week, but let's not confuse that with tonight. the couple of penalties i could see or not see. we missed a field goal, i wouldn't call that a slow start, we got to make the damn field
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