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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 21, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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y236cy yy6y from tampa bay's number news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: health officials begin mosquito control efforts in miami beach as expecting families leave the area. >> anjuli: paying his blessing forward. how one search for a family history has e passion. >> alcides: why this game between a high school football team and staff members at a home for senior citizens means so much. >> anjuli: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. we have lindsay milbourne to talk about the forecast. my boys are playing, and the season starts with baseball. it wasrywhere but the beb
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>> anjuli: how about the storms go around you. we saw storms yesterday but not as many. today we lower the rain chance, but they start in the same spot in the coastal areas and shift inland. because of that light wind, doesn't it feel a little extra steamy? 80 degrees, 79 in sar society and upper 70 inland. while we may see one for two coastal showers, no signs of rain this morning. drier a with high pressure in control and light onshore wind, by late morning and midday we see a couple of showers near the coast and slowly build to storms and shift inland this afternoon. coverage overall is 20% at tampa and 10% at the beach and 30% inland. we will hit 91 today and a little above average. we have three areas we track. i have the latest models and update in your tropical update coming up. >> anjuli: developing
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sending a imagine to the hospital with a brutal injury. they say a man knocked on a homeowner's door at an permit complex on english hills court off of north 58th street. the homeowner called 911. that person that was shot was rushed to a local hospital. his condition is unknown. we will continue to update you with new information as soon as we get it. new this morning, a hillsborough county deputy has been hit by a drunk driver. we're told around 10:00 p.m. the deputy and a stopped on 15th street north in tampa. that's when 70-year-old alfred doe jiminez is accused of slamming into the back of the second car, forced him into the deputies cruiser. that deputy was not hurt, but those inside the second car were sent to the hospital hospital with minor injuries. leaders of a tampa mosque say there's no hate in their hearts this morning after learning a fire there was caused by arson.
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mosque. the fire that happened on august 5th was set in an area where people take off their shoes before walking in to pray. worshippers said they could smell gasoline and thought they heard activity behind the building. lab results now show signs that gasoline may have been pours on the ac unit. even with limited space, leaders say worship will continue, and the mosque will stay put. >> whatever it takes. one dollar at a time. we'll get it back together. it's not for me. it's not for her. we will take care of it one way or another. we will be back together for anybody and everybody to come and pray. >> tampa police are not labeling it a hate crime. crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 award. >> anjuli: overseas in turkey this morning 50 were killed and dozens more hurt after a bomb went off at an outdoor wedding party in the southeastern part of the country near the border with syria.
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triggered by a suicide bomber. forensic teams are on the scene this morning searching for survivors. so far no one has claimed responsibility. >> alcides: the florida department of health is out again today spraying the treat of of miami beach. they're hoping to get rid of mosquitos where the zika virus is starting to spread. this comes a day after florida governor rick scott confirmed that five new cases of the virus have been contracted in the popular tourist the cdc has issued a travel warning for pregnant women advising them to stay out of certain counties entirely. one expectant mother in hollywood is heeding those warnings. >> he's our life, and he comes first. same with this baby. i want to give that baby the chance that he had, you know, to be healthy and have a good life. >> alcides: officials are still
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tourism. the industry generates about $24 billion a year. that's only in the miami beach area. cleanup is under way in parts of louisiana affected by heavy flooding. search parties have gone door-to-door looking for survivors possibly still trapped inside homes. at least 13 have dialed in the flooding and an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed adding to that devastation hundreds of animals have been limits of shelters. >> earlier this week the humane society of tampa bay took in 18 from the shelter and yesterday they went up for adoption. great residents here in the bay area. nearly all of the louisiana dogs were adopted just in one day. >> what's so great, i think, about our tampa bay, the public here, lots of animal lovers, and they really responded to this story. you feel bad for people, and no one wants to give up their pet.
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you don't have a place to go, sometimes that's what happens. i'm glad we were able to fit them in. >> alcides: there are still a few remaining louisiana dogs that didn't get adopted. the humane society of tampa bay is back open again this morning from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. >> anjuli: the olympic games in rio are coming to an end today, but the controversial surrounding ryan lochte shows no signs of letting up. in an interview with matt lochte says he takes full responsibility for the whole thing. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming. all i know is that i'm going to move forward from this and learn from this. and better myself in making sure that this never happens again. >> anjuli: the 12-time medalist originally said he and three teammates were robbed at
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fabricated the story to cover-up vandalizing a gas station citing surveillance video and witness testimony. on friday lochte posted an apology online that was criticized for being insincere. >> alcides: up in jacksonville, the buccaneers started out slow but they won against the jaguars. it was a tight game. bucs won this 27-21. jameis winston through for a touchdown. you see right there to michael evans, but also finis 3-10. he had a pick two. a big concern for head coach dirk koetter is rookie roberto -- i always want to mess this up. roberto aguio missing two field goals. despite the win, head coach dirk koetter says there's still room for improvement. >> i wouldn't say worried, but this is the nfl, man. they're paid to make kicks.
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it is what it is. >> alcides: love that guy. he's so cutthroat and get it done, right? bucs play friday in tampa bay. thy face the cleveland browns. >> anjuli: on the campaign trail, new numbers reveal that donald trump is spending a lot more now than previous months. the republican nominee pumping 18 approximately $5 million into his campaign this month. that's far behind hillary clinton who spend about $38 that money is coming in an effort to bolster his lagging poll numbers, and it may be working. a new "l.a. times" poll shows trump with a half--point lead in front of clinton. trump continued his push for better support amongst the african-american community. at a rally in fredericksburg, virginia, he says the republican party needs to do a better job when it comes to appealing to black voters. >> the gop is the party of
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and i want our party to be the home of the african-american v voter once again. >> anjuli: trump's minority outreach comes on the heels a campaign management shake-up. it's also in response to recent polls that show he only had has 1 hers of the african-american community's support. >> support on the campaign trail from that man right there, vermont senator bernie sanders. he'll stump for her after the labor day weekend. sanders is expected to visit a number of states that he either won or had a strong support during the primaries. senator sanders faced backlash from some of his supporters who say clinton benefitted from a rigged primary process. still ahead, the artist behind the very unflattering statues of donald trump speaks out.
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a man finds a piece of american history lying in his attic. how much historians say this letter written by none other than thomas jefferson could go for. >> lindsay: it's 6:10 and a really nice start to the day. no rain to show you and a little extra humidity, though. a few clouds this morning. there's limited cloud cover over tampa. we're dry, and rain chance is slim. 20% theyta shift inland this afternoon. tropics are busy, though. we discuss three systems and where they may head by next week
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time now is 6:xx.. in sourthern >> anjuli: time in 6:12. in southern california the so-called blue cut fire is nearly 70% contained. >> alcides: that number is a dramatic increase from 40% on friday. the 37,000-acre fire has taken a devastating toll. investigators say it's now destroyed 105 homes and more than 200 other buildings since it began on tuesday. tens of thousands of people remain out of their morning. more than 1200 firefighters have been working for over two weeks now just east of los angeles. >> anjuli: two south carolina inmates that escaped from jail are back behind bars this morning. the men broke out of the union county jail friday afternoon. one of the men is a registered sex offender charged with the murder of his stepmother last year. the other man is charged with possession of meth. they found the men in a wooded area on saturday.
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in prison. >> alcides: this will catch your attention. the man that created the naked statues of donald trump is speaking out about that this week. joshua monroe was approached by a group called in decline to make the sculptures. wow. they popped up this week in several cities across the countriment. monroe said he did it not for political reasons but because it was a challenge. >> i did it because to do. it was something fun. it was exciting, and yeah, i knew there would be some repercussions but a lot of bonuses and positive things tom out of it, which it already has. >> alcides: i don't think he's that overweight, donald trump. i don't know. so monroe revealed he planned to vote for trump at the start of the process, but says recent
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>> anjuli: i don't think you're supposed to comment on a naked man's statue, alcides. >> alcides: he isn't that overweight. >> anjuli: give him some credit. oh, my goodness. a relic of american history is unearthed and brought to pennsylvania. a mississippi man discovered the historic document sitting in his attic. the historians say it's a letter written by thomas jefferson himself focuses on the war of 1812. jefferson wrote half that letter before he learned about t collector nathan robb says the letter is in remarkable condition. >> this letter is in better condition than a newspaper from 1980. it's such a powerful, evok active, emotional letter of jefferson. you can really sit and picture him sitting down at his desk penning this american treasure. >> anjuli: how neat is that? robb is planning to sell the letter for $325,000. >> anjuli: that's a lot of money, but i expected more than that.
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or donated to a museum or something like that. >> lindsay: yes. do you notice the penmanship. do you think he has a line to measure it? i w same thing. >> alcides: such a lost art, isn't it. my pen manship is horrible. >> lindsay: i always get yelled at. what did you write on the forecast sheet? i can't read your handwriting. >> anjuli: it was an august day yet. >> lindsay: depends it's all about perspective. alcides said there were storming around us. elsewhere, we didn't see much rain. today what we do is lower the rain chances to 20% to 30%, they start in the same spot, though. we started out the day yesterday pretty nice. limited clouds this morning and good visibility. it's a steamy start to the day. very, very light winds, so the light winds help that sea breeze get going by 11:00 a.m.
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may be the low this morning. dew points are in the mid-70s. lots of upper 70s to near 80. enjoy 75 at pinellas park, 76 in west chase, a couple low 70s including inverness and dade city at 74, 79 in venice and sarasota at 79 and you push 80 from sebring to haines city, 76 out the door this morning. raid da is nice and quiet. we have very, very light wind, so w push. the closest rain i can show you is south of sarasota county. these showers meander 5 to 10 mierps off shore raining themselves out. i can't rule out a brief coastal shower this morning. not at the beach, but inland at the beach as the sea breeze gets it's because of high pressure. that bubble of high pressure to the west. we have drier air aloft. that lowers that rain chance and keeping it at 20% to 30% today.
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our rain chances are low, the winds are light. if you get under a storm, it could be heavy. noon is the best rain chance between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. by 3:00 p.m. storms east of i-75, by 6:00 p.m. most of our inland zones are done with the rain. we hit 91 for today. here it is on futurecast. here's the clock. here's the late morning/midday spotty showers and storms and a few heavy. this model doesn't show a lot of rain chances overnight. monday we do it again. back to work and back to the bus stop tomorrow morning. slim rain chances favor inland zones on monday but by tuesday as a cold front pushing into the state, before you get excited, it will shift our winds and up our rain chances and our storms build back west. a couple of areas we watch in the tropics, actually three.
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this one is moving west-northwest, but the computers models back off on the future intensity of the storm. that's good news, but we need to watch this one more closely because of the path. what's looking a little more impressive is 90-l. this just came off of africa. this will likely curve out to sea. let's discuss the area of interest that will impact the car bean by mid-week. here are the computer models tuesday morning. mo some of of this moisture may head. in the waters, the water temps are very warm. if this is a weak system, you have to watch it closely but not until next week, late next week or this coming week, late this coming weekend, next weekend is when we may have to watch it closely. fiona is moving west-northwest. here's bermuda. it may impact them.
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africa could become a hurricane. a couple storms build inland, but not many. really hot this afternoon, so stay cool. a few clouds and steamy overnight and 79 and maybe a coastal shower tomorrow morning. in the afternoon that rain chance is 20%. storms shifting inland 92. on the water today, winds becoming west at 5 to 10 knots. nice chop. enjoy that. boating is too good. seven-day forecast shows the east wind shift by tuesday, so storms building back west, the rain chances subject to change next weekend dependi happens in the tropics. coming up, a tampa school with a historic name. >> but a name with no history to tampa bay, so why is buchanan
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take a second to think >> alcides: take a sek and
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you got it? think about why that's the actual name. >> anjuli: it may be obvious like the name of a town or influential native, but for one school in tampa they have absolutely no idea. might recognize this man, maybe not. if you recognize james buchanan, you're a presidential history buff. why is there a school in tampa named for our 15th president? fox 13's evan axelbank tried to find out. >> reporter: they wear it proudly. >> they just told important it was to naming the school. >> reporter: they see it daily. have you ever wondered why the school is named after james buchanan? >> that's a president. no, i have no idea. >> reporter: the origin of school's name, james buchanan, is as much a mystery to parents and students. >> i haven't really heard much. >> reporter: as it is to the principal. >> do they ask you who the school is named half? >> you're the first one. >> they know their stuff.
6:24 am
the people that signed the constitution and declaration of independence. >> we're having a great year. we're the first time in seven years, so we hone in on the b rather than james buchanan. >> reporter: who could blame them. james buchanan is certainly no washington, lincoln or kennedy. no, james buchanan is, according to a new book, the worst president ever. >> his character flaw was that he didn't have an idea of what to do. >> reporter: it's a reputation earned by his support of the fugitive slave act and failure to avert the civil war. that's a middle school is named after him in florida that buchanan never visited, a state that seceded while he was president, stun those who still manage his home in pennsylvania. >> kind of amazed that his name,
6:25 am
afield as that. >> reporter: nationwide we found 29 schools named for buchanan. 16 are in counties or towns named while president or for contributions he made as an senator. six are in districts this mostly name schools for presidents. five are in his home state of pennsylvania. one in l.a. is on a street next to a lincoln who directly followed buchanan into office. the only one that defies explanation? the one in tampa. >> from looking at our research and board minutes, there's nothing in the board minutes that would say why they named it buchanan. >> reporter: the district showed harry potter-like books that hold the minutes when the school was named. there is no explanation why board member frank henderson made the motion, other than he also named a school for martin van buren, another relatively
6:26 am
with the tradition at the time that schools were named for presidents or notable figures in history. >> my father always -- >> henderson died years ago. his son said his dad was not a presidentle history buff and left behind no clues that answer why buchanan, but he's proud his dad's mark is felt in unique ways. >> he would come home at midnight every tuts -- tuesday night, so he was dedicated to being on the board. >> reporter: does buchanan deserve the hono president ever" said all 43 that held the office deserve to be remembered even if the values don't hold true today. >> what you can aspire to be is learn from buchanan's mistakes and not be him. >> he's so written to the back pages of history that he isn't even symbolic of failure. in this case a name. >> did they teach you anything in school at all?
6:27 am
say it's still james buchanan 2016-2017 and probably still be here ten years from now. >> reporter: james buchanan lives on. evan axelbank, fox 13 news. >> anjuli: new details into that bizarre double-homicide of a couple in martin county. as gator season gets underway, we show you how hunters are preparing. >> lindsay: dodge. not much movement to the atmosphere. winds are very light. great view over lake mirror in lakeland this morning. good morning to you. radar is much quieter today. there may be a brief, tiny shower near the coast. check sky tower if you're boating. if the rain chance is 20%, it's only until midday, and the west wind pushing storms inland. great day at the beach. grab the shades.
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thank you forhave the forecast wi check on thehooting near caspusital with a brutal ju on
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the person shot was we will continue theay we're g. l are dutor w happened near the border. is the turkish president is blaming isis for carrying out the attack. however, nobody has officially claimed responsibility. >> anjuli: a very special honor flight in pasco county. operation patriot and honor flight west-central florida brought the experience directly to veterans that can't fly. they transformed the nursing home in land o'lakes into our nation's capital. how sweet is this? they had patriot music, bomb
6:32 am
the sights and sounds from a trip to d.c. this was the first honor flight at home program in the country to be held at an all-veterans facility. how wonderful. >> lindsay: that makes me smile. this will make you mile. get outside. it's warm and humid, but it's beautiful. limited clouds and great boating this morning. much improved yesterday. we had pesky showers to dodge, and none yet. temperatures are just as warm, though. 80 in tampa and 75 in lakeland, and brooksville at 74 and steamiest near the coast. it feels like the low to mid-80s at 6:32 a.m. winds very light, so with that by late morning we will start to see a couple little showers near the coast. but the radar is dry for now. let's go through the day, noon and there's the rain chance, 20%. that's all it is in tampa west today. if you live east beyond lunchtime, any coastal rain is very isolated in nature and
6:33 am
storms. a couple local heavy storms because the winds are so light, but coverage is down significantly compared to what it typically is this time of year. looks like more of the same tomorrow, but mid-week rain chances going up and the tropics heat up. i'll have all the details in my full weather at 6:45. a polk county animal control officer has resigned after being charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer. deputies say 21-year-old austin thompson went to the tor fl ik high school football game on friday night. to avoid heed his animal control badge and said he was undercover. he then reportedly tried the same thing at the ticket booth to avoid paying for the admission. someone told a real polk county deputy, who was working security at the game. deputies say thompson admitted what he'd done, and they say he also had a loaded gun in his front seat. >> anjuli: the sarasota's
6:34 am
look for answers. it's a white man in his late 20s to early 30s. they have not released a name yet. neighbors say it's an area where homeless people are known to camp out. >> alcides: we learn more about a fiery crash involving a st. pete police officer. police tell us the officer stopped on start morning to help a driver who had broken down on the bridge. that's when a third car hit the cruiser. this is video actually shot from a witness who was there on the scene. that's when the third car hit the cruiser, and again, the up damage was so highway patrol is ising after s car into a prisoner transport van. on saturday morning officers were loading people that they arrested into the transport van, and that's when they say 30-year-old emily spice
6:35 am
as the other officers jumped out of the way according to investigators. officers stopped her at seventh avenue north and bayshore. as chef taken into consulted her vehicle rolled over an officer's foot. thankfully he's expected to be okay. they found drug in spice's car. >> alcides: i don't know if you saw this video late last week or a couple of days ago. it puts everythingn perspective. you remember a 5-year-old boy actually rescued from an air strike in syria earlier in week. he has come to sill bollize the ongoing civil war today. today word has come that the boy's 10-year-old brother died from the injuries in the air strike. civilians have been killed i in the last tks. >> anjuli: the man accused of killing a couple in martin county remains in critical condition this morning under heavy surveillance.
6:36 am
19-year-old awes taken harrouff said test me. you won't find any drugs. harrouff is accused of killing john stevens and his wife michelle randomly as they sat in their garage. >> alcides: let's go to rio. the team usa rules the 4x400. allyson felix picked up jamaica took silver and great britain took bronze. the u.s. men took back the gold medal. gentleman neighboring ka won sillinger and bahamas was third. it's a wrap for the 2016 summer olympics. the closing ceremony is set to be held tonight at the americana stadium in rio. the olympic flag will be handed over to tokyo who are the host city of the 2020 summer games. security is beefed up around the
6:37 am
the games have been the country's largest ever security operation. 85,000 security officers have been deployed all across brazil. >> alcides: i found out this morning that a gold medal costs a little less than $600. it's mostly made of silver and less of gold. factoid of the day. >> anjuli: kind of a bummer. >> alcides: you log countless hours for strangers. >> anjuli: in this week's "faith in ti how one man is connecting families to lost bibles. why this 93-year-old man ran all the way across the country. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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inheriting an old family bible-- has lead one tampa >> anjuli: inheriting an old family bible led one tampa man to take on a treasure hunt of a low. long-lost bibles. it's this week's faith of in action. >> the pages are yellowed and brittled and some are fading from over a century of use. this bible is the best gift andy smith had received. >> i inherited a family bible from my grandmother after she passed away in '91. eventually i took interest in all the names and dates on the
6:41 am
pages of scripture and elaborate illustrations. >> you can put the names and dates of when people were married, when they were born, when they died. it's a family record if it wasn't in the bible, it might be lost. >> anjuli: turns out his dates back to 1879. >> to be able to touch and hold something that your great-great-great grandparents had 150 or 200 years ago, it's gold. >> anjuli: that information ignited an inte >> this would be a bible. >> anjuli: he created an october on with the help of distant relatives, he connected the dos of his own family tree. slowly but surely he stumbled upon stories and photographs lost for decade. >> although this is my office, it's a converted bedroom. this is the family room because i have my family in here. >> anjuli: eventually he ran
6:42 am
new passion in the process. >> the man's name is ed lee harris. >> he reconnected them on books lost on ebay. >> i recognized there would be people that benefit greatly from the information in these bibles. the names and dates. >> he digitally pages through old bibles online and jots down names from family registries. he uses that information to track down families and alert them they're missing a book >> the people that reply are typically thrilled. never thought of doing this. this is amazing. >> it's an unending puzzle that evolved into a passion for smith. he logged countless hours for perfect strangers. it's his way to pay his own blessings forward. >> i look at it as doing god's work. i know how much it means to them, and it makes me feel good. >> anjuli: smith has been tracking down and reconnecting families with old bibles for the past ten years or so.
6:43 am
interested in doing, the very first step is creating an account on isn't that incredible? >> alcides: that's incredible and priceless for those families. >> anjuli: out of the goodness of his heart to do that, and to think something like that could be on ebay. >> alcides: i know it. i was just thinking it. >> anjuli: things get lost when people pass away. >> alcides: they find and sell it. who knows where they found it at. >> anjuli: pretty neat. great guy. >> alcides: very, very cool. good story. still to come on baton rouge -- "good day tampa bay," it's what these seniors love to watch. how football bridges the generational gap and creating moments to remember. >> lindsay: it doesn't feel like football weather yet. steamy out the door, but it's stunning. check out this view over down taun tampa. i love this start to the day. not many cars on the roads. people were up late last night. very warm and no rain to show you, though. rain chances through tomorrow are low, 20%. they shift inland this afternoon
6:44 am
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breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma time now is 6:xx.. doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at the brain behind some of the biggest boy band sensations has died in prison. >> anjuli: the brain behind some of the biggest boy bands sensations died in front. music mogul lou perlman passed away on friday. he's best known for signing the
6:47 am
and in sync and o-town. he was sent to 25 years in prison for running a pontchartrain -- upon ponzi scheme. >> alcides: i completed his coast to coast run. he dipped his toes in the atlantic on saturday on st. simmons island in jorjz. his run raced $15,000 for a ship he wants to bring to france n manneddy, this 75th anniversary of d-day. football season has finally arrived, but not everyone can make it to this game this year. >> anjuli: in minnesota they came up with an idea for senior gridiron lovers. they brought the game to them. players from high school near minneapolis played a game of touch against staff members at a local it's an annual game complete with cheerleaders and a moss cot comes out for it.
6:48 am
for high school juniors and seniors to get to know people outside of their usual social circles. >> we have a model that we're men for others, so this is doing things for other people. we've been doing it eight years. it doesn't seem like it. >> they got so much energy. all the energy that i don't have. >> anjuli: in addition to football, the teams face-off in other competitions like pushups and even a hot dog-eating contest. >> alcides: that's >> anjuli: how cute is that? what a great idea. >> alcides: when you go to a senior citizen's house and bring kids, they just love it. as a parent you run around trying to grab your kids because you're afraid they will knock something over. >> anjuli: they love it or really don't love it. sometimes they're like, this is so exhausting just watching you guys. this is cute. >> alcides: look at the football player. they're focused on everything she's saying. that's great.
6:49 am
athleticism. it's so pretty, right? it keeps getting better. it's not until 7:04, so we want to point out that you notice some minor tweaks in the sunrise and sunset. a couple minutes later now, and it's gorgeous this morning. a couple of clouds and drier air alot of holding back the coverage of rain today. at the beach and on the water until about lunchtime, isolated shower chance, and then you're good to go as everything shifting bay on the johns hopkins all children's hospital cam. only a few clouds this morning and not a drop of rain just yet. i wouldn't be surprised if the morn rolls on we see a couple of near shore showers and with the the sea breeze that starts the storm coverage at 20% building inland as the day goes on. inland is just as warm as sarasota at 79. it's 80 in tampa and 74 in brooksville.
6:50 am
better than the west wind, so this morning a little extra oppressive feels like the 80s near the coast. highs today as warm as yesterday. 91 in tampa, 90 in st. pete, low 90s inland by hotter by mid-week as we flip-flop the winds to the east. the storms build back west late in the day. the coverage is lower than yesterday thanks to drier air aloft. that coverage today is only 20% to 30% favoring areas east of i-75. i have three areas of interest. fiona looked like it was going to die out later today. still disorganized but looking better. a 30% chance of development the next two days. 60% the next five days, and while this moves into the islands by mid-week, beyond that there's uncertainty. the good news is our computer models are backing off on the strength of a storm, so hopefully we will not see a named storm out of this.
6:51 am
what we will see out of this, though, is a hurricane. 90-l. good consensus show a westerly or northerly track, which means no u.s. impact. this will probably become gaston before 99-l moving north yez. this is in seven days, and it's still over the open atlantic. here's fiona moving west-northwest becoming a depression by early week, and then this tiny dot bermuda. perhaps some rain for them. no u.s. impactses and hopefully no u.s. impacts from the disturbance approaching the cari caribbean. it's still too early to say. watch the models this week. i have everything running on 91 and a few storms shifting inland but slowly. if you're a lucky one to get under a storm, it's briefly heavy. only a few clouds and steamy tonight. any interior storms should end before sunset. isolated coverage thu monday and
6:52 am
west as a cold front kind of flip-flops our pattern. so tuesday and wednesday 92 with a 30% to 40% storm chance. >> thank you, lindsay. after the break, let the hunt begin. >> gator season is in full swing, and it isn't always fun and games.
6:53 am
i have cervical cancer.
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6:55 am
busy places at night. the first week of the state's >> anjuli: some area lakes have been busy at night. the first week of gator season is coming to a close today. some 13,000 hunters applied for permits. barry wong has more. >> this is very relaxing. you have this nice little breeze, cooling down outside. you're kind of gliding along the water.little bit light out. what we're trying to do right is using this gator in distress call. a lot of times the larger gators come to it. the bottom left of that tan bush is something there. >> it's exciting when you have a gator on the lines. >> kind of controlled chaos for a little while. you can't muscle them in. it's a finesse thing. if you get a harpoon on them, if
6:56 am
out. we should see some movement. they will move off the bank. they're usually up on that grass in the daytime. they move out. you watch them move out, and they come out here to feed at night. the biggest one weave gotten so far is 10 1/2 feet. they range from 8 1/2 to 10 1/2. they stay in that range. every foot after -- they almost double in size. a 10-foot is almost twice the size of a 9-foot. i think we end up with to 35, 40 poupd pounds off a decent, 8-foot gator of clean, processed meat. they will a tiny bit of a fish taste to it. it depends on how you take care of the meat. it's a firm meat like beef or pork. the closest thing you could put it too would be probably frog legs. >> anjuli: my husband knows too much about that. each permit allows the holder to
6:57 am
hunting hours are 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> alcides: in the next hour, more issues for the troubled frontier. we have the latest on the newest outage, and say hello to buddy. oh, he is the cutest thing. he needs a forever home. we'll tell you his story coming up on "good day tampa bay" as well. and a live look outside, i think, right? maybe not.
6:58 am
today, we can connect more....
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do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
7:00 am
more issues for frontier. another big outage for the bay area. we'll >> anjuli: more issues for frontier. another big outage from the bay area. we have the details on the company's latest hiccup. >> alcides: the face of a war. this little boy's picture went viral. the story behind the iconic video as well. >> anjuli: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. thank you for joining us. a look at the morning forecast. good morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: it's a beautiful start to the date. put me in a good mood. good clouds and sunrise 4 minutes to go. we jumped one degree this hour in tampa. it's 81 thanks to light winds.


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