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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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de . how are you going to have your hands tied. >> haley: deputies take a man into custody but he doesn't want to te that long. what witness are saying about his escape frat back of the cruiser. >> if we can stand together as a community, we are stop this violence >> lloyd: how one organization hoping to bring about change as they march together. >> haley: hundreds of people gather to honor a beloved music teacher killed by a suspected drunk driver. how the community is rem remembering caroline stein one week after her death. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> haley: good evening, i am haley hinds. >> lloyd: and i am lloyd sauers. thank you nor joining us tonight.
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deputies are searching for a man that climbed out of a cruiser yesterday, ran away, bare foot and handcuffed. kellie cowan talked to neighbors who witnessed it all 37 they couldn't believe it happened and shocked that he is still out there. >> reporter: all happened in a matter of minutes. that is tall took for him to slip away. deputies arrested co few blocks away from their headquarters but thing quickly went awry. somehow, he was able to escape from the back of a patrol car through the window. witnesses nearby say they couldn't believe what they saw. >> like little -- he had his -- to slide his body out the window. >> reporter: a manatee sheriff spokesman would not confirm if
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to window controls. unsure how he was able to get the back seat window down. somehow comtrola while han handcuffed got out without deputies noticing. >> reporter: both shoeless and handcuffed he took off running escaping from deputies. cantrola does not have a violent criminal history, and detectives do not believe him to be dangerous but many in the areas >> i am scared not to come outside and play because could be here and i am scared if i see him. >> reporter: in manatee county, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> lloyd: we have been ch checking with manatee county deputies all day. so far they have not caught him. deputies are investigating a shooting that happened early this morning. deputies say the victim knocked on one's door just west of the usf campus to report that he
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life-threatening. it is not believed the shooting was random, but authorities are tying to determine the circumstances of that shooting. so far no names are been released. we will update it as soon as we learn more. a march with a message. dozens of ones who were victims of gun violence took to the streets in hopes of ending the violence. carrying signs and wearing shirts, family and friends walked along 22nd street to bring awareness to all the violence in the community. the walk-in library where participants were requested to vote and be for their last loved ones. they say it is up for groups and businesses to band together to help each other. >> it is very, very important that organizations step up and try to help out as much as we can. sometimes the community does not know where to go to help. we realize as a community we can ban together to stop this violence. >> haley: organizers plan to
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pinellas park teacher hit and killed last weekend by a suspected drunk driver. signs boyfriend scott handkins was in the car critically injured. hundreds of people gathered at the pinellas park memorial today. his family asking for donations to go for mother's against drunk driving in her honor. the driver who hit the couple brice mccleod is charged with dui manslaughter. >> the second night, a local deputy is involved in a crash this time tampa last night. authorities say the deputy and another vehicle stopped along 15th street north around 10:00 last night when a third car caused a chain reaction crash. out in deputy wasn't injured, but the two people in the car behind the cruiser were taken to the hospital to be checked out. we are told they have minor injuries. deputies tell us the driver who caused the crash, 70-year-old alfredo rodriguez jimenez was arrested for driving under the influence. also tonight, the florida
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u.s. 301 south of jordan road in pasco county. troopers tell us leonard pasco was killed when the car he was riding in crashed into another car. pasco died from his injuries at lakeland regional medical center. the driver of the car he was in james diggins was seriously injured. we are told the investigation is ongoing and the charges are possible. sarasota police are cited a driver whose car wound up in someone's front yard after a crash this weekend. officers say someone drivi lincoln suv southbound on south tuttle avenue saturday talk curve at wood street and hit a power pole before crashing into a parked vehicle and plowing through a privacy fence outside a home. the suv overturned in the front yard. police say the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and has been cited for careless driving. there are no reports of any other injuries. so part driver's name has not been released. still ahead, a dramatic scene on an orange county
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an overpass. >> lloyd: the crews managed to get it down and how the mother and child trapped inside are doing tonight. we have an update. hey, mike. >> mike: another hot and humid day with little in the way of rain. more drier to start the w workweek but gradually start to
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new tonight.. a new tonight.. a mother and child are in the new tonight, a mother and child are in the hospital after a crash left their car dangling over a highway trapping them inside until rescuers could pull them to avenue. a crane operator had to be called in to get that car down.
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involved. >> lloyd: matt has details of that crash from orlando. >> reporter: first very respond hes worked to get luclind a and a sa from altamonte springs from the wreckage. the whole time the massive car dangled ready to drop at any moment. the horrific accident happened just before 11:00 on 408 near keyhole boulevard. witnesses say the driver was going westbound on 408, flipped over the guardrail, into the embankment. florida highway patrol closed part of the highway while they worked to free the pair and get them out of danger. they strapped a car in place, keeping it from slipping any further down the overpass to crash on the asphalt below. highway patrol kept drivers away until work crews could finally hoist the car from the embankment and drop it safely on the highway. the driver and the child inside the car both being treated in the hospital now. they are said nobody stable condition.
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those visiting east coast beaches want to watch out for jelly fish. >> haley: what lifeguards said you need to know if you are you need to know if you are planning to-to-go in the z236az zy6z in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car y236ay yy6y you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing
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those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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mosquito inspectors mosquito inspectors mosquito inspectors continue treating parts of south florida this weekend and health officials announce that zika is actively spreading on miami beach.
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visited the beach from new y york, texas and taiwan. neither case is connected to the health department previously declared one- one-square-mile transition zone across biscayne bay of the hip and trendy district. to curb the spread of the virus spraying outdoor areas with pesticides and dropping lavicide into stormwater drain to keep mosquitos from bre breeding. deputies are being kindness. corporal jeremy davis spotted this injured fawn on the roadside. he rescued the fawn which turned out to be blind, and he took it to the bearss animal clinic on florida avenue. the clinic stayed open late to get the fawn. they will rehabilitate the animal and transport it to a local zoo. on the east coast, florida's jellyfish are be becoming a major problems.
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on volusia county beaches and 140 reports, 179 thursday, and a whooping 256 on wednesday. for whatever reason, those numbers skyroceted after a mere 67 stings on tuesday. lifeguards are warning people to be extremely cautious in the water but if you do get stung, they will be ready with equipment to help relieve the sting >> the jellyfish come in any time of the year. they are at the mercy of the win and >> reporter: in the past week we had our own water concerns. clearwater beach officials are warning you swimmers to do the stingray shuffle after getting several reports of stings. always the swimming pool, i guess. >> lloyd: that is what happens in august. stingrays, jelly fish. >> mike: warmer waters, right. >> lloyd: weather trivia. >> mike: weather trivia is every weekend. 6 p.m. hoe on sunday. talking about lightning,
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lightning itself doesn't a temperature, right? but it let's the air around it so at what point -- what temperature can it heat the air around it too. will it be in fahrenheit, 500 degrees fahrenheit, 5,000 degree fahrenheit, 50,000 degrees far ren sight or 500 degrees fahrenheit. >> lloyd: an interesting question but d >> mike: i thought maybe i made it easier. >> haley: i have an early idea. >> mike: keep the answers at rest now. we will get to it at 10:00. tweet me or head over to my facebook page. we will have the actual answer coming up tonight at 10:00. here a look outside right now. hilton clearwater beach cam. pretty nice-looking ending to the day again with those warm waters. do you want to be careful if you were in the water.
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toward bradenton beach. a pretty good ending maybe more in the way of mid and high-level clouds filtering the sunshine, but all in all time to ask for a better august weekend in terms of rainfall. we didn't have a whole lot of rain today. in fact a couple of showers leftover right now out across highlands, hardee and desoto. heavy downpours southeast h hardee, desoto county as well, and into areas of lake placid the heavy downpours oscil oscillating, meandering, not home with lot of movement to them and not a whole lot of lightning with them as well. we will continue to see these showers drop off and die off through the next couple of hours. 90 degrees. the dew point. current at 73. relative humidity at 57%. barometer at 40.01 and falling. and here are temps across the area. 91 in brandon. 90 for you in lake placid.
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91 in winter haven. you factor in the humidity that has been oppressive the last couple of days and feels like 106 in bradenton. 106 in lake placid. 103 in haines city. 105, new port richey and almost triple digits into tampa as well. another hot and humid day. enhanced satellite picture out across the tropics and monitoring a few areas of concern. tropical storm fiona still west-northwest. invest 99 l here. percentage of this one dropping have dropped a bit down to 40% over the next five days but still a threat. we will talk about why in just a second and then invest 90 l here. a much better chance of developing propcally. 70% chance by tuesday evening. a 90% chance by the end of the week, but this one likely will be out to sea, and not really affecting land. here is how the models play
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west-northwest and northward turn with it and something to watch depending on how far a away. this one is more of a risk in terms of its track. development city very uncertain but track through the caribbean island out near the bahamas toward next weekend. certainly something we need to watch closely. the good news is, we have an entire week to watch this thing across the waters. satellite and radar here. a lot of dry their in south florida, keep our rain chances. you can see that with the red around. more water vapor. more red offshore here through the bahamas and that works into the picture as we head into monday. more dry air to be, drier rain chances. futurecast, storms wrapping up over the next few hours or so. tomorrow morning, maybe a couple of showers lining up in the gulf just offshore. make their way onshore and some of that will develop and best
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farther north and farther so south. most of that area in the 30% range and into the evening hours the showers die off and tuesday we start to increase the moisture a bit and start to be more of a northeast or easterl?y flowpattern the rest of the week. rain chances about 20%. again a pocket of 30% up toward orlando, back toward the nature coast and maybe 30% down toward highlands and a portion of desoto county. for the most part not expecting monday. and the recap, 79 degrees. clearing skies. warm and muggy. for monday, 91. stray shower or two. partly sunny. heading into the day on tue tuesday, still hot, muggy, scattered thunderstorms. will slowly raise those rain chances. winds out the north-northwesterly. light chop on the bay. gulf temperature 87. your seven-day forecast.
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up to 30% on tuesday. 40% wednesday, thursday and friday and much higher, tropical moisture around through the weekend. hey, kevin. >> kevin: the bucs don't have to trip their roster for yet another week, and one player could be on his way out. a sluggish start by jameis winston and his offense turns into a very good evidence. a good win under the dirk
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the bucs still have a the bucs still have a little while well, the bucs still have a little while before they have to make their first cuts. 15 players will have to go by next tuesday. that gives 90 players one more game to prove their worth. now one player could be on the move during the broadcast last night. chris myers said the buc are
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austin jenkins. makes sense. the bucs are loaded at tight end and asj's work ethic -- well, has been in question. vernon hargraves right before halftime came up with the first nfl interception setting up a field goal for aguire. and hargraves stepped up again just at the start of the second half. picks off chad henning for the second time. those two picks equalled intersections by all the bucs corners combined last year. that's how rough it was. bucs d came away with four on the night last night. offensively, it was another slow start and cutter tells us that jameis winston needs to learn when enough is enough >> the competitive side of him. he sometimes tries to do too much. the example would be 3rd and 15 last night and he gets in a scramble situation. no matter how you slice it, he
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but he refuses to slide and that is the whole defense hit him. he ended up getting a penalty there which i think is more luck than anything else, but that is the kind of stuff where jameis sometimes tries to do too much and one example. you can't -- you don't are to win the game every single play. >> kevin: especially in the preseason. the bucs win the game and all the important battles. the game wasn't our jeff tewksbury says the tough lessons for this young team comes easier after a win. >> reporter: the bucs showed some nice hop out of the visitors tunnel, but when the oven took over things bog down. misthrowed from jameis winston. and general sluggishness that passed as winston's passes grew
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good to have a win. >> reporter: win on the scoreboards. the first in the books for dirk cutter more than emerging victim tar russ is emerging injury-free. >> we keep scoring these games and that makes it important but not the most important thing. we have a lot bigger fish to fry before this thing is over. >> reporter: the second-round draft pick is as uneven as two of his team mates. two makes, two misses on his fieldoa worried. >> this is the nfl. they are paid to make hits. he know it is, i know it, and everybody knows it. it is what it is. >> sometimes it is hard. for some are you you miss, and it is like -- but you got to let it go as much as you want to keep thinking about it, you want to let it go and move on. >> i don't think that these really count. i think you are just teasing people right now. i know he is going to produce.
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evans continue to make chemistry. the third-year receiver could speak for the organization when he talks about progress made and work that needs to be done. >> i have work to do but i feel much better than last year and my focus is much better than last year. our body is better and i think this game, i will be good to go at the start of the season. >> reporter: jeff tewksbury, fox 13 sports. the rays have hit a hot streak winning six out of seven race, the winning streak has made a small dent in the standings, but right now a fun team to watch. they are having fun out there. the rangers jump out to a 2-0 lead and the rays take over down 2 in the fourth, and rbi single. jim beckham drops home and we are tied at 2. after a sac fly, the rays keep swinging. logan forsythe back from a back injury that kept him out the last four games.
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rays up 6-2. in the 8th, on a power surge. insu sgrshtion a hits a line drive. during this hot streak, the rays have outscored their opponents 55 to 18. they take the series doubling up the rangers 18-4. you only wish you play this way the whole season. when we come back tonight, the deadliest attack in turkey this year comes as the country still reeling from that failed coup attempt. >> haley: what turkey's president is saying and what the u.s. plans to do about it.
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disturbing details disturbing details disturbing details out of turkey following a deadly attack at a wedding party. on saturday, a child suicide
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the deadliest attack in turkey comes as the country is still reeling from last month's failed cou p attempt. >> haley: fox's connor powell has the latest tonight from jerusalem. >> reporter: meant to be a day of celebration, a wedding party in the turkish city torn apart by a massive explosion. turkey's president blaming isis for the attack that killed dozens. >> preliminary findings point to the fact this was an actio by dash. it is clear that dash had such an organization and was attempting to make room for itself in recent times. >> reporter: officials said a destroyed suicide vest was found at the scene and it appears the attacker was between is it and 14 years of age. witnesses say women and children were among the dead. hundreds gathered for funerals on sunday, but some ceremony also have to wait. authorities say dna tests are needed to identify many of the
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>> ten minutes after the blast we rushed to the site. almost all were lying in the blood. some lost their arms. some lost other parts of their body. >> reporter: the strike comes as the country was still reeling from last month's failed military coup which is the government has blamed on the u.s. muslim cleric and its supporters. denies any involvement. president erdewan is looking for him to be extradited and says a lack of cooperation could c diplomatic relations. >> we have asked for the return of an organization like this and if the approach is still is he really the perpetrator, will, of course, cast a shadow on our strategic partnership. >> vice president joe biden will discuss the threat of terrorism and the trip to ankra next week. in the aftermath of historic flooding in louisiana, hundreds of people across the
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need. in one of the hardest hit ar areas, set up a drilling station. farmers and volunteers helped distribute hot meals to the flood victims. plane people waiting in line described how they lost everything and the clothes on their back. >> we take for granted that we can go out and have lunch, we can have dinner and these people basically from nothing. they don't have food. they don't have water. there is nothing. this is minute compared to what >> reporter: the storm system in louisiana dumped more than 20 inches of rain within two days leaving rifts and creeks severely bloated. officials say 4,000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the flooding. president obama is expected to get first-hand look at the damage during a visit to baton rouge tuesday. following a major staff shake-up. donald trump forkers are coming to his defense including former
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giuliani. >> trump this week had an excellent week. much, much better than hillary clinton. in fact she kind of disappeared for the week except for her one appearance i remember where she sat with a couple of democratic appointed police chiefs trying to claim she has police support, and i know -- i don't know a single cop in the united states that supports her. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton supporter and ranking member of the foreign relations committee senator ben cardin cites his colleagues for going partisan witch nutrient an investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i wish they would showed the same degree of interest in paul manafort's connection to russia in what we have seen in regard to the trump campaign and the business deals that donald trump had in russia. it will be nice to see if they had interest in what russia's involvement is in our campaign, but instead they continue to go after the e-mail issue. >> lloyd: clinton is leading
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reuter's survey released on friday. olympic flame burns in rio for a few more hours as the 2016 games are set to close tonight. the medal count for team u.s. 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze. meantime american swimmer ryan lochke made an appearance on national tv in brazil, apologizing for his story of being robbed at >> brazil didn't deserve it. >> reporter: in the interview broadcast on tv brazil, he admitted to exaggerating his story but still insisted he did not lie. lochke said, quote, i am sorry that my immaturity caused all this ruckus. the olympic committee ceo said further action will be coming against lochke, but again not clear what that might be whether lochke should ever be allowed to swim for his country
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a city councilman in austin, texas is being criticized for making a comment some view as racist. a statement was made at a recent meeting during which school funding was under discussion. station fox's casey clayborn has more. >> here is what happened, city council took public comment on proposed budget hours of testimony including a large number of hispanic parent and students pleading to keep funding afterschool programs at hisd. >> mr. please school and other schools that have been affected and give us -- >>reporter: as the students were leaving the council chambers, councilman gave them parting words. shell gallow. >> i always make the kids and the parents pledge that when they turn 18 -- when the kids turn 18, the very first thing they will do is register to vote. >> reporter: so did don zimmerman but his advice did
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to ask for everyone here including the children, i want to you pledge to please finish school, learn a trade, a skilled trade, get a college education, start a business, do something useful and produce something in your society so you don't have to live off others. thank you. [booing] all right. all right. >> so apparently that is a controversial statement. it seems like we have people in this say that think you should be voting for that your best chance to get ahead is to go to city government and demand subs subsidies. >> reporter: two hours after his comment, congresswoman garza broke her silence. >> i want our community to know we don't condone what he said, and we have your back, not just the ones that are brown or black onis. there are other progressive members of this council that support you and understand your issues in there. thank you.
6:37 pm
by don't understand the people who bring race nichl this. i cannot fathom this, because i have been the strongest critic of corporate welfare. >> reporter: on friday zimmerman got more backlash from his peers. renteria wrote that zimmerman crossed his line and showed the true racist feeling toward our hispanic families. >> i got a lot more calls of su people are really dismayed at the kind of i had see of these false accusations and this cultural rot of entitlement and mentality and not limited to one group haleigh thailz was fox's casey clayborn reporting. over the weekend councilman zimmerman defended his comments on facebook saying that the only people we should be poll
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chased out of austin. councilman zimmerman is up for reelection on november. keeping busy battling the chimney fire in california. >> haley: up next some of the a strategy i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do. and if i would have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house.
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tracking wild weather tracking wild weather across the na tracking wild weather across the nation now. tornadoes touched down in parts of michigan. two confirmed tornadoes leaving damage in their wake. trees you sear here torn down. roofs ripped off. crews are busy clearing debris
6:41 pm
battling the chimney fire in california. it has grown to more than 24,000 acres and destroyed 48 buildings so far. >> lloyd: fox 13's keith carl talked to one of the fire captains about the ability to fight that fire.a lot of heat out there. a lot of dust. smoke. definitely takes a toll on the body being out there. >> reporter: imperial fire department jesus guzman is part of a 21-man strike team working the chimney fire for the past several days. >> we were hiking throughom to beat the progress of the fire. >> reporter: hundreds of fire fighters working 24-hour shifts are rotating in and out of the fire lines that are bustling with activity and potential danger. >> there is a saying we have out there, keep your head on a swivel. be aware of your surroundings. you have to be aware for yourself, your crewmembers anyone working around you. people are cutting trees.
6:42 pm
of the fire but we have to beware of all the work out there. >> reporter: this dark area indicates where the chimney fire is active southwest of lake nacimento and currently burning toward the west. >> fire fighters with -- with hand tools are walking in steep terrain, two or three miles hike in. two, three miles hike out, and the fires alongsize bulldozers plowing line to contain those if it west into cambri that people are worried about and san simian area, yes, our strategy would have to change because we have to reappropriate. >> lloyd: that was keith carl reporting. at this point they say the fire is 35% contained. the bucs still flying high over last night's win over the jaguars.
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>> kevin: the buc offensive line a year older and a year wiser. they developed setbacks in training camp, but they i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone?
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. ? we buy any car dot com ? ? we buy any car dot com ? ? we buy any car dot com ? ? any any any any ? at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com
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kevin sports they have kevin sports they have they have the solemn duty of protecting their franchise against the jags gave up one sack late in the game from griffin. the offensive line has the most important job, the group of bucs that invested through the draft, free agency and as recently as this week a contract extension. that investment is now paying off. the bucs are building off of last year's accomplishments up front. their two young draft picks are a year older and wiser.
6:46 pm
anticipation, you play faster and because of that, i am able to play faster. >> reporter: as improved as the starting front five was the year ago, this group is having to reinvent itself a bit after losing veteran guard logan m mankins. his replacement jr squeezy is yet to take one snap in training camp. what the bucs are found they have plenty of depth. versatile players that play up and down the line. >> george does a great job of playing multiple positions and you this league because you only have seven on game day. >> you go through 32 teams. maybe one or two teams go without an injury on the offensive line throughout the year. there are going to be injuries. playing at different depth is important for the team. >> reporter: the number one objective of an offensive lineman is to block the guy inside of them. takes strength and has one other quality, to be nasty.
6:47 pm
>> joe hall. he is always down field. he is always pushing guys. he is someone you like to play with and trying to get other people to fly down field. he has been described as a gnat. >> i like play with passion. that is what he is talking about. but, yeah, i mean, i feel like as a team, as an offense, we feed off of good energy on the field and i dry to bring that nvring with me and kind of contagious and a lot of people feed off me. >> reporter: a group playing with a lot of confidence, a longer the weakness that gets pushed around. the buc front five rather is a group that can dictate play. how about this. training camp just about over. a closed practice tomorrow. and then the cleveland browns come in for tuesday and wednesday and then over. down to the real stuff after that. lloyd all right, kevin. can you imagine how hot that is. >> haley: with the university and the pads. >> lloyd: and the beard. a great beard. >> haley: got to be warm.
6:48 pm
that one. >> lloyd: over 100 in parts of the area. >> mike: certainly felt like it. heat index values 115 and so. dog days of summer but this is the real heat. you got to be careful with this heat. make sure you drink plenty of water. uv index high. wear plenty of sunkoran. what this heat does. plenty of dry air out there this morning. look at the sky. all of a sudden, flips a switch, and it just starts to bubble up a littl bit, and if this was maybe a little bit more with this type of heat, we would have saw some big-time storms out there. just enough dry air to keep those storms really at bay, but really a sign of -- of the time of the year, right and how much heat and energy is in the atmosphere. here are some sky tower radar views. you see a couple of showers moving through hardee county out toward highlands county. sebring, you are kind of all around with the showers all around you. nothing just yet. we may start to see the showers
6:49 pm
weather headlines, one more day of this dry air dominating that west wind. then we start to transition things. that west wind is more of an easterly wind toward the middle of the week and moisture is gradually going to be increase. tuesday a little higher. wednesday, thursday and friday, reup those rain chances and next weekend we get a good amount of tropical moisture. highs today 90 in tampa. 59 in bran don. 93 in bradenton. 96 down in lake placid. 95 in sebring. inland, that's where the real heat was today. if you were wondering by the way, lloyd, haley, this one is for you. 21 days where the average high is 90. we are getting there. we are inching closer. >> lloyd: counting down, baby. >> mike: count them down we are almost there. 93. winds out of west at 10 miles per hour. other temps around the state. 89 in marathon. 88 in key west. 91 in miami.
6:50 pm
81 in panama city and 18 in pensacola. heat dominating. 95 in boise. 94 in salt lake city. 90 in denver. look at this el paso, 66. rain-cooled 66, feels pretty good for them nonetheless. here we go a tropical pote potential, invest 99 l back here. a 90% that this develops in the next couple of days, say the next five something. about 40% chance that 99 here develops into our next tropical depression. and you follow -- this is one model. but kind of keeps both of these areas interesting over the next couple of days. it pushes 90 l a little farther out to see and 99 close enough to the east coast where anywhere along the east coast we will have to watch it closely. satellite and radar. high pressure in control. dry air, dry air, dry air the story for the last couple of
6:51 pm
store knee the start of the workweek. another warm, muggy night tonight. stray shower potentially the best chance of a shower the farther south and north you go. by tuesday, we increase the moisture just a bit and especially toward the middle of the week and into the end of the week, the best chance of rain will be the farther south you get with a little more moisture in the atmosphere. sunday night for tonight, clearing skies. warm to muggy. here is the seven-day forecast. rain chances about 20% for monday. 30% on tuesday. end of the week. guys. >> lloyd: all right, mike, thanks. players for 35 countries took part in a 2016 pokemon world championships in san francisco this weekend. this is actually nothing to do with pokemon go, the wildly popular poke man smartphone game. the usual pokemon using trading cards and video games. it is invitation only.
6:52 pm
and winner also receive $500,000 worth of scholarships to win scholarships and yes pokemon cards. some of the competition's appearance says more than just a game. >> teaches them about comprehension, math skills, strategy and that helps them in school. >> reporter: the pokemon collectors are divided by age group and skill level, juniors, seniors and pokemon masters. a birthday celeb cub. the chinese embassy in washington d.c. are throwing the bash in favor of fab e. his mother chose one item among three symbolic objects to foretell the future of the cub. chose a banner. ba-be is the third giant panda to be born at the national zoo. after the break, the hunt
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>> lloyd: we aren't always
6:55 pm
a pizza delivery driver a pizza delivery driver kidnapped at gunpoint and a pizza delivery driver kidnapped at gunfire point and forced into the trunk. where it happened in florida and how she got away on the fox 13 10:00 news. some area lakes have been busy places at nights. the first days of the gator hunting season is coming to a close.
6:56 pm
applied. >> fox 13 photojournalist barry wong has more. >> very relaxing. a nice little breeze. cooling down outside. you are kind of gliding along the water. a little bit light out. so what we are trying do right now is using this -- our gator in distress call, and a lot of times they will -- the larger gator also come to it. it is green and all of a sudden a tan bush. the bottom left of the tan b bush. >> it is exciting when off gator on the line. you can't muster them in. it is a finesse thing. a harpoon. if you pull on them too hard. you pull them out. stressful if you want to catch them. starts getting a little later and we should start seeing some movement. they will move off the bank. they are in the grass up on the banks during the daytime and they will move out. you will waif them their heads come out and they are coming out to feed at night. the biggest one we got is 10 and a half feet. they range from 8 and a half to
6:57 pm
staying kind inform that range. every foot after -- they almost double in size, 9 to 10 to -- to 10-foot is almost double the size of a 9 foot. goes the same way. >> we will end up with 30 to 40 pounds off of a decent gator, ready to go clean and process meat. a tiny bit of a fish taste and how you take care of the meat. when you get done, it is a firm meat, like beef i guess the closest thing you can put it too is frog legs. >> haley: tastes pretty good too. for more news for follow us on twitter and the news is always back on at >> lloyd: see you back here at 10 and 11:00. have a great evening.
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? ? (couch and tv grunting happily) (giggles, gasps) (both laughing playfully) (both panting, sighing) (groaning) homer: wow, an indoor water park. hopefully, this will put the final nail in the coffin of lakes and rivers. well, as a mother, i... we all know you're a mother. as a mother, i like that wherever i look, i can see a lifeguard.


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