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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a man in handcuffs escapes >> a man in handcuff escapes from a manatee county patrol down the modern day houdini. >>laura: it's back to school for kids in the miami neighborhoods hit by the zika crisis with last minute changes to their shopping list. >>russell: no homework? no problem. a teacher sent home a letter that's getting a lot of attention but should it catch on? >>dave: 4r6.
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international. clearwater, st. petersburg, bradenton, sarasota, even 78 still over in winter haven so i think we have a lot of sun today, a lot of heat. temperatures back to the lower 90s. look how quiet it is. it's going to be a pretty sunrise, too. just a 20% rain chance for later this afternoon. the tropics are getting quite active as well. more in a few minutes. >>vanessa: thanks. at 6:01, we have a live look here at howard frankland brid. reported as a crash and it's in the southbound directions so the st. pete bound lanes. it does appear to be on the left-hand side and now that i'm taking a live look here, it looks like there's also extra emergency crews. we're not seeing any major delays northbound or southbound over the bridge. it should be just six minutes between fourth street and kennedy. >>laura: deputies are searching
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handcuffs. >>russell: it happened following a crash where the driver and passenger took off. shayla reaves is live with more on this disappearing act. >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you, russell. it's been two days and so far, still no sighting of 34-year-old joel canchola. this is the person that authorities want to locate. you're seeing an image on your screen. this all started, we saturday night there was some type of crash, according to a spokesperson for the manatee county sheriff's office. and at some tonpoint, canchola identified as a passenger in a vehicle that did not stick around after the crash. at some point he was placed in the back of a cruiser on probation violations. through the course of the investigation, authorities did find out again that he had been
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another, a woman described seeing a man slide his body out of a window, almost like a little snail or snake. that's how she described the scene unfolding to us. at some point a deputy actually returned to the cruiser and discovered that canchola was missing. he escaped, we're told, without any shoes and has not been seen since saturday night. now, the manateeou sheriff's office would not confirm whether or not the squad car back seat area had access to window controls and said it's unclear how canchola was able to get outside of the back seat window, get the window down in order to escape. many questions still out there but authorities are telling us, he's not considered a silent offender. he was wanted at the time on probation violations connected
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and also another case involving resisting arrest without violence. so if you have any information on his whereabouts, you're urged to give the manatee county sheriff's office a call. of course, crime stoppers in this case, we've learned they're offering up to a $3,000 reward nor any sort of information that helps locate canchola. if you have any details, feel free to reach out to law enforce nment this case. back to you. >>laura: hillsborough kep did is are investigating a shooting near the u.s.f. tampa campus. the victim knocked on someone's door on english hills court and asked for help after someone shot him. deputies say his injuries are not life threatening. they do not believe the shooting was random. deputies have not released any names so far. >>russell: today children head back to school in miami dade where health officials are battling the zika outbreak.
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will start class inside one of the zika zones. there are two areas where it's spreading locally. wynwood arts area. the zika transmission has been confirmed on miami beach. they decided not to relocate the students. instead, officials are telling parents to send their kids to school in protective clothing. >> initially we sleeve shirts and shorts because we weren't in the zika zone and yesterday we were informed we need all long sleeved. >>laura: miami beach, too. at least six schools added off spray and wipes to the back to school lists. yesterday employees handed out mosquito repellant and clothing to help students cover up. health department representative will be at every school in the
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any questions. >>laura: on friday pregnant women and their partners were told not to avoid the areas but to stay out, stay out of miami dade county entirely if possible. mayor of miami beach has come under fire for downplaying the discovery of the new zika cases on his city but he's putting the blame on state health officials. >> governor and health department were not giving us informatio cases, according to them, and you can't say something that's not true. then the following day, the governor did a press conference, did not let myself or the mayor know and told everyone at the same time. we were caught a little flat footed there. >>russell: mosquito control crews are working long hours to try to remove the threat. even vacuum trucks are cleaning storm drains as part of the effort. pregnant women are health
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zika is known to cause devastating birth defects in baby. >>laura: there's strong evidence that zika can cause a rare neurological syndrome that causes temporary paralysis in adults. they say more research has to be done on this, though. >>russell: like miami, today is the first day of school for students in sarasota county which means finally classes in session for all of the tampa bay area. start of the new year comes with extra traffic delays. drivers to keep an eye out on the road. that means slow down in school zones and don't pass school buses when they stop. just post pictures using "good day" tb and we'll try to show as many as we can. >>laura: the battle over whether students can opt out of the florida standards assessment for third grade is returning to talla tallahassee. on friday, a federal judge sent a lawsuit filed by a grup of parents back to a leon county circuit county.
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the right to tell their children not to answer questions on the standardized tests. they say that kids should be allowed to advance to the fout grade without taking the test, using only teacher opinion, evaluation over the course of the year and student work showing any progression. department of education and six school districts, including hernando and pasco county are defending the exam. this morning there's a hearing to decide how the case will move forward. >>russell: the florida state university student who is accu his wife in a random attack dared deputies to test him for drugs. f.b.i. is conducting fox to go tests to determine whether austin haroof was under halo halogenic drugs. there's no signs of common drugs. it takes longer to determine
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common halogens -- hallocinegins. he's described as having abnormal strength. he should be released from the hospital and arrested sometime this week. >>laura: a new report reveals that administrators in palm beach county failed to protect students from a former teacher. the teacher developed a secret sleepovers, private entrieses and late night excursions. andrew's school looked the other way despite repeated warnings. teacher has not been arrest sod far because the school investigation found no misconduct. >>russell: jacksonville sheriff's office is searching for a man who abducted a pizza delivery driver after forcing
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with a rifle, forced her into the trunk and told her he needed the vehicle to kill someone in lake county. while driving on i-10, the woman managed to pull the emergency trunk release and jump out. she suffered some head injuries. her boss says he's happy she's alive. >> her family was proud of her for being that strong and she's a great woman, a mother who does everything for her kids and she's here, she can have money at home so -- >>russell: a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car was found burned in baker county. positive identification may not be possible due to the extent of the damage. >>laura: families are stretched thin as they look for ways for child care. >>russell: costs are more than just financial and then president obama is heading back to work after his martha's vineyard vacation. why some say he should have
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little earlier. >>dave: 6:11 on this monday morning and our temperature runs 81 degrees outside. we've briefly got to 80 but it right back up. beautiful sunshine, a few clouds mixed in o keeping a er
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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nearly a week after an explosive wildfire in >> nearly a week after an explosive wildfire in southern california, authorities have lifted all evacuation orders 82,000 people were ordered to leave their homes when a fire broke out about 60 miles east of los angeles. it burned through nearly 58 square miles, more than 100 homes were destroyed. eric johnston survived. he's happy to return to his home. listen. >> this is the first time it's been a significantly extended evacuation so it's really nice to come home and know that everything is standing and that
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homes are still standing >> thank you, firefighters. >> absolutely. >>laura: crews have the fire more than 85% contained. firefighters are going door to door to put out any lingering hot spots. >>russell: 4,000 people remain in shelters after the flooding in louisiana. >>laura: a storm system dumped more than 20 inches of rain in two days. at least 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. baton rouge, transformed a mall parking lot into a distribution center. they're handing out food and water and cleaning supplies. hundreds of people lined up to take advantage of the help. >>russell: president obama expected to get a first hand look at the damage during a visit to baton rouge tomorrow. he's returning from his vacation to martha's vineyard. some, including michael brown, who headed fema during hurricane katrina criticized the president for not making an effort to
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he asked the president to stay way to avoid draining resources for a state visit. >>dave: 6:16 on this lovely monday morning. tampa is the only exception here. they're at 81 degrees and mid to upper 70s in polk county, hardee county, highlands county and back to the coastline. i got 78. 79 to the keys, running 80 to 84 on this very sultry august morning and then mainly mid 70s across i-10. quiet. i mean, there's not a cloud in the sky. we have a beautiful sunrise at 7:04 this morning. the thing is, we still have and we're seeing more of it today, this red, this drier air coming in, in the mid levels of the atmosphere. boy, we've had a lot this summer
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i did notice maybe one or two thunderstorms yesterday afternoon throughout all of central florida. same type of thing today. if you happen to get it, great. you're lucky. but just in general, the rain chances are going to stay on the lower side. watch the future cast. really, really gives you an idea of what is probably not going to happen this afternoon. yes, one or two stiny little storms and that's it. to begin to increase the rain chances. notice a few more of these green dots here. by tomorrow we're up to 30%. by wednesday the rain chances are up to 40% so you can see the moisture is increasing, the rain chances are increasing as the week moves along as well. this is what's left of tropical depression fiona. there isn't much. a tropical wave has been slowly working west-northwest and then there's this monster tropical
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africa. i had a lot to show you on this map. here's fiona. we're not concerned about that. it continues to work west-northwest. here's an invest we've been talking about all weekend long, this little open wave which is going to try to develop. 40% chance the next five days for that. by the end of the five days, six-day forecast is going to be somewhere just east of the bahamas so that's why i want to watch it real closely for you and then this. this is likely to become a tropical depression, if not a stor look at that. 90% chance of development the next five days but this one also has set its sights on moving east of bermuda. so whatever form it may take, however strong it may be and the computer models do want to make this low pretty strong, it's going to stay out over the open atlantic which is obviously fantastic. the only one we have to watch is the one that has that 40% rain chance and because that's going to be at least close to the east
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the weekend. so 92 degrees for a high temperature today. hot, humid, you've got the stray storm chance, 20%, that's t. low of 79 and then partly cloudy and hot tomorrow. 30% for your rain chance and high of 92. would you believe the water temperatures are still running 89 degrees out there? amazing. 40% rain chances from wednesday through friday and then the rain chances in the afternoon go to 50% for saturday >>vanessa: all right. thank you. overall, pretty clear on the roads. we're still just watching this crash i showed you in the last report. howard frankland bridge southbound, a little bit closer to the st. pete side. it's between the st. pete side and the mid span. you can see the flashing lights on the left side. so we're starting to watch as the volumes are picking up. still seeing a six minute travel time between fourth street north and kennedy boulevard. either way you go northbound/southbound so not
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use caution in the area. if you're just joining us, this crash is working with lane blockage. 275 northbound coming from gandy so on that onramp into the northbound direction, we have a right lane that's still blocked after this reported hit and run. be careful here. >>laura: thank you. a letter that kids cannot wait to show their parents. the teacher says there's no homework for the entire year and tells them to do something else instead. ? ? hey, is this our turn?
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it's time t walter is in the studio with this morning's hot >>russell: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>walter: happy monday. the new school year is finally underway for everyone. that means backpacks, lunch boxes and of course, homework. eww. homework? even for parents, too. one teachary grees with that statement. someone shared a teacher's note on reddit. it's going viral. i'm trying something new. homework will only consist of
6:24 am
finish during the school day. there will be no formally assigned homework this year. i asked that you spend your evenings doing things that are prove en to correlate with student success. eat dinner as a family, play outside, get to bed early. it will be interesting to see if other teachers agree. >>laura: that's a great idea. >>russell: i have to defer the mom here. what do you think? >>laura: absolutely. stays with their curriculum. it allows us to complete work maybe they've started which gives us a template onow to complete it with them. >>walter: up next we have swanns. eight hours, more than 2,000 views and this was not shot in lakeland. obviously, otherwise, we would have a news story in lakeland
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they're not sure where it was recorded. monster waves. lake mirror, huh? how about that? they say given how much the city of lakeland loves their adopted mascots, they thought it might get a laugh. >>russell: lakeland built a wave pool. that's cool. >>walter: it is. finally we have a hamster with a real life character of his daughter wanted the hamster to get a little exercise and figured this would be better than a maze. can't use a short cut in the pipe. looks like he'll have to finish the good old fashioned way. >>russell: the hamster can use a little exercise, it looks like. a little bit. hasn't missed many meals. that's cute, though. >>laura: that is funny.
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>>laura: it does. >>russell: see you later. we have mario on the brain this morning. at 6:30, why the italian plumber made an appearance in rio. >>laura: and imagine an extra $18,000 a year. ken is on that story. >>reporter: if you have kids, you have to pay for them and it's expensive. $18,000 a year. that's what parents are paying for child care.
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>>laura: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: i'm russell rhodes. monday. here we are, back together. >>laura: good weekend. what about you, dave?
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closing in on 6:30. 7:04 is the sunrise time. it's going to be a pretty one. one or two clouds on the john hopkins camera. in general today, very, very similar to yesterday. 20% rain chances. slim on the rain chance, high on the heat as high temperatures make it back to the lower 90s. don't worry, though. rain chances are slowly sliding back later this week. we'll talk about that in full detail plus the tropics in a little bit. >>vanessa: an just a heads up for pinellas county drivers. we do have road work scheduled to start about a half hour from now. it's conduit installation according to the county government. one westbound lane is blocked between 125th and 113th so this is between the hours of 7:00 and 4:00 all the way through friday. expect a few delays as you head that way so some extra time out the door. meantime, we're watching the howard frankland bridge time. we have the crash still working in the left-hand lane.
6:31 am
street north. that's good news. westbound i-4 running up to speed at five minutes. mlk to 275, all the all clear for 75 southbound. give yourself 11 minutes from 275 to i-4. >>laura: manatee county deputies are searching for a man who escaped from a patrol car while he was in handcuffs. it happened saturday night. deputies say that joel conchola was involved in a car crash. after the crash he and the driver took discovered that conchola had a warrant out for his arrest. deputies put him in handcuffs and set him in the back of the cruiser. shortly after, they realized he was missing. if you've seen him, contact the sheriff's office. >>russell: a woman and her son stuck, dangling from a bridge over state road 408 following a crash in orange county. troopers say the driver swerved onto a grass median and then crashed in a barrier wall.
6:32 am
over the edge. she was ticketed for careless driving. >>laura: and caroline sine will be remembered as much more than a music teacher. she taught life lessons that will live with them forever. hundreds packed the pinellas park arts center for her memorial service. she died last monday after a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. her boyfriend was injured in the crash. the driver of the other car faces a dui >>russell: having a baby is a blessing but it's one that needs to be properly planned for. >>laura: it can affect your bank account, your retirement and especially your career. fox 13 shows us how costly child care can be in the numbers are startling, right? >>reporter: the number i want to give you $18,000. that's a lot of money, right? that's the average amount that families are spending on child care every single year. so unless you're independently
6:33 am
to have to juggle something financially to find that money. according to the new survey cost of care, families are saving less, not saving at all or putting less money into their retirement accounts. in other words, people are being backed into a corner financially. they have to do something and they're endangering their future to keep up with the bills they have today. now, almost half the respondents say they're working harder to make ends meet. more parents are asking their employers if they can work flexible hours a are going part time or they're saying, do you know what? i'm going to stay home, forget about the job. i'm just going to stay care of my kids myself. we're not the only country with a daycare problem but a lot of other countries have come up with a solution. and that is to subsidize daycare. a lot of people are saying that's what we should do as well. politicians at the top are saying, do you know what? we probably should help out families in some way. trump has his plan. hillary clinton has hers. so it's made it all the way to
6:34 am
affects so many people these days. 18,000 bucks, a lot of money. >>russell: sure is. any way you look at it. thanks. see you later, okay? 6:34. 2016 summer olympic games have come to a close in rio. the cauldron was actually designed by an american artist. rio is the first south american country to host the games. teen u.s.a. had a stellar showing in rio. >>laura: they did. athletes are bringing home more than 120 medals, more than 50 more than the next closest country which was china. and there was some great stories, too. simone biles. she looked so small in comparison if you saw her. her success in comparison was huge. she won five medals, including
6:35 am
she's the most successful american gymnast to date. michael phelps, he also made history, winning five gold medals. he extended his lead of the most successful olympian of all time with a total of 28 medals. he's hanging up the speedo, too. he announced his retirement after the 2012 games in london. we'll have to see what happens there. >>russell: let's look at the final medal count. u.s. dominates, 121. team u.s.a. finished first in every category. gold, silver, bronze. china second. great britain third. >>laura: so rio passes the torch to tokyo. prime minister appeared on a giant green pipe as mario. italian plumber is actually one of japan's biggest exports, starring in one of the most successful video game franchises of all time as you know. he's also good at jumping. that would make sense with the oly
6:36 am
to this. the games are done and now the head of the u.s. olympic committee wants to make it clear that or deal is not over with for the four u.s. swimmers who claimed they were robbed. >>laura: they plan to review the matter and discuss any potential consequences for those athletes when they return at the united states. >>russell: ryan locthe admits he's exaggeratexaggerating. >> if i told the entire story, none of ts happened. i was coming from the house. i was highly intoxicated. i made immature calls. and if that didn't happen, none of this would have happened. >>russell: lochte won gold in the 800 freestyle relay. he hopes he'll be able to compete in the tokyo olympics. >>laura: it was a beautiful game, though.
6:37 am
>>laura: filled with much better stories. if you like the hot and steamy weather, you're in luck. dave is up next with a look at the skytower radar forecast. >>russell: and the music world is in shock. ? >>russell: coming up, the man behind some of the biggest boy bands dies in prison. we're taking a look at lou
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these pants always smelled like yoga-aroma.
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finally, i discovered new tide odor defense. it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense.
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>>dave: stunningly beautiful start as you overlook lake mirror. in polk county, lakeland and
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sunrise time this morning. we're at 81 in tampa. the only spot that's still left in the 80s, even st. petersburg has managed to get down to 79 degrees. new port richey 78. you go inland, you go to winter haven, sebring, both spots also in the upper 70s. here's the thing. drier air sitting in the mid levels of the atmosphere, holding back our typical afternoon showers and thunderstorms. won't completely emi but knock the rain chances back to 20% which for this time of year, it's hard to do. that will be the case again today. there will be one or two stray thunderstorms around the area for later this afternoon. onto the tropics because that's where all the activity is. you have one, two, three systems to talk about. this is fiona, still -- i mean, barely, though, hanging in there with all the dry air surrounding it. you have a strong tropical wave, dry air surrounding it and they
6:42 am
off the coast of africa about 24 to 36 thundershowers ago and this thing is almost a tropical depression. i think this one will win the race to be named before this one is as they all work their way toward, at this point, the west-northwest. there's a 40% chance for this first tropical wave to develop the next five days. it's got a very large circulation but large circulation tropical waves will take their time develop. and the drier air that's sitting around it is not helping so we'll be watching this as it moves through the northeast islands and maybe east of the bahamas. then there's this, a 90% chance of development the course of the next several days. this one i think is going to become a hurricane but it looks like with a little weakness in the ridge, it may make that turn to the northwest and stay out over the open atlantic which
6:43 am
again, i always say this. i don't trust the tropics so until it does make that move to the northwest, we'll be watching that for you. but really, as we watch this wave near san juan, sometime late on thursday, what the computer models want to do, they want to try to develop this in the long term. see this little low developing? that's what they want to do down the road and thinking that maybe this could become something at the same time, it probably wouldn't be until we get into the early next week time frame. there's a little glitch in the computer here. i'm going to have to reset it, come back and give you the seven-day in a couple of minutes. but we do have the 20% rain chance today, vanessa, with highs in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: i hate those computer gremlins. see you in a bit. 6:43. back over here to the howard frankland bridge.
6:44 am
the first few reports. xraps we do have a crash that's still there in the left lane, southbound direction so that's all this traffic heading into st. pete. this is the crash here. delays are up but really not too bad, between one to two extra minutes to the travel time over the water if you're headed that way. we'll watch this and make sure that this doesn't jam things up horribly. at that point, we're not seeing any need to do so. we'll get over to waters, dale here out of the tampa area. there's some lane blockage reported. it's going to be in the westbound direction so use extra caution heading that way for those emergency vehicles that will be on site. all right. it is 6:44 right now. we'll say hello to charley belcher. happy monday. >>charley: good day. happy monday to you. i can tell you that traffic at hyde park village is moving slow now.
6:45 am
boy, if you haven't been down to hyde park village yesterday, many road improvements. that's the way to call road construction. it's improving the area. half full. did you have a good weekend? >>vanessa: fun. we took in a couple of rays games. >>charley: enjoy them, did you? >>vanessa: saturday and sunday. we didn't go to sunday's game. we watched it on tv but yeah. >>charley: i enjoyed the bucs game saturday gh all right. i'm encouraged. kicker is going to be just fine, everybody. kicker is going to be just fine. let's talk about 1925. do you remember 1925? >>vanessa: yeah. i do remember that. good times. >>charley: here's some things that happened in 1925. the very first motel opened and motel was a new term. it was short for motorist hotel
6:46 am
invention where you c park outside of your room and that was a fancy thing. it opened in california and they charged $1.25 a night. it was called the mile mo-tel. great gatsby was in 1925. mount rush more was finally finished and dedicated in chrysler foundation was founded in 1925. sears roebuck opens the first store in chicago in 1925. new yorker magazine was first published in 1925 and the grand ole opry broadcast for the first time in 1925. do you know what else happened in 1925? >>vanessa: we have a hint. >charley: goody goody burgers opened in tampa, florida in
6:47 am
good pies and stood the test of time for 80 years and went away. the fans of goody goody thought, oh, my goodness. i'm never going to get it again. but have no fear. the man behind the columbia restaurant said let if he give that brand a rebirth. tomorrow morning the rebirth of goody goody burgers in tampa. it's going to be a goody goody day, tampa bay. >>vanessa: i know it is. i >>charley: wait until i show you inside this place. they've done it perfectly. >>vanessa: i'm so hungry, too. >>charley: you will definitely be when you see the food. >>vanessa: have fun. thanks, charley. russell? >>russell: 6:47 right now. florida power and light wants to increase rates by $1.3 billion the next few years. officials han to make their case today. they want to improve facilities
6:48 am
users are fighting the rate hike and that includes hospitals, florida retail federation, wal-mart and the u.s. military. final vote comes in november. polk county detectives say a man carjacked a woman outside of the bone fish grill in lakeland. happened around 3:30 yesterday morning as she was heading to her car. detectives say he came up to the driver side window with a chain wrapped around his hand, demanded she get out of the car. he took off. driver was found crashed and burned a few -- the car, was found crashed and burned a few miles away. volusia county, beach patrol are telling swimmers to watch out for jellyfish. more than 300 were stung saturday alone. jellyfish are brought onshore by wind and current. >>laura: it's 6:48. thinking about a career change? coming up, a list of top paying jobs in america.
6:49 am
only to watch it crumble. lou pearlman dies in prison. we're hearing from the stars
6:50 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
6:51 am
noticed this coming to work ...
6:52 am
moring, gas prices are up. >>laura: and it all has to do with oil prices as we know. to talk about that and more, lauren simonetti. good morning. >> from oil comes gas. good morning. with that, we've seen a dramatic 9% increase in crude oil last week. analysts out there say that you can see the gas prices go up about a dime, if not more in coming days. so fill up sooner rather than later. i tampa. $2.03 if that sounds right to you. >>laura: about, yeah. >>russell: ron just said $2.20 so maybe he's shopping at the wrong place. >> for regular? >>russell: that's where he shopped. >> go to another gas station. >>russell: go somewhere else. nintendo. do you have something to tell us about nintendo? >> yeah. it's about the olympics. if you saw the closing
6:53 am
2020, the next games, he came out dressed as super-mario. with that for a brief moment, we saw nintendo shares in japan spike. he was cool how he did that. all i started thinking about was, what the olympics four years from now in japan, which is like the hot seat of innovation and tech, what they're going to look like. i think robots, i think instantaneous translation on your phone. i think 3d. it's going to be a cool olympics, i think. >>laura: let's talk about once again, and i think we knew this, journalism is not one of the top paying jobs but you know which ones are, right? >> medical school. go. if you've got the brains, the stamina and the money. if you look at the top 10 highest paying jobs, nine of them are in medical field. the first one being an anesthesiologist, making some
6:54 am
the way down and then in number 10, so making the top 10 and not being a medical job is a ceo. now, the average salary for a ceo is about $185,000. you know a lot of ceo's make more than that. then if you have a regular, smaller company, we're going to work for a year. that's how come this number seems lower than you would imagine. >>russell: we have to run. >> see you later. >>russell: if you're not sure where to find fox business, go to fox finder. >>laura: ever since the fab four walked out on the ed sullivan show, america has had a love affair with boy bands. >>russell: in the 1990s, a man repackaged it and told it over and over again. >>laura: that's lou pearlman. on friday he unexpectedly died in prison.
6:55 am
of his career, pearlman was most of the most powerful people in the industry. he formed his own label and selected five unknowns who would later come to be known as the back street boys. they went on to be the top selling boy band of all time with 130 million records. his next act, n sync sold 55 million. he had struck gold but it would not last. in 2008 he was sent to jail for 25 years o ponzi scheme. on friday he died at a federal corrections institution in texas. the cause of death has not yet been released. >>russell: examine pearlman's impact on central florida was huge. orlando was his home base and a launching pad for all those bands. a lot of artists sued pearlman for misrepresentation. clay thompson represented some of them. his office is filled with lou pearlman memorabilia.
6:56 am
giant portrait of pearlman. townsend believes that his legacy will be defined by crimes and ripoffs. >> he was big papa. he was a creative, energetic entrepreneur in the music industry. to others, he was the biggest swind ler and con man in the city of florida. >>russell: the response to pearlman's death has been mixed. justin timberlake, the biggest star writes, i hope he found some peace. god bless and rest in peace. >>laura: lance bass shared his thoughts, too. quoting this. word is that lou pearlman has passed away. he might not have been a standup businessman, but i would not be doing what i love today without his influence. >>russell: not the best business guy at all but he did discover
6:57 am
karma is real. >>laura: the rules to stop the robo calls to the cell phone are not working. we'll discuss what to do about it. >>russell: and amy schumer may have gone too far this time. why she says she doesn't like tampa. and search for wesley. that's what they're calling a huge snake on the loose in maine. it's all ahead at 7:00. >>dave: in maine? wow. we are looking at temperatures today getting back in the lower 90s. but the rain chance today is also going to hold at around 20%. i want to show you our seven-day outlook, too. we showed you the rain chances are slowly going to go back up 30% tomorrow, 40% for wednesday, thursday and friday. back to 50% for saturday and sunday. stick around for the 7:00 a.m.
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- a disappearing act. there one minute, gone the next. >>russell: disappearing act. there one minute, gone the next. how he got away from law enforcement. plus -- >>reporter: some surprising new numbers in the race fort white house. i'm in washington. we'll have donald trump and hillary clinton just ahead. >>laura: and amy schumer shows no love for tampa. what she says about the city in a new book and how one local buc star is firing fwhak -- back in a classy way. >>russell: a lot ahead. first the dave and the weather. dave and the weather. >>laura: the man.


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