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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- a disappearing act. there one minute, gone the next. >>russell: disappearing act. there one minute, gone the next. how he got away from law enforcement. plus -- >>reporter: some surprising new numbers in the race fort white house. i'm in washington. we'll have donald trump and hillary clinton just ahead. >>laura: and amy schumer shows no love for tampa. what she says about the city in a new book and how one local buc star is firing fwhak -- back in a classy way. >>russell: a lot ahead. first the dave and the weather. dave and the weather. >>laura: the man.
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>>dave: it is. let's do a little forecast for you, sir. 81 degrees, second hour in a row we're sitting just above the 80-degree threshold here in the tampa area. it's the 75 dew point. of course, it's very steamy outside. you would think this warm and muggy, right? there would be thunderstorms all over the place this afternoon. but you have to look up above the surface and that drier air above us is going to to put 20% of the rain chance for this afternoon which means easily back up into the lower 990s. the vanessa? >>vanessa: don't get any ideas. i'm not calling you the dave. >>dave: come on. >>vanessa: thanks, dave, by the hour bridge. last hour we were watching a crash blocking a left lane. it was in this area between the mid span and the st. pete side.
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see how they're fairing. they kind of peaked at the seven, eight minute mark, back down to normal, completely ideal conditions heading into st. pete, fourth street north. 75 to 275, in the red here southbound 75 fletcher to selmon. that's 17 minutes. >>russell: man on the run, manatee county detectives are looking for joel canchola after he broke out of a patrol car. handcuffs were on. wh >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you. some witnesses describe the scene as it unfolded. some of them telling us they simply watched in disbelief. a man escaped from a patrol car, handcuffed and without any shoes and two days later, he still has not been found. take a good look at your screen. authorities are continuing to search for 34-year-old joel canchola of bradenton. how he managed to get away
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when a driver and a passenger didn't stick around after a crash. authorities tracked down the pair and identified canchola as the passenger. some checks uncovered he was wanted on probation violations. what happened next landed a new charge. a spokesperson tells us canchola escaped from the back seat of the cruiser as one deputy spoke with another nearby. here is what a witness had to say about that moment. >> when he got out of the window, he like -- like little -- like a snail or snake. he had to slide his body out the window. >>reporter: now a manatee county spokesperson tells us a deputy went to check on him and that's when he discovered that canchola was missing. now he's wanted for escape. he does not have a violent past. however, anyone with any information on his whereabouts, they're urged to give the
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or crime stoppers a call. back to you. >>russell: we'll talk again later. thank you. >>laura: this is the first day of school in sarasota county. 42,000 students and sarasota police want you to know that they will be watching all of those school zones. to lay off the lead foot, they say. officers do not plan on showing any mercy for speeders or other violators, especially with children at risk. the fine for speeding at school zones and passing school buses can range from this, by the way, is also the first day of school at the university of south florida. start of the fall semester. freshman got there last week for orientation. usf has 50,000 students at its three locations in tampa, st. pete and sarasota bradenton. about 80% of the students live off campus. >>russell: this is not good. an official with the national institute of health says the zika virus could be around in this country for another year or two.
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vulnerable. so are the gulf coast states like louisiana and texas. mosquito bornezika cases have been found in miami now. pregnant women are mostly at risk since zika can cause severe birth defects. school starts today in miami. close to 8,000 students will be attending class in areas with known cases of zika. officials thought about relocating the students but then they decided not to. they are taking precautions. bug students and parents plus long sleeve shirts and pants are given to students who need them. governor will tour one of the schools today before meeting with health officials to discuss zika. pregnant women and couples trying to get pregnant, listen to this, avoid miami dade entirely. miami dade county attracts about 15 million visitors every year. those visitors spend an average
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there. that's about $24 billion in annual revenue. >>laura: it has been a week since a brutal double murder on the east coast of florida. detectives say they're confident that 19-year-old austin heroof is to blame. they want to hear from anyone who saw him just before the crime. from the time he left dinner with his parents to the attack of john stevens and his wife, it's 30 minutes, three miles away. detectives claim that after his arrest, he told them, quote, test me. you won't find any drugs. no signs of meth, cocaine or heroin in his system but all the test results are not back just yet. he's still in the hospital. he was hurt while officers were prying him off one of the victims. florida state student had no prior history of arrest or abuse. >>russell: the numbers haven't been good for donald trump. that may be starting to change. hillary clinton is facing more
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foundation. doug has more in washington. >>russell: there are a couple of recent polls that suggest this race may be tightening but swing states are another matter. we see donald trump hitting ohio and virginia. donald trump heading to ohio today after trying to hit a reset button in virginia. state that used to be reliably republican but he's behind clinton there. still his campaign and party officials say he's back on track, especially after a hh profile visit to flood ravaged louisiana, trying to draw a contrast with president obama who was criticized not leaving his vacation during the tragedy. his campaign manager suggests this is a turning point. >> this has been a best week mostly because he's able to be himself, >>reporter: trump is softening now in what has been a signature issue, illegal immigration.
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she's maintaining a much lower profile, keeping reporters out of fundraiser at martha's vineyard and nantucket during the weekend. and her family foundation will notice stop accepting foreign donations if clinton is elected. >> when president bush came into office, you never heard people asking questions about his family's foundation which was a very similar situation and members of his family remained on the board of their while he was president. >>reporter: and the result of this may be the foreign donations may spike now for the clinton foundation now that foreign donors realize that they could be cut off if hillary clinton is elected. >>russell: and president obama back at the white house after his 16-day family vacation in martha's vineyard. it's the last vacation of his presidency. he's got a busy schedule, too. he will visit flood areas in louisiana tomorrow.
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clinton and push congress to approve bills. >>laura: there's an em -- epic battle now. gator and a python. >>russell: and amy schumer's book. the nasty comments she has for our city. that's coming up in weather and traffic. >>dave: we have 81 degrees outside at tampa international. walking out the door, getting the bus stop, very warm, anticipating rain chances today to be low enough that we get back to the lower 90s. overall rain chance today, 20%. that increases later this week and we'll have that with your seven-day forecast in a few
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? find out how much your car is worth at ? >>dave: eight minutes ago, the sun came up and out to the coast now, toward the beach, i'll show
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to your day. we have a weekend and you don't get any big thunderstorms at the coast. the water temperatures, especially this time of year, go up again. they're sitting around 89 degrees and we're still very close to those 90-degree water temperatures in many, many spots. air temperature tampa, you're at 81. brandon at 77. 77 in winter haven. i just checked the 24-hour temperature change and it's like 0001, you know. very similar to your sunday morning and forecast, too. 92 degrees for a high temp today with a rain chance of 20%. tomorrow notice how it starts to go up just a little bit. so 30%. it will be hot, humid with isolated storms for tomorrow afternoon but still hanging on to the lower 90s. look at this huge, i mean, massive tropical wave that came off the coast of africa. then you've got this still exhibiting some spin and this tropical wave and what is left of fiona.
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general. the forecast for that does bring it out to sea. this pesky one here is still showing it wants to develop, that we're going to have to watch. the thing is, this saharan dust, drier air, has been hanging on. it's been trying to block owl of this. it's effectively taken apart, that plus this trough take taken continue over the next four to five days to start to slide toward the west-northwest. once it gets here, southeast of the bahamas, turks and caicos, it's going to encounter an area that's a little less favorable for development. in the short-term, we're not concerned about anything at all. islands are breathing a sigh of
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day six, the potential is there for development and one or two scenarios would happen at that point. one is it's likely to stay weak and just kind of float its way into the gulf of mexico next week. tht's what some models are saying. then if it gets a little stronger, it will feel the influence of a trough and then be pulled up toward the north and the east. so short-term, not about it. long term, kee it. these things can be very, very pesky, too. now, this big one, this will likely become a hurricane and maybe even a strong hurricane but you can see by the way the computer models are set up, it just takes it and keeps it. this is the island of bermuda. east by early next week. that's not something that i think anybody will have to be too concerned about and i'm glad because it's impressive off the
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ago. really, you always head to where you can track any systems. we're at that time of year where you're getting tropical waves, slowly, every two or three days they come off the coast of africa and any one of them could develop. keep an eye on that with us. it's just that one that will be east of the bahamas by the weekend that i just want you to keep a close eye on. 92 today. hot, humid, 20% rain chance. tonight we're back to 79, maybe 80 right along coastline so that's not going to change. then tomorrow, we'll take the rain chance and bring it up to 30%. so all we're doing is just slowly, steadily working the rain chances back up to where they should be here for late august which is actually closer to 50% and that is where we'll be for the weekend. so 20% today, 30% tomorrow. then a string of 40% rain chances wednesday, thursday and friday. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. thank you. we'll start off here in the plant city area.
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and southbound delays. alexander street, there's a crash reported with injuries at sam allen road. hearing from f.h.p., lanes will be blockedrea of concern i b alexander street. work arounds for you. more updates on that one to come. we'll check our major roadways and see how they're fairing. we have normal congestion along southbound 275 approaching the downtown interchange. also seeing some westbound delays here. these appear to be normal as well, 13 minutes branch foshs to 75. give yourself 14 minutes to get from bruce b downs boulevard to i-4 taking 75 southbound. from this area we'll head a bit further south to venice, sarasota county. we have a crash that is closing, river road both directions north of center road. jackson road, you can also take jack miranda. >>laura: thank you. amy schumer is a comedienne. she does funny movies, funny shows and she just wrote a new
7:18 am
the book, she pokes fun at tampa. she talks about a time when she was travelling between two horrendous cities, fateville, north carolina and tampa. she goes on to write, i know for a fact that no one who lives there has ever read a book. but a local book store is having some fun with that joke. tampa changed the sign outside to read, dear miss schumer, give us another chance. love, the three read. she's coming back to tampa in october to perform standup at amalie arena. >>russell: 7:18 right now. if you hate gators and snakes, you may to want look way from your tv for a second. picture was posted by south florida water management and shows a gator carrying a burmese python through the water. pythons, they're considered an
7:19 am
and have had a devastating impact on the local wildlife. >>laura: speaking of snakes, giant snake is making people nervous to our north. coming up, why parents are being told to keep their children inside. >>russell: it never hurts to ask. 6-year-old boy is probably getting high fives from his friends after his proposal to miranda lambert. first we check in with charley belche >>charley: russell, life is giddy giddy. this place takes you open. goody goody open tomorrow morning. it will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, and i love the place mats. if that doesn't remind me every time i would be on a road trip with my parents, we would stop in a place like this and i would love looking at the little map on the place mat and then, of course, get the crayon and go to
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it's 7:xx taking a look at some of the stories topping headlines right now. >>laura: welcome back. take a look at stories topping headlines. >>russell: new details about investigation into prince's death. sources close to the case say some of the pills investigators pulled from the singer's minnesota estate were counterfeit drugs. and some contained fetanyl. that's an opioid. they were labelled as hy
7:24 am
the evacuation order. that's allowing thousands of people to go home and assess damage. some people are fortunate. they did no find any damage at their homes. pier is not over yet. containment is estimated at 85%. it's one of six major wildfires burning in california. >>russell: federal investigators will try to figure out the cause of a freight train derailment in texas. several cars came off the tracks last night. a few ended up in a creek. some officials are blaming a we're told the train was carrying coal. nobody hurt. >>laura: in michigan, volunteers will be on the groundelping clear damage from a tornado. a powerful storm hit the small town of banger over the weekend. trong winds splintered trees, crushed cars and battered homes. caused hundreds of thousands of damage. half the area was without power. fortunately, no one is seriously hurt. >>russell: all right. there's been a big snake warning
7:25 am
this after a piece of snake skin was found near the presomcott river on saturday. police say they've been searching for the 10 foot snake since june. 10 feet after a woman reported seeing it near a playground. the reptile has been spotted from time to time since. police say they're going to use the discarded skin to figure out dealing with. in the meantime, people should be cautious and report any sightings to police. there it is. >>dave: that has to be somebody's pet they let go. it has to be. you know, that's just wow. 7:25. it's no different from yesterday at this time. look at the pretty picture we
7:26 am
hospital camera. forecasts are going to bring the rain chances slowly up with increasing afternoon storm chances. today a lot like yesterday. we'll hit 92. rain chances will be slim and tomorrow, 30%. wednesday around 40% so as we go through the week, we'll start to slowly return to normal. by the weekend, and i'm looking ahead now, rain chances can return to 50%. >>vanessa: always looking ahead to the weekend. want a bad policy. 7:26. veterans expressway, start to hit the slower speeds at this point heading out the door right now in the area of hutchinson, averaging 29 miles an hour there. overall travel times, not terrible. we're in the low 30s. southbound direction, 31 minutes basically from the start of the vets all the way down to t.i.a. northbound sitting at about 12 minutes. just a reminder, heads up for folks travelling in pinellas. we do have conduit installation on park boulevard, closing one
7:27 am
between the hours of 7:00 and 4:00. all day. and you can see every day through friday. >>russell: one-way conversation. those annoying robo calls on your cell phone. coming up, why they get away with it. >>laura: and then a big budget item, child care. we know this. ken has some new information about the numbers, too, right? >>reporter: everybody loves a new baby. we're enthralled with when young parents see the cost of raising one, they're horrified because costs keep going up and up and up.
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(laura welcome back to
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a new report on child care is startling. it can cost a small fortune. >>russell: in some cases more than sending your kids to college. kenny is live with a closer look at what you have to call a financial setback for a lot of people. >>reporter: parents have to pay for more daycare these days than ever before so a lot of them have to yug he will financially. juggle a lot. it's not unusual for parents to pay $200 a week for child care. that's about $10,000 a and that's just for one kid. what happens when a kid has two or three kids? what do they do? a new survey says they're not saves as much, not at all or putting less money in the retirement accounts. let's think about that. a smaller retirement nest egg means a lot of people won't live as comfortably as they hoped of
7:32 am
surveys say they're going to pay more than $18,000 a year. that's a lot of money. i was talking to walter before on the air and i said, you and natalie are going to have a baby pretty soon. what are you going to do? he said, well, grandparents are going to take care of the baby, which is wonderful. but you know in today's society, so many grandparents are up north, the kids are down here, they're spread all over the place. so most people are going to face these high costs of daycare back to you. >>russell: tough call. that's a tough one. thanks. talk later, man. >>laura: it's no fun having to wait to use social media on the smart phone. most speeds are acceptable. some faster than ever. they could be better. u.s. ranks 39th out of 95 countries when it comes to mobile data speeds. it's a little above average. south korea has the fastest speed. singapore at second. the worst is afghanistan.
7:33 am
you have been getting spam calls on your cell phone. rules that were made to stop sales calls aren't working anymore. matt king tells us how to fix that. >> i got it as a missed call. i called back. it says do you want to be put on the do-not-call list? they want to identify i'm a human. >> it's like spam. there's spam everywhere. >> i don't know if they're legitimate but they're >> if it seems your cell phones are facing more robo calls, the fcc would probably tell you. >> 10 years ago that just wasn't the case. >>reporter: jim estimates people lose almost $350 million to telephone skaps. many of them executed through a
7:34 am
telemarketers can buy lists if they like but they buy software to get through random numbers to get most of us. >> that's one of the big reasons. technology has changed so much. >> literally just got one right now. >>reporter: a bill would force arm companies to block robo calls. our cell phones seem destined to receive an increasing number of calls from robots, reaching us from unknown >> i've seen them routed through utah. >>reporter: few of them call with a legitimate offer or a piece of information. >> i don't trust themas i n estimates that sayrobo calls ar nationally every month and the rules do exist. they're very hard to enforcement 7:34 right now. okay. olympic swimmer ryan lochte can't breathe easy yet.
7:35 am
positive stories from the olympics. but he's facing punishment from the he u.s. olympic committee for what he's calling immature behavior? brazil. he said he's sorry for dragging his teammates into this whole mess. >> head of the united states olympic committee is promising further action against u.s. swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates. >> they let down our athletes, let down americans and they really let rio. >>russell: lochte along with fellow swimmers landed in hot water last week during the rio olympic games. he originally claimed he and his buddies were victims of an armed robbery but skepticism grew as inconsistent accounts of the incident emerged. now he's saying he overexaggerated the story. >> this was my fault. i overexaggerated the story.
7:36 am
i -- brazil doesn't deserve that. >>reporter: four men vandalized a gas station bathroom after a night of partying and then handing over money to armed security guards who confronted them further discrediting his tale. >> if i didn't overexaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. you know, i was france house. i was highly intoxicated. and i made immature calls. >>reporter: u.s. olympic committee is not saying what the punishment will be for the swimmers. lochte hopes he'll be able to compete in the 2020 olympics for his country. >>laura: now to the positive. summer olympic games are officially over but wow. what a finish it was.
7:37 am
carried the u.s. flag during the closing ceremony. she caused a traffic jam with everyone stopping to take her picture. rio threw a bash to remember, too. they were fireworks, all sorts of lively music. >>russell: u.s. won the most medals during the olympics. 37 silver, 38 bronze. total of 121. 51 more than china, the country with the second most medals. one of those came in men's basketball. team u.s.a. blew out serbia. 96-66. u.s. has won 52 strait at the olympics and sent mike grazenski as the only coach to win three gold medals. total record of 88 and one as head coach. sorry. i was asleep at the wheel for a second. how do you say his name? >>laura: coach k. >>russell: i was not thinking for a minute there. >>laura: did you watch? >>russell: i didn't as much as i
7:38 am
i think -- i think the gymnastics team to me, they were just so cute and when you see -- when you would see the interviews with them and when they were as a group and they were just so much fun and they were so sweet. and a lot of them seemed like little girls. it's just so amazing to see them that young be that successful. >>laura: that athletic. and you know, we heard from their coach who is retiring after and they were really, you know, very emotional about her, too. >>russell: what about you? >>laura: i was proud of rio in the end. i think they overcame a lot of adversity at the onset, especially with zika and several other things. were they ready for the athletes to move into the dorms? in the end, i think you walk away thinking what a beautiful olympic games it was. standout athletes, a lot of great stories. the closing ceremony, and i told you about this, what
7:39 am
brazilian ballet dances and carnival performers and it was fantastical. >>russell: i'll look it up. i think lochte may have to do an oprah interview. i think the only way he'll get over this is do an oprah sit-down. >>laura: do you think people walkway from rio and remember that or the olympics and the performances? >>russell: i have a feeling for now it's the lochte mess. and i understand why rio was so defensive about going into it, there was so much worried about the crime and so many things and then he comes out and says this happened and it turns out it didn't and rio says, no. >>laura: tokyo takes the torch for the next olympic games. >>russell: four years. >>laura: and they're adding new events, too. surfing, skateboarding, sports climbing and karate. these progressiveewports are joining in this. >>russell: brad said that
7:40 am
back. >>laura: that's good. that's a good thing. >>russell: all right. we have more sports. rays beat the rangers at home yesterday 8-4. logan hit a four run homer after missing games because of back spasms. rays took two out of three from the rangers. they play the red sox next. four game series starts tonight a the trop. >>laura: miranda lambert accepts a marriage proposal but not it's coming up. >>russell: and dave has the forecast for us. good morning. >>dave: morning. here at 7:40, very pretty start to the day. yes, we are at 80, 81 degrees. we're looking west on the tampa net cam. gorgeous now. only a 20% rain chance this afternoon. you know what that means, don't
7:41 am
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>>dave: good monday morning. 7:44. river view net camera, visibility great. skies are mostly clear. look at this towering cumulus cloud. that is well, well offshore. first of all, ta -- that shows you how flat the state is. it also shows how in the distance i'm honing in on one cloud this morning, the brookdale bayshore camera. looks beautiful. looks like a pond. this is hillsborough bay. just so quiet, so still sought there. 81 degrees in tampa. brandon at 77. winter haven is also in the upper 70s. so is sebring, so is sarasota. st. petersburg, clearwater, 80s down to the south florida. you look at these numbers and nothing extreme.
7:45 am
20% and rain chance kind of low. the reason is you've got that drier air. i sound like a broken record. the drier air above the surface and that's holding the rain chances down for today. gradually we're going to get higher rain chances as the week moves along. there's fiona, just completely being sheared apart this morning. there's not much left of that. yo to develop some thunderstorm activity around it, surrounded by dry air and there's a monster tropical wave which will be a tropical depression soon. and i mean very soon. you see how far away this one is just coming off the coast of africa. the way it sets up, and i know that the hurricane center every several hours changes the percentages but as of 2:00 a.m., the percentage for this tropical
7:46 am
days, 40%. it puts it in the medium category. this one 90%. again, this is going to be a tropical depression. a tropical storm and probably even a hurricane as well. that's what the computer models are painting so fiona goes away and you have a tropical wave which is just kind of working its way toward the west, not really developing. this becoming a much bigger storm but notice the path for this wave off the coast of africa that just came off towards the east. even east of the island of bermuda which is here. you get a strong hurricane out here which is a likelihood of this, it stays out to sea. this is what we're going to have to watch. even though this is weak and pesky, as it approaches the bahamas, and you're talking about what, tuesday morning or so and works its way into the gulf, it has the potential to develop. you can never let your guard down just because the computer model says it's not going to be
7:47 am
you have to watch it. as long as that circulation holds together and works into the gulf, which is a possibility, then you could be looking at something developing next week in the gulf. but it could also easily develop before that, and then feel the same influence of the trough that this storm is going to and head out to sea. gee, dave. thanks for the options. into the sea or the gulf? that's how unreliable you're talking about this far out. seven, eight days from now. that's why i watch it with us. of course, updates throughout the week as well. in the short-term, nothing to be concerned about. 92 for a high today. stray storm, 20% rain chance. slowly the rain chances go up 30% tomorrow, 40% on wednesday and then back on saturday and sunday to about 50%. vanessa? >>vanessa: a couple of lane blockage crashes. one out of sarasota and one out
7:48 am
bee ridge road, this crash is blocking a right lane so just watch out for the emergency crews there. give yourself some extra time if you can as you head out the door and head that way. unfortunately here, we do have a deadly crash reported. this is the lakeland crash i was mentioning a few moments ago. this is at walt luke road. it's a smaller area but just if that is in your area and you head that way, lanes will be blocked here. always with a deadly crash investigation, expect that closure to be for four hours or so. >>laura: thank you. funeral arrangements are made for lou pearlman. he died while in prison where he was serving time for a ponzi fraud scheme. >>russell: at one time, he was huge in the music industry, launching the crews of two best selling boy bands.
7:49 am
? >>russell: pearlman put out an ad in the newspaper in the early 1990s to form a vocal group. he had hundreds of auditions and chose five unknowns. they became known as the back street boys, international superstars. they have sold more than 130 albums, making them the best selling they still go on tour. ? >>laura: and then a few years later, these five faces made it big. pearlman put n sync together. they sold more that be -- more than a million copies in one
7:50 am
years. they sold more than 55 million albums before breaking up. justin timberlake is enjoying a successful solo career now. >> i want to build a team of very bad people who i think can do some good. >>russell: suicide squad wins at the box office three weeks in a row. made another $21 million over the weekend bringing its domestic total to $262 million. that's the fourth best total far this summer. critics hated it, didn't they? also the box office sausage party still number two. war dogs third. kubo in fourth place while ben hrr rounds out the top five. ? >> there's a 6-year-old boy
7:51 am
marry him. >>laura: that's some 6-year-old swagger. she is engaged but not to her boyfriend. an adorable 6-year-old boy asked her to marry him right before her show at met life stadium in new jersey. singer posted this collage at the moment it happened. and the look on her face says it all. she even calls him a little gentleman. so cute. >>russell: trying to see the >>laura: little cheerios band or something. >>russell: hey, charley. what's going on? >>charley: i thought girls were icky when i was six years old. >>laura: it is a new day. >>charley: there's no icky days anymore. >>russell: no. >>charley: poor boys. starting young. i will tell you what start a long time ago and that was goody goody burgers.
7:52 am
away. fans thought it would never come back. but richard stepped up and said, my family has had the columbia restaurant for over 100 years. let's do it again. and the rebirth of goody goody burgers happens tomorrow. stick around. we'll talk to him, give the
7:53 am
7:55 am
>>charley: "good day." it's goody goody day on "good day." tomorrow morning, the wait is over. goody goody burgers are back in tampa and so are the pies. hyde park village, goody goody opens to the public tomorrow. richard brought the brand back. it's the rebirth of the famous burgers. why bring this back? >> it takes me back to my childhood when i visited goody with my grandfather. times were wonderful. we spent time talking, not texting, sitting down and eating fresh foods, produced, grown in this wonderful country known as the united states. >>charley: it opened in 1925. actually the original location on kennedy, moved around a couple of times and then was here for 80 years, closed but you could have opened a nostalgic diner if you wanted
7:56 am
>> when i have that burger, i go back to my grandparents and parents. it's about creating memories and i want my children to share with their children and my grandson already says it's his favorite restaurant. >>charley: by the way, you're responsible for the columbia restaurant and ulele. but if your grandson likes goody goody best, that's okay, right? >> when i was five, my older brother was 10. he told my grandfather, we should hire good cooks like those so here we are. that's what comes to mind. >>charley: is it the exact same recipe tore -- for the burgers, the pies? >> we have to realize that people's tastes change. we're going back to fresh, not cnned panz or frozen pies. we're going to the original sauce. when i bought the brand, i bought the recipes. there were three recipes. and i'm talking about people who
7:57 am
which is the right recipe? she says, what recipe? we've got it down pat and the butterscotch pie we had to change quite a bit. what was the likes 50 years ago today, younger generation is not caring for. but people love it. >>charley: good. i know they're going to love it. opens officially tomorrow. we'll take you through breakfast, lunch and dessert, dinner and dessert as we show off the menu. stick around. more goody goody "good day"
7:58 am
foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere.
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a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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((russell are you a good driver? only your phone knows for sure... ((laura an air pocket.. you're good driver only your phone knows for sure. an air pocket in a miracle. how a toddler survived being trapped underneath a boat for an hour after a bode crash near florida. from tampa bay's number one news station, tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this monday, its august 22nd we need to get over to dave right now with look at the forecast. yeah, very hot, quiet weekend. we had a couple of thunderstorms here and there. same set up for today. this will be last day by way i think we get what what we call on shore wind flow. it's 83 degrees, how we're starting it 83 in tampa. 80 in st. petersburg.


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