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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it's not just about finding the right job. it's about finding the right culture. our jobs expert, doug arms expla
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right culture too. doug arms is here to explain what that means. historic flooding in louisiana. how it affects you and why people need to think about getting flood insurance. >> and good monday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes outside with dave right now. hey, >> how you doing? what's going on? 83, 84. what do we got? >> 85. oh, wow. we have a winner. why not. it's 9 o'clock in the morning. >> i was out of town this weekend. let me tell you something in philadelphia. it was so hot there. i mean it was hot hot. to do air conditioning. they are not, they don't really understand the it. >> i'm from new england you i grew up without an air condition you took fans and a tried to cool lgz off. i'm thankful i'm back in their where its cool or n inside. i don't think how people around here live without air conditioning. >> i don't know but they did. they did. and they were better because of it. yes they were.
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shower over anclote right now. now didn't don't get me wrong, it's august. even though we are drier air aloft we will get a couple thunderstorms. thing is 20 percent rain chance that's not great which means if you have get all that sunshine it can only get hotter and hotter easily back to 92 degrees. with that 20 percent rain chance. vanessa. >> all right dave, thank you. >> 8:02 is time right now. for those who were joining us right now. we do have crash we're watching along eastern hillsborough county. this crash is reported at alexander street. we did have all lanes blocked. but just a recent f dot camera shot it looks like left lane is going to be passing. so we have two right lanes that are open at this time. appears to be multi vehicle crash a big back up in areaer earl injury skyfox shotsback up towards park road. so it continued to avoid area until we start to see some progress with the delays. some alternates for you.
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u.s. 92. all right. vanessa, thank you. >> this wasn't something out of a movie. this was real life. a man n back of a patrol car handcuffed. escaped through an open window. and now there is a search to find him. fox 13's shayla reeves joins us now live from manatee county to tell us what they know so far. good morning, shayla. yeah, good morning to you. i just made a call here within hour to a spokesperson for the manatee county sheriff's office. and as of just ait 8 o'clock this morning i'm told that the search continues for a man on the run. he's not been seen since saturday. i want to take you right to this image. this is who the manatee county sheriff's office is looking for. he's be identified as 34-year-old joel canchola of bradenton. he escaped a couple of days ago and has not been seen since. a spokesperson tells us a deputy han handed him.
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authorities identified canchola as the passenger in a vehicle that did not stick around after a crash earlier the same night. as one deputy spoke with another, a woman told us she witnessed a man slide his body out of the a window almost like a little snail or snake. he had his hands behind his back, and was not wearing shoes she told us. and a sheriff's office spokesperson said a deputy actually went to check on canchola and noticed him missing. it's not clear how canchola managed to get the window down, and the spokesperson did not confirm if the cruiser back seat included access to window controls. canchola is now wanted for escape. he does not have a history of violent crime. of course if you have any information on his whereabouts you're aring ud to give manatee county live's office or crime stopper as call. back to you.
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as of this morning all bay area students are back in the classroom. and just like in other school districts the start of a new school year comes with an extra traffic and delays. sarasota police are reminding drivers to keep an extra eye out on the road. and be careful. that means slow down in the school zones. and do not pass school buses when they are stopped. meantime, the ballots over whether students can opt out florida standards assessment for third grade is returning to tallahassee. on a lawsuit filed by group of parents back to leon county circuit judge. the parents believe that state law gives them the right to tell their children not to answer questions on standardized tests. they say kids should oob losed to to advance with fourth grade without taking test based on something called student portfolio and recommendation of teach ear lone department of incidentally and six school districts including hernando and pasco counties are defending exam though. this morning there is hearing to
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forward. national institutes of health says prepare to deal with zika for next few years. and expect it to spread to the rest of the gulf states. dr. anthony from nih said he would not surprised to see zika pop up in areas of texas and louisiana. especially after all recent flooding 60,000 homes across 20 parishes are damaged we've learned. at least 13 people have died from the flooding across louisiana. the water has receded and clean up is >> thousands of people are pulling pulling up carpets move refrigerators their entires lives destroyed by this weather. red cross is saying this is the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy in 2012. and it could cost up to $30 million. louisiana's governor john belled wards said it will take months before people can move back into their homes and life can get back to normal. of course, the recovery has turned political. some are criticizing president for not touring area sooner.
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director of homeland security told residents the president was busy. president obama was in mv on vacation from his family. one report that says he played ten rounds of golf. here's the issue though. conservatives are saying a double standard. when hurricane katrina stluk the gulf coast and levee's broke president bush was in new orleans three days later. but he was criticize they said he didn't respond quickly enough. more than week since louisiana was president has yet to visit there louisiana's governor is defending obama administration's response saying the state has received quick response for each request made to the feds. but, here's a question, is it fair to compare the natural today's tore katrina? katrina killed more than 1,000 people and cost soared to over a billion dollars. so far just 13 people have died from this flooding incident and first estimates of the cost are
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dollars. we know the thing, blood is thicker than water, right meaning family and relatives will be by your side during difficult times. but now there's another reason to keep your family close, it will help you live a longer life. new research at the university of chicago shows people who have strong friendships with their families later in life live longer. scientist ask people between ages of 57 and 85 to list their top 5 closest confidants they rated each in terms of closeness and described in detail relationship. researchernot count spouses and found people who did not feel very closes to family member were twice a likely to die as someone who was extremely close. >> and you're not really sure why that happens. the thought it would be that other way around since you can actually choose your friends not your family. they admit more research needs to be done on this subject. some interesting facts about this study, marriage, it too helped people live longer which we already knew.
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not the marriage was a happy one. jst the fact that couple was married. interesting. very interesting. all right high cost of child care. all about the money. and how it affects jobs as well. >> and then speaking of jobs, millenials are happy with they are so happy they are giving up something that most want more of. we'll explain what we mean by that coming up a little later. and charley belcher we check in with him one more time. okay, there we i see you there. >> look i promise you i don't normally eat much as people think i he had on food location. i promise you maybe bite. today i have. i had that breakfast and lunch already. pdid did you eat that ham? yeah i hate some ham. that's fine. ham was good. yes, i hate some pancake i ate that entire goody goody burger i ate some fries. now i'm ready for dessert. >> bring it. because look the these desserts
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now and they are also famous for pies. >> uh-huh. >> save room for dessert folks when come to goody goody and you can tomorrow morning grand opening friday opening breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during week in hyde park. oh, yes stay tuned and mouth may
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it seems like the perfect job. from the job descrip it seems like perfect job from job description. and you like the people you're interviewing with. seems like it would a match made in heaven at your new company until you find out you don't fit the culture is off from what you thought. it's not what you were looking for.
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vice-president kelly services here to tell us how to find the culture brew take the job. now. from what i understand, this article was originally intended for bosses to try too figure figure out we've kind of turned it around for our purposes, right? for companies that miss the point, so important the cultural thing can up to 90 percent of reason that people don't work out. companies tend to qualification piece they really miss the cultural aspects. what we're trying to do is give the you know the give power to people a little bit to say look, if company you're interviewing wis not scene screening you properly you know there's high probability of culture being a challenge you have to take it upon yourself to make sure you're the right fit. first of all you have some points ear we just saw it on screen here. let's bring it back up. understand your culture and core values go in. how do do that? >> oh, man.
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core valleys and mission. challenge company on i did research on your company. can you give me some examples on how company demonstrates core values. let company start talking about that best way to meet as many people as you can. spend time at the company try not to make it such quick interview process you go in afternoon they autograph you job career choice you're looking you have to get good general sense what culture is like from many people. >> i told you this before i have said it on show before. one the worst job in my career i had people in interview process they let me lose and people came up and said don't take this job. don't take job i had friend that just didn't interview entire time, via skype, just video interview never met anybody in person is now moving relocating her family to take this job. no, i mean, you're kind of out
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uch passion for your industry. >> some people are some companies are so focused on what made you qualified for the job. that kind of thing instea of saying we got you excited about an industry what gets you excited about a company i'm an industry professional i like this company for following reasons and reason i'm fit for this job is the following. so you might want to even structure the interview or at least answer the questions from that funnel approach to make sure like the employer understands you're not just job hopping that job description at this industry at this company. it really creates a much better conversation. lastly works well with others. such a collaboration now. in a leaner time of you know companies are much, much leaner now. much more matrix organizations. it's critical that people have the ability, collaborate and get along well with others. if you're one of those, justice the impasse to many processes, many meeting flows things like
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attitude ai could substantiate. i love project teams i've been part of projects teams. i've also got to good team member i volunteered for projects here's how they worked out. make sure you can establish a track record of working well with others. vitally important. how do you i know we have to go. how do you with that person you're interviewing. how do you, how do you find this out? how do you ask these kinds of qestions? how do you say, just ask the it outright? prettyuc how do things get done here, are things done by, you know there is someone in charge of committees volunteer system. do you put together, varus ohs task forces. of for projects? how do things get done and bring that up? i know. i know. give me, a red flag. red flag is when it moves too fast you don't isolated from office environment. you don't get to see and experience it. if you ask for more exposure they deny it. things to look forward. got it.
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you're welcome. >> hey doug. that's doug, you're dave. twice day i've screwed your name up. what's wrong with me? it's okay. you took all of my weather. sorry, sorry. back to you vanessa, no. hey, brook dale bay shore camera. it is quiet. but still, and of course, it's very steamy outside. i got 85 degrees, tampa. 87 in bradenton. everybody in low to mid 80s. plus, you have the heat index. bradenton. and mid 90s in tampa. and where the rain chance of only 20 percent today, guess what, yep,ist going to be another hot one. that wave off the coast of africa is likely a tropical depression already. if not it will be later today. the one we're going to watch is one off to the west. with left lef side of that. that one has the possible for development over the course of the next several days. and that 50 percent chance of development by day 5 or day six
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towards the bahamas. right now computer model aren't going gang busters with it but it something we will need to watch closely that one to east catch your eye. that will be a haern as that turns out over open ocean which good news that other one just hangs around in the eastern bauments early next week. so, head to for more on that meantime stray storm possible 92 for today with rain chance of slowly going up then 40 percent for wednesday, thursday and friday. all right, thanks, dave. 19 i don't know anne heads are heads up for drivers we're seeing pretty notable southbound delays closer to south interest bridge we're hearing a crash. we're hearing a truck perhaps trailering something or carrying something. the trailer itself is overturned spilling a lot of debris in roadway. so we're seeing things back up in this particular area of the
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probably avoid and stay take u.s. 19 in meantime. speaking of delays, unfortunately, video stream is no the working but crash along i--fou westbound alex and der we're seeing lanes clear. bt delays are still lingering. back ups you can see really heavy towards park. and then moderate congestion back towards county line road. that's area of concern. if you want to avoid that fur aheading there in immediate future. otherwise i think maybe with next 15 minutes or so now lanes are completely clear we can start to see big i the delays in that area. if you're just joining we have been following this fatality on roadways out lakeland area for a little while now. this walt loop road walt williams road northbound lanes will be blocked. avoid this area for next couple of hours or so. all right, vanessa, thank you. more than just dollars and cents. there are other implication about child care these days. how it affects not only a family's budget, but also their jobs. their career, and fox 13 ken suarez owns story for thus morning.
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hey good morning. new report puts all which child care stuff in perspective. i can it will aresults are not very pretty. cost child care survey comes out annual. new one says on average families are being paying $18,000 a year for child care. that is a pretty good chunk of change. more than many colleges charge for tuition. it's not unusual to pay 150 to 200 bucks week for chald care that's just for one kid lot of families have two or three where are families digging up money? the survey says they are saving less, not saving at all or not putting as much aside for retirement. some families even admit to using plastic to pay for child care. they are going into debt to keep up. the financial pressure can also affect career choices some people are asking bosses to work a flexible schedule or part-time. oher taking a major leap of faith and saying you know, what really not worth if for me to go to work i will stay home and
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going to be loot less expensive that way. certainly a balancing act these days. and very typical one at that. back to you. child care centers charge premium for sad that's come to this too. when you think of it. >> yeah. you know child care worker really not highly paid people. so i guess it must be just been cost of everything going up when you think about 200 bucks a week people are paying for one kid you add in a second and possibly a third, that whole lot of dough. it's hat right. all right ken, thank you. >> okay. and speaking of high cost, and your budget, we're talking flood insurance. what you need to do and what you need to know before the storm hits. and then charley is bringing past back to life. or at least a few people doing
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goody goody is opening tomorrow. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from the corner of swan and dakota in hyde park village new home of goody goody burgers richard gonzmart brough this brand back to life. first came to t in 1925. lasted 80 years before going out of business. but, richard liked nostalgia it brought that came with goody goody burger and that brand. he brought it back. breakfast, lunch and dinner. seven days a week. a diner feel to this. good diner will have good coffee and good pies. just feels like a, somewhere to come pie will be better than what your grandmother made. everybody had that grandmother made a great apple pie. surrounded by family.
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>> and because, one thing about gonzmart. how many different pies we will start off initially with 5 pies. got to start off somewhere doing seasonal pies as well. strawberry season in plant city. blueberries, et cetera. i've having a request for cherry pies. i don't know if there are any cherry trees in florida. i don't know. if there are you'll find them. what's that? that's bah in a cream pie. oh, man. really, really good. every day purchased and grown united states except our banana we check that farm out and so that's only item we don't have that really, really delicious pie. chocolate pie. chocolate cream pie. then we have traditional apple pie. it was town my wife makes best apple pie. we have to bring her in to check it out and so melanie gave stamp of approval. so okay. okay. i imagine a big old clump of
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a pie i'm worried about most butterscotch pie. all right. that's it. that's it. you know, this is a little different than, if you're my anal only, may not like it. because we've got to make it for new generation. this is way it's, this is one that accepted 85 percent of people. this may not be exact recipe. good news you have to bring it p to date. up to date. plans change and taste change. this is controversial one. we did something that well before, let's go, you als special. thank you to jeanette who brought in this glass to me from when goody goody, she had it i searched where can we find this same glass. jeanette thank you very much. serving serving granola here a really great beak fast item. delicious.
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butterscotch pie. a little slice of heaven. i nevered that before i'm not comparing it to anything. but oh, my goodness. russell. oh, my. you love butter scope pie. as child i never had it i thought it was made with scotch. maybe why i'm enjoying it so much. >> man. that is tasty. again. charley i'm laughing because gonzmart is stirring up controversy to get people into the restaurant. controversial butterscotch pie. leave it to gonzmart. controversy surround hyde park village. >> it's not like the old days. two versions. >> lp version and younger. something for millenials something for aarp.
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is going to be packed. tell gonzmart to get that street picked. we're working on it. you know he's made some calls. all right. this is this was fun. very fun. see you later ahead in 9:30 havl hour historic flooding was just the inning you are con you remember reporter is in with financial struggle thousands of in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay.
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on loan dating site to rob and murder 27-year-old man. that's according to the auburndale police department. remember we first reported the death adam over the weekend. officers found the 27-year-old man dead in his apartment friday detectives arrested 4 people for murder one of 18-year-old haley contacted adam through online dating site. they went on date on thursday. police say after adam dropped her off at the end of date she and three other went to victim's apartment, robbed him, murdered him. still a lot more we need to know about this story. we have updates throughout the day at fox 13 news and at fox 13 looks like the website gawker could not stand up pop wres letter hulk hogan web side will be shut down as of today. the gossip website was unable to survive. $140 million pay out after an invasion of privacy lawsuit to former wrestler hulk hogan. gawker media and founder filed for bankruptcy a. judgment
9:32 am
to buy gawker media six other blogs for $135 million. and bankruptcy auction last week. but, it appears that liability after the hogan story was too daunting for univision to take on. in ohio, at least nine people have been hurt a. car crashed through crowd of people a concert. it happened in pa ma heights. police say 74-year-old driver confused brake pedal for gas and drove right on to the dance floor floor. car stopped after hitting telephone pole all victims are said to be 50s, 60s and 70s. peep being allowed back homes after wild fire sweat through southern california. thousands of people returned to assess the damage that's been left behind. flames destroyed more than 300 structures. the fire isn't out yet but it is 85 percent contained. >> one of six major wildfire burning in california right now. dry conditions
9:33 am
no. it's been years of that hasn't it, dave? >> i'm so sorry. okay. that's okay. you do the weather. >> that's. >> we're looking at it though. hey we're in mid 80s right now. with rain chance as low as, you know, as lowss it is at 20 percent just going to get right back up to the very sizzling steamy summertime afternoon that we know and love. that's that one shower hanging arnd that is now completely falling apart as well. yes, there will be one or two thunderstorms today. our current heat indices in mid 90s from frostproof to tampa. top wauchula. sebring at around 97. that's your current heat index. i think we get back to lower 90s. and then, one or two thunderstorms. but just again rain chances overall below normal today. look at this, enhanced satellite, you got fiona out
9:34 am
in five days of becoming something. and then that huge invest off coast of africa which is tropical depression. i think they will wait until 11 o'clock to do that. so we'll keeping an eye on all of is really 99l we've got watch. because even even if this weak system getting into bahamas some indication are that once it makes it to the bombs, it will then encounter an area where it will be more favorable for development. so, we'll watching that. you can watch that with us by heading to but we're talking about early next week before we need need to really worry about this set up. the other two systems should stay out to sea. high temperatures today around 92 degrees. yeah, that just, that slightest chance of a stray thunderstorm still 20 percent for this time of year below normal. 79 tonight. or the 30 percent for rain chance tomorrow. then 40 percent on wednesday,
9:35 am
chance with high in lower 90s. have one first birthday for you on this monday. happy first birthday to madison. hey madison she loves to dance and play. listen to this, she us youngest of 7 kids in her house. wow. lots of people to play with. hopefully they don't pick on you mattison happy first birthday to you. big birthday party. 7, >> big birthday party. i hope they have great time and happy birthday to you madison. time right now 9:35. of course we want to get back here to roadways. still dealing with big southbound delays here on bay side bridge pinellas county. if you just missed this, this is a crash involving truck that was pulling a trailer. trailer overturned spilling lots debris southbound lanes. please avoid going to toward south end make your way to u.s. 19 instead. just a heads up too, for folks in pinellas, conduit installation started today.
9:36 am
lane to be blocked along park boulevard between 125th and 113th. this is between the hours of 7 and 4 in afternoon. every single day that you friday. so we did see delay this is morning just keep in mind seeing those through the rest of the work week. all right. thank you, vanessa. to the flooding in louisiana right now. it is historic. it unprecedented. some 60,000 homes affected by the high water most of them 90 percent did not insurance. >> can you imagine? fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni banerjee is with us. i mean, we've heard the horror stories of people who do not have flood insurance in situations like this. what happened to them? yeah you know, they can apply for federal disaster assistance. at this point they don't have insurance but they can get assistance. but, at the end of the day, you can get as high $30,000 a pay out. but historically what we've
9:37 am
with katrina, $6,000 was what families got on average with sandy, it wound up being about eight, $9,000. so, truly, if you don't have insurance, you are essentially applying for a loan from the federal government. that assistance, federal disaster assistance can be a loan you're paying that back with interest. you know, some of these areas that have been hit are lower income and you know those are people who suffered situations like this in a ways everybody does. but, this is a separate issue you can have homeowners insurance. this affects everyone no matter what. you can have homeowners insurance. why is flood insurance separate from a homeowner's policy? you know what so interesting some biggest scary's things that could happen to earthquake flood. it's not covered under your homeowner insurance policy. you have to get that the separately. and when it comes to floods, everyone should be aware that that's an essentially subsidized
9:38 am
you want to get your homeowner's insurance policy contact them and say i would like to add flood insurance to this. and you know, you look at this, hey, we're in flood zone ourselves. lot of people are thinking okay, well we're required to get it in many situations. that's true. how come they are not? the if you have a loan, federally backed mortgage you're high risk flood area you're required to get it otherwise it's on you to think about it be >> does it raise your premium a lot to get the flood insurances? i mean if you extend it? so this is interesting. costs let's say you do your basic plan. your basic plan like $700 extra a year. that's your investment. what your budgeting for. flood smart, according to a flood smart the average pay out for a flood, $39,000. >> yeah. society's definitely i mean for 700 year $39,000 in damage, you want to move forward. from what i know about this
9:39 am
everybody's going flood. and that would drive up premiums astronomically. so that's why i think they set aside separate policies. exactly for flood. separate policies for earthquakes because then you can have homeowner's policy and all not be priced out of having it. right. a la carte service. yes. >> yeah. exactly. we don't think about it as often as health insurance per se we're always taking care of ourselves and our family. but health ininhurriers if you're healthy person that same sort of sick person is going to cost an insurer more money. somebody living in a floodplain is going to cost them business at the end day something for floridian and to consider right now just because you aren't in floodplain right now things change. they update those maps. so, a year ago, two years fm now, you have to keep up with it.'re entire bottom line what you're paying your premium
9:40 am
eats huge decision now for anybody who is building anybody who buying in our area. >> and also, just because of the stuff we learned from hurricanes, when you think of a flood, you think of water coming down and water going like sideways. >> right. but what about the water from gulf of mexico that washed in from the wind. then you have to, then you get into argument was it wind? was it a flood. that's interesting because a big difference between storm damage and flood i mean flood damage what you're talking gulf of mexico that's tide surge coming in river raising. that what you have to pay extra for let's say roof belows off in rain symptom storm all your further chew soaked guess what that's storm damage you are covered. that's include that's storm damage. it yes just like if a pipe breaks, but, it's all in the fine print. it's all in the fine. you know,ths that big sweeping wave of water. like we're seeing right now for all of those poor folks in
9:41 am
extra for. and get your homeowners insurance to include. piece of mind. exactly.
9:44 am
the man responsible for some of the biggest boy bands ever has passed away. welcome back. some expert at the same time news a man responsible for some biggest boy bands ever has passed away. lou pearl man credited with starting boy band crays in inside launching cruise he died friday. after bands, pearl man was sentenced to 25 years in prison. for a massive $300 million ponzi scheme despite a bad break with both bands, members of both are offering their condolenceness on social media. pearl man was 62 years old. and a top six contestants balloting it out on stage. hot's show tells us why we all need to take chance every once
9:45 am
has the story. ? ? foxx'so you think you can dance returns with live shows on monday putting pressure on six remain thing insect generation contest apartments host kathy de-lee says there's reason why these finalist are so confident. and a pretty dam good why they are pretty damn confident. that he would truly. have no reason >> they just get on the stage they do their thing. it blows your mind. and cut to three weeks in 28 million have hit on facebook and watched routine or 17 million people hit on jt and robert's within 24 hours. >> he hopes young dancers inspire everyone who watches. adults we turn an and go, i'm in the very good at it, or we
9:46 am
over or doing stuff or people judging us in wa think kids don'te that as much. i think that's, that enables them to try try new things. and b,ccomplish much more, much quicker. >> and the 39-year-old britt says it's important to adults to find their own inner child. it's very, very important as adult human beings to feel approximately 7 and three quarters i don't know, three, five years ago fine i will learn to surf. i was really rubbish a but your teeth around all your own. don't knock them out. i went no i'm going to go and do it. so i go and surf in morning one guys from production team take me surfing i i eat big dirty burger of lunch with bottle of beer but imagine it's important to the an every once in while
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now i'm trying to have baby. it's getting very round. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. all right. let's get to movies now. suicide squad had another great week topping box office again. star studded comic book film, held the number one spot, third straight week bringing in almost $21 million. rounding out rest of the stop 5 raunchy r rated sausage party top dogs. war dogs. and two strings. then number 5 remake of ben-hur
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is this your dog? ? waffles! and for every connection we have the opportunity to make a friend. ? for that... we thank you.
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((russell/2sh)) they're considered shallow. entitled.((laur) welcome back. considered shallow ask titled. yeah, difficult to work with. you know, lazy. we're talking about the stereo type of millenials now a new survey may debunk all of that done by project time off. and they asked millenials about their work. one greater flexibility or work schedule or where they work like working from home at the office every day. but big thing, the young workers believe is that it's good to be a work martyr. >> hmm. >> all right. here's what we mean.
9:51 am
vacation or their down time. >> they are actually afraid or worried about taking time off. and 48 percent of millenials think it's good thing to be a martyr. >> none the other generations again xors think that at all. >> it's no the just in theory either. last year oh 24 percent of millenials did not use all of their vacation time. experts think this is because the 20 and 30 somethings came into the work force during the recession, and when they finally found a job they needed or wa power to keep it. >> that distrust of job market is still creating work force that doesn't seem to benefit of getting away from their jobs. doug arms is talked about this here. there seems to slight shift with employers making people take their allotted days. yeah i mean doug has said boss is recognizing worker comes back with refresh anded recharged ready to do better i object job when they get back if at the take the time they need. burn out.
9:52 am
the depression. and my dad would never take vacations. i think, that depression mentality like you can't take time off you have to keep work, work, work. was he burned out did he ever feel he was exhausted or need time off? dropped dead in the drug store. loved every second of it.
9:53 am
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((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((russell /2sh/dbx) another lie look at the board on wall street down to start the day about 70 points. let's gets to lauren simonetti. to find out what's the cause >> all right. this is, it's going to be a slow week. it was last week. it's going to be this week they are on vacation, right? so you have tight trading 30 days in a row without a 1 percent move. come on now. but big reason stocks are down today is oil prices. huge run up 10 percent last week down about 3 percent as i speak. >> hmm. so vacation. after labor day everybody back at work? >> yeah usually what we start to see big events happening the end of this week.
9:56 am
reserve symposium. we get gdp number on friday. yeah, you know just slow sense. so fed policy, that everyone's minds what name the game is right now. this oil price story has kind of crazy. >> yeah. you know, the reason we saw oil prices go up is because we thought that maybe the oil producing nation things would agree to take product off the market. less supply price goes up. but then, the u.s. producers said if we started drilling rigs. we start putting holes in ground we can actually make money. because prices went up. and they did that in now prices are going down. more supply. that is a little crazy. okay. hey. got to run. >> all right. thanks. see you. have a good day. >> hey dave. is it hot our there or heat? humidity. heat index close to 100 degrees today. 20. 20 percent rain chance this afternoon. rain chances going up later this
9:57 am
monday august 22nd. live with kelly coming up next. and then wendy williams fox 13 news at noon as you wills you can get latest oun or website, follow us twitter instagram. we're back together. see you tomorrow everybody.
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