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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell tooth fairy, fly away.. the benefits of baby teeth.. on your child's future health.. tooth fare fly away bn fits of baby teeth on your child's future health. >> and a banking whi bounce. are those bouncing castleses for children and all steamy weather and florida summer months? >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8! i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. thank you for waking up on this tuesday morning it's august 23rdrd. we need to get straight to dave for look at the forecast. >> hey, a nice lovely 83 degrees
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lower 90s for today. very similar set up. it's beautiful though. i will say that, hilton clearwater beach camera is stunning with gorgeous sunshine. 80s along coast a few upper 70s. inland the rain chances come back today. so a little differe than yesterday. we're still going 92 for . heat index at 100 plus. but the rain chances do return to 40 percent. mainly late afternoon and early evening. vanessa. >> all right, thanks, dave. for those who are just joini biggest more serious crash coming to us from braden to ton area. eastbound west of 30 one a fatal crash reported. and so you can expect those eastbound blain bloj blockages for a few more hours. work around 63rd avenue east we do have an incident causing southbound delay out of pinellas tampa road palm harbor southbound lane blockages likely back ups from tampa to nebraska. and then, to this, just a heads
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county road 557 that entrance ramp you see that heavy duty to truck to remove overturned dump trucks we will keep you posted. partial lane blockage getting on to the interstate. >> 8:02 right now. you know what they say kids are full of sugar and spice and everything nice. well, some health experts are saying sugar part, we need to fix that. some new strict guidelines limiting the amount of sugar that our kids should eating are ou to swallow. fox 13 shayla reeves is with us this morning. she's in our break room. why the foods we have in our fingertips may make this really hard to stick to. good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, russell. we have so many options here in break room everythingrom candy, chips cookies you name it. ingredients inside some of these options that has the american heart association concerned. particularly concerned about the impact on children when you're
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on average, we're told that a child here in the united states has about 75 grams of added sugar every day. to give you an idea about that, this particular lemonade here along these chips, 75 grams. this drink here, 45 grams. 21 for this snack. this candy here, 25 grams in just this drink alone 80 grams of added sugar. so with that in mind, we d that a number of experts, they took a closer look at the impact of added sugar on children. we're not talking about that sugary you find in fruits naturally occurring. but any of that sugar added either guy yourself or your sitting at the table or that sugar added to your processed foods. that you purchase at the store. so, here's what you need to know. according to an american heart association, children should actually be consuming about a third of that 75 grams we were
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so that's less than 25 grams of added sugar a day. or six teaspoons also equivalent to 100 calories. and when it comes to those sugary drinks, sometimes those drinks that you have after your sporting entrepreneurs things of that nature, eight ounces a week. that's the recommendation by the american heartassociation. and in it particularly targets children between ages of two and 18 years old. for recommendation is no added gars at all. so this is just the les information you need to know t idea is to make sure that you decrease the ris for children for some of those things like heart disease, y, weight gain, and diabetes. just to give you some examples of things that could result from too ch sug intake. now of course we will back coming up in next hour with another live report.
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do to make sure that your child may be consumes a little less sugar would include drinking more water and limit something processed foods. back to you. >> yeah the trick though is to find healthier alternative and get your kids to like it. all right. shayla, thank you very much. thnk you. >> thanks. >> it is 8:05 now a. much unanimoused an issue some politicians finally getting involved in. the skyrocketing price of epipens. families around finding a choice buying child's life. with cost going to $80 to $600 if you have insurance, many can no longer send medications to school with their children. it has steadily increased since 2007. but formula has not. nowhere else to turn some families are going online to illegal pharmacies to get their medications. and some along with their doctors are pleading for help through social media. some congressional leaders are listening too.
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an investigation into the company that makes the epi pen siting outrage increase in pricing. price gouging. a petition to congress is also circulating on social media it already has 54,000 signatures. it is getting more by the second. russell. 8:0 sikz. zika is growing but at what rate that question some people are asking this morning. so far, 37 cases in miami area some scientist as outbreach may be much larger and widespread than that. the reason many people who contract zika will never know they have it 4 out 5 people do not know they have any symptoms. that means only about five percent of the cases are being reported. university of florida bio statistician estimates there 395 cases by september 1st. but only 80 will show symptoms. the next state that could see an outbreak most likely will be
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with zika related symptoms is being treat by doctors in south florida infant girl has not diagnosed microcephaly but does have scarring retina and calcifications on her brain. her mother maria ramirez contracted it while she was in vacation in venezuela. doctors say they will have to monitor seven week old for next five to six years to find out what kind of permanent daniel this baby has. as of right now they think she's going to be okay. >> tampa mayor buckhorn is not bay area to start acting he's taking preventative steps now to reduce mosquito population focus on neutralize's any place where insects can populate mosquitos can breed in pools, retention ponds and other areas withstanding water. stch purchased 3600 mosquito ducks to treat standing water on abandoned property. they can kill off larvae for up to 30 days without being harmful
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for love but instead, lost his life after meeting a woman online who police say was just looking for an easy target. today that woman is expected to face a judge on murder charges. auburndale detectives say adam hillary and haley met on dating fish plenty of fish they went on date thursday went back to his apartment. investigators believe thathe was just casing the place. then returned later with three men. detectes gray got into fight with hillary and wanner shot and killed them then they robbed him. family members say this should have never happened a he was great guy they hope what happens to him does not happen to anyone else. i just hate that my brother had to be the one that, that to be an example, you know, i would hope people can learn from this. and you know, just really take care of themselves and be
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they say she was caught committing another burglary in winter haven. police found items in her car that connected her to what the this morning all 4 are facing several charges includings first degree murder. police are also looking into whether they have been involved in similar crimes linked to online dating sites. so, meeting people online can be risky. but with more people than ever, logging on to find love, there are some things you can do to stay safe. first, do your resear social media gooing that he will person check facebook, twitter make sure you know as much about them as you can even before you meet up. next, always meet in public place. make certain there are plenty of people around. never agree to go to private location until you know that person really well. tell somebody where you're going and always have a phone with you. and lastly, always haves a plan of escape. if something doesn't feel right listen to your gut.
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have a friend call you and answer the phone and have code words like sue know you have to get out of there. >> got to go. got to get out of here. >> well tropics are getting busy. dave's back if in few minutes with skytower radar forecast. saving your baby's teeth. some parents do for sentimental reasons. now doctor doctors are having them do it for a lifesaving reasons. dr. jo jo explains bounce house fun turns dangerous. that's a major concern here in florida. charley belcher. live in the rain. >> yeah. i'm not sure if i'm helping or hiding. you know what's funny you say that, russell because i was just thinking too old to day dream about i guess i got to day dream about being milk. come on kid you're worthless. you're a bum. you're a bum, come on.
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he just mumbles from there on. oh geez. there are some power behind and hitting it harder when i call him a bum. i'm just kidding. see. hurricane sami, we're in his home gym. he's preparing for another bout this fall. seven and 0 welter weight. 5 knock outs. we're going to talk about his regimen when he gets into the ring.
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((russell 2shot)) saving your baby's teeth could save their lives.. . almost 8:15. saving your baby's teeth could save their lives. if you've had a within the last decade or so you've heard about the core blood registry where your baby's teeth work the very same way. fox 13 medical editor dr. jo is here to explain why it could be important for more than just sentimental reasons. good morning, yeah. lot of talk right now about saving teeth. and there's i guess what's circulating on internet right now is that those baby teeth that are falling out when your child is very, very young age, they have these very, they have
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you would have to bank them if you were to save them you would have to bank them similar to chord blood you can't put them in a box. i have few baby teeth in my jewelry box that are in a box. >> those won't work? no they will not. they have to be stored. you have to a do just like you would do with chord blood you have to organize it with a group or a place that's stores it long-term. so you'd have to have some sort of container so set them in. then after that, you would pay a storage fee. it can cost you anywhere from around 500 to about 1700 for that initial portion. then maybe about $120 a year, that's similar to cord blood collection every single year. all right. let's, let's we talked about the money. let's talk about what you aget. how does it it work? what lifesaving part come in i hear those numbers i i think a small price to pay if it saves a
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stem cells can utilized in various things if we can take stem cells we can grow other thin liver tissue or maybe bone tissue or cartilage perhaps yes bone marrow transplant. however, when you look at what is approved by the fda we really haven't seen any use maybe experimental use only where those particular cells are being utilized. so you have to be really, really careful. verse cord blood we know has been utilized. so yes it's very promising. it's very about this. but i think you have to take a step back and ask yourself where is the you know the best bang for my buck. where is technology now. exactly. exactly the other thing i would ask as well, what happens when it is stored. we already know that things umbilical cord blood and various things there is a certain number of those or percentage of those that are not usable when they try toe use them. >> and a technology is more advanced in that area in much,
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those types of cells. what is it here? >> you know you need to ask that question if you decide to go forward with it. stem cells in general, laura. you think about t you can get stem cells from an adult they are circulating in our body, they are in our fat. they are in our bone march reeven in our skin. they can actually walk back some of these cells, and then reprogram to become something else. stem cells and regenerative medicine is just they can do that are this doing that? are they out of practicing that now? absolutely. yes. it is phenomenal. i've seen bladders regrown and they regrown vaginas and placed them in people pulmonary arteries. yes a lot going on there. so i'd be a little built careful on this this, on the teeth. not chord blood. i'm a kind of a proponent on cord blood. one thing i'd love to see more of a public bank where, where those families that can't donate
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it to public bank. how those work is if it's there and stored in your child needs and no one else had kwlufd up until that time it's there for you. >> and option to share it. yeah. that's brilliant. all right dr. jo thank you. isn't it amazing? >> fascinating information how they can, how that stuff works. yeah, sure is. sure is. hey dave, good morning. we've been a busy one this morning. looking at the future. >> and you know, i'm going to tropics are going to get a little more unsettled over the next few days. we will discuss that in just a second. you walk out the door now, and it's, it's 83 degrees. it's every bit like it was yesterday. in fact i think that's what our 8 o'clock temperature in tampa was yesterday. 83. lakeland looks beautiful, doesn't it? look at that gorgeous sunshine same thing for tampa. let's head over to coastline bradenton beach camera equally as beautiful. by way water temperatures are
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79 in lake band. air temperature frostproof as well sarasota 83. the rain chances come back a bit today. so up to 40 percent for later this afternoon. and we're back to easterly wind pattern too. so we'll favor those areas as they work their way from east to west right along the coastline for the late today. so for tropics, this is gaston, that's going out to sea. although it should become a hurricane. feeney, falling apart. this is the wave where we're going to watch very, very hurricane center says they are indeed going to send a plane out that was to track for gaston by the way.pthey are going to send out to investigate this area. if nothing else, and they probably won't find a surface circulation yet. very disorganized. if nothing else, they can at least pinpoint where one is developing. and they can take that data, they can put it into at computer models and that will give a better idea of sort of a
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looking at the solution and they are all over the place this morning. you know, some have a hurricane east of the bahamas. others completely dissipate this system. those are two completely different scenarios. from two very reliable computer models. so give it another 24 to 36 hours before we get a really good beat on what this is going to do. but i can tell you got to keep our eye on this one. because, anything east of bahamas has the potential to develop quickly given this amount of warm water in low wind sheer that it's going to work itself into. you go to for more on on tropics ep we call that invest 99l. 92 degrees, don't worry about why it's named that, just an investigating a disturbed area of weather. rain chance returns to 40 percent tomorrow. for thursday. then bumps up a little bit. friday, saturday, sunday, monday we will bring it to 50 percent.
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each afternoon. all right. >> dave, right now we want to check our interstates. looks like we're dealing with moderate congestion here in some places. and then, a little bit heavier along southbound 75. so we will breakdown numbers 45 minutes for folks coming from pinellas bayway heading to fletcher you're taking 275, 19 minutes drive between buck man and 75 along i-4 westbound you can is see heavier part of our interstate system drive southbound 75 from fletcher to the selman >> we want to see how the veterans is looking as well of course usual southbound delays, 24 miles per hour that average. 33 minutes from the top to the bottom. 13 minutes if you're coming the opposite way. and of course, an update here, if you missed it roadway obstruction we've following out of tampa columbus and macdill. police checked it out. looks like relatively small, ten inches by 4 inches by 2. they say north of intersection. near the median. expect at least one lane
8:22 am
it looks like there might be other crews coming out to check that area out. and then, bradenton. you're still dealing with deadly crash eastbound on state road 70 west of 30 one all eastbound lanes blocked. work around here 63rd avenue east. and heads up for westbound drivers, we are starting to to see delays in area. second crash in same area with
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to from lutz today from hurricane sandy's gym. that's him hurricane sandy val intin. 22. 22 years old. 7 and 0 as professional boxer. 5 of those knock outs werlt weight division. you got your eyes. you want to be on hbo for >> absolutely. all right. take me through different bags. what this is >> we use that for speed accuracy. >> and you punching that >> yeah exactly you punch it and move out way you use foot work all about being accurate with your punches being fa fast and consistent. and then they almost simulates somebody swinging. yeah, that's a bag hit you back if you don't move out of the
8:26 am
that you go into a body on somebody. absolutely. i do body, body top to head, i mean it works a lot on, there's different reasons. you work it slow. basically what we build up muscle memory. you work your combinations real slow or you can do fast burn outs for conditioning. you can there's really, a lot of things you can use it for. if that's slow, this is speed bag. >> exactly that works lot on rhythm as well shoulders. always having your hands up. yeah. i can do it. yeah. >> coolest thing ever. is there a trick to that? like yeah. >> again the rhythm. rhythm when you hit it is one, two, three. you hit it again. so, and hit it again. yeah. there you go.
8:27 am
all right. stick around. more with sami, tell you about his next fight he's got coming up and, the a little bit of his
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((laura 2shot)) is it un-american..or a p is it un-american or a parent's right? >> a message of allegiance waiver sent home to florida parents creating hot debate online. it's a permission slip that allows parents to an opt their children out of the daily
8:31 am
about this waiver. i don't think they even knew it existed. what are they saying? >> well you know they are saying an awful lot because, this story is now going viral. what they are saying pretty much alliance with the guy at the center of this controversy. he posted on his facebook simply, what's wrong with this country. now mica brian got all fired leon county school district sent something home with his niece a waiver that says i understand my rights as a requests my child noted above ex excused from reciting pledge of allegiance. this request includes standing, and placing his or heir right hand over his or her heart. his sister, little girls mom she's outraged this morning as well. she writes this dumbest thing i've ever read i'm ashamed of this. she wrote than on waiver ask sent it back to school officials. >> now, brian and his sister certainly not only ones
8:32 am
this is kind of become an internet sensation. one after the other after the other. we're talking about well over 13,000 people sharing it in less than a week or so. i feel it will grow even more. of course school officials have to react to this. they are essentially saying, you know we're only letting you know what florida state law allow kids to do to opt out. if you have a problem really go back to the law mabelingers. they are the ones who responsible for it. not us. >> back to you. >> all right ken, 8:32 right now three northeast florida deputies are no longer on the force following domestic violence charges. two of saint johns deputies resigned, a third fired. official say deputy timothy robinson was arrested for battery. robinson resigned yesterday two weeks before at that deputy kevin resigned after he was charged with a battering and assaulting his wife. few weeks earlier dpaift david was arrested for domestic
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he was fired after internal investigation. >> they have pleaded not guilty all three cases will be reviewed by the florida department of law enforcement. you want two tickets to para diedz? who doesn't. well today is your day to get them. logging on can save awe lot of money right now. fox 13 walter allen is live at tampa international with look at what you need to know on this cheap flight day. there really is day for everything. this one we'll take, two things, laura, one, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head i will have ed money while i'm out here tampa international. we're finding out not a day but kind of a season. some experts are saying it is actually not, there's not a lot of evidence that is saying you can find cheaper flights today versus yesterday or versus tomorrow. it's just kind of season. and now i'm wondering did this just kind of creep up on us i've never heard of cheap flights
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typically day when students, kids go back to school. that means summer vacation time is over. but, kids have been going back to school a little bit earlier later, that sort of thing. so it's just kind of a season. that's, this is usually when summer travel season winds down. that's why cheaper flights will be found out there. some are saying 10 to 20 percent cheaper than over the summer season. we were able to find a number of different ways that you can save money online. if you look in certain pl tips to save money on cheap flights day. but here's some of the things, keep those travel size in mind. google flights, expedia you can set yourself up for alerts. you can shop around for the best flights. cheapest days of week flight flooi tuesday, wednesday, saturday think inconvenience inconvenience is your friend fly out on red eye that good for you. also, think overbooked flights. those are friends as well. one time i flew from salt lake
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a snow storm. they asked for volunteers to step off the flight because it was too heavy i said yeah i got $400 flight voucher. think about that. ways to save a little bit of money. it's good stuff. >> yeah. all good stuff. this time of year to fly. exactly right. if you want to travel you want to travel a lot you do need to find ways to save. thank you, walter. >> every little bit helps. every lilley bit helps. 8:35 now. new concerns this morning about it gets hot here in florida. letting kids jump around blow up structures can actually lead to some serious heat reled illnesses. university of georgia researcher found these bounce houses can create climates similar to hot cars. can lead to heat stroke. there's actually be one case of a child suffering heat stroke while in a bouncing house but cases are most likely not being reported. some suggestions they have make certain you offer your kids lots
8:36 am
make certain they are light weight light colored clothing and always watch your children closinglyi haven't even ieven thought about this until this morning our kids play and play and play. they get hot and sweaty. those things are all, rubbery and hot. >> kids are gross. i went to birthday party out in hot sun, they had the big bounce house. nobody would go in it. they knew going in. just hot in there. just too like, 5 seconds i was i don't think so, no way, no way kids are going, no, plastic sauna. with a kid on the side. >> yeah. all right. let's move on. >> 8:36. 8:36. it's a lovely start to the day. isn't it? it's 83 degrees outside. granted we have to deal with that. we've got few storms in afternoon. difference today, a little bit
8:37 am
thunderstorms. 20 percent the rain chance. high of 92. tomorrow same thing. high of 92 degrees. you know, we do have gaston out there. way out here toward the east. that's going to go out to sea. we've got left fiona, just, not much, if anything. this is the one we have to watch. because this is the disturbance. you know, always sitting there and spinning as worked its way across the atlantic. it's been very slow to form because of drier air pushed into it you can see it here all dry air puerto rico and islands. now trying to console date at center out away from that drier air is. aircraft is going to be in route soon this morning in fact. check this out to see if their low level circulation. the water temperatures out ahead of this are sky high. so there's a concern that even though it's really not much
8:38 am
or has the potential to develop. sop point is we've got watch this very closely over the next couple of days. all data they get from the planes, hurricane hunters today, can inputted into future computer models definitely help. for more on that. we'll go 92 today with a 40 percent rain chance the next 7 days. 40, 40, 40 then bring rain chance back up to 50 percent we go into the weekend. and into the beginning of next week awesome picture of a morning commute. right up your alley. morning commute from the sean mcnair. morning commute. wouldn't to be it i believe see sunrise as you're going over the bay. that's gorgeous. feel wind in your hair #welivehere. fox 13 mug for you.
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picture there then some parts of our roadway. we want to show you this, a crash involving a you can see here a vehicle that went off the roadway into the woods. it is cause something lane blockage southbound direction. this is 28th at gateway center. pinellas park area. emergency vehicles are actually the ones taking up some of those lanes. so plan a few extra minutes that way. meantime, look the of our major roadway westbound i-47 minutes drive from area connector 11 minutes over howard frankland bridge coming into tampa. 19 minutes the drive between 275 and i-4. if you're taking 75. >> >> all right. vanessa, thank you. on her 10 fifth birthday woman's wish came true. and her wish was to be rescued by tall, dark and handsome firefighters. and that is this morning good day good deed. ivey, there she is right now had plenty to smile about when firefighters came climbing
8:40 am
facility planned a party for 40 of her closest friends and family. and they made sure to get the firefighters involved in it. no one was surprised that she asked for men because they say she has a great sense of humor and men didn't seem to mind at all either. fire department's facebook page they posted all for the lady love a burial firefighter. >> isn't that great? good for her. happy birthday. >> she got what she wanted. sure did. room full of hunks. not to diminish their role. or their value. we did not, no diminishment taken. >> good. you know. all right. it just doesn't hurt that they are good looking too, right? never hurts. all right. >> boy we stayed on that shot a long time, didn't we? that's funny. venus the hottest plan net solar system. an average 860 degrees.
8:41 am
actually be walking on that planet people.
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((laura 2shot)) sometimes--the most useful advances in science can come from tragic sometimes the most useful advances? science can come from tragic circumstances. lightning struck a whiskey warehouse in set off series of events that ended with a fire. >> dave o. the sci us now to explain why that fire in this instance turned out to be a good thing. very strange story. let mow take you 2 on on 3 a gym beam gets struck a lightning an all that whiskey spills into nearby lake and catches fire. what happens they get this fire tornado. which, that's not, that's kind what if it looked like. you get this fire looking
8:45 am
out they don't know what to do all of sudden everyoning finally burns op all alcohol and everything burns off they realize, you know what, this was actually a blessing in disguise. because they realized that they could actually use this as, this is useful in removing oil spills that blue flame that they have at the bottom of that fire right on top of that lake burns clean and doesn't distribute soot around the environment. okay, so it was burning so hot that t got completely combusted and effectively burned it off. so they're thinking same thing could used with oil spills. finding a way to create that blue flame so that they can burn the oil off the surface of a lake or an ocean or a gulf or whatever. >> let me ask you, video socom pelg just watching that funnel fire.
8:46 am
the water or does it stay on top? >> well first of you feel to create that blue flame. that's the hotter more expense part of the flame. you don't see that in in it particular video >> igniting this fire whiskey. they recreated this lab inn lab this blue flame. whatter this saying they could burn owl from oil spills off the surface of the water. they could do it environmentally friendly in combustible way and come right back down on water again. fascinating study >> they can pour whiskey on water. there bgest problem is going to be finding a way to control the blue flame. trying to keep it in the spot it needs to be in. you know, but, they accidently found out that you can effectively burn oil off the surface of a lake, surface any water. bury the lead though.
8:47 am
bury the lead >> lost some great whiskey. just saying. loss of a lot of great whiskey. all right. what else do you have? venus our friend over there. just planet over there. has a carbon dioxide atmosphere 90 times thicker then the earth. surface temperature of 864 degrees. >> in fact, only the robust, most robust lander have survived but billions of years ago it was dfferent. >> it was different when the sun was not burning as brightly. venus they believe now had a shall go sea covering much of the surface. it had more dry land and earth. big problem with a single day on venus was equal to 117 earth days. which meant, the sunlight was
8:48 am
months and started to skraet an unstable atmosphere. all ultra violet radiation broke all water molecules in the atmosphere apart. lfrs hydrogen was lost to space. the carbon dioxide built up to where it is now. and it became inhabitable. and that all happened over pill i don't understand of years. but now saying yes this planet once was kind of like earth where the it could have had living things on it. then run run a effect just took over. that's the way it looks now. do you think that'sing what go happen to us? >> i don't know. >> i mean you have to think about over what period of time did something like that happen. that's what they are trying to figure a million years in ten years a million years. yeah. but what they are finding out is that, that it's a process. it was a process. same thing we could talk about with morse. earth is in the perfect spot right now. right now. anyway an um could have good
8:49 am
got of good whiskey. that's what you got all of this science stuff >> sad to see it go like that. >> see what i have to work with every day. hazard pay. >> that's why we need hazard pay. >> thank you, dave. to charley. yes. hy my friend. good day. good day. look at this, we have a little kid right there. nine years old. fists up. look a face. look at this, the at the time, which people, it was of course the it whereas times. he's only 9. look at that face right there. look at right thp come op n there we go. what happened to this guy, still in there somewhere. hurricane sami. we're hanging out at his gym. fighter's training all time. we're going to talk about the importance of sparring and what goes into it and why when good
8:50 am
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a seventh grade teacher gets a lesson in kindness from a complete stranger. seventh grade teacher gets a less n in kindness from complete stranger sabrina drew was in
8:53 am
remark about amount of school supplies she was buying she plained shae was a teacher, in poor part of town in many of her students could not afford the supplies. >> well that's when lester brown insisted on picking up this $100 tab. he said he did it because teachers do not get the recognition that they deserve. >> the simple things and i love that we, we put them on the air. because they deserve it. hello charley looking dapper. get your collar. getting got to the look the best. that's a great story. i like that. i like that. that's inspiring. we did meet teachers linda rose's school the shame how many, we which have next text books because you have to share them we don't have enough money. >> they pay for all decorations in their room. yeah. i know. that's whole topic that i know. i know. let's get in ring. it's a fight. it's a fight for teachers not white like that sometimes it
8:54 am
this hurricane sami val intien. we're a hurricane sami's gym boxing gym in lutz. pro pro eggs if will fighter werlt weight boxer seven and 0 another fight coming in. you're locally over kissimmee. we will talk about that a little bit later. as you prepare, sami, sparring i hear about it talked a lot. but there's, you're not just getting in ring with somebody you know and fight's necessarily. controlled atmosphere. basically what we lot of, a lot of light work when we do in house sparring. basically we will do back and forth one person where it's offense. one person works defense. and it's all about learning. all about perfecting your craft. we'll do light work like this where we will treat it as if it was chess game. and the point of sport is to hit and not get hit. so lot of times we will do light work like this too, where, they are not really hitting hard, they are just placing punches
8:55 am
tapping being accurate. who are these guys? couple guys his name is ramone. and yeah and. we, people here just train and good friends of ours. lots lot of times we will hang out ramone kind of hitting there. he's got a reach on them, look at that man, makes me rattle bit nervous. so, who is on offense or defense here? they just kind of >> right now, they are kind of going talking about hitting and not getting hit. so right now they just doing light work and seeing where to place your punch and moving right after. so you don't get hit. you can be able to work on their points and placing punch the right way and being able to move out way right after. is amazing how much strategy does do go go into boxing you're trying to draw somebody in so you can do. your punch trying to react. so much to it too. it's very versatile.
8:56 am
can either, you know use your speed to discourage someone, and basically get your points in and even disorient somebody with move right not get hit lot of times are lost with that or throw big punches go for kill early. >> right. it's a fast, violent chess game. exactly pretty much. it really is there is strategy. they are not just bralg. some sports are when it comes to traditional boxing, it's not just exactly you got learn how to move your feet. use your foot work and use ring. it's like a dance. so you're dancing but you're hitting someone at the same time. when we and back why this gentleman will be children's cancer center this weekend what he got coming up in september and october how much his family hat goen has helped him get to
8:57 am
8:58 am
donald trump facinnew criticm is he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
8:59 am
z22pnz zz
9:00 am
making headlines. the fight against zika gets prime time. making headlines right now. the fight against zika gets prime time. but, are we blowing this thing out of proportion? dr. jo's going to weigh in on that. >> and, on the road again. not just a song, the amazing amount of time we spend behind the wheel. and good tuesday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes outside with dave. hello boys. >> >> we walk outside. dave says to me, tell them what you said. i said, this is got to be at warmest 9 o'clock hour we had this summer. seriously. >> you know why >> we're at 86 degrees. 86 degrees at 9 o'clock. but, but. the for your viewing pleasure our dew point number there is 77. that is sky high.


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